Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Engineering, Information Science & Application Technology (ICCIA 2017)

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Extended Kalman Filter for Ship Tracking

Baoquan Sun, Bing Yan, JiaWei Zhang
There are obvious electrostatic field characteristics around the ship. Eelectric dipole in three-layer medium is used to describe the characteristics of the ship. The tracking problem of electric dipole with extend Kalman Filter is studied. First, according to the movement characteristics of the target,...
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Performance Measurement Parameter Selection of PHM System for Armored Vehicles Based on Entropy Weight Ideal Point

Yuanhong Liu
A performance measurement parameter selection method of PHM (Prognostics and Health Management) system for armored vehicle based on entropy weight ideal point is proposed, aiming at the problem that there are too many performance measurement parameters of armor vehicle PHM system and lack of theoretical...
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A Survey on Intermittent Fault Diagnosis for Electronic System

Husheng Wu, Sheng Sheng, Qian Yan, Dongli Duan
The intermittent fault of electronic system is often misdiagnosed as a permanent fault, resulting in problems such as unnecessary repeated downtime, excessive repair and a large loss of spare parts, and affecting equipment readiness. Starting from the overall development of intermittent fault for electronic...
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A New WSNs Localization Based on Improved Fruit Flies Optimization Algorithm

Haiyun Wang
A new node localization approach of Wireless Sensor Networks based on improved fruit fly optimization algorithm is presented to optimize the location accuracy. This approach reduce the distance error between the unknown node and beacon node by improved fruit fly optimization algorithm. Then, instruct...
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Identification and Communication Simulation of an Ultrasonic Through-metal-wall Channel

Dong Tian, Dingxin Yang, Baojian Hou
Many industrial applications need the technologies of power and data transmission through metal barriers without physical penetrations. The reverberation of the acoustic signals in the channel can produce multipath distortion with a significant delay spread that introduces severe inter-symbol interference...
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Study on the Effect of Temperature on the Equipment Delay of Two-way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer

Guoyong Wang, Yansong Meng, Lang Bian, Ya Liu
Two-way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer (TWSTFT) is one of the most important ways to achieve high-precision synchronization between stations. In the TWSTFT, the equipment delay changes with temperature. So the equipment delay caused by TWSTFT transmission and reception equipment is not easy to...
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Performance Degradation Assessment of Rolling Bearing Based on both ADMM and Sparse Combination Learning

Fei Luo, Yuhua Zhou
In order to solve the problem of evaluating performance degradation of rolling bearing, this paper proposes a model containing both Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) and Convolutional Sparse Combination Learning. We first introduce the model during learning phase and test phase. Finally,...
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Resarch on six-component strain balance for thrust vector measurement of the mini aero-engine

Changan Yu, Zhijun Xie, Qi Jia, Chengwei Yao, Long Che
The elastomer of integral box six-component strain balance is processed by the whole piece of elastic material. The box six-component strain balance is mainly composed of a fixed frame, a floating frame, measuring elements and elastic linkage mechanisms. Seven cantilever measuring elements with rectangular...
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The Importance-Weights Determination of the Safety Factors of Fishing Ports in Zhuhai via the AHP Method

Qiyou Wang, Yutian Wang, Huaguo Li, Shuo Yang
The importance-weights determination (IWD) of the safety factors of fishing ports is a meaningful work, because it can be helpful for relevant departments to determine the focus of work and adopt proper measures. But it is an intrinsically complex process as well, for it relates to many fields (e.g.,...
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The establishment of an optimal migration model for refugees Based on Dijkstra algorithm

Mingyue Sun
In recent years, the problem of large-scale migration of refugees has not only become an international hotspot that has plagued many countries around the world. More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggle to cope with the influx, and...
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Study on creep behavior of Grade 91 steel at 838K

Facai Ren, Xiaoying Tang
Creep deformation behavior of Grade 91 steel used for steam cooler has been studied. Creep tests were carried out using uniaxial creep specimens machined from the normalized and tempered plate at 838K with stresses of 200, 215, 225 and 250MPa. The creep data were analyzed in terms of Norton's power law,...
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Analysis on the Network Structure of Public Opinion transmission about social hot issues based on the microblogging platform

