Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education: Current Issues and Digital Technologies (ICECIDT 2021)

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The Development of Creativity of Students in Higher Education: Innovative Pedagogical Management

Nadzeya Nizhneva-Ksenofontova, Natallia Nizhneva
The article is devoted to innovative pedagogical management as a very important factor of developing creativity of students in higher education. Main functions of management and innovative pedagogical management are analyzed. Special attention is paid to the goal, main tasks, features, effective model...
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Sociocultural Factors Influencing the Quality of Distance Learning

Yulia Nadtochiy
Distance learning, e-learning in particular, started to gain growing popularity even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous training courses and training events have been designed and conducted both remotely and online. Since distance learning has become such a necessity, research that focuses on public...
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Socio-pedagogical Features of the Formation of Soft Skills in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Zhuldyz Abaikyzy Amantay, Dmitry Sergeevich Ermakov
Currently, special attention is paid to the formation of future graduates, along with subject (hard skills), also meta-subject competencies (soft skills). As the experience of a number of countries (in particular, developing ones) shows, the large-scale introduction of the components necessary for the...
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Study on the Design of a Pedagogical Culture and Development of an University Teacher’s Soft-skills

Aleksei Mikhailov, Karine Romanova, Olga Ryabova, Tatiana Burlakova, Mariya Burlakova
The design of a teacher’s pedagogical culture is perceived as a specific pedagogical field within which it is possible to extend the patterns of the project culture into education, which, in turn, is meant to enhance a teacher’s personal growth and their readiness to work in the current global conditions...
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Reflections and Countermeasures on “Classroom Teaching Paradigm” in the Post-Epidemic Era

Caiyan Chen
The COVID-19 epidemic has been generally taken under control in China. However, online teaching spawned from information technology during the epidemic has completely subverted traditional classroom teaching mode and accelerated the process of modern teaching. Since April 2020, students have been returning...
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The Search for an Educational Paradigm in the Information Reality

Daniil Kvon, Tatiana Pavlova
The researchers examine the urge for a new educational paradigm at times of the fourth industrial revolution, analyze the functions and features of the new digital educational environment. The new education standards implement the transition from fixed qualifications and specialties to flexible specializations...
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Training of Information Ability of Young Teachers in Military Academies in the Era of Big Data

Yi Zhang, Haishan Wang, Ting Wei, Junfei Bi, Hui Liu, Mengqi Zhang
Literature analysis and empirical study are employed in the paper to analyze the features of big data era: all is number, value of data, and “intelligentization” of the world. The significant role of big data on military and education is elaborated as follows: big data constitutes the core military combat...
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Innovative Research on the Basic Theory of Specialty Construction and Discipline Construction

Qian Xiang
The purpose of specialty construction lies in the cultivation of specialized talents. What needs to be solved is the problem of what knowledge to impart, how to impart knowledge, and how to impart knowledge with high efficiency; the purpose of discipline construction is to build, innovate and improve...
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The Implementation, Flexibility and Reasonable Selection of Bonus-Point Policy for Minority Candidates in College Entrance Examination from the Perspective of Educational Equality

Jianming Du
Preferential policy that awards bonus points in national college entrance examination for ethnic students is nothing new. Thanks to such preferential means as bonus point or score deduction, the policy favors ethnic minorities as for the distribution of educational resources, thus endowing them with...
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Construction Management of Student Affairs Center Guided by the Student-Based Idea

Taking the Business School of Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Institute as an Example

Zhi Liu, Yunji Cai
As an important part of the management of colleges and universities, the construction and management of student affairs center is closely related to the talent training of business schools, which can reflect the spirit and appearance of business schools. In recent years, with the continuous development...
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Teaching Design and Thinking of General Courses of Chinese Department Based on OBE (Outcomes-based Education) Concept

Chong Wang
Under the OBE (outcomes-based education) concept, the ultimate goal of education is the learning achievement of learners. Therefore, focusing on the exertion and training of students’ autonomy and innovation has become an important link in teaching activities. Applying the OBE concept to the teaching...
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Research on the Reform and Development of Journalism Education in Private Colleges and Universities in the Era of Media Convergence

