Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2019)

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The Use of the Strict Liability Principle by the Indonesian Courts in Solving Environmental Conflicts

H. Achmad Romsan, Abunawar Basyeban, Moh. Idris
The inclusion of strict liability provision in the Indonesian EMAs has a long history. Since the enactment of the first EMA of 1982 up to the third EMA of 2009, there have been 45 community environmental disputes submitted to the District Court, but the Court verdicts have torn the sense of the people's...
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The Strategy of Internationalization of Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institution: A Case Study at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Ade Rusman, Hermin Endratno
This study sought to investigate the strategy of internationalization of Muhammadiyah higher education institutions at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to pursue the status of a world-class university. Qualitative method approach, empirical research was used to explore the internationalization...
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Socio-Economic Study of Food Stuff and Herbal Medicine for Free-range Chicken as Efforts to Increase Food Reliability and Edibility

Adi Sutanto, Wahyu Widodo, Achmad Mauriza, Apriliana Devi Anggraini, Imbang Dwi Rahayu
This study examined the strategic roles in aspects of the food reliability and edibility, which purpose is to: 1) Find out the potential availability of organic food stuff and traditional herbal medicines used for free-range chickens. 2) Find out the determinants of the availability of organic food stuff...
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The Effects of Social Definition for the Village Development Planning Process of the RKPDES Drafting Team towards the Document Quality in Bumiaji, Batu Indonesia

Aditya Prasaja
RKPDES is a yearly Village Development Work-Plan in Indonesia. It is also part of the whole Indonesian development planning schemes. The quality of development planning document reflects the ability of the team in interpreting the legal guidelines. If the document quality is good, it will correlate to...
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A Financial Analysis of The Farming Business of Manalagi Apple: A Case Study in Junggo Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City, East Java

Adyla Mita Lestari
This study aims to determine the amount of production and income of apple farming varieties from a financial perspective. The results of the study showed that the initial investment in the farming of a Manalagi apple was IDR 20,335,000, and the average production cost per year is IDR 26.263.742.50. Monoculture...
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The Development of Organic Farming by Sri Kuncoro Farmer Group in Pokoh Kidul, Wonogiri

Afriyanti, Sri Sukaryani, Ali Mursyid Wahyu Mulyono, Joko Setyo Basuki, Rizal Hari Sanubari
Pokoh Kidul village is one of the agricultural centers in Wonogiri. Rapid agricultural development in Pokoh Kidul village has made the village a potential area for an organic farming center. This is supported by the abundance of underutilized agricultural waste. The organic farming system was developed...
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The Study of Utilization of Coconut Shell Compost (ARKOBA) to Increase the Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in West Kalimantan

Agus Suyanto, Agusalim Masulili, Donna Youlla, Setiawan, F. Tamtomo
This study aimed to determine the effect of the bioactive compost (arkoba) coconut shell charcoal on the growth and the yield of rice plants (Oryza sativa L.) on alluvial soil. The research was conducted in Mulia Baru Sub-District, Delta Pawan District, Ketapang Regency. This study occurred for four...
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The Metacognition of Pre-Service Biology Teachers: Awareness, Skills, Understanding, and Practices

Ahmad Fauzi, Wasiatus Sa’diyah
Metacognition is the basic competency to become an independent learner. Unfortunately, the level of understanding and empowering this competency are still very low in Indonesia. This mixed-method study aimed to show the metacognition level and understanding about metacognition-based learning of Pre-service...
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The Effect of Learning Interest and Student’s Perception of Teacher’s Pedagogic Competency on Learning Achievement of Social Sciences: Survey at Labschool Elementary School, Faculty of Education, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta

Ahmad Susanto, Sri Imawati, Lativa Qurrotaini
The background of this research is the lack of students’ interest in understanding Social Science subjects, as well as the lack of pedagogic competency of teachers in teaching these subjects. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of students' learning interest and teachers’ perceptions...
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Validity and Reliability Instrument for a Scientific-based Module Book

The objective of this present research was to test the validity and reliability of a scientific-based module book according to the 2013 curriculum. This research was conducted in State Junior High School 2 (SMPN 2) Banyumas using descriptive quantitative approach. Two instruments were employed to test...
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The Control over the Population of Dermatophagoides Mites based on the Internal Environment Arrangement of Residences for Respiratory Tract Allergy Patients in Surabaya Indonesia

Ainur Rofieq
This research aimed to find path model for various factors of internal environment of residences of respiratory tract allergy patients which can be used as guidance in reducing the population of Dermatophagoides mites in house dust. Dermatophagoides mites produce allergen liquid which can trigger respiratory...
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War Metaphors in Political Contestation Prior to 2019 Presidential Election

