Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2020)

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An Analysis of Kinship Term Translation in Hong Lou Meng

Liqun Tsao
Hong Lou Meng is an outstanding masterpiece in Chinese Literature, ranking with Hamlet and War and Peace. In terms of language and culture, the novel is regarded as more an elegantly-conceived cultural encyclopedia than a story. There are two noted versions of translation of this book, namely, Yang Xianyi...
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Research on Historical Value of Tuken · Lobsang Choekyi Nyima Biography*

Xiaoyuan Zhang
The Biography of Tuken · Lobsang Choekyi Nyima is a classic work of Tibetan Buddhist monks in the Qing Dynasty. The author of this biography is a disciple of the hero of biography from generation to generation. Based on his personal experience in the contact with Tuken · Lobsang Choekyi Nyima, or personally...
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Interpreting The Age of Innocence: Unmasking Its Deception and Hypocrisy Through Zizek’s Psychological Criticism

Dingying Wang
Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence displays vividly the social landscape of the upper class in Old New York and thus she is listed as a realistic writer. However, sensitive readers could recognize the characters’ artificial innocence and exquisite pretense behind the realistic depiction. This paper...
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Calvino’s Literature Values in Six Memos for the Next Millennium

Tao Zhang
In his work Six Memos for the Next millennium, Calvino explains the essence of literature from five aspects closely related to his aesthetic qualities, that is, “Lightness”, “Quickness”, “Exactitude”, “Visibility” and “Multiplicity”, which can be understood as follows: “Lightness” is the premise and...
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Study on the Prototype of Cao Tianguan in the Qing Dynasty Drama “The Heavenly Southern Gate”

Hui Yan
Drama “The Heavenly Southern Gate” had been performed in the imperial palace of Qing Dynasty frequently and posed huge influence on people at that time. There were many heated discussion on this drama in newspapers in the late Qing Dynasty and the period of the Republic of China. It’s a pity! With the...
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Image of Oriental Chinese in English Lover by Hong Ying

Ting Ye
English Lover is a famous novel by Hong Ying. This paper studies the image of eastern China in the English Lover, the image of British people reflected in the book and the cultural mentality of British people towards China, and analyzes the reasons from the perspectives of national history, culture and...
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Don Paterson’s Parenting Poems and Family Ethics in “Landing Light”

Haoran Chen
As a famous poet of the contemporary British literary world, Don Paterson excels at applying Twa-in-yin to his creative skills, making his poems quickly gained wide acceptance. Taking Landing Lights as an example, Paterson has mingled various traditions, as they are represented by the metaphorical thread,...
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A Review of Research on “Image”: Methodology and Reflection

Jinding Li
At present, the academic circles are rich in the research on the source, creation and construction, and connotation of image, case studies of imagery, history of imagery, and comparison with artistic conception. However, the research is insufficient on the aspects of the history of image criticism, the...
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Exploration on the Completion Time of the “Preface of Selections of Refined Literature”

Yong Yu
The opinions on the completion time of the “Preface of Selections of Refined Literature” have always been divergent and inconsistent. To examine its completion time, it is necessary to combine various internal and external factors such as the preface, the compilation style of “Selections of Refined Literature”,...
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Creative Writing Against the Background of Big Data

Zhenbang Jin, Fan Yang
Big data is the new sixth medium. Its rise has brought new ideas and development space to creative writing. A single concentrated question tends to be more oriented towards the topic. Text single media expression skills are transformed into multimedia composite presentation. The author’s preset structure...
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Re-Study on Wei Hong and the “Preface of Mao Poetry”

Genhu Ye
The author’s question of “Preface of Mao Poetry” is a problem that scholars have argued for over a thousand years. The relationship between Wei Hong and “Preface of Mao Poetry” is one of the cores of this problem. There is a sentence of “the Literature of Queens” in the Fuyang Han bamboo slips, which...
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Discussion on the Poetry Theme of Daur Poet Jing Da

Wei Bao
After decades of development of Daur literature in the new era, both writers and works have made proud achievements, and Jing Da is an outstanding poet of Daur’s post-80s poets. Jing Da’s poetry is characterized by the delicacy and unique perspective of young women. Her poems show three themes: one is...
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The Crowdfunding Content: New Challenges of Dictionary Compilation: Discussion on the Significance of Crowdfunding Model on Dictionary Compilation and Publication

