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A Mobile Service Assisted Procedural Assessment Method—Taking the Teaching of Linear Algebra as an Example

Xiaopin Zhong
The traditional procedural assessment method lacks operability and can not give full play to the advantages of procedural assessment. In this paper, a process teaching assessment method based on mobile service is proposed, which uses Internet tools to implement a multi-functional online testing and performance...
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Analysis on the Training Mode of Finance Major in Applied Universities from the Perspective of Production

Heng Wang
Industry-university-research cooperation education is an important way to cultivate application-oriented undergraduate talents, which is of great significance to the cultivation of students’ practical ability, application ability, innovation ability and comprehensive quality.However, from the current...
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Research on Optimization of Informatization Talents Training Mode in Colleges Under the Background of “Innovation 3.0”

Donghong Wang, Fengjiao Hao, Jie Liu
The innovation paradigm has evolved from innovation 1.0 and innovation 2.0 to innovation 3.0. In the period of Innovation 3.0, the institutions are required to cultivate talents with innovative consciousness, innovative thinking and innovative ability. Using the RETAIN model, the optimization path of...
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Curriculum Teaching Process Design and Research Based on TOPCARES-CDIO

Chong Zhang, Baocai Zhong
A new curriculum teaching process design method with competence training as the core is proposed based on the international advanced TOPCARES-CDIO engineering education idea. Taking the curriculum Web Application Development as an example, this paper describes the whole process from the determination...
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Research on Statistics Teaching Reform Based on Teachers’ Attitude

Kangli Zhao, Jianhua Lu, Guoxi Xue
As the promoters and implementers of curriculum reform, teachers have played a crucial role in the success of curriculum reform. The economics and management major is a profession closely related to real life. The statistical study of the major should be practical and professional. From the perspective...
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Design of Virtual Physics Laboratory Based on STEAM Education

Yulong Bai, Dianfei Peng, Jie Yang
Virtual reality is a new emerging sophisticated technology which can enable human to feel an object without a real touching. Physics experiments are the most visual and intuitive way for students to study physics, and are the best way to stimulate students’ interest in Physics. We have applied Virtual...
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Study on Effectiveness of Classroom Interaction

Xiufeng Zhang, Hui Gao
The classroom interaction is an efficient way to improve the efficiency of classroom learning. Besides the increase in the amount of classroom interaction, the quality of it also requires the attention, which will decide the effectiveness of classroom interaction. The improvement and insurance of classroom...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Engineering Education Professional Certification Standards

Fenping Wang
The indicators of engineering education accreditation standards in China and the United States are compared. On the whole, there is no substantive difference in the accreditation standards of engineering education between China and the United States, including students, professional education goals,...
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A Summary of Teaching Reform of Software Engineering Major Under the Background of Big Data

Jianjun Huang, Weiwei Gong, Rongqun Hu
With the continuous development of science and technology, computers have been widely used, big data is a topic of great concern. The advent of the era of big data has greatly improved people’s ability to analyze and process data, the convenience brought to people’s lives is obvious to all. The healthy...
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Research on the Reform of Practical Teaching of Business Administration Major in Applied Undergraduate Universities

Xiu Liu, Shangxin Chang
With the further development of China’s socialist market economy, the competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce, and the concept of talents of enterprises has also changed. It is more inclined to introduce applied talents. Practice teaching is an irreplaceable important link for cultivating...
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The Challenge and Revolution Law Education is Faced with in the ‘Internet Plus’ Age

Hongfei Zhang
With the constant development of information technology and the popularize of Internet, we entered the age of ‘Internet Plus’. The key characteristic of this age is the combination of the Internet and traditional profession which curved out a new way and trend. So is education industry. To apply internet...
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A Summary of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Music Education

Jin Zhang, Jiawei Wan
With the development of modern science and technology, the application of artificial intelligence in music education is more and more extensive, which is beneficial to the development of music education in China. The application of artificial intelligence in music education has broken the traditional...
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Return to the Essence of Graduate Education and Promotion the Reform and Innovation of Graduate Education in the New Era

Yu Jiang
By analyzing the core essence of graduate education, this paper proposes ideas and methods to promote the reform and innovation of graduate education in the new era from four aspects, including the reform of entrance examination for graduate, the construction of graduate supervisor team, the reform of...
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Research on the Data Analysis of College Classroom Teaching Behavior by Using Deep Learning

