Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Education and Technology (2017 ICEduTech)

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The Effect of Emotional Quotient, Academic Loyalty, and Interpersonal Communication on Lecturers’ Performance of Mulawarman University Samarinda

Usfandi Haryaka
The objective of this research is to study of effect of emotional quotient, academic loyalty, and interpersonal communication on lecturers’ performance of Mulawarman University Samarinda. The data of this research were collected through the use of questionnaire filled out by 130 lecturers chosen randomly...
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Development of Web-Based Module Programming Basics Lesson in X Class Vocational High School for Software Engineering Expertise Program

Rhd. Arqom Ahmadi Dwiloka, Syaad Patmanthara, Aji Prasetya Wibawa
Basic computer programming is one of the subjects that is applied to the X-class department Software Engineering as the basis for the development of advanced programming. On subjects basic programming there are some basic competencies include understanding and skills. Research and development is intended...
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Hotel Reservation System Based Local Area Network at Samarinda

Heny Pratiwi
The Hotel industry is one of the most vibrant businesses today, however, the current hotel reservation system is still largely unfamiliar with computerized processes. The process of logging in and outgoing guests still use simple office applications without formulas and without database-based. Any receipt...
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The Effect of Silent Short Movie on EFL Writing Achievement of Vocational High School Students

Rahmani Ayu Rinda Kartika, Susilo Susilo, Muhammad Natsir
The purpose of the study was to investigate whether or not there is a significant effect of silent short movie on EFL writing achievement of the vocational high school students. This study was quasi-experimental using a nonrandomized control group, pretest-posttest design. There were 61 students who...
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Decision Making Of Banana Varieties Based On Land in Samarinda Using Electre Method

Heliza Rahmania Hatta, Ramaulvi Muhammad Akhyar, Dyna Marisa Khairina, Septya Maharani, Haviluddin Haviluddin, Purnawansyah Purnawansyah
Indonesia is an agrarian country, a country with fertile soil and rich in nutrients so that a lot of land that can be used as agricultural land for a variety of plants one of which is a banana plant. Banana is a plant that has a good adaptability to the condition of water shortage, so that many planted...
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AHP-TOPSIS for Selection Step of Land Tittle Deed Registration Process

Eko Sebastian, Vina Kamila
This study discusses about a decision support system that help the registration process of land deed title (“Akta/ Sertifikat Tanah” in Indonesian) that is required to obtain legal certainty for land, rights holders and other parties concerened with the land. AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) TOPSIS...
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Writing anxiety and its causes of pre-service teachers in an EFL context: Preliminary study

Dyah Sunggingwati
This study investigated writing anxiety and its causes with 35-pre service teachers of English education department of Mulawarman University. Second Language Writing Anxiety Inventory (SLWAI) by Cheng (2004) were administered to measure writing anxiety of second language in terms of Somatic Anxiety,...
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The Influence of Earth Science Community Learning Model (EARTHCOMM) To Learning Outcomes of Geography

Mei Vita Romadon Ningrum, Ernia Kholiq
The learning model of Earth Science Community (Earthcomm) is a learning process that is more concerned with students' activeness in solving problems and finding ideas to build an understanding of knowledge they have acquired. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of the results of...
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Idea-Phyrlab Development (Physical Learning Media Based on Virtual Laboratory on Ideal Gas Equation)

Afiq Agung, Nurfaida Nurfaida, Muhammad Nasrullah
Research objectives: (1) To know the process of development of virtual laboratory learning media on ideal gas equation material Class XI, (2) to know the level of feasibility of virtual laboratory physics learning media on ideal gas equation material Class XI. Research using R & D approach with 3D model....
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Reading Comprehension Application (RCA) On Smartphone Usage In Classroom

Endah Endah, Dyah Sunggingwati, Effendi Limbong
The primary objectives of this study were (1) to find out learners’ reading comprehension achievement after learning English using Reading Comprehension Application (RCA) on smart phone, (2) to find out if there is any significant effect of RCA on Smartphone usage in learning English. The findings revealed...
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The Influence of Certification and Profession Commitment Toward Teachers’ Performance at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Samarinda

