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Confirmatory Analysis of Competency Improvement of Small and Medium Enterprises in Malang, Indonesia

Mokhammad Natsir, Boge Triatmanto, Nanik Wahyuni
This study aims to empirically examine the competencies of SMEs actors formed by various indicators. The results of this study are expected to be a reference by business actors, associations, and policymakers in applying the guidance to SMEs business actors based on problems and potential of business...
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Social Capital-Based Integrated Strategy for Developing Export-Oriented People’s Coffee

Mochammad Ridwan
This study aims to discuss the integrated strategy for the development of export-oriented people’s coffee-based on social capital factors, which focused on the case of people’s coffee production in Kepahiang district (the district that produces the largest coffee in Bengkulu province). The data used...
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Harmony of Majority and Ahmadiyya Minority at School in Symbolic Interactionism Perspective

Muhammad Azkar
The purpose of this study is to explain the symbols of harmony and tolerance found in social interaction between the majority and Ahmadiyya minority students at Primary School 42 Mataram City. The research method used a qualitative approach, with the type of case study. Data collection was carried out...
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Dynamic Relations Between Central and Regional Governments in Indonesia

Muhammad Fauzan, Riris Ardhanariswari, Siti Kunarti, Dody Nur Andriyan
This article raises the issue of the dynamic relations between central and regional governments in Indonesia. Article 18A of the 1945 Constitution, a result of the second amendment of 2000, states the relations between the Center and the Regions is only formulated in a broad outline, so that it does...
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Symbolic Violence Against Private School: A Case Study of New Students Enrolment System (PPDB) in Malang City

The new students enrolment system (PPDB) in 2017 used two ways, i.e. online and offline [8]. The effect of PPDB system influenced the amount of students enrolling in private schools decreased, even some schools collapsed. It also caused disparities of clever students (from rich families) and incapable...
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The Accountability and Distribution of Productive Zakat in Improving the Welfare of Zakat Recipients

Muliati, Arung Gihna Mayapada, Debriyanto, Muhammad Darma Halwi
The problem of inequality that occurs in society caused by differences in meeting the needs of life is increasing. Islam has provided a solution to this problem, which is zakat. The distribution of resources from the rich to the poor is the essential purpose of zakat. This study aims to provide empirical...
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The Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes About Sex Education at The Islamic Faculty of University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara

Munawir Pasaribu
Students are teenagers who are identical to a period of growth and development. Students’ growth and development consist of emotional development and reproductive development in the form of sexual maturity, and both are obtained through learning and natural development. The purpose of this study is to...
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The Use of Pseudonym in Social Media

M Muslimin
Major changes in the field of communication have occurred since the invention of the internet, which is the world’s computer network that originally developed the ARPANET as a communication system related to defence and security. Furthermore, the network system is used freely by users to communicate...
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Affixation Language Features on Village/Subdistrict Toponymy in Cirebon Regency

Nani Darheni
This study aims to describe the linguistic features of affixation in naming rural and urban areas in Cirebon Regency based on their morphological formation processes and their semantic origins associated with cultural aspects. The study was conducted with the descriptive method of Sudaryanto (2015) and...
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Pandemics Outbreak in Perspective of Positive Psychology and Science

Nek Mah Binte Batri
This paper describes the influence of pandemics outbreak in the perspective of Positive Psychology and Science on attribute and behaviour. This study attempts to define and to create a framework of positive psychology within the effort towards creating a positive global worldview during the pandemic...
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The Improvement of Higher-Order Thinking Skills Through Project-Based Learning on STEM Education Settings

Ngadinem, Dwi Sulisworo
This study aims to determine the effect of applying the project-based learning in the STEM education setting to enhance students’ higher-order thinking skills. The design used in this study is a non-equivalent (pretest-posttest) controlled group design. The population of this research is the 10th-grade...
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Religiosity: The Love of Money, Machiavellian, and the Ethical Perception of Accounting Students (Study of Accounting Students at Universitas Tadulako)

Nina Yusnita Yamin, Jamaluddin, Muhammad Jafar Bekka, Chalarce Totanan, Latifah Sukmawati Yuniar, Ayu Kusumawardani Aliamanputri
This study aims to determine and analyze simultaneously and partially the influence of the love of money and machiavellian on the ethical perceptions of accounting students. Besides, it is to know and analyze the influence of religiosity in moderating the influence of the love of money and machiavellian...
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Improving the Students’ Translation Skill by Using Video on Online Course

