Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Science and Technology on Social Science 2021 (iCAST-SS 2021)

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Capital Expenditure as a Mediator on the Effect of Foreign Investment and Domestic Investment to Regional Economic Growth in Regencies/Cities throughout East Nusa Tenggara Province

Clara Margilina Reinamah, Selfesina Samadara, Moni Yuniati Siahaan
This Research aimed to find out the direct and indirect effect of investment that consist of Foreign and Domestic Investment on Capital Expenditure and Economic Growth in 2017-2019 of all the regencies/city in East Nusa Tenggara Province. This Research used secondary data published by Central Bureau...
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Utilization of Supply Chain and Benefit-Cost Analysis to Determining Warehousing Area in Penajam Paser Utara Regency

Surahman Surahman, Afif Bizrie Mardhanie, Thomas Robert Hutauruk, Dimaz Harits, M. Salmani
The retail trade sector is currently booming and seizes unlimited opportunities and intersects with other sectors that can cause multi-fliyer effects to improve the regional economy, especially in the Expansion Regency. However, due to limited infrastructure and inefficient distribution, the price of...
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Knowledge Sharing in Small Medium Enterprises: A Bibliometric Analysis

I Wayan Edi Arsawan, Nyoman Indah Kusuma Dewi, Putu Adriani Prayustika, Putu Yoga Laksana, Ni Made Kariati, Ni Putu Santi Suryantini
Knowledge sharing is an important dimension of knowledge management that has been researched and tested as an important driver of competitive advantage. However, research on the concept of knowledge sharing is still not carefully explored, disorganized and only a collection of vague ideas separated from...
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Design of Risk Rating Applications for Village Credit Institutions

Jeni Susanti, I Gede Made Karma, Ni Wayan Kurnia Dewi
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the economic capacity and purchasing power of the general public. This condition automatically affects the ability of the people to fulfill their obligations, especially paying off the credit they have already taken. Credit has the potential to become...
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Recomendation Model of Tourism Recovery Policy After Covid 19 in Lembata Regency

Hamzah Nazarudin, Anastasia Imelda Sayd, Hans Lao
This study aims to identify tourism problems in Lembata Regency as a result of COVID 19 and recommends a policy of recovery tourism in Lembata Regency. This study uses model-building method with qualitative descriptive approach. Model-building method is used to develop recommendations for tourism recovery...
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Designing Online English Language Learning and Teaching during Covid-19 Pandemic

Boni Saputra, Rionaldi Rionaldi
the Covid-19 pandemic insists face-to-face learning on campus be switched to online or e-learning. However, radical changes are challenging for both educators and students. Besides, conventional learning and teaching used for decades are more preferable. In addition, the selections of the media used...
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An Analysis of Media Use, Gratification Sought, and Information Needs by Tourists in Bali before, during, and after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kadek Dwi Cahaya Putra, I Made Widiantara, I Komang Mahayana Putra, I Gede Iwan Suryadi, Cokorda Gede Putra Yudistira
This study aims at exploring the media use, gratification sought, and information needs of tourists in Bali and whether there is any difference before, during, and after the Covid-19 pandemic. With accidental and purposive sampling, 115 tourists visiting four (4) Bali‘s main beaches answered the questionnaire...
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Household Financial Management in Phenomenology Perspective: A Case Study on a Fisherman Family in Kupang City

Indawati Jauhar Nino, Tuti Setyorini, Enos Kabu
The fishing community is a community whose livelihood is catching fish. This activity is carried out actively if in the summer when the weather or climate is also supportive. On average, these small fishermen are more focused on meeting the needs of daily life and there is no priority scale for future...
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The Effect of Local Government Income on Community Welfare by Using Expenditures as Mediating Variable

Venti Eka Satya, Ratna Wulaningrum, Muhammad Kadafi
Fiscal decentralization is one of the decentralization political’s consequences. This study aims to examine the effect of provincial government income on people welfare by using local government expenditure as intervening variable. The aim is to determine the effectiveness of local government’s income...
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Coral Transplantation and Monitoring Planning at Mokotamba Dive Point Pulisan as Conservation Effortts and Tourism Sustainability