Bing Gong, Fan Jing
With education stepping into the era of intelligence, intelligent classroom behavior recognition of students is becoming more and more important. However, due to the complexity and variety of students’ classroom behavior, it is difficult to recognize intelligent students’ classroom behavior. In order...
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Exploration of Multidimensional Teaching Method Around Assembly Language Programming Course

Ying Liu, Fuxiang Gao
Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching content and process of assembly language program designed for computer majors in colleges and universities, the key problems such as course motivations, teaching methods, practice teaching and course assessment reform were discussed in this paper, and the...
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Equity and Quality Analysis of Higher Education

Wanbo Yu, Li Zhang, Xudong Ren
Discuss and analyze the educational fairness and quality issues in higher education, and suggest that universities should do their best, do their best, and make the best use of them. At the same time, a tentative suggestion is given for discussion. It is to regard colleges and universities as an economy...
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Research on Application of Virtual Instrument Technology in Experimental Teaching

Mei Luo, Zhonghui Luo, Qijun Xiao, Lu Bai, Xiao Luo, Zixing Chen
In view of such problems as insufficient experimental teaching facilities for testing technology courses, abstract concepts of digital signal acquisition and processing and the complex computation, the paper provides the virtual simulation software for signal processing with a computer. The software...
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Exploration of Blended Teaching Mode of Remote Sensing Principles Course Based on the Concept of Emerging Engineering Education

Yunjun Zhan, Lintong Sui, Jiejun Huang, Yanbin Yuan, Ming Zhang, Xu Zhang
Through years of teaching practice and full understanding of the current concept of emerging engineering education and the innovation of blended teaching, our teaching team proposes a blended teaching mode of Remote Sensing Principles Course based on the concept of emerging engineering education. This...
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A Study on the Construction of Data Mining Course-Oriented Data Literacy Training

Xiaohong Shen
The data literacy training is becoming important in the big data era and data mining course has been one of the key courses to cultivate data literacy in universities. After analyzing the problems in the actual teaching, the paper discusses the construction of data mining course oriented data literacy...
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Research on the Study of Learning Topics, and Life Adaptation of Middle-Aged and Elderly People

Tsai Yen-Ni
The purpose of this study was to investigate the demographic attributes of middle-aged and elderly people, the effect of middle-aged and long-term perspectives, and the influence of middle-aged and older Learning Topics on their life adaptation. This study used a questionnaire survey method for participants...
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“The Primary Stage Theory” is the Breakthrough and Innovation of Scientific Socialism

Fangqiu Xu
Based on the the guide of Marxism scientific socialism theory and the center of thesis of primary stage of socialism “theory”, with the developed capitalist socialist in the middle of the 19th century as the background, the article is the formation of the socialist stage about the theoretical results....
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On Translation Varieties of English Movie Titles–Language Features in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Xiaoxuan Du
The author concentrates on translation varieties of English movie titles in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan by consulting large numbers of references. The author compares and studies the differences of translation standard, emphasis and principles in these three areas by analyzing some examples,...
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Research on the Practice of College Grade Weekly Meeting Based on the Problem-Oriented

Yuxi Niu
As the characteristic carrier and important way of school ideological and political work, grade weekly meeting plays an active role in college counselors to do a good job in students’ safety and stability, build a harmonious campus and promote students’ all-round development. However, the survey found...
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Metacognition and Second Language Learning

Xiufeng Zhang, Meixia Guo
Metacognition had drawn a lot of attention since the birth of it. The present paper expands metacognition mainly from three parts. The first part is about the definition and classification of metacognition, and then is concerned with the utility of metacognition in second and foreign language learning...
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Research on the Evolution and Classification of Digital Learning Resources

Jiayang Wang, Meng Han, Wanwan Wang
With the maturity of new technologies such as big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the types of digital learning resources are constantly enriched, The current hot topic of academic circles is how to systematically classify digital learning resources, and then provide guidance for exploring...
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Double Cross & Deep Network for News Recommendation

Zhihong Yang, Yuewei Wu, Muqing Wu, Yulong Wang
News recommendation algorithms are widely used in many Internet products that people use. With the increase of commercial value, the research on various recommendation algorithms has become more and more interesting. This paper proposes the Double Cross & Deep Network (DCDN) algorithm, which is used...
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Research on National Image Construction and Cross-Cultural Communication in International Video Course Based on New Media Technology

Ke Wang
The construction and communication of national image is not only an important part of the national development strategy, but also an important aspect of Chinese culture “going out”. With the development of the Internet and new media technology, it provides more convenient tools and means for the publicity...
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Cognitive and Metacognitive Reading Strategies Training in EFL Reading

