Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Contemporary Education and Society Development (ICCESD 2019)

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Application of Complex Adaptation System Theory in Construction of Private Higher Education Institutions

Guangliang Zhu, Meixing Lu
According to the complex adaptation system, the construction system of private higher education institutions is constructed to solve the problem of the development and construction of private higher education institutions. This paper analyzes the characteristics of complex adaptation system, and argues...
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On English Writing Assessment Under the Guidance of National Criteria

Yan Li
After years of feasible analysis and amendments, the National Criteria of Teaching Quality for Undergraduate English Majors (henceforth NC) was released last March. As a guideline for English teaching, NC will play a significant role in China’s Higher Education and greatly influence the reorientation...
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Exploration on Optimizing the Course System of Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering

Xiaopan Fan, Situ Li, Yiming Liu, Yu Shi, Yun Han, Hua Liu
By investigating the training objectives and curriculum settings of 10 postgraduate training units of agricultural engineering degree in China, this paper analyzed the problems existing in the curriculum settings of this specialty, with a view to optimizing the curriculum system from three angles: adjusting...
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Study on the Strategies of the Integration of Ideological and Political Education and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities

Yufang Wang
At present, there are still some problems in the integration development of ideological and political education and innovative entrepreneurship education, such as inconsistent teaching ideas, different curriculum systems, weak teaching staff and so on. In order to solve these problems, this paper analyzes...
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Analysis and Solution of College Students' Joining the Party in the New Era

Chao Song, Ziyan Zheng, Tianqin Shang, Yun Han
This paper analyzes the problem of college students joining the Party, the issue of joining the Party activists, and the lack of ideals and beliefs at a higher level. It is proposed how the party branch can effectively guide the students in the school effectively, strengthen the study of theoretical...
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A Study on the Current Situation of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility-An empirical analysis based on the owners’ view

Huanping Zhang, Bardai Barjoyai, Low Janaka
This paper selects share listed companies from Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges as research samples, through linear regression model by SPSS, to analyze the impact of differentiation in ownership on corporate social responsibility from two aspects: welfare donation and tax avoidance motivation....
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A Study on the Realization Mechanism of CSR

Maohua Li, Zoltán Zéman, Csaba Lentner
This paper is to study how to construct a realization mechanism for European banks to help them take social responsibilities. For this purpose, this paper uses textual analysis method to study the literature for banks and CSR in Europe and then summarize the functions of banks in European economics and...
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Design of Practical Teaching System for the Core Course of Human Resources Management Specialty

Yan Liu, Maohua Li
Referring to the objectives and requirements of the teaching syllabus of the core course of human resources management specialty, this paper establishes the practical teaching system of classroom practice teaching, school experiment platform and social practice platform, extends from multi-level and...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Teachers Team in the Training of Applied Talents of Administration Major

Ting Zhang
Administration as a traditional specialty must embark on the road of application-oriented transformation, aiming at training applied talents and adapting the need for social and economic development. Creating an applied teacher team is the fundamental measure to guarantee the target of training applied...
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Research on Talent Cultivation Model of Higher Vocational School-Enterprise Cooperation Based on Cost-benefit Perspective

Juan Xu
School-enterprise cooperation, production-teaching integration is the school-running model followed by vocational education. The characteristic school-enterprise cooperation model has always been the focus of the school, enterprise and government to explore the quality of training, focusing on the sharing...
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Research on the Professional Adjustment of Professional Layout and Professional Structure--Taking Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and Technical College as an Example

Juan Xu, Shengxian Duan
Professional setting is the basic framework and foundation for teaching activities in colleges and universities, which is directly related to the functional orientation and long-term development of the school. Select the student data in the data collection platform for talent training work in 2009-2018...
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Research on the Educational Reform of Economic Mathematics for the Professional Application and Quality Training of Students Majoring in Finance and Economics in Higher Vocational Colleges

Heqiong Zhang
According to the current situation and development trend of mathematics teaching reform in higher vocational and technical education, our college takes the existing higher vocational students as the research object and takes the improvement of students' core literacy as the "dissolving agent" of discipline...
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Research on Chinese-style Corruption Prevention System Based on Mutual Trust

Yaokui Li
The function of the trust culture in preventing corruption hasn’t yet been given enough attention. This study tries to build a corruption prevention system based on mutual trust between power bodies. We introduced the theory of trust management into the field of Chinese-style anti-corruption and analyzed...
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Research on the Training Path of Cartoon Professional Talents of "Internet + Cartoon Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

Jian Dong
In recent years, China's cartoon industry has developed rapidly in the fields of Internet and new media, and it is in urgent need of high-level applied talents with innovative ability, application ability and entrepreneurial ability to master the operation links of new media cartoon industry chain based...
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Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and the Current Status of Resource Combination in New Agricultural Enterprises

Hongxin Xiao, Qiuhua Chen
Based on the survey data of 339 new agricultural enterprises, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the entrepreneurs and the selection of new combination modes of resources in the sample enterprises. The main conclusions are as follows: First, in terms of personal characteristics of entrepreneurs,...