Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2018)

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Folk Literature Production and People’s Daily Life in the Hinter Land of Mount Ailao

Kaiwan Xiong
As the historical evidences of the national cultural inheritance in a country, the folk literatures contain rich historical and cultural traditions of the country and the people. The cross-clan literature production is a cultural practice for the mutual exchanges and mutual promotion of the national...
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Study on the Connotation of "the Argument in Accordance with Confucian Classics"

Gongluo Zhu
As the cultural phenomenon with far-reaching influence, "the argument in accordance with Confucian classics" is not only the interpretation of Confucian classics, but also a kind of linguistic expression method and meaning generation method. It is not only the method of theoretical construction and academic...
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Theory and Method of Language Contact

Jianya Zhang, Weiming Peng
This paper examines the studies and scholars concerning language contact, sorts out the mainstream theories of the theory of language contact and highlights relevant differences. With timeline, foreign studies fall into pre-theory phase and theory-development phase. And Chinese studies could be divided...
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Some Problems in the Corpus Selection of Chinese Grammar in Spring and Autumn Period

Weiming Peng, Jianya Zhang
Since King Ping of Zhou moved forward the eastern of China, it was known as the Spring and Autumn period. The written Chinese language handed down from generation to generation ??" the form and structure of the classical Chinese has been basically shaped during this period. And it belongs to the "model...
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Family Ethics in Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You

Yuan Shen, Ting Yang
Chinese American writer Celeste Ng’s novel Everything I Never Told You penetrates into the educational crisis in a mixed-race family by highlighting the sense of alienation, frustration and depression resulting from distorted family ethics. This paper mainly analyzes the ethical issues in the novel from...
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Conceptual Metaphors for “Xin” in Confucianism Based on “Xin” in The Four Books

Yali Chen
“Xin” is usually understood as honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, faithfulness, or sincerity. It is considered as an essential concept of Confucianism and is commonly recognized as the standard of value and virtue for Chinese people. Up to now, a lot of scholars have studied “Xin” from multiple perspectives,...
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Study on Phonetics Acquisition of English Learners from Regions of Prominent Dialects in Anhui Province from the Perspective of Optimality Theory

Huazhen Wang
Based on Optimality theory and the existing research result at home and abroad, this paper discover the influence of Anhui dialect on undergraduates’ English phonetic learning through the long-term phonetics teaching and experimental teaching, probes into the problems in phonetic transfer of graduates...
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China English as a Variety of English and its Implications on ELT in Chinese Context

Furong Kou
This paper aims at exploring China English, in comparison with Chinglish, also the inetrlanguage of English, as one of varieties of world Englishes, with its unique features, resulting in discussing the appropriate attitudes Chinese learners of English should have and corresponding implications on ELT...
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An Analysis of Buzzwords in A Bite of China from the Perspective of Language Memetics

Ling Li
The broadcasting of food documentary A Bite of China has triggered a sensation. Meanwhile, its language style is socially acknowledged and widely spread in the internet. The paper is centered on the internet buzzwords of A Bite of China. In order to reveal the propagation rules of internet buzzwords,...
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The Correlation between High-frequency Vocabulary Size and College English Test-band-four Scores

Huaqing He, Lijuan Yan
This paper investigates the relationship between the level of high-frequency vocabulary and CET-4 scores of 302 first-year non-English majors of a normal university in China along both the receptive and productive dimensions. The results indicate that (1) students’ high-vocabulary size is somewhat restricted...
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Male-centered Mentality in Cao Zhi's Poems on Female Resentment

Shuguang Li
With distinctive male-centered mentality, Cao Zhi's poems on female resentment express the confirmation and maintenance of the central position of male dominance and indifference and negation to female value and life experience. The male-centered mentality is mainly reflected in the following aspects:...
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A Study on the Chinese Translation of English Existential Sentences

Chengnan Jia
Based on a statistical analysis of the Chinese translation of English existential sentences in E-C parallel corpus concordance, it is found that there are mainly eight corresponding forms in the Chinese translation of English existential sentences, i.e. "You" sentence, "Shi" sentence, fugitive sentence,...
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Montage in the Contemporary Russia Female Literature