Si Xu
The arrival of the digital economy era further promotes the development of media convergence. Traditional media and new media present cooperation modes different with that in the past. With the development pattern of global integration, the change of media ecology is more intense. The corresponding change...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of the Construction of Primary School Teachers in Sichuan Minority Areas

Quan Jiang
The construction of teaching staff is the key to realize the equalization and modernization of compulsory education in ethnic areas, and is also the inevitable requirement of the development of ethnic basic education in the new era. To improve the quality of basic education, the construction of teachers...
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Based on the Perspective of Transfer Learning and Future Fusion: The Combination of Teaching and Research

Taking China as an Example

Ao Chen
It has always been a difficult problem to emphasize research and neglect teaching. The evolution of grassroots academic organizations and two international authoritative academic career surveys illustrate the severity of this phenomenon further. Combining the essential differences between teaching and...
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A Comparative Study on Policies and Regulations of Private Higher Education in China and Thailand

Jun Wu
This study, from the perspective of policy, adopted qualitative analysis and comparative study methods to compare the time when the private higher education policies of China and Thailand were promulgated and the four core elements of “school-running orientation”, “school-running autonomy”, “school-running...
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A Brief Analysis of Employment Difficulties and Countermeasures for College Students Against the Background of COVID-19 Pandemic

Zhen Li
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment situation of Chinese college graduates has become increasingly severe. Many issues such as employment positions, recruitment situation, and difficulty in stuff turnover have created many challenges for the smooth employment of college graduates....
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Exploration and Innovative Practice of Engineering Science Popularization Education Model in Xinjiang Universities

Yan Ma, Wenjing Teng, Lijuan Jin
Colleges and universities are important bases for scientific and technological innovation and the main force in the implementation of science and education to rejuvenate the country. They have gathered numerous scientific research resources and popular science resources, and have played an important...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Local Colleges and Universities in Serving the Development of Local Economy and Culture

A Case Study of Local Universities in Guangdong

Qiuzhun Wang
It is not only required intrinsically by the function of higher education, but also demanded by local economic and cultural development that local colleges and universities should serve local economic and cultural development. In the process of promoting the development of local economy and culture,...
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The Enlightenment of Finnish Pre-service Teacher Education on the Pre-service Training of Chinese Preschool Teachers

Juan Li
Finland is in a leading position in the education field worldwide. This research focuses on the theory and practice of pre-service education for preschool teachers in Finland. Through the analysis of its characteristics and the use of beneficial experience for reference, based on the status quo of pre-service...
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Critical Thinking in the Structure of Educational Programs in Russian Universities

Vitaly Yu. Ivlev, Maxim V. Pozdnyakov, Vladimir A. Inozemtsev, Alexey Z. Chernyak
The article examines the formation of the main approaches to the definition of the concept of “critical thinking”, the most important components of critical thinking and the relationship between manipulation of consciousness and critical thinking. The work also studies the formation of critical thinking...
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Research on Talent Training of Veterans’ Educational Enhancement Plan Under Higher Vocational Expansion

Chibing Gong
Enrolment of one million more people in higher vocational colleges is an effective way to solve the problem of shortage of high-quality technical skills. In the course of Guangdong province’s implementation of the veterans’ educational enhancement plan, there is a general shortage of applicants. After...
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Research on the Reconstruction of Teaching Content in University from the Perspective of Training Excellent Teachers

Taking the Course English Instructional Design for Primary Schools as an Example

Cong Qi
Teaching content is an important carrier to achieve the course teaching objectives, and the training of excellent teachers cannot be separated from high quality teaching content. The course English Instructional Design for Primary Schools was taken as an example to discuss the theoretical basis of the...
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The Exploration Into the Innovation Strategies of Badminton Teaching in Modern Universities

Xiong Xiang, Hanwei Lee
In recent years, many universities in China have set up badminton elective courses, in response to the national quality education requirements. However, in the real teaching setting, many universities have followed the traditional teaching ideas and teaching modes, seriously hindering the overall quality...
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Exploring the Overall Development Mechanism of Different Types of Education Models

