Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2018)

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Innovation Driven as a Development Strategy for Enterprises in a Transitional Economy

Xiao Hu, Dechao Mi
The global financial crisis and the downturn in the domestic economy mean increased pressure and impetus to get rid of the inertia of extensive economic growth and deep-seated corporate problems. In this context, timely adjusting business development strategies by improving innovation capacity is called...
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The Empirical Research of the Effect of Financing Constraints on Investment Efficiency Based on Chinese Listed Companies

Shuanghai Li, Xinwen Hu
Based on the data of the Chinese Listed Companies in 2012-2016 years as the research sample, this paper carries out an empirical research on the relationship between the financing constraints and investment efficiency of Chinese listed companies from the perspective of different regions, industries and...
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Study on Integrated Competency-based Accounting Education

Qiuling Zhao
Globalization and rapid developments of new Economics has led to dramatic changes in the business environment , the gap between the competencies employers expected and perceived accounting graduates to possess has been widening. Based on a review of the literature, a framework of integrated competency-based...
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Research on the Applicability of Fama-French Five-factor Model in Chinese A-share Market

Yanliang Zhang, Fanhao Li, Yue Gong
Chinese securities market is still in the stage of development, Fama-French three-factor model is widely considered to be applicable in Chinese A-share Market, and the explanation ability of Fama-French five-factor model need to be researched. From empirical perspective, this paper takes 495 Shanghai...
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Research on Legal Environment of Independent Innovation

Yanying Fei, Li Ling
Independent innovation has become the core of development of national science and technology strategy after the 19th National Congress, and how to improve the ability of independent innovation of science and technology has become a major concern of the academic circle in China. The development of independent...
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Mental Reengineering as an Intellectual Technology of Human Resources Quality Management in a Modern Organization

Irina Lyskova
The paper studies the main tasks of quality management and the importance of rational approaches to the human resources management in an organization. The paper provides the general characteristics of business processes and human resources reengineering. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of intellectual...
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Management of Personnel Potential in Higher School in the Conditions of the Organizational Changes and the Transition to a Digital Economy

Irina Pavlova, Natalya Soldatova
The paper is devoted to the issue of managing the human capacity at higher education institutions, namely the introduction of a new payment system and the shift towards effective contract of teaching staff as a management technology. The paper substantiates the significance of motivating professors to...
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Using Social Networks in Knowledge Management System

Mikhail Oseledchik, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev
The article analyzes the positive and negative aspects of using social networks in the knowledge management system, formal and informal components of knowledge management by advanced organizations, non-standard ways of incrementing and storing knowledge. The use of social networks in knowledge management...
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Practice Direction from the Perspective of Value Rationality The Methodological Significance of Mencius' Theory of Good Nature

Yuqing Yang
Mencius established his own theory from the assumption of goodness of human nature. He advocated expanding kindness in the practice of social life. He affirmed the internal value of human, advocated to grasp the rational consciousness of human orientation. Mencius’s theory of good nature represents metaphysics...
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Study on Influences of Screen Culture on Developing Modern College Students’ Values

Cong Huang
Screen culture is a new culture rising with the development of TV and film industries, having features of being general, visual, guiding and amusing. In the meantime, screen culture is in a close connection with college students, impacting the formation of students’ values. Screen culture is a public...
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Study on the Popper's Scientific Demarcation Criterion

Junheng Sun, Bin Wen
The issue of science demarcation has always been an important issue throughout Western philosophy of science. On the issue of science demarcation, Karl Popper start with critical inductive method and criticized logical positivism, and then puts forward his own standard of falsificationism. His standard...
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The Effect of Science and Technology Ethics on Science and Technology Innovation

Wei Yang
The promoting effect of science and technology development on society is evident in the contemporary era. However, the side effects or potential negative impacts of science and technology in social development such as the threat of nuclear weapons, environmental pollution, ecological unbalance, resources...
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Evaluation of Coupling Coordination Degree between Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization

Qi Shen, Xiaoqun Hu
On the basis of explaining the coupling mechanism of urbanization and agricultural modernization, according to the principles of humanism, coordination between urbanization and agricultural modernization, this paper uses the spatial description method to establish the model of coupling coordination degree...
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Self-development and Self-protection of China Pu’er Whipping Top Project from Perspective of Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage

Dongying Li
In the process of protection and development of Asian minority traditional sport, the traditional sports intangible cultural heritage faces the impact of modern sport, the contradiction between technological progress and the protection of tradition, the insufficient inheritors and others difficulties....
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Research on the Marketing Strategy of MICE Cities Taking Asia as an Example

Xicong Zheng
In recent years, MICE industry is one of the rapidly developing industries in various countries, which lead all countries to take the MICE industry as their development core to enhance the competitiveness of the country and the city as a whole. Holding exhibitions can bring considerable economic benefits...
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Analysis of Cost Structure of China’s Passenger Cars Manufacturing Industries

Kun Liu
The manufacturing capacity of passenger cars represents one country’s overall manufacturing ability. Recently, passenger cars manufacturing industries (PCMI) of China were faced with some challenges including rising production costs, declining productivity, and unreasonable cost structure. In this article...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Impact and Efficiency of "City Block" from the Perspective of the Shared View Based on the Comparison of 1129 Samples from Two Projects

Xin Yan, Jinwei Lin
This article uses a total of 1129 sample data in 2016 and 2017 to discuss the influence and effectiveness of the "city block" trial in view of the attitudes and opinions of residents in Guangdong province. And we have the main conclusions. In terms of impact, residents' awareness of "city block" and...
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Analysis on Family Doctors’ Health Service of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jianbo Zhong, Jun Li
It is expected that China will basically achieve full coverage of family doctors in 2020. TCM as unique medical resources of China, which have unique advantages in the provision of preventive health care and health management. Under the social background of the comprehensive promotion of the family doctor's...
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Study on the Promotion, Management and Maintenance of Domestic Ceramic Brands in China

Huiwen Li
Developing brand is the only way for China's ceramic industry. This paper starts with the promotion, management and maintenance of brands to briefly explain the problems that should be paid attention to in developing domestic ceramic brands.
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Research on the Introduction Policy of High-tech Talents of Taiwan

Jianping Huang, Lihua Huang
High-tech talent is the first key to the development of science and technology. For this reason, this article mainly elaborates the general situation of Fujian's high-tech talents, analyzes the difficulties of Fujian's introduction policy of Taiwan's high-tech talents, and proposes proposals for resolving...
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Research on Implementation Strategy of Lean Construction Management in Chinese Construction Enterprises

Yan Liao
Under the new situation of China's economy, lean construction management can help construction enterprises improve their management level and economic benefits, and promote the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises. Based on the analysis of the status quo of lean construction management...
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Research and Development Expenditure, Cash Conversion Cycle and Corporate Performance An Empirical Study of Chinese Listed Companies

Changlie Yin, Shuchun Zhang
With the development of science and technology, the globalization has contributed to the vigorous development of China’s economy. Business managers begin to recognize the importance of research and development expenditure and working capital management on the enterprise core competitiveness. Combining...
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Research on the Evaluation System of Science and Technology Innovation Ability in Jing-Jin-Ji Region

Dan Wu, Siqi Cao
This author refers to the existing literature, systematically reviews the evaluation results of regional S & T innovation capability from the aspects of evaluation connotation, evaluation index and evaluation method. The existing evaluation index design mainly adopts the qualitative analysis method,...
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Transformation and Planning of Production Space in Beishan Village, Zhuhai

Hui Li, Shuai Yang
Based on the theory of space production, this paper analyzes the dominant factors of space production history of Beishan village and uses the spatial criticism theory to examine and analyze the current situation. In view of the crisis of Beishan village's spatial transition, this paper tries to make...
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Research on the Construction of the Mode of Financial Shared Service Center in the Internet Plus Era

Jianghong Yao
With the advent of the Internet plus era and the advancement of trend of economic globalization, the management mode of enterprises has changed from simplification to intensification. As an innovative organization, the mode of financial shared service centers effectively satisfies and upgrades the requirement...
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An Empirical Study on the Evolvement of Demands of Professional Ability of Managerial Students in Vocational Colleges by Employing Units