Aminah Sitti, Labuan PM, Akbar Maruf
The aims of this study is to test the performance results of teachers who have been certified with teachers who have not been certified with 2 x 2 factorial design. Data collection using the teacher performance questionnaire instrument and teacher commitment professions instrument. Instrument validation...
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The Use of an Interactive Multimedia Thermodynamics to Improve Conceptual Mastery of Physics Prospective Teachers

A. Hakim, A. Masruhim, R. Qadar, M. Syam
This study aimed to determine the improve of conceptual mastery of thermodynamics as result of the implementation of the interactive multimedia thermodynamics. Research method used a quasi experiment with control group pretest-posttest design. The research subject was students as experimental group and...
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The Appliance of Gender Analysis Model Sara H. Longwee Study on the Problem of Female Lecturer in Functional Position In High Education

Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman, Abdullah Karim
this paper considers the issue of women who position themselves as career women in a functional position as one of the conditions of structural positions in college. Speaking of structural positions always involves relationships between men and women manifested in various forms and patterns of behavior...
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Implementation of Lesson Study Learning Community (LSLC) on Learning Science of Biology in State Junior High School 2 Samarinda

Herliani Herliani, Masitah Masitah
Development of learning patterns Curriculum 2013, formulate curriculum based learning process that prioritizes personal experience and guide students to find out, not discovery (discovery learning). Through Lesson Study Learning Community (LSLC) it is possible to interact with each other listening, mutual...
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Effect of DLPS (Double Loop Problem Solving) Learning Strategy on Entomology Cognitive Learning Outcomes of The Students of Biology Education In Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Mulawarman University

Sonja V.T Lumowa, Zenia L. Kurniawati
This study aims to determine effect of DLPS (Double Loop Problem Solving) learning strategy on Entomology cognitive learning outcomes of the students of Biology Education in Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Mulawarman University. The study was conducted on February to March, 2017. Type that...
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The Nature of Nation Character Establishment Through Educational Local Uniqueness Basis (Elub)

Warman Warman, Suryaningsih Suryaningsih, Demsy Salimdeho
This writing is about: (1) concept and the law of education ELUB, (2) the introduction environmental identity through learning environment, and (3) the meaning of wise words that contain motivation in local language. The idea of education based the local uniqueness started from an expression delivered...
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The role of school culture in the formation of student character in SMPN 4 Kaubun Kabupaten Kutai Timur

Johansyah Johansyah
This study aims to determine the role of school culture applied in SMPN 4 Kaubun, the success of school culture to build the character of students, and the supporting and inhibiting factors in the implementation of school culture. The study focuses on three school cultures, which are religious, discipline,...
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Isolation of Secondary Metabolite Compounds and Antibacterial Activities Tests From Hexane Extract of Stem Bark Melochia umbellate (Houtt) Stapf var. degrabrata K

Usman Usman, Muh. Amir
This research aims to determine the content of secondary metabolite compounds and antibacterial activity of stem bark extract Melochia umbellate (Houtt) Stapf var. degrabrata. Samples of M. umbellate stem bark were extracted by meseration using methanol solvent. Separation and purification is done by...
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The Activity of Anti-Oxidide of Etil Acetate Soluble Fractions from Extract of Kedayan Roots (Aristolochia Papillfolia Ding Hou)

Novermawati Novermawati, Muh. Amir, Islamudin Islamudin
Kedayan roots (Aristolochia papillfolia Ding hou) is phytomedicine that used conventionally by peoples as antidotum. This research aims to know antioxidant activity of ethyl acetate soluble fraction from kedayan roots extract. Fractionation method that used is solid-liquid extraction with ethyl acetat...
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Diagnostic Assessment in Learning Optics Based on Inquiry Laboratory

R. Qadar, Z. Haryanto, Samsiah Samsiah
This study aims to determine the improvement and differences of learners' learning outcomes based on diagnostic assessment on learning optics based on inquiry lab. The research used experimental design on students of grade VIII SMPN 27 Samarinda as research subjects. Quantitative data were collected...
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The Difference of Digital Simulation Learning Outcomes In A Subject of Spreadsheet By Using Prezi, Adobe Premiere, and Microsoft Office Powerpoint

Suriaty Suriaty, Dewi Rosita, Andi Rustandi
This is a quasi-experimental research. The research design was Posttest only control group design. The sampling technique in this study was purposive cluster sampling after 3 classes were chosen based on daily examination score on word processing application utilization subject, namely XI-3 Pharmacy...
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Analysis of Need Development of Blended Learning Model Based Nine Event Instructional

