Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2020)

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Construction of Rural Ecological Livability from the Perspective of Ecological Philosophy*

Xia Zhang
The strategy of Rural Revitalization proposed by Xi Jinping is based on the core concepts of Chinese and Western ecological philosophy and it is the development and important practice of Marx’s ecological philosophy. It is also an important strategic guide for the realization of China’s construction...
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Research on the Formation Factors of Hospital Brand Attachment Based on a Grade-A Tertiary Hospital in Guangzhou

Xiang Gao, Jiaxin Chen, Yanxia Zhang
Through questionnaire surveys, data analysis was performed on samples to study and explore the relationship between hospital brand experience, hospital brand identity, and hospital brand attachment, so as to make corresponding recommendations based on the results of the study. The results show that hospital...
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Analysis on Brand Preference of Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine and Its Influencing Factors

Yanxia Zhang, Xiang Gao
In order to understand whether consumers have preference for Chinese traditional patent medicine brands and what factors affect the formation of brand preference, the authors conducted a questionnaire survey and used SPSS and Excel to analyze the results. The results show that most consumers have brand...
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The Development Strategy of Local Ethnic Museum: Taking the China Qiang Museum of Maoxian as an Example

Lijuan Xiong
Against today’s multicultural background, the national cultural characteristics fade gradually with the impact of mainstream culture and foreign culture. In order to maintain the uniqueness of national culture, the development and construction of local museums seem more important. This paper, taking...
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Analysis on Opportunities and Challenges in Information Disclosure of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility in the Era of Big Data*

Aili Wu
With the rapid development of economy and technology, China has entered a new era of big data. Taking the internet as the soul, data as the resource has become the antecedent of this era. The coming of the big data environment will inevitably change all aspects of information disclosure of corporate...
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Research on the Causes of the Social System of Contemporary Technology Risk

Yuan-jun Shen
From the perspective of the social system, the negative impact of technological risks caused by the misconduct of risk subjects represented by government management agencies, technical experts, the public and the media has rapidly spread beyond technology itself, and the risks of each risk subject Anomie...
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Spiritual Knowledge in Eastern and Western Cultures and Human Health*

Sergei Nizhnikov
The author of the article analyzes the interrelation of culture and people’s ideas about their health. The report shows the peculiarities of Eastern (Chinese and Indian) and Western cultures, and how the understanding of the spiritual element in them defines the concept of health and development of ways...
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The Connotations of “Russian” in Music of Foreign Composers on “a Russian Theme”

Liudmila Kazantseva, Polina Volkova
“Russian” seems to foreign composers very diverse in meaning. It is treated as designation of the state and is identified with the Russian Federation, it is interpreted as display of public and private life of the Russian acquiring “ethnographic” meaning, and it is consumed as concentrated in Orthodox...
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Cultural Anthropology, Cast Hierarchy and Religious Values in Modern India*

Elena N. Anikeeva
This paper dedicates to complex problem of interrelations between Indian cast system and cultural anthropological traditions, which are rooted in religious values. Indian cultural anthropological division by cast shaped through the ages up to now is alive notwithstanding many-folded modernization in...
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Wizard, Politics and Civilization: Research on the Bimo’s Historical Role of Yi Peoples*

Jiangxiu Shan
The paper combed the production, development, evolution and actuality of Bimo in the Yi Peoples’ concrete social. The traditional role of Bimo can still serve the government and folk. Bimo have been selected as the inheritance of “intangible cultural heritage”. They are the living carrier, the inheritance...
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The Protection and Inheritance of the Village Culture with Chinese Minorities’ Characteristics From the Perspective of Cultural Ecology*

Zhen Wang
From the perspective of cultural ecology, this study considers ethnic villages to be a carrier of outstanding national culture, and ethnic village culture is a characteristic resource for developing cultural industries in ethnic minority areas. It is also mentioned that the tangible and intangible cultures...
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Research on the Social Construction of European Communication Studies in Recent Years (1989–2019)

Ran Gao
In the past 30 years, with the rapid development of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT), there have been many innovations in the field of Communication studies in Europe. On the basis of statistical analysis and visualization of the research data in France and Germany (N=643), a meta-communication...
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Construction of Chinese Learners’ Cross-cultural Identity: A Textual Analysis Based on Chinese Learners’ “Cover Letters”*

Yang Zhang, Qinhai Hao
The important purpose of foreign language learning is to carry out cross-cultural communication with people in the target language countries. This requires that foreign language learners not only pay attention to basic knowledge such as phonetics, vocabulary and grammar, but also pay attention to the...
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Philosophical Thinking on Cultural Globalization*

Haofan Fang
Along with economic globalization, cultural globalization has also become an important issue for the world. In the process of economic globalization, cultural exchanges and conflicts are inevitable. However, the academic circles hold different views on the existence of cultural globalization and its...
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A New Approach for Dialogue in the Post-American Era: Telling Chinese Stories with Cultural Confidence

Shanshan Bai
The arrival of the post-American era means the end of American global hegemony, the reshaping of international order, and the pluralistic participation in global governance. And when the world structure changes, it is also the time for China to reshape its international image. Therefore, in the post-American...
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Construction and Dissemination of City Image in Mobile Short Videos

Jingyi Su
With the rapid development of mobile short videos, city image oriented short videos that are discovered, produced, and disseminated from user perspectives are increasing, which not only enriches the multiple connotations of city image but also dissolves the integrity of city image to a certain extent....
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Study on the Protection of Birch Bark Art of the Oroqen Nationality From the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage*

Tianbao Yan, Xiaoli Zhang
The practical utensils made from birch bark and their folk background belong to long-established cultural phenomenon created by hunting peoples living in the forest areas of northern China. In order to adapt to unique regional resources, lifestyles and climatic conditions, they have taken a large number...
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Research on Cross-Cultural Marketing in the New Media Era

Hairong Sun
The 21st century is an era in which media producers and consumers interact with each other, an era in which new and old media collide, and an era in which print media and electronic media merge. At the same time, with the deepening of globalization and the increasingly frequent cooperation and interaction...
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Protecting and Inheriting Nostalgic Culture of Traditional Fishing Tanmen in Urbanization

Bingyan Zhu, Shixiang Liu, Huawei Li
The South China Sea has been regarded as their ancestor’s waters by the Tanmen fishermen. Hainanese fishermen have been the only group of people in the history who have continuously been exploring the South China Sea. They played an irreplaceable role in the process of exploration and protection of the...
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Cultural Dissemination and Inheritance of the Korean Migration in Yanbian, Jilin Province*

Zeming Li
Korean ethnic group is an ethnic group with a long history and cultural tradition in the northeast of China. Korean ethnic group has made important contributions to Chinese culture and world culture in aspects of modern culture, writing, literature, folk literature, poetry, music, and dance. As one of...
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Value Declination and Function Optimization of Malaysian Lion Dancers’ Group Behavior*

Zhi Zhang, Qing Ma
The lion dance spread to Malaysia with the Chinese migration. In the course of its development, generations of Malaysian lion dancers have continuously contributed to the inheritance and development of the lion dance, which attracted the attention of the government and the participation of the general...
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Exploration on Jade Culture in West Liaohe River Basin in the Neolithic Age

Shuyan Pei, Chuqiao Yu
Many cultural relics of the Neolithic Age have been found in West Liaohe River Basin, among which the earliest known Chinese jade artifacts have been unearthed in Xinglongwa Site, providing evidence for people to explore the source of Chinese jade culture. A large number of jade artifacts were unearthed...
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Short Video: A New Way to Spread Campus Culture*

Xihua Chen, Wenli Nie, Min Zhou
With the development of the Internet, the short video market develops rapidly and has a wide range of applications. However, it is not common for colleges and universities to use short videos to spread campus culture. There are some problems, such as little emphasis, similar content of creation, and...
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Analysis on the Management Mode of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in China Under the Perspective of Cultural Confidence: A Case Study of Ankang City in Shaanxi Province

Lirong Zeng
With the rise of various new entertainment cultures, many intangible cultures are gradually marginalized, facing a severe crisis of protection and management. The intangible cultural heritage of Ankang City has not escaped such reality in the process of rapid modernization, and there is a dilemma of...
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Understanding of Man in Western and Eastern Cultural Traditions*

Olga V. Chistyakova, Yu-chao Liu, Wei-ding Tsai
The article considers some theoretical substantiations of the human being basing on the cultural heritage of West and East. The authors present images of Man in the context of the comparative analysis of Western and Eastern civilizations, more specifically, of the Chinese one, underlining general and...
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Brief Analysis on the Development of News Cartoons of China in the New Media Era

Yuemin Li
With unique news vision and distinctive artistic features, news cartoon is deeply loved by readers and has become an indispensable news genre for newspapers. News cartoons can reflect some phenomenon and contradictions in social life, which can not only make readers have rich associations in a short...
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Study on the Interaction Between College Students’ Cultural Literacy and “Bottom-Line Thinking”*

Jieqiong Duan
To improve college students’ cultural literacy, the importance should be attached to the strategies and methods. Bottom-line thinking, as a scientific thinking method and practical philosophy, plays an important role in the cultivation of college students’ cultural literacy. On the theoretical basis...
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Study on the Construction of Mother Tongue Cultural Identity in Intercultural Communication

Qinglan Meng
The learning and cultivation of mother tongue culture is the basis for construction of mother tongue cultural identity. Language is the carrier and basic form of culture. Achieving cultural consciousness and proper use of negative language transfer can help to build students’ mother tongue cultural identity...
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Study on the Legalization of Rural Governance in Liangshan Yi Area: From the Perspective of the Interaction and Adjustment of Customary Law and National Law

Changying He
The customary law of the Yi nationality is the core part of the family clan culture of Yi people in Liangshan. Formed in the long process of life and labor of Yi nationality, it scientifically reflects the distribution of power and duty of Yi nationality, which can effectively adjust the conflict of...
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Research on Lowering the Standard of Proof for Criminal Speedy Trial Procedure*

Shao Shao, Yixiao Li
In recent years, the criminal speedy trial procedure has been operating well in China’s judicial practice. However, in the theoretical and practical circles, there always remains a major dispute about whether to adjust the standard of proof of the speedy trial procedure. Through comparative investigation,...
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Construction of Legal System for Autonomous Vehicles*

Yunbo Sun
The self-driving car is a major revolution in the field of human transportation in the 21st century. With its large-scale commercial use, it will greatly liberate the human brain and limbs. However, there are also some problems in the development process of self-driving cars, and the relevant laws and...
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Study on the Improvement of External Supervisory System of Supervision Power

Huixin Zheng, Yun Fu
The reform of the supervision system and the emergence of the State Committee of Supervisory have made all public officials exercising the public power of the objects of supervision. The power of supervision has expanded unprecedentedly. With respect to the establishment of supervision power, China has...
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A Brief Analysis on the Legislative Regulation of Non-Marital Cohabitation in China

Yun Fu
With the continuous change of society, people’s ideas about family structure are also constantly changing. Cohabitation is no longer the experience of a few people. There was a significant increase in cohabitation among men and women who had dropped out of school and started work earlier than the legal...
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Legal Thoughts on the Divorce Damage Compensation System

Zhenyuan Jin
This article specifically discusses some aspects such as the limitation of the subject of the right to compensation, the limitation of the subject of divorce damage in China, the small compensable scope, and the difficulty of proof for the no-fault party in litigation. Against the background of these...
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Ideological Background of Intercultural Dialogue in Social Anthropology

Svetlana Rudanovskaya
The article centers on various ideological patterns of the other in socio-anthropological discourse and demonstrates that these patterns influence the practice of intercultural communication, necessary for field studies in this discipline. The article emphasizes one of the conditions of a dialogue with...
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Study on Life Meaning in Oriental and Western Philosophy

Si Chen, Zhiyong Fu
From the view of hermeneutics, the meaning of the text is not fixed. It will always be infinitely open to the authors and interpreters with the changing meaning the co-creation of these authors and interpreters. The phenomenological slogan is “back to the things themselves”. Then we can put aside the...
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Critical Thinking: An Ethical Quality of Citizens in Modern Society*

Dong Long, Rining Liang
In the contemporary plural society, ethical quality is an indispensable characteristic of citizens. Of all the ethical qualities, the author believes that moral judgment is one of the most important ethical qualities. This article uses the citizen ethics course as an example to explain how to cultivate...
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Research on Legislative Flexibility Mechanism

Daipeng Wang
The legislative flexibility mechanism is the latest result of combining the methodology of Marxist scientific research with the construction of the rule of law in China. Legislative workability is a unique power given to national autonomous areas and special economic zones by laws. Regarding the nature...
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The Philosophical Thoughts on the Theoretical Basis of China’s Principal Contradiction in the New Era

Xuemei Xie, Yunhua Cai, Fang Yang
The main contradiction of China in the new era is a model of specifically applying Marxist basic principles to solve problems, and it is another theoretical result of Marxism with Chinese characteristics. The historical evolution of the main contradiction theory in China from creation, development to...
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Chinese, Ancient Greek Mythology and “Human Essence”: The Exploration of “Human Nature” From the Perspective of Information Philosophy

Yan Yuan
The issue on “human essence” has always been a hot philosophical issue. Historically, this concept has been newly annotated in different historical periods. The creation of mythology is the first attempt of mankind to pursue their essence. They first imposed their own nature upon gods, and then tried...
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Reflections on the Sinicization of Marxist Literary Theory Since the New Period

Furui Jia
Since the new period, the research on the sinicization of Marxist literary theory has been complicated and rich in research results. In this research process, scholars are also exploring the way forward. Looking at the process of sinicization of Marxist literary theory and taking problem discussion as...
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Progress in Researches on Moral Experience in the Context of Psychology and Philosophy

Rining Liang, Dong Long
Morality as the core concept and the object of study in psychology and philosophy in contemporary times has different focuses in the field of psychology and philosophy. In the context of contemporary pluralism, the study of morality is of great significance to both individuals and the society. The combination...
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Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Professional Development of the Military

Konstantin A. Likhomanov, Maksim N. Saveliev, Vitaly V. Mochalov, Lidia P. Kostikova, Anatoly Yu. Belogurov
The article considers self-efficacy in the context of professional development of the post-graduate students at the military school. It shows the adjuncts’ self-efficacy as belief in their capabilities to exercise control over their professional work in general and research work in particular. Beliefs...
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Adaptability Issues in Professional Training of the Military

Alexander V. Belin, Maksim P. Berendeev, Alexey A. Mikerin, Pavel F. Kotov, Lidia P. Kostikova, Anatoly Yu. Belogurov
Military education has its own specific features. It is assumed that professional training of future officers requires special attention to adaptability issues. The present study investigates this assumption. Adaptability is a crucial issue for operating in the dynamic military environment and future...
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Teaching Minority Languages: Social and Cultural Problems

Elena Voevoda
The article considers the issue of teaching the languages of ethnic minorities in Russia and in Europe. The author uses the method of comparative analysis to study how minority and regional languages were taught in the Russian Empire as compared with contemporary states. The article defines the existing...
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Study on the Implementation of Video Training in Modern Foreign Language Education*

Marina L. Ivleva, Vitaly Yu. Ivlev, Nonna L. Bagramyants
The article offers the possibility of using video training as one of innovative ways to get acquainted with the linguistic and cultural code of a foreign-speaking society in order to achieve the best result of language training. The article discusses the need to use active teaching methods in higher...
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Academic Freedom and Contemporary Universities*

Olga Savvina
The article analyses the evolution of the notion “Academic freedom” (AF) from the Middle Ages to the present times. “Academic freedoms” were known in Bologna University and Sorbonne in Paris in 12-14 centuries, but their meaning was not the same that we percept nowadays. AF included at those times rights...
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An Action Research on Integration of Ideological and Political Education with College English Teaching*

Limei Wang
Humanity of the English course equips the English classroom with a competitive edge in integrating ideological and political education with college English teaching. This study aims at constructing a teaching mode of integrating ideological and political education with college English teaching in order...
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Research on the Reform Method of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Courses From the Perspective of Positive Psychology*

Lili Song, Dongye Wang
In a globalized landscape, competition and cooperation among countries are intensifying. Especially with the deepening of China’s reform and opening up, participation in international activities has become more frequent, the international status has continued to rise, and the demand and requirements...
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Issues on the Construction and Implementation of Interactions Design Curriculum*

Dandan Zheng, Huawen Chen
It is an urgent problem for art design departments to improve the teaching of interaction design and make the trained talents meet the realistic needs of cultural and creative industry. At present, interaction design major is faced with such difficulties as unreasonable course structure, single teaching...
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Exploration on the Causes and Solutions of Cognitive Errors in College English Learning

Zhangling Wu
There are many factors that affect the non-English majors and English learning. This paper will explore the cognitive errors that affect students’ English learning and their causes in the new era. The main reasons for these errors are student misunderstandings, such as “Learned Helplessness”, “Rational...
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The Construction of Competence Training Platform of Foreign Language Translation*

Wenjuan Lin, Wei Liu
It is very important for the public to build the learning and training platform with translation learning and diverse functions. The construction of foreign language translation and competence training platform based on computer technology was studied in this paper. First of all, the core technologies...
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A Comparative Study of Operation Methods of Art Teaching Between Universities in Russia and Heilongjiang Province*

Hui Xie, Feng Qi
In recent years, with the significant improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of spiritual culture has gradually improved, which has led to the development of art education in higher institutes. In the wave of economic globalization, the exchanges and cooperation among countries in...
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The Design of 3D-Virtual Learning Environments in the View of System Theory*

Jianming Wang
With the deep application of virtual reality technology and 3D-simulation technology in education, virtual learning environment has begun to develop from 2D-virtual learning environments to 3D-virtual learning environments. 3D-virtual learning environments have become a hot research. Based on research...
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Innovative Practice of Improving Engineering Students’ Performance Competence at College Level

Yueying Yao
Guided by Course Syllabus, the authors and her co-workers have made analysis on statistics, and then have researched and reformed in aspects of teaching models, teaching methods and quality evaluation. It is concluded that applying student-centered teaching mode that enabling students to actively participate...
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Research on Teaching Content of Series of Skills and Trick in Wushu in National Traditional Sports Specialty

Weina Liu
As a bright pearl of Chinese national culture, Chinese martial arts have taken root and sprouted in the thousands of years of Chinese civilization, and have been rooted in the daily life of working people. Originates from people’s life practice, Chinese martial arts has been used in various social activities...
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Exploration and Application of the Teaching Reform of “Accounting Basic Skills” in Higher Vocational Colleges

Ting Wang
Higher vocational colleges aim at cultivating talents with applied skills, so it has become the focus of teaching and training for students to use professional skills to meet the requirements of industrial post skills. “Accounting Basic Skills” course is a professional basic course in the teaching of...
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Curriculum Standards for Language in China and the US in Grades One and Two*

Juanjuan Zhang
Purpose: In 2010, the United States issued Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (CCSS). In 2011, China’s Ministry of Education also issued its Compulsory Education Chinese Curriculum Standards (CCSCE). This study hopes...
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Exploration and Application of Cooperative Learning in Business Japanese Conversation Course

Shanshan Tan
Cooperative learning is an ancient educational concept and practice. Its theoretical foundation is the theory of cooperative target structure. The Japanese teaching research on cooperative learning in China started around 2007. The content is mainly about the discussion and research application of reading...
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Study on the Scheme of Educational Informatization Construction for Newly-Founded Undergraduate Colleges in China

Pingxiu Li, Aihong Zhu
In the process of realizing the leap-forward development of teaching quality, the newly-built colleges and universities in China are facing the problems of mechanism, teachers, and ideas etc. The practice shows that educational informatization construction scheme which taking classroom teaching as a...
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Study on the Relationship Among College Students’ Life Satisfaction, Attitudes Toward Death and Sense of Life Meaning*

Mengge Li, Wanghua Ji
This paper aims to explore the relationships among college students’ life satisfaction, attitudes towards death and sense of life meaning. Life satisfaction scale SWLS, Chinese version of death attitude description scale DAP-R and life sense of meaning scale PIL were used to investigate 445 college students....
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Research on the Development of Higher Vocational Education in China in the 21st Century*

Zhangxing Gao, Tao Yu
Since the 21st century, China’s higher vocational education has developed rapidly. The surge in “quantity” has not improved the “quality” simultaneously. Instead, many disadvantages such as unclear positioning of higher vocational education, insufficient teachers, and lack of characteristics have appeared....
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The Application Value of the Collaborative Innovation Center to the Construction of the Experimental Teaching Platform for the Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents of Art*

Yan Zhang, Xiaoli Zhang, Hui Xie
North Xinjiang universities rely on the high-quality resources of Sino-Russian culture and art education, and use the collaborative innovation center to realize the introduction of cloud computing, big data analysis, mobile clients and other technologies in art design classroom teaching. They introduce...
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Psychological Analysis of Social Anxiety of College Students

Jinyu Zhou
The role of social interaction has a great impact on college students’ life, learning, mastering the skills of entering the society and competition in employment. Different from previous studies focusing on the mastery of social skills, self-esteem, self-concept schema and other factors, this study will...
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The Organic Integration of Piano Performance and Piano Accompaniment Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Dongyang Xu
Over the years, China’s general higher education is undergoing rapid development in reform. The level of music professional education in China has also been greatly improved. Nowadays, major universities have begun to lay piano courses, and piano performance and piano accompaniment are an important part...
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The Reform and Development of Ideological and Political Education in Universities in the Network Era

Hong Yan
With the advent of the network era, the Internet is gradually expanding into various fields of society in a diversified form, and has a huge impact on our daily life, study and work, changing our inherent way of life and thinking. Based on the influence of the Internet age on college students’ behaviors...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Against the Background of Ideological and Political Education*

Li Li, Musong Gu, Xiujun Zhang
In the process of promoting the successful employment and entrepreneurship of college students, ideological and political education provides necessary and strong support for the growth and development of college students, and plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the successful innovation and entrepreneurship...
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The Reconstruction of Higher Law Education Curriculum System in the Context of New Liberal Arts*

Huafeng Lu, Teng Hu
At present, the construction of new liberal arts is being actively carried out in the field of higher education in China. As an important part of liberal arts education, the major of law should take the initiative to adapt itself to the new demand for liberal arts talents in the new era, and actively...
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Review and Prospect: Study on Morality and Law Textbooks in the Past 70 Years of the Founding of New China

Wenzheng Zhao, Lijian Qiu
The study of Morality and Law textbook has become a very hot topic in recent years. This paper used the knowledge mapping method to make a quantitative and qualitative review of the study on the Morality and Law textbook since the foundation of New China from four dimensions: overall development trend,...
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Research on the Educational System of Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Peng Zang
In the new era of socialism, the ideological and political work education system in colleges and universities keeps developing and improving, ushering in a new spring for ideological and political work in colleges and universities. To strengthen the construction of ideological and political work education...
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An Analysis of Contemporary College Students’ Identity of Chinese Excellent Culture*

Jialiang Cao
In the current era with highly raised cultural identity and cultural confidence, continuously improving college students’ identity of Chinese excellent culture is an inevitable requirement to ensure the sustainable development of various undertakings in China. Chinese excellent culture identity of college...
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Study on the Ways to Observe, Record, and Analyze Children’s Behavior

Fanyun Kong
The observation and record of children’s behavior is the basic content of preschool teachers’ daily work. The observation and analysis of children’s behavior can promote teachers to see children and the reasons behind children’s behavior. It is the core quality of preschool teachers’ specialization to...
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Research on Design Thinking Transforming the Curriculum of Entrepreneurship Education

Chibing Gong
Current entrepreneurial education focuses on planning and forecasting. Future entrepreneurship education should concenter on students’ actions in a complex and unpredictable environment. The feasible method is to use design thinking to transform entrepreneurship education. How to integrate the twelve...
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Research on the Professional Development and Innovation Path of Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges: Taking Typical Vocational College in Chongqing as an Example*

Rui Huang, Man Deng, Ke Su
Professional development of teachers in higher vocational colleges is the core “soft resource” of strategic development in higher vocational colleges. Taking the typical higher vocational colleges in Chongqing as the research object, this paper investigates the professional development of teachers for...
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The Importance of Copying in Basic Teaching of Sculpture

Bo Qin
Since the 20th century, copying has been weakened in the teaching of Chinese art, especially in sculpture teaching. Too much emphasis on sketching makes the learning process long and complicated. Teaching is an organized activity of transferring cultural knowledge, through which the process of human...
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Application of Practical Teaching in Business Japanese Interpretation Course

Haiying Jin
Practical teaching is a teaching method that consolidates theoretical knowledge and can effectively apply theoretical cognition. Through students’ voluntary participation and experience in practical activities, students’ ability to apply and operate is improved. This study takes the business Japanese...
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Research on the Dilemma in the Rule-of-Law Education on Chinese College Students in the New Era and the Countermeasures*

Xuguang Liu
As the main body of “post-95” and “post-00” generations, Chinese college students in the new era are the core force for the construction and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the important promoters and core practitioners of comprehensively advancing the strategy of governing the...
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Research on the Design and Practice of Online and Offline Blended Teaching Based on the Concept of Flipped Classroom

Jingmei Wang
Against the background of adult higher education with diversified levels of students, the blended teaching model based on flipped classroom effectively combines the essential advantages of online independent learning and offline classroom face-to-face teaching. Before class, teacher can use curriculum...
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The Research on MICE Education from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Chuanhsiu Ho
In the era of AI, it is an inevitable way for MICE education to adopt the technology of science to innovate teaching. In order to strengthen the breadth and depth of college MICE education, innovative and reform teaching skills should be synchronized into the curriculum design and teaching methods of...
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The Dilemma and Outlet of Chinese Calligraphy in International Chinese Language Education

Hulin Liu
The international identity of Chinese calligraphy still has a long way to go from construction to identification. As a carrier of Chinese culture, calligraphy should be cherished in the field of international Chinese language education. Chinese calligraphy teaching in international Chinese language education...
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Research on Multi-Modal Course Teaching Based on U-MOOC Cloud Platform: Taking the Course “Business English: Viewing, Listening & Speaking” as an Example*

Cuiyan Lan
With the rapid development of Internet technology, various Internet-based courses such as Flipped Classroom, MOOC, and SPOC have flourished in China and become an integral part of classroom teaching. In recent years, the “Internet plus blended teaching” model has become a hot topic in education circle....
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Discussion on Physical Training for Badminton in Colleges and Universities Based on Fitness Purpose

Juping Liu
With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards in China, problems such as fast pace of life and great pressure on study have an increasing impact on the health of college students, and the physical fitness of students has declined dramatically. However, with the continuous development and...
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Value and Strategy Exploration of Internet Public Opinion Guidance in Colleges and University

Xinyi Cai
With the rapid development of the information age, public opinion has a greater impact on the thoughts and behaviors of college students. Therefore, the guidance of public opinion in colleges and universities has become the top priority in students’ work. Based on students’ work, this paper explores...
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Information Literacy Education in the Multidimensional Aid Model of Financially Challenged Students in Colleges and Universities

Ying Zheng
How to construct a multidimensional model of assisting financially challenged students in colleges and universities has become the current research focus and focus of the academic circle. This article takes “information poverty alleviation” as the starting point, points out the relationship between information...
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Application Strategy of Stereoscopic Teaching Material in Secondary Vocational Practical Training Teaching*

Wei Wang, Qiao Liu, Jianxin Shang
Effective use of Stereoscopic teaching material is one of the important issues in Secondary vocational education. The paper selects “machine electrical control circuit” of secondary vocational education in C school as a case. Based on 20 classes, it puts forward application strategy from the aspects...
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A Study on the Loss of Young Teachers in Western Rural Primary Schools and the Countermeasures*

Yanling Peng, Xingyi Zeng
The loss of young teachers in rural primary schools is a practical problem faced by rural education in China, and is even more prominent in the western rural areas where the education level is relatively backward. The loss of young teachers impacts the originally disadvantageous western rural teachers...
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Research on the Talent Cultivation Model of School-Enterprise Cooperation of Architecture Major Against the Background of “Internet Plus”*

Guanghu Jin, Guangri Jin
Today, with the informationization of science and technology, the Internet brings convenience and speed to people in many aspects. The Internet has been integrated into every corner of the world. The combination of the Internet and teaching will become an inevitable trend in teaching reform. Studying...
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A Study on the Problems of Trans-Generational Rearing and Its Improving Strategies: Based on the Interviews and Observations Conducted in Qingyuan City of China*

Shufen Huang, Xuefeng Yan
Family education is critically important for the healthy growth of young children. Realizing the importance of family education, the Ministry of Education of China has proposed a new policy in 2015, urging the regional education departments, schools and communities to provide solid guidance and support...
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Analysis on the Sources of L2 Writing Anxiety*

Meigen Yu
L2 writing anxiety is a prevalent phenomenon. Second language writing anxiety is an important factor affecting the improvement of second language writing. This paper analyzes the two main sources that induce writing anxiety of L2 learners: students with writing anxiety generally have difficulty in expressing...
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Application of Information Technology in Oral Chinese Teaching as a Foreign Language

Jie Zhang
With the reform of education and teaching, more and more teachers have introduced information-based teaching methods when designing classrooms, making full use of pictures and audiovisual materials to increase the amount of information input, and at the same time, dynamic static teaching content makes...
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Communication Theories Applied in Mentimeter to Improve Educational Communication and Teaching Effectiveness

Xi Lin, Chen Lin
This work aims to find out some communication theories applied in Mentimeter, a latest website to create questions and collect answers, to improve educational communication and teaching effectiveness. Six communication theories, which are Selective Attention, Hot Media Theory, the Spiral of Silence,...
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Research on Comprehensive Literacy of International Chinese Teachers

Jie Zhang
In the craze of learning Chinese in the world, there are not enough teachers who engage in teaching Chinese as a foreign language meeting the International Chinese Teacher Standards. Therefore, there is a contradiction between the number of qualified teachers and the demand of the society. How should...
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Construction and Practice of “Java Web Programming” Golden Course Based on CDIO-OBE Concept*

Linlin Wang, Ying Wang, Menglin Liu
By integrating CDIO engineering education concept into the entire teaching process of “Java Web Programming” course, this paper explores the construction of a golden course with challenging content in combination with theory and practice, taking students as the center, result as the direction, project...
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Study on Reform Practice of Educational Informationization in Accounting Major in Higher Vocational Colleges*

Chunling Shao
The spread of modern information technology causes the deconstruction and reconstruction of education ecology, and promotes the transformation and reform of traditional financial model at the same time. The reform practice of educational informationization in accounting major in higher vocational colleges,...
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Research on the Teaching of Freshman Seminar for Art Design Majors

Shanshan Liu
On the basis of learning from the experience of exploring freshman seminar in China and abroad, this paper discusses the teaching of freshman seminar for art design majors from the aspects of teaching content, teaching mode and teaching method, according to the characteristics of art design and combining...
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Analysis of College English Education Based on Practical Training

Xin Li
The most important thing in college English education is language teaching. Teachers need to improve students English application ability through language teaching. College English education under practical talent training mode should be more into language teaching and improve the English application...
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Internationalization of Higher Education with Chinese Characteristics: A Model Based on Dialogue and Meaning Negotiation

Hui Liu
Higher education plays a key role in the present and future of a nation, of which the development direction and the route choice are major issues. In the context of the coexistence of two phenomena, the trend of globalization and the resurgence of local protectionism, it is essential that the higher...
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The Construction and Application of College English Blended Teaching Model Based on Mobile APP*

Zhuanggui Li
The college English blended teaching model based on mobile APP transforms students from passive recipients of knowledge to active inquirers of knowledge, and transforms teachers from the center of the classroom to the supervisors, organizers and guiders of the classroom. Through the combination of online...
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Innovation Research on the Training Mode of Journalism and Communication Talents of Independent Colleges in the “Internet Plus” Era

Baijuan Zhang
The advent of the “Internet plus” era has promoted the training of talents journalism and communication in China into a transitional period. How journalism and communication education advances with the times, how to cultivate high-quality journalism and communication talents, and how to meet the current...
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History Philology and Modern Chinese Character Teaching

Dan Wang
The study of Chinese characters is consistent with the teaching of Chinese characters. They are all for the purpose of understanding and mastering Chinese characters. In today’s Chinese character teaching, more and more scholars analyze the structure of Chinese characters from the perspective of cognitive...