Yongming Hong
This article analyses the significance of the coordinated development of the three types of education models of vocational, higher education and continuing education, separately discusses the development status and problems of the three education models, and proposes the coordinated approach of the three...
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Research on the Teaching Performance of Incorporating Ethics and Moral Values in Higher Accounting Education

An Empirical Study on an Accounting Practice Course

Shanshan Yang, Tingwei Lu, Dongping Li, Lin Li
Higher accounting education should focus on not only professional knowledge, but also the guidance and shaping of virtues and morality. The course object of this article is the accounting practical course. The students are from a city university in southwestern China. The authors first adopt the empirical...
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Research on Improvement of Course Construction Capability of University Counselors from the Perspective of High-efficiency “Empowering”

A Case Study of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Ling Quan, Xuhong Wu, Cheng Luo, Jianzhe Yang
In Higher Education in China, the counselor group assumes the dual roles in student affairs management and teaching, and is active on the front line of education. In emphasizing the professionalism and professional development of the counselor team, a system in which counselors “stand on the podium”...
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Investigation and Reflection on the Satisfaction Degree of Curriculum Setting for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

A Case Study of MTCSOL Program in Five Universities in Guangzhou

Yanjun Wang, Xindan Hu
Based on a questionnaire survey of 232 students majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in five universities in Guangzhou, this paper probes into some common problems existing in the current curriculum setting, such as the lack of practical courses and opportunities, the lack of diversity...
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Study on the Influence of Students’ Value Co-creation Behaviour on the Brand Image of Private Colleges and Universities

Yiheng Wang
In the context of education marketization, the relationship between private colleges and universities and their students is gradually evolving into one between enterprises and consumers, and students, as consumers, have more initiative and choices. The fierce market competition requires private colleges...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of the Employment Difficulties of College Students

Chao Zhang
In recent years, with the rapid development of higher education, the number of university graduates has increased year by year. While meeting the society’s demand for advanced talents, it has also brought about serious employment problems. Difficulties in obtaining employment for college students are...
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Study on the Construction and Reform of Off-campus Practice Base for Burmese Language Major Under the Guidance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Taking the Construction of Off-campus Practice Bases of Colleges and Universities in Yunnan Province as an Example

Lifeng Wang, Zhiyuan Ren
Professional practice, an important organic component of higher education, is an important link to improve students’ comprehensive quality and cultivate their creative spirit. It lays a solid foundation for students to successfully step into the society, integrate into the society and contribute to the...
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The Countermeasures for Calligraphy Education in Colleges and Universities of Yunnan Province

Yaping Yang
Chinese calligraphy has a long history, takes Chinese characters as the carrier, and contains profound cultural connotations. Taking calligraphy education in colleges and universities of Yunnan Province as an example, and aiming at the current status of the construction of the teaching staff, the development...
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Analyzing Decision-Making Behaviors of International Students Studying in China

Based on Behavioral Economics

Zhen Liu
An increasing number of young foreigners are willing to study in China to understand and experience China on the spot for the last few years. Numerous researchers focused on international students in China. This paper applied the principles of behavioral economics to analyze the decision-making behaviors...
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Revelations on the Distant Online Education Development in China from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Zhihong Li
The break-out of 2019 Novel Coronavirus at the start of 2020 makes the whole educational system in China enter into the hardest first half of that year. How did the distant online educational system help the student and teacher spend such a hard time in China? It is worthy to be discussed. Therefore,...
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Research on the Influence of Offline Classroom Learning Participation on Undergraduates’ Learning Effect Based on the Involvement Theory

Chuanyu Peng, Yue Liu
Based on the involvement theory, the paper constructed the evaluation index of undergraduates’ classroom learning participation from five dimensions: attendance rate, seriousness of attending class, note-taking, class discussion, and teacher-student interaction. Through 182 sample data, the influence...
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Analysis on the Construction of Applied Talents Training System for Environmental Design Based on Studio System

Hongli Zhu
Establishing a perfect studio system is an important way to train environmental design professionals and one of the important platforms for the construction of environmental design professional theory and practice. The society’s demand for environmental design majors is mainly based on practical application...
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The Changes and Transformation of Teaching Forms in the New Media Environment