Li Li
Montage, as a rhetorical device and discourse construction, plays a very important role in the discourse, such as the means of inserting the plot and building artistic image, and the basis for controlling the rhythm of the text. Montage is not only a means of subjectivism in narration, but also a means...
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Banquo, A Paradox: A Conspirator and Murderer

Lingmin Zhou
Macbeth by Shakespeare is rich in paradox not only in language styles but also in characterization. Banquo in Macbeth is a good example. Banquo fights with Macbeth against disloyal traitor and he helps Macbeth step by step to kill the king. At the same time, he has great influence on Macbeth’s criminal...
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The Preservation of Hokkien

Yingqiu Chen, Xiaoxiao Chen
Hokkien in recent years has witnessed a gradual decrease in speaking population, which will accelerate the process of language endangerment. However, it is unaffordable not to cease Hokkien’s decline because Hokkien possesses elements that distinguish it from others. From linguistic, cultural and community-based...
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A Preliminary Study on the Chinese Documents with the Reign Title Unearthed in Khara-Khoto

Xiaoming Li
Khara-Khoto is unearthed Chinese literatures, which are accompanied by a large number of social documents with the reign titles. And these reign titles are of great significance on determining the date of the document and researching the relevant historical background. This paper sketches the source,...
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Ethical Issues in Research Processes: Informed Consent, the Role of the Researcher, Access to Research Sites and Research Subjects

Lina Zhang, Zhiqing Liu
Ethical dimensions, which character is a social life in all parts of the society exist in every social research. The simple reason for that is that research concerns getting data from people, and about people. Varieties of problems probed by social researchers and the methods utilized by them are inevitably...
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The Cognitive Construal of Chinese Imperatives

Yujuan Feng, Zhengguang Liu
Imperatives indicate the speaker’s desire to influence future actions, which are generally accomplished by making requests, suggestion, or giving orders. Different form English imperatives, Chinese imperatives don’t have fixed syntactic structures or coherent morphology. This article tries to probe into...
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Analysis on Evolution Characteristics of Chinese Characters

Linying He, Zhanping Zhang, Linna He
The glyph structure of Chinese characters are developed towards simplification, semiotics, standardization, and beautification. Simplification is the general development direction of Chinese character structure; symbolization is a result of simplification, which in turn facilitates simplified processes;...
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Study on the Custom of Ancestor Worship in the Traditional Hakka Culture in Ninghua An Investigation of a Non-material Cultural Heritage

Tao Zhang
"In the North is Dahuaishu, and Shibi Village is in the South". Some scholars researched and pointed out that Shibi Village in Ninghua County of Fujian Province was the final settlement place of immigrants. After a long period of development, it gave birth to the distinctive Hakka customs which has played...
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Comparison of Zhongnan Culture and Nomadic Culture

Jie Hang
Zhongnan Mountain, is a boundary of the south and north part of China. Zhongnan Culture, a regional culture, is formed based on this unique geological location. As a geological boundary in Culturology, Zhongnan Mountain only reaches Shangluo, Ankang Mountainous area in south, and reaches South of Guanzhong...
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Assessment of English Versions of Product Introductions of Alcoholic Drinks From Functionalist Approaches

Xiuqin Hong
With the help of Nord’s model for translation-oriented text analysis, the author finds out how the Chinese and English product introductions of alcoholic drinks differ after conducting the analysis of the intratextual and extratextual factors in the Chinese product introductions and the parallel English...
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The Identity of Jim in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” from the Postcolonial Perspective

Yujin Li
The post-colonial theory opposes the essentialism of the nation and identity. It advocates the concept of "hybridity" and uses it as a strategy to resist the discourse of colonialism. This article, through a textual analysis of the identification problem of slave Jim in Mark Twain’s “ The Adventures...
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Presumptive Q-scalar Implicatures

Lirong Bai
Grice’s theory of conversational implicature has provoked much controversy in recent years. Varieties of plans have been made to advance or even substitute that global pragmatic assumption. Embedded scalar implicature is a case in point which claims that some of the conversational implicatures can be...
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J. D. Salinger Studies in North America and in China

