Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Automation (ICEEA 2018)

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Research on Weakening Control of Asynchronous Motor with Load Based on Vector Control

Guomei Tang, Tao Huang
As for the induction motor with load needs to run in a large area, so speed regulation is an essential part of the current at a higher speed to prevent the voltage and current exceeds the rated value of the normal operation of the motor damage to the need for reasonable distribution, That is, the motor...

Timing Synchronization Algorithm for OFDM-UWB Systems Based on IEEE 802.15.3c

Chunyu Li, Shuqian He, Zhengjie Deng, Caixia Chen, Chun Shi
According to the 60 GHz OFDM-UWB system of IEEE 802.15.3c standard, the characteristics of the preamble Golay complementary sequence are analyzed for better timing synchronization scheme that can resist multipath interference. The normalized autocorrelation method is used to detect the falling edge for...

Driver Fatigue Detection Method Based on Eye Multi-Feature Fusion

Qinghua Liu, Haixiao Zhong, Xuehan Zhao, Lu Sun
In order to improve the accuracy of driver fatigue detection, this paper proposes a new fatigue detection method based on random forest regression model and integrate eye fatigue surveillance method for multiple characteristic parameters. First, we use the features of simple class Haar to cascade algorithm...