Bet El Silisna Lagarense, Joudy Gumolili, Mex Pesik, Maksy Sendiang, Efra L.l Wantah
The purpose of the research is to specify the growth rate and survival rate of coral fracture Fragments transplanted into plant media in the Mokotamba Pulisan area, North Sulawesi. The determination of planting media placement is based on field observation. The method used was the skeletal method that...
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The Risk Influence on Foreign Direct Investment and Mining Company Stock Exchange in Indonesia

Herlina Herlina, Arkas Viddy
This study aims is to determine the effects of financial risk and political risk on foreign direct investment and the value of mining companies stock exchanged. This research used a quantitative approach through a process of analysis using software applications, namely SPSS. This research is basic on...
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Execution of Representative Cleanliness and Sanitation in Keeping up the Quality of Hotel Rooms

I Wayan Sudarmayasa, Novita Indriani, Musdalifah Musdalifah, Tauhid Hira, Ndari Prasetyo Susanti
A hotel is an accommodation to support tourists’ facilities in doing tourism as a place to rest. In addition, it also provides various facilities needed as well as the provision of food and beverages. The room is a significant factor. The responsibility and duty to maintain cleanliness, beauty, comfort,...
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Design and Build the Establishment of BUPDA as a Form of Institutional Strengthening in the Management of Tourism Attractiveness in Kemenuh Village, Bali

I Nyoman Abdi, Putu Adi Suprapto, Ni Luh Ayu Kartika Yuniastari Sarja
Kemenuh Village, whose territory is in Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, has six traditional villages in its territory. Official villages and traditional villages in Bali can coexist with each other with special characteristics and the authority they have, including in terms of establishing a business...
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Analysis of Production Cost Calculations in Bio Seeding Block Based on Sugarcane Waste

Riza Rahimi Bachtiar, Adetiya Prananda Putra, Ayu Purwaningtyas
Bio seeding block is a soil block seedling based on sugarcane waste. It is environmentally friendly, practical, and rich in organic materials. Sugarcane waste has only been used as animal feed and fuel. The novelty of the Bio seeding block is soil block seedling based on sugarcane waste that does not...
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The Effect of Human Value and Work Commitment on Bulog Employees Performance with the Mediation of Resilient Leadership in East Java, Indonesia

Danang Sudarso, Widya Prakoso, Joyo Widakdo
The changes in the society is found to create competition between highly ambitious individuals in this global economic era, due to fostering environmental innovations, insights, and creativities, as well as overcoming challenges for specific rewards. The condition also leads to the challenge of reaching...
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The Effect of Fortification of Moringa Leaf Extract (Moringa Oleifera) on Organoleptic Tempe Product

Sandryas Alief Kurniasanti, Masetya Mukti
This research aims to determine the influence of adding Moringa leaf extract to Tempe product on panelists’ acceptance. This study was an experimental study which applied Randomized Block Design by using 4 treatments; T1 control, T2 the additional of 2% Moringa leaf extract, T3 the additional of 5% Moringa...
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Supply Chain Management to Control Business Risk: A Social Enterprise Case Study

Ummi Zatiya Sarra, Eka Siskawati, Zahara Zahara
Village Owned Enterprises are business entities that have a dual identity, namely as a social institution (social institution) and at the same time commercial (commercial institution). Based on that identity, it is classified as a social enterprise. This research aims to find out the application of supply...
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Collaborative Model in Tourism Village Development in Nagari Canduang Koto Laweh, Agam District

Sarmiadi Sarmiadi, Yosi Suryani, Elni Sumiarti
Village Owned Enterprises are business entities that have a dual identity, namely as a social institution (social institution) and at the same time commercial (commercial institution). Based on that identity, it is classified as a social enterprise. This research aims to find out the application of supply...
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The Effect of Location on the Marketing of Sustainable Community-Based Tourism Destinations in the Pela Tourism Village