Yangbing Yang, Jianping Chai, Bo Li, Xi Feng, Zhuang Wang
At present, there are a large number of Internet users in the microblogging to express their views, they are associated with each other by forwarding. This paper presents a method about an analysis on the network structure of public opinion transmission about social hot issue based on the microblogging...
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An Improved Three-Dimensional Modeling Method of Overburden Sagging Zone Based on GTP Model

Xiaonan Shi, Qifeng Jin, Xia Shen
So far, the methods of three-dimensional geological modeling are basically modeled from the original information such as borehole, but in the actual mining process, the overburden will produce deformation. In order to simulate the impact of resource development on terrain better, this paper presents...
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Study on the Countermeasure of Security Problems of Big Data Caused by Data Fragmentation

Peng Ni, Shibo Xu, Hang Ma
The analysis and application of big data has become the frontier science at this era. People make universal attentions on the values that are existing or potential brought by the application of big data, but they make little attentions on the security threats behind the application of big data. At present,...
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Deflector Optimization of Flow Field in 90°Elbow

Ziman Guo
In this paper, fluent numerical simulation is used to solve the air flow in the 90 bend pipe with RNG epsilon model. The vortex and the secondary flow loss in the bend can be greatly reduced by adding a proper deflector. In this paper, 7 deflectors are respectively arranged along the radial direction...
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Research on The application of Computer Network Communication System on Fire Safety Work

Huaiyi Li
In this article, firstly, the role of computer network communication system in fire safety work is analyzed from two aspects of application principle and different application places. Based on that, this paper focuses on the common problems in the application of computer network communication system...
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Research on Safety Risk Management of Railway Crossing Based on Fuzzy Set Theory

Lihua Shao, Yu Zhao
The railway crossing is the place where the railway and the road cross over the same plane, its security level not only affects the safety of railway traffic, but also affects the city's internal highway and pedestrian safety. Taking the Yellow River Road in Dalian as an Example, Safety risk assessment...
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Method for Shadow Removal of Moving Object in YUV Color Space

Yongsheng Hu, Liyong Nan
In the course of moving object detection, the shadow of objects may arise many problems, such as the distortion of the object shape, the adhesion between different objects and so on. To cope with these problems, a fast shadow removal method based on video image is proposed. By the computing model based...
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Compressed Sensing SAR Imaging for Wideband Linear Frequency Modulated Signal

Feifei Zhang, Yaoliang Song, Tong Mu
Compressed sensing (CS) theory provides a new chance to reduce the data rate of high resolution radar imaging system. A novel SAR imaging method based on compressed sensing for wideband linear frequency modulated (LFM) signal is proposed in this paper. The radar data compression is conducted in range...
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Micro-Lecture Design and Practice In The Internet Plus Era

Ying Yang, Xiaohui Zhang, Dan Tian
Micro-lecture as a new form of network learning resources developed rapidly at home and abroad, and it has become one of the hottest topics of network and mobile learning research in the form of theory, design, development and application. Video is considered as the core and the main expression of Micro-lecture....
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Application of Big Data in Online Education in China

Lingling Dong, Jiachen Han, Xiaohui Zhang
Big data is a new type of technology derived from the development of information technology, bringing people new ideas as well as knowledge and leading them into a new era, the age of big data. Despite the new challenges it puts forward, this new era also provides new opportunities to online education....
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Problems and Solutions of Baghouse in Power Plants

Guozhu Weng
Along with the rapid development of industry, the dust emitted by the factory is inevitable and baghouse has also been widely used in the power plants. This paper takes power plants as examples to elaborate on current problems of baghouse, such as frequent and easy damage on bags, smolder of dust and...
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Comprehensive evaluation model for Smart Growth

Chenyang Li
With continued urban sprawling and the loss of farmland, urban planning has become increasingly important and necessary. And Smart growth focuses on building cities that embrace the sustainability, so it is useful to explore the theory and implement it into city design. Here we establish a complete evaluation...
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Research on Hot Spot Temperature Calculation and Analysis of Online Monitoring Method of Oil-immersed Power Transformer Winding

