Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling (ICCASM 2012)

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An Analysis on the Automobile Interior Assembly Line Balancing Based on eM-plant

Shuang Liu, Sibao Jiang, Kaihu Hou
In this paper, the virtual environment of automobile interior assembly line is built by object-oriented modeling technology, aim at the problem of unreasonable processes, overmuch work-in-process (WIP) and long production cycle etc. in the assembly line of automobile manufacturing enterprises. The simulation...
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The Reliability of Mechanical Equipment Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment

Guoqiang Cao, Feng Shi, Shuai Yang
The reliability indexes is the very important link for guaranteeing the precision, function, using life span for mechanical equipment. The paper introduces the fuzzy factor of fuzzy assessment for the reliability check and index in the light of the typical model of machinery equipment fuzzy appraise...
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Location Prediction Weighted Clustering Algorithm Based on WNNM in Ad Hoc Network

Yi Sha, Li Huang, Jiafu Chu, Lili Zhang
Introducing a wavelet neural network model (WNNM) at a route maintenance stage to predict the position of nodes in ad hoc networks, a new weighted clustering algorithm (WCA) is presented. Using the nodes’ position information from GPS, this algorithm predicts the position of nodes at next time by WNNM,...
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Modeling and Simulation of Fresh Air System with LHTS and Solar Energy

Lili Wang, Tao Zhang
State of the research about the technology of solar energy with LHTS Latent Heat Thermal Storage at home and abroad was firstly introduced, and a fresh air system with solar energy and LHTS was then introduced. After that the fuzzy control system of fresh air temperature was studied. Firstly, a mathematical...
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An E-HICH Structure for Enhanced Uplink in LCR TDD

Lijuan Wang, Mingguang Ouyang
A reasonable E-HICH channel structure will consume the least system resource but possess the capacity of bearing the needed information while it could be shared by multiple UEs. In this paper, all the above factors are considered and an E-HICH structure for enhanced uplink in LCR TDD is designed.
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Perspectives on Internet of Things and Its Applications

Xiaoping Xue, Guobin Li, Luoxian Liu, Mingyang Liu
This paper surveys the concept, architecture, key characteristics and technologies of IoT, especially intelligent identifying and sensing technologies, data uncertainty, data representation methods, massive data storage and processing scheme, security and privacy. Based on existing research, we propose...
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A Dynamic and Efficient Grid Task Scheduling Strategy

Jianguang Deng, Yuelong Zhao, Huaqiang Yuan
A dynamic and efficient grid task scheduling strategy was proposed in this paper by combining the genetic algorithm and the ant algorithm. The proposed method integrated the global search capability of the genetic algorithm and the solution precision of the ant algorithm; moreover, it avoided the imprecise...
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Numerical Simulation for the Effect of Joint Inclination to the Stability of Stratified Rock Slope

Qihong Wu, Zhiyong Kou, Shiming Wan
Slope excavations are often constructed in stratified host rock masses in practice. In order to describe the effect of the inclination of layer of rock mass to the factor of safety of slope. a rock slope in one road is chosen as the engineering project. In the present paper, the stability mechanism of...
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Numerical Simulation and Analysis Of PCM on Phase Change Process Consider Natural Convection Influence

Lin Qiu, Min Yan, Zhi Tan
A phenomenon of heat energy storage and release in phase change materials (PCM) which used in building retaining structure has been investigated. In the reality process of phase change, liquid phase has two ways of heat exchange: pure heat conduction and natural convection. To analyze the reality melting...
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Establish of Electricity Market Model with Variable Coefficient and Analysis of Its Practical Stability

Yuhua Yang
The paper analyzes the dynamic equilibrium of the electricity market by using the principle of economics and establishes the non-autonomous linear discrete periodic mathematic models, the models describe the actions of the electricity market under the assumption that market demand is the linear function...
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Group Audio Application with Flash Multicast Streaming Based on RTMFP

Linghong Xue, Fuan Wen, Chunmei Fan, Jun Wang, Xiao Wang
In order to improve the user experience and reduce the operators’ cost, Real-Time Rich Internet Application (RIA) has become more and more important compared with other Web Applications. Real-time RIA combines the Multimedia and Real-time experience in the client side, which provides the live collaboration...
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An Efficient Consistency Algorithm for Solving Tighter Solution Space of Temporal Constraint Optimization Problem