Ninik Suryatiningsih, Barotun Mabaroh, Nur Hari Gede
It is not deniable that translation is important for most people in the world, since there are so many books, news, article journals, movies, and advertisements shown in English. Therefore, the students at PGRI Wiranegara University Pasuruan were approached to have translation skill by accomplishing...
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Metaphorical Conceptual of Life in Ancient Oral Discourse of Kajang

Nirwanto Maruf, Rita Tanduk, Sri Ningsih
This study aims to conceptualise the metaphorical term of life found in the ancient oral discourse of Kajang which is known as Pasang ri Kajang by employing the Conceptual Metaphor Theory (CMT) by Lakoff and Johnson and the approach of Conceptual Metaphor Analysis (CMA) by Charteris – Black (2004). CMA...
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Empowerment of Indonesian Farmers in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Nugrahini Susantinah Wisnujati, Catur Rini Sulistiyaningsih, Mustika Tripatmasari, Amanatuz Zuhriyah, Trisadini Prasastinah Usanti
The era of the fourth industrial revolution or called Industry 4.0, has become a reality in Indonesia. Indonesia, as an agricultural country, needs to prepare a strategy to adapt to the digital industry. Industrial revolution 4.0 characterized by applied technology, such as advanced robotics, artificial...
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Hoax as a Crime in Electronic Transmission (Case of Information and Hate Speeches)

Nur Aida, Bambang Sukamto
Social media has been growing in popularity. Now it is not only an information media but also a necessity of human life, especially Millennial generation. Behind the worldwide information, it turns out that social media can also plunge society into criminal acts. One of them is lying, or popular news...
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The Education Philosophy in Sumatera Traditional Games: Recording Islands in Indonesia to Preserve Culture

Nur Aini Puspitasari, Prima Gusti Yanti, Sukardi, Fifi Nofiyanti
The purpose of this study was to describe the philosophy of education existing in folk games around the Indonesian archipelago. The study used ethnographic methods in researching local sites originating from the culture as the object of the research. Based on the research findings, 13 traditional games...
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Nationalism and Citizenship Perception in Ex-East Timor Students at IKIP Budi Utomo Malang

Nurcholis Sunuyeko, Winin Maulidya Saffanah
The East Timor referendum that happened in 1999 has changed many things in the lives of the people of the island of Timor. Previously, this island only consisted of one country, but now it is divided into two countries. This has led to changes in the lives of Timorese people, especially those who were...
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Tracker Application to Determine the Moment of Inertia in a Video-Based Laboratory to Improve Students’ Learning Activity

Nurfadilah, Dwi Sulisworo, Guntur Maruto
This study aims to determine the value of cylinder inertia moments with different radii using a tracker application. This study also aims to make students more active in understanding the content. Students conduct experiments independently, starting from assembling experiment tools, taking videos, and...
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The Application of Waste and Sediment Trader Boat Designs in Reservoir: A Community Empowerment

Nurin Fitriana, Eny Dyah Yuniwati, Azhar Adi Darmawan, Rizalnur Firdaus
The aims of this activity are 1) to clean the reservoir area from increasing waste and sediment; 2) to provide a design of the boat cleaning garbage and sediment in the reservoir using the SketchUp Pro 3D Design Program; 3) to make boat cleaning garbage and sediment using used plastic barrels. The community...
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A Juridical Analysis the Act Draft Correctional in Fostering Inmates in Future Indonesian Correctional Institution

Nur Rochaeti, Desy Maryani
Efforts to overcome crimes using criminal sanctions are considered the most appropriate ways to minimize crimes, although the formal processes have limitations that an idea to make efforts and provide other facilities in overcoming crimes are greatly necessary. The function of prisons may cause the dehumanization...
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Enhancing Women Empowerment on Micro and Small Business Through Social Entrepreneurship Concept

Nurul Asfiah
The focus of this research is to analyze the model of empowerment of women in SMEs are part of the special actors for national economic growth, that proved can last throughout the world crisis. The purpose of this study is to analyze models of empowerment of women in the work area of The Association...
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Islamic Education for Deaf Students in Special Education School in Madura

