Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Session: SESSION 3

2 articles

Animal in Islam: a Literary Study on Eka Kurniawan's "O" Through Alquran Perspective

Padel Muhamad Rallie Rivaldy
This paper aims to observe the position of non-human animal which is portrayed within Kurniawan's O. The novel narrates the journey of a female monkey named O that looked for her soulmate Entang Kosasih, a male monkey that seemed transform into Kaisar Dangdut after his mysterious disappearance from Rawa...

The Image of Modern Woman in A.S. Laksana's Bidadari yang Mengembara Short Story

Deny Gunawan Susandi
This study focuses on the character analysis a masseuse whose name is Nita in "Bidadari Yang Mengembara" short story. It aims to show how Nita described as a modern woman but at the same time fits to the figure of a common traditional Javanese women. Qualitative method and feminist literary critics are...