Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (ICECCEP 2019)

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Expert Validation and Participant Validation of Emotion Regulation Training Module for Reducing Preschool-Aged Child Abuse

Dewi Eko Wati, Intan Puspitasari
The object of the study was validation of training module by experts. The data were collected using questionnaire and were analyzed using frequency distribution to find out the mean of quality of the module. The validation was conducted by 4 experts and 40 participants. The participant’s assessed training...
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Developing Parenting Programs for Young Mothers as Preventive Stunting Efforts in Bangkalan, Madura

Eka Oktavianingsih, Siti Fadjryana Fitroh
The problem of stunting in children currently becomes a hot issue in Madura. It could be occured because many young mothers still do not realize the importance of nutrients in food and they consume foods that are just filling. This study aims to: (1) conduct preliminary studies and find the needs from...
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Responsive Protective Parenting (RPP) In Indonesia Mapping Analysis on Curriculum Parenting Program for Early Childhood Development

Fitriana Herarti, Syifa Andina
ChildFund’s RPP programming in under-resourced communities aims to empower parents and other primary caregivers with the knowledge and practical skills they need to give children a strong start in life. This program is implemented in Indonesia since 2017, however, it only covered three aspects: Brain...
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Parent’s Involvement Through Play Materials Selection for Toddlers in Family Setting

Fidesrinur, Eva Riza
The objectives of the research is study parents’ involvement through children’s play materials in family setting. The qualitative research was carried out at “JABODETABEK” with a respondents 106 parents. The research conclude that (1) most play materials used by toddlers are machine made with 41 % functioned...
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Early Childhood Care and Education Practices in Japan for the Era of Society 5.0

Chiaki Miwa
With a backdrop of a decreasing and aging population along with advancing technologies, the Japanese government envisioned “Society 5.0” in the fifth science and technology basic plan issued in 2016. This paper aims to outline characteristics of Society 5.0 and skills considered necessary for the proposed...
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Montessori Game Tools for Children Literacy

Maya Lestari
This paper attempt to explore children literacy with Montessori game tools. An applicative form of the game to introduce the concept of literacy (words and numbers in early childhood, which adopted the concept of understanding of the Montessori’s method. Discussing literacy is certainly endless, there...
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Brain Gym Optimization Methods in Improving Early Age Child Fine Motor Skills

Ihsana El Khuluqo
Golden age is the most important period for the formation of knowledge and behavior of children. Optimizing the method of brain gym in improving fine motor capabilities at the age of Pre school is needed, the goal is to know the application process Brain Gym method (brain exercise) in improving fine...
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The Utilization of Digital Communication Media in Early Childhood Parenting: A Phenomenological Approach in Purwakarta, Indonesia

Jojor Renta Maranatha, Nur Azizah, Anis Rizki Faizatunisa, Etha Salaza Titiana, Yopi Malayhrgmngola
A mother should have a good understanding about early childhood parenting. To be able to apply good parenting, a mother should know about early childhood development. In the 4.0 industrial revolution era, mothers have easier access to information and knowledge about early childhood development by using...
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Develop of Entrepreneurship Instructional Models to Enhance Early Childhood Creative Thinking Ability

Margarita Inuk, Erdawati, Tjipto Sumadi
The purpose of this study is to develop entrepreneurship instrutional models to improve the ability to think creatively at an early age. The method used is a quantitative approach with R & D. Using three instruments in data collection. In testing the effectiveness of the instructional model involving...
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Usage “ADHD Trainer” Game to Improve Cognitive Skill Child With ADHD (The study cases at the child aged 8 years)

The study cases at the child aged 8 years

Maria Agustini
This study aims to get an overview of the use of ADHD Trainer game to improve cognitive skill in child with ADHD. This study used a qualitative approach. The study was conducted to 8 year old boy diagnosed with Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder with inattention characteristics: 88.89% and Hyperactivi...
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Identification Children With Special Needs in Inclusive Elementary School Yogyakarta

Nurul Hidayati Rofiah, Norimune Kawai
This study aims to describe the distribution of variations in the types and characteristics of children with special needs in inclusive elementary schools and to find out models of implementation of inclusive education in elementary schools. This study uses mix-method. Data collection techniques used...
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Positive Parenting Training Program Implementation to Increase Parents’ Emotional Intelligence in Raising Well Being Children

Sri Nurhayati, Tita Rosita
This study seeks to answer the problem about positive parenting training program implementation to increase parents’ emotional intelligence. The aim is to describe and analyze the program planning, implementation and results of positive parenting training program in the Islamic kindergarten TAUD SaQuNurul...
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Child-Friendly Policy: Parents’ Effort to Support the Success Implementation of Policy in Early Childhood Care Education

Iis Prasetyo, Yuniarta Syarifatul Umami
In recent years, there has been an increase in formal and non-formal educational institutions in Indonesia that have adopted a child-friendly policy. This study aims to determine whether there is an influence and how much influence parents have on the successful implementation of child-friendly policies...
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Implementation of Inclusive Kindergartens in Indonesia: Benefits and Challenges

Suhendri, Norimune Kawai, Ediyanto, Rita Nurunnisa, Sri Maryanah
Inclusive education is the government’s effort in providing the right to a decent education for children who have various capabilities not only for regular students but also for students with special needs. The adjustment is aimed at bringing and maintaining a friendly environment and appreciating diversity....
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STEAM-PBL in Early Childhood Education: Optimization Strategies for Developing Communication Skills