Ajang Budiman
This paper is intended to describe the use of war metaphor in Indonesian public discourse prior to the 2019 presidential election. The data were collected by using Google's search engine from the statements of the candidates of the president and the vice president and of their success teams, which are...
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Twitter: Among Humor, Religious, and Political Issues in Indonesia

Akhmad Zakky, Asrori Mukhtarom, Priyo Susilo
This research investigates the use of social media, particularly Twitter, as a part of the conversations of Indonesians in the virtual world. The roles of the @MuhammadiyahGL and @NUgarislucu accounts will be seen as objects that play a significant role in responding to political and religious issues...
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The Mathematics Learning at Schools: A Case Study of State Junior High Schools in Malang

Akhsanul In’am
The objective of this research was to reveal the learning of mathematics in the Junior State Schools in Malang. The research was conducted in some State Junior High Schools, which were divided into three categories, namely: good, moderate, and low. A qualitative approach through a case study was used....
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An Integrative Islamic Education Learning System in Khairul Imam Junior High School, Medan

The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation of integrative Islamic education learning system. It is a qualitative research conducted at the integrated Islamic Junior High School of Khairul Imam Medan. Data were collected through observation, interviews, and documentation, and analyzed...
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The Strategy Used to Improve the Quality of Learning in Model Schools in Indonesia

Alfiatu Solikah, Syamsul Arifin, Khozin, Abdul Haris
This article discusses strategies used to improve the quality of learning in model schools (traditional, modern, and Catholic schools). Based on the results of qualitative research in MI Darul Muta'alimin Patianrowo Nganjuk, MI Muhammadiyah 1 Pare, and SD Katolik Frateran 1 Kota Kediri. The strategy...
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The Implementation of Jihad Concept in Education

Ali Imron
The discourse of terrorism and jihad becomes popular after the 11th September 2001 tragedy at the World Trade Center (WTC). George W. Bush claimed that the perpetrator of the WTC bombing is the radical Islamic network (Al-Qaeda) that is led by Usamah bin Ladin. On the contrary, the radical Islamic group...
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The Processing of Fig Leaves (Ficus carica L.) by Posdaya Lancar Barokah in Pokoh Kidul Wonogiri

Ali Mursyid Wahyu Mulyono, Afriyanti, Joko Setyo Basuki, Sri Sukaryani, Dewi Susilowati, Marinir
Fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivation is currently being developed in Pokoh Kidul Wonogiri. The fig fruits are still relatively expensive, so it is not optimal to be developed into various products. Therefore, an alternative approach was made by processing the fig leaves. This processing was conducted by...
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Beginner Voters' Participation in the 2019 Election in Semarang

Amalia Diamantina, Lita Tyesta ALW
Beginner voters, consisting of millions of young people, are potential voters. They highly contributed to the victory of candidates in the 2019 simultaneous elections and helped to maintain robust and democratic governance. The level of participation of beginner voters in Semarang and its affecting factors...
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The Inspiration of Singasari’s Statues as the Basic Design of Malang Batik, Indonesia

Amanah Agustin, Yulita Pujiharti, Nurcholis Sunuyeko, Suhartatik, Loesita Sari
The remains of the glory of the Singasari Kingdom can be seen on the statues of Singasari Temple located in Singasari Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The Relief of Singasari’s statues have high quality ornament of art, especially the Batik motifs of traditional clothes or ‘sarong’ on the statues....
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Religion and Social Change: A Phenomenological Study of Muhammadiyah Movement towards Social Change in Bengkulu

Amrullah Boerman
In the sense of answering Muhammadiyah’s preaching challenges that are caused by social change, it is necessary to find a scientific approach by means of responding that kind of state. Hence, a study was conducted in Bengkulu, as one of the provinces in Indonesia, to get a general description of social...
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Examining Local Policy to Improve Women’s Participation in Village Politics: A Case Study in Semarang Regency, Indonesia

Ani Purwanti, Budi Ispriyarso, Dyah Wijaningsih, Fajar Ahmad Setiawan
The Indonesia government has enacted the Village Act (Law No. 6/2014) which allows villages to establish a simple democratic government which consists of an executive (village leader) and a legislative body named Village Representative Council (VRC). As the legislative politics have been progressing...
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The Types of Organizational Culture in Private Higher Education

Aniek Rumijati
The research aims to analyze and explore the dominant type of organizational culture, especially in a number of departments of accredited private universities in East Java using competing values framework approach. The data was collected through a survey using proportional random sampling. The population...
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Revitalization on the Suprastructure of Traditional Market Institutions

Sonny Leksono, Rizalnurfirdaus, Endang Sungkawati
Building the economic institutional model of traditional market is never free from conflicts such as high asymmetric information, high transaction cost, hidden actions (moral hazard and adverse selection), negative externalities, and diminishing trust. They certainly have automatically and instinctively...
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Dual Role and Reciprocal Relationship of Teachers – Students – Parents: Communication Study of Education in Serang City, Banten Province, Indonesia

