Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Civil, Transportation and Environmental Engineering (ICCTE 2017)

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Integrated Scheduling Optimization of Yard Crane and Yard Truck in Ship-loading Operation

Pengliang Cao, Guiyan Jiang, Hongran Zhao
To further decrease turnaround time of container vessels, synchronous operation of Quay Cranes (QCs), Yard Cranes (YCs) and Yard Truck (YTs) is mainly considered in multiple work lines condition and an integrated scheduling optimization model of YC and YT, aiming at minimize the makespan of loading operation,...
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A study of thin-walled ZL105A casting manufactured by vacuum differential pressure casting

Shuai Zhan, Jingtao Song, Minghui Ding, Guo Jin, Honghui Liu
The casting with more than 70% thin-walled parts and minimum wall thickness of 2 mm was manufactured by vacuum differential pressure casting (VDPC). The shower gating system was used to ensure smooth filling of melt. The top risers were replaced by chills and the positions of the chills were optimized...
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Spatiotemporal Variations of Land Use Change in Recent Four Decades in a Typical Oasis City--Urumqi

Bin Liu, Qingdong Shi, Jia Jin
Urumqi is a typical oasis city in western China. A clear understanding of Urumqi's LUCC (Land-Use and Land-Cover Change) pattern has important guiding significance to environmental improvement and socio-economic sustainable development. This paper analyzed the spatiotemporal variations of LUCC in Urumqi...
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Post-evaluation Method and Application of Green Campus

Hui Guo, Xiaoping Feng, Yilin Ding, Bailu Ma, Chunping Wang, Xiaoxia Lu
The paper is intended to create a relatively simple and clear post-evaluation system for green campus. From the aspects of planning and ecology, energy and resources, environment and health, operation and management, education and promotion, by use of the analytic hierarchy process, the paper aims to...
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The effect of surfactant on the charge behavior and coagulation of TiO2 nanoparticles suspension

Li Wang, Feng Gong, Lizhu Zhang
In order to understanding of the fate and transport of TiO2 nanoparticles (Nps) in the water treatment process, this study focus on the particle surface characteristics and coagulation process at different anionic surfactant sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) and cationic surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium...
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NON-Microcomputer Ultra Capacitor Charging System

J. L. Tang, S. Q. Shao, T. T. Sun
The conventional ultra capacitor charger uses computer to monitor the ultra capacitor's state of charge(SOC) and adopts different strategy to charge the ultra capacitor. It makes the system expensive and the control method is also inconvenient. For the above problems, a non-microcomputer ultra capacitor...
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A Power Optimizer utilizing Nonlinear Adaptive Control for Distributed Photovoltaic Systems

T. T. Sun, S. Q. Shao, J. L. Tang
In order to improve the utilization of the solar energy,a PV power optimizer was investigated in this paper. According to the distributed maximum power point(DMPP) architecture, each of the PV cells is equipped with a power optimizer. The power optimizer utilizing nonlinear adaptive control, which is...
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The general plan to build an 'eco-civilization of water' city in Shandong Province on a water-system management approach

Pengfan Xu, Jinghao Wang, Fang Liu, Yue Sun, Wanxiong Song, Zhen Lu, Chonglin Fan, Shuaizhang Han, Chang Liu
Water source is a crucial condition for the development of a city. If the development level of a city is to be defined by water, we need to take into consideration not only the carry capacity of urban water resources under the pressure of the rapid development of social economy, but also water quality...
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Regional Metallogenic Characteristics and Prospecting Potential of Uranium Deposits in Southwest Area China

Ning Guo, Shi Tan, Zheng Yang
The uranium resources prospecting started in 1955,xx uranium deposits has been prospected,and 5 uranium ore fields has formed in southwest area. According to the regional uranium metallogenic characteristics and the class of tectonic units in control region,combining concentration degree of uranium deposits,uranium...
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Performance of a Cu-based oxygen carrier with pressurized CH4 in a fixed bed CLC process

Qiang Tian, Qingquan Su
In order to broaden the operating temperature window of a Cu-based oxygen carrier (OC) in a chemical-looping combustion (CLC) process based on two fixed bed reactors, in which there exist great temperature distributions in radial and axial directions, through reducing its lower temperature limit, an...
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Research on the Detection Technology of Defects in the Bottom Joint of the Precast Shear Wall Based on Ultrasonic Imaging Method

