Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Informatization Education (ICBDIE 2022)

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Comparative Study of Pragmatic Failures in English-Chinese Communicative Interaction Based on Data Analysis

Hang Dai, Qianguang Cheng, Jingjing Guan, Xinxin Chen, Qingjie Li, Tianyu Zhao, Junming Xiao
In cross-cultural communication, due to the different social norms, values, and thinking patterns of communicators, pragmatic failures will inevitably occur, which will affect the smooth progress of cross-cultural communication. Using data analysis method, this paper makes a comparative study on English...
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Intelligent Wearable Elderly Service Platform Design Based on Big Data

Yuntong Zhong, Kehong Chen, Jiaqi Chen
China has now entered the stage of rapid aging and urgently needs to develop a new model of senior care. Smart wearable senior care platform not only can effectively solve the current aging problem in China, but also can make full use of big data and other technologies to innovate the mode of traditional...
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The Evaluation Model of the Higher Education System Based on AHP and Entropy Method

Nan Zhang, Zhihao Lin, Zhengyu Shi
This paper uses the entropy weight method and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to establish a model to evaluate the health status of higher education in various countries, calculate the score, and obtain its corresponding health status. The model sets up three inner circle evaluation indexes and three...
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Using Origin Correlation Analysis to Study the Training Mode of Applied Talents Under the Background of “New Engineering”

Zhuangzhuang Qu, Baojun Liu, Chuanxun Che
With the continuous development of the information age, higher requirements are put forward for talent training. In order to better meet the development needs of the times, this paper takes the talent training of Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges as the research theme, tests the effectiveness...
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Research on Tourism Competitiveness Evaluation of the Wanjiang City Belt Based on SPSS Analysis

WenYan Wang, JinSheng Fang, XueXia Wu, Ying Xiong, Yang Liu, XinWang Xu
According to the connotation and influencing factors of urban tourism competitiveness, the urban tourism competitiveness evaluation system is constructed from the dimensions of resource support, environmental support, economic support, service support and performance development, based on the 2019 data...
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Research on 3D Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching of Principles of Computer Organization

Li Xu, Sanrong Liu, Zhihao Cao, Yong Wang
In the study of the course of principles of computer organization, experiment plays a crucial role in understanding and mastering theoretical knowledge. Offline experimental teaching by operating the experimental box is often limited by time and venue, and it is difficult to correct errors after students...
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Design and Implementation of Automatic Examination Scoring System Based on Natural Language Processing

Wenyan Yang
Based on natural language processing and the development method of Python Web in the Flask framework, this paper completes the design and implementation of the automatic examination scoring system. The key algorithms such as lexical analysis, syntactic dependency analysis, and knowledge extraction under...
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Model Essay Recommendation Method Based on Constant Evaluation of Writing Ability and Preference

Li Li
Model Essay Recommendation (MER) is one of the most important steps in teaching writing. However, most of the MER, especially for English writing teaching in China, still faces two problems to be solved. First, the difficulty in the recommended model essay doesn’t match the real level of student, Second,...
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Research on Government Informatization: A Crisp-Set Qualitative and Comparative Analysis (csQCA) Based on 31 Province Government APP in Mainland of China

Xing Wang, Fanbo Li
With social progress and technological development, government informatization is an effective way for the government to provide public services to the public. The government APP is a typical product of government informatization. This study constructs a government APP evaluation system from the availability,...
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Trend Analysis of Innovative Talents Based on the Data Visualization Using the Chinese Social Science Data

Xiaoling Yu, Takaya Yuizono
In this study, we analyzed the literature data of innovative talents recorded in Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index using the KH Coder software and examined the academic development, research contents, and research trends of the innovative talents research in China. By analyzing the changes in the...
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IPAI: Innovation and Practical Ability Improvement Method Based on Data Analysis of Science and Technology Competition

Wenyong Zhang, Dawen Xia, Guoyan Chang, Yang Hu, Qian Zhang
To cultivate engineering and technical talents with innovation spirit and practical capability that meet the urgent social needs, we establish and solve the principal component analysis (PCA) model of the factors affecting the performance of the science and technology innovation competition, and obtain...
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Chinese National Characteristic Historical Database System Platform Based on Big Data Technology