Ying Han
With the continuous upgrading of the mobile Internet, people’s reading habits have changed from “reading words” to “reading pictures” and then to the current “video age”, and people’s learning habits have also changed. Therefore, this article focuses on how to match the teaching style with the learning...
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Analysis of College Students’ Satisfaction with the Application of the PAD Class in Teaching

Yueliang Jia, Yueming Jia
Objectives: The goal of this paper is to explore the satisfaction of college students and the relationship between the satisfaction and grades when the PAD Class is applied to the personality psychology teaching. Methods: 62 students majoring in applied psychology were investigated with course satisfaction...
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Research on Educational Function and Applied Practice of University Museum

Yingyan Guo
This paper systematically analyzes the role of university museums in building a characteristic cultural education environment, promoting the inheritance of excellent traditional culture, enhancing the humanistic connotation of university education, cultivating the national spirit of teachers and students,...
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Study on the Mechanism of School-Local Cooperative Education of Local Application-oriented Universities in Heilongjiang Province

Mupeng Diao, Fujun Wang, Xingwei Sun, Guohua Wang, Yu Zou
Cooperative education between government, industry and universities is an important way to cultivate talents in local application-oriented universities. The operating mechanism of cooperative education includes four aspects, namely platform and rules, communication and coordination, cooperation and sharing,...
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Research on Flipped Class Teaching Mode of English Major Courses

Taking the Theory of Diaspora as an Example

Bei Gao, Weiyuan Zhang
Flipped class is a new pattern of class teaching mode in recent years, which is very different from the traditional class. This paper first discusses the connotation and characteristics of flipped class from four aspects: class form, teacher’s role, learning mode and class interaction. Then, taking the...
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Research on the Entrepreneurial Competency Development and Innovation of Cross-Border E-Commerce Talents in Jilin Province

Yuxi Zhao, Rouhua Wang
Cross-border e-commerce is a newly emerging major, but the theoretical and practical system of talent training is not perfect at the present stage. The knowledge structure, skills and quality requirements in talent training objectives are not clear yet, and these aspects need to be constantly updated...
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The Course Teaching Reform and Exploration of Science and Technology Paper Writing

Na Xiao
The course “Science and Technology Paper Writing” is a quality development course for all majors of engineering. It is the foundation of all scientific and technological exchanges and plays a vital role in the entire teaching system. This article discusses how to conduct curriculum teaching reform and...
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Research on the Risk Control Mechanism of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Schools of Higher Education Under Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control of COVID-19

Hao Wang, Jinpeng Wang, Jinyu Zhang, Chunwen Ren
As an important pattern of internationalization, Sino-foreign cooperation in education is now on the fast track of development. With continuous expansion of education, the risk prevention and management in Sino-foreign cooperative universities has not formed a complete theoretical system yet. Combined...
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Cultivation of Postgraduates with Master’s Degree in Clinical Medicine Against the Background of Medical Education Coordination

Practical Research on the “Tutor Team” Model

Jian Dong, Zhihua Zhang, Jie Yu
With the advancement of economic and social development and the deepening of medical reform, the shortage of medical talents has become a bottleneck restricting the development of medical and health care. Accelerating the construction of an education system that closely links the training of graduate...
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Reform and Practice of Blending Teaching of “Cross-Cultural Communication” Course for Japanese Majors

Wanlong Zhu
With the popularization of digital networks and the development of information technology, the blending teaching model has been promoted in well-known universities in China and foreign countries. It is a general trend for the blending teaching mode to integrate into the existing university course teaching...
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Foresight Strategic Forecasting Technology in Higher Education

Dmitriy V. Utkin, Nonna L. Bagramyants, Vladimir I. Safyanov
The article considers Foresight as a systematic interdisciplinary tool for forecasting and comprehensive expert assessment, which is used today in many areas of social activity. The authors of the article analyse the essence and key features of Foresight, as well as the history of its development as...
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Digital Education and Personal Safety

Liudmila Baeva
The article concerns the process of digitalization of education in the context of the analysis of the personal safety problem. The aim of the study was to assess the impact of digitalization of education on a person in terms of its safety and to diagnose emerging challenges in education related to accelerated...
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Research on Information Design and Application of Computer Specialties in Higher Vocational School Based on Mobile Learning Environment