Wen Zhang, Yanguang Zhu, Yifan Zhu
This paper mainly gives an efficient consistency algorithm for solving tigher solution space of Temporal Constraint Optimization Problem (TCOP), and it is a variation of Path Constraint (PC) that is widely used in the domain of Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CPS). The algorithm can find out the feasible...
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Research on the Design Theory of Swirl Generator Attached to a New Bidirectional Flowmeter

Huazhi Li, Qianchao Liang, Hanguo Cui, Shun Zhang
Based on the application of hydrodynamics, a new method of designing the swirl generator attached to a new bidirectional flowmeter is put forward. The 3-dimensions simulation in CFD is carried out to study the fluid motion for various amount of vanes attached to the swirl generator and various intake...
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Urban Public Transportation Network Planning Method Based on Transit-oriented Strategy

Ming Gu, Bin Xu, Yongzhong Hu
This article proposed a transit-oriented planning for urban public transport situation. Adjust the existing passenger OD matrix according to the city development plan. Propose an optimization on the adjusted OD matrix to achieve the shortest travel time, direct access to the largest passenger flow target....
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An Analysis Method for Negative Feedback Amplifier Network Based on Dual-port Network Model

Li Gu, Li He, Yong Liu, Zhuang Sheng, Yang Wang
Block diagram and dual-port network are common methods to solve negative feedback amplifier but with unsatisfied limitations and disadvantages. This paper addresses a new method based on dual-port network to solve the negative feedback amplifier, which shows much clear electrotechnical meaning. The effectiveness...
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No-tillage Planter’s Stubble Breaking Device Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of the Disc

Hongli Wang
The Stubble breaking device is one of the most important components of the no-tillage planter. It directly influences the stubble breading effect, and even the performance of the complete machine. By the 3D parametric modeling software Pro/Engineer, 3D solid modeling of the stubble breaking device’s...
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An Improved Ant Colony Based Algorithm for Dynamic Routing and Wavelength Assignment Scheme in Optical Networks

Jianhua Shen, Xi Cheng
Dynamic routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) is a key problem in intelligent optical networks. This paper presents an improved ant colony algorithm to solve the RWA problem which introduced link idle as constraint into the ant transition probability. At the same time, the random disturbance is added...
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Image Segmentation Based on Visual Perception Model

Shuai Shao, Fuqing Duan, Ping Guo
Image segmentation is the basis of image processing and image analysis. However, there are no common method that can be used in natural images, and present methods fail to explain understandings of human’s visual system. In this paper, we propose to apply Karklin's visual perception model to extract...
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Reverse 1-median Problem with Constraint in Trees

Jianfang Yang, Juan Jiang
Different from classical location problem, the reverse problem is how to improve the network as efficient as possible within a given budget when the facilities have already been located in a network and cannot be moved to a new place. This paper concerns the reverse 1-meidan problem with constraint in...
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Simulation of Liesegang Pattern Formation Using Lattice Boltzmann Method in three Dimensions

Wei Qiang, Hui Cao
The Liesegang pattern formation in three dimensional reaction-diffusion systems is numerically simulated using a lattice Boltzmann method. The reaction and diffusion processes are characterized using the multicomponent lattice Boltzmann equation with three dimensions and fifteen directions. The precipitation...
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A Simple Cerebellar Control Scheme Applying to Robot Coordinated Movement

Shaobai Zhang, Xiefeng Cheng
The cerebellum has long been thought to play a crucial role in the forming of graceful movements, and it is viewed as a set of modules, each of which can be added to a control system to improve smooth coordinated movement, with improvements continuing and improving over time. The present paper proposes...
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LVS Cluster Technology in the Research and Application of State-owned Asset Management Platform

Zhike Han, Quan Pan
State-owned asset information management focuses on the process monitoring and data mining analysis, due to the state-owned enterprise asset management group information on the existence of multiple levels of management, the number of users and more users and more data reliability, high security requirements...
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Simulation Analysis and Application of Three-Phase Alternating Circuits by Multisim 10 Software

Lei Fang, Wen Zheng, Jianhong Zhang
The paper introduces simulation analysis and application of three-phase alternating current circuit by Multisim 10 software. As a well-known software in circuit simulation analysis, Multisim shows many advantages, such as friendly user interface, powerful functions and easily to operate. The paper takes...
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An algorithm of Model Selection for Support Vector Regression

Xuesi Li, Hongqiao Yang, Jing Sun, Yangang Bi, Yuanli Wu
To solve the problem of SVR (support vector regression) model selection, this paper proposed a SVM (support vector machine) model parameter optimization algorithm based on gradient descent algorithm. The algorithm obtained the local optimal model parameter by minimizing the model evaluation criteria...
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8b/10b Encoder Design