Anis Fauzi, Mochmad Muizzuddin, Mochamad Subekhan
This study aims to explain the dual roles and patterns of reciprocal relationships between teachers, students, and parents in the context of educational communication. This study used phenomenology methods and group discussion forums, so the authors only examine at a glance the aspects of educational...
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Teacher Development in Mastering the Teaching Materials and Understanding Student Characteristics before and after Receiving Certification Allowance

Asmoni, Mas'odi, Ahmad Halim, Iwan Kuswandi
This paper argues that teacher certification does not fully enable teachers to either develop their teaching competence or comprehend their understanding of student characteristics. They both are the basic competence for a professional teacher. The authors argue that to master teaching strategies is...
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Development of Bioethics-Based Student Worksheets at Zoology Courses

Atok Miftachul Hudha
Zoology courses for biology education students need to be taught by integrating bioethics, because it is important to foster student ethical attitudes towards animals. Through research and development, a product of student worksheets is produced in bioethics-based zoology courses to be implemented in...
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The Influence of Regional Minimum Wage Discretion on Wage Disparity and Company Relocation

Bachrul Amiq, Liosten Rianna Roosida Ully Tampubolon, Edy Widayat
Wage disparity has been more apparent since 2015, causing anxiety among employees and employers. Therefore, a strategic policy in wage governance is required as the solution to address the issue. The current wage discretion policy was made by the governor through the Decree of the Governor of East Java...
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The Generalization Process of Secondary School Students on the Concept of Volume and Surface Area of Prism

One of the basic concepts of geometry and measurement, which is learned from elementary to higher education, is area and volume. This study aims to describe and explore the process of the students in generalizing the concept of volume and surface area of a rectangular prism. The teaching experiment method...
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Bugis Cultural Taxonomy: An Overview of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension

Besse Darmawati, Murmahyati, Andi Herlina
Bugis is a huge society in South Sulawesi. Therefore, Buginese is spread throughout the region of South Sulawesi, and so is the culture. Bugis culture has a strong influence on the people in South Sulawesi, especially on the interaction among the Buginese, and between Buginese or other community. This...
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Pragmatism-Philosophy of John Dewey’s Education: Role and Position in Learning Information Literacy (Study in Educational Psychology)

Ari Firmanto, I Nyoman Sudana Degeng, Hetti Rahmawati, Tutut Chusniyah
As more information come to individuals in various formats and are not filtered, thus its authenticity and truth are questionable, demanding individuals to have adequate information literacy capabilities. Teaching information literacy can equip students with anti-plagiarism attitudes and encourage personal...
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A Descriptive Analysis of Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), Community Empowerment, and The Participatory Rural Appraisal Approach

Boge Triatmanto, Mokhamad Natsir
This study aims to analyze the implementation of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and the empowerment of human resources employing the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach. This study provides input to local governments in regards to accelerating the achievement of SDGs as well as...
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Building the Nation-State Future through the Development of Indonesia Multiculturalism-Based Nationalism

Besides being the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia also has ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious heterogeneity. Pancasila is the ideology and the foundation of the state that unites the diversity across Indonesia, which has over 17,000 islands. In the context of the modern...
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The Implementation of Technology (IbM) at CV Agrobiz Abadi Jaya in Gondangrejo Karanganyar

Catur Rini Sulistyaningsih, Catur Budi Handayani
CV Agrobiz Abadi Jaya is a cow farming company with a population of more than 50 cows. In running the business, the company produced cow’s farming waste in the form of cow’s feces and cow’s urine, which hasn’t been managed well. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the cow’s waste by making biostarter...
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Hate Speech by Supporters of Indonesian Presidential Candidates on Social Media

Daroe Iswatiningsih, Eggy Fajar Andalas, Nina Inayati
The phenomenon of hate utterances for the support of Indonesian presidential candidates and vice-presidential candidates in the 2019-2024 period on social media is very interesting. The people seem to split into two camps or hostile groups supporting each of their chosen candidates. Social media is an...
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Language and Morality: A Case Study on Vulgar Contents in Song Lyrics Prohibited by KPID West Java

Dewi Kusumaningsih, Titik Sudiatmi, Wiwik Darmini, Sri Muryati, Putri Maharani
The article reveals how language maintains moral values. It specifically discusses the prohibition of several English songs by the Indonesian Regional Broadcasting Commission West Java Chapter (KPID JABAR) due to their vulgar contents. The discussion covers the disposition of language and morality, which...
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The Level of Happiness among Javanese, Madurese, and Banjarese Elderly