Sudarman Sudarman, Sugeng Sugeng
The purpose of this research is (1) to describe the design of Blended Learning model based on Nine Event Instructional, and (2) to analyze the need of the design of Blended Learning model based on Nine Event Instructional in the Research Methodology lecture. This research uses descriptive-qualitative...
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Achievement of Students After Learning With Project Independent Papers in Programs Magister Language English at Courses Educational Basis Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Hardoko Hardoko
Achievement of learning outcomes in programs magister Language English students before using a project papers model that is applied in making the task of independent papers project through the foundation of education based on these problems hence the purpose of this study is to know the achievement of...
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Students' Capabilities in Essay Preparation Related To Competency and Learning Objectives through Course Evaluation Education of Biology Teacher

Makrina Tindangen
The ability of students in preparing essay questions. Based on these questions, the purpose of this study is to find out what students are driving at the time of procurement about the essay and what the lecturer's efforts to overcome the problem. To achieve the purpose of this study then the research...
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The Effect Of Leadership Style. Professional Competence, And Work Discipline Toward Work Effectiveness

Yudo Dwiyono
The aims of this research were to study the effect of principals’ leadership style, the professional competence, and the teachers disciplinary at work toward the teacher’s effectiveness work at elementary School in Samarinda. The method used in this research was the quantitative approach. Data surveys...
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Student Perceptions About Veterans Service In Fighting Indonesia's Independence at State Junior High School 2 Samarinda

Wingkolatin Wingkolatin, Jamil Jamil
Problems that often occur in students lack of knowledge about veteran services so as to cause the soul of student nationalism becomes less so the purpose of this study is to know the students' perceptions about the services of veterans in fighting for independence of Indonesia in SMPN 2 Samarinda. This...
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The Use of Technology for Vocabulary Instruction in EFL Classrooms: Support and Challenges

Istanti Hermagustiana, Desy Rusmawaty
Technology is believed and proven to provide support for teaching and learning in the classroom. Nevertheless, it also turns out into problems when the teachers are not ready for its use. This study aims to investigate the support technology offers to EFL teachers in their teaching practice and figure...
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Analysis of University Students' Argumentation Writing

Yusak Hudiyono, Ahmad Ridhani
This paper finds the argumentation patterns of Unmul's students in writing that include (a) patterns of consideration in writing arguments (b) dominant patterns in writing arguments and (c) the types of mistakes made in writing arguments. The research used discourse analysis of argumentation of content...
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The effect of using L1 in EFL teaching on secondary school students’ vocabulary achievement

Siti Fatimah, Susilo Susilo, Hasby Sjamsir
This study aims at answering three research questions: 1) how is the vocabulary achievement of the SMPN 27 Samarinda eight grade students who were taught English subject (L2) by using both L1? and 2) is there any significant different between students’ vocabulary achievement of the eight grade students...
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Enhancement and Results of Social Science Lessons on Social Issues Through Example Non Example Models in Students IV SDN 006 Samarinda

Warsinah Warsinah, Sunarno Sunarno
This study aims to improve the social science learning outcomes on social issues from sufficiently increased to high by example non-example models. This research was conducted by conducting class action research with cycles ie Pre-Cycle, Cycle I and Cycle II. The result in the Pre-cycle of 55% unfinished...
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Analysis of Student Critical Thinking Ability in Colloid Chart with Problem-Based Learning Model

Jefferson R. Watulingas, Faul Samara, Medi Taruk
The ability to manage learning using a variety of methods, models and learning techniques is needed to improve teachers' knowledge and teaching skills. The ability to choose appropriate methods, models and learning techniques in the teaching and learning process will have an effect on the success of...
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Development of Interactively Mobile Interactive Learning Based Database with Product Development Using Framework7 for Vocational High School Students

Hary Suswanto, Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Achmad Mursyidun Nidhom
Learning media is one component of learning that has an important role in the learning process. Good learning media can improve student’s learning motivation. One of the good learning media is interactive learning media. Learning media makes students more active in the learning process because it not...
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Relationship of Education 3.0 Application on The Ability of Andragogy and Pedagogy Prospective Teacher Vocational School