Yang Gao
J. D. Salinger and his works have received much interest and popularity among readers and critics during the past sixty years. This paper aims to sort out the critical studies of Salinger’s works in North America and in China according to different periods divided and such a conclusion can thus be made,...
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The Way to Define the Polysemic Words in a Chinese-English Dictionary An Approach Based on the Generative Lexicon

Yan He
This paper has carried out a study of the semantic extensions of the verb ài (‘love’) in Chinese from a sub-lexical perspective within the theoretical framework of Generative Lexicon. In particular, we have proposed a sub-lexical definition of the verb ài (‘love’) for a Chinese-English dictionary as...
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Translation in College English Teaching from the Prospect of Intercultural Communication

Ying Zhao
It is an inevitable trend in the development of College English translation teaching to penetrate the cultural awareness and cultivate the students' ability of English translation. In recent years, always international exchanges and cooperation, further strengthen, our country college English translation...
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Research on the Psychological Status and Characteristics of “Indoorsy” Undergraduate Students Based on Survey about 1,272 Undergraduate Students Nationwide

Yile Dong, Qing Zhang, Mengyuan Yin, Weicen Ni, Ziyuan Zhou
A total of 1,272 “indoorsy” undergraduates are taken as the analysis objects in this paper to research the psychological characteristics of “indoorsy” undergraduate students. By virtue of principal component analysis, the psychological status of “indoorsy” undergraduate students is summarized as three...
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Figurative Idioms and Culture

Fangfang Ding
This paper seeks to outline the main typology of cultural aspects under conventional figurative language, idioms in particular and to describe the connection between figurative idioms and culture as it becomes manifest in idiomatic data from several languages.
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Chinese and Japanese Progressive Aspectual Markers in Comparison with English

Wenxiao Zhao, Yiji Gao
The present study is devoted to interpreting Chinese and Japanese progressive markers, their meanings and usage in comparison with English, while reasoning ungrammaticality from the perspective of Aktionsart.
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Literature Review of Student Self-assessment and Its Effects on the Second Language Writing

Bing Xu
This paper is a detailed review of the theories and previous studies that investigate self-assessment and second language writing. After the introduction of the definition of self-assessment, a review of the validity and reliability of self-assessment will be presented, followed by its potential benefits...
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Gender Space in The House of Mirth

Tingting Xie
Edith Wharton is one of the most influential novelists at the turn of the twentieth century in America. In 1905, with the publication of The House of Mirth, it aroused the attention of critics and caused much controversy. As a sensitive female writer, Wharton observed that the differences of space in...
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A Tentative Study on the Strategies to Overcome Chinese Culture Aphasia in College English Teaching

Yan Liu
Under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, China gets more involved in the international activities and Chinese culture has gained great attention around the world, but Chinese students usually find themselves in an awkward situation when introducing Chinese culture to foreigners in English....
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Space Production and Its Art Representation Taking "Big Talk on Journey to the West" as an Example

Jiachun Ye
Space theory is an important concern of Western Neo-Marxism. In works of literature and art, space theory and its framework of interpretation explored the struggles among the various social forces brought together by analyzing the physical space constructed in literary works, and creatively explored...
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A Discourse Analysis on Outdoor Advertising about Real Estate from the Perspective of Eco-linguistics

Maoqun Zhang
Eco-linguistics is an interdisciplinary which combines ecology and linguistics. It focuses on the study of language ecology and investigates the relationship between language and ecology, which reflects the idea of returning language to the natural ecology. The birth of eco-linguistics not only helps...
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Enhancing College Students’ Autonomous Oral English Learning in the Network Environment

Chunmei Jiang
College students’ oral English proficiency and autonomous learning ability are emphasized as two extremely significant objectives of college English education. The popularity of network terminals like computers and mobile phones has revolutionized the way for college students to learn oral English. Research...
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Exploring the Correlation between Phraseological Pattern of the Reporting Clause and Reporting Verb Functions in Citation A Corpus-based Study of Theses in Applied Linguistics

Liang Chu
Making reference to the prior eminent literature helps academics to establish an intertextual link to the wider discipline. And such link could be utilized to justify their arguments and the novelty of their position, since it connects their “research activities to significant work in the field” (Hyland,...
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Similarities in Chinese Translation of The Pilgrim’s Progress and that of the Bible