Diah Karmiyati
Elderly happiness is a situation which describes the positive emotions felt by individuals, impacting on positive activities carried out in daily life. One of the factors that influence the happiness of the elderly is a cultural background. A culture which relates to values, beliefs, habits, and daily...
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Islam in Manokwari: The Tradition of Islamic Education of the Arfak Nuhuwey Family

Dian Indriyani
The development of Islam, especially in the Nuhuwey Arfak tribe family, has caused a change in the attitude and religious behavior of the Arfak people as a native tribe that inhabits the Arfak Mountains of Manokwari, West Papua. This has a positive impact, especially in terms of religion, as evidenced...
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The Relationship between Spirituality, Quality of Life, and Resilience

Dinar Sari Eka Dewi, Hazaliza Binti Hamzah
A high spirituality level will lead to peace of mind and calmness in facing a life full of challenges. Thus, spirituality level determined how well someone’s quality of life and resilience are. This library research aims to seek the relationship between spirituality, quality of life, and resilience....
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Innovation for Islamic Education Instruction through Reflective Learning

Dwi Noviani
This current research aimed at elaborating an innovation for Islamic Education instruction through reflective Learning. Constructivism paradigm was used utilizing a descriptive qualitative approach in the form of library research, and data were collected from the documentation. While the content analysis...
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Study of the Use of Organic Polybags based on Water Hyacinth and Coconut Fiber on Growth and Results of Big Red Chili (Capsicum Annum L.)

Dyah Roeswitawati, Siti Nur Fatonah, Aniek Iriany
Polybags, including plastic materials that are difficult to be decomposed by soil microbes, can affect plant growth. The increasing demand of red chili pepper every time causes the chili to be relied upon as a non-oil and gas export commodity. This study aims to examine the use of organic polybag based...
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The Cultural Capital and Strategy of Indonesian Poets in the 2000s

Ekarini Saraswati
The development of Indonesian literature has existed in several periods, in which each of it was influenced by political situations. The cultural backgrounds of the litterateurs, education, surrounding environment, and political views influenced their perspectives in the aesthetical value they used....
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The Effect of Business Strategy on Firm Value, Performance Measurement Model and Company Performance as Intervening Variable: Empirical Study on Jakarta Islamic Index

Eko Hariyanto, Azmi Fitriati, Erna Handayani, Budiyono
This study aims to obtain empirical evidence about the relationship between Corporate Strategy, Performance Measurement Model, Company Performance and Value of the Firm. The research subjects are companies that have publicly well-known and recorded in the Jakarta Islamic Index between 2013 and 2017....
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Innovation Method of Islamic Education Through Active Learning in SMP Al-Muslimin Pandan, Central Tapanuli

Ellisa Fitri Tanjung
Education is fundamental to the history of human civilization. Educational activities were starting from the creation of Adam. In the Qur’an, it is stated that Allah teaches Adam “al-ashma-a kullaha”(all of the names). It shows the importance of creating a young generation who is able to think creatively,...
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Nutritional Content Characteristics of Dolichos lablab L. Accessions in Effort to Investigate Functional Food Source

Elly Purwanti, Wahyu Prihanta, Ahmad Fauzi
D. lablab L. is a species of bean that is categorized as local food with its perceived potential as alternative food source rich in nutritional content. This current comparative research aimed at investigating the influences of accessions upon nutritional content of D. lablab found in Malang, Probolinggo,...
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Cutting the Chains of Prostitution Community: A Study on Lower Class Prostitution in Jember, East Java

Emy Kholifah R.
This study aims to describe the reality of community empowerment among lower class prostitutes. The background of the research is that the existence of this group needs continuous attention. More attention is needed because empowerment of vulnerable communities has a high failure rate. This study will...
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Entrepreneurship Education Program: Analysis of Sorghum Products' Quality Parameters for Penetration of Potential Market

Endang Noerhartati, Yoyok Soesatyo, Toho Cholik Mutohir, Edy Mintarto, Soedjarwo, Moedjito, Lusy Tunik Muharlisiani
The research aims to analyze the quality parameters of sorghum products for penetration potential market in entrepreneurship education programs. The method used is quantitative research. The observation covers various aspects of excellence in every aspect of the entrepreneurial education learning model,...
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A Reconstruction of Educational Curriculum of Children with Special Needs (ABK) for Inclusive Elementary School’s Prospective Teachers

Endang Poerwanti
The government has made an effort to change its policy of inclusive education for children with special needs (ABK) by involving these children in a regular class to study together with other children. However, a new problem has arisen. Teachers in regular schools are not educated and prepared specifically...
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The Impact of Entrepreneurship Competence on Micro Business Performance

