Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Economic Development and Education Management (ICEDEM 2018)

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Application of Task-based Language Assessment in College English Writing Teaching

Qiaochan Liu
Despite task-based assessment’s popularity in many countries including Canada and America, there are not many researches that combine it with English writing teaching in China, especially researches on using task-based assessment to solve the problem of unsatisfactory writing teaching at colleges. In...
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Strategies and Effectiveness of Cultivating Young Teachers' Teaching Abilities in Physiology

Xiaoyun Zhang, Xiaodong Cui, Min Cheng
At present, the proportion of young teachers under the age of 40 in the Department of Physiology has reached 69%, thus the cultivation of young teachers becomes the most important task in the construction of teaching staff. Combining with the actual situation of our school and department of physiology,...
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Research on Shared Express Delivery Mode Based on Block Chain Technology

Yuanyuan Ding, Xu He
The rise of sharing economy has remolded the industry form, and express delivery has achieved rapid development on the express train of sharing economy, sharing express came into being at the historic moment. By analyzing the existing shared express mode, the paper concludes the common business mode...
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Research on Entrepreneurship Education of College Students for Economics and Management Majors Base on ERP—A Case Study of Xi’an University of Science & Technology

Yuan Wang, Feng Shi, Gonglong Shi
Taking Xi'an University of Science and Technology as an example, this paper obtains data through questionnaire survey, carries out principal component analysis of the survey results by means of factor analysis, extracts three factors, sorts out the entrepreneurship education theory based on ERP with...
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Research on Dual-Class Share Structure and Company Performance

Shuai Wang
This paper explores the relationship between dual-class share structure, agency cost and company performance, and divides the dual-class share structure according to multiple different dimensions of B shares voting. With voting right as an alternative argument, this article studies voting rights and...
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Analysis of Periodicals Based on Bibliometric Indicators-Taking J HUAZHONG U SCI-MED as an example

Jin Huang, Yihua He, Ji Fang, Fengping Wei, Rong Zhang
This paper reveals the characteristics of the Journal J HUAZHONG U SCI-MED, and analyses its academic influence by using bibliometric indicators and the data from JCR database and InCites database, thereafter compares with ESI clinical medical journals sponsored by domestic universities. Finally, the...
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Study on the TCM Healthy Pension Service Model in Sichuan Province

Yingyan Liu, Hongying Wang
The present study aimed to realize the effective integration of pension services and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) resources in modern society, and effectively satisfied the growing diversified medical needs of the elderly. Through literature research and expert interview, this paper comprehensive...
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Research on Stock Prediction in China based on Social Network and SVM Algorithm

Li Tang, Shuhua Zhang, Li He, Huiyu Fan
To some extent, the information from social network can have an impact on the investment decisions of people. Based on behavioral finance theory, this thesis focuses on the influence of social networks on the stock market and forecast the stock price. Firstly, it collects data from the social network...
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Co-construction of Disaster-stricken Areas from the Perspective of Multiple Governance

Jiao Guo
In the 10-year post-disaster reconstruction process after Wenchuan earthquake, a mechanism for post-disaster reconstruction involving government, social organizations, enterprises and individuals has been formed. The purpose of this paper is to provide new ideas for exploring emergency management by...
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Analysis and Countermeasure Research on Psychological Problems of Contemporary College Students

Yan Li, Jinhuan Wang
For contemporary college students, mental health is the basis of academic success, happy life and successful career. College students are a special group with high self-orientation and strong desire for success, but their mental development is not yet mature and stable. At present. With rapid development...
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The Connotation of Investment Behavior Rigidity and Its Relationship with Irrational Investment Behavior

Kai Gao, Genbao Ji
In order to study the mechanism of investment behavior rigidity, we examined the relationship between investment behavior rigidity and other irrational investment behavior, such as escalation of commitment and disposition effect. First, we developed an investment simulation system, manipulated five stocks'...
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Research on the Influence of Consumption Emotion on Participation Behavior

Hong Jin, Yunting Miao
Consumer emotion is an important reference factor for user decision-making. Researches have shown that consumer emotion is one of the important factors affecting consumer behavior. At the same time, participation behavior as an important behavioral variable is getting more and more attention. Although...
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Strategic Research on Accurate Marketing to Enhance Consumer Experience of Social Media Users

Hong Jin, Chenchen Chi, Xingyu Gao
With the rapid development of information technology, consumers are more active and pay more attention to consumption experience (such as interaction, participation and individuation). The traditional marketing modes gradually evolved into precision marketing, which has the characteristics of precision,...
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Investment Efficiency Research Theme Changes and Development Trends on the basis of CiteSpace

Zhan Ye
In order to systematically understand the field of enterprise investment efficiency, this paper analyzes the trend of the development of investment efficiency in the enterprise over time, establishes a cross-sectional research direction and a vertical timeline system, and combines the economic background...
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Dilemmas and Solutions of Sponge City Construction in Jiangsu Province