Liangxin Jiao
John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come (1678), one of the English classics and a Christian work, claims a book only secondary to the Holy Bible still in print. Translation has been crucial to the introduction of western knowledge and the forming of national culture...
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Influence of Cognitive Factors on Interpreters’ Performance

Mianmian Cai
This thesis mainly presents the application of interdisciplinary research to dynamic study of interpretation, i.e. the study of the process of interpretation. The author discussed Relevance Theory, which is known as theoretical foundation of cognitive pragmatics. After explaining the procedure of comprehension,...
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An Analysis of Illocutionary Force in the Diplomatic Language of Zuozhuan

Yongmei He
Modern linguistics has contributed a lot to the development of literature analysis and translation theory. Being a central subdomain of pragmatics, the theory of speech acts is an important theoretical foundation in the pragmatic approach. According to the theory, human beings do not simply produce sentences...
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An analysis of the Value of Chinese Art Songs during the May Fourth Period

Qilong Shi
In 1919, the "May fourth" new cultural movement came into being. This period coincided with the confrontation between the new and old culture of China. During this period, Chinese modern music culture began to develop gradually, and the musicians represented by Jinhui Li, Yuanren Zhao, Youmei Xiao and...
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A Literary Study of the Chinese Version of the Gatha of Buddhist Scriptures

Lili Chen, Lengben Zhaxi
As a rhyme composed of specific syllables and length, the gatha has the same side with Chinese traditional poetry, but also has great difference. From the perspective of literature, this paper takes the Chinese version of the gatha of Buddhist scriptures in the Period of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern...
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A Preliminary Study on the Types of Uygur Mythology

ZaiNahan Abuduo, Lili Chen
In this paper, the Uygur mythology is classified by the authors and the motif analysis of the Creation theme will be analyzed. Among them, more references come from Chao Gejin and Wang Xianzhao's masterpiece "Wang’s Catalog: Motif in China’s mythology" and some of them are taken into use compared with...
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A Trinity of Reading, Peer Cooperation, and Consciousness Raising for Meaningful Revision under the Guidance of Social Constructivism

Tiemei Guo
Writing is negotiation of meaning between writer and reader through interaction and revision is the regeneration of meaning when the negotiation is threatened or unable to be accomplished. In nature, revision is meaningful only when it is based on the interaction between reader and writer. In the case...
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An Analysis of Literary Criticism from the Macro Perspective

Xinxin Li
Literary criticism belongs to the category of literary reception. From the perspective of reception aesthetics, literary criticism is an important link in the realization of literary value and an important part of literature research. Literary criticism should complete the appreciation activities. What...
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The Song Cycle: Hermeneutic and Communication Approaches

Elena Borisova, Elena Klimenko
The paper is dedicated to interpretation-based multifaceted connections characteristic to the song cycle genre. The authors discuss the song cycle evolution, the ways of its transformation development trends. Being one of the beloved genres of the classical music, it has undergone dramatic changes which...
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Intonation in the Course of Solfeggio for Visually Impaired and Blind Children

Galima Lukina
The author of this article is focused on a problem of teaching solfeggio for totally unseeing and visually impaired students. The results of theoretical and practical research indicate the identity of the nature of the musical abilities of unseeing and seeing children. This gives grounds to assert that...
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Special Aspects of the Serbian Monuments of the Raska Architectural School of the 12th –Mid 14th Centuries

Natalia Bondarenko
Multi-vector historical events and specific artistic features of the region provided foundation for the development of a unique style of the “Raska architectural school” in Serbia. The independent state in the era of the Nemanjic reached an unprecedented golden age. The originality of the architectural...
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Ethical Values in the Design Concepts of Victor Papanek and Steve Jobs

Olga Savvina, Olga Maximova
The paper analyses ethical values of design concepts of V. Papanek and S. Jobs. Both design concepts represent the concepts that aim to change the human environment inventively and consciously in order to achieve the main aim. The simplicity and the absence of superfluous details are very important characteristics...
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Self-evolution of Strange and Personalized Copperplate Etching Language