Yaling Liu, Yuyi Zeng
Based on the data of survey of management professional position requirements in 2011 and 2016, the author analyzes the requirement changes of employ ability of vocational students in vocational colleges. The research finds that the professional vocational qualifications of vocational students have always...
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An Analysis and Reflection on Reading of College Students' WeChat Reading

Yuchen Zheng, Que’er Hong
The fragmented reading of the Internet era has greatly impacted college students' reading preferences. Through WeChat, college students get text reading, image appreciation, sound communication, so WeChat is that they use mobile Internet terminal to read the new way. Through the analysis of the use about...
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Everything Is Impermanent The Black Swan Events in University Management

Ge Liang
Based on the idea of understanding and dealing with the black swan event, this article makes a detailed discussion on the black swan event that may occur in the university. It points out that college administrators lack imagination and turkey-style thinking methods. The knowledge arrogance and mental...
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Research on Business Model Innovation Driven by Scientific and Technological Innovation

Yanxia Cheng, Tianbao Liang, Jingjing Li
The innovation of business model driven by science and technology has become one of the key drivers to promote the leap-forward growth of economy. Through literature review, this paper analyzes the theory of scientific and technological innovation to drive the business model innovation logic, summarizes...
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A New Exploration into the Innovative Development of Old Care Service in Shandong under the Mode of Combination of Medical and Health Care

Na Han, Kai Wang
Combining the general trend of "combination of medical and health care", this paper carries out all-around research work by taking analysis of the development plight of the pension service industry as the main purpose and pension service agencies in Shandong Province as the main research object through...
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Study on Governmental Policy Marketing Mechanism

Preng-Nien Hu
The relationship between the government and the media is mainly to promote its policy philosophy and objectives and to make the policy can be implemented smoothly. In today's information age, the government must contact with the media and other organizations to understand that the media is a journalism...
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The Way to Do Well the Statistical Practice Teaching Centered on the Problem Taking the Case of Public Opinion Survey

Shunqi Hu
The change from knowledge-centered to questioncentered is an important means of statistical practice teaching, and it is also an important way to improve students' statistical application ability. The public opinion survey is an important means for the government to observe public opinion, raise and...
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Research on Optimization of University Financial Informational Construction in the Era of Big Data Taking X University as an Example

Lin Yang
With the advent of the big data era and the rapid spread of the concept of financial information sharing, the construction of financial informational in colleges and universities has become a hot topic both in academia and practice field once again. Based on this, this article uses case analysis method...
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The Development Trend and Strategy Research on the Retail Industry from the Perspective of Retail Industry Transformation

Dingjie Xu
At present, the circulation industry, as a bridge linking production and consumption, is an important connection to promote the production of China's society and is also one of the leading industries of China's economic operation. And the retail industry, as a narrow sense of circulation, plays an important...
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The Research of the Green Management Ability of the Government

Tiantian Gu, Xiaoxiang Li
With the development of China’s economy, industrialization is accelerating, the ecological and environmental problems become increasingly serious. Today, environmental pollution problem is serious, the consumption of natural resources is increasing, there are more and more ecological problems, and the...
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The Effect of Accounting Firms Size on Audit Fees

Liangcheng Wang, Yanzhi Zhou
The study of audit fees is one of the most important issues in auditing market. Audit fees are the "economic bridge" between listed companies and accounting firms. Reasonable audit fees can improve the audit quality. This paper examines the effect of accounting firms on audit fees, and discusses whether...
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Analysis on the Protection and Tourism Exploitation of Yunnan-Vietnam Railway

Lijun Shi, Hong Pan
The Yunnan Vietnam Railway is one of the important materials for studying the history of Chinese railways. There are many valuable cultural relics on the Vietnam Vietnam Railway Corridor. After historical accumulation, the historical and cultural value is constantly accumulating, forming the unique cultural...
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The Necessity of College Teachers Managing towards “Ecology”