Rundong Gao, Xiangmin Li, Fuwen Zhang, Hui Liu, Yubing Leng
The ultrasonic imaging method takes advantage of the technique of multichannel pulse echo, continuous plane monitoring scanning can be achieved in a single region, and no couplant is required. The experimental investigations on using the ultrasonic imaging method to detect the defects in the bottom joint...
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Research on the Mechanism and Countermeasures of Tax Policy to Promote the Development of New Urbanization

Xiao-Feng Zhang
New urbanization is an important engine of future economic development, how to use the powerful tax policy to facilitate this process, it is particularly important. In the analysis of the traditional external effects of urbanization development, based on in-depth analysis of the operating mechanism of...
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Influence of Microbiological Fermented Feed Made from Pineapple Leaf Residues on Growth Performance and Meat Quality of Growing and Fattening Pigs

Jihua Du, Mingfu Li, Junyan He, Jin Zhang, Wenwei Lian, Tao Huang
Waste pineapple leaf residues were used to make microbiological fermented feed. 60 pigs with the same age in days and the weight of about 40kg, and they were divided into 4 groups (A, B, C and D) at random. Group A served as the control group. The addition amount of pineapple leaf residues in the experimental...
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Comparative Study about Influence of Earthworm Composting and Aerobic Composting on Biogas Residue

Xiaohong Huang, Jing Jiao, Jihua Du, Zunxiang Li, Shuo Wang, Jinli Wang, Changjin Guo
Biogas residues were treated by earthworm composting and aerobic composting. The changes in organic matter, rapidly available nitrogen, rapidly available phosphorus and rapidly available potassium of biogas residues after the treatment by the two composting methods were measured to study the influence...
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Influence of Different Smashing Methods on Biogas Generation Effect in Dry Fermentation of Sugarcane Leaves

Zunxiang Li, Jing Jiao, Shuo Wang, Jihua Du, Xiaohong Huang, Jinli Wang, Changjin Guo
In this study, sugarcane leaves were used as the raw material. Three methods (cutting, rolling & cutting, and hammering) were used to smash sugarcane leaves for dry fermentation. The influence of different smashing methods on biogas generation by dry fermentation of sugarcane leaves was analyzed from...
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Analysis about Influence of Dry Anaerobic Fermentation on Main Nutrients of Biogas Residue

Shuo Wang, Jing Jiao, Zunxiang Li, Xiaohong Huang, Jihua Du, Jinli Wang, Changjin Guo
In order to boost the use value of biogas residue, main factors in dry fermentation were chosen to design an experiment to observe nutrient changes under different conditions before and after dry fermentation. The effects of manure-crop ratio, inoculum size, dry matter concentration and fermentation...
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Study on the Development of "Migratory birds" tourism ecological pension in Heilongjiang Province

Xiao-Feng Zhang, Gui-Ru Meng
In recent years, "migratory birds" tourism pension industry has developed rapidly in Heilongjiang Province. Forest landscape, ice and snow culture and European style create a new development trend for the "migratory birds" industry and derive from new tourism pension Hot spots. On the basis of "migratory...
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Review of and analysis on resettlement induced by hydropower projects in China

Kui Wang, Huanyong Liu, Yi Deng, Jing Chen
For the rapid development of economy, China has seen more than 200 million kW capacity of hydropower plant installed and more than 55 billion m3 reservoir storage formed since 1950s. As a result, over 25 million resettlers have been wholly or partially affected. To displace and settle so many people...
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Factors Driving Embodied Carbon Emissions from China-US Trade for 1992-2012: A Structural Decomposition Analysis

Junping Ji, Can Zhang, Xiaoming Ma
China and the United States are the top two carbon emitters worldwide, and bilateral trade between the two countries plays a vital role in driving their emissions. Defining the key drivers and sectors for the emissions embodied in China-US trade will provide opportunities for identifying avenues for...
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R-function theory method for free vibration of slip clamped trapezoidal shallow spherical shell on Winkler foundation

Shanqing Li
In this paper, the R-function theory(RFT) is applied to solve the free vibration of slip clamped trapezoidal shallow spherical shell on Winkler foundation. Firstly the fundamental solution of the biharmonic operator, the boundary equation and the R-function are used to construct the quasi-Green's function....
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Effects of Intercropping with Tolerant Plants on Cadmium Accumulation of Brassica chinensis