Qiaoyu Xu, Huijie Liu
In order to resolve the problem of base-line offset and unbalanced code flow during the fiber data transmission, thesis give a simple and practical solution:8B/10B encode. This solution taking an method which integrate checking scheme and logic operation, through Verilog HDL description language, realize...
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Design of IRIG-B Code Encoder Based on SOPC

Qiaoyu Xu, Xing Wang
Aiming at the complexity of time unified hardware architecture, this paper presents the design scheme of IRIG-B encoder and system control based on SOPC. The NIOSII processor is configured with NIOSII IDE. Firstly, the design of IRIG-B(DC) coding module is accomplished to realize with Verilog HDL, and...
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Integrating Solid Cutting Simulation And Error Verification For Surface Machining Application

Yu Cheng Hsin, Peng Tsai Jo, Chou Kao Yung
In this paper, a method integrating NC decoding and solid milling simulation to solve this problem is proposed. A modified Z-Map computational algorithm is adopted and it directly uses straight line and arc interpolation algorithms to calculate mesh position and Z coordinates of tool scanning surface...
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Observer-based Guaranteed Cost Control for a Class of Singular Time-delay Systems with Uncertainties

Na Zhang, Yuechao Ma, Jianyun Liang
The problem of guaranteed cost observer-based controller design for a class of singular systems time-delay with uncertainties is investigated. The design method of guaranteed cost observer-based controller is given. Based on linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach, sufficient conditions for the existence...
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Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Based on ANN: A Review

Haipeng Pan, Bo Chen
An overview of the fault diagnosis method based on Neural Network is presented. Some models based on neural network for fault diagnosis are discussed, and the problems existing in the fault diagnosis technology and the key study direction are also pointed out.
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A New Smoothing Nonmonotone Trust Region Method for Solving Nonlinear Complementarity Problems

Ying Ji, Yijun Li
In this paper, we propose one new smoothing nonmonotone trust region method for solving nonlinear complementarity problems with 0 P functions. First, the nonlinear complementarity problem (NCP) is reformulated as a nonsmooth equation. Then on the basis of the reformulation, a smoothing nonmonotone trust...
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Application of Compounding Feedforward PID Algorithm in the Positioning Control of Computerized Flat Knitter

Haipeng Pan, Xiaoyan Feng, Minming Gu
In allusion to the problem of low positioning precision in the handpiece positioning control of computer knitting machine, this paper applies the compound feedforward PID control algorithm to the position control system, combines with 51 Micro Control Unit (MCU) to realize the high-precision positioning...
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PID Algorithm and Fuzzy Control Algorithm in Step-less Speed Adjusting System Control with PLC

Yaolin Zhao, Dapeng Xing
close loop step-less speed adjusting system is widely used in industrial control which is based on PLC and frequency converter. For getting better transient state function, and assure the speed adjusting smoothen and steady, PID and fuzzy control algorithm were independently used in the system controlling...
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Study on Multi-criteria Personalized Recommendation Algorithm

Ya Luo, Li Zhao
Personalized recommendation plays an important role in E-commerce. Single-criteria recommendation algorithm has the features of simplicity and high efficiency but also can easily have the problems of cold startup and sparse data. Multi-criteria recommendation algorithm is to carry out prediction from...
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ARIMA Prediction Model-based Cluster Algorithm in Ad Hoc Networks

Yingyu Cao, Ting Cao, Huang Ye, Yang Yan, Jiafu Chu
The paper introduces prediction mechanism in weighted clustering algorithm (WCA). Time series model (ARIMA) is embedded into the algorithm during routing maintance to predict the network node location. Combining with location information of nodes provided by GPS systems, the algorithm uses ARIMA to predict...
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Use Data Fragment Technology to Speed Queries of Mass Data

Hao Ouyang, Xiaoyong Lu, Ping Yang
Based on the study about the common methods of speeding queries, a new project of using data fragment technology to speed queries of mass data has been advanced. At the same time, the technologies of database synchronization and load balance scheduling are also solved in the project. As an example, the...
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Thermal Economy Analysis Model with Matrix Method for the Secondary Loop of PWR Nuclear Power Station

Yongling Li, Yu Huang, Jin Ma, Binshu Wang
According to characteristics of Pressurized Water Reactor PWR nuclear power station, the two-stage moisture separator reheater (MSR) model was proposed with thermal equilibrium equation and mass conservation equation, finally the thermo-economy analysis model with matrix equation for secondary loop was...
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Research of Virtual Test Platform for Marine Instrument