Xiufeng Zhang, Lu Guo
Taking students of two different classes in the School of Continuing Education in a University as subjects, the present paper represents the conduction of training 20 reading strategies and its results. Through one term of training students’ reading strategies, it has found that the students’ awareness...
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Regional Balanced Index Measurement of Chinese High-Tech Industry’s Science and Technology Resource Allocation

Fangqiu Xu
High-tech industry’s science and technology resource allocation has a characteristic of regional concentration, and optimizing the allocation is conductive to balanced development of regional high-tech industry. By constructing the measurement indicator system of the science and technology resource allocation...
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Research on Recruitment Problems and Countermeasures in Enterprise Human Resource Management—Take Shenzhen Paijie Company as an Example

Xiaoyuan Li, Zhiqian Wang
With the rapid development of economy, new enterprises are springing up. The arrival of the Internet era and the application of big data have brought new opportunities and challenges for the development of enterprises. With the development and progress of electronic technology and information technology,...
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A Summary of Research on Reform Strategy of Business Management Talents Training Mode in Applied Undergraduate Universities

Xiu Liu, Shangxin Chang
The undergraduate is a new product of the popularization of higher education. Applied undergraduate education is the application of talents between the application skills and research. The practical teaching system is an important guarantee for the cultivation of applied talents in colleges and universities....
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A Summary of Research on the Training Path of Applied Big Data Talents Under the Background of New Engineering

Weiwei Gong, Jianjun Huang, Yingjian Xiao
With the continuous development of big data technology and its wide application in all walks of life, big data has officially become a national strategy. However, because of the urgent need for the research ability and quality innovation talents of big data science, the cultivation of top-notch innovation...
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A Summary of Research on the Reform of the Training Mode of Engineering Cost Professionals in Applied Undergraduate Universities

Fangyan Yu, Liang Chen, Na Xiong
The engineering cost specialty mainly trains students’ control over project cost and the budgetary budget calculation ability of the project. This paper summarizes the research results of scholars such as Chen Shuzhen, Liao Junyan, Guo Xu, Zhou Hongli, Zhou Yazhen, Yan Peng, Gao Wei and Liu Xuxia. The...
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Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of Students’ Practical Ability in Engineering Cost

Fangyan Yu, Yanping Xu, Minhang Qiu
The engineering cost specialty is one of the hottest newly added by the Ministry of Education according to the needs of national economic and social development. It is based on economics, management science and civil engineering, and has developed from the architectural engineering management profession...
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Entrepreneurship, Government Regulation and the Performance of Ecological Civilization Construction

Ying Pan, Yingxin Zhou, Shaozhen Han
Entrepreneurship is a key factor of ecological civilization construction, which is closely related to the government regulation. Based on the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2012 to 2016, this paper empirically examines relationship between entrepreneurship and performance of ecological civilization...
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User Perceived Value and Continued Participation in Barrage Video

Lulu Ye
It is a reality that barrage video is getting prevailing for being able to satisfy users’ demand of real-time interaction. In the cut throat competition, how to hold a person’s attention effortlessly and promote continued participation is still a vital issue. This paper aims to study the relation between...
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Research on College Students’ Etiquette Driving Method

Shuxin Zheng, Bin Zhang, Weiwei Xu, Zhongguo Zhang
Based on the full analysis of the reasons for the lack of college students’ etiquette and image, this paper is aimed to construct the force field system that drives college students’ etiquette teaching and to proposes specific solutions. The experimental system is built with the students taught as the...
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Investigation and Analysis on Women’s Consumption Experience and Demand of Underwear During Menstruation

Hualei Chen, Mingyue Gu, Yingzi Zhang
In order to have a comprehensive understanding of women’s consumption experience and demand of underwear during menstruation, a questionnaire survey was conducted among women in menstruation from three aspects: the lateral leakage of menstrual blood, the feeling of wearing underwear during menstruation...
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Research on Product Quality Improvement Strategy of Supply Chain Considering Consumers’ Double Preference

Hongqi Wang
This paper aim is to improve the product quality of manufacturer, under considering the dual preference of consumer channel and quality. Our conclusions show that the manufacturer’s profit and quality improvement boundary are uncorrelated with channel preference, under decentralized decision-making;...
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The Research of the Coupling Degree Between Social Insurance and Economic Development in China