Xiaoqiong Zhou
Traditional rigid “scientific management” is not conducive to arouse teachers’ enthusiasm and soft “humanistic management” ignores the content and system of the factors in the management. In contrast, the “ecological faculty management” is soft and supple which overcomes the defects of the traditional...
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Research on the Present Situation of Public Sports Products Supply in Rural Areas

Ying Yang, Liang Zhai
This article aims at investigating the facilities, types, evaluation conditions and sources of funding of public sports products in rural areas. The results show that there is a single source of funding for public sports products supply in rural areas in Sichuan Province, Lack of facilities, there is...
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Development of On-the-job Internship A Symbiosis Strategy for Student Teacher Preparation and the Construction of Teaching Staff in Rural Area

Jiajue Fang, Qiaowen Li, Hong Yu
The field work, the college student to full-time teacher identity into poor areas of the school to complete the task of teaching practice, and as a means to solve the lack of rural teachers, the quality is not high the long-term fundamental problem restricting the development of rural education in national...
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Discussion on Training of Automobile Marketing and Service Professionals

Wei Zhou, Shizeng Li, Zhiyong Feng
Through the research on Guangxi automobile aftermarket and understanding of the demand for professional talents skilled at automotive marketing and service in the car aftermarket, the author gives the analysis of the existing problems in the vocational schools’ training for professional talents of automobile...
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A Study on the Situation and Behavioral Characteristics of "Homebody" of Undergraduates

Yile Dong, Mengyuan Yin, Qing Zhang, Tong Chen
A sample survey of 2190 undergraduates from 25 provinces in mainland China shows that 1,272 undergraduates consider themselves "homebodies". Taking 1,272 "homebodies" as analysis objects, this paper studies the status and behavior characteristics of "homebody" of undergraduates. According to the survey...
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The Mode and Countermeasure of Social Power Participating in Social Assistance

Yixi Liu
This article unifies the targeted poverty alleviation mode of "cooperation between village enterprise" under the background of grass-roots party construction to innovates and practices the Thai merchants, companies, collectives and farmers "four-in-one" poverty alleviation cooperation mode where new...
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Institutional Change, Path Dependence and the Rural Land Three Rights Division

Dunyou Shi
The three rights division of rural land is another major institutional innovation in the rural land reform following the family contract responsibility institution under the new historical conditions. The core of the rural land three rights division lies in the pursuit of the agricultural economic performance,...
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Suggestion on Socialist Legal Culture Construction Path with Chinese Characteristics

Ximei Zhang
To build socialist legal culture with Chinese characteristics, it needs to adhere to the principle of combining cultural self-consciousness with comprehensive innovation, treat traditional culture and foreign culture scientifically; construct social foundation of the legal culture and establish civil...
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Performance Evaluation and Countermeasure Study of University Technology Transfer in Middle China

Qinghui Wang
As the significant main part of scientific research in China, university has abundant scientific and technological resources. How to transform scientific research achievements into practical productive forces, deal with the contradiction between market demand and university scientific research achievement,...
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Innovative Research on Training Mode of Tourism Management Talents under the Trend of “Intelligent Tourism”

Shuangfan Song
As a new form of tourism development in China in the new era, smart tourism has realized the transformation of tourism industry. In the continuous development of industry, people also put forward higher requirements for personnel training. Therefore, as a tourism management major, we must actively strengthen...
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The Improvement of Two-level Power Disposition Policy of Universities and Colleges in China

Jingbo Feng, Wanbing Shi
Two-level power disposition of universities and colleges is the core problem of the management system reform inside the universities. At present, the theoretical direction and practice approach of the management system reform inside the universities mainly concentrate on the static allocation of political...
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A Study on the On-camera Value and Quality Requirements of the On-camera Correspondent and Reporter in the TV News

Qianqian Wu
With the rapid development of financial media, audiences have higher requirements on the timeliness, authenticity, and presence of news, which makes the live report of on-camera correspondent and reporter a crucial part of television news report. The on-camera correspondent realizes the value and significance...
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Path Selection of Recognizable Technology for Unlawful Interference in Cabins