Feng Wang
Crowdfunding publication, using digital network technology and the Internet platform to change the traditional publishing environment of dictionary compilation, is of great significance to the quality of dictionary compilation, the level of dictionary compilation and feedback channels, and has promoted...
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Text in Western Literary Theories

Jintao Ma
In various trends of western literary theories, text is always the one that literary theorists could be left out, especially after the turn of Linguistics. This paper delves into the fate of text under three major western literary theories, namely, New Criticism, Structuralism and Cultural Criticism....
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“Speech-Picture” Narrative Principles of Literary Adapted Short Videos: Based on Information Theory*

Daidong Qiu
Cross-media adaptation is an important means of literature popularization. The literary adapted short video named “A Rapid Reading of Original Works in X min” has a unique “speech-picture” mode, and realizes narrative in special information carrying and dissemination method. From the perspective of information...
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Looking for Nathaniel Hawthorne in The Scarlet Letter

Haojun Chen
The Scarlet Letter is representative of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works. When reading it, readers can not only search for his thoughts and writing skills, but can further look for Hawthorne himself, his personalities, his beliefs and even his experiences. A real Nathaniel Hawthorne is hidden and scattered...
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Characteristics of Translation and Introduction in the Historical Context of Chinese Literature Going Out

Sisi Liu
Chinese culture going out is an inevitable manifestation of Chinese cultural confidence. This paper has conducted a long-lasting and diverse exploration on how to better “go out” from the national level to individual translators. Many scholars have also thoroughly discussed the motivation, strategy,...
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Study From the Aphasia of Female Collective Discourse Power to Awakening: Impressions of Film Lost in Russia*

Lijuan Xiong
The film Lost in Russia is the story about the new-age mother, Lu Xiaohua, who takes the train to Russia to fulfill her desire to perform, directed by Xu Zheng in the technique of light comedy. Although it is a comedy, it is a film which reflects the struggle between female discourse power and the background...
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The Construction of Chinese Literary Discourse From the Reinterpretation*

Dong Xi
Starting from Tang Xiaobing’s Reinterpretation: Popular Literature and Ideology, this article attempts to deconstruct the worship of western literary discourse by Chinese domestic scholars, and proposes that literature is a product of a certain social and historical conditions, subject to historical...
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An Ode to Love: Analysis on Suju Opera Liu Ru Shi*

Guorong Ding, Bin Shao
The performance of Suju opera Liu Ru Shi is a major event on the stage of Suju opera, national intangible cultural heritage, since the 21st century. Based on a unique perspective and carefully polished by an elite team, Liu Ru Shi has become an epoch-making work in the history of the development of Suju...
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“Roughness”: The Natural Beauty of the Hezhe Ethnic Minority*

Yan Sun
Ethnic minority in Northeast China gallops in the wild land, travels around the world, fights north and south. Most of them possess the gallant, vigorous and bold aesthetic taste. Nevertheless, Hezhe ethnic minority known for their “fishing taste” have a kind of rough beauty, which is fierce and wild....
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Historical and Cultural Features of the Formation of Music Management in the Context of Spiritual Culture Functioning Russia: Genetic, Diachronic, and Synchronous Approaches

Larisa Sergeevna Zorilova, Daria Rodionova
This article discusses the features of the formation of music management in the process of historical development of the spiritual culture of Russia. Spiritual culture, which fills the entire life of a person, at all times reflected the features of worldview, life and manners, values, beliefs, attitudes,...
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People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kobyzist Galia Moldakarimova

Dana Zhumabekova
Galia Moldakarimova is one of the prominent representatives of the kobyz school of Kazakhstan. She soulfully performs Russian, foreign music, especially Kazakh folk songs and kuis in processing for kobyz and piano. Concerts for kobyz and orchestra S. Mukhamedzhanov and A. Zhaksylykov are dedicated to...
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Enlightenment of Hakka Architectural Decoration Art of Lianqing Building on Education and Cultural Heritage

Zhenyu Li
Based on a field survey of the architectural decoration, building components, decorative elements and interior furnishings in the architectural space of Lee Wai Tong Lianqing Building, Meizhou, the architectural form and construction space structure of Lee Wai Tong Lianqing Building are analyzed, and...
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Aesthetic Characteristics of Russian Oil Painting Language*

