Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Economic Development and Education Management (ICEDEM 2019)

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Research on the Application of Financial Technology to SME in Shaanxi Province

Yiyuan Huang
The financing difficulties of SME in Shaanxi are mainly due to their narrow financing channels. Financial technology plays an essential role in promoting China's economic development, especially in alleviating the financing difficulties of SME in Shaanxi Province. However, the government has always adopted...
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Computer Teaching Reform and Practice against the Background of Audit and Evaluation

Zhiying Han
For Jilin International Studies University, the year of 2018 and 2019 is the year of rectification after being audited and evaluated by the ministry of education. Taking this as an opportunity, the computer teaching of our university makes a thorough rectification and an active improvement in the teaching...
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Green Feelings Shine into Reality-The Green Practice Road of Meixi Lake Primary School

Feng Xiong, Juan Li, Shuang Chen, Shengfeng Xie
Green low-carbon environmental protection as a concept has gradually penetrated the hearts of people, and education is an important platform for green concept propaganda. As the new city of Meixi Lake in the green new city of Dahexi Pilot District, it has overcome many difficulties and set the green...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Mutual Pension Model in Time Bank in China against the Background of “a boom of the graying”

Jia Zeng, Shuang Chen
Under the impact of the “silver wave”, not only the aging of Chinese is on the rise, but also the pressure on social pension is continue to increase. China’s undertakings for the aged and the construction of the pension system are confronted with dire challenges. In order to cope with aging society,...
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A Review on Board Network and the Enterprise Investment Convergence

Menglin Liu
Corporate investment is one of the core research issues in the field of corporate finance. The individual behavior of directors is embedded in the social network and influences the effectiveness of corporate investment behavior. However, traditional research ignores the role of network relationship....
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Information Disclosure and Cost of Equity: Evidence from Subsidy of New Energy Industry

Yi-Chang Chen, Manqi Jiang, Zhengdong Wu, Jiaqi Luo
This paper explores the impact of the level of information disclosure on the cost of equity for the subsidy policies of the new energy industry. We find the impact of government subsidy policies on information disclosure in the new energy industry, and further studies the correlation between information...
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Investor Sentiment and the Impact on Four Main Cities of China's Real Estate Market

Yi-Chang Chen, Shilin Liang, Zhengdong Wu, Jiaqi Luo
In this paper, we test herd effect and the impact of investor's sentiment on four main cities of China's real estate market. We use CSAD model with sentiment indicators and explore the correlation between emotional indicators and housing index. We find that there is a significant herding effect in the...
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An Eye-tracking Technique—Visual-World Paradigm

Guiyun Guan, Axu Hu, Lei Guo, Hongzhi Yu
The visual-world Paradigm was first developed by Cooper in 1974. Then the paradigm was further developed by Tanenhaus in 1995 by putting it into the study of syntax disambiguation in spoken language understanding. Because the paradigm is easy to carry on and doesn’t have special requirements on the participants,...
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Exploration on the Transformation of Teaching Pathways in Craft Skills of Dongguan Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Era of Big Data

Zhuan Su
The development of the digitization of image resources is moving rapidly in the era of Big Data, especially in the preservation of art and craft works of the Dongguan Intangible Cultural Heritage. Through understanding the image semantic resources in Dongguan Cultural Heritage, a new teaching pathway...
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“Predictable Partnership”: Case of Russian-Azerbaijani Relations

Chernyavskiy Stanislav, Guliev Igbal, Akbarov Orkhan, Mekhdiev Elnur
After the collapse of the USSR and the restoration of state independence the Republic of Azerbaijan implements foreign policy in accordance with national interests, and builds equal and mutually beneficial relations with the Russian Federation as its main strategic partner. The nature of these relations...
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Application of New Energy Photovoltaic Construction in Coal Mining Subsidence Area-Taking the Treatment of Coal Mining Subsidence Area in Zaozhuang as an Example

Lei Chen, Shuying Chen
The photovoltaic construction in the coal mining subsidence area not only improves environmental and resource protection, but also realizes comprehensive treatment of soil erosion in coal mining subsidence areas. This paper analyzes the current situation of Zaozhuang collapsed area, and proposes that...