Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2020)

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Ways to Improve Strategies for the Class Teaching of Novels in Chinese Books of Senior High School

Zhenyu Yan
In the current version of Chinese textbooks, the selection of novels is mostly from long classics or foreign novels. This has resulted in the difficulty of grasping the overall mentality of the works within the limited classroom teaching time, which makes it difficult to implement the goals. The teaching...
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Research on Connotation Structure and Promotion Path of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education Appeal in the New Period

Hongbo Shen
The appeal of ideological and political education can have a positive guiding and stimulating effect on college students. Strengthening the appeal of ideological and political education can comprehensively improve the educational effect of strengthening moral education and cultivating people in colleges...
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Psychological Intervention in Employment Guide of Private Colleges and Universities

Hao Wang
In the severe employment situation, the employment of private college students has become one of the hotspots and difficulties in modern society. As a special and huge group of people, private college graduates show a series of psychological problems such as inferiority, anxiety, and imbalance in the...
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The Design and Practice of Mixed Teaching Mode Guided by Spiritual Quotient: Taking Management Accounting as an Example*

Meiling Lu
Mixed teaching has become an important model of today’s teaching reform. The author uses the “Rain Classroom” teaching platform and takes the Management Accounting as an example to study the reform design of the mixed teaching mode guided by spiritual quotient. From the course design to the course development,...
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Research on the Education Mode and Optimization Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents in Local Universities*

Liang Yu
Innovation and entrepreneurship education has become an important part of China’s higher education. It is a higher level education than quality-oriented education. Cultivating students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability is an inevitable requirement of the development of the times. The development...
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The Innovative Path of College Psychological Health Education in the Perspective of New Media

Jun Dai
Psychological health education is an important part of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. The new media is increasingly changing the college psychological health education environment profoundly. College psychological health education is also facing opportunities and challenges....
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Application of Virtual Simulation Technology in Course Reform of Rice Wine Brewing Process*

Yuefan Dong, Wujian Yang
With the emergence and development of virtual reality technology, it gradually penetrates various fields of society and explores a new model for experimental teaching. Based on the construction concept of virtual simulation teaching platform, this paper combines the course of rice wine brewing technology,...
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Exploration of School Education Inheritance Path of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jing Yan
Intangible cultural heritage is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Influenced by the development of market economy, the impact of multi culture, and the age of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage projects, there are many problems in the inheritance and development of intangible...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching Evaluation System of Art Major in Universities

Lijun Shi
Compared with other majors in colleges and universities, art major has higher practicality. Therefore, in the process of carrying out teaching activities of art major, practical teaching plays a very important role in it. This paper mainly focuses on the construction of practical teaching evaluation...
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Analysis on the Application of Task-Driven Method in the Course of Film and TV Post-Production

Xiaoqiang Zheng
Based on the research on the application of task-driven method in the course of film and TV post-production, firstly, the basic content of task-driven method is expounded. Then, the author analyzes the application of task-driven method in the course of film and TV post-production, which plays an important...
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Analysis of the Limitations and Breakthroughs of Art Design Teaching

Jia Zhao
The teaching of art design major is one of the modern teaching methods and contents, which can break the shackles of traditional teaching and improve the teaching quality. For the current art design teaching in colleges and universities, art design teaching is a integrating teaching of thinking and emotion....
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Comparison of Art Education Between China and Foreign Countries: Taking Educational Ideas as an Example

Zixu Zhao, Zhiyu Liu, Linsheng Gao, Dongmei Pan, Jiayin Song
Art education is an important content of quality education in our country. Art education plays a very important role in one’s aesthetic appreciation and personal quality cultivation. The concept of art education influences and even determines the direction, quality and benefit of art education to some...
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Exploration on the Blended Teaching Mode for Basic Accounting

Wenfang Mao
With the continuous development of information-based teaching, “MOOC, SPOC and Flipped Classroom” blended teaching as a new teaching method has attracted more and more attention from the education circle. Blended teaching combines the advantages of online teaching and traditional teaching to form a new...
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Research on the Construction of Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Courses of Economics and Management Majors*

Hang Gao
The teaching methods of economics and management courses are gradually developing towards the direction of intelligence, informatization and engineering. Against the background of cultivating innovative and applied talents in universities, economics and management majors should combine their own characteristics...
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Research on the Construction of Ceramic Skill Training System for Art Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools*

Jinrong Li
It is an important mission of contemporary education to inherit and develop ceramic technology and culture. In recent years, with the increasing emphasis on aesthetic education, ceramic major has been opened successively in colleges and universities, and the imparting of ceramic knowledge has been gradually...
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Exploration on the Course Construction of “Engineering Project Management” Based on Private Undergraduate Colleges

Li Li
This paper is composed in order to respond to the “golden course” construction advocated by the Ministry of Education, improve the teaching quality and fully mobilize students’ initiative and enthusiasm in class. Based on the analysis of the learning situation of private undergraduate colleges, this...
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A Study on the Role Transformation of Teachers of Tourism Management in Colleges and Universities Under the Action-Oriented Teaching Model*

Changjing Tang
College education is student-centered, and the action-oriented teaching of teachers as the organizer and coordinator of the learning process is developing and deepening day by day. According to the current demand of educational development and the practical and operational characteristics of tourism...
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Research on the Reform of Higher Vocational Education in the Perspective of Multiculturalism*

Fenghua Kang
Multiculturalism has different connotations due to different uses in different fields. Obviously, multiculturalism is no longer a purely theoretical discussion, but a starting point and basis for educational thought, literary criticism, and so on. This article mainly explores the multicultural level...
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Analysis on the Application of the Improved “PCDCEA Cycle” Model in the Teaching Reform of Economic Law Course

Qianwen Wei, Minghong Sun
Along with the development of market economy and the deepening of higher education reform, vast majority of colleges and universities operate specialized course of economic law to promote the all-round development of students and to better meet the society’s demand for innovative and entrepreneurial...
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The Way of College Counselors Guiding College Students’ Social Practice Activities from a Professional Perspective: Taking the Dream Building Economy as an Example*

Dian Xiong, Rong Fu
The social practice of college students is an important way and channel to carry out ideological and political education for college students. As the organizer, implementer and director of the daily ideological and political education and management of college students, counselors play an important role...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of “Display Design” Course Based on the CDIO Concept*

Yifeng Du
As a compulsory course for major exhibition planning and management, the course of “Display Design” is an important course for cultivating students’ professional theoretical knowledge and basic skills for exhibitions. This article attempts to apply the idea of the CDIO teaching method to the “Design...
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Research on Modern Apprenticeship Teaching for Art Majors in Higher Vocational Schools: Taking Chongqing Preschool Education College as an Example

Bing Li
This study analyzes the advantages of the modern apprenticeship teaching model through an all-round comparison of various Chinese vocational education teaching models, and demonstrates the necessity of developing a modern apprenticeship training model in higher vocational art majors. Based on this, it...
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The Status Quo, Problems and Countermeasures of Disciplinary and Professional Construction in Applied Universities Against the Background of Industrial Structure Upgrading: Empirical Analysis Based on 18 Transitional Pilot Universities in Sichuan*

Shiwei Wang
Through a descriptive analysis of the changes in the discipline and industry structure of Sichuan’s overall transformation pilot colleges and universities and an empirical analysis of the coordination between the two, the results show that: the discipline and specialty construction is basically coordinated...
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Construction of Practical Teaching System for Industrial Internet Specialty Groups in Higher Vocational Colleges*

Shaoqin Lu
After the global financial crisis, the intelligent manufacturing industry is widely emerging on a global scale. Many countries in the world have introduced national strategies and action plans for intelligent manufacturing, aiming to revitalize their economies and enhance the strength of the manufacturing...
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An Inquiry Into the Evolution of German Compulsory Education Law

Nan Li
Germany has a long tradition of compulsory education. It is not only the first country introducing a compulsory education system in the world, but also the first country enacting relevant laws. Compulsory education, as the cornerstone of prosperous Germany with high-quality nationals, has always been...
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Research on Educational Practice of Innovative Packaging Structure Design

Lizhu Liang
In the visual communication design curriculum system, packaging design is an important part of the core curriculum. With the global greenhouse effect becoming increasingly prominent, a series of problems caused by environmental pollution need to be solved by all sectors of the society. The innovative...
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Study on Cultivating the Gymnastics Teaching Ability of College Students Majoring in Physical Education

Zhixian Yang
Students who are majoring in physical education are the reserve force of physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools. Their teaching skills are vital to improve the quality of teachers. Basic gymnastics is one of the teaching contents of physical education in secondary schools. To train...
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The Application of Experiential Teaching Method in Nursing Specialty Teaching

Yan Yang
In recent years, with the continuous promotion of China’s “building a moderately prosperous society in all respects” strategy, as well as the rapid social and economic development, people’s health awareness is more and more strong, and their requirements for medical staff are also higher and higher....
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The Causes, Influences, and Countermeasures of Middle School Chinese “Less Emphasis on Grammar” Teaching

Chong Wang
“Less emphasis on grammar” refers to the phenomenon of neglecting the teaching of grammar theory of Chinese teaching in middle school. From syllabus to textbooks, to test papers, to actual teaching, there is a phenomenon of paying less emphasis on grammar. The teaching concept of “less emphasis on grammar”...
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Exploration and Practice on the Construction of Productive Practice Training Base for Road, Bridge, and River-Crossing Engineering Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lantao Yu
On-campus productive practice and training bases, the main platform to improve the professional practice level of students in higher vocational colleges, play an irreplaceable role in cultivating talents and serving the society. Therefore, the exploration of the new mode of constructing high-level training...
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Research on the Countermeasures to Accelerate the Development of First-Class Electrical Engineering Discipline: Taking the Electrical Engineering of Xichang University as the Research Object

Qiuyan Guo
The construction of first-class disciplines is the basis for the construction of first-class universities. The Ministry of Education put forward the requirements for “double first-class” construction of universities in 2017. Universities in various provinces actively implemented them, formulated specific...
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Research on the Blended Teaching Mode of “GSP Practice Training in Medicine” in Higher Vocational Colleges

Bo Dai
Blended teaching is a new type of teaching mode that uses the online platform and network resources and other information technologies to combine the two teaching methods of “online education” and classroom face-to-face teaching. This teaching mode has fully utilized the advantages of contemporary vocational...
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Research on the Cultivating Path of Pre-School English Education Talent Based on ESP Demand Analysis Theory*

Ning Yang
With the continuous development and expansion of pre-school English education in China, pre-school English education has become an unavoidable major subject in pre-school education in the new era. However, the research on pre-school English education lags behind. Due to the lack of scientific and systematic...
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Study on Memory Techniques of Fundamental Accounting: Based on a Beginner’s Perspective

Haixia Zhao
It is difficult for students who are beginning to learn fundamental accounting to understand and memorize basic knowledge and master reverent rules and regulations. However, fundamental accounting is compulsory for accounting major, which is the basic requirement and prerequisite for accounting work....
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Research on the Cooperation Model of Cooperative Education in Deep Integration of Universities and Enterprises*

Chao Chen, Shan Tian, Yi Tan, Xiong Yang
Higher engineering education is closely related to the development of social economy and the upgrading of industry in China, and it has two attributes: education and engineering. This decides that only the deep cooperative education of universities and enterprises can ensure the quality of engineering...
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Current Situation and Improving Strategies for Intercultural Teaching of English Majors in Ethnic Regions*

Liqian Chen
Based on the data collected from the questionnaire, test and interview distributed at Inner Mongolia Normal University, Inner Mongolia National University, Chifeng University and Hulunbeier University, the writer has probed into the current situation of Mongolian English students’ intercultural communicative...
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The Promotion Strategy for the Development of Education in Minority Areas

Zhengkai He, Yu Liu
The development of education in ethnic minority areas is related to the unity and progress and the high-quality economic development of ethnic minority areas. At present, there are many problems in the development of education in ethnic minority areas in China, which have affected the prosperity, strength,...
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Study on the Status Analysis of Position Ability Training in Vocational Education

Yi Yang
The core and focus of vocational education is to train highly skilled personnel and send them to enterprises. Talent is the key factor for an enterprise to realize its strategic goal. The quality of talents determines the success or failure of an enterprise. Therefore, the position ability of employees...
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Study on “Deverbalization” in Teaching Note-Taking in Consecutive Interpretation*

Ruihua Nai
In consecutive interpreting, mastery of note-taking in interpretation cannot only relieve the pressure of interpreters, but also provide a clear logic structure, and improve the quality of target langrage output. Note-taking also needs deverbalization, and “focus-on-meaning”. The author tries to figure...
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Analysis on Whether Native or Non-Native English Speaking Teacher is Better in TEFL in China*

Sa Li, Chunlin Jin
The population of acquiring English as a foreign language in China is the largest all over the world. More and more native English speaking teachers have come to China to teach the English language since the reform and opening-up policies were launched in China. The issue whether native or non-native...
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Theory Review, Implementation Principle and Development Strategy of China’s “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Education: Taking Finance and Economics Colleges and Universities as an Example*

Luhao Liu, Yifan Cui, Tao Guo
The finance and economics colleges and universities still face problems regarding the cultivation of innovative talents against the background of entrepreneurship and innovation, such as the poor understandings on innovation of education model and lack of explorations from theory construction perspective....
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A Study on Blended Teaching in College English Class Based on SPOC*

Hailong Zhao, Ying Wu
SPOC is a new classroom teaching paradigm that is more suitable for colleges and universities in recent years. It is characterized by online independent learning and mixed learning directed by classroom teachers according to the characteristics of the era of big data. This paper mainly discusses how...
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Training of “Modern Apprenticeship” Talents for Art Design Majors in Higher Vocational Education to Help the Development of Creative Industries

Jianwei Liu
The creative industry is an important part of the cultural industry. To develop vigorously, a large number of knowledgeable and innovative art design professionals are required. However, the current output of art design majors of higher vocational education cannot meet the needs of Chinese manufacturing....
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Research on the Current Situation and Problems of Music Course Teaching of Preschool Education in Colleges and Universities

Qingnan Wang
Music course is a very important part of preschool education. The development of music course in preschool education requires not only the students’ solid music basic knowledge, but also the students’ understanding of the law of children’s growth and development, as well as strong music art cultivation...
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Practice and Reflection: Exploration of Collaborative Education Between College Professional Course Teachers*

Haining Huang, Zhiyin Liu, Xihua Chen, Yuanmei Fang
The ideological and political education of college students in the new era is facing more difficulties and challenges, which require the teachers and counselors to work together to educate people. This paper carries out the practical path by expounding the importance of university co-education, from...
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Experimental Research in English Reading Classroom Instruction of Non-English Major Junior College Students from the Perspective of Jigsaw IV*

Hong Tang, Qinghua Peng
It is taken for granted that traditional instruction method in EFL classroom is useful, such as grammar translation method, induction method and deduction method, etc. However, there is an argument against this approach, especially for non-English major junior college students. For the non-English major...
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The Application of Graded Teaching Mode in College English Teaching

Yongmei Cao
With the rapid development of modern education, the traditional teaching model can no longer meet the actual needs and requirements of students and teachers, and we need to set up a teaching mechanism which is more in line with the current situation. Among them, the graded teaching mode can achieve a...
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A Study on the Cultivation Mode of Compound Translators Against the Background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”

Hongwei Na
Since “the Belt and Road Initiative” has been presented, exchanges between China and the countries along the routes are increasing, and the demand for translators is growing. However, translators trained by the traditional mode cannot satisfy the needs, and more compound translators are needed. Therefore,...
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Study on the Application of TAPs in the Translating Class*

Xiaohua Guo
TAPs (think-aloud protocols) is originally a research method in psychological and cognitive science, which is used in language learning studies in the last decades. The studies on translating class in China have changed a lot in the last several decades. It begins with focus on the translating skills...
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The Way to Introduce Spanish Varieties with Corpus in Classrooms*

Yan He
Based on the theoretical framework of Data-Driven Learning, this paper use the Atlas interactivo de la entonación del español and Corpus PRESEEA as resources for the teaching of Spanish varieties, whose objective is not that the learners get to use one or the other dialect, but that they learn to recognize...
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Research on the Endogenous Motivation of Psychological Poverty Alleviation for Poor College Students from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Lin Luo
From the perspective of precision poverty alleviation, the psychological poverty alleviation of poor college students is lagging behind the material poverty alleviation, which makes poor college students face multiple pressures such as life, school, and employment due to economic constraints, leading...
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A Study on the Teaching Strategies of Male Public-Funded Normal Students as Preschool Teachers Under the New Form

Lin Ding
Children are the future and hope of the country and the nation. The preschool teachers are the solid strength of children training. It is an urgent problem to be studied about how to advance with the times to improve the construction of preschool teachers. With the development of the times, the State...
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Application and Exploration of Microlecture in Piano Collective Teaching of Preschool Education Major*

Jianqin Yang
With the popularization of information software such as Weibo, WeChat and micro-video, knowledge learning has also entered a micro era. Microlecture meets this fragmented and individualized learning need and is the product of college teaching reform. This article takes piano collective teaching of preschool...
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Analysis on the Difficulties in the Advancement of Ideological and Political Education for College Students in the New Era and Countermeasures

Ke Wang, Ning Zhang, Ya Hu, Qian Feng
At the Conference on Ideological and Political Work of National Colleges and Universities, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the State President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission attended and made an important speech emphasizing that ideological and political...
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Exploration and Practice of the Education Function of Micro-Circle Culture in Colleges and Universities: Taking Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai as an Example*

Zhen Cui, Yang Lei
Education is the eternal theme of colleges and universities, and the whole process of education and all-round education is the main track to achieve the basic task of moral education. As the main “online” battlefield of the modern ideological and political education of college students, network ideological...
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Cultivation of Intercultural Communication Ability of Students Majoring in Foreign Language Specialty of Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of National Cultural Identity*

Yanling Chen, Likun Chang
Language is the carrier of culture. The so-called cultural identity refers to an individual’s sense of belonging to one’s own culture and the cultural groups to which it belongs, and the socio-psychological process of retaining and enriching the individual culture obtained from it. This article intends...
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A Study on the Modernization of Basic Education Problems and Strategies in Minority Areas*

Limei Jia
The modernization of basic education in minority areas is an important part of the modernization of basic education in China, which affects the overall modernization level of national basic education. Based on the investigation on the situation of rural basic education schools in C city, Inner Mongolia...
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A Study on the Guiding Role of CEF in the Construction of English Competency Criteria in Military Academies

Meng Li, Mei Song, Na Wang
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Learning Teaching Assessment (CEF) is a standard that used to measure a user’s common abilities and communicative language. The paper presents the core of CEF from the three aspects as followed: birth of CEF; content and structure of CEF; analysis...
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Investigation on the Status of Mother Tongue Education in Mongolian Schools of Ningcheng Country, Inner Mongolia*

National language is the most typical symbol that distinguishes it from other nations, the most important carrier of national culture, and the key link of national identity. Therefore, mother tongue education plays an important role in the inheritance of national language and culture. As the Mongolian...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System and Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment for College Innovation-Entrepreneurship Education*

Jianhu Zheng, Liping Lai, Zijuan Wen
Innovation-entrepreneurship education is an important component, and assessment of education quality is a significant evidence of college’s reform achievement. In order to acquire an operable mechanism to evaluate the effects of education reform and take corresponding methods to improve education level,...
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A Probe Into the Integrated Online Teaching of “Packaging Design” Course in Product Design Specialty*

Lijuan Xiong
The application of Internet technology in the teaching process is becoming more and more mature. It has become a trend in the modern teaching process to combine the online and offline integrated teaching methods. Based on the definition and characteristics of the integrated teaching mode, this paper...
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The Theory and Practice Analysis of Foreign Language Teaching Method Schools

Boyu Song
With the continuous development of the society, people’s demand for foreign languages is constantly changing. Different stages of historical development and people’s different needs for foreign languages have produced different teaching theories and methods. There are many schools with varied theories....
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Study on the Cultivation of University Teachers’ Ability of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education*

Haiyan Zhan
Good ability and potentials of innovation and entrepreneurship education owned by university teachers determines the effectiveness of training of innovation personnel. To improve the ability of teachers’ innovation and entrepreneurship education, we need to clarify the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Exploration and Practice of Listening Teaching for English Majors

Weiwei He
English listening is an important basic course for business English majors, but it is difficult to teach. Through questionnaire surveys and individual interviews with students, this article understands students’ questions and demands, mainly discusses methods and skills in listening teaching, and summarizes...
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The Strategy of Cultivating Graduate Students’ Innovation in Interdisciplinary Perspective*

Qin Wang
Design is comprehensive interdisciplinary, and innovative education of high level personnel should emphasize interdisciplinary training. Combined with literature research and case study, the interdisciplinary research and teaching modes of many famous universities in the world are exemplified. Postgraduate...
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Thoughts on Large-Scale Long-Distance Web-Based Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic: A Case of Chengdu University

Xiujun Zhang
The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic brings a great challenge to China’s higher education. All teachers and students were confined to their homes in order to cut off the spread of the virus and prevent further spread of the disease. All of a sudden, the large-scale long-distance web-based...
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Research and Practice of Multi-Dimensional Interactive Teaching Mode of Design Color

Jinzhu Liu
In the teaching of design color, the application of multi-dimensional interactive teaching mode can improve the teaching quality and contribute to the talent training of design color related majors. Firstly, this paper briefly expounds the basic elements and connotation of the multi-dimensional interactive...
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Research on the Innovation Path of Education and Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges in the New Era

Ming Zeng
In the new era, higher vocational colleges are facing new situations and changes. The types of students are changed suddenly. A series of constructive measures such as the one-million enrollment expansion plan for national vocational education, vocational education based reform as well as 1 plus X certificate...
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Reflections on the Construction of Campus Culture in Medical Colleges and Universities in the New Era*

Jialiang Cao
In the new era, the campus culture construction of medical school needs to be strengthened. The construction of campus culture is conducive to the optimization of campus ethos, to the inheritance of campus spirit, and to improving the effect of education. Many schools focus on improving students’ professional...
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The Construction Mechanism of Teacher Workshops Based on “Internet Plus” Mode*

Min Zhang
Teacher workshops that rely on the “Internet plus” model need a complete safeguard mechanism to escort. In the face of a series of problems, famous teachers actively participate in the construction of online teaching, and the “Internet plus” teaching method is used as the main path to create an excellent...
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Analysis on the Cultivation of Applied Talents in Convergence Media Based on the Study of “Missouri Model”

Xiaojuan Cao
Promoting the integration and development of media and building all-media have become urgent issues, of which the construction requires a batch of convergence media applied talents. A series of problems such as lagging concept updating, irrational faculty, and inadequate guarantee of practical teaching...
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Study on Open Recruitment in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on SWOT Analysis

Min Wang, Yu Zhang
While various kinds of improvement work is in full swing in the vocational colleges against the backdrop of booming vocational education in China, building an effective talents pool has played an indispensable role for constructing and managing the teaching teams. This paper adopts the method of SWOT...
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Study on College Counselors’ Response to Students’ Emergencies

Na Su
With the continuous popularization of higher education, the number of college students presents a growing trend, and the increase in the number of students brings unprecedented pressure and challenge to the construction and management system of colleges and universities. Students’ emergencies in colleges...
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Research on the Relationship Between Information Resources Utilization Ratio and College Ideological and Political Education Efficiency in the Era of Big Data

Bing He
Against the background of data development, in order to improve teaching effectiveness, most colleges and universities in China have been using various information-based education methods to update the existing education system. By observing the colleges and universities that have done this, we can find...
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The Double Mediators of Attention Concentration and Interpersonal Self-Efficacy in Middle School Students’ Internet Addiction and Overuse of Social Networks

Yiyan Wang, Xun Zhu, Lan Zhang
To explore the relationship among attention concentration, interpersonal self-efficacy, Internet addiction and social network overuse among middle school students, a cluster sampling survey was carried out by using Yang’s Internet addiction scale, mobile social network overuse scale, ADHD self-examination...
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A Study on the Effect of Group Psychological Counseling on Improving College Students’ Social Adaptability

Kun Wang, Ameng Zhao, Cuicui Wang, Yunhua Cao, Xinglai Liu
Objective: this paper studies the effect of group psychological counseling on the improvement of college students’ social adaptability and provides theoretical basis for the improvement of college students’ mental health. Methods: a total of 84 second-year undergraduates were randomly selected as subjects....
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Controlling and Anti-Controlling Between Parents and Their Adolescent Children on Gaming Behavior: A Perspective of Resisting in Everyday Life

Xiaomei Hu
With the number of adolescent players keeps raising, more and more parents get involved into the video game playing behavior of their adolescent children. While the video games have some positive effects on players such as the training of players’ way of thinking, they can also make players addictive,...
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Research on the Coping Methods of College Students to 2019-nCov

Ning Zhang, Wen Hu, Ke Wang
The Ministry of Education of the Republic of China has asked universities, middle schools and kindergartens across the country to postpone the start of the upcoming spring semester in the wake of the intensifying 2019-nCov epidemic nationwide to protect the lives and health of teachers and students....
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A Study on the Role of Sports APP in Building a Healthy Lifestyle of College Students

Qingshuang Guo, Kyungbum Choi
Based on the investigation and analysis of college students’ extracurricular activities, most college students use sports APP to help them achieve the goal of fitness. According to the functions and characteristics of sports APP, it is shown that sports APP play an important role in building a healthy...
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Some Aspects of the Russian Market Balanced Growth in External Market Relations

Yury Anatolievich Kropin
The rationale of this article is determined by the current difficulties in the Russian Federation’s foreign policy within the scope of global economics and the demand for fundamental changes in the external market relations. The subject of this article is the principles applied to the external market...
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Modern Technologies of Developing and Implementing Regional Strategies of Socio-Economic Development*

Konstantin Getmantsev, Tatyana Myasnikova, Evgenya Atamas, Aleksander Rodin
The article studies the current conditions for developing and implementing strategies at the regional level. By the example of the strategies of the Republics of Tatarstan and Krasnodar Krai, the authors analyse the experience of applying the “AV Galaxy Model” — a new technology of strategic planning...
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Digitalization of the EAEU Transport and Logistics Sector and Its Role in Improving the Euro-Asian Cargo Transportation

Irina G. Nikolaeva, Elena N. Rudakova, Olga A. Dmitrieva, Alexander V. Vlasov, Dmitry E. Morkovkin
Russia and the other Member-states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) have a key advantage of their geographical position being a connection between the European Union countries and the Asia-Pacific region. This advantage provides a unique opportunity for cargo transit transportation between those...
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Innovative Development of State-Owned Electricity Companies and the Role of Stakeholders in This Process

Sergey Silvestrov, Nikolay Kuznetsov, Sergey Pobyvaev, Vladimir Eremin, Natalya Kotova
The article discusses the experience of the formation and implementation of development programs for Russian electricity enterprises with full or dominant state ownership and a monopoly position in the market. Based on a study of plans to introduce new technologies, actual, rather than declared, strategies...
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The Innovative Exploration of Culture and Tourism Industries in Shenzhen Under Industry Convergence

Yuhan Qiao
The convergence of industries has been an emerging trend for the global economy in recent years. Nowadays, the mutual development for culture and tourism industries is strongly supported by the government; Shenzhen, the pilot demonstration region, in this context, becomes a model city for innovation...
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Research on Credit Risk of P2P Network Loan Platform: Based on CRITIC-GRA Model

Yuyang Zhao
Against the background that Chinese economy is in the critical period of transformation, P2P online loan is undergoing a period of integration from the standardized operation to the mature stage. The defects of management system and supervision system lead to the high credit risk of P2P online loan platform....
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Analysis on the Trend of the Industrial Transformation and Upgrade in the Context of Big Data*

Zhihong Li
The big data technology has been widely influencing the people’s production and life and playing a key role in the industrial transformation and upgrade. In the context of big data, where to go and what to do are quite important for the industrial transformation and upgrade either in theory or practice....
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Study on Whether the Enterprise is More Profitable by Inclining to Loan or to Being Listed

Ling Huang
“More profitable” measures good profitability. “Inclining to loan” measures preference to debt financing in the capital structure. “Incline to be listed” refers to preference to equity financing in the capital market. The performance of the enterprise will influence the capital structure of the listed...
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Tactics to Develop the Internet Industry Against the Big Data*

Zhihong Li
The Internet business has got to a brand new stage under the big data. Also, due to the internet, the big data have been much more widely applied than ever before. The quick development of the big data has given both opportunities and problems to the internet industry. To further use the big data technology...
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Research on Industrial Symbiosis Development in Ethnic Areas Based on Symbiosis Model: Taking Three Ethnic Autonomous Prefectures in Sichuan Province as an Example

Xuemei Wang
Based on the symbiosis model, this paper studied the industrial symbiosis degree, symbiosis relationship and symbiosis stable point of three national autonomous prefectures in Sichuan Province. The results show that the industry in ethnic areas is in a positive asymmetric mutualism mode. The symbiotic...
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Motivations of Public to Private Transactions: Evidence from the United Kingdom

Yi Xue, Junyu Su
In recent years, the speed of firms going private in the UK has slowed down. This paper examines whether undervaluation, hostile takeover and lower growth prospects will affect the public to private transaction based on the uncertain economic environment after financial crisis. It supports the management...
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Analysis of Regional Economic Changes in the Current Network Economic Revolution

Lijuan Liu
With the development and improvement of Chinese Internet information technology level, network technology has been promoted to make new systems. It has not only played a very active role in various economic fields, but also led China into the door of the era of network economy. In the context of the...
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Research on Choices of Investment Strategies

Lin Song
The argument of whether the market is efficient has lasted for a long time and it is essential for an investor to determine what kind of investment strategy to choose facing different market effectiveness. It is valuable to determine which kind of strategy to use in different market stages. We would...
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Study on the Measurement of Regional Economic Connection in the Pearl River Delta

Longfang Chen
The process of regional economic development is a process in which regional economic connections are continuously strengthened. This paper uses gravity model to measure the economic connection strength and total strength of cities in the Pearl River Delta from 2000 to 2017, and then calculates the economic...
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The Countermeasures for the Slowdown of China’s Financial Revenue Growth

Ying Huang, Ting He, Lintao Zhang
The era of the rapid financial revenue growth exceeding GDP growth in the past 20 years had come to an end. The financial revenue growth slowdown means not only the enlarging gap of the central government budget revenue and expenditure, but also the serious local financial difficulties. The slowdown...
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General Economic Incentives and Industrial Policy: Balance of Socio-Economic Interests

Dmitry E. Morkovkin
Reindustrialization is the result of both the business environment and specialized support measures. The article considers the role of non-material factors, including institutions, in the formation of incentives for industrial growth, in comparison with specialized incentive packages. The strategy for...
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Features of Entrepreneurial Activity in the Russian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Mikhail Morozov, Natalia Morozova
The article discusses the features of the organization of Russian entrepreneurship in the tourism industry and the hotel industry. It is shown that the main features are associated with the institutional infrastructure of entrepreneurship. The factors affecting the entrepreneurial infrastructure in tourism...
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Key Areas of Digitalization of Business Processes in Tourism

Mikhail M. Morozov
The article considers the impact of global digitalization on the tourism business. The key factors affecting the modification of business processes in tourism are identified. It is shown that there are changes in the needs of tourists due to generational change and digitalization. The directions of digitalization...
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Analysis on the Prospect of Chaoshan Shell Carving Against the Background of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Based on SWOT Model

Qiwen Chen, Xiaoyi Yang, Debiao Chen
The authors summarized the research materials accumulated by the team over the past three years and made several field visits to social practice sites. By using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) model to analyze the advantages and problems of shell carving project, and combining with...
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A Rural Road Construction and Investment Effect Evaluation System in China

Zhenhua Liu, Wentao Fan, Liuyang Liu
Developing rural road is an important policy in the field of transportation in China since the 21st century. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the average annual investment in rural road construction is about 445 billion yuan. In accordance with the requirements of promoting the modernization of...
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Comments and Reflections on China’s National Standardization System

Ziyuan Mi, Kening Ding
The standardization process plays an important role in the industry interconnection and digital economy in the current global scale. The national standardization system has played an important role in promoting China’s economic growth from the 1990s to the 13th five-year plan period. It has promoted...