Feng Qi
Russian oil painting has its unique artistic characteristics and development courses. Influenced by westernization and local culture, it has both the connotation of Eastern and Western cultures, has strong artistic expression and appeal power, and is in line with the aesthetic requirements of both eastern...
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The Early Design Globalization Exploration of the Deutscher Werkbund

Xiaonan Zhang
By reviewing the art education reform and industrial policy of Germany in the early 20th century and the art education work of the Deutscher Werkbund before the first world war of German foreign policy from 1907 to 1914, this paper tries to understand the background and original intention of the Deutscher...
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Analysis on the Contemporary Emotional Design of Chinese Traditional Furniture

Qi Liu
This paper discusses the inheritance and innovation of Chinese furniture design. On the basis of understanding the connotation of Chinese contemporary culture and emotional appeal, the author deeply examines the contemporary issue of traditional furniture, further explains the three levels of the contemporary...
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Application and Research of Immersive Virtual Reality Technology in the Interior Decoration of Folk Houses in Guanzhong*

Shasha Cai
With the development of economy and society, virtual reality technology has been paid more and more attention and gradually applied to various industries. Because of the interaction, immersion and real-time of virtual reality technology, its application in the field of architecture has a wide range of...
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Analysis on Cultural and Creative Product Design Based on Traditional Ceramic Craft*

Lei Meng
With the significant improvement of mass consumption level and the change of consumption concept, cultural and creative products have become more and more acceptable and gradually become mass daily consumer goods. Under the background of the development of cultural creative industry, the traditional...
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Study on the Artistic Feature of Ten Beautiful Ladies in Fengxiang Wood-Engraving New Year Pictures*

Jie Du, Yu Bai
Fengxiang wood-engraving New Year pictures began in the Tang and Song Dynasties and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They have a history of more than 500 years. Fengxiang wood-engraving New Year pictures are rooted in the farming culture, and are closely related to the traditional festival...
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Study on Photography, Images and Paintings of the Moment

Renjie Zhang
The term “now” in this paper refers to the era of digital images in which the main tools and ways to create, display and consume images have been digitalized after the marginalization of traditional painting and photography. The carrier of image display changed from canvas and film to electronic screen....
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Creation and Fusion: Analysis of the Cultural Semantics of the Application of Ceramic Murals in Modern Architecture

Lantao Zhao, Qing Mao
The design of modern architecture tends to show the diversity of culture, making it an artificial landscape suitable for the development of humanistic culture. As modern architecture has found its way in continuous development and innovation, ceramic materials are also widely used to transform traditional...
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Study on the Images Formation of Fengxiang Woodcut New Year Picture with Only Male Kitchen God on It*

Jie Du, Zhen Wang
Fengxiang woodcut New Year pictures have been listed as one of China’s first national intangible cultural heritage, which have well preserved the original and simple natural features and strong local folk aesthetic features. Fengxiang woodcut New Year picture with only male kitchen god on it is an art...
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Research on Experiential Design of Automobile Exhibition Space

Junwen Luo, Kai Cao
In recent years, designers have shifted from focusing on the auto product itself to the connection between “cars” and “people”, mainly focusing on interactive and experiential designs. The variety of forms of the exhibition space design can arouse the interest of the visitors and mobilize the enthusiasm...
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Research on Character Expression Shaping in Animation Movies

Min Zong, Zongjin Qi, Ze Zong
In the animation, the expression is the soul of the character. By shaping the character’s expression, the character can be given emotion and language ability. The simple expression change of the character can drive the atmosphere of the entire scene, and enhance the personal character and psychological...
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The Role of Musical Hearing in Piano Performance

Dongyang Xu
Musical hearing is the basis of piano performance, and good musical hearing is also a favorable guarantee to promote the continuous improvement of piano performance. As people’s living environment continues to improve, in addition to paying attention to material enjoyment, they also pay more attention...
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Similarities and Differences in the Expression of Sino-Russian Ice and Snow Oil Paintings’ Artistic Conception of the Heilongjiang River Valley*

Lei Song
The rivers in the northeastern region of the Heilongjiang River Valley have long winters. In the cold winters, the surface of these rivers is covered by thick ice layers. However, under the hard ice layer, the river is still gushing and the torrents are rolling. The Heilongjiang River Valley is such...
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Study on the Demonstration Role of Bai Folk Artists, Variation of Silver Ornaments and Multicultural Integration Based on the Development of Yunnan Silver Handicraft