Zhu Liu
With the particularity of copperplate etching, it requires workers to have high professional and technical quality. The technique factor has always been an organic part embedded in the art form of printmaking. To grasp the technique is the only way to study and master printmaking. Throughout the process...
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Study on the Characteristics and Aesthetics of Chinese Ceramic Lamps

Mei Liao
In the historical process of succession of Chinese civilization, ceramic lamps as a kind of cultural treasures with long history have decisive influence in the development of contemporary Chinese civilization. Based on its own characteristics, this paper demonstrates its superiority in lamp design from...
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Research on the Artistic Expression of Vocal Music

Shuyue Ding
At present, as the main component of the vocal music art, the science of sound production should be combined with the emotion. And it is very important for the completeness of the vocal artistic expression. The science and integration of sound production is also crucial. It includes two aspects of the...
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To Explore the Origin and Traces: Research on the Evolution of the Modeling of Traditional Ceramic Prunus Vase

Weifang Ke, Xiaosong Zou
The traditional prunus vase has the characteristics of elegance and exquisiteness. The size and proportion of its modeling constantly have changes in different times. The comparative method and the literature method are used in this paper. From the perspective of ergonomics and function transformation,...
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The Evolution of the Style of Chinese Documentary Photography

Xiaozhou Li
Documentary photography began to appear in China from 1920s to 1930s, but developed relatively slow and hard due to social instability and political influence. At each period, unfavorable factors for documentary photographic language system will occur, so it really began to move forward until the late...
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Design and Research on Split Timing System of Horse Racing

Hanhua Zhang, Shuang Zhang
This paper studies the current status of the split timing system of horse racing at home and abroad through literature review, expert interviews and field survey. According to the results, the current split time devices are used for manual operation. And they can only determine the sub-time of the first...
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Design and Strategy of B&B under Sharing Economy Mode

Jing Guo, Zhao Xu
As an emerging industry, B&B will usher in an explosive opportunity in a new era of rapid development of sharing economy and the B&B industry can also be further improved. Based on the current situation and problems of B&B under the sharing economy mode, this article explores the design strategy of featured...
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Study of Innovative Module on Maker Concept in Brand Image Planning

Yang Li
Combining with the nature of the courses planned by the brand image and the demand of the society for the application talents of advertising, this article incorporates the concept of maker into the course of brand image planning, innovates the teaching modules, improves the teaching system and the design...
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Study on Current Situation of Orchestra Development in China

Fei Wang, Wei Xu, Zuping Xu
The spread time of Western orchestra is short in China, but it has gradually become an integral part of our social life. We cannot only play one alone, but also play more together. It plays an important role in festival celebration, large party, school performance and other activities. However, it is...
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Study on the Restoration Aesthetic and Cultural Connotation of "Kintsukuroi" in Contemporary Lacquer Art

Wubin Xu, Yue Ma, Chenxi Xiao
Literally, the Kintsukuroi refers to use the golden to repair the porcelain. It is originated from the piece of golden paint of the "Xiushi craft" in China. The craftsman would bond the broken pieces of porcelain with lacquer of natural resin. And then, they would use the gold foil to make the decoration....
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Aesthetic Expression of Folk Dance Works in Modern Beijing Area

Ningning Wang
As one of the major categories of dance art, folk dance is a cultural achievement jointly created by people of all nationalities. It not only accumulates the ancient culture but also inherits the national aesthetic psychology and reflects the regional characteristics and integrates spirit of the time...
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Discussion on the Correct Method of Using Breath in Singing

Shanshan Jiang
Singing is the most beautiful music, while the vibration of voice is inseparable from the using of breath, which plays a very important role in the singing skills of pronunciation, articulation, continuity and integrity of the whole song. When singing, the different pitch, volume and the tension of the...
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An Exploration of the Playing Style of Zheng Music Bamboo Rhyme

Bing Hu
Bamboo Rhyme is a Zheng piece created by Professor Wei Jun of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, which is compact in composition, concise in technique and rich in scholarly flavor. Its appreciation of bamboo's noble character and the deep friendship with classmates is placed the thick affection of composer....
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Ah Bing and "The Moon over A Fountain" under the Background of Humanism