Nurul Zainab
Every child is born by the nature of religion. This nature is developed through education. Religious education must be given to every level of education. It is not only because of mandated by the law but also it is applied taklif law in Islam. Every adult must carry out the instructions of religion even...
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Strategy for Implementing Blended Learning With Google Classroom during the COVID-19 Pandemic Era in Higher Education

Nurul Zuriah
This paper explains the strategy of implementing blended learning with Google Classroom in the Covid-19 pandemic era in improving the learning independence and critical thinking skills of students in the PPKn (civic education) Lesson Planning course in Higher Education. The research subjects were the...
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Traditional and Digital Media; Cultural Communication Mix in Sekaten Tradition

Nuryani Tri Rahayu, Joko Suryono
This study aims to describe the mix of cultural communication or inheritance of cultural values through sekaten traditional media and digital media. Participants consisted of the Surakarta palace informants and a number of online news portal writers. Data were collected using interview guides and coding...
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Leader Member of Exchange (LMX) and Intention Turnover Model Through Mediation of Job Embeddedness on Travel’s Services according to Corona’s Outbreaks

Priyo Susilo, Badawi, Rabitha Fazira
The challenges of diverse external environmental forces require pro-active and ongoing efforts for companies to develop effective and competitive strategies. Therefore, we need elements of human resources who have an attachment to their work. This study analyzes how the effect of job embeddedness mediation...
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Marketing Strategy Analysis of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Leather Craft Industry in Sukaregang, Garut Regency

Priyo Susilo, Pramuda Dadang Wasnardi, Badawi
MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise) aimed at entrepreneurs who run capital businesses use their money, with limited business assets and the number of workers is not too much. The center of the leathercraft industry Sukaregang, Garut, West Java has grown since the 1930s. Behind the success, it...
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Antecedents of the Ability to Identify Business Opportunities and Innovations Through Active Information Search Moderation

Pudjo Sugito, Kamaludin, Mohamad Nur Singgih
The research on Antecedents of the Ability to Identify Business Opportunities and Innovations through Active Information Search Moderation is intended to analyze the linkage of general mental ability, creative thinking, innovation, active information search, and competency to identify business chance....
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The Choice of Forum in Business Dispute Settlement Among Chinese Business Community in Pontianak

Purwanto, Annurdi, M Fahmi Hazdan
The business among the Chinese community who are willing to choose a non-litigation forum in dispute resolution between them is a reflection of interpreting the rules of behavior as guidelines for the business community. This phenomenon must be perceived as an integrated structure to achieve unified...
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PPPUD Embroidery as a Superior Handmade in Probolinggo City

Rachma Yuliana, Mohammad Dullah, Zaenullah
Embroidered craft in Indonesia is believed to be carried by many traders from China and India who has carried out lots of buying and selling transaction in Indonesia. That was when these traders began to introduce embroidery crafts and their techniques. One of the leading industrial sectors is handmade...
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Obstacles in the Execution of BUMN Persero’s Bankrupt Assets in Indonesia

Rahayu Hartini, Muhammad Hanif Furqan Aufa Putra
This paper explains the obstacles in the implementation of BUMN Persero’s execution when bankruptcy occurred in Indonesia. Up to now, no BUMN in the form of Persero has succeeded in carrying out the asset implementation stage by the curator even though it has been declared bankrupt, as in the case of...
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Ethical Behavior of Accounting Undergraduate Students: Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, and Locus of Control

Rahayu Indriasari, Jurana, Ni Made Suwitri Parwati, Nadhira Afdalia, Nina Yusnita Yamin, Mutia Sabrina
This study aimed to examine and analyze the effect of emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, and locus of control on the ethical behavior of undergraduate students studying accounting. We collected the data using the questionnaire and interviews. Data from the questionnaire were analyzed using...
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The Cultural Adjustment in Suroboyoan Dubbed Version of American Series Walker Texas Ranger

Rahmawati Sukmaningrum, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Supana
This paper focused on the cultural adjustment(s) in dubbing of American film series into Suroboyoan (West Javanese). The concept of dubbing is similar to that of a speech translation of a movie over a film. Dubbing allows individuals to bring together two seemingly opposite or incompatible ideologies...
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A Literature Review of Workplace Well-Being