Yun Zhang
Transformer hot spot temperature is the most important reason for affecting the insulation state of the winding. Hot spot position is also one of the most serious areas in transformer oil paper insulation aging. Therefore, to monitor the hot point temperature is of great significance. This paper introduces...
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A Model to Solve Maintenance Problem of Zambezi River

Yun Zhang
This paper provides a model to solve maintenance problem of Zambezi River. With analyzing multi-stage dams and applying genetic algorithm, the model provides a new system of dams that have the same overall water management capabilities as the existing Kariba Dam while having the same or greater levels...
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Short Term Load Forecasting of Power System

Jiahui Fan
In this paper, short-term load forecasting of power system considering meteorological factors is studied. The power system load is divided into three parts: basic component, weather sensitive component and random component. Then the correction strategy of similar days is introduced and the meteorological...
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Analysis and Research of Mooring System

Jiahui Fan
In this paper, the original mooring system is optimized and improved under the condition of considering the water flow and water depth . The whole system is divided into a buoy system and a mooring system. For the buoy system, the moment of gravity of the buoy at the mean sea level is analyzed. For mooring...
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Solving model of mooring system

Chenyang Li
In this paper, the design of mooring system in transmission node of near shallow water observation network is studied, and through the static analysis of the equilibrium state of the mooring system, we establish the relationship between the components based on iterative method. Then we can establish...
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Research on the Demand for Barrier Free Products Based on Different Degrees of Disability

Di Yu
In order to let the body missing can be anywhere convenient, "accessibility" has become more and more factors that designers consider. What is "accessibility", how to design a qualified "barrier free products" is the main research topic, and the armed people of barrier free design through the design...
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Research on Responsibility Recognition and Calculation Method of Harmonic Active Power

Bin Yang
The key of harmonic pollution control in power grid lies in the identification of harmonic pollution responsibility. According to the traditional harmonic voltage responsibility index to implement economic accounting to the defects, puts forward a definition to the true value of the harmonic active power,...
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Research on Informatization Construction of Small and Medium Sized Logistics Enterprises in Binzhou City

Xue Gou
As of 2016 the city of Binzhou social science planning and key research project, through the investigation and analysis of Binzhou city informatization construction of small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, and put forward feasible suggestions to improve the level of Binzhou city social logistics...
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Robust Optimization of Multi-link Suspension Compliance Characteristics Based on Taguchi Method

Shuhua Liao, Kaibin Cao, Hongfa Wei, Jinwu Liu, Cuihua Xie
Point to problems of long tuning cycle and unapparent performance improvement in the chassis tuning process of keep changing suspension bushing parameters, considering the error of suspension installation, the robust optimization based on Taguchi method is proposed. Use Adams software to model suspension...
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Designing of the Park-and-Ride Place between the Slow Traffic and Public Transport Integration

Zhuo Wang
Experience suggests that urban developing both at home and abroad, in the past few decades, as the main body of the traffic development mode, motor vehicle traffic has many problems. The popularization of cars is in the change of people's life, at the same time, it also leads to the emergence of a series...
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New Ideas of Urban Natural Landscape Design

Shuai Yang, Yue Huang
With the development of urbanization process, the city has brought great damage to nature, and the relationship between man and nature has become increasingly uncoordinated. In today's society, the development of the city is often at the expense of the environment to win the economy and the scale of...
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The Orientation of Urban Image and the Strategy of Cultural Communication

Yue Huang, Shuai Yang
From the definition of urban image, the image of the city is very broad, from its natural geographical environment, social security situation, economic and trade level, building landscape, transportation, business, education and other facilities, Government governance model, historical and cultural traditions...
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Digital Modulation and Demodulation Technique of FSK

Wei Yang, Yuwen Wang, Yongwei Li, Yingzhu Chen
Digital modulation technology is widely applied. The principle of Binary Frequency-Shift Keying (2FSK) modulation is introduced and it is extended to Multi-Frequency-Shift Keying (MFSK). In this paper, a simple and easy modulation and demodulation method is presented. Frequency modulation uses baseband...
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Design and Implementation of Line Status Monitoring and Automatic Configuration Software for Aerospace Communication IP Network