Ahmad Mursyidun Nidhom, Setiadi Cahyono Putra, Hari Putranto
This study aims to reveal the relationship of Education 3.0 (X1) implementation to the ability of andragogy (Y1) and pedagogy (Y2) prospective vocational school teachers. Education 3.0 has a basic concept that education can be modified, adjustable and free conditioned according to the needs of learners,...
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Digital Signature Security in Data Communication

Robbi Rahim, Andri Pranolo, Ronal Hadi, Rasyidah Rasyidah, Heri Nurdiyanto, Darmawan Napitupulu, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Dahlan Abdullah
Authenticity of access in very information are very important in the current era of Internet-based technology, there are many ways to secure information from irresponsible parties with various security attacks, some of technique can use for defend attack from irresponsible parties are using steganography,...
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Layers Method Implementation for Rubik’s Cube Solution

Robbi Rahim, Ronal Hadi, Rasyidah Rasyidah, Heri Nurdiyanto, Darmawan Napitupulu, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Dahlan Abdullah, Muhammad Ikhsan Setiawan, Janner Simarmata
Rubik's cube is a reasonably favorite cube game until today with many variations of the cube being developed to increase the difficulty of players; the 3x3-sized Rubik's cube is most popular use for beginner and also for an expert. In this article will be presented step by step how to solve Rubik's cube...
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The Role of Big Data and Cloud Computing for Technology Based Business

Leon Andretti Abdillah, Darmawan Napitupulu, Janner Simarmata, Robbi Rahim, Dahlan Abdullah, Andri Pranolo
Modern digital life have been produce giant data in every sectors. This big data need new approach as cloud computing term. The combination of these two technology have been used by SMEs. Smartphones enable the dissemination of the applications to customers around the world. Three most popular sectors...
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Forest Plantation Pest and Disease Forecast Model

Andri Pranolo, Siti Muslimah Widyastuti, Azhari Azhari
This research aims to propose a forecast model of pest and disease plantation. The data sample collected by Laboratory of forest health and protection - Faculty of Forestry Universitas Gadjah Mada in the periods of times, so we have time series data of Powdery mildew disease growth which has observed...
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Mobile Media Development Based Learning to Improve Student Learning Asynchronous Multimedia Content in Vocational High School

Andika Bagus Nur Rahma Putra, Achmad Mursyidun Nidhom, Kirya Mateeke Moses
currently, the utilization of mobile phone technology is increasingly affordable by the community with various types of technology. Today, the development of mobile phone technology is still not maximized utilization in the process of spreading. Multimedia lesson is one of the main subjects that deal...
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The Development of Worksheets and Electronic Learning Materials Based on Project Based Learning on the Subjects of Physics Grade XI in SMAN 1 Samarinda (Subject Matter of the Wave)

Lukas Pundu, Zulkarnaen Zulkarnaen, Lambang Subagiyo
This study aimed to develop valid, practical and effective physics worksheets and electronic learning materials based on project based learning in grade XI students in wave subject. The type of this research was research and development (R&D) with 4D development model developed by Thiagarajan,
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Model Work Based Learning with the Concept Service Learning and Implementation for Improving the Motivation Learning and Outcomes Learning

Luchyto Chandra Permadi, Dwi Agus Sudjimat, Tuwoso Tuwoso
The quality of skills and work attitude of vocational graduates is still in the eyes of the industry. Therefore, SMK is required to develop new environments and or innovative and interactive learning models that directly educate students to work by the 2013 Curriculum that focuses more on developing...
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The English Pre-service Teachers’ Politeness Strategies of Offering Context Across Genders

Anggi Aisyadatina, Susilo Susilo, Yuni Utami Asih
The purpose of this study is to find out the result of politeness strategy in offering context on male of sixth semester students, to find out the result of politeness strategy in offering context on female of sixth semester students, to find out significance difference result of politeness strategies...
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Developing of Fuzzy Learning Module for Undergraduate Student

Hakkun Elmunsyah, Dyah Rosita Anggraeni, Anik Nur Handayani
The aim of the research are to produce and knowing the feasibility of fuzzy learning module for undergraduate students. At this development research, it is implemented at electrical engineering education program of Electrical Engineering Department, Universitas Negeri Malang. We used ADDIE to develop...
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Predicting Student Academic Performance by Mining Their Internet Usage Behaviour