Quan Qiu
In order to carry out in-depth research on historical data with Chinese national characteristics more conveniently, it is necessary to use big data technology to collect, organize and analyze historical data resources. Big data technology can digitize various forms of data, describe and manage data in...
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Scheme Design of Health Management Course in Metaverse

Qiangqiang Zhu, Chengxiang Chen, Guangze Zhu
Based on the emerging concept of metaverse, combined with the existing educational meta-verse, launched the meta-verse migration exploration of health management curriculum, relying on the existing laboratory and hardware equipment resources of the college, put forward the construction ideas and objectives...
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Influence of Big Data Technology on Management Accounting

Zhikun Huang
The development of Internet technology makes the development of management accounting welcome new opportunities. Analyzing and processing the enterprise accounting data information through artificial intelligence technology and big data technology can help the enterprises to gain insight into the market...
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Research on Internet Financial Information Security Prevention and Guarantee System Under Big Data Environment

Li Yan
With the rapid development of social economy, China’s Internet technology has made tremendous progress. Internet finance, which was born on the background of the Internet, is rapidly changing the overall pattern of the financial industry. However, while Internet finance has brought innovative development...
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Research on Evaluation of Wuhan City’s Tourism Logistics Capability Under the Background of “Internet+” and Big Data

Ning Yh
“Internet +” and big data have changed the development direction and thinking mode of the tourism and logistics industries to a certain extent, and studying the new business form of tourism logistics will contribute to exploring new growth points for tourism and logistics at the same time, achieving...
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Research on the Application of Big Data in Financial Investment Risk Management and Control

Weijian Peng
This paper explores how big data technology can be used for investment risk control in the financial industry. Through theoretical analysis, this paper expounds the application form and application effect of big data in financial investment risk control. Through the application analysis of risk control...
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On the Study of Small Class Sizes of Primary School Using Machine Learning

Tian Litong
The purpose of this study is to explore the phenomenon of small classes size in elementary school education in recent years and the differences in the implementation of small-class size education policies in different regions in China. This essay also talked about the motivation, background information...
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Analysis of Big Data Application in Financial Securities Investment

Yongze Guan
The development of big data provides great opportunities for the development of various industries. The application of big data analysis technology in various industries can promote the development of the industry. Big data and the progress and development of various industries are complementary. In...
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Analysis of the Correlation Between Crime Rate and Housing Price in Washington, D.C., USA Based on Big Data

Hanshu Yang, Meili Liu, Jeng-Eng Lin, Chun-Te Lee
Knowledge of what happens to housing values is limited when properties are near high crime density areas. Big data analysis has become one of the tools for effective crime prevention and can be used as an effective reference when buying house. In this article, we analyzed crime data from 2017 to 2021...
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Research on Optimization of Marketing Model Under Big Data Technology

Zhu Lei
The essence of the implementation of marketing in modern enterprises lies in relying on the marketing methods of enterprise products and enterprise services to promote more consumers’ recognition and understanding of enterprise products and services. In order to achieve the good practice effect of improving...
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Influencing Factors Analysis of Birth Rate Spatial Distribution in China’s Provinces

Liyun Su, Haiqin Yu, Fenglan Li, Yun Jiang
The long-term development of China's economy is inseparable from the labor force, and the birth rate is an important factor to promote China's economic development. This paper uses spatial statistics to analyze the potential social causes of influencing the spatial distribution of birth rates...
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Research on New Media Communication Strategy of PanYao Culture in Northern Guangxi Based on Big Data

Yaqin Cui
With the development of new media in the era of big data, digital communication are of great importance to carry forward and inherit the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities. Although PanYao ethnic culture in northern Guangxi is diverse and has great cultural tourism value, its cold and remote geographical...
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Analysis for a Sort of Higher Education Cost from the View at Constrain of Cobb-Douglas Function

Bo-zun Yu, Ming-xia Lu
The problem of higher education cost has attracted extensive attention from the government and academia. On the basis of fully considering reality restrain condition of shortage of funds and talents, we put forward an optimization model for university running efficiency under limited fund, where we taking...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Countermeasures of UGC Model Agricultural Product Marketing Under the Background of the Internet Era—Based on the Analysis Perspective of Big Data