Jinrong Zhou, Zhen Hu, Juan Yang, Yuan Liu
Students’ learning is not limited by time and place thanks to mobile learning environment, which facilitates teachers’ information-based teaching. However, mobile learning requires high ability and awareness of students’ independent learning, especially for the abstract and boring computer specialties...
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Study on College English Teaching Reform in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Yingchun Zhang
College English has always been a subject with low dependence on technology. With the great development of artificial intelligence technology in the field of natural language, English teachers in college must solve the problem of their objective abilities and seek to form a learning community which helps...
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Research on Innovation of Higher Vocational Education from the Perspective of Whole-Person Education

Fenghua Kang
Whole-person education is an education that promotes the coordinated development of people’s knowledge, affection and behavior, and pays attention to people’s all-round development. As a developing and cultivating person, higher vocational education should make students cultivate creative thinking and...
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Teaching Liberal Education Using Virtual Reality

A Case Study of a Spanish Culture Course

Li Yan, Alex Pak Ki Kwok
With the development of virtual reality technology, the opportunity of using virtual reality to assist teaching has received much attention from numerous scholars and experts. This paper discusses the methods, advantages, and challenges of adopting the virtual reality technology in the university’s liberal...
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An Empirical Study of TSCA in the Writing Course for College English Majors

Hongling Que, Linxi Zhang
How to enhance college students’ writing ability is an important task in the education reform of college English writing. On the basis of Teacher-Student Collaborative Assessment (TSCA), this research takes “Description of a Person” in “Courses for English Writing” as the study case, and it attempts...
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Exploration on the Reform of Practice Teaching System of Applied Undergraduate “Data Structure and Algorithm” Based on Outcome-Based Education

Heng Li, Juan Peng, Ya-hong Leng, Hong-shi Zhang
The outcome-based education (OBE) philosophy emphasizes “student-oriented, result-oriented, continuous improvement”. Based on the practical teaching practice of the core course “Data Structure and Algorithm” for engineering majors of application undergraduate, it is proposed that the OBE education concept...
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Exploration of the “Four in One” Online Teaching System for Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic Era

Xiaojuan Cao
Based on the investigation of the current situation of the online teaching system of higher education during the pandemic, through in-depth interviews and other methods, it is found that there are “four major imbalances” in the current online teaching process of higher education. The main reason for...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Art Design Major Courses

Taking “Industrial Design Methods and Procedures” as an Example

Chunlin Yu, Leichi Yuan, Bo Mu
The research on the teaching innovation reform is based on the analysis of the current teaching status and learning condition. The pain points in the course teaching of “Industrial Design Methods and Procedures” are the basic points of teaching reform and innovation, and the root causes of the problems...
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Practice and Research of Photoshop Course Construction Under the Mode of “Work-study Combination and School-Enterprise Cooperation”

Xiao Wang
Against the background of the new curriculum reform and the development direction of “work-study combination and school-enterprise cooperation”, the society has a growing demand for applied talents with the accelerated development of China’s national economy. As a result, the teaching methods and teaching...
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Discussion on the Innovative Approach to the Teaching Discourse System of Ideological and Political Academics

Xiaoliang Guo, Long Xia
In view of the problems existing in the discourse system of course teaching in colleges and universities in the new era, this paper analyzes the content system, teaching mode, discourse expression mode and teaching effect, and it also tries to explore the innovation path of discourse teaching system...
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Challenges and Innovations of Higher Education Modernization from the Perspective of Big Data

Yu’nan Xie, Zhihao Chen, Han Li
Taking the road to modernization of higher education in the new era is undoubtedly of great theoretical and practical significance. Big data has brought revolutionary changes to higher education, with opportunities and challenges coexisting. This article explores the current situation of higher education...
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Modern Technologies of Developing Mental Hardiness: Professional Training of the Military