Fei Yan, Chunyan Xie, Zhaoyang Cao, Zhen Liu, Leilei Li
In view of the common network monitoring and maintenance methods can not meet the needs of aerospace communication IP network management, this paper based on aerospace communication IP network characteristics, research and development of auxiliary monitoring system to achieve the important line status...
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Research on block chain technology in energy Internet

Junsheng Wang, Shuo Sun
In order to speed up the application of the energy of the Internet, to promote the planning process of the national energy strategy, and build competitive and healthy market mechanism fully, Energy Internet and block chain technology is studied in this paper, in view of our country's development energy...
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Design and Implementation of Distributed Cognitive Medium Access Control Protocol for Multi-hop Mobile Ad Hoc Network with Single Transceiver

Qingchao Zhu, Jing Chen, Mingfei Liu, Lin Dong, Ruichao Hu
Recently, cognitive medium access control (MAC) protocol has played a dominant role in mobile ad hoc network (MANET). However, existing algorithms ignore mobility, multihop nature and channel selection fairness.Thus extension of them becomes a critical issue. In this paper, we attempt to address the...
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The Effect of Millimeter Wave Source Height on Edge Blocking Diffraction Attenuation

Yongqian Li, Xingrong Li, Huoer Zou, Lei Wang
The geometrical characteristics of radio signals diffracted by edge block and the Vogler multiple edge diffraction function were studied. Three ray method was proposed to model iron board block. In the indoor environment, the diffraction attenuation characteristics of the rectangular iron board blockage...
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On Design and Simulation of Electrostatic Sensor Used for Measuring Gas-Solid Two-phase Flow

Zhigen Yu
By analyzing the current theory model of electrostatic sensor, we present an improved one that based on point charge. The sensing mechanism is described precisely because influencing factors such as the geometry of sensing element, the tubing insulating material, the geometry of electro-magnetic shielding...
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Applying Knowledge Discovery System to Intelligent Manufacturing based on the Big Data

Qing Chen, Jun Pang, Yefeng Chen, Ming Yang, Yang Luo
Intelligent manufacturing has increasingly become the major trend of the future development of manufacturing and core content. It is an important performance of a national comprehensive national strength. It is an important force to promote scientific and technological innovation, economic growth and...
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Research on Clothing Pressure Measuring Equipment Based on LabVIEW

Jiawei Shao, Zhi Gao
In recent years, pressure clothing has become a research hotspot at home and abroad in order to satisfy the disease treatment, body care, kinematics function requirements. In order to accurately measure the size of the clothing pressure, this paper proposes a new kind of clothing pressure measuring equipment....
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Research on Unmanned Airborne Millimeter - wave Broadband Obstacle Avoidance Radar System Based on FPGA

Yiran Ma, Wei Xu, Wanguo Wang, Liang Liu
UAVs often need to perform tasks in low-level complex environments. In order to protect the safety of UAVs, it is necessary to avoid radar and to avoid early warning and obstruction. In this paper, the obstacle avoidance radar of UAV is analyzed deeply, and a stable, low cost and miniaturized LFM broadband...
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The Design of High Speed Data Acquisition System Based on JESD204B

Yu Wang, Qingzhan Shi, Qi Feng
Recently, various acquisition systems require data converters to provide higher resolution and sampling rates. The physical layout of parallel interfaces and the bit rate limitations of serial LVDS methods pose technical hurdles for designers. The design is based on the classical architecture of FPGA+DSP+ADC...
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Evaluation of the Storage Life of Gyroscope Based on Accelerated Life Test

Chen Huang, Xihui Mu, Yueting Niu
In this paper, the life evaluation of gyroscope components of information-based ammunition control system is carried out by using accelerated life test. The present research situation of accelerated life test technology is discussed, and the basic principle, shortcomings, the general process of evaluating...
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Flow Field Analysis and Energy Saving in Bend

Mingyue Sun
Bends are widely used in piping systems. However, under the action of various factors, the flow field at the elbow is relatively complex, which may result in large local loss and increase the overall flow loss. In the general trend of promoting energy saving and emission reduction, the academic circles...
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The Main Mechanical Structure of Large Vacuum Vessel Stress analysis and optimization