Endang Sungkawati
This research focuses on entrepreneurial competencies required by traditional herbal medicine sellers, how they can survive against competition and crisis, and how they realize that they have entrepreneurial competencies like those of other successful entrepreneurs. Increasing entrepreneurial competence...
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Analysis of Village Potential and Development of Post-Harvest Product To Be the Village of Guava Gondangmanis Tourism

Eny Dyah Yuniwati, Mohammad Dullah
Guava gondang manis is One of the guava varieties that has become a national superior variety and it has been known and has a high market in the supermarket, the guava gondang manis is one of the superior product of Jombang because it has the potential, high economic value and very attractive fruit colors....
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The Application of Biochar on Intercropping System of Cassava and Maize, and the Effects on Soil Quality and Land-Use Efficiency

Eny Dyah Yuniwati, Karyanto
Degraded land occurs due to the decrease in soil quality, which is often resulted from continuous planting without considering the quality of the soil. This study aims to reduce damage to soil fertility, control soil degradation, and increase the production of cassava and maize crops. The research was...
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Mediation Product Involvement against Purchasing Decisions

Erny Rachmawati, Suliyanto, Agus Suroso
This research is about halal products in packaging because the product has become a lifestyle of Muslim consumers. The number of products available in the store is not necessarily kosher so make doubt in deciding the purchase. The question is, is there a relationship between product knowledge and product...
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Best Practices Technique in Teaching Intercultural Competence of English to Young Learners: Some Classroom Activities in Primary Schools

Fardini Sabilah
The topic of intercultural competence (so forth IC) is essential recently in young learners' teaching/learning context. IC requires learners to develop relevant knowledge and skills regarding the target language and their cultural awareness. Teaching/learning process generally includes the learning of...
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Interpersonal Relationship and Communication between Husband and Wife: A Case Study in Batu City

Farid Rusman
Family is an important institution in human’s lives, and the relationship between husband and wife is essential as it shapes the quality of the individual development. In this case, interpersonal communications also significantly influence the quality of the relationship between husband and wife. This...
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Teacher Communication Pattern in English Learning Process as Foreign Language in Senior High School

Hanafi, Kristi Nuraini
Communication pattern is important to succeed in the teaching-learning process in English class. There are three main concerns related to the communication pattern in teaching English. Namely to convey the message to the students, to negotiate meaning with students and to handle with the student error....
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Students’ Interaction Pattern

Hanisah Hanafi
Considering that Indonesia is a multicultural country, the diversity of students is a phenomenon that is always encountered. Diversity occurs from regional, origin, religion, language, social strata, and economic level. From this, small social groups are formed, which are always dynamic and change based...
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Strengthening the Character of Students through Product-Based Literary Learning

Hari Sunaryo
Building character is the main problem in education. A nation's education development strategy is, indeed, inseparable from the problem of human resources. Literary learning, as an inseparable part of the national development strategy in education, must be able to show its strategic meaning and play...
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Language Semiotics of Campaign Banners and Billboards of Legislative Candidates in Malang

Hari Windu Asrini
A large number of Election Contesting Parties makes the parties compete strategically in the political campaign to promote their legislative candidates and attract voters. This triggers the phenomenon of "media war or publication." It can be seen in the language used in the candidate’s banners and billboards....
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Transforming the Workforce: Integrating Internal Marketing Orientation and Business Strategy in Training and Development Programs

Harnida W. Adda, Syamsul Bachri, Harifuddin Thahir
This paper shows that despite the improvement in technical ability of employees at PT. KAS Morowali, Central Sulawesi, human resource training and development program is also able to strengthen the ties among employees and between the employees and company in addition to improve employees’ understanding...
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The Construction of Islamic Education Institutions; Existence and Relevance in the Era of Disruption

Hayyan Ahmad Ulul Albab
This study covers various types; Self-education, Education by the environment, and Education by others. The method of Islamic education views the teacher as a center of teaching and learning that has several functions. Firstly, Mu'allim focused on a teacher as a conveyor of knowledge. Mu'addib means...
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Detection of College Students' Anxiety in Carrying Out Mathematical Argumentation about Geometry Problems

Herfa Maulina Dewi Soewardini, Heni Sukrisno, Meilantifa
Students often feel anxious when dealing with mathematical problems, especially the problem of proving. This study aims to detect student anxiety when doing mathematical arguments about geometry problems. They construct arguments about proving congruence of triangles, which showed a series of reason...
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The Effectiveness of Peer Counseling in Helping University Students to Build Marriage Readiness

The willingness to get married and have a family without supported by sufficient knowledge about marriage and family life can cause problems in the future. Peer counseling is one of the methods expected to prepare marriage readiness for university students. This article explained the rate of marriage...
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The Integration of Literacy and Character Building in Islamic Education