Jie Liu, GuiQing Li
In recent years, with the popularization and development of the Internet, more and more short video platforms have begun to spread. Due to the uniqueness of short videos, more and more groups tend to use short videos to market users, and users also tend to use short videos to learn about products, brands,...
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The Construction of Recitation Mode for College Engineering Students

Zhipeng Liu, Xiaochen Xu
Current research shows that some college science and engineering students made poor achievements in English study. Language recitation input is widely accepted by language educators and attracts more and more attention from English learners. Recitation mode should be advocated again in English teaching....
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Evaluation of Higher Education System by TOPSIS Based on Entropy Weight Method

Feng He, Qing Ye, Sini Chen
The healthy and sustainable development of the higher education system is of great significance to the progress of a country. Based on public data, this paper uses topsis model based on entropy weight method, simulated annealing algorithm, bp neural network algorithm, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation,...
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The Application of Information Technology in the Course Teaching of ‘Picture Recognition and Reinforcement Calculation’

Yu Cai
Under the background of the new era, modern electronic computer information technology is widely used in various fields. This paper for the application of computer technology in data model, through the key elements, the advantages of computer technology in data analysis, and from the statistical analysis...
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Research on Higher Education Based on Factor Analysis

Kun Deng, Yanhui Xue, Dihui Deng
Today’s times are changing rapidly. To adapt to the trend of the times, society needs a variety of high-level talents. As a result, colleges and universities that train these talents have gradually become the object of attention. Countries around the world are very concerned about the health of their...
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Construction of a Multi-dimensional Evaluation Platform for College English Writing Based on Big Data

Jinying Xu
With the development of modern data information technology, it has been widely used in various industries and many fields of the whole society. Education informationization, as the focus of China's current education reform, has been gradually carried out throughout the country. And multidimensional...
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Visualization Analysis of Chinese Unearthed Tomb Murals Data Based on Big Data Technology

Mingxing Zhang
The unearthed tomb murals in China depict the splendid culture of each historical period of our country with the cultural symbols with the characteristics of The Times. They are the precious cultural heritage for the inheritance and study of the development history of the Chinese national civilization....
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Research on Big Data Analysis of Passenger-Oriented Railway Service Quality Based on LDA Model

Haohuan Yuan, Hao Ding, Pengcheng Lv
Because of the lack of a reasonable evaluation and feedback system in China's railway transportation sector and the inability to make timely improvement according to the needs of passengers, this paper presents a passenger-oriented railway service quality big data analysis and research based on...
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The Construction of Investor Sentiment Index Based on Big Data and Its Impact on Enterprise Investment and Financing

Yang Xin, Yinning He
Using the sample data of Chinese listed companies from 2002 to 2014, this paper examines the relationship between investor sentiment and corporate investment and financing. The results show that in the short term, investor sentiment stimulates investment and improves business performance. In the long...
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Research on the Relationship Between Government Governance Efficiency and Urban Resilience in Public Health Emergencies

Baosheng Zhang, Kexin Guo
The system dynamics model of the relationship between the efficiency of government governance and the growth of urban resilience is constructed by using Vensim PLE software, and the simulation analysis is carried out. The results of system operation show that the model can better reflect the actual situation...
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Research on the Application of Management Accounting in a Company Under the Background of Finance and Business Integration and Big Data

Chunli Wang, Na Wu
This paper analyzes the related contents of management accounting and the integration of industry and finance, combining with the company management accounting application, by studying the establishment is out of line with business, sharing management function is weak, the business process is not clear,...
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Research on the Analysis and Quality Improvement of University Students’ Learning Behavior from the Perspective of Big Data

Jiaming Sun
The era of big data is not only a technological revolution, but also a revolution in thinking and paradigm. The essence of teaching quality in universities is to analyze the learning behavior of university students and improve the quality of learning. This research uses big data to track and investigate...
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Research on Network Sales Development Plan Based on Big Data Neural Network

Lingyan Hu, Yumeng Dong
In order to help Sunshine develop the sales plan based on the data, we first preprocess the data to prepare for the subsequent qualitative analysis of the model. Then it analyzes the relationship between the review and the reference values of other variables, and then further uses the multi-layer structure...