Jun Xu, Qian Jia, Xingcheng Ge
With continuous aggravation of urban ecological problems, the problems including regional water resources shortage, water environment deterioration, water ecological degradation and frequent internal flood and waterlogging in Jiangsu province are becoming more and more serious. Promoting the construction...
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Research on Social Support of College Students’ Entrepreneurship in Liaoning Province of China

Zhaohui Chen, Ya Wang
Many countries have established social support system for college students' entrepreneurship, such as legal promotion and guarantee system, entrepreneurial education and training mechanism, diversified financing mechanism, convenient business registration system and so on. By collating relevant local...
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The Study on Efficient Cold Chain Logistics

Yu Zhang, Tianshan Ma, Rehman Khan Syed Abdul, Sharif Arshian
In the supply chain, cold chain is a small part, usually cold chain are using for frozen foods, medical supplies, and fragile items such as, meat, medicines, ice cream, fish etc. The concept of RFID (radio frequency identification device) is tracking products/containers. This technology widely used in...
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Research on the Current Situation and Development of Community E-commerce

Ting Wang, Zhenlong Peng, Zhenwei Zhang
With the continuous development of social media, the economic form based on social relationships has developed rapidly, and network red economy and fan economy have developed rapidly. This paper expounds the basic concepts of community e-commerce and the development trend of e-commerce in China, and...
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Application Research of Voiceprint Recognition Technology in Mobile E-commerce Security

Zhenkun Wu, Zhenlong Peng, Ting Yu
Security is an important factor restricting the development of mobile e-commerce. Establishing a secure business application environment is of great significance for promoting sound development of mobile e-commerce. In this paper, we first introduce related background of mobile e-commerce security, expounds...
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Trickling Sluggishly of Voluntary Service from the Perspective of Human Resource Management

Shuchen Wang
This paper takes the case study of nusing institutions, Introducing social volunteer service collaboration from the perspective of human resources, The qualitative research method and purposive sampling method conducted in-depth interviews, a detailed analysis of the trickling sluggishly of volunteer...
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Resources Sharing Mechanism of University Clusters under the Policy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development

Yu Wang, Jie Bao
The collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province has been implemented in an all-round way. With the coordinated development of university clusters, infrastructure construction and interconnection have been accelerated. This paper aims to explore the current layout of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei...
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Research on How to Develop the Private School Well

Jian Huang
Practical experience shows that the development of state-owned private schools should follow the market rule. We believe that in order to obtain a broad education market, students must be regarded as the most important “serving object” of school education. All work of the school is a service chain, and...
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The Impacts of Social Responsibility on Enterprise Performance in Chinese Hospitality Industry

Ye Feng, Yujie Chen
This study has investigated the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate performance in the Chinese hospitality industry. We used several indicators to measure corporate performance and employed social contribution value per share (SCV) to calculate CSR. By using unbalanced...
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Study on the Police Occupational Ethics Education in New Era

Hua Han
In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the police occupational ethics education is faced with new requirements: new demands arising from the changes of social environment, new requirements coming from the concept of law-based governance, new perspective caused by the police individual...
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Vietnamese Enterprises: Current Issues of Technology Transfer

Thi Bich Ngoc Tran, Galina Anzelmovna Barysheva
The process of globalization and economic integration nowadays sharply intensifies economic competition in the field of production and services. Technological development is considered as the key to stimulating sustainable economic growth. In Vietnam, statistics show that most enterprises still use medium...
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Influence of Eastern Mediterranean Gas Discoveries on European Energy Security

Elnur T. Mekhdiev, Alexander S. Vereshchagin, Guzel F. Kadyrova, Nail F. Gindullin, Sharbatullo D. Sodikov
The article introduces recent developments in energy sector in the Eastern Mediterranean. Over the past decade, Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt turned from energy importers into exporters. Now each of them possess abundant natural gas deposits and strives to profit from exports. With two major players as the...
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Obstacles to the Implementation of Mixed Operation in China's Financial Industry

Xiaohuan Hu
Finance is an important part of the national economy. Under the background of economic globalization, it is one of the core tasks for national government to establish a stable and safe financial system. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, China has now formed a financial regulatory...
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Exploration on Frontier Research Field of Informatics

Mingwei Sun
In order to determine the frontier research field of information science, the literature collected in the field of information science from 2008 to 2017 was statistically analyzed by searching the (CNKI) database of Chinese academic journal network. According to the statistical results, the paper analyzes...
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Research on Data Security Ecosystem Construction Based on Big Data Background

Rui Ma, Qiongjuan Wen, Hongzhen Lin, Yunjun Jiang
The purpose of this paper is to study how to build a data security ecosystem in the context of big data and promote the scientific and sound development of China's big data industry. By means of literature investigation and comparison, this paper makes a comparative study on the development status of...