Yi Zheng, Zhongqiu Wang, Juncheng Wang, Hongru Wang
Virtual test Platform for marine instrument could provide visualized and interactive simulation solution for the development process. It could be used for virtual test or virtual experiment of mechanical or electro characters of marine instrument. The marine virtual instrument test environment is established...
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Visualization of Virtual Maintenance Constraints

Yongsheng Shi, Jie Fan
To resolve problems of virtual maintenance system for aircraft, based on the analysis of domestic and international research, propose constraint visualization framework based on virtual disassembly object model. Discusses the main modules of the system, ways to achieve functions and key technologies....
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Design and Simulation of IIR Filter under Graphical User Interface

Xuemin Zhang, Shixin Liu, Xiuyan Wang
A novel method to simulate the IIR filter based on GUI(Graphic User Interface) is introduced in this paper. This method not only depended on Matlab code, but also made use of controls which generate a GUI. All the operations have been done by GUI. This paper took bilinear transformation method to realize...
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An Index Weighting Method of Integrating Analytic Hierarchy Process and Rough Set

Qing Xue, Changwei Zheng, Yonghong Liu, Tao Hu
In order to solve some problems in index weighting method, this paper combined subjective judgment matrix of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) with objective matrix based on rough set to get the combined judgment matrix, and calculated the weight of combined Judgment. Example showed that the method was...
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The Research of Memory Model Based on Granular Computing

Wenchao Xu, Enjuan Wang, Qing Xue, Changwei Zheng
To simulate human memory, this paper introduces granular computing into modeling of memory, establishes a three order system, divides the memory model into instantaneous memory module, working memory module and the long-term memory module, filters out the memory information, granular coding the information...
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Behavior Model of Virtual Soldier Based on Hierarchy Structure

Xue Qing, Qing Deng, Weizhen Luan
In the Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain(MOUT) Simulation It is a challenging task how to build Behavior Modeling of Virtual Soldier for apperceiving information form virtual city and accomplish independent behaviors. The thesis presents a object-oriented behavior model of virtual soldier, Which...
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An Analysis of Web Mining-based Recommender Systems for E-commerce

Ya Luo
This article proposes a framework of Web miningbased recommender systems for e-commerce. Building on clustering analysis of data involving Web usage, content and structure, the author demonstrates how to provide users with effective recommender services according to the mining results obtained by recommender...
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General Purpose Framework Designing for Network Security Test Devices Based on Multi-core Processor

Guozhen Shi, Fenghua Li, Li Li, Hanzhang Shi
In view of the present situation that network security equipments are deployed widely but their security strategies are not open to public, this paper analyzed currently used general test method for network security equipments, proposed a general purpose framework for test devices based on multi-core...
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A Modified Homomorphic Filter for Image Enhancement

Hailan Gu, Wenzhe Lv
In the paper, the homomorphic filter is improved , and a new filter is made , which is based on the low-pass frequency filter and high-pass filter. The performance of the new filter is analysised through comparing to other classical filter. The new filter is experimented, and its application was discussed.
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Researching on AODV and PS-AODV Routing Protocols of Ad Hoc Network for Streaming Media

Jie Tian, Yu Wang, Jianxing Lv
Streaming media on wireless Ad hoc network becomes increasing popular, because of its huge potential market demand. In this paper, we propose a PS-AODV routing protocol based on an algorithm for path selecting and acknowledge refused, make improvements on AODV. The result of simulation shows that the...
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Three-dimensional Vision Development of Gun Shooting Training System in MOUT

Changwei Zheng, Xiaoming Ren, Qing Xue, Yonghong Liu
Gun shooting training system in MOUT is a simulation system which can replace the real equipment and ammunition. The system is taking MOUT as background, can realize shooting commander training and shooting operation training which will raise the application ability of mortar in MOUT. This paper discusses...
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Research on The Static Robust and Vulnerability of Internet on The Level of Isp

Yun Fu, Hongli Zhao, Haitao Yang
A metric called S -resilience is comed up with aimed at the fact that the existed metics which evaluate the robust and vulnerability have disadvantages. Evaluate the measured ISP network of Internet with S -resilience, compared the performances to the same scale random graphs and scale-free networks....
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K-coverage Algorithm Based on Target Association in Wireless Sensor Network

Zeyu Sun, Chuanfeng Li
During the process of carrying out K coverage algorithm of WSN to the target area, there are some shortcomings, such as many redundancy nodes will emerge, the process consumes a lot of node energy in the network at the same time, and the process is easily restricted by the outside environmental elements....
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Structure Optimization Based on 3d Modeling to a New Hydraulic Boarding Ladder