Ratih Devi Aryanti, Erita Yuliasesti Diah Sari, Herlina Siwi Widiana
Workplace well-being plays an important role in the sustainability of organizations and individuals within the organization. Organizations that have implemented health programs at work reported positive business results such as increased employee retention, productivity, and psychological well-being...
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Prevention of Violence Against Women Through Improving the Quality of Life of Women in Indonesia

Ratna Herawati, Sekar Anggun Gading Pinilih
One of the visions, missions and directions of the President of Indonesia is to improve the quality of the Indonesian people, through the development of human resources, including women. On the other hand, there is a lot of discrimination against women. This paper aims to find out government policies...
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An Analysis of the Implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in Special Capital Region of Jakarta

Retnowati WD Tuti, Ma’mun Murod, Sa’diyah El Adawiyah, Tria Patrianti
The Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKI Jakarta) issued Regulation Number 33 Year 2020 concerning the Implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions in Handling COVID-19 in DKI Jakarta. The research aims to analyze the implementation of Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in DKI Jakarta. The...
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Innovative Design for Pre-Service English for Young Learners (EYL) Teachers Education With Indonesian Setting

Rina Wahyu Setyaningrum, Fardini Sabilah, Puji Sumarsono
Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) has been an endless issue in Indonesia because of the changes in its status for more than two decades, and teacher is as one of the affected components. The evidence that the inadequate quality of English for Young Learners (EYL) teachers increase gradually because...
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The Effect of Good Corporate Governance on the Internal Fraud in Sharia Business Unit in 2017

Riyahul Jannah, Ayu Irmasari Raharjanti
The fraud case has penetrated Sharia banking, both Bank Umum Syariah (BUS) and Unit Usaha Syariah (UUS). In the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) report, the bank only published the number of cases released> 100 million for fraud involving banking companies. This study uses 10 of the 20 UUS registered...
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Barong Ider Bumi: Symbolic Interaction of Contemporary Osing Society of Kemiren-Banyuwangi

Rochsun, Jasuli
Barong Ider Bumi is one of the intangible cultures and a sacred traditional ceremony which belongs to the Osing society of Kemiren-Banyuwangi. The uniqueness of Barong Ider Bumi lies in its survival and existence among the onslaught of global culture as well as the issue of sacred ritual phenomena gradually...
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Sense of Belonging and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance

Santi Riana Dewi, Rizal Suryamarta, Denny Kurnia, Andari
The company’s ability to develop is influenced by improvements in employee performance. Performance can be measured from various aspects, namely from the inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes achieved. There are several variables that affect employee performance, including a sense of belonging and...
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Development of Human Resource Management (A Study of Lecturer Competency at Universitas Muhammadiyah Bandung)

Setiadin, Leni Rohida
This study aims to obtain empirical evidence and find clarity of phenomena about the Development of Human Resources Management related to competence. Competence is a set of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that lecturers must possess, internalized, and mastered by lecturers in carrying out professional...
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The Effect of School Branding on the Reputation of Islamic Schools

Sofyan Rofi, Dahani Kusumawati
The 21st Century demands as the basis of educational orientation have logical consequences on the competition among educational institutions, especially Islamic educational institutions in maintaining their existence. The style and characteristics of competition among Islamic educational institutions...
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Principal Leadership in Improving Teacher Professionalism (A Case Study in Senior High School of Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia)

Soim, Dalhari, Suyitno, Akhyak, Suhartono, Abdurrohman
The current study was conducted using a qualitative approach in the phenomenology perspective. The research subjects consisted of the Principal, Head of Administration, and several teachers in the field of study in one of high schools in Tulungagung District, East Java, Indonesia. The research findings...
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Social Entrepreneurship as an Essential Tool for Communities in Self-Organizing and Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic

Sona Minasyan, Gohar Mkoyan
This article describes the role and the importance of Social Entrepreneurship both in community development and in rising public welfare.The paper includes analysis of the results of sociological research during 2018-2020 conducted among the experts and founders of Social Entrepreneurship in different...
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The Urgent Access of Code of Conduct on Preserving Traditional Markets