Xiaoyong Yang
This paper discussed the characteristics and development trends of the recognizable techniques of in-flight unlawful interference behavior based on multidisciplinary background. The author analyzed the theoretical and practical exploration in aviation security before and after 9/11 from the aspects of...
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Measurement and Evaluation of Industrial Cluster in China

Xiaoyan Wang
Identification of industrial cluster is an important foundation to quantitatively evaluate the performance of industrial cluster. The identification methods have been used to identify the initial cluster cultivate does not apply to some. In this paper, for the need of strategic assessment of the progress...
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Discussion on Political Participation under New Media Condition from the Perspective of Dewey's Communication Thought

Ranmeng Li
Dewey believes that communication has two meanings: transmission and sharing. Communication can build a community. The community can accommodate the opinions of individuals and form a consensus to promote democracy. He is a technological optimist and believes that the continuous development of communication...
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Relevant Research on Competency in Sports Field

Shaocong Zhao
Based on literature review method and through analysis of 150 related papers published, the author finds that domestic research on competency in sports field has the following problems: lack of standardization and diversity in adopting research methods; lack of unified standards for determining performance...
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Discussing the Construction of Undergraduate Psychological Crisis Management System

Zhigang Gao, Yan Zhan
With the higher education of our country has turned into the development stage of popular, more and more young people can enter the universities for further study, the scale of internal student is expanding constantly, and at the same time, the undergraduates group of psychological problems and the psychological...
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Research on the Long-term Mechanism of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Driven by Scientific and Technological Innovation A Case Study

Zhangwei Yang, Shaobin Huang
The scientific and technological innovation has become one of the research hotspots in the area of targeted poverty alleviation. The paper put forward the dynamic management structure of targeted poverty alleviation, combining the basis connotation of the long-term mechanism, based on the survey of Lianhua...
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Ideas and Suggestions on Sustainable Development of Undergraduates' Human Capital from the Perspective of Supply-side Structural Reform

Jiandong Zhang, Yue Qi, Xiaolin Liu, Yangyang Si
Human capital plays an important role in the development of social industry. High-quality skilled personnel are the basis for innovation in industry. At present, it is difficult to balance the supply and demand for human capital in the industrial application. The main reason is just difficult for the...
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Analysis of Semantic Retrieval System Based on Information Resource Management A Comparative Analysis of Wolfram Alpha and Google

Bin Ye
Wolfram alpha is a computational knowledge search engine. This paper tries to evaluate its search results from the point of view of users and compare it with Google to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the search engine.
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An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of the Delayed Retirement Age in China

Ziyun Ren
As the aging problem is becoming more and more prominent today, whether to postpone the retirement age has been the focus of the public. Retirement is related to the vital interests of every worker. In this paper, combined with the status quo at home and abroad, according to China's national conditions,...
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Analysis on the Status and Trend of the Development of China's Pension Industry

Ziyun Ren, Chengzhen Xu
This article is about the existing problems in the development of China's pension industry and the future trend of the speculation. By selecting the objects of different age groups and using the methods of literature, questionnaires and interviews, the paper analyzes the current situation of aging population,...
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Internet Thinking and Reengineering Strategy of Traditional Tourism Enterprises

Xinwei Su
Since the rise of "Internet plus tourism" to the national strategic level, the integration of tourism industry and the Internet has brought about disruptive changes to the traditional tourism industry. Starting from this background, this paper researches the study situation on the integration of Internet...
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State Ownership, Auditor Rotation and Audit Quality

Liangcheng Wang, Lin Zhu
This paper examines whether the auditor rotation affects the audit quality of state owned enterprises (SOEs) based on the data of China’s listed companies that switching audit firms in the period from 2004 to 2014. The results from our sample show that the auditor rotation has significant positive impact...
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Nonlinear Correlation Mechanism of Service Outsourcing Industry and Economic Growth A Comparison between China and India

Dan Liu, Chun Wang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Yongmin Wu
The research on the function mechanism of service outsourcing industry to economic growth helps to locate the service outsourcing industry accurately during the economic transition from manufacturing to service. In order to obtain the experience path of advanced country’s service outsourcing industry,...
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An Analysis of the Violent Transmission of Cartoons Based on Children