I Wayan Sudarmayasa, Evi Setiyowati, Sabalius Uhai, Krishna Anugrah
Research with the title influenced location on the marketing Destinations Tourism Community-Based Sustainable In Tourism Village Pela District of Kota Bangun Kutai regency is expected to be used by the people who are in the territory of tourism Tourism Village Pela know how big the location factors influencing...
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Factors Analysis That Affecting Unethic Behavior and Their Impact on Accounting Fraud

Eko Adi Widyanto, Zulfikar, Eva Intan Sari Sukma, Nungky Indah Gayantri, Doniyatul, Suci Liya Juniyari
The purpose of this study to determine the factors that influence unethical behavior and its impact on accounting fraud at PT. ALTRAK 1978 in Samarinda. This study was analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistic 26 software and AMOS Structural Equation Model (SEM) Version 22. The study population was 135 respondents....
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Management of Tourism Village in Pandemic Through Digital Platform

Nining Latianingsih, Iis Mariam, Rizka Sakinah
The research of management Tourism Village based on information technology is the result of previous three- years research related to the management of tourism village in Bogor regency. The research anticipating the application becomes the reference of business development as the digital platform to...
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Product Standardization and Innovation of Packaging Machine Connection Worktables in Nutrition Juice Business

Dwi Hariyanti, Jaelani La Masidonda, Jantje Eduard Lekatompessy, Jeffrie Jacobis Malakuaseya
The Morela area is one of the nutmeg-producing areas in the Maluku region. The nutmeg produced is widely used by the community, especially the nutmeg flesh, namely as an ingredient for nutmeg juice. One of the producers of nutmeg juice has a problem, namely the packaging process is still traditional....
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International Tourist Perception Towards Tourism Destination in East Kalimantan Province

Muhammad Fauzan Noor, Said Keliwar, I Wayan Lanang Nala, Eman Sukmana, Dini Zulfiani
This study explains that the tourism marketing strategy can work well, so it is necessary to conduct a survey of international tourists’ perceptions by analyzing the characteristics of international tourists and perceptions of the level of tourist satisfaction with tourist destinations. It is very important...
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Customer Satisfaction Factors and the Implication on Customer Loyalty of BNI in Border Zone Indonesia

Arkas Viddy, Siti Hajar
Customer satisfaction and loyalty will be fulfilled since the company could provide the best products and promotions programs. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of product and promotion on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for BNI Bank in Indonesia, specifically in Nunukan,...
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The Effect of Online Learning on the Students’ Achievements in Class 2018 in Diploma-III Business Administration Study Program, Samarinda State Polytechnic

Heldina Pristanti, Kristin Wulansari, Della Olivia Caterina Kalangit, Dita Andansari, Gilang Rizki Romadhoni
This questionnaire was tested using Simple Regression Analysis because it only uses two (2) variables and uses Instrument Test (Validity Test and Reliability Test) and Hypothesis Test (T Test and Simple Regression Test) as well as Coefficient of Determination. The results of this study indicates that...
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The Effect of Brand Trust and Price Perception on Customer Satisfaction on Gold Savings Products at PT Pegadaian (Persero) Balikpapan

Heldina Pristanti, Kristin Wulansari, Della Olivia Caterina Kalangit, Dita Andansari, Tasya Kiasatina Amimah
This study was conducted to determine the effect of brand trust and price perception on customer satisfaction on gold savings products at PT Pegadaian (Persero) Balikpapan.The population involved in this study are customers of gold savings products at PT Pegadaian (Persero) Balikpapan. Sampling used...
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Integrated Information System at Travel Samarinda Based on Macro Microsoft Office Excel