Mengdie Yuan, Lei Liu, Xun Wang, Ji Liu, Wei Jiang, Lijin Lin
The pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of intercropping with cadmium (Cd) tolerant plants (Arenaria serpyllifolia, Clinopodium confine, Ranunculus sieboldii and Plantago asiatica) on growth and Cd accumulation of Brassica chinensis. Compared with the monoculture, only intercropping with...
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Effects of Colchicines on Cadmium Accumulation of Post Generation of Bidens pilosa

Yahui Xin, Lei Liu, Xun Wang, Wei Jiang, Lijin Lin
The pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of colchicines on cadmium (Cd) accumulation of post generation of Bidens pilosa. The 0.3 % of colchicines treating with 48 h did not change the number of chromosomes in two ecotypes (farmland ecotype and mining ecotype) of B. pilosa. The colchicines...
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Effects of Hyperaccumulator Straw on Growth and Cadmium Accumulation of Brassica chinensis

Kaili Yang, Lei Liu, Xun Wang, Ji Liu, Wei Jiang, Lijin Lin
The pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of applying the hyperaccumulator plants (Bidens pilosa, Youngia erythrocarpa, Solanum photeinocarpum and Galinsoga parviflora) straw into soil on growth and cadmium (Cd) accumulation of Brassica chinensis. Compared with the control, applying hyperaccumulator...
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Nitrate Leaching Risk Assessment with Pig Manure Application of Three Red Soils in Subtropical China

Di Zhang, Zhigao Zhou, Xingxiang Wang
To investigate the nitrate leaching risk of three red soils in subtropical China, this study conducted seven different manure treatments, namely, 0 (CK), 50 (F50), 100 (F100), 200 (F200), 400 (F400), 800 (F800), 1600 kg N hm-2 (F1600) with half of local conventional chemical fertilizers (N: 50 kg hm-2,...
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CFD Simulation of Air-conditioning System in the Public Area of a Metro Station and Research on Energy-saving Operation Scheme

Hua Yin, Huafang Guo, Zhenrong Lin, Bo Zeng
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology was used to conduct an analog simulation of air distribution on the first underground floor of one metro station. The temperature field distributions of the station hall and platform were obtained under two schemes, namely, fixed air volume and variable air...
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Economical Insulation Layer of the Secondary Pump Lines in the Subway Central Cooling System

Hua Yin, Huafang Guo, Zhenrong Lin, Bo Zeng
The economical insulation thickness of the secondary pump lines in the subway system was calculated and analyzed based on the established optimization model of the secondary pump water system and the principle of lowest thermoeconomics cost. The main influencing parameters of the optimal insulation thickness...
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A computational investigation on cavitating flow characteristic of innovative nozzle structures in diesel engine

Jiarui Li, Bo Yuan, Liangming Pan, Shuai Jia
The relative differences in the flow characteristics of the fuel within nozzle holes of diesel injectors significantly influences the atomization and combustion characteristics of diesel engines. The numerical simulation of cavitating flow developed fully in nozzle holes of a vertical four hole injector...
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Analysis of China's Industrial smoke and dust Emissions

Ying He, Cuishu Sun, Yijun Ji
With the use of environmental statistics, this paper studied the industrial structure of China's smoke and dust emissions. Meanwhile, it analyzed the changes of waste gas emissions, smoke and dust emissions and smoke and dust emission concentration of the six key industries, namely, the power, steel,...
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The analysis of ecological footprint in typical agriculture and pasture overlapped zone of Baicheng region

Yang Wang, Mingquan Wang, Lei Liu, Yanbo Xiao
The nearly 30 years of natural resource utilization and ecological carrying capacity (ECC) of Baicheng region, Jilin province was calculated on the basis of ecological footprint (EF) method within different modes. The results showed that the growth rate of consumptive ecological footprint (EFC) was 48.76%...
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Application of Bryophytes and Glass Pumice in Northern China LID Landscape Design

Danning Han
Based on analyzing the climatic conditions of northern China, the physiological properties of bryophytes and the features of glass pumice, this article proved the feasibility of using bryophytes and glass pumice for northern landscaping, and put forward application methods of bryophytes and glass pumice...