Jing Liu, Meiping Wu, Jun Zhang
The existing boarding ladders for maritime operations, loading and unloading of passengers are with the problems of complicated structures, low level of automation and even safety problems. Aiming at solving the problems, this paper reseraches and develops a new type of hydraulic boarding ladder and...
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Research on BDC Mental State Model for the Command Mechanism

Bowei Cao, Guohui Zhang, Qing Xue, Yang Wei
The simulation of the various behavior process of the combat units is an important part of combat simulation, and the behavior of combat units needs driving from the mental state process of the combat units. So, based on the study of Agent cognitive model based on the theory in BDI, and in order to overcome...
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Analysis of Program Based on Function Block

Weifeng Wu
Basic block in program analysis plays an important role and it be applied to wide range, such as program compilation, program optimization, reverse engineering, program correctness verification, software security analysis and core module selection, etc. The binary executable analyzed by reverse engineering...
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Model-Plant Performance Matching from the Limited Number of Measured Quantities for Gas Power Generator

Lifeng Wang, Datian Zhong
The matching technique of model-plant performance data can be used to solve several problems, such as fault diagnosis, the model calibration and deterioration estimation etc. In present paper, model-plant performance matching from the limited number of measured quantities is proposed. A gas power generator...
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C-axis Oriented ZnO Piezoelectric Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering for Saw Filters

Weihua Huang
Well-crystallized ZnO thin film with high (002) orientation was prepared by RF magnetron sputtering on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates. Interdigital transducer (IDT) electrode with 40 m wavelength was fabricated by lift-off method based on photolithograph techniques. The thickness of the Al electrode was about...
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Research on Heterogeneous Data Sharing Based on Ontology

Guozeng Zhao, Guoqiang Ding
The traditional method of heterogeneous data sharing can not describe the formal semantics of data and finds it difficult to solve the semantic heterogeneity in the heterogeneous information sharing. Based on the XML-based heterogeneous data integration technology, the heterogeneous data sharing method...
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Smart Car System Based on Electromagnetism Technology

Changhui Hu
Introduce Fressscale MC9S12XS256 as the core control unit of the self-tracing smart car system. Fast and accurate information extracting and processing is the guarantee of the sensitive smart car quickly moving along the track. To the smart car system based on electromagnetic technology, create one method...
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Process Optimization of Bimetallic Composite Pipe by Investment Casting Based on ProCAST

Haiyan Tang, Jingshe Li, Hongbo Yang
The casting and solidification process of the bimetallic composite pipe were simulated by ProCAST software aiming at the misrun defect in the pipe. The causes of defect were analyzed from the factors of the pouring temperature, pouring time, preheating temperature of mold and the height of sprue. Reasonable...
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Study on Trade-off between Orientation Compression and Fingerprint Recognition Performance

Xuying Zhao, Xiaokun Zhang, Geng Zhao, Kejun Zhang, Rong Qian
Integrating mutual information of fingerprint orientation with minutia template matching result can enhance the performance of fingerprint recognition system. To reduce the size of fingerprint template data in embedded system, an improved run length encoding algorithm for fingerprint template compression...
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The 3D Numerical Simulation of the Shaped Charge Jet Penetration through the Steel Target

Junqing Huang, Wenyue Wang, Wei Zhang, Kelei Huang
In this paper, adopted explicit dynamic analyzing program AUTODYN basing on finite element to simulate the process of the shaped charge jet formation and the penetration through the steel target, base on the characteristic of the shaped charge structure and the mechanisms of jet penetrating the target....
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Analysis and Simulation of Propagation Characteristics of SLF Communication

Zhiyi Chen, Suihua Zhou, Bing Yan
From propagation characteristics of SLF communication, theoretical models have been deduced by wave-guide theory and formulas of vertical electric field and horizonal magnetic field also have been presented. Attenuation rates of SLF communication in earth-ionosphere and in the sea have been discussed.Normally...
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Inventory Decision Model of Single-echelon and Two-indenture Repairable Spares

Chenyu Liu, Bin Zhou, Feng Guo, Suqin Zhang
According to the three conditions that the varianceto- mean ratio of the spares demand is larger than, equal to or less than 1, put forward the three demand distributions such as the Negative binomial distribution, Poisson distribution and Binomial distribution. For the problem that the two-level materials...
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An Analysis of The Rationality of The Structure of Digitalize Troop’s Information Network Based on Complex Network