Liang Yi, Yang Luo, Jian Chen, Yu Chu, Shaoxiang Wu
The vacuum vessel has been used extensively in aerospace and other equipments. This thesis shows the model simplification for the well-designed vacuum vessel room through solidworks, and also finite element analysis of simplified model is given by applying ANSYS Workbench. After the press and transformation...
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Dynamics Analysis for rigid-flexible coupling systems of a Planar Flexible Beam in Non-inertial Reference Frame

Yehao Yan, Xingsuo He, Fengyan Deng
In this paper, the dynamic properties of a planar flexible beam with large overall motion and nonlinear deformation in non-inertial reference frame are investigated. The dynamic response of the present model is compared with that of zero-order approximate model and one-order coupling model. Then changing...
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A Wear Prediction Model for Spur Gears Based on the Dynamic Meshing Force and Tooth Profile Reconstruction

Zhouli Zhang, Changsong Zheng, Mengquan Wen, Shuo Yang, Huizhu Li, Qiu Du
In this study, Archard's wear equation is combined with a nonlinear dynamic model and a reconstraction method for the wear tooth profile to predict the wear depth of gears. The dynamic model, which is used to determine the dynamic meshing force, and the reconstraction of the wear tooth profile serves...
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A Novel Approach for Shock Absorber----Colloidal Damper

Muchun Yu, Zhiling Niu, Peng Zhao, Zijun Zhang
Using the mixture of nanoporous materials and its associated lyophobic fluid for damping application is a novel technology called colloidal damper. Compression caused liquid intrusion transfers the mechanical energy into interface energy and so that producing damping effect and colloidal damper has great...
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Structural Topology Optimization based on Parametric Level Set Method under the Environment of ANSYS Secondary Development

Xin Gui, Mi Xiao, Yan Zhang, Liang Gao, Yuancan Liao
As the parametric level set method (PLSM) can provide the clear structural boundary description and the ANSYS software has a strong capability of finite element analysis, structural topology optimization based on PLSM under the environment of ANSYS secondary development is conducted in this paper. The...
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Research Progress on Data Analysis in Big Data Technology

Muqiao Yang
From the concept of "data natural" in DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) basic model and data science of information science, human cognition to the world needs to start from the most basic data. Big data technology as the current popular technical field, has been a wide range of attention and...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering

Qi Huang
With the development of computer technology, the application of artificial intelligence technology is more and more extensive. This paper summarizes the artificial intelligence technology, including its development process, composition. What's more, the concept of mechanical and electronic engineering...
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Design and Research of Virtual Disassembly System for Aircraft Landing Gear

Tongqiang Liu, Minye Chen, Yuan Wang
Taking the aircraft landing gear as the research object, using 3DMAX to create the aircraft landing gear model, using Unity 3D engine tool to create a virtual maintenance environment, the development of landing gear virtual disassembly system. Compared with the traditional maintenance, virtual maintenance...
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Design of Cloud Teaching Resource Sharing Platform Based on Hadoop

Jingxian Xu
Efficient and rational use of teaching resources is the basis of teaching work in Colleges and universities. It is also the key factor to improve teaching quality. At present, there have been some achievements in the sharing of university teaching resources, but there are still many problems that need...
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Corrosion Diagnosis and Simulation of Miniature Grounding Grid

Jianhua Zhang, Linjing Zhang, Zhen Wang
Grounding grid is an important facility to meet the grounding requirements and ensure the safe operation of power plants and substations. The relative resistance of the grounding network branch is closely related to the degree of corrosion and directly affects its grounding performance. The grounding...
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Implementation of CRC Algorithm in UHF RFID Test System Based on Labview

Junbao Zhang, Hai Gao
This paper introduces the principle of Cyclic Redundancy Check algorithm in Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification conformance test system. According to the CRC-5 and CRC-16 hardware schematics introduced in the EPC Global Class 1 Gen2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6C protocol standards, the CRC algorithm...
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An Implementation Architecture of Carbon Emissions for High-Performance Machine-Tool Product Service System