Bing Hu
The Moon over a fountain is an outstanding representative of Chinese traditional music. The research mostly concentrated in the life of Ah Bing, music ontology, performance method and style, temperament and so on. From the perspective of humanism, this article narrates Ah Bing's social and psychological...
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From Controlling Space to Controlling Time A New Way of City Planning

Linshen Wang, Yixian Yin, Yong Fan, Bin Yang
This paper clarifies the relationship between urban space, urban planning and time, clarifies the importance and main position of time in urban planning, and recognizes urban space from the perspective of "flow". "Flow" finally comes down to a running state and a kind of interrelation, and further ascribes...
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Study on Creative Design of Bamboo Furniture from the Perspective of Ecological Design

Weixia Gao
This paper deals with the innovative design and strategy of bamboo furniture from the perspective of ecological design. Firstly, it introduces the background and concept of bamboo furniture ecological design. Secondly, it analyzes three aspects of bamboo furniture ecological design, including material,...
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Talking about the Characteristics and Developing Status of Pop Singing

Hailan Ren
With the continuous development of social and cultural life, Pop music, a symbol of the social fashion vane, has become an important part of people's cultural life. It has also received more attention and research as a social and cultural phenomenon in the world. Popular singing is unique in its modern...
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The Value of Bellini's Art Songs in Vocal Music Training

Qinwen Yang
Bellini's song creation emphasizes singing nature; vocal characteristics which accord with singing psychology and vocal performance are very suitable for training and developing the technical ability of singing. In European and American countries, Bellini’s opera arias and art songs have long been regarded...
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Discussion on the Application of Bamboo in Architectural Design

Mengtian Zhang, Hao Ying
Since the 20th century, forest resources have been cut down endlessly while the world’s economy is developing rapidly. The earth is becoming warmer and the haze is serious. In the 21st century, we must rationally coordinate the relationship between human, natural environment and development. Now most...
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Socio-cultural Function of Art in Contemporary Art Digital Media Art and Humanistic Care

Limin Wang
Modern technical materials (computer hardware and software along with their human input devices) are more and more entering the lives of artists with the possibilities and particularities that those technical materials bring to accelerating the work, and thinking of those artists based in digital media....
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Research on the Key Steps of Innovative Design of Museum Cultural Derivatives

Xiaotao Hu, Zhiqiang Dai
Museum Cultural Derivatives belongs to the realm of modern industry products, with the museum cultural connotation as its source of design inspiration, and mechanization and mass production as the main means of producing. To design derivatives that can not only reflect the museum culture, but also satisfy...
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Enlightenment of Huizhou-style Houses on the Modern Building Design

Yanpeng Li, Xiang Wang, Shaojun Lin
Huizhou-style architecture has been highly praised by architects at home and abroad. As one of the most distinctive building types of China, it has unique building types and human settlement inspired by nature, having important influence and reference significance on nowadays’ building design. The formation...
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The Application of Kinesthetic Perception Experience and Environmental Design

Jun Yi
From the perspective of environmental psychology, this article takes a variety of perceptual experience theories as its research background. It elaborates on the meaning of kinesthetic perception, explains the performance level of dynamic perception experience design in depth, and meticulously analyzes...
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Confucianism and Taoism Embodied in the Patterns on the Sachets of Qingyang, China

Xiao Han
Based on field investigation, literature study and expert interview, this paper classifies the decorative patterns on Qingyang sachets into shape-oriented, meaning-oriented and homophone-oriented three types with the aim to uncover the Confucianism, Taoism and the local folk thoughts embodied in these...
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Analysis on the Freehand Brushwork of Chinese Painting and the Native Oil Painting Language

Limin Fan
Oil painting is an exotic painting introduced to China at the beginning of the 20th century, and then has been blended and collided with traditional Chinese culture. In this process, oil painting also forms an independent artistic language, which is different from western painting, ??"freehand brushwork,...
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Exploration and Reflection on the Art Practice of Music Major in Independent Colleges

Chunyan Huang
Art practice of music major in colleges is a driving force for deepening knowledge and an important way for cultivating students’ innovative awareness and comprehensive ability, to make students of music apply their knowledge and skills in practice through various artistic activities inside and outside...
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Research on Heze’s Style and Features in the Context of “Urban Double Repairs”