Husna Amalia
The study aims at investigating the implementation of literacy integration and character building in Islamic Education. The study uses a qualitative approach in the form of a case study. Observation, documentation, and interview are used to collect the data. The result indicates that the integration...
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The Learning of Sholat (Prayer) Movement for Mentally Disabled Children through Occupational Therapy

Husnul Khotimah
This study aims to explore occupational therapy which can be used to train mild mentally disabled children to learn sholat movement. The study is a descriptive qualitative using field research. The result indicated that the purpose of occupational therapy was to stimulate the development of sensory and...
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Thematic Learning Strategy in Elementary Schools

Ichsan Anshory, Nafi Isbadrianingtyas
Thematic learning has been applied in elementary schools. The purpose of this study is to describe the strategy in thematic learning. This study uses a qualitative design of phenomenology studies. The research was conducted at SD Brawijaya Smart School of Malang. Based on the findings, direct learning...
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The Critical Education View of the Modern Community against the Environment

Ida Wahyuni
Environment is an interdisciplinary study in the field of science. Sociological viewpoint is a significant part of the environmental analysis because society and environment are inseparable. By highlighting the object culture of modern society, this article is a critical analysis of the societal risks...
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Conflict Management between Students at the Integrated Islamic Elementary School Qurrota A’yun Ponorogo

Imam Rohani
The aim of this writing was to find out the role of the school, types of conflict and causes of conflict and to know the school strategy in managing the conflict between students at the Integrated Islamic Elementary School (SDIT) Qurrota A’yun. This research uses a qualitative approach in the form of...
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Legal Protection of Youth Suffrage

Imam Ropii, Hb. Sujiantoro
As a large number of young voters still have no identity card (Indonesian: Kartu Tanda Penduduk/KTP), the legal protection of youth suffrage is becoming a discourse by the General Election on 17 April 2019. Distribution of eligible citizens’ suffrage must be prevented from any obstacles, mainly administrative...
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Urgency of Islamic Education based on Gender Equality in Restoring the Patriarchy Culture in the Woman Kokoda Environment of West Papua Indonesia

Indria Nur
The objective of this study is to find out the problem of gender inequality among women in the Kokoda Tribe in West Papua from the perspective of Islamic education. The research subjects were Kokoda women of various ages who settled at several areas in Sorong, West Papua. This research used descriptive...
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Shift of Understanding Mission from Keummatan and Kemuslimatan to Practical Politics in Muslimat Citizens Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) in East Java

Ishomuddin, Laila Abidah
The main mission of NU's struggle in the 1926 decision was as a social-religious movement. However, in a long period of time, the dynamism of NU continues to develop along with social, cultural, and political developments to be involved in practical politics. NU has experienced in practical politics....
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Math BRAINO – Mathematics Braille Dominos for Visually Disabled Students

Ismah, Rahmita Nurul Muthmainnah, Evy Arsita Damayanti
This research is categorized as Research and Development (R&D) as developed in this research is a learning media Math BRAINO, a Mathematics Braille Dominos for visually disabled students. This research adopted ADDIE as an R&D model that stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation....
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The Effect of Exercise Method on the Learning Achievement of Primary School Students

Iswan, Herwina Bahar, Hasanul Misbah
Integrating learning method into the learning materials by applying the main components of the learning strategy that encourages student participation during and after the learning process significantly develops the students’ problem-solving skill. Learning is a thinking process by drawing general conclusions...
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Modern Islamic Civilization: A Strategy of Civil Reconstruction through Islamic Science and Education

Jauharotul Makniyah
Modern Islamic civilization in the analysis of Islamic scholars is experiencing theological discrepancy between the ideal of Islamic normative teachings and the actual phenomenon of the people. Theological discrepancy between teaching ideals normative Islam with the actual phenomenon of the people, becomes...
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The Empowerment of Young Entrepreneurs through SBS 9 WhatsApp Discussion Group

Joko Suryono, Mahendra Wijaya, Heru Irianto, Mohamad Harisudin
The article referred to the studies related to the benefits of SBS 9 WhatsApp discussion group as a media to empower young entrepreneurs. Specifically, the article was targeted to (1) categorize the message contents of SBS 9 WhatsApp discussion group as a media to empower the young entrepreneurs (2)...
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Improving the Quality of Herbal Pasteurization Milk with the Application of the Equipment and Environmental Sanitation SOP

Khusnul Khotimah, Bayu Etti Tri Adiyastiti, Annisa Nur Cholila, Lena Hambyah Saputri, Teguh Prasetya
KUBE PSP Maju Mapan is a milk supplier in Kemiri Jabung Village, Malang Regency, that seeks to develop its business units in addition to being a milk producer to be deposited to IPS. One business unit that will be developed is a pasteurization unit. Fresh milk units, as raw material for milk development...
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Achieving Academic Score through Tahfidz Al Qur’an: Comparative Study of General Education Score to Hafidz Qur’an Students in Integrated Senior High School Ar Rohmah Dau Malang