Jianfeng Shi
This paper analyzes the historical background, use value, manufacturing technology and features of “silver ornaments”, a folk handicraft of the Bai nationality in Yunnan, which is booming in the contemporary era, and interprets the importance of folk artists in the inheritance and development of Yunnan...
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Cultural Representation of Mosuo Ethnic Twist Dance in Tourism Practice

Shunbi Mu, Aihua Zhang, Shichang Tian
With the “gaze” theory focusing on and explaining the human body and its discipline phenomena, this paper uses field investigation methods, observation and recording methods, in-depth interviews and other methods to study the body performance and cultural expression of Mosuo ethnic twist dance from the...
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Application of Modular Interface Design in Student Dormitory Management System*

Xiaochen Geng, Sha Liu
This paper analyzes the application of modular interface design in the student dormitory management system, and explains the realization process of the modular interface design of student dormitory management system starting with the current trend of the modular interface design. It is of great practical...
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Discussion on the Decorative Interest and Charm of Figure Paintings in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties of China

Shaoduan Zhang
The Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties was a period of great change in Chinese history. Both the social history process and the cultural and academic spirit have experienced this unprecedented change. In the field of painting art, painting has changed from the original decorative painting form...
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Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Western Sketch Expression Styles

Shaoduan Zhang
Sketch is an art form with independent language and a discipline of formative art, which has its independent status and value. It can directly express things in the objective world, and can also express abstract forms such as thoughts, concepts, attitudes, feelings, fantasy, and symbols. The differences...
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Research on the Material and Expression of Murals in the Tang Dynasty

Xinye Wang
This paper first gives a brief overview of the material characteristics and expression techniques of the murals in the Tang Dynasty. Then it explores the methods of studying them and the significance and value of the status quo facsimile of them. Finally it expounds the enlightenment of the material...
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Research on Design of Pet Interactive Entertainment System Based on Design Science of Affairs

Huiqian He, Xiaoming Zhang, Huijie He
Pets are not only loyal partners of people, but also family members who relieve the pressure of life and work and increase the joy of life, and have many positive effects on human physical and mental health. This article takes pet cats as an example, analyzes the life style of office workers and pet...
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Reflections on the Changes of Court Painting and Painting Mounting of Song and Yuan Dynasties*

Maoliu Chen
China’s court painting and decoration matters can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty from the cultural relics. Due to the improvement of the system and economy, especially in Sui and Tang Dynasties, there were quite a lot of mounted books related to painting and calligraphy. Through the development of...
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Application of Traditional Chinese Makeup and Ornament Elements in the Image-shaping of the Dance Drama “Ling · Hua Guzi”

Heqing Wang
With a history of thousands of years, Chinese “makeup and ornament culture is rich in contents, diversified in forms, and full of Chinese aesthetic connotation. In recent years, in the makeup modeling design of the characters for performance, such as stage drama, film and television drama, fashion show...
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Application of Illustrations in Commercial Products*

Wendong Jiang
In the current social environment of hi-tech digital media technology application, digital painting art gradually emerges in illustration field of art painting and has penetrated into commercial product applications and people’s daily lives. This article mainly expounds and analyzes in six aspects such...
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Research on the Application of Fun Experience in Plush Toy Design*

Yuxin Wang
In today’s information age, with the increasing material and cultural needs of science and technology, economy and people, the development trend of industrial design has gradually shifted from practical and convenient to the design direction of seeking novelty and individuality. In the major aspect of...
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Exploration of Yunnan Minority Musical Instruments

Xianghong Tian
The development of musical instruments of ethnic minorities in Yunnan has a long history. Their varieties and unique shapes make them the bright pearl in China’s music and art treasure house. The lives of people of all ethnic groups are closely related to the rhythm of musical instruments. It is necessary...
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Analysis on the Artistic Characteristics and Singing Skills of the Yunnan Folk Song Guess Tune

Wei Chen
There are 26 ethnic minorities living in Yunnan, including Yao, Dai and Yi. It is the province with the largest number of ethnic minorities in China. Guess Tune is a unique minor in Yunnan folk songs, which has the characteristics of adaptation and vitality. This work adopts the form of question and...
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The Transformation of Taiwanese Shadow Puppet Images and Its Application to Zero-waste Fashion Clothing