Sonny Leksono, Adyla Mita Lestari, Rizal Nur Firdaus
It is challenging to form a thriving market community environment without normative and operational values that are measured formally and informally. Since the written and unwritten rules and mechanisms of coordination require compliance, continuous obedience without stopping and without exception have...
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Societal Security as an Alternative Approach for Development in Indonesia-Malaysia Border Area in North Kalimantan

Sonny Sudiar
North Kalimantan shares the borderline with Malaysia in Nunukan and Malinau regency. However, the condition of the border area residents in those areas is marked with severe underdevelopment. Responding to the issue, Indonesian border policy began to adopt an economic and environmental approach besides...
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Organizational Commitment: The Influence of Leader-Member Exchange on Employee Performance

Sopiah, Etta Mamang Sangadji, Dediek T. Kurniawan, Elvia Nora
This paper aims to investigate the direct and indirect influence of leader-member exchange on nurse performance through organizational commitment. By utilizing multi-stage sampling technique, there are 356 samples of nurses in East Java. The analysis technique used is path analysis. The result of the...
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The Development of Diverse, Nutritious, Balanced and Safe (B2SA) Formulation Menu Based on Local Food in Sukoharjo

Sri Hartati, Intan Niken Tari, Retno Widyastuti
Wonorejo Village, Polokarto, Sukoharjo has the potential for a diversity of agricultural products that can be chosen as an option for daily consumption. However, the understanding of the importance of, B2SA based on local food had not been deeply aware by the community. Counseling and training on preparing...
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The Achievement of Regional Minimum Wage (RMW) Based on Decent Living Standards (DLS)

Sri Sumarliani
To survive, people are encouraged to make their income by working. Therefore, workers/laborers expect an increase in their wages to improve their living standards. It is a common phenomenon, as happened in Lumajang District. As the government had issued Government Regulation No. 78/2015 concerning the...
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Employee Performance and Employee Engagement Towards Job Satisfaction

Sudjiwanati, Nindita Pinastikasari
The progress of a company can be influenced by many factors, one of which is employee performance. Employee performance, as part of management, is associated with employee engagement in the company needs to get attention because it relates to employee job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is another factor...
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Types of Epistolary Discourse in the Javanese Language

This research discusses the types of epistolary discourse in the Javanese language. The theory used in this research is discourse structure by van Dick which states that a discourse consists of three parts, namely macro, superstructure, and micro. The method used in this research is qualitative descriptive....
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Profile of Learning and Innovation Skills (4C’s) of Prospective Teachers

Sunismi, Abdul Halim Fathani, Muhammad Baidawi
This study aims to describe the profile of learning and innovation skills (4C’s) of prospective teachers in Calculus I course, including creativity, Critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with the subjects of 51 students in the first...
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Javanese Language in Cirebon: The Javanese Outside the Area of Use

Speakers have used Javanese in various places outside the area of use both in areas located on the island of Java and some islands in Indonesia and abroad. Javanese used in Cirebon called Cerbon Language or Crebon Language. This naming is because Javanese speakers in Cirebon feel that Cerbon Language...
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Syllable Structure of Patani Malay Dialect: An Analysis Using Autosegmental Theory

Suraiya Chapakiya
This paper aims to identify the structure of Patani Malay Dialect or Dialek Melayu Patani (DMP). The data were obtained through interviews with 20 informants consisting of 10 informants from Nad Kubur Village, Khautoom District, Yarang Regency, Pattani Province, and 10 informants from Hua Saphan Sateng...
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Applying AHP to Classify Undergraduates Student’s Behavior Towards E-Learning

Suryadi Hadi, Muslimin, Ali Murad, Femilia Zahra, Cikal Rambase Nasution
This study aims to determine the level of student behavior towards the use of e-learning. This study uses the Analytical Hierarchy Process method and the help of MS. Excel to process data with a population of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Tadulako, and a sample...
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The Power of Islamic Scholars’ Lecture to Decide Using Islamic Bank with Customer Response Strength Approach

Suryo Budi Santoso, Herni Justiana Astuti
The purpose of this study is to analyze the power of Islamic scholars’ lectures to decide using Islamic banks with a customer response strength approach. The sampling technique uses purposive sampling, and the respondents were those who attended lectures on Islamic banks delivered by Islamic scholars....
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Writing Descriptive Text to Activate Learners’ Language and Cultural Schema