Jiren Cui, Xiangwen Deng, Hao Tang
Heze was once one of the economically underdeveloped cities in southwestern Shandong Province, in recent years, socio-economic development has been achieved and there has been great progress in urban construction, in the context of “urban double repairs” to discuss the issues of Heze’s urban style and...
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Research on Urban Planning Method in Historical Environment The Case of Epang Palace Archaeological Park and Surroundings

Wei Yan, Yiting Liu, Chong Zhao
Scientific urban development has been a significant trend of new-type urbanization in China. Base on this trend, this article takes Epang Palace Archaeological Park as an example to explore methods of urban planning in historical environment. The method contains three aspects: discovery of historical...
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Research on Community Games Space Planning and Design Strategies for Helping Children's Socialization

Jing Li, Yifei Li
Under the background of rapid urban economic development, urban children's life is undergoing dramatic changes. The stratification of children's lives, partnership crisis, and social inadequacy has greatly affected the healthy development and growth of urban children. Rebuilding children's life centered...
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Analysis of the Practical Value of Czerny Piano Etudes

Aiyong Xin
As an outstanding piano educator, Czerny not only do a lot of a piano etudes, more important is his achievement in the establishment of a complete set of training system of piano teaching practice in the long-term study. The teaching strategy of this system is guiding the development of piano playing...
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Belief Space Creation of Wu’s Ancestal Hall

Yifei Li, Ke Wu, Xinping Yuan
Wu's ancestral hall, the First ancestral hall in Eastern Hubei Province, is one of the best-preserved ancient ancestral temples discovered at present, and it is known as the “Hubei Folk Art Treasury”. This article focuses on the description of Wu's ancestral hall space, and expounds the influence of...
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The Problem of Forming an Effective System of Regulation of World and National Economy

Andrei Kharlamov, Tatyana Kharlamova
The contemporary stage of development of world economy is characterized by constantly emerging financial crises that requires to use some new instruments for their suppression. The basis for the application of such instruments is the formation an effective system of regulation of the economy. It is aimed...
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Future-property as the Property of the Future Propertyological Aspect*

Andrey Orekhov, Aleksey Neugodnikov
Current research in the social sciences requires the creation of the new transdisciplinary fields. A place among them could take propertyology ??" interdisciplinary science on the property. Future-property as the property of the future us experiencing the following trends in its transformation: the increasing...
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Principles of Organization of Creative Clusters

Igor Hriptulov, Julia Gnezdova
The paper analyzes the formation of creative clusters, where young artists come to abandoned industrial spaces, transforming them into productive zones. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that the creative economy is one of the most dynamic sectors of world trade in goods and services, whose...
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Evaluation of the Efficiency of Government Programs’ Development Systems

Irina Yurzinova, Valery Nezamaikin
The present article reviews the current problems of the realization of the Federal Law “On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation”, ensuring coordination and interaction in the development of government programs. The article suggests an approach to the estimation of the efficiency of coordination...
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Social and Economic Factors of the Risk of Development of Russia’s Human and Intellectual Potential

Larisa Selezneva
The paper analyzes the socio-economic risk factors of the development of human and intellectual potential in modern Russia. The theoretical approaches of scientists, studying the relationship between economic growth, social conditions and the development of human and intellectual potential, draw attention...
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Actual Problems of Effective Cooperation between Business and NPO as the Factor of Sustainable Development in Russia

Maria Basova, Sergey Tolkachev, Nadezhda Arkhipova, Dmitry Morkovkin, Natalia Isaichykova, Elena Kolosova
The paper substantiates the advantages of an effective cooperation between business and NPO and identifies main problems arising during that process. Among other problems considered there is the cause of a deficient practice of such cooperation with a lack of a continuous financing of NPO actions at...
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Consideration on Promoting Supply-side Structural Reform of Agriculture Taking Zaozhuang as an Example

Weili Gong
This paper finds out the problems and constraints in the supply side of agricultural development in Zaozhuang thorough investigation on the status quo of agricultural development in Zaozhuang. For the actual problems of the investigation and study, feasibility suggestion is specifically studied for the...
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The Path of Financial System Supports Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises

Yifan Shi
The article mainly studies the path of the financial system to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology. The main point is that the financial system can influence the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by means of financing environment and...
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Research on Ownership Structure and Minority Investors Protection Based on the Perspective of Ownership Restriction

Shuanghai Li, Yuting Luo
Ownership structure is in the basic position of corporate governance. Reasonable ownership structure can promote the improvement of corporate governance, and protect the interests of minority investors. Minority investors are the main source of market circulation funds and play an important role in the...
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The Practical Way of the Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind An Analysis of “One Belt and One Road”

Zhaohe Chen
Since taking office, President Xi Jinping has gradually formed the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the face of the new opportunities and new challenges under the new situation. The community of common destiny for all mankind is an important part of the diplomatic strategy...
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Chinese Volunteer Tourists’ Perceived Value Analysis An Exploration Study Based on Netnographic Method

Senyao Sang, Shimei Wang
As a typical post-modern tourism form, volunteer tourism provides multi-value perceptions for volunteer tourists. Using by netnographic research process, grounded on perceived value theory, the present study went deep into Chinese volunteer tourism`s online community, collected Chinese volunteer tourism`s...
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Financial Stress Testing of Real Estate Enterprise

Yao Long
In this paper, we choose “Stress Testing", which is widely used in the financial field, to analyze the risk pressure of the real estate industry. The real estate industry's pressure factors are divided into internal and external factors. Internal factors mainly reflect the enterprise inventory turnover,...
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Analysis on the Employment Competition between Tibetan and Han Workers Based on 229 Questionnaires in Linzhi, Tibet

Tianping Liu, Qingyun Zhou
It is of great practical significance to study the employment competition among the workers from different ethnic groups in ethnic areas. Based on the survey data of employment status of migrant workers in Linzhi, Tibet Autonomous Region, this paper analyzes the employment and competition of Tibetan...
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An Empirical Research on Corporate Venture Capital and Value Creation of Invested Enterprises

Fu Zheng, Hongxing Wen, Xuchu Wen
Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) can bring investment companies with financial and strategic value which can promote the value of invested enterprise. However, because of factors of opportunism and asymmetric information, CVC will hinder the value of invested enterprise. This paper uses the data of A-Shares...
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Financial Distress Prediction Model of Manufacturing Industry Empirical Evidence from Shenzhen and Shanghai A-share Listed Firms

Lan Wu, Pan Wan
Since financial distress prediction model have the features of information collection, financial monitoring, financial identification and financial prevention and so on, we selected financial data of 20 ST companies and non-ST companies from Shenzhen and Shanghai A-share listed companies on the basis...
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Comparative Analysis on the Competitive Power of Vegetable Industry Elements in China

Xiaoli Zhang
Whether the basic factors are rich or not and whether they are used reasonably and efficiently are not only related to the production capacity of vegetable industry at present, but also related to the potential of future development of vegetable industry. This study selected the top 10 vegetable provinces...
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Rural E-commerce Two-way Logistics Model Design

Lijun Fan, Li Sun
Agriculture is a key problem for China's political and economic development. There is mismatching between the demand and supply in the development of agricultural economy. In the process of necessities downlink and the agricultural products going up, there are structural contradictions in the supply...
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Comprehensive Comparative Analysis on Export Competitiveness of Vegetable Industry among Provinces in China

Xiaoli Zhang
By means of dimensional index variables, scientific selection of objects for comparative analysis and factor score analysis, the comprehensive comparative analysis of the competitiveness of inter provincial vegetable exports was carried out according to the mean value of the major vegetable export provinces...
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Construction of Prediction Model for Online Shopping Expenditure of Rural Residents in China

Can Wang
The development of e-commerce in rural areas is not only an important part of rural economy, but also closely related to the transformation of rural residents' consumption and life mode. Regarding to the issue of online shopping expenditure for rural residents in China, the paper has successively set...
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Thinking on the Construction of Intellectual Property System with Chinese Characteristics under the Perspective of Marxism Theory

Yanying Fei, Liang Zhao
The western intellectual property system has existed for several centuries and it has become a perfect system. With the establishment of new China, Chinese intellectual property system has gradually developed too. It is currently in the new period of building the intellectual property system with Chinese...