Proceedings of the 3d International Conference on Applied Social Science Research

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Exploration on Application of “people-oriented” on Higher Education Reform

Hui Cheng, Ming-Chen Wei
“People-oriented” is the nature of Scientific Outlook on Development, application of the “people-oriented” on higher education reform is much more essential, since universities are the important places of cultivating talents. On the whole, the paper is made up of two parts. Systematically, part one makes...
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Study on the Enrolment System of Higher Education in the U.S.A and Its Enlightenments to China

Hui Cheng, Ming-Chen Wei
The paper carries out study on the enrolment system of higher education in the U.S.A and draws enlightenments to China from three aspects: test contents, format and evaluation. On the whole, the paper is made up of two parts. Systematically, part one makes comparative study on the college entrance examination...
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Study on How to Carry out Ideological and Political Education of Colleges in China

Hui Cheng
Since the Chinese Communist eighteen, ideological and political education as an important part of the socialist core values has got widespread attention and vigorously promoted in universities. However, in this process, due to a variety of factors, there are still a number of complex and controversial...
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Research on the Development of Rural Tourism in Linyi City

Xue-zhi Li
Rural tourism is a rapidly developing tourism project in Linyi city. Due to the late start of China's rural tourism, rural tourism product development process is not very perfect. With the "building a new socialist countryside" strategy, rural tourism is given a more far-reaching social and economic...
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Study on the Construction of College Second Classroom Personalized Stratified Education System

Xiao-yan Liu
Based on the second classroom, implement personalized stratified education of college students , do the people's satisfaction of education, to achieve the objective requirements "target long-term education development plan"; is to improve the quality of higher education, the beneficial exploration of...
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Exploration and Application of The Flipped Classroom in College Chinese Teaching

Juan Yang, Tong-ru Wang
With the continuous renewal of information technology and teaching concept, The flipped classroom arises at the historic moment. It, as a new teaching mode, becomes a hot topic of education at home and abroad and is widely used throughout the world. This article will deeply analyze the flipped classroom’s...
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Analysis of the Situation Semantics Solution to Paradoxes

Li Dai, Ji-hua Zhang
As the important model in the research of semantic paradoxes in recent years of the West, the situation semantics solution to paradoxes develops a school of its own among many programs for semantic paradoxes resolution. This paper attempts to clarify and summarize systematically the basic ideas and spiritual...
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Statistical Analysis of Fund Theses of Archival Science in China 2009-2013

Shui-sheng Chen
Scientific research fund is an important way to research subsidized by the government, the fund theses number is an important index to evaluate the level of scientific research institutions of scientific research. Counting several aspects of distribution, fund supported level, periodicals distribution,...
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The Theoretical Derivation of a One-sided and Two-sided P Value Calculation Formula of One-dimensional Continuous Random Variables

Ying-ying Zhang
First of all, we derive theoretically a calculation formula of one-sided and two-sided P value for the general one-dimensional continuous random variables. Then, we give two examples to illustrate the application of this formula. Example 1 considers . Example 2 considers , in this example, we make a...
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Publishing Company Operating Performance Evaluation Before and After the IPO

Rong Yang
The main purpose of the publishing companies’ IPO is to ensure maintenance and appreciation of the value of national capital. Evaluating listed publishing companies whether in reality to realize above goal is the starting point of writing in this paper. This paper, by using the announcement of information...
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A Research on the Correlation between Linyi Dialect and XuanZiXi

Xiao-fei Han
With a strong local color, the local dialect is the dominant language of the regional culture, and the main content of construction of the regional culture. This paper aims to analyze the similarities and differences between Linyi XuanZiXi and that of other places and the inheritance and development...
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On Cultivation of Students’ Ability in Innovation and Practice in Vocal Music Teaching

Hong-xia Xu
Vocal music teaching is an emotional experience teaching art. It involves cultivating both students’ pronunciation skills and the ability to express the rich connotation of the song through the training of sound production. The era of knowledge economy in twenty-first Century , which is marked by knowledge...
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Inspirations for the Ideological and Political Education in College from Confucius’ Life Wisdom