Indah Nopiyanti, Nahrowi Adjie, Suci Utami Putri
Early childhood education in schools must be able to stimulate the development of communication skills as one of the most important aspects of development. Based on the results of preliminary observations, it was identified that the learning process in early childhood education is still dominated by...
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Character Development in Generation Alpha Through Social-Emotional Learning With Parent Involvement

Yenina Akmal, Sri Koeswantono, Sofia Hartati, Hikmah
Children born in 2010 until now are called Generation Alpha. Generation Alpha is amidst advanced information technology at its golden age. They are familiar with the technology and internet world from an early age and also known as the digital native. Children, who are studying in playgroups, kindergartens,...
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The Influence of Parents’ Perceptions About Early Childhood Education on the Support of Sending Their Children to Early Childhood Education Institutions

Nila Fitria, Fidesrinur, Vitasya Putri Zahrawanny
This study aims to determine the effect of parents’ perceptions about early childhood education on the support of sending their children to an early childhood education institution in Cikasungka Village. This research uses a quantitative survey research method and the sample of this research is 90 parents...
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Children’s Rights Urgention in Early Childhood Learning During at Home (Pandemic Covid-19)

Marina Trie Ramadhany Gunawan
This study aims to raise the importance of considering children’s rights in planning, creating and implementing early childhood learning while at home in a covid-19 pandemic situation. The problem behind this research is the existence of Allah SWT’s command not to neglect to protect and provide children’s...
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Parental Education Program Based on the ADDIE Text Book Model

Mallevi, Nur Ika Sari Rakhmawati, Wulan Patria Saroinsong, Mas’udah, Sri Setyowati
The development of student textbooks on children’s education courses in the family has a mission to build student competencies in the Department of Early Childhood Teacher Education in understanding material about children’s education in the family. The use of this textbook can provide systematic direction...
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Trial Design of Sexual Education Module on Children

Muhammad Reza, Mallevi Agustin Ningrum, Wulan Patria Saroinsong, Eka Cahya Maulidiyah, Ruqoyyah Fitri
Safety behavior is an important development aspect to anticipate violence against children. This study aim to develop the sex education module for kids. The participants came from all the children in Surabaya. Through the R&D, this study has developed the module to protect children from the sexual...
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The Scale Factors of Teacher Personalty Skill Model on Children Socio-emotional

Nurul Khotimah, Rachma Hasibuan, Muhammad Reza, Wulan Patria Saroinsong
This study aimed to determine the relationship between mastery of personal competence of teachers with teachers’ efforts to develop social skills early childhood emotional. The subject of this study amounted to 104 people were selected by purposive sampling technique, the characteristics of kindergarten...
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The Skill of ECE’ Teachers in Planning Child-Friendly Programs: An Analysis in Yogyakarta

Prima Suci Rohmadheny, Alif Muarifah, Dwi Isnawati, Raudia Utami, Moh. Fauzzidin
This article discusses research that aims to identify the abilities of PAUD teachers in planning child-friendly service programs. The child-friendly service program, in this case, is a holistic-based integrated service. Integrative holistic services in the PAUD Unit include education, health, nutrition,...
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Implementation of Character Values in Kindergarten

Radhiya Bustan, Liana Milani, Yuliana Mukti
The purpose of this research is to illustrate the implementation of character values in kindergarten. Respondents in this study were 3 teachers and principles that conducted in-depth interviews and observations on 3 Kindergarten in Kelapa Gading. The approach used qualitative method. Based on field research...
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Parents and Teachers’ Perceptions of the Implementation of Sex Education in K-13 Learning at Purwakarta District PAUD Institution

Risty Justicia, Gresia Noptriana Pasaribu, Wigati Nurfadilah Soeparman Putri, Silmi Riyadlul Jannah, Dini Indiriyan
Sexual harassment are increasingly prevalent in various places, including in the Purwakarta region, there has been the abuse of a 6-year-old girl by a 44-year-old neighbor1. For Handling this case should be of concern to every element, including the government, the general public, parents and also Educational...
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Does Parent Perceived Could Predict Children Social Skill?

Wulan Patria Saroinsong, Nurhenti Simatupang, Nurul Khotimah, Muhammad Reza, Sriwidayati, Mochammad Nursalim, Wagino
The Parent’s perceived on children socio-emotional skills regarding gadget usage has the significant problem which are should be explore in order to increase parent knowledge and understanding on gadget operation. The aim of this study to revealed the predictions of Parent’s perceived on children socio-emotional...
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Development of Relational Leadership Model for Kindergarten Principal

Dwi Priyono, Rita Anggorowati
The research entitled Development of Relational Leadership Model for Kindergarten Principal was aimed to analyze the relational leadership behavior of kindergarten principals in the Bandung region. This reflective action research will be conducted for 3 (three) months from August to November 2018, involving...
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Mantuku (Manekin Tubuhku: As an Adaptive Media for Sex Education to Toddlers)

Nor Laili, Vivi Mariesca Vibraena, Novira Silmi, Umi Safiul Ummah, Mohammad Efendi
Sexual assault to children in Indonesia or global has become a serious issue. Ideally, sex education is introduced since the children is in early age. Therefore, MANEKIN TUBUHKU (MANTUKU) is made as an adaptive technology for sex education to early childhood. This research includes a research and development...
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Embodying Children-Friendly School Through Nganggung Culture

Alif Muarifah, Nurul Hidayati Rofi’ah, Elli Nur Hayati
Children-friendly school model is a school concept that applies learning process following children’s psychological development by ensuring safety, comfort, and equity according to gender equality. The present study is classified into explorative qualitative study with survey method. The data were collected...