Yipeng Li, Guangming Fu, Yubo Shen
To construct the information network of Digitalize Troops and analyze its efficiency, we must face the actual need of the battlefield, obey the standard of the capability of our arming; and while insuring the balance of network values structurally, actions must be taken to promote the comprehensive capability...
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The Structure Research of the Independence and Control C4ISR System

Wei Cao, Xinhua He, Xiquan Fan, Diansu Zhou
Independence and control is the trend of the our army C4ISR future development .The paper introduced the definition of the C4ISR architecture , analysis the conception about the freedom and controlled and importance to the C4ISR.The major design methods of C4ISR architecture research are summarized .Finally...
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Inventory Decision Model of Two-echelon Repairable Spares

Feng Guo, Jun Diao, Hengxin Wang, Xingxiang Guo
Illustrated the necessity to solve the problem of twoechelon inventory between the rear inventory and base by the system methods. Replaced the largest availability with the least shortfall as the objective function, took the total prices not greater than the total support cost as the constraint condition,...
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Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Berth Allocation Problem with Discrete Layout

Shan Tong
Genetic Algorithm which is based on the Darwinian principle of natural selection has been successfully applied to Berth allocation problem (BAP), which can decide the ships’ berthing position and berthing time at a container terminal. Considering the service priority, handing time deciding variables,...
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Locality Preserving Fisher Discriminant Analysis with Clustering

Lishan Zou, Yuechao Wang, Zhenzhou Chen, Xiaorong Wu
Fisher discriminant analysis (FDA) is an important feature extraction method for many classifiers. However, it tends to give undesired results if samples in some classes form several separate clusters, i.e., multimodal. This paper proposed a new feature extraction method called locality preserving Fisher...
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Simulation of 3-dimensional Morphology on Different Substrates of Thin Film Growth

Lili Wu, Junying Zhang
A kinetic Monte Carlo model describing the three-dimensional thin film growth on different substrate s is presented in which the diffusion of adatoms on substrate and between various layers as well as the exchange process between diffusing adatioms and the underneath surfactant atoms are taken into account....
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Based on Ant Colony Blurred Time Vehicle Scheduling Algorithm

Baohe Zuo, Shaozhu Lin
With the acceleration of global economic integration and the rapid development of e-commerce logistics become more and more important. How to build a logistics distribution mode to meet both Low-cost and client satisfaction become an important and urgent research topics. In this paper we proposed a based...
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An Algorithm of Association Rule Mining Based on Memory Indexing

Yong Huang, Huamei Sun
In the field of data mining, Apriori is a classical algorithm for mining association rules. In this paper, an improved Apriori algorithm is proposed, which is based on the principle of memory indexing. By recording unnecessary scanning transactions and storing relatively frequent transactions, the algorithm...
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Control and Validation for Original-feeding System of Adf

Feng Liu, Junyi Dai, Zhihua Liu, Lei Mao
An automatic document feeder (ADF) is an important part of a copier, which is capable of feeding a document for double-sided scanning, includes mechanical structure and control system. Control system is the core unit, which is responsible for original feeding, original separation, original registration,...
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Human-machine Function Allocation-based Simulation of Ejection Seat Operation for Comfort Enhancement

Yifen Qiu, Guangwei Zhang, Zhuoli Liang, Damin Zhuang
The comfort of an ejection seat greatly influences the pilot's flight performance. To achieve the maximum comfort, a pilot needs to adjust the backrest and cushion of an ejection seat by operating its regulating assembly that is based on human-machine function allocation. It is evident that the comfort...
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The Research of the Model of the Limited Perception of the Virtual Soldier

Qing Xue, Qing Deng, Huibo Gao, Guo Li
This paper introduces in a limited sense. Based on the virtual soldier, a limited perception of the model framework is built. A virtual model of the soldiers of the limited vision, limited hearing model and the limited memory model are also built.
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Study and Application on the Method of Association Rules Mining Based on Genetic Algorithm

Xinhang Xu, Hongtao Zhang, Lei Wang, Yonghong Liu, Qiuhong Sun
This article is mainly discussing the application of genetic algorithms to data mining of association rules, and proposing method of extract association rules using genetic algorithm, at the same time discussing genetic algorithm coding methods and construction of fitness function and improvement of...
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Registration Technology Based on Image Feature

Fang Wang, Xiaoyan Wang
Image Registration is that to match among two or more than two images with the same target in spatial position. Registration Technology based on image feature has two important sections including feature extraction and feature matching. We ca choose feature including points, lines and areas. This paper...
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A Design and Implementation of a High Performance IPv6 Lookup Algorithm Based on Hash and Cam