Ibrahim Musa, Ratna Wulaningrum, Omar Dhanny, Farindika Metandi, Angga Kusumah, Clinsman Andromeda Tumanggor
This study aims to find out how to design and create an integrated information system application using macro Microsoft office excel and supported by visual basic language. The data collection technique in this study using the method of observation and literature study. The result of this study is the...
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The Development of Ulap Doyo Handheld Handbag for Application in Pokant Takaq Small and Medium Enterprise, Kalimantan Timur to Support Tourism Sector

Dita Andansari, Heldina Pristanti, Said Keliwar, Darius Shyafari
Typical East Kalimantan Handicraft is one of the fields that has a major contribution to improving the regional economy. Craft is one of the creative industry sectors, and creative industries in Indonesia contribute an average of 6.3 percent of GDP to the total National GDP with a value of Rp. 104.6...
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The Efficiency of Lcal Government Inventory Procurement (Study on The Government of East Nusa Tenggara Province)

Fransiscus Nicodemus Naiola, Sri Endar Utami, Pasifikus Mala Meko
The financial management of local governments related to inventory management that has not been effective and efficient, and the lack of methods to determine the optimal balance of supplies in the local government in Indonesia, encourages researchers to conduct further research in the East Nusa Tenggara,...
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Reading Habits of Indonesian English Department Polytechnic Students

Desi Yulastri, Muthia Damaiyanti, Sumira Sumira
This study reported the reading habits of the English Department students of Politeknik Negeri Padang. The survey method was applied in this research. Forty nine students from the second year level were the respondents in this study. The findings revealed that (1) majority of the respondents do not spend...
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Multi Component Analysis of the Results of the Government’s Internal Audit Against Quality of Financial Statements

La Ode Hasiara, Muhammad Suyudi, Sailawati Susilawati
This study aims to determine the ability of the R2 model to predict the independent variable in influencing the de-pendent variable. In addition to knowing the competence of auditors, auditor independence, standard operating procedures, information technology, and accounting standards. This research...
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The Special Interest Development Model Body Rafting Through Collaborative Management of Buffer Villages in the Wolowona River Area in Ende County

Pasifikus Mala Meko, Fransiscus Nicodemus Naiola, Protasius Tiberius Jehane
The purpose of the study was to determine the potential of the Wolowona river as a body rafting tour, to determine the tourists’ perceptions of the condition of tourist attractions, accessibility, amenity and community perceptions of collaborative management plans between buffer villages. This type of...
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Whistle Blowing System in Banking as a Social Control Tool in Banking Crime Prevention Efforts

Ida Nurhayati, Rita Farida, Indianik Aminah
This study aims to help socially in the effort to prevent crime in the banking sector. Bank Indonesia implements a violation reporting system through the Bank Indonesia Whistle Blowing System (WBS). The Whistle-Blowing System (WBS) is a reporting tool for internal circles within Bank Indonesia in particular,...
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Multi-Component Analysis of Un Qualified Opinion (UQO)

La Ode Hasiara, Muhammad Suyudi, Sailawati Sailawati
This research aims to find out and analyze R2’s ability to predict the ability of all independent variables to influence the depen­dent variable, namely fair opinion without exception (UQO). Second, to find out and analyze and explain the ability of all independent variables in influencing the dependent...
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The Effect of Competence and Independence on Audit Quality with Auditor’s Ethics as a Moderating Variable

(Study On BPKP Representative of East Nusa Tenggara Province)

Yunelci Martha Seliamang, Jasintha Dessy Tapatfeto
The public accounting profession has an important role in auditing financial statements in a good organization and is a profession of public trust. The public accounting profession is responsible for increasing the level of reliability of the company’s financial statements so that the information can...
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Coral Taxonomy with Ecolingistic Approach at Dive Spot in Pulisan Village, Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency

Mirjam Pratidina Tenda, Yollanda L. Lagarens
Corals are animals known as polyps which belong to the phylum Cnidaria. In simple forms, corals can consist of only one polyp, in many species of coral and individual corals develop into many individuals called colonies. Ecolinguistics is a branch of linguistics that studies changes between the environment...
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Analysis of the Economic Value of Tourism Tablolong Contingent Valuation Method Approach in West Kupang