Fuqiang Zhang, Jingjing Li
Low-carbon manufacturing is a sustainable manufacturing model that takes into account both resource consumption and carbon emissions. The goal is to achieve low resource consumption, low emissions and low pollution during the production, manufacture and use of products. Taking the high-performance machine-tool...
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Attitude Estimation Method for Spinning Spacecraft Using Markley Variables and Optical Flow of Stars

Zonghe Ding, Xiaolin Ning, Mingzhen Gui
Markley variables has the advantages of slow varying, easy calculation and high-precision on the attitude estimation of spinning spacecraft. Most of the previous methods for spinning spacecraft using Markley variables employ the star vector or the angular velocity from gyro as the measurement. Different...
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Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformer based on EMD Technology

Wenliang Peng, En Zhang, Guangrong Bian, Huiyuan Zhao
This paper focuses on the use of EMD technology to transformer fault diagnosis. Through continuous analysis and in-depth study on large amounts of data, according to the experience and the related algorithms are derived for intrinsic mode function, this method is the EMD algorithm, namely EMD algorithm,...
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Water Seal Effect Evaluation of Underground Crude Oil Storage Caverns on Operation Period

Hongmin Feng, Binghua Zhou, Jianyi Liang, Zhiqiang Li
Water seal effect of an underground crude oil storage caverns is the key to the normal operation. This paper analyzes the monitoring data of the water level of water curtain, supplementary water capacity of water curtain, ground water, pore water pressure of main cavity, seepage volume of main cavity,...
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Comparison of 3-D Fracture Analysis Methods Based on ANSYS Workbench

Dejun Liu, Fang Xie, Ningbo Gao
By establishing cylinder pressure vessel with a crack model, this paper presents the similarities and differences of semi-ellipse crack method and arbitrary method of 3-D fracture analysis based on finite element software ANSYS Workbench to explore the effect for the whole structure and single-crack...
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Dynamic positioning filter method based on EnKF

Xiaogong Lin, Ruxun Wang, Dawei Zhao
In order to improve the positioning accuracy and reliability of the dynamic positioning system and deal with the problem of state estimation of nonlinear system with Gaussian noise, according to the basic principles and methods of Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF), a dynamic positioning filtering method...
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Modeling and Simulation of Surface Roughness in Wire Electrical Discharge Turning Process

Xiaoteng Ma, Yadong Gong, Yao Sun
This research aims to investigate the effects of speed parameters, such as workpiece rotation speed and feed rate, on the surface roughness in LS-WEDT (low speed wire electrical discharge turning) process. Then a mathematical model of surface roughness can be built to deduce the formulas predicting the...
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Design and Calculation of Hydraulic System for Full Hydraulic Drive Paddy Field Transplanter

Xiao Ruan, Weiguo Zhu, Chi Zhang
The full hydraulic drive paddy field transplanter is a new paddy field work machine, which consists of power system, hydraulic transmission system, frame, steering system, walking mechanism and other key components. Based on the design scheme of the hydraulic system of paddy field transplanter, the main...
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Reliability Research of Concrete Pump Main Oil Hydraulic System Based on T-S Fuzzy Fault Tree

Qing Zhao, Lijun Li, Hongbin Tang
For improving the reliability of Concrete pump, fault diagnosis is proposed based on the main oil hydraulic pumping system T-S fuzzy fault tree method. The proposed method used fuzzy numbers to describe the probability of failure of hydraulic components and systems to address the failure probability...
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Effect of Nozzle Parameters on the Temperature Field, Flow Field and Stress Field in the Continuous Casting of Steel Billet

Pinghu Chen, Ruiqing Li, Ripeng Jiang, Xiaoqian Li
Based on commercial software Pro-CAST, The method of moving boundary was adopted to simulate coupled multi-physical field (temperature field, flow field and stress field) of thick-slab continuous casting in mould. Effect of immerged depth and angle of nozzle were studied to improve characteristics of...
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Improved Message Delivery Scheme for UAVs Tracking the Moving Target