La Ode Ilman
The purpose of this research is to compare the academic scores of Integrated Senior High School Students in Ar Rahmah, Dau, Malang. While they are trained to memorize Al Quran every day, they are also required to take general lessons such as Mathematics, English, and Bahasa Indonesia. This research compares...
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Implementation of Religion Program at Madrasahh Aliyah Nurul Jadid on Quality of International Graduation

Lukman Hakim
Madrasah Aliyah Nurul Jadid (MANJ) is one of the madrasahs in East Java which has been appointed as an International Standardized Madrasah (MBI) since 2006. The most prominent superior program is the Religious Program (RP) which has graduated dozens of students to successfully continue their studies...
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Teacher’s Pedagogic Competency: Implementation of 2013 Curriculum through a Sustainable Academic Supervision

Lusy Tunik Muharlisiani, Siti Bariroh, Etiyasningsih, Sri Sundari, Adrijanti, Susetyorini, Umi Elan, Dini Kusumaningrum, Nur Farida, Dwi Inggarwati Rahayu
The 2013 Curriculum requires teachers to carry out integrative thematic-based learning and science-based learning approaches. Teacher's pedagogic competency takes priority because it is related to curriculum development, learning processes, and understanding students. Teachers can use character education...
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The Modernization Motive as a Breaker for Women and Natural conservation in Popular Indonesian Novels

M. Oktavia Vidiyanti
The research aims at describing the modernization motive of capitalist anthropocentrism toward nature and women in popular Indonesian novels. The research applies qualitative method using Vandana Shiva theory approach. The data includes words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. The sources of the data...
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Developing Students' Environmental Attitude through Malang Waste Bank Program

M. Syahri
In character education, it is mentioned the importance of three components of good character, namely moral knowing, moral feeling, and moral action. These components are essential to help students understand, feel, and more importantly, practice positive values. This qualitative descriptive study aims...
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The Moral Disengagement to Mediate the Relationship between External Control and Production Deviance among Public Employees

Abdullah, Latipun, Widayat
Many public employees performed work productivity deviance openly. Discipline and supervision are considered as effective ways to overcome unproductive behavior. However, the moral aspect is essential to influence work productivity deviance. This study aims to determine the effect of external control...
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Model of Development on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Supporting Industry of Tourism in Tojo Una-Una Regency, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Maskuri Sutomo, Muhtar Lutfi, Asngadi
The purposes of this study are 1) to analize the characteristics of entrepreneurs supporting tourism industry, based on commitment and competence in Tojo Una-Una Regency and 2) to develop a model for fostering entrepreneurs supporting tourism industry in Tojo Una-Una Regency. Descriptive Qualitative...
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The Participation of Oyster Mushroom Farmers in Agro Ecovillage to Support Sustainable Development

Maya Dewi Dyah Maharani, Anita Ristianingrum, Dyah Ayu
The benefit of Oyster Mushroom Farmers Participation in agro ecovillage is an ingredient in the preparation of innovation, research and development, public service, and input for a long term development plan on an ongoing basis in Indonesia. The purpose of the research is to determine the determinants...
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The Mathematical Literacy Skills of Muhammadiyah Elementary School Students in Sleman Regency

Mukti Sintawati, Meita Fitrianawati, Endah Retnowati, Marsigit
This study aims to describe the literacy skills of Muhammadiyah elementary school students in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. The population of this study was grade 4 students at Muhammadiyah elementary school in Sleman Regency. The samples of this study were 395 students taken from 16 Muhammadiyah elementary...
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The Effectiveness of Writing Approach Viewed From Students’ Self-Confidence

Miftachus Sholikah, Muhammad Ali Anwar, Muhibbudin, Dewi Fitrotus Sa’diyah, Yunis Hidayati, Bayu Permadi
Writing is an enormous challenge to produce a coherent, fluent, and extended piece of writing in one’s second language. This research aims to find out the effectiveness of the process approach than the product approach in teaching writing and the interaction between teaching approaches and students’...
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Effects of Cooperative Blended Learning Using Google Classroom on Critical Thinking Skills

Miftah Nur Sholikh, Dwi Sulisworo, Guntur Maruto
This study aims to analyze the impact of online learning with a blended cooperative learning strategy assisted by Google Classroom on improving critical thinking skills. The design of this study was a pretest posttest controlled group design. This research was conducted on physics lessons on energy matter...
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The Influence of Socio-Economics on Students’ Social Skills