Ruiqing Wang, Huimin Du, Yagang Wang
With the development of IPv6 networks, IP address lookup has been the bottleneck for high performance routers. In this paper, a two-level IPv6 lookup algorithm based on Hash and CAM is proposed on an analysis on the prefix length distribution of routing table and the growth trend of routing table entries....
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A New Method of Error Detection in SPIHT Coded Images

Ling Liu, Xinghui Zhang, Wei Liang
In this paper we propose a novel approach based on pieces of information detection in order to improve the error detection efficiency and accuracy of the set partitioning in hierarchical trees (SPIHT) algorithm. The erroneous block whose parameter is greater than the threshold is dealt with error concealment...
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A Study on Image Compression Technology

Yueqin Cao
With constant development of multimedia technology, large amount of image information is given more and more attention by people. High-quality image compression becomes the hot subject of current study. In this paper, basic on the algorithm of JPEG image compression code and applying the periodicity...
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Control for Reheat Steam Temperature of Power Plant Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Hongtao Zhang, Hongli Hu, Xinhang Xu, Yonghong Liu, Lei Wang
The model of reheat steam temperature of power plant has characteristics such as large delay and large inertia, the traditional PID control is difficult to achieve good results. his paper presents a new PSO with random acceleration factors and verifies its validation , also, this paper presents a new...
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Design of a Hydrogen Content on-line Measurement System in the Process of Steel Heat Treatment

Yu Zhang, Yingying Zhai, Ying Li, Yushi Ding
This paper describes a hydrogen content on-line measurement system in the process of steel heat treatment based on the theory of hydrogen concentration cell. This System design includes two main measurement units and a MCU for calculation and output. The method of measurement data processing is discussed...
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Study on EGR Control Strategy for Vehicle Engine Based on Simulation

Yongfeng Liu, Qinhui Zhou, Jianwei Yang, Aihua Zhu
to carry out electronic control EGR strategy in diesel engine the calculation model using GT-POWER is built. the thesis uses simulation software GT-POWER to establish the calculation model of 4JB1 intake system of turbocharged diesel engine with EGR system and the results agree well. According to the...
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Cooperative Spectrum Detection Technology

Yujun Liu, Su Yan, Ou Yang
This paper mainly discusses the cooperative spectrum sensing technologies in cognitive radio system. First, the paper starts with the single-node signal detection, then categorizes the spectrum sensing technologies and covers the good and weak points of the three major methods. Second, it puts forward...
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An Improved Node Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor

Yujun Liu, Jing Jin, Qinghai Wang, Na Na, Guangjian Chang
This paper introduces an improved localization algorithm that bases on distance and local coordinate system which is built up by beacon nodes. This algorithm evaluates the differences of several independent localization information to determine whether upgrade this node as beacon nodes according to the...
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Application Research of Java Message Service Technology

Yan Xia
For the message system of an enterprise, it is a common service to deliver message in the distributed system. Message Oriented Middleware becomes critical component in the interoperation. This kind component may integrate into one reliable flexible system. JMS provided by SUN, want to unit the specification...
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Research on two Typical Estimation Algorithms of Doppler Frequency

Guodong Xu, Pengfei Li, Limin Dong
The accuracy of Doppler mean frequence estimation is vital in some related areas. In this paper, two typical estimation algorithms for mean frequency in time domain are discussed. Based on the mathematics derivation of different methods, the conclusion could be obatained that the precision was mostly...
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Design and Implementation of Surface Water Pollution Monitoring Information System in Xinxiang City

Hongyan Zheng, Liming Wang, Qizhong Lin, Xuehong Bai
Information management of surface water pollution is one of the most important aspects of environmental management, which can effectively manage and visualize water pollution monitoring information. Water quality model is key technology of surface water pollution monitoring, which concerns about monitoring...
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A Knowledge-based Method of Multilevel Query in Relational Database

Jingke Xu, Huanliang Sun, Yonghui Wang, Xiaoyu Song, Shoujin Wang
There is a kind of query that users tend to use fuzzy concepts to express the query requirements. In the relational database, the query based on concepts as inputs cannot be directly executed. The basic method converts users’ fuzzy concepts into precise concepts based on the domain knowledge. In practice,...
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Digital 3D Modeling of vestment Based on Project-camera System

Jun Tao
With the coming of information age and the development of computer science, digitalization of whole vestment is becoming more and more important. The surface of whole vestment is sequent and glossy so that it is lack of the texture characteristic which is the key of digital 3D modeling. According to...
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Petri Based Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Control for SY-II Remote Operated Vehicle