Jhan-Rong Shih, Feng-Tzu Chiu
Because of the eco sustainable problems, the fashion waste has become an important issue. How could people reduce the waste in the production process, and deal with clothing that thrown away? With the promotion and development of cultural and creative industry, most of people just apply those culture...
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Value Evaluation of Chinese Traditional Seal Culture: Taking Youning Hall Cultural and Creative Workshop as an Example

Zhikun Yue, Jian Lin
It is of great significance to construct a scientific value evaluation system of traditional seal culture for accurately understanding the development status of seal cultural products and promoting the core value of the cultural products. Through the examples in the field of cultural products in China...
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Discussion on Communication Space in Colleges and Universities and Its Environmental Design

Feihui Luo
Under the strong impetus of quality education, the development of colleges and universities has been greatly promoted, and new functions have been given to colleges and universities. Colleges and universities must attach great importance to personnel training as well as communication space and environmental...
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Study on the National Style in Packaging Design

Huimin Liu
China’s packaging design shows not only traditional culture, but also a comprehensive design that coexists with the times. It is necessary to discover and research Chinese own culture, develop its cultural value, and creatively integrate it into the company’s product design to enrich the cultural meaning...
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Research on Digital Development of Traditional Culture of Chinese Herbal Medicine*

Ting He, Supei Xue, Yahong Zhang
Chinese people have a high sense of identity for herbal medicine in the hearts. However, they mainly focus on pharmacological research. Chinese herbal medicine culture also includes the visual aesthetics and cultural aesthetics of herbal medicine. The creative development of traditional culture of Chinese...
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Painting on Silk: Analysis of the Historical Prevailing Necessity of Silk Painting in the Northern Song Dynasty and Its Enlightenment to the Contemporary Times

Yu Pan
If art history is compared to a big river, the basic elements such as concepts, materials, events, history, humanities, politics, economy, and communication can be regarded as the tributaries of the big river; they are blended together and make the river vast and long and constantly updated. Painting...
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Research on Barrier-free Design of Bath Products for the Elderly*

Yu Liu, Chao Yang
The accelerated development of aging in China has made the elderly pay more and more attention to bath products. This article analyzes the problems in the design of bath products for the elderly in China, and combines the changes in the bathing style brought about by the changes in the physiological...
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Extraction and Analysis of Fashion Color in Women’s Clothing Brand

Nan Xiao, Fengjun Li
Based on the many years of experience in color planning for Chinese women’s clothing brands, this paper explores and provides some methods for effectively drawing from international fashion color cards and international women’s clothing brands. The purpose is to fully discover the manner and methods...
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Research on the Training Method for Involving VR Technology in Interior Design*

Guanyi Xie, Xiaowen Chang
The research in this paper originates from a rethinking of interior design training method after involving new technology in it. Due to the extensive application of VR technology, the spatial logic, morphological composition, texture organization, and furniture styles of interior design are displayed...
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Study on the Application of Land Art in Rural Public Space Against the Background of New Urbanization

Chunlan Shen
With the rapid development of today’s cities, people yearn for and tend to return to nature, making the construction and development of new urbanization in full swing. However, it is not difficult to find that on the urbanization path with Chinese characteristics, cultural construction is neglected due...
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Exploration of Modern Visual Design Thinking in Chinese Traditional Culture: Taking the Image Design of Shan Hai Ching Monsters as an Example

Lin Lin, Ze Gao
Based on the analysis of the cultural attribute of Chinese traditional culture and the situation of symbols in the context of modern communication, this article extracts the information with an example of monsters in Shan Hai Ching and puts forward three kinds of the symbol using design thinking, to...
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Gesture in German Mystery Play in the Late Middle Ages: to the Problem of Studying

Klimova Irina
The article is focused on the problem of studying gesture in the late medieval performances of German mystery plays. Gesture in mystery play is considered in the context of medieval culture and art. The author makes an attempt to classify the gestures and identifies their main categories: liturgical,...
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An Overview of Russian and English-American Studies on Sergey Taneyev’s Creative Activity

Galima Lukina
The article focuses on analysing Russian and English-American musicological literature on Sergey I. Taneyev’s creative activity. The author of the article highlights the increased interest in Taneyev as an outstanding representative of the Russian culture at the turn of the 20th century, on the part...
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What We Can Do About Art History: the Russian Case