Xuya Wang, Xiaorui Li
As an important carrier of children's entertainment, cartoon is very popular in the market. But in order to chase capital profit and cater to the audience, the animators often add a lot of violent scenes and special effects to the film. These violent elements, disguised as personified cartoon images,...
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Research on Cash Flow Incurrence-effect Incurred by Optimization of Firm Asset Structure

Baifang Liu, Li Li, Xuewei Zhan
In this paper, cash flow incurrence-effect incurred by optimization of firm asset structure has been studied by Stacerberg Model. It has been shown in the game model that the company's capital structure optimization takes on income effect in oligopoly market, while capital effect in the perfectly competitive...
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Research on the Construction of Rural Left-behind Children’s Sports Assistance System in Guizhou Province

Guanghui Yao, Long Zhang
Through literature research, interview and investigation, logical analysis, we have studied the sports assistance system for rural left-behind children in Guizhou Province. The study concludes that it is necessary for Guizhou to build a sports assistance system for left-behind children. Combining the...
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The Path Finding of Emerging Festival Sports Development in Minority Areas

Jun Wang, Ni Lu, Jianke Yang
Festival sports, as an important part of the festival, are concentrated expression of the national culture. Although the time of the festival is short, it is very important to the society and the influence of the people. In the context of the sports industry development, this article takes the Yunnan...
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Exploration and Practice on the “Multiple Plans United” under the Background of Space Planning Taking the Plan of “Multiple Plans United” (2016- 2030) of Pingdu City as an Example

Guangping Shao, Hao Tang, Lina Hu
To meet the requirement of “explore and establish the united space planning system and promote the reform of planning system” proposed on the central urbanization working conference, the practice of “Multiple Plans United” has been implemented in many cities nationwide. The key points of space planning...
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Reform of Inventory Standards, Informatization and Inventory Performance An Empirical Study Based on Listed Manufacturing Companies

Jiaming Liu, Junmin Wu
Inventory is an important asset of manufacturing enterprises' production and management. Inventory management plays an extremely important role in the enterprise activities. In order to study the effects of the reform of the new inventory criteria and the two major factors of informatization on the inventory...
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Research Report on Quality of Life of the Scattered Ethnic Minorities under the Background of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Hainan Province

Gongtao Cai, Yanqing Xu
In Hainan Province, there are nearly 1/10 scattered minority groups in the total population. The scattered minority groups in our province are mainly distributed in backward and remote areas, and the overall quality of life is poor. Therefore, we should know the quality of life of the scattered minorities...
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Demand Analysis and Planning Research on the Construction of Multimodal Transport Center in LD

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the analysis of logistics demand in LD City, this paper studies the positioning, construction content and operation management modes of multimodal transport center in order to promote the development of modern logistics industry and serve the local economy.
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A Comparative Study of Chinese Sanda and Western Kickboxing from the Perspective of Sports Culture

Xin Chen
There are differences between the Kickboxing and Chinese Sanda in the spiritual culture level, the material institutional culture level and the behavioral institutional culture level. After the comparative analysis of the various differences of these two in aspects like origin and development, cultural...
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Demand Analysis and Planning Research on the Construction of the Power Equipment Logistics Park in a Company

Jianhua Chen, Shijun Yuan
Based on the analysis of the necessity and feasibility of the construction of power equipment logistics park of A Company in HY City, this paper mainly analyzes and forecasts the logistics functional requirements and land use scale of the construction of Logistics Park, and studies the general layout...
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Study on Taxation during Building the "Belt and Road" Initiative

Ping Liu
Tax policy is an important driving force during building the "Belt and Road" Initiative. If China and the countries along the Belt and Road want to actively integrate the initiative, it is necessary to eliminate double taxation, enhance international taxation coordination, and reduce taxation risks....
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The Research on Docking Model of Rural Tourism across the Taiwan Straits