Susi Darihastining, Heny Sulistyowati, Aang Fatihul Islam, Q Umi Nur
This paper aims at describing the implementation and the effect of writing descriptive text which activates students’ schemata of language and culture. This paper employed a qualitative research design with a classroom action research approach. This paper took college students of STKIP PGRI Jombang Batch...
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Tahajud Prayer and Dhikr after Fardhu Prayer to Improve Santri’s Spiritual Intelligence

Suwardi, Hunainah, Nana Suryapermana, B. Syafuri
This study explains (1) how to perform tahajud (midnight prayer) and dhikr after prayers to improve the spiritual intelligence of students in the Pondok Pesantren al-I’anah Cilegon Banten; (2) factors supporting and inhibiting the implementation of the tahajud and the dhikr after the prayer to increase...
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International World Recognition on Indonesia’s Success in Creating Tolerance of Religion

Teuku Saiful Bahri Johan
Indonesia, as a country that has a plural society, apparently in social life upholds togetherness (tolerance). It is reflected in the actualization by accommodating the differences and diversity in society, such as religion, ethnicity, race, and culture. Indonesian people who are predominantly Muslim...
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The Implementation of Principle Equality before the Law in Addressing Corruption in Indonesia

Tinuk Dwi Cahyani, Yohana Puspitasari Wardoyo
Equality Before the Law is the equality principle of citizenship in the eyes of the law, especially criminal acts of corruption that are not in accordance with this principle. The research method used was library research. The objects in this study are decisions that are not in line with the principle...
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Relationship Between Spiritual Education and Social Education With the Development of the Superior Personality of Students

Tita Solihat, Hunainah, Anis Fauzi, Naf’an Tarihoran
This study aims to explain the relationship between spiritual and social education with the development of a superior personality of students in SMA Negeri 2 Rangkas Bitung and SMA Negeri 1 Sajira Lebak, Banten. This research uses a quantitative approach using comparative-comparative analysis techniques,...
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Factors Influencing Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention

Titik Purwati, Novi Eko Prasetyo, Putri Vina Sefaverdiana, Joko Suryono
This study examined factors influencing students’ entrepreneurial intentions, including factors in entrepreneur education and entrepreneurial interest. The study was conducted on Economic Education students at IKIP Budi Utomo. The research sample was 48 people taken through a simple random sampling technique....
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The Implementation of Total Physical Response Method to Build Database of Modality Multimedia Learning Using Cognitive and Affective Parameters

Tjatursari Widiartin, Siti Azizah, Nonot Wisnu Karyanto
Multimedia is an alternative media that can be used as learning aids. So that learning using multimedia can be understood better by students, multimedia learning must have a modality aligned with the lesson content. Determining a multimedia learning modality can be done in various ways. After multimedia...
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Sense of Humor as a Predictor of Teacher’s Social Competence

Tri Na’imah, Arum Liyan Suwandi, Fatin Rohmah Nur Wahidah
Teachers’ social competencies are important to study because one indicator of teacher performance is success in communication and social interaction. Kindergarten teachers need special interaction styles because the subject of the students is children under-five ages. This article is the result of research...
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The Role of Sharia Banking Institution in Zakat Collection as a Source of Economic Development

Try Widiyono
Indonesia as a Muslim majority country has the opportunity to explore the potential for raising public funds through the collection of zakat payments. In the effort to explore this potential, it has been supported by Law Number 23 of 2011 concerning Management of Zakat and Law Number 21 of 2008 concerning...
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Cultivating Collaborative School-Community Development in the 21st Century: The Challenges to Improve Educational Quality in Indonesia

Tumin, Ahmad Faizuddin
School has a significant role in community development. The school-community linkage must take into account the 21st century needs of students. Consistent with the demands of the 21st century, the goals of academic and community improvements are to reinforce mutual priorities in cultivating collaborative...
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The Role of Religiosity and Islamic Self-Regulation Towards Extra-role Behavior on Disaster Volunteers