Misriandi, Iswan, Yufiarti, Elindra Yetti, Mahdiya
The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of socio-economic on social skills in elementary school students in South Tangerang. The survey method is the technique of independent variable influence on the dependent variable partially or simultaneously. Samples of this research were 164 students...
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The Implementation of Daily Feeding Policy in Malang Elementary School

Moch. Agus Krisno Budiyanto
Diet influences the nutritional status of children. School children need nutritious and safe food to support their learning activities at school. Some elementary schools in Malang City apply a daily feeding policy. For this reason, the research aims to examine the implementation of daily feeding policies...
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Analysis of Humanist Education on VHS Mathematics Curriculum

Moh. Mahfud Effendi
The aim of VHS is to produce skilled workers. In doing so, the learning process is considered as perennial-behavioristic, which tends to be less humanistic. The orientation of humanist education treats students as human beings. Diversity, including student potential, critical, adaptive, and creative...
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School and Pesantren: Study of Institutional Transformation of Islamic Education in Pesantren-based Schools (SBP) Ibnu Abbas Klaten Indonesia

Muh Mustakim
The objective of this study was to look at the transformation process of school and pesantren in Indonesia, which are initially different, then transformed into one, namely Pesantren-based school. This research is a qualitative-descriptive using a case study in Pesantren Ibnu Abbas Klaten. The results...
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The Curriculum of Madrasah Aliyah in The National Education System in Indonesia: The Shift Analysis

The conclusion of this study indicates that curriculum shifting is more dominantly influenced by political factors. Although it does not deny the other factors that also play a role in influencing the shift of curriculum such as religious, social, economic, and cultural factors, however, the decision...
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The Portrait of Learning the Linear Program in Indonesian Universities

Muhammad Baidawi, Ruvita Iffahtur Pertiwi, Erna Atiwi Jaya Esti
The purpose of this study is to describe the portrait of learning the linear program in Indonesian universities, especially in East Java. Data was taken from several universities in East Java through questionnaires and interviews. Research results show that the linear program in some universities has...
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The Implementation of Autonomy Policy in Indonesia

Muhammad Fauzan
The autonomy policy under the New Order government has been a huge concern of the central government towards the impact of giving broad autonomy as stipulated in Law No. 18 year 1965. Broad autonomy was potentially endangered the existence of the Republic of Indonesia. As one of the reformation demands,...
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Critical Analysis of Teacher’s Competence: Review of Act 14 of 2005, Article10, Paragraph 1

Muhammad Syafi'i
Professional teachers are expected to have good competencies conceptually and practically so that they could have maximum role and function in the teaching-learning process. Conceptual reconstruction in the law needs to be proposed to make teachers’ competencies better in the globalized era. This paper...
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The Integration of Sex Education in Islamic Education and Biology at MA Muhammadiyah Medan

Munawir Pasaribu
Juvenile delinquency in the form of free sexual activity, which is increasing every day must be prevented from existing by various means and strategies. One of the preventions of juvenile delinquency, especially in free sex behavior, is by giving a good understanding to the teenagers about which are...
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Ecological Intelligence in 2013 Madrasa Curriculum

This study aimed at portraying Ecological Intelligence in 2013 Madrasah Curriculum of Islamic Education and Arabic Language school subject issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. The research methods used were a literature review and content analysis. The Ecological...
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Morning Spiritual Gathering (MSG) Leadership: A New Leadership Style?

Mursidi, R. Iqbal Robbie
SMK MUTU (MUTU VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL), which is under the auspices of Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah, has been chosen as a learning center aiming to produce competent graduates who display Islamic values. This aim cannot be separated from the philosophy, goals, processes, and human resources. Therefore,...
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The Content Analysis of ‘Jati Diri’ Rubric in Daily Newspaper Jawa Pos Edition of May 2018

Muslimin Machmud
A rubric that will be examined in this study is "JATI DIRI" which exists in daily newspaper Jawa Pos, edition of May 2018. This rubric is located on page four of the upper left corner of Jawa Pos. The characteristic of this rubric is always present actual issues that occur both in Indonesia and in other...
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The Existence of Traditionalism of Pesantren Education in the Modern Educational System at Pesantren Miftahul Ulum Bettet Pamekasan

The abilities of pesantren to adapt to modern development could influence his existence in the Indonesian educational system. One of which is by using the positive values of the modernization to develop their education quality, while at the same time trying to minimize the negative impact of the modernization...
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The Javanese Enclave in Ketanggungan Village, Kecamatan Ketanggungan, Kabupaten Brebes, Central Java

Nani Darheni
Besides the Indonesian language as the national language, there are hundreds of local languages ​​used as a tool of communication which are maintained, protected, and respected. The languages are ​​included in one language family, which is the Austronesia. One of the local languages which functions as...