Hapsa usman, Nonce Farida Tuati, Deetje Wieske Manuain
This research was conducted at the Tablolong Beach Ecotourism attraction which is located in the West Kupang District, Kupang Regency. This study aims firstly to determine visitor ratings about Tablolong Beach tourism and where the visitors come, secondly to determine the economic value of Tablolong...
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e-Logbook Application Design for Job Training During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study: Business Administration Department of Politeknik Negeri Samarinda)

Kristin Wulansari, Della Olivia Caterina Kalangit, Heldina Pristanti, Suramli Suramli, Satryawati Satryawati, Sailawati Sailawati
This research was conducted to design an e-Logbook Application Design for Job Training. The application that will be built in this research is an e-Logbook, the goal is to make it easier for final year students to do job training. This application will then be used by Practitioner Lecturer and Supervisor...
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The Impact of Risk Management on Firm Performance

Amiril Azizah, Ahyar M. Diah, Ratna Wulaningrum
The aim of this paper is to investigate whether the relationship between risk management and firm performance. Risk disclosure and leverage are the measurements of risk management. Tobin’s Q is proxy for firm performance. This study use panel data from 36 listed companies during 11 years from the period...
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The Concept of Sustainable Tourism Implementation Based on Environmental Management Accounting on Tourist Villages in Bali

I Putu Astawa, Sang Putu Eka Pratama, Cening Ardina
This research aims to find out the concept of sustainable tourism implementation based on environmental management accounting in Tourism Villages in Bali. The research methods used in this research are qualitative methods with data collection techniques through interview studies and documentation. The...
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Human Resource Competency Development Strategy in Creative Industry to Improve Competitive Advantage

(Study on Craft Creative Industry in Kuang City)

Maria C.B Manteiro, Maria C.B Manteiro, Amram Rohi Bire
The development of the creative craft industry in Kupang City is inseparable from several problems, both from the internal and external environment of the industry. The purpose of this study is to obtain a description/mapping of human resource competencies and a description of the behavior of business...
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Soft Skills and Work Motivation Aspect on the Work Readiness of Students Majoring in Business Administration of Politeknik Negeri Nunukan

Lisa Fransiska, Nur Aida
After a partial test was carried out which showed that Soft Skills had an influence on Work Readiness. This is proven through a partial test for the first hypothesis, where t count is 2,333 > t table is 1,986 and the significance is 0.027 < 0.05. So that it can be concluded that there is a positive...
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Mapping of Village Potential and Accounting System Design in Development of Village-Owned Enterprises in Alor Regency, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Jennie S. Sir, Selfesina Samadara
The purpose of this study is to identify the problems experienced by BUMDes and to map potential business opportunities for BUMDes in the Alor Regency area. This research also provides solutions for implementing accounting systems in the development of BUMDes. The research method uses a qualitative approach...
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Assessment of Organizational Performance with Balanced Scorecard Approach in the Era of the Covid 19 Pandemic at NTT Bank (Case study at Bank NTT in East Nusa Tenggara Region)

Deetje.W. Manuain, Nonce F. Tuati, Hapsa Usman
In the current era of the Covid -19 pandemic, the business world has experienced a decline at vital organizational performance points in the banking sector, resulting in increasingly competitive conditions of competition. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced individuals/groups/institutions/countries to change...
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Innovation of East Kalimantan Batik Craft Products Combined with Jumputan Technique

Dita Andansari, Heldina Pristanti, Darius Shyafari
Batik craft typical of East Kalimantan is one of the fields that has a major contribution to the improvement of the regional economy. However, there are not many product innovations carried out by SME Craft batik in East Kalimantan. Recent product development trends lead to a product designed based on...
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Image Data Compression in the Public Reporting System in Lamongan using the Huffman Method and Run Length Encoding