Vladimir O. Dorodnov, Aleksandr G. Ignatiev, Pavel A. Filippov, Andrey N. Senyukovich, Vitaly Yu. Zaprudnov, Aleksandr V. Kalygin, Lidia P. Kostikova
The paper dwells upon modern technologies used to develop mental hardiness in cadets of the military higher school. The research suggests that case study, computer games, virtual and augmented reality glasses and helmets, learning topography and digital maps of the possible battlefields should be effective...
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Teaching Reform of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Lihe Wang, Shuying Xu, Yan Sun
Student-centered teaching concept can be employed to improve the effectiveness of ideological and political course teaching in colleges and universities, which can prompt the reform and innovation of teaching methods, and promote teaching. Such practice highlights the importance of practical teaching,...
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The Study of Application of Cloud-class to Improve Students’ Information Literacy in College English

Bei Gao
Educational informatization is an inevitable trend of education development. Finding a proper way to improve students’ information literacy in the process of college English learning is an urgent project. This paper, through the practical research of using cloud-class in college English courses, explores...
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The Development of Vocational Education and Training in China

Weimin Yuan, Yajuan Wang
With the deepening of China’s reform and opening-up, more and more professional talents are required to be prepared by Chinese education for meeting the challenges from inside and outside. Vocational education and training is enhanced to the prehistoric status equal to general education, not only getting...
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Standard Regression of Chinese Curriculum in Engineering Vocational Colleges

Yonghong Ao, Hui Li, Hui Shen
Under the new situation, the reform of Chinese courses in higher vocational colleges has become an inevitable era. However, due to factors such as the inversion of the teaching subject, the teaching of Chinese courses in higher vocational colleges is in a difficult position. Chinese courses in higher...
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Informatization Teaching Design of Pharmaceutical GSP Practical Training in Higher Vocational Education Based on “Flipped Classroom”

Taking the “Receiving and Acceptance of Pharmaceuticals” Project as an Example

Bo Dai, Lianghui Hu
With the development of information technology, under the promotion of the concept of “Internet +”, Internet platforms such as micro-courses and MOOCs provide students with a wider range of learning channels. In this paper, through a teaching design example of a lesson, under the guidance of the teaching...
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Enlightenment of Liberal Education on the Cultivation of Higher Vocational College Students’ Core Competencies

Gangqing He
Universities in many developed regions of the world today carry out “liberal education”. It mainly covers: the field of language and literature, the field of humanities and society, and the field of science and art. The liberal education in Taiwan in China is based on “cultivating person” and taking...
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Research on the Construction of Entrepreneurial Platform for Students in Xinjiang Vocational Colleges

Xianbin Tang, Junwei Xie
In the context of “popular entrepreneurship and innovation”, innovation and entrepreneurship have become an important way for students in contemporary social vocational colleges to obtain employment. The establishment of an entrepreneurial platform is crucial for students in Xinjiang vocational colleges...
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Research on the Construction of Multimodal Corpus of Tibetan Teaching

Taking Gannan Tibetan Middle School as an Example

Dawa Pengcuo, Daojie Ben
The multimodal corpus of Tibetan teaching uses video and audio documents as the corpus, which truly reflects the teaching activities and contents; furthermore, it has great potential in promoting Tibetan teaching and researches. Compared with the textual corpus, the multimodal corpus of Tibetan teaching...
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Technology of Project Activity and Modern Language Education

Marina L. Ivleva, Nonna L. Bagramyants, Vitaly Yu. Ivlev
The article aims to analyse the possibilities of using in the educational process the actively developed and implemented technology of project activities having language training of future specialists in Russian universities as the example. In this regard, the modern directions of university training...
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Using the Principles of Neurolanguage Coaching and Brain Friendly Techniques in Foreign Language Teaching in the Inclusive Learning Environment

Tatiana Belova
The purpose of this article is to describe the practical application of some principles and methods of neurolingvistic coaching and neuroscience in foreign language teaching in the inclusive educational environment. The research is based on the practical experience of foreign language teaching in mixed...
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Cultural Dimension of Network-Based Peer Review in Business Writing Courses

Guiqin Qi
This study investigated students’ perceptions of their interactions in peer review groups in an ESL (English as a Second Language) business writing course supported by network platforms: QQ, Tencent Classroom and Tencent Meeting. To eliminate the reluctance in commenting on peers’ writing under Asian...
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Research on the Teaching Practice of Japanese Bookkeeping in Japanese Majors in Colleges and Universities