Nai-fang Zhang, Dong-sheng Zhang
In Confucius’ ideological system, there are many logical and clear contents on life education, which have many life wisdom. Benevolence is fundamental in our life, which means we should try our best to do things what we should do, and we mustn’t do things what we shouldn’t do. To practice Benevolence...
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Prototype Design of Social Networking APP Based on Context of Tourism

Zhuan Wei, Chang-li Qu
The study aims to desgin social networking mobile application for tourism users with mobile devices by their context. By practical research methods, such as online questionnaires, telephone interviews and user interviews,user habits and needs were digged out. The paper simulated and reproduced the process...
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Rational Thinking on the Realization Way of the Contemporary University Function

Bing-bing Yan, Qi Meng, Gui-fu Wu, Bao-lin Yin
Starting from the origin of the university function and their relation between the contemporary university function, the realization mode of different types of university functions has been compared, and some problems have been also discussed in the process of realizing the university functions based...
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Corrected Principal Component Regression and Its Application in China’s Urban Employment Demand

Ying-ying Zhang, Jing-yi OuYang
In this paper, we use the principal component regression to study the 16 influence factors of urban employment demand. In theory, we derive the mathematical models of corrected principal component regression. Ordinary principal component regression is the dependent variable doing multiple linear regression...
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Ways and Methods for the Cultivation of Students’ Practical Ability in Higher Engineering College

Gui-fu Wu, Yua-hua Jia, Bing-bing Yan, Qi-sheng Liu, Dong-wei Shao
With the progress of social economy, the country increases the demands of engineering students on the practical skills in Higher Engineering College. Higher technical schools should develop competency-based talents with the practice and innovation. This article mainly analyzes and studies the status...
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Establishment of Index System of Commercial Banks’ Post-Evaluation of Loan Project Based on the AHP

Xiao-rong Du, Xiao-yue Fu, Ling-xue Zhang
In recent years, as commercial banks’ non-performing loans continue to rise, commercial banks have paid increasing attention to post-evaluation of loan project. This paper is based on the concept of social responsibility and draw lessons from the existing literature results, then designs an index system...
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Based on LabVIEW and Multisim Virtual Electronic Platform in Practice Teaching

Lei Wang
With the development of technology in the field of virtual instrument and network, the undergraduate colleges in different regions have begun to pay more and more attention to the application of electric simulation system in teaching. This paper designs a virtual electronic platform by node-analysis...
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The Exploration of Cultivating the Research and Innovation Capacities of Agricultural Engineering Graduates

Li-qiu Shi, Jun-fa Wang, Xiao-hai Li, Teng-fei Zhuang
It is great significance to improve the international competitiveness of China's agriculture for enhancing the China's agricultural mechanization professionals’ research and innovation capacity. For that reason, teaching contents, teaching methods, assessment methods were intervened on the whole process...
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The Study of Practice Teaching Mode for Energy and Power Engineering Specialty in Local Universities

Qi-sheng Liu, Bing-bing Yan, Gui-fu Wu, Sheng Chang
The construction of practical teaching system as study object, the existing problems in the process of cultivating students practice ability is analyzed in this paper. By viewing the experience at home and abroad, the practice teaching reform idea for energy and power engineering specialty is presented,...
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The Specialty of Geren in Huarong Dialect of Hunan Province

Cai Li
In Huarong dialect of Hunan province, “geren” has two usages. One is “geren 1”, whose meaning and usage is just like the Mandarin reflexive "ziji" .In additon, “geren” has a special usage—commentary adverb “geren 2”. “Geren 2” is a subjective marker of discourse whose function is to strengthen modality...
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Translator’s Adaptation and Selection on TCM Textbook Translation for International Students

Yu-shan Zhao, Dan Shao, Zhao-hui Liu
From the perspective of Eco-translatology, this paper analyzes the translational eco-environment of TCM textbook for international students, putting forward its complexity and specialty. With the application of “Translation as Adaptation and Selection” theory, this paper further proposes that in translation...
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Research on Multimodal Teaching Modal Reform for English Majors

Hong-yan Sun
This paper explores that in English major curriculum, the teachings of the courses for English majors should reform the classroom teaching mode through a variety of ways to establish an appropriate multimodal teaching mode. Teachers should employ the proper teaching modal according to the qualities of...
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The Production and Application of digital narrative in ESL Classroom