Hai Huang, Lei Wan, Guocheng Zhang, Yongjie Pang
Recurrent fuzzy neural network is widely applied in many areas because it combines the advantages of low level learning and high level reasoning. In considering the complicated factors and requirements for the Remote Operated Vehicle(ROV) control, petri network has been introduced to design a dynamic...
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The Study and Application of Underground 3D Modeling Based on Yelmand Gold Mining Area

Xuehong Bai, Qizhong Lin, Liming Wang, Hongyan Zheng
Because of the exhaustive exploitation of the surface minerals and the shallow ones, people have to explore the minerals in the deeper layers of the earth. However, it seems always uncertain that how much storage of the minerals and where the minerals are distributed in the deep earth. Petrel software...
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Simulation for Improvement Plan of the Fluidized Bed Structure in the Bulk Cement Tanker Based on FLUENT

Weichi Pei, Ju Han, Yaogang Li
Structural parameters of the fluidized bed is the most important components to influence the performance index of the bulk cement tankers. The paper is focused on some types of bulk cement tank truck, proposed to a research programs to improve the fluidization quality of the fluidized bed that substitute...
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Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Pressurizer Pressure Control System

Jin Ma, Afang Chan, Lixia Lv
The data of pressurizer dynamic characteristics was obtained by the test on simulator. The test included disturbances of spray valve and electric heater power. The transfer function of the pressurizer pressure was established upon the data. The control system was simulated by the use of Simulink simulation...
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Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Equipment Based on Modelica

Guoqing Zhu, Gang Cheng
Bond graph was introduced to establish different domain system models by using numerable basic elements. Modelica is an object-oriented modeling language for multidomain system unified modeling, which can compile simulation model for different modeling method, thus developing bond graph model by Modelica...
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Multi-body Dynamical Modeling and Co-simulation of Active front Steering Vehicle

Ying Feng, Qiao Zhang
With the help of ADAMS, a dynamical model of the active front steering system with double planetary gear mechanism and the whole vehicle model were built. Based on fuzzy control theory, the fuzzy control strategy for the vehicle with an active front steering system was put forward, the proposed AFS took...
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Research of Conversion Method of Entity Object and JSON Data

Yu Zhang
As the constant improvement of requirements of software projects and the rapid development of the internet, object-oriented web projects[1] have become the first choice of software solution. In a web object, the entity object is the intermediary of data transmission, and the data need be transmitted...
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Design of a New Intelligent Instrument for Curing Tinnitus

Xianmin Ma, Zhenzhen Li
A novel intelligent instrument design for curing tinnitus is introduced in this paper. According to different extent tinnitus, the many different testing sounds such as square wave, sine wave and natural sounds can be produced and the signal frequency and sound intensity level can be adjusted in order...
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The Application Design of Smart Home Model System Using Solar Energy Based on Embedded System

Xiaohai Yu, Jianshe Jin
According to the application design of smart home model system using solar energy based on embedded system, the paper elaborated total structure, design project and main characteristics of smart home system. Simultaneously, the paper emphasized the importance of using solar energy for smart home system....
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Research and Design of the Lightweight J2EE-based CRM System for an Enterprise

Lu Lv
This thesis studies the development of lightweight J2EE-based CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system. With reference to the function modules of the mainstream CRM system, through the analysis of customer needs, this thesis studies the implementation methods of CRM system of an enterprise on the...
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Improvement of TF-IDF Algorithm Based on Hadoop Framework

Li Bin, Guoyong Yuan
TF-IDF algorithm is often used in search engine, text similarity computation, web data mining, etc. These applications are often faced with the massive data processing. Therefore, how to calculate the tf-idf quickly and efficiently is very important. In this paper, we give a tf-idf algorithm based on...
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Cmm-based Profile Measuring Method for Unknown Screw Compressor Rotor

Xiaogang Ji, Nan Li
The measurement for unknown screw compressor rotor profile is a nodus in CMM measurement because of the complexity of 3D helical surface, whose surface normal vector is uncertainty. For this reason, conventional 2D measure-ment methods exist theoretical error. This paper provides a quadratic measuring...
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The Carrier Mobility in Organic Molecular Crystals

Ao Zhang, Chunxiu Zhang, Jialing Pu
The exciton-phonon coupling is an very important process which determines the carrier mobility in organic crystals. By making some assumptions, the Hamiltonian be validate for organic molecular crystals. In the paper, the theory of carrier transport is extended to take weak quadratic coupling into account,...