Yingying Fu
In this paper, “Japanese bookkeeping teaching” is taken as the research object. Based on CDIO concept and the teaching experience of Japanese bookkeeping and combined with the teaching characteristics of interdisciplinary courses, the author explores the teaching mode of Japanese bookkeeping talents...
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Book Flood: A Countermeasure to the Icy Period in English Acquisition

Shuqin Wang
The “icy period” appearing in the process of English acquisition is caused by the long-term disjunction between the knowledge of English and its application. This paper discusses the icy period from the view of neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics, and puts forward that “book...
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A Study of Blended Teaching & Learning Model in College English Cultural Courses

A Case Study of “Introducing Chinese Culture in English”

Yuping Jia, Yonggang Miao, Xiangyu Jiang
This paper aims to explore and analyze the effect of the blended teaching and learning model used in college English cultural courses by taking the course “Introducing Chinese Culture in English” as an example. The blended teaching and learning model brings the optimal integration of on-line and off-line...
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A Study on the English Learning Difficulties of Non-Major College Students and the Strategies for Cultivating Self-driven Learning

Xiaoyan Li
English is the main international lingua franca in today’s world. For some non-English majors, they are facing some difficulties in the process of English learning. In view of the students’ lack of learning motivation and weak learning foundation over the increasing learning requirements, this paper...
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Research on the Teaching Model of Comprehensive English for Preschool Education Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on English for Specific Purposes

Yihui Zeng
Following the teaching philosophy of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), this paper makes clear ESP teaching goal of training qualified preschool bilingual teachers, enriches ESP teaching content that integrates language knowledge and vocational skills, innovates ESP teaching methods that highlight...
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Role of Language Teachers in the Teaching of Academic Writing

Analysis Based on Multinational Academic Writing Literature

Xiaofang Cong, Xiangyu Jiang
2016 witnessed the inclusion of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) into “College English Curriculum Requirements” by the Ministry of Education. Writing ability, essential for EAP, matters much for international academic activities and professional exchanges. To satisfy the cultivation of students’ academic...
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Construction of “Online + Offline” Blended College English Teaching Mode

Yuanhui Hu
The single traditional college English teaching is far from satisfying the students’ acquisition of knowledge, and the “online + offline” blended teaching mode is increasingly favored by educators. Starting from the disadvantages of the single college English teaching mode, this paper discusses the importance...
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Research on the Present Situation of Korean Teaching in Universities Based on Multi-Modal View

Qixia Li, Yi Liu
With the further application of multimodal theory in linguistics and pedagogy, the traditional foreign language teaching is gradually changing. With the continuous expansion of Korean teaching products in the Chinese market and the rapid development of mobile Internet, the education reform is deepening,...
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Research on College English Online Teaching Mode Based on MOOCs

Shuwen Tan
During the COVID-19, China’s Ministry of Education opened 22 online teaching platforms, providing over 24 thousand courses in total, so that all the students in the country can attend classes at their homes. This paper introduces how the author uses MOOCs network platforms and other teaching tools, as...
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Research on the Cooperative Behavior of Foreign Language Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Taking the Course Construction of “A Guide to English-Speaking Countries” as an Example

Xiangping Fan
The scientific research ability of foreign colleges and universities language teachers in Chinese universities is regarded as a part of their professional qualities and is becoming more and more important. However, the “weakness” of Chinese foreign language teachers in scientific research is also an...
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Factors Influencing Tolerance of Ambiguity and Its Implications for Second Language Learning

Min Liu
In the process of second language learning, learners will inevitably encounter various situations of ambiguity, and the tolerance of ambiguity will directly affect the effectiveness of language learning. At present, tolerance of ambiguity has become an important index to evaluate foreign language learning...
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Phonics Approach in English Teaching in China from 2011 to 2020

Guangping Sun, Wenqin Xie
Phonics has been regarded as an effective method to help primary English learners to understand the relationship between English alphabetic writing and their sound patterns. In this research, the writers searched the website at, collected 113 academic articles relevant to the teaching practice...
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Literary Reading and Core Competence in Middle School English Class