Yunlong Yu, Le Ru
Aiming at the special circumstance in which UAVs swarm are used in the mode of battlefield extending, a message delivery scheme called AWJPMMD (ARIMA-WNN Joint Prediction Model based Message Delivery) is proposed. In this scheme, the LET (Link Expiration Time) of the center node and the proxy node is...
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An Improved Method for Decreasing Intermediate Density Elements in Topology Optimization

Zaizhuo Jiang, Li Zhang, Yingbing Wan, Cong Jin
The instability phenomenon of numerical solution usually exists in topology optimization of continuum structure. The sensitivity filter method is used to solve this instability phenomenon of numerical solution generally, but many intermediate density elements still exist in the result of topology optimization....
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Simulation study on a DC-drive Electroosmotic Micromixer

Chenxiao Meng, Hanjun Li, Xiaoying Tang, Yuanqing Xu
In this paper, a type of DC-drive electroosmotic micro-mixer is proposed by numerical simulation. The model was built and optimized with multi-field coupling technique in finite element formation, in which the mixing efficiency was controlled by changing the Zeta potential distribution of the wall to...
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Discrete Cosine Transformation for image compression: A comparative study

Chong Zeng, Jiali Chen, Xiaojie Chen
In this paper, an experimental method has been proposed to determine the Discrete Cosine Transformation how to work on the JPEG image compression and compare the computational complexity on different forms of DCT, which include common 2D-DCT, fast 2D-DCT (FFDCT and DFDCT) and matrix DCT method.
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A Design of Intelligent Management System for Warehouses

Xue Gou
The system is designed to assist administrators to realize intelligent management system for the warehouses of Large warehouse logistics enterprise. This system is divided into two parts: a console and warehouses. The console uses STM32 SCM as a main controller, and warehouse base on STC89C52 controller....
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The Application Research of UAV-based LiDAR System for Power Line Inspection

Wei Zhang, Xinqiao Wu, Guifeng Zhang, Lei Ke, Liming Chen, Xiao Chen, Hemeng Yang, Xiaoming Qiao, Yi Zhou
Helicopter-based LiDAR system due to high input cost and personal risk resulting in a certain restrictions on overhead power lines. With the developed application of UAV platform for power lines surveys and miniaturization of LiDAR device, the integration of UAV-based LiDAR system comes to maturity and...
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Simulation Experiment Implementation for Coordinative effectiveness Evaluation Method of Air Defense Missile Equipment System

Zheng Wang
Research on operation effectiveness evaluation method of equipment system is an important part of equipment system demonstration. Due to the complexity of equipment system effectiveness evaluation, a new challenge is put forward to conventional combat simulation. Based on the operation effectiveness...
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Aircraft 6-DOF Modular Modeling Based on MATLAB Simulink

Huixian Wang, Dongli Ma
Aircraft is playing an increasing important role in aerospace field. To analysis the property of an aircraft, a model and simulation which is accurate and succinate is necessary. In this paper, 6DOF aircraft full motion equations are derived on the basis of newton's second law in the condition of plane...
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Research on Big Data Security

Xufan Zhang, Qingyuan Liu, Wenhao Bai
With the continuous development of data science, big data has become one of the strategic heights. competition increasing throughout time. The explosive growth of big data applications has created a rare opportunity for development, but there are still some difficulties and problems that exists, data...
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The Research of the Processing Parameters in the Selective Laser Sintering Technology

Qun Li, Lihong He
In terms of selected laser sintering rapid prototyping technology, laser power and scanning speed has a very important influence on forming quality. This article mainly analyzes the stain-less steel parts, sintered under different laser power and scanning speed. By measuring the warping values, the best...
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Spark-based Parallel Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm

Yongli Yang, Fei Xue, Yongquan Cai, Zhenhu Ning
The rapid development of Internet information technology makes the problem of information overload become more and more serious, and recommendation system is one of the effective ways to solve this problem which is favored by people. However, for the massive data information, the recommended algorithm...
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Twice-cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based on Double Threshold Energy Detection

Bingmei Miao, Yafang Bingmei, Yan Li, Chang Cai
Double threshold energy detection based cooperative spectrum sensing exist the problem of perceived failure and need larger bandwidth to transmit cognitive users' perceive information. In this paper, we propose a method for two problems of spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks (CRNs) aiming to...