Yu Zhou, Xue-xin Cui
ESL digital narratives are defined as 2-10 minutes digital telling stories which combine images or videos with narrations, sound effects or music. This article will focus on the production and application of digital narratives for ESL classroom. With digital narrative teaching model, ESL students are...
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The Improvement of Education Management for “Power Load Forecasting Technology” Curriculum

Yong-li Wang, Li-sha Fan, Dong-xiao Niu
Electric power load forecasting course is an important course to power universities and power related school, and it has many quite different features from other courses. The paper analyzes some existing problems in this course, for example, a lot of mathematical knowledge is involved, the course itself...
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Research on Accounting Practice Teaching System: Taking the Accounting Major of Qilu University of Technology as an Example

Xiang-ling Kong
Social demands for accounting graduates show the characteristics of compound, skilled and practical and it puts forward a new subject for college training mode, namely in addition to theoretical knowledge, to improve the actual work ability of graduates is also very important. So in the process of teaching,...
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Efficient CAI in College Foreign Language Teaching

Jia Suo
CAI has revolutionized the traditional educational concept and styles and contributed to the increase of teaching efficiency and teaching quality. But excessive usage of CAI will weaken the teaching effect. Therefore we can only put it in the position of “aid”, and integrate it with traditional teaching...
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A Teaching Mode Based on SAC

Jia Suo
The “classroom teaching + autonomous learning in SAC” mode provides students with a situational and friendly autonomous learning environment to meet their individual needs and to cultivate their autonomy. In order to bring the functions of SAC into full play, a scientific learning resources database...
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Education Research on the Thinking Method of College Physics Using the Way of Knowledge Mining, Inducing and Inspiring

Chun-qing Xu, Li Yang
It is very important to teach thinking methods in the college physics course. Aiming at the phenomena that the knowledge is taken care of and the thinking method is ignored in college physics teaching, we use the way of knowledge mining, inducing and inspiring to discuss how to teach thinking methods...
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Comparison of the Present Situation Investigation and Folk Custom in Qujing Area of the Miao Nationality

Yu Chen
Miao is a migration of nationality, whose history can be said to be a history of migration, the area of Qujing Miao mostly moved from Guizhou and settled, andbreed here so far, in the long run the migration process after neutralization settled in Qujing area Miao minority has formed many folk characteristics...
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The Dynamic Complexity of Enterprise IT System: An Adaptive Perspective

Bing Bai, Pei-kai Hua, Zhi-qiong Guo
Under the tide of information economy, information technology has become the basic conditions for enterprise survival and development. The environment of IT system is becoming more and more complex, and this needs objectively to establish adaptive IT system to promote the formation of IT capability and...
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The Empirical Research on New Urbanization In Liaoyang County

De-yong Ma, Ling-ling Luo
Liaoyang is a county which the population grows slowly and has less existing urban population in Liaoning province. From 2003 to 2013, the county's economic develops faster but weaker and the most people in agricultural management for living. This article selects it as the research object, through investigation...
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On the Prevention and Fight Against Ageing Population Fraud Crime Question Research

Jing Zhang, Xin-qian Gu
In the period of social transition of China, at the same time, china is running into aging countries. Two aspects of the situation occur simultaneously and interaction, coupled with the elderly special body status, mental status, for the elderly of the implementation of fraud crime is staged continuously....
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Interpretation of Technological Innovation Essence in View of Cultural Philosophy

Peng Li, Rui Wang
Cultural turn of technological innovation (TI) embodied how to formate the investigation of technology in the interaction of various factors for Social Shaping of Technology. The action TI is taken as a kind of ideological practice, studying mode of evaluating TI behaviors from cultural integrity, which...
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Environmental Ethics Perspective of Sustainable developing and utilizing of urban lakes ---Taking the Comprehensive Measures of Wuhan Urban Lakes as the Example

Yong-zhi Chen, Xue-kuan Yu, Zuo-qin Qian
Urban lakes are important water body for a city. It plays an important role in the climate regulation and ecological environment construction of the city, and it is a true reflection of ecology culture for the city. However, with the rapid development of socialism modernize build of China, how to keep...
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The Discussing about Putting Eco-Agriculture into Practice in Taierzhuang District of Zaozhuang Municipality