Mohammad Robihul Mufid, Saniyatul Mawaddah, Arif Basofi, Mochammad Jauhar Ulul Albab, Nur Syaela Majid, Devvana Arya Pratama, Risalatun Nuriyah, Nidalifa Choirunnisa
The dry season and the rainy season in the Lamongan area always cause several problems, including water scarcity, flooding, damaged roads, etc. The public report site, which is used to accommodate the aspirations of Lamongan residents who are in trouble, requires image evidence to ensure that there are...
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Kediri City Tourism Object Application Using Firebase Realtime Database Technology

Novi Aryani Fitri, Rahmanisa Zahira Emba, Mohammad Robihul Mufid, Agung Fiyanto, Wajib Wajib, Achmad Shofyan
Often an area that exploits the attractiveness of an area as a tourist destination in order to raise regional revenue. Kediri city is a city located in East Java with an interesting tourism object in it, but still not widely known by many people. This study aims to make a Kediri city tourism object application...
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The Effect of Regional Income on Capital Expenditure of The Government of Alor –NTT

Selfesina. Samadara, Jennie.S. Sir, Clara M. Reinamah
The expenditure budget, especially capital expenditure, is seen as important because it is related to the continuity of government activities. Capital Expenditures are one part of regional expenditures used in the purchase or procurement of tangible fixed assets used in infrastructure development and...
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The Effects of Leadership Style on Working Satisfaction and Performance in Vocational Higher Education Institution in Indonesia

Umi Zunaeda, Herlina Herlina
This study aims to determine the effect of transactional and transformational leadership style on lecturer working satisfaction and the performance of Politeknik Negeri Nunukan. This research quantitative descriptive study which conducted at Politeknik Negeri N Nunukan, Indonesia. The data collected...
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Cat Breeds Classification Using Compound Model Scaling Convolutional Neural Networks.

Tita Karlita, Nadia Azahro Choirunisa, Rengga Asmara, Fitri Setyorini
Cats are one of the most popular animals in the world. Many cat breeds in the world are only about 1%. Therefore, most are dominated by mixed cats or domestic cats. Nevertheless, there are so many different types of cat breeds in the world that it is sometimes difficult to identify them. Therefore, we...
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Influence of Regional Property Management Towards Quality of Financial Statements Kupang Local Government

Meyulinda Aviana Elim, Jasintha Dessy Tapatfeto
This study is intended to analyze the influence of Regional PropertyManagement towards the quality of the financial statements of Local Government. The variables used in this study are planning, assessment, administration, and Regional Property surveillance and control. 144 respondents were taken by...
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The Influence of Management Accounting Information Systems on Management Decision Making on MSMES in Kupang-NTT District

Moni Yuniati Siahaan, Selfesina Samadara, Pieter D. Samadara
Management accounting is a systematic liaison network in presenting useful information and can help MSME leaders in an effort to achieve predetermined organizational goals. As an MSME develops, MSME leaders will face various problems in managing their MSMEs. As an MSME develops, MSME leaders will face...
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Indonesian Traditional Cake Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Tita Karlita, Bimo Prasetyo Afif, Ira Prasetyaningrum
In Indonesia, there are many types of cakes that are categorized as traditional snacks. Refer to the Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia; snacks are defined as foods that are peddled or mean bites. Snacks are classified based on how they are made, and some are based on the taste of the snacks. Traditional snacks...
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Compressing Hedonic Test Between Milkfish (Chanos chanos) and Skipjack Fish (Katsuwonus pelamis) Process.