Utomo Pujianto, Mahmuda Muthmainnah
Students who are active this time belong to the Generation Z. Namely, the generation that most of his time is spent interacting with computing devices, especially the virtual world. It can bring positive and negative effects on their performance in the learning process. This study proposes the use of...
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The Employment of eThesaurus to Facilitate Reading Comprehension among Malaysian ESL Students

Wardatul Akmam Din, Suyansah Swanto, Asmaa Abdul Hameed Alsaqqaf
Reading comprehension has been highlighted as a problem among Malaysia ESL students. Many students while being proficient text decoders have difficulty comprehending text. When there is little to no emphasis on comprehension, on exploring the meaning behind the words, students are not actually reading...
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Collaborative Learning Model With Computer Supported Learning Approach

Hery Nurdiyanto, Herman Dwi Surjono, Priyanto Priyanto, Noor Fitrihana
Objectives to be achieved in this study are: (1) Knowing how to design collaborative learning model through Computer Supported Collaborative Learning approach; (2) To know how to design collaborative learning model through Computer Supported Collaborative Learning approach; (3) Knowing how the results...
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Design of Web-based Laboratory Virtual Tour 360º Application

Didik Dwi Prasetya
The laboratory has an important role and function in supporting the learning process. In addition to its main role as a learning facility, the laboratory is also one of the benchmarks that reflect the identity of the institution. Unfortunately, there are still many institutions that have complete laboratory...
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Developing Inquiry Model-Based Device to Increase Learning Results Skill Writing A Scientific Balance of Biology Projects

Elsje Theodora Maasawet, Wahyu Sekti Retnaningsih, Didimus Tanah Boleng
Success in the learning process is not only judged from the ongoing process but ongoing processes and learning models that meet the needs of the students. The learning model helps teachers in classroom teaching especially practitioners writing scientific reports. One way to solve this problem is to use...
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User Acceptance Study on Academic Information System in University XYZ

Darmawan Napitupulu, Rahmi Kartika Jati, Janner Simarmata, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Muhammad Ikhsan Setiawan, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Robbi Rahim, Heri Nurdiyanto, Wahyuddin Albra, Dahlan Abdullah, Rahmat Hidayat, Cut Ita Erliana
Impact advancement of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) has changed the work culture of the organization including universities. The management of the academic process in higher education becomes very important because the core competencies that must be owned for ensuring the quality of...
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Analysis of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) on E-Learning System

Darmawan Napitupulu, Janner Simarmata, Leon Andretti Abdillah, Muhammad Ikhsan Setiawan, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Robbi Rahim, Heri Nurdiyanto, Wahyuddin Albra, Dahlan Abdullah, Rahmat Hidayat, Cut Ita Erliana
Advances in science and technology, especially Information and Communication Technology (ICT) more positive impact for the advancement of education today. Various advantages of e-learning to encourage the use of e-learning has become a necessity these days is no longer a necessity or compulsion. Utilization...
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Utilizing GeoGebra in Application of Integral Module for High School Students in Balikpapan, East Borneo Indonesia

Suci Yuniarti, Tri Hariyati Nur Indah Sari, Husnul Khotimah
The study investigates the practicality of application of integral module supported by GeoGebra to visualize area of plane regions and volume of solids of revolution. This research and development study involves Grade 12 students from four public high schools in Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia. The...
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Technology of Web GIS and Mobile GIS for Airport Business Area Development

Muhammad Ikhsan Setiawan, Otto Fajarianto, Robbi Rahim, Janner Simarmata, Dahlan Abdullah, Ansari Saleh Ahmar, Darmawan Napitupulu, Heri Nurdiyanto, Rahmat Hidayat
Indonesia has 296 airports officially managed by the government, covering 13 airports managed by PT Angkasa Pura I, 13 airports are managed by PT Angkasa Pura II, 53 airports are managed by the National Army (TNI), 178 airports are managed by Airport Operator Unit of the Ministry of Transportation and...
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The Quality of Instrument Used To Measure Mathematical Reasoning Ability of Junior High School Student

Sugeng Sugeng, Labulan P.M.
The quality of an instrument considerably determines the quality of the obtained data. The accuracy of a research finding is determined by the quality of its data. Therefore, the quality of one instrument determines the results of research. The quality of instrument used in measuring mathematical reasoning...