Zhao-yun Ding
The condition of developing agriculture has advantageoues in Taierzhuang district of Zaozhuang municipality. But the traditional mode of agricultural production, there are a lot of drawbacks, the development of eco-agriculture is the route one must take the agricultural development in the area. According...
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A Brief Analysis on the Application of Listening Strategies in Japanese Teaching

Yan Zhang
Based on the results of students’ listening strategies questionnaires, the thesis aims to acquire how current Japanese-majored students perceive and apply listening strategies, analyze the existing questions in listening teaching and find out students’ specific obstacles in Japanese listening. On the...
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Predicament and Countermeasure of Regional Television Shopping Channel

Li-mei Zhou
From infomercial to TV shopping channel, TV shopping has been developing extremely rapidly. TV shopping channel in its coverage of different, can be divided into national and regional television shopping channel. Regional television shopping channel has to face competition from within the industry, but...
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Brief Analysis of Talents Reserve for Dalian Japanese Bookkeeping

Xue-chao Xu
With the influence of economic globalization, we demand many talented people as a huge adjustment lever on education. Taking Dalian soft park for example, It has carried on the investigation and Analysis on the demand of Japanese enterprises to Japanese bookkeeping talents. It has great importance for...
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Knowledge Economy Calls for Anti-Monopoly Law Regulation Innovation

Liang-hui Li
For a long time, monopoly problem attracted more than economics, law, sociology and other scholars in the field of research. In view of the natural monopoly and economic ties, the antitrust laws in the era of knowledge economy, adapt to the society, science and technology and the change of the economic...
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Analyzing Enterprise Internal Control under Accounting Information Environment

Hai-hua Gu, Bing Bai, Zhi-qiong Guo, Shi-yu Wu
This paper analyzes the present situation of internal control under information environment of enterprise, and discusses the impact on the enterprise internal control mainly from the accounting information system of internal control modes, scope, and object. Meanwhile, we propose the new problems of...
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The Empirical Research of the IFDI’s Influence upon the Comparative Advantage of Export Products from China

Ming Yang, Hong-mei Chang
The comparative advantage index of export products from China according to the technology intensity classification shows that low technology products are still the main source of China's comparative advantage, but their level is going through a decreasing process. The level of the comparative advantage...
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Loanwords in Japanese Language: A Linguistic Perspective

Yi-nan Li, Yang Gao
From a linguistic perspective, the present paper discusses effects of loanwords in Japanese to its language development. It first introduces definition of loanwords and researchers’ debate on Chinese as loanwords in Japanese. Then, it briefly discusses sources and origins of loanwords in Japanese. The...
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Exploration and Practice of “Order Form” Talent Cultivating Pattern in University

Cheng Li, Le-le Si
The tough employment situation of college students and its reasons were analyzed. The features and effects of some typical talents cultivation model in both domestic and foreign universities were discussed. Based on that, an “Order Form” talent cultivating pattern aiming to increase the students’ employment...
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A Study on Self-Esteem, Locus of Control and Achievement Motivation among High School Students

Jing Lv, Ben-fa Wang
To understand current high school students’ self-esteem, locus of control and achievement motivation and research the relationship between them, we investigated on 270 high school students by using SES, IPC and AMS. The results are as follows: (1)There is no significantly gender difference in self-esteem,...
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Study on College Students' Employment Network Public Opinion based on Complex Network

Zhi-qiong Guo, Bing Bai
The rise of virtual community provides a new online communication platform for the college students, and it also brings about new challenges for the employment of college students. The university graduates have a common concern in the virtual community about the employment of the theme, and share the...
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Design and Implementation of Learning Process Tracking System based on SCORM

Xing-hua Sun, Ze-xin An, Jun-hua Liang
It has remained a difficult job to record and track the learning process of learners in online learning system. SCORM standard defines a powerful learning tracing mechanism, which can achieve timely, detailed, in-depth learning tracing. In this paper, the learning tracing theory of SCORM standard is...
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Reflections on MOOC Craze in China

