Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2017)

Session:  History

6 articles

History of an Anti-Corruption Struggle Based on the Experience of the Republic of Indonesia

Andrej Belchenko, Ivan Kurinin, Aleksei Teplov
The fight against corruption is an integral part of the existence of the state apparatus of any country. The solution of any business practice with the help of "gifts" has always been a normal practice in the countries of Southeast Asia. After winning their independence, the Indonesian authorities began...

Historical Linguistics and Anthropology of Dress in Bulgaria

Miglena Ivanova, Margaret Dimitrova, Siemeon Stefanov
The paper presents our work in progress on the scholarly project Local Production, Clothing, and Language Treasure (Contribution to Historical Linguistics and Anthropology of Dress), whose main aim is to study and to edit in an electronic form a little-known archival massif of handwritten documents from...

Reflection of the Czech President T.G. Masaryk on Russia and the Russian Revolution

Natalia Bondarenko
The 'Russian issue' was one of the overriding for President of Czechoslovakia Tomas G. Masaryk. He was well acquainted with works of F.M. Dostoyevsky, I. V. Kireevsky, met with L.N. Tolstoy and V.I. Lamansky. He had initiated Czechoslovakia's substantial aid to the first-generation Russian immigrants...

The Review of the Buddhism History and Culture in Kashgar

Wenyi Xia
The influence of Islam on Kashgar is far-reaching. The history of Buddhism culture tends to be ignored. This article introduces the introduction, prosperity, reasons of Buddhism's declining and the existing Buddhism relics to describe the historical development process of Buddhism in Shule (now Kashgar)...

Research on the Imported Cooper Merchant Yang Yuhe in the Mid-Qing Dynasty

Peng Jiao
This paper, through the comparative analysis of Jiangsu Governor Zhuang Yougong's memorials to the throne and relevant records of General Investigation on Qing-dynasty Literatures, concludes businessman Yang Yuhe and his colleagues took advantages of imperial policies and monopolized trades with Japan....

The Sprout of Foreign Contact Reflected in "The Secret History of Mongolia" The Contact with Other Tribes and Neighboring Countries

Xuelian Ms
In the Mongolian classical literature "the secret history of Mongolia,", it can learn about the sprout of foreign relations in the original Mongolia tribes - and other tribes, the contact between the neighboring countries was the main clue to the diplomacy during this period. Among it, the people who...