Jemri Jemri, Harizatul Jannah
Meatballs are the sort of processed fish meat that is most known with all society environments. The aim of this researchy was to decide and to analyze the level of preference for processing fish balls by means of hedonic tests according to indicators of color, aroma, texture and taste. The method of...
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The Determinant of BRI Customer Loyalty Using Path Analysis

Rafiqoh Rafiqoh, Arkas Viddy
Customer satisfaction and loyalty will be fulfilled since the company could provide the best products and promotions programs. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of product and promotion on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for BRI Bank in Indonesia, specifically in Nunukan,...
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The Role of Hotel, Restaurant and Entertainment Taxes for the Local Revenue in South Sumatera

Rita Martini, Sovi Julianda Wahya, Eka Jumarni Fithri
This study aims to analyze the effect of the hotel tax, restaurant tax and entertaiment tax income to the local origianal revenue regency/city of in South Sumatera fiscal year 2016 – 2020. The sample of this research includes 14 regions in South Sumatera. This sample was selected based on the purposive...
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Identification of the Tourism Potential Based on Attractions, Amenities and Accessibility in South of Amfoang District, East Nusa Tenggara

Christina Welly Plaituka, Protasius Tiberius Jehane, Veronika A. S. M. Flora
This study aims to identify the tourism potential of attractions, amenities, and accessibility in tourism development in South Amfoang District, East Nusa Tenggara. Qualitative research methods are used in this study. The data used in this study are primary and secondary data. Data were collected by...
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Descriptive Analysis of Health Sector Stock Investors During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nurul Hidayah, Marieska Lupikawaty
The health sector stock or IDXHEALTH is one of the stock sectors that experienced a significant strengthening during the COVID-19 pandemic. This article aims to analyze stock investors in the health sector itself. The analytical method used is descriptive demographic analysis method. In this study using...
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Effect of Motivation, Work Environment, and Computer Self-Efficacy to Employee of PDAM Tirta Kencana Performance in Samarinda City, East Kalimantan

Andi Nurhasanah, Armini Ningsih
This research aims to identified effect of motivation, work environment, and computer self-efficacy towards job performance since human as the workers or employee is one of the important factor to achieve company’s goals with all the workers of PDAM Tirta Kencana as the respondent. This study use saturated...
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Developing Multilingual Automotive E-Dictionary Based on Corpus Linguistics

Yuliana Ningsih, Adhiela Noer Syaief, Kurnia Dwi Artika, Herpendi Herpendi
The study aims to compile a dictionary that makes students, Indonesian workers, especially mechanics, supervisors in the automotive sector who work or study in the automotive industry need an automotive dictionary. The Design and Development (D&D) model used in this study and obtaining data were...
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Influence of Human Resources and Competency Internal Control System on the Quality of Financial Reports with the Application of Accrual-Based Accounting Standards as a Mediation Variable

Luty Wiyani, Arkas Viddy
The purpose of this study is to identify the influence of human resources and competency gpvernment internal system on the quality of financial report. The study was conducted on 106 respondents consisting of 15 units of Local Government Work in the local government of Nunukan. Based on the results of...
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The Effects of Muslim Leadership Style on Muslim Lecturer Working Satisfaction and Muslim Institute Performance in Samarinda

Retno Dwi Arini, Arkas Viddy
The main purposes of this research are to identify and to analyze the effects of Muslim Leadership Style on Muslim Lecturer Working Satisfaction and Muslim Institute Performance in Indonesia. Data collected from 60 Muslim lectures in Muslim Institute (IAIN) Samarinda and it i, East Kalimantan with purposive...
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Development of Animal Recognition E-Learning Using Augmented Reality Technology

Darmawan Aditama, Fardani Annisa Damastuti, Nur Syaela Majid, Mohammad Robihul Mufid, Agung Fiyanto
The development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the new face of education. The implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in educational institutions has become a must in educational institutions, not to close our eyes that schools are naturally responsive...
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Rhizome Image Classification Using Support Vector Machine

Saniyatul Mawaddah, Mohammad Robihul Mufid, Arif Basofi, Agung Fiyanto, Darmawan Aditama, Nadiya Nurlaila
Rhizomes, also called rootstalks, are stems that help plants to reproduce asexually, survive in winter, store food, and make stem tubers. They possess many functions and merits. Some of the commonly found rhizomes are ginger, turmeric, and galangal, yet still a lot of people still find it difficult to...