Li Hao, Xing-hua Sun
MOOC is getting increasingly popular in the field of education. Many key universities have adopted MOOC and the local universities are ready to have a try. The advantages and disadvantages of the pervasive MOOC craze, however, should be objectively considered. The definition, characteristics, types of...
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Research on Management Information System in Copper Companies Mode of Coordination

Wen-jing Ren, Xue-fei Wang, Yi-dan Tang, Li-li Shan, Zhi-lei Huo
The article at the beginning analyses the significance of establishing collaborative management information system in copper companies. Then, the hierarchical structure and the mutual synergic relationship of the system are put forward. What’s more, the characteristics of the system are elaborated. In...
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Study on Organization Mode in the Enterprises-Led Engineering Application of Considerable Scientific Achievement ---In case of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Maglev Co., Ltd

Shan-shan Sun, Feng-ming Wang
This paper discussed the organization mode of the connotation, characteristics, and structure led by enterprise in the process of scientific and technological achievements, through the analysis of the medium- low speed maglev transportation technology. A company jointing other enterprises established...
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Gide’s Reflections on Human Dilemmas in The Pastoral Symphony

Yuan-zhen Peng
This paper makes a detailed analysis of Gide’s works The Pastoral Symphony in order to expose the underlying paradoxes in the characters’ inward world due to religious and moral restraints. It is appropriate to write in the form of diaries in uncovering the characters’ inner feelings and desires.
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Analysis on the Integration of In-and-out of Physical Education Class in Private Universities in the New Era

Yan-fen Xiao
The paper discusses the new physical education teaching pattern, that is the integration of in-and-out of physical education class. This new teaching pattern integrates the physical education excellent course, elite class, physical education quality and sports ability tests with the sports competition...
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The Inspiration of American University’s Strategic Planning on Chinese University’s Comprehensive Reformation Planning ——Case Study of Strategic Planning in University of Minnesota and Comprehensive Reformation Planning in Hohai University

Zhen Xu
strategic planning exerts great importance upon the development of Chinese universities. Through detailed analysis of strategic planning procedures in University of Minnesota, this paper concludes basic methods, experiences and inspirations from American universities’ strategic planning. By utilizing...
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Research on MOOC Educational Platform Model based on Satellite Communication Technology

Yi Shang, Bao-ming Li, Guang-qiang Yang
Currently MOOC models of distance education based on internet are widely used in the international education fields, but MOOC education model mainly cover fields with developed internet environment. In the poor internet environment, MOOC education model can not effectively be carried out. So a MOOC education...
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The Practice Teaching Reform and Exploration of Accounting Profession in Colleges and Universities

Jiang-hong Ye
As everyone knows, accounting is a very practical subject.  It’s important to cultivating the  practice ability of students in higher education . The paper discussed the problems existed in the current  accounting practice . Combined with the practical course system in author's college, suggested a few solutions...
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The design and implementation of a web-based teaching platform for folk sport courses in regular universities

Qin Wang, Pei-jun Gao
with the rapid development of economy, the past decades have witnessed the booming of information technology, communication technology and multimedia technology, which have contributed to a plenty of new teaching modes in China’s higher education, such as distant education and web-based education. It...
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An Inquiry into the integration of web-based information and dragon boat sport

Gang Ji, Pei-jun Gao
The dragon boat sport, a folk sport item, is an emerging game with strong ethnic characteristics featuring body building, entertainment and competition. In teaching practice, folk sports courses embrace highly practical and participatory teaching activities. The athletic actions are easy to be demonstrated...
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The Analysis about Public Sports Infrastructures Development and Financing Methods in Gansu Province

Fan Jiang, Ying Luo, Xiao-tang Li, Zhi-liang Zeng
This paper takes the method of historical documents and mathematical statistics as main research methods. After analyzed the current situation about the public sports infrastructures development and financing methods, main reasons hinder the development of public sports infrastructures in Gansu province...
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The Necessity of Public Sports Infrastructure Development In Gansu Province Taking ABS Financing Mode