Na Cao, Lixia Tang, Hongyan Li
This paper chooses 8 economic development evaluation indicators and 14 social insurance evaluation indicators to explore the status quo and internal coupling and coordination of social insurance and economic development investment in the 10 years from 2007 to 2016 by means of combining the principal...
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An Empirical Study on the Trade Potential of Sino-Russian Bilateral Trade

Lei Yao, Ruowen Yu
In recent years, Relations between China and Russia are at their best ever. They have been maintaining close trade ties since the collapse of the Soviet union in 1991. Based on the research direction of Sino-Russian bilateral trade potential, this paper explores the Sino-Russian bilateral trade potential...
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Inspirations of Successful Experiences of the Netherlands Flower Industry to the Development of Yunnan Flower Industry

Zhiyu Chen, Chanjuan Zhao
The flower industry has become one of the important pillar industries in Yunnan province. However, the flower industry still has shortcomings in product quality, variety research and development and innovation ability, flower production scale, standardization and specialization degree, and cold chain...
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Analysis of the Impact of Sino-US Trade Friction on China’s Major Industries Based on Dynamic GTAP Model

Lili Zhang, Chuncheng Zhang, Wei Tang, Shanshan Wu
This paper quantitatively analyzes the impact of Sino-US trade friction on China’s economy and major industries by dynamic GTAP model. The research shows that although the US can reduce trade deficit in short-term under the Sino-US trade friction escalation scenario. The reduction is achieved by a faster...
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Study on the Linkage between RMB and One Belt And One Road National Currency Exchange Rate and Its Influencing Factors

Cong Wang
This paper mainly studies the linkage between RMB and “One Belt And One Road” on behalf of the national currency exchange rate and the factors that influence the linkage, and tests the linkage through the var-dcc-garch model. The results show that the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate has an obvious mean...
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Analysis of the Current Situation of Financial Poverty Alleviation Funds in Henan Province Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Xiaoyu Liu, Xiaofu Liu, Zhenpeng Guo
Financial poverty alleviation funds is an important material basis for ensuring social stability and promoting the development of the cause of poverty relief. It is not only an economic issue but also a political issue to properly manage and use the special financial poverty alleviation funds. During...
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Study on the Relationship Between Term Structure of Treasury Interest Rate and Stock Market Valuation

Yanliang Zhang, Yue Zhao
In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s macro economy, the scale of the financial market is also constantly expanding, so the status of the stock market and bond market in the macro economy is also constantly improving, especially the relationship between China’s national debt market and...
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Research on Trade Facilitation Performance Evaluation of China’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Demonstration Cities Based on Entropy Right-Gray Correlation: From Research on Thirteen Cross-Border E-Commerce Cities

Fei Shan, Qiuyang Gu, Shengyu Qian, Chenxin Ping, Rui Wang
Based on the literature and China’s vigorous development of cross-border electricity and the digital economy, this article establishes a performance evaluation system for China’s cross-border e-commerce comprehensive demonstration city trade facilitation. Then, based on the current data and trade levels...
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The Impact of Accounting Information Comparability on Audit Time Lag

Fenting Zheng
The comparability of accounting information of companies in the same industry reflects the similarity and relevance of the company’s operating environment and financial reporting. Comparability helps users of accounting information to identify similarities and differences in economic matters, and improves...
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Comparative Empirical Study on CAPM and Stock Price Prediction by BP Neural Network in Shanghai’s A-share

Man Fang, Xuefei Wang, Mengting Zhang, Yue Li, Jingyi Zhang
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is aimed to quantify the relationship between risk and expected rate of return. It has been tested and improved constantly by a number of researchers both abroad and in China. This study achieves a comparative empirical test of CAPM on E-V model, E-S model and GLS model...
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Evaluation on Information Disclosure of Rural Commercial Banks’ Off-Balance Sheet Activities

Dongmei Wang, Shang Dan
It is an effective risk control and prevention method to constantly improve the information disclosure of rural commercial banks’off-balance sheet activities. An objective evaluation is the basis. Based on its qualitative characteristics, the paper structures evaluation index system which includes 4...
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Changes and Development of Civil and Commercial Law in Social and Economic Development

Hongfei Zhang
With the progress and development of the socialist economy in China, at the same time, the legal cause of our country has also made great progress, so that the legal system of our country is further improved and strengthened. The reform of the judicial system has greatly affected the value of the civil...
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The Application of Error Analysis in Writing Based on Automatic Scoring System