Yanli Jia
With the reform development in middle school English teaching, the culturation of students’ core competence has been given much importance in reading class, aiming to enhance the all-round individual competence. This article examines how to improve the core competence of middle school students in English...
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Study on Experiential Teaching of Product Design Based on Application-Oriented Talent Training

Chen Zhao
Against the background of cultivating applied talents in local colleges and universities, product design major must build a bridge of exploration and innovation between classroom teaching and social practice, and realize the effective combination of design theory and design practice to cultivate professional...
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Reflection on the Cultivation of Art-Majored Talents of Broadcasting and Hosting in Colleges and Universities Based on the New Media Perspective

Peiyun Shi
The advent of the new media era has brought tremendous changes to the entire news media industry, among which more requirements have been put forward for broadcasting and hosting talents among working staff in media business. In this context, it’s imperative to strengthen the training of broadcasting...
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The Necessity of Practice and Discussion Courses in Higher Education

A Case Study of the Urban Planning Course

Fei Zhou
The comprehensive public elective courses are usually divided into humanities and natural science courses in the undergraduate stage of higher education in China. Compared with the courses of science and engineering, the practical course is a relatively small proportion in Humanities and Social Sciences....
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Construction and Application of Online and Offline Blended Teaching Model in Colleges and Universities in Post-Epidemic Era

Taking Language of Film and Television as an Example

Nan Dai
The online and offline Blended Teaching of “Language of Film and Television” is taken as research object to discuss its construction and application in colleges and universities in the context of “Internet plus” and post-epidemic. The results show that Blended Teaching requires to break the traditional...
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Perspectives on Cultural Strategy and World Diversified Music Education

Yide Peng
The diversity of world culture is the source and foundation of the development of music culture in various countries, and China’s profound historical and cultural accumulation provides unique conditions for the development of music. This article explores the future development path of world music education...
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Construction of “Introduction to Big Data” Course Towards Application

Fangxiao Zhou
With the rapid increase of society’s demand for Big Data talents, cultivating data engineers with qualified professional abilities is the core task of Big Data teaching in applied undergraduate colleges. The course of “Introduction to Big Data” plays an important guiding role in cultivating students’...
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“Research Boosted by Innovation & Study Promoted by Competition” Construction and Effect of Top Level Innovative Talents Training System

A Case Study of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Ling Quan, Cheng Luo, Xingbin Dong, Xuhong Wu, Siqi Liu, Yue’er Fan
Innovation-driven development has been highly valued by the whole society in recent years. Universities’ mission of providing talents for the country and society is crucial. Talent cultivation needs to be deeply integrated with the national innovation and development. Following the idea of “Research...
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Analysis of Innovation, Innovative Thinking and Innovative Methods

Decheng Yang, Xingwei Sun, Fuquan Cao, Fengcheng Qu
The innovation ability is the essential core ability in the face of various competitions and challenges in the information age with rapid development and change, and innovative thinking is at the core of the innovation ability. This paper puts forward the T-shaped structure of innovative thinking and...
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A Comparative Study on the Status of Life Outlook Teaching in Research Activities in China and Foreign Countries

Jun Wang, Wanting Liu, Luyao Wang
Research activities are in the situation of increasing national demand in China, and the types of projects are more diversified. However, compared with foreign activities, the teaching of life outlook in China is relatively scarce. In addition to learning knowledge and improving skills in the practice...
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Analysis on the Increase in Negative Emotions of Online Learning During the Pandemic

Tianyang Hu
Starting from the very beginning of 2020, the spread of Covid-19 asked people to stay at home and cut down almost all their contacts with the outer world. Even for the necessary social activities, wearing a mask and keeping a distance is required, which had completely changed the living for almost all...
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Study on the Issues of Cooperation in Art Education

Analysis of Educational Cases in Pilchuck Glass School

Hui Tang
This article analyzes the core concept of the education case of the Pilchuck Glass School in the United States to study art education of China. The author extracts a methodology that can be applied to art teaching in China from the cooperative thinking of “inspiring creativity, changing individuals and...