Xicong Zheng
In recent years, rural travel has become a new form of tourism in the industry of China. It is a tourism product developed by the combination of rural and agricultural production and the resource advantages of the countryside, so that the rural industrial economy will show new vitality and realize the...
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Study on the Development Strategy and Layout Planning of Agricultural Products Logistics in HH City

Shijun Yuan, Jianhua Chen
Based on the analysis of the macro-environment of agricultural products logistics development in HH city, aiming at the existing problems in the agricultural products logistics development, this paper further puts forward the development strategy and goals, and spatial strategy and overall layout of...
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Research on Development Countermeasures of Wuhan New Port Free Trade Zone

Xiaojun Zhang
Wuhan has been China’s commercial strategic town since ancient times. In 2008, Hubei broke through the boundary line to build the Wuhan new port. In 2017, the Hubei Free Trade Zone of China was formally operated, and the development of Wuhan New Port is an important breakthrough in the construction of...
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Research on the E-commerce Development Strategies of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Quanzhou Based on Content Analysis Taking Goldeer Corporation as An Example

Yiping Hong
Under the background of the rapid development of e-commerce in the current era, whether small and medium-sized enterprises can effectively develop e-commerce is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. In this study, taking Quanzhou’s local enterprise, Goldeer Corporation as an example,...
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Analysis on the Construction and Operation of the Elderly-care Policy Model in Qingshan District of Wuhan City

Ping Lei, Bingfeng Zhang
A comprehensive aging society is social issue faced by the world. The people’s yearning for a better life also includes the sense of security. Wuhan is a large city with a relatively high degree of aging. Qingshan District is one of the urban areas with a relatively high degree of aging in Wuhan. In...
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An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Challenge Stressor, Hindrance Stressor and Job Burnout

Qingsong Zhu, Tingting Li
Starting from the intrinsic attributes of stressors, this paper introduces achievement motivation as an intermediary and explores the influence of challenge and hindrance stress on job burnout. With a sample of 261 employees, a series of analysis were carried out by SPSS19.0 and AMOS21.0, and use the...
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Study on Farmland Demarcation Based on County Land Management Quality Zoning A Case Study on Cha County

Xiangdong Cao, Xinjuan Shao, Huali Fan, Xiuhua Li, Yan Wang
The quality zoning of land management reflects the management level of regional agricultural production and is also the basis of demarcation of basic farmland reserve. This paper chooses QapqalXibe Autonomous County in Yili River Valley as a research area to construct a comprehensive evaluation index...
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Evolution of the Ideological Content of the Notion “Giftedness”

Marina Ivleva
The paper aims to trace the evolution of the concept of “giftedness” in the context of accumulation and enrichment of its ideological content with new meanings. We have used the principles and methods of historical, socio-cultural and comparative analyses. In particular, the application of the principle...
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The Sufi Path of al-Ghazali

Nur Kirabaev, Maithem Al-Janabi
The paper deals with the philosophical ideas of the great islamic philosopher Abu Hamid Muhammad Ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali at-Tusi (1058-1111), whose activity is connected with the forming of systematic teaching of Sufism and foundation of the theoretical base of Sufism. The authors attempt to show that...
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Philosophical-religious Legacy as the Basis for the National Identity and Humanitarian Education of Modern Russia

Olga Chistyakova
For centuries, the Russian state existed in close relationship with the Russian Orthodox Church and based on its values. Those values were accepted by the vast majority of the population and became not only religious values but dominated all spheres of social life. Thinkers of early Christianity elaborated...
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About the Way Greek Philosophers Plagiarized the Christians Landmarks in Modern Exegesis

Rodica Pop
Christianity appeared in the Judaic cultural space, but shortly afterwards, it spread all over the entire Roman Empire that it conquered without weapons, paradoxically, despite all Jewish rebellions that aimed at weakening the Roman power of domination over their country. The Christian message was received...
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Five Basic Connotations of Xi Jinping's Outlook on Scientific and Technological Innovation