Chunfang Li
Students should master the basic knowledge of the primary skill of writing, so as to form a comprehensive application of English knowledge and ability. English writing plays a vital role as the output skill among the four basic skills. However, numerous studies have shown that most junior high school...
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Data Analysis of Shared Express Box

Qingjuan Ren, Yilan Zhang, Shuai Huang, Jiancai Meng, Xueyi Mo
The current use of a large number of packaging materials puts tremendous pressure on the ecological environment and is not conducive to the strategic goal of sustainable development. By using the shared express box, the waste in the process of logistics packaging can be reduced, the resources can be...
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Check ID Cards with an Excel Function

Xianyu Meng, Yanping Cui, Xiaoyan Cai
This paper introduces the rules for the preparation of CHINA’s ID number, and elaborates the method of checking the ID number using functionin in Excel, and elaborates on the function used.
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Construction and Application of Evaluation Index System for New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion

Wanlei Xue, Yongqi Yang, Rui Tang, Nan Xu, Lili Zhang
This document decomposes the connotation and goals of the old and new kinetic energy transformation into seven dimensions: development effectiveness, innovation development, openness, environmental protection and people’s livelihood, etc. Then, through the analytic hierarchy process and comprehensive...
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Research on the Constraint Mechanism of Skip-Generation Raising

Jing Li, Wei AI, Aohang Wang
Since the implementation of the universal two-child policy, Intergenerational care in the family has become an important factor for many parents of childbearing age to make fertility decision. This article takes the contradiction of the demand and supply of Intergenerational care in family as the entry...
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A Hybrid 2D/3D Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Xiaofei Yang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Shaokai Wang, Weihuang Yang
Hyperspectral image classification is an important and yet challenging task. With the success of deep learning, the 2D or 3D convolutional neural network-based approaches have been proposed to capture either the spectral, or the spatial data embedded in hyperspectral images. However, existing approaches...
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PortraitAI: A Deep Learning-Based Approach for Generating User Portrait for Online Dating Website

Ziao Wang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Xiaofei Yang, Shaokai Wang, Wu Xia
User portrait is an important technique which could be widely adopted in many real-world applications. It refers to the task of estimating user’s attributes containing their potential preferences and thus could be used to make better recommendations. Online dating Website is one of the most popular web...
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Blind Modulation Recognition in Complex Electromagnetic Environment

Zhen Liu, Cuitao Zhu, Xianfeng Zou
With the continuous development of wireless communication technology, the wireless electromagnetic environment is increasingly complex, which results in the difficulty of modulation recognition of communication signals. In this paper, combining the advantages of ResNet and DenseNet, we propose a blind...
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Research on Emergency Coordinated Control System of Reactive Power and Voltage in Shandong Power Grid

Ruhu Dai, Xuedong He, Ke Xu, Gengxin Cao, Kai Wang
This research project uses the existing capacitors, reactors and other reactive power resources in substations to construct the first regional reactive power and voltage emergency coordinated control system to solve the voltage problems after DC commutation failure or blocking. The system adopts the...
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Application of Big Data Technology in Insurance Innovation

Lili Zheng, Lijun Guo
In 2015, China issued an action plan for promoting the development of big data showing that innovation in big data has become a necessary and inevitable choice for stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structures, benefiting people’s livelihoods, and promoting the modernization of governance....
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Flash Video in College English Education

Ying Chen
Flash Video, a widely used new stream video format today, is small-sized, easy to play, and transformable from other format videos. It has overcome the shortcomings like inconvenience in operation, high bandwidth occupation and large file size. This paper focuses on the current problems in video playing,...
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Research and Practice of the Integration of Theory and Practice Teaching Method Based on the Life Cycle of Medical Device Products: A Case Study of Medical Optical Instrument

Shijun Guo, Geer Yang, Jie Lyu, Hao Ding, Anmin Peng, Yang Liu, Dan Lyu
Based on the core purpose of teaching, this paper reviews the relationship between teaching methods and teaching tasks. From the perspective of educational technology, combining the background of precision medical device technology specialty, industry characteristics and students’ future development...
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Construction of Multi-Level All-Dimensional Platform for Basic Experimental Teaching

Midan Li
A basic experimental teaching platform was constructed drawing on the teaching reform in many colleges and universities, while considering the characteristics of the school. Aimed at the problems produced during the development of the platform, such as the imperfect teaching system, separate discipline...
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Investigation on the Knowledge of Abnormal Characteristics of Long Compartment Cylindrical Shell with Ring-Stