Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2017)

415 authors
Zhao, Zuowei
The Study of Public Opinion Guidance and Media Rationality of Mainstream Media in the Media Convergence Environment
Zhao, Zuowei
The Characteristics and Path Analysis on Public Opinion Spread of Public Emergency Events in Social Media Age
Zhao, Zuowei
Analysis on the Reasons for Reversal of Public Opinion under the Environment of New Media
Zhao, Qingfang
Research on Countermeasures for the Ecotourism Cooperation Zone in Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces
Zhong, Wenmin
Reflections on the Development and Inheritance of the Dai Music Culture
Zhou, Bin
The "Double" Situation of College Students' Employment Guidance Education Mode of "12345"
Zhou, Jianhua
Research on the Reform of Training English Talents for Event Industry
Zhou, Jinfeng
A Discussion On Child-centred Education in the Chinese Context
Zhou, Yahong
Research on the Present Situation of MOOC in China Based on CNKI Metrology Visualization Analysis
Zhou, Kun
Tourism Image Upgrading and Transformation of Sub-tourist-destination A Comparative Study Based on Heishan Valley and Jinfo Mountain in Chongqing
Zhou, Juan
A Study of Rural Self-organization and Cultural Reconstruction from the Perspective of New Rural Cultural Construction
Zhu, Sanmao
A Corpus Based Study on Conceptual Transfer Involving Classifier-noun Collocation Errors Made by Advanced-level Chinese as Second Language Learners
Zhuang, Rong
One Conception, Two Worlds A Comparative Study of Styles of Claude Monet and Huang Binhong
Zou, Linlin
Comparative Research on Construction of Art Major Teachers' Team Mainly in Universities of Science and Technology
Zou, Xiaosong
Traditional and Contemporary: Meaning and Value of the Study on the Ming Dynasty's Ceramic Appreciation Literature