Ying Luo, Xiao-tang Li, Zhi-liang Zeng
Basic sports infrastructures are important material basis to support the sports developments. Due to the lack of construction funds, the current basic sports infrastructures in China cannot meet the growing fitness needs from citizens. The ABS financing mode is not only attract investments from overseas,...
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Research on the Preference of Thinking Mode and Its Teaching Strategy: A Case Study on Chinese Teaching

Pei Pan
As a result of specific cultural and historical environment,preference of thinking mode may vary from nation to nation and individual to individual.It is reflected by the preference of divergent thinking or convergent thinking, image thinking or abstract thinking, intuitive thinking or logical thinking,...
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Research on Korean Hanja and Teaching Chinese vocabulary in CFL

Yan Liu, Meng-xi Jia
The Korean Hanja comes from Chinese and many of them preserve their original Chinese word meaning. Because of the historical development and different culture background, a lot of differences are produced between the Korean Hanja and their corresponding Chinese. Based on an investigation of the new HSK...
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The Research on the Development of Wellness Tourism of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bozhou

Ling Zhang, Chao-ping Sun
The Wellness Tourism of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a good prospects for it goes in accordance with people's life concept of “nature respecting and green consumption”. Bozhou , a city of cultural and historical interest, as one of the four famous cities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has Chinese...
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Decision to Integration Performance:A Study Based on Integration Patterns of Cross-border M&A

Jian-guo Xing
In accordance with types of cross-border M&A,integration patterns can be classified as follows:“dot integration”, “chainintegration”,“unit integration”.Based on the differences of integration patterns,integration performance measure function is constructed.The results show that integration performance...
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Research on the Curriculum and Practice System of Computer System Oriented

Feng-jun Shang
The computer talents cultivate program was designed based on the basic knowledge- application ability - synthesis quality main line. According to the focus-practice, non-stop, the new professional course system was designed. Design main line and a specific curriculum system were given at the same time....
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Exploration and Study of Applied Undergraduate Math Teaching based on Mathematical Modeling Ideas

Zhi-yang Liu, Shi-jian Li
Based on the problems existing on teaching materials, students, teachers and teaching methods of applied undergraduate math teaching, the study proposed to integrate the mathematical modeling ideas into the applied undergraduate teaching, so as to solve the problems existing on teaching materials, students,...
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A Study of Hotel Notices and Signs Translation from the Perspective of Text Typology

Fei Fang, Xiao-xiao Shen
With the further advancement of economic globalization, there have been increasingly constant contacts between nations in the field of business, travel, culture, politics, etc. As a temporary home of foreign travelers in China, hotels and the bilingual services provided by them are increasingly important....
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Opportunity and Challenge of MOOC on Computer Course Teaching

Wei-yu Zhang
In recent years, the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) increasingly raised people’s wide concern. MOOC provides students a new approach to acquire knowledge and a new model to learn It becomes important learning method in Internet times and brings great impact to college education especially to computer...
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Perfecting the Grain Reserve System

Xiao-Dong Guo
Grain reserve system is an important material basis of national control of grain. Grain reserve system is still a lot of problems in the system, mechanism, structure and layout. We should solve the way of making clear the starting point of the operating reserve grain, optimizing the size of the National...
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A Study on Present Situation of Jiujiang County’s Commercial Network

Sheng-hui Yao, Li-fen Xie
The paper does the correlevant analysis on the partial macroeconomic indicators and the commercial network index of the county-level cities, based on the survey data of the county-level cities’ commercial network in Jiujiang. The data analysis shows that there are some correlations between the commercial...
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Metropolis"ant tribe"physical health status investigation——Taking Beijing city as an example

Qi Liu
"Ant tribe" also known as the university graduates in low-income groups, is unable to find work or very low income and live in the metropolis fringe of college students after graduation from the university. Research is to understand the "population health change ant" situation, grasp their group characteristics...
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Study on Landscape Reconstruction of Traditional Rural Bazaar in the Process of Urbanization in China

Yan-hui Sui
Due to the quick urbanization in China, the modern commercial streets have gradually replaced the traditional business forms. Chinese traditional culture of rural bazaar is in danger and continues to disappear, which has resulted in immeasurable loss for the diversity of Chinese traditional culture....
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The importance of leadership art in management