Lindan Liu
The ideological essence of outlook on scientific and technological innovation proposed by Xi Jinping is the continuation and development of innovative concept of Marxism. This article analyzes the five basic connotations of outlook on scientific and technological innovation comprehensively, including...
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The Spiritual and Moral Dimension of Modern Theatre The Philosophical and Linguistic Analysis of Rhapsody for the Theatre by A. Badiou

Ruzana Pskhu, Anna Martzeva, Nadezhda Danilova, Galina Zashchitina
The paper investigates the problems of interconnection between performing arts, politics and the machinery of state, based on works of the famous French philosopher-post-modernist A. Badiou. The analogy between theatre and politics, proposed by him, analyzed when applied to Russian culture and interaction...
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Natural Sciences and Cultural Sciences: Correlation of Knowledge and Belief

Ruzana Pskhu, Zurida Murga
The paper deals with the constitutive elements of creative work in science, which is understood as activities for cognition and explanation of the phenomena of the world and culture, carried out under the certain circumctances. The authors tried to show the main difficulties, which can occur both in...
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Study on the Reproduction of Labor Force Based on All-round Development of Human Beings

Hong Liu
This paper studies the reproduction of labor force and all-round development of human beings from the perspective of all-round development of human beings, explores the relationship between college entrance examination and labor reproduction, explores the simple labor and complex labor, and analyzes...
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The Practical Significance of Marx's "Human Liberation" in the Background of New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Miao Miao
The thought of "human liberation" is a major historical and practical issue that Marxist, Engels and Marxist successors pay close attention to. Marxism human liberation theory contains rich content. From the perspective of the logical process of Marx constructing human liberation theory, "human liberation"...
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Analysis on Marxist Ecological Concept and Its Guiding Significance to China's Ecological Civilization Construction

Haipo Pang
The progress of science and technology and advancement of economic integration have quickened the ability of people to transform and use the nature, and the disharmony between man and nature leads to a global ecological crisis. Firstly, this paper deeply reveals the dialectical relationship between man...
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Connotation of Socialist Legal Culture with Chinese Characteristics

Ximei Zhang
To correctly understand the “rule of law” culture, we must understand it in comparison with the "rule of man" culture, and we must also understand the structural elements and functions of the “rule of law” culture. The socialist legal culture with Chinese characteristics has its fundamental premise:...
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Study on the Triple Reflections of Liberal Nationalism on Global Justice

Hailong Liu
As a political force that can’t be no neglected in today's international political structure, the nation-state has an important influence on the promotion of the concept and value of justice in a global scale. However, global justice theorists represented by cosmopolitanism always have prejudice and...
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Construction of National Identity of Ritual Culture-based College Students

Dong Long
National identity is a kind of mental activity that the citizens confirm which country they belong to and what characteristics that country has. Today, in the era of globalization and post-industrialization, all countries are strengthening college students’ national identity through various methods....
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Research on the Elimination of Negative Value of Big Data Technology

Maoxin Tian
With the rapid development of big data technology in recent years, data has become new resource for the entire society. People are rushing to research big data. While using big data technology, it also inevitably leads to the reflection on the duality of technology value. Therefore, the duality of big...
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Artificial Structure and Its Specificity in the Development History of Epistemology

Yang Gao
The artificial structure is a kind of specifications, procedures and steps that must be conformed to in the cognitive activities, a kind of objective condition that must be met, the most reliable foundation, the highest guarantee of certainty, ultimate explanation and the benchmark that judges the knowledge....
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The Russian Cycle of Revolutions at the Beginning of the 20th Century Reasons for the Bolsheviks Coming to Power

Alexey Komarov, Lyudmila Muraveva
The paper considers the revolutionary events taking place in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century: from the first Russian revolution of 1905-1907 until the February Revolution of 1917. That period of dual power continued until July 1917. The paper provides the analysis of the Program...
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Pigs, Beast-People and Sinners Therianthropy in Works of St. Demetrius of Rostov

Alexey Krylov
The article is devoted to the concept of the famous preacher and church writer Demetrius of Rostov (1651-1709) that sin turns a sinner into a beast. The author demonstrates the biblical origins of this teaching and its connection with the views of the Metropolitan of Rostov on sin and its effect on man....