Ugung Dwi Ario Wibowo, Nur’aeni
This paper describes the role of religiosity and Islamic self-regulation towards extra-role behavior on disaster volunteers. The hypothesis put forward is religiosity and Islamic self-regulation shown to have a significant role partially and simulant on extra-role behavior. This study uses the subject...
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The ASEAN Economic Community and Its Implications for Traditional Fishers of Muara Angke in the Utilization of Coastal Areas

The implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is also a challenge for the marine and fisheries sector. The consequence of the AEC is the increasing level of competition among ASEAN member countries. The ASEAN market will be large and growing, which is an opportunity in the marine and fisheries...
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Social Exchange Network in Peasant Movement of Kalibakar, South Malang

This article was written based on the research results on social exchange networks in the peasant movement of Kalibakar, South of Malang. The Kalibakar peasant movement took place since the post-Japanese occupation, and to this day, the movement has not been finished. The Kalibakar peasant movement’s...
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The Names of Cooked Rice in Javanese: Ethnolinguistic Semantic Study

Wiwin Erni Siti Nurlina
Rice is a staple food in Javanese culture. As a staple food, the concept of rice can develop according to its usage in Javanese culture. The development of the rice concept is related to (i) the type of side dish that accompanies it and (ii) how to cook it. The existence of this concept development has...
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Profile of High Order Thinking Skills of Students in Sociology Learning at IKIP Budi Utomo Malang as the Basis for E -Evaluation Development

Yahmin, Puspita Pebri Setiani
High Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) is one of the competencies that must be developed at IKIP Budi Utomo. Empowering HOTS for students should be done to answer the challenges of the 21st century. It can be done effectively by utilising the technology of learning innovation. This study describes the profile...
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The Urgency of Establishing Institutions as a Model for the Development of Teacher Protection

AS Yenny, Rini Setiawati, Henny Damaryanti
Teachers, as one of the most influential figures in education, still do not get proper protection, especially legal protection. The results of previous studies reveal that overcoming this problem still requires the presence of regulatory policies at the local level that accommodates the importance of...
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Rethinking of Strategy Defending Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) During COVID-19 Pandemic

Yoberth Kornelius, Pricylia Chintya Dewi Buntuang, Cici Rianty K. Bidin
COVID-19 is an unusual scary virus and surprisingly affects the world economy. The condition demands that various countries in the world apply containment policies combined with various public health measures and make economic activities paralyzed, especially for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)....
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Empowering Rural Teachers Teaching Reading and Writing Literacies Using a Blended Smart-Rectormu Model

Yudhi Arifani, Sri Suryanti
Community service activities in the form of programs to strengthen literacy learning for reading and writing for teachers in remote areas of Bawean Island is one form of dissemination of the results of previous research in the form of blended learning applying Smart-rectormu application. The next application...
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Applying Obejctivist Instructional Design of Addie Model on Learning Reading Comprehension

Yudi Hari Rayanto, Supriyo, Sugianti
This research is formulated to have an answer to (1) university learner’s response and (2) learning achievement during learning reading comprehension through the ADDIE model. Instruments used in this research are questionnaires and tests, which must be given and done by university learners during the...
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Improving the Quality of Learning Accounting Through Contextual Cooperative Learning Model in Students of Economic Program in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang 2019

Yulita Pujiharti, Amanah Agustin, Loesita Sari
The new paradigm of learning expects learning to be more student-oriented because such learning methods will contribute to creating an enjoyable learning atmosphere and students function as active learners. Based on teaching experience for 20 years, learning Accounting has been discovered as not reaching...
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Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy after Constitutional Reform in Indonesia

Zainal Arifin Hoessein, Syaiful Bakhri, Ibnu Sina Chandranegara
The constitutional reform in Indonesia provides a policy format or political law for the national economy taking into account the principle of environmental and sustainable insight. This article concern two problems, first, how are environmental arrangements under the constitution? and second, what is...
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Development and Validation of Mind Mapping Module in Teaching and Learning History Islamic Law Based on Metacognitive

Zeti Yusmira Binti Haji Jaludin
The design and development (DDR) research in this phase is aimed to design and develop as well as validating the mind mapping module based on metacognitive in teaching and learning History Islamic Law, Sixth Level Syari’ah, Brunei Darussalam. The Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM) analysis requires expert analysis...