Yan-zhe Zheng
the leadership of the art is the comprehensive reflection of the individual quality of the leader, it is individual from person to person. Leadership art is the creative and the validity of the method which is demonstrated in the way of leadership.. On the one hand, it is the creative and free creativity...
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A Survey and Error Analysis of the B -Sentence Based On HSK Dynamic Composition Corpus

Yan Liu, Shan Wu
This paper analyzes erroneous B -Sentences which are collected from the HSK dynamic composition corpus. Two hundred erroneous B -sentences are divided into five categories according to their error types. After examining the cause of the biased errors,the paper has put forward some suggestions on the...
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The relationship between College Students' typical psychological problems and physical education

Hong-mei Wang
Today, mental illness is a higher incidence of disease of a kind of spirit, especially to life groups of college students psychological question has its unique features, for the sports teaching can be of some mental illness to positive therapeutic effect.
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Comparative Study on Classification of Spun Silk Fabrics for Shirt

Cai-yuan Kuang
In this paper, mechanical properties of tensile, shear and bending of 28 different kinds of spun silk fabrics for shirt were tested by using KES. Classification of those fabrics was carried out by using methods of three-group discriminance and system cluster analysis. And the differences on mechanical...
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The application of management psychology in enterprise management now

Yan-zhe Zheng
Research on management psychology behavior most is on the scope of individual psychology and modern management, is concerned with the problem of "human", psychological factors has become more important; sociology study both at the micro level of social interaction, to study the macro level social structure...
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Research on Multiple-Objectives Stochastic Dominance for Multiple Attribute Decision Making

Lei Wang
In view of multiple attribute decision making with random variables, in order to highlight research of multiple-objectives decision making, a method of decision making of stochastic dominance for the ranking of alternatives with multiple purpose based on Attribute Hierarchical Model is presented in this...
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A Study on the Coupling Effect of School-Enterprise Cooperation in Vocational Education from Perspective of Economics

Kun Wang
This article from the perspective of economics around the personnel training process costs and supply and demand sides of the difference, an analysis of the game between the vocational education and the industry enterprise, by defining the university-enterprise cooperation connotation of the coupling...
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The Reform and Discussion of Teaching Course System of University-enterprise Cooperation Training Mode for Electronic Information Professional

Zhong-xun Wang, Kang-kang Du
The reform of teaching course system of university-enterprise cooperation training mode is to allow enterprises to participate in the entire process of training students. It can formulate the scheme of teaching course system according to the actual situation of the development of the industry, and enhance...
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On the Motivation of Language and Expression in the Chinese language

Shou-Yan Miao
The language symbols can be proved and has the very strong motivation that is both direct or indirect . Iconicity is the most important form of Motivation, it is the simulation relation of the language structure and cognitive structure, or is the relationship between language forms and features of the...
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The nominal price analysis of trading financial assets at fair value

Bayi Guan, Xuejie Wang, Zhanli Shang, Zhongquan Chen
Recognizing trading financial assets at their fair value facilitates quick transaction and convenient accounting, however, it causes uncertainty in terms of reasonable price, validity of market and involvement of investors. On some levels, the determination of fair value is subjective and artificial...
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Countermeasure Analysis for Taobao Newbie's Developing Logistics Financial Business

Xiuli Tan, Mingyue Ai
Carry out analysis on risk issue about Taobao Newbie’s developing logistics financial business using literature method and survey method. It is indicated by research that there’re internal operation, policy environment and industry environment risks during Taobao Newbie’s developing logistics finance....
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The analysis of operating leverage effects based on EBIT changes

Bayi Guan, Jing Zhang, Zhanli Shang
The profit change rate is the core of performance evaluation in enterprise management, but the key point of the profit changes should be the use of operating leverage. Enterprise operators use operating leverage to increase the EBIT of their enterprise frequently, so operating leverage become the main...
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Game Analysis on Anti-leak Contract Signing

Xiuli Tan, Zhongquan Chen, Jihong Cheng
This dissertation carries out analysis on strategic actions taken by signing parties to prevent business secrete leakage, using basic principle of game theory. Expansion definition on protecting scope of business secret is given; convention on high breach penalty; appropriate enlargement on compensation...