Stepan Vaneyan
The academic discipline of ‘science of art’, connected with studying and teaching, has a recognisable discourse, different from ‘pure research’ or ‘popular art history, on the other hand. I propose that Russian traditional ‘science of art’ is one of major problems in humanities we have been facing over...
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A Study on the Reconstruction of Cultural Confidence in Chinese Animation

Sixue Wu, Wenting Wang
Before the 1980s, the Chinese film industry had released many excellent animations with distinctive Chinese characteristics, such as The Monkey King and Prince Nezha’s Triumph Against Dragon King, which were deeply loved by Chinese domestic and foreign audiences and created brilliant achievements in...
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Study on the Analysis and Disassembly Method of Traditional Folk Patterns in Tianjin: A Case Study of Yangliuqing New Year Painting*

Shiyun Zheng, Xiaojuan Hui
Traditional folk-custom pattern is an important carrier of traditional culture. The extraction and redesign of traditional folk-custom pattern can guarantee the development and inheritance of traditional folk-custom pattern. The method to ensure the re-creation and application of traditional folk patterns...
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Discussion on the Evolution Causes of Japanese Ceramic Design Style

Ying Pan
The reason why Japanese ceramics is widely known for its craftsmanship and characteristics is inseparable from the geographical environment and traditional culture of Japan. China, Korea and other countries have laid a good theoretical foundation for the development of Japanese ceramics, and provided...
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Study on the Copying of Kizil Grotto Murals and the Perception of Rock Color Creation

Dan Chen
Based on the author’s on-the-spot investigation of “Kizil Grotto murals” in Xinjiang and the status quo coping of some of the grotto murals, this paper gives a new interpretation of the “bent-ironwire” line drawing art of the Kizil Grotto murals. The author is greatly inspired in rock color creation...
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Narrative Strategy of Death Theme in Animated Films Under Children’s Cognitive Perspective: A Case Study of Pixar Animated Film COCO

Yan Liu
COCO is an animated film with the Mexican traditional festival Day of the Dead as story background, which shows the dead and the Land of the Dead in the form of a story. According to data from the IMDb1 website, the global box office of the film reached 800 million US dollars, which means that so many...
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Study on the National Characteristics of Tibetan Music Performance*

Shuyue Ding
In the development of traditional culture in China, music culture occupies an important position, especially the unique music culture in each region. Tibetan music is enduring. The range of singing and communication continues to expand, but its influence is also growing. Tibetan music contains a wealth...
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Study on the Dance of Sarasvat+ in Tibetan Thangka Art

Xiujia Li
Tibetan Thangka, with its unique style, variety, and wide circulation, has always been regarded as a crowning jewel by Tibetan people. This paper is the interpretation of its form and function. The dance of sarasvat+ is the ideal carrier of Tibetan Buddhism. Therefore, this paper attempts to explain...
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Strategies for the Study of Metabolism Theory in Regional Culture: Taking Luozhou Ancient Town in Fuzhou as an Example

Jiaqi Li, Hao Ying
Fuzhou City pays more and more attention to the protection of old cultural heritage. In-depth research is conducted on the Luozhou ancient town, known as “Little Fuzhou”, to dig out its local humanistic feelings and old marks of urban renewal. The survey found that the town’s cultural revival policy...
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Strategies for the International Communication of Chinese Folk Culture Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Hui Wang
“The Belt and Road Initiative” has brought China a huge space for economic development, changing from the traditional domestic market to the international market. At the same time, it has played the role of cultural exchange. In this context, in view of the loss of folk culture in China, whether folk...
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Analysis of Hotspots and Trends in Social Governance Research in China*

Yuanfang Liu, Dan Qu, Dongxu Li
Since the 1990s, Chinese academic circles have gradually carried out theoretical and practical research on social governance, which has become a hot topic of concern to the academic community. In order to understand the development status of social governance research in China, and sort out the hot issues...
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A Study on Library Development Practice and Thought of Notabilities Whose Native Places Are Xiangshan — From “Yung Wing’s Paper” to “Four-corner Indexing System”

Xiaohui Zhang
By studying documents such as “Yung Wing’s Paper”, Tsai Ting Kan’s “Lao Jie Lao” (a book of annotation of “Lao Tzu”), Zheng Guanying’s “Shengshi Weiyan: CangShu” (a book of exploring the way to save the country), and Wang Yunwu’s “Four-corner Indexing System”, the article selects the excellent practice...
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The Development Path and Thinking of Zhuhai National Orchestral Society

Yubo Wang
The Zhuhai National Orchestral Society held a grand inaugural meeting and the first member meeting in the multifunctional hall of Xiangshan Primary School in Zhuhai on November 23, 2019. A number of well-known experts came to witness the scene, and nearly one hundred members attended the meeting. Zhuhai’s...
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An Empirical Study on the Characteristic Development of Behavioral Culture Construction of Higher Vocational Colleges

Ming Zeng
Good teaching style, study style, and school spirit are the management goals of the school and the fundamental guarantee for cultivating famous teachers. The construction of high-quality behavioral culture is the basic condition for establishing famous schools, improving the quality of education and...
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Practice of Knowledge: Overview of the First Advanced Workshop on the Archaeology of Chinese Music

Wei Zi
From August 2 to 9, 2019, the first advanced workshop on the archaeology of Chinese music was successfully held in the Institute of Music Archaeology of Zhengzhou University. This workshop was planned by Institute of Music Archaeology of Zhengzhou University. More than 20 experts, scholars and graduate...
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The Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism Creative Products’ Development Through 3D Printing Technology

Yifeng Du
Intangible cultural heritage is the treasure of national culture. It is not easy to protect intangible cultural heritage, especially in countries and regions where the protection consciousness is not strong enough and the funds are scarce. The protection of intangible cultural heritage and the development...
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Practice and Theoretical Exploration of Health Management

Yanfei Liu
Based on the practical needs, this paper summarizes the development status, research literature and research contents of health management in China and abroad. It points out four major limitations of the current theoretical research and the prospect of the future development trend in order to provide...
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Research on Language Interoperability Planning in Border Port Areas: Taking Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia as an Example*

Yueping Wang
The language interoperability planning in the border port area under the “Belt and Road” is an important aspect of interoperability. By reviewing the conceptual connotation of language planning, it is considered that the language interoperability planning of the Manzhouli Port is required in the construction...
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Discussion on the Development and Value Orientation of Craftsmen: Investigation on the Current Situation of Fujian Woodcarving Craftsmen

Pi Su
Based on the investigation of the present situation of Fujian woodcarving handicraftsmen, this paper discusses the basic rules of the development of handicraftsmen from the perspective of Marxism Theory of “Marx’s Theory of “Man’s Development”“ and Maslow’s demand theory. And the article explores the...
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Analysis on the Causes of Social Media Fatigue Against the Background of Mobile New Media

Dongwei Yang
Online social media has brought great convenience to people’s lives. While helping users expand their social circles and knowledge, and facilitate communication, it also has some negative effects. The overload of relationships, content, and functions in social media can easily cause users to experience...
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Problems in Interpersonal Relationships of University Dormitories and Its Solutions

Jing Su
As a second home for college students, the dormitory is an important place and main position for them to live and study. Therefore, the interpersonal relationship in the dormitory directly affects the quality of life and learning efficiency of college students. According to the questionnaire survey,...
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Exploration of the Ways to Strengthen the Party Building of Private Enterprises in the New Era

Guiying Zhou
With the development of private enterprises, the importance of party building of private enterprises has continued to increase. Strengthening party building in private enterprises in the new era has important theoretical and practical significance. However, in reality, there are still some problems in...
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The User Experience Research of Theme Park APP: A Case Study of Shanghai Disney Resort*

Xiaowen Hu, Shengpeng Wang, Yi Li
With the development of internet techniques and adoption of mobile devices, touristic APPs becomes more and more popular, yet few research focused on tourists’ on-site experience and perception with these APPs. Data was collected through online reviews in Apple’s store. Word frequency analysis and sentiment...
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Development and Challenges of China’s Overall Planning for Social Pension Insurance

Hui Zhao, Yuqi Long
Promoting the overall planning of social pension insurance system is an important content of the reform of China’s social pension insurance system. According to the development course of China’s overall planning for social pension insurance, this paper analyzes the basic model and policy development...
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Ways for China to Solve Thucydides Trap in the Perspective of Globalization

Lidan Ma
With the continuous deepening of globalization, the Thucydides Trap became popular in the international public opinion and became a shadow that affected Sino-US relations. Although Xi Jinping showed China’s attitude, it still prevails in the field of international relations, and it has shown a tendency...
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Logical Analysis of Self-consistency of Letters and Visits System

Liang Zhang
As a fact of more than 60 years, letters and visits system in China is not replaced by other systems in China, nor it is going to decline due to the establishment of other systems. It has dynamic logical self-consistency, which is the integration of internal people’s self-consistency, systematic self-consistency...
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Research on the Public Transportation Space Reconstruction of Open Community from the Perspective of Collaborative Governance: Taking Chenjiahu Community as an Example

Yichi Zhang, Jia Yao
The change of unit system community to commercial housing community has gradually formed the residential land pattern of access control community in China, but in recent years the access control community has been criticized much. Closed communities have brought about a series of external negative effects,...
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The Development and Transformation of Traditional Libraries Under the New Media

Jing Niu
With the rapid development of science, technology and economy, the traditional concept and mode of library management are not in line with the needs of social development. Under the network environment, library management needs to strengthen service consciousness, innovate management concept and mode,...
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Study on the Moral Responsibility of Enterprise Managers

Jun Lu
As the close contacts of internal and external stakeholders and those who realize their interests, business managers bear an inescapable moral responsibility to the three dimensions of society, enterprise and employees. Clarifying the moral responsibilities of managers is conducive to the long-term healthy...
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An Empirical Study on the Status Quo of Promoting the Combination of Medical and Health Care Policies in Guangdong Province*

Fucai Li, Ziji Lai
By investigating the current status of the promotion of the combination of medical and health care policies in Guangdong Province, this paper explores various issues that arise in the implementation of the combination of medical and health care policies. The survey found that 50% of residents have a...
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Analysis on Efficiency Improvement Based on Government Public Decision-making

Yunping Zhu
Public decision-making occupies an important position in public management. Improving the efficiency of public decision-making is an important part of China’s governance modernization. To improve the efficiency of public decision-making, it is necessary to proceed from two aspects: subject and procedure....
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A Study on the Productive Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Against the Background of “the Belt and Road”

Chunying Gong
Productive protection is an active way to create economic effects for intangible cultural heritage. Its main purpose is to promote the living inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and ensure its vitality. “The Belt and Road” has brought platforms for new opportunities and broader development for...
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Strategies for Editors to Prevent Academic Misconduct

Qianqian Zhao, Yanni Li
All kinds of academic misconduct has seriously damaged the fair and just academic atmosphere of scientific research. Journal editors should play the role of observer and gatekeepers in the process of displaying and disseminating academic achievements, and are duty-bound to defend academic integrity....
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The Sequencing and Timing of “Three-rule Integration” in Rural China: Based on the Investigation in Three Villages of Zhejiang Province*

Yiwei Jiang
This paper reviews time politics and value ordering theory, and believes that the governance of grassroots community should pay more attention to its timeliness, mainly including sequencing and timing. The rule of self, rule of law, and rule of virtue in rural community should have their sequence of...
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Research on the Construction of Public Service System of Industrial Cluster: Taking Quanzhou, Fujian Province as an Example

Yunping Zhu
From the perspective of productivity, liquidity and industrial organization, the public service system of industrial clusters can be divided into three systems for construction. The construction of the circulating public service system of industrial clusters includes the procurement of production materials...
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Culture Shock and Countermeasures of Chinese Immigrants in the US — Taking the Gua Sha Treatment as Example*

Xiangyu Zhao, Qinghua Peng
Today’s world has experienced political and economic globalization, which has promoted increasingly frequent cultural exchanges among countries. In the course of communication, people will inevitably have misunderstandings and conflicts. Each nation has its own unique social system, legal system, cultural...
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Research of Protection and Development of Regional Culture Against the Background of Tourism Development: Taking Jiaju Tibetan Village, Danba County, Sichuan Province as an Example

Zhen Qin, Beibei Yang
Jiaju Tibetan Village, located in Danba County, Sichuan Province, was once famous for being selected into CHINESE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY, and it is also selected as the most beautiful village in China, attracting many tourists to visit. As a result, Jiaju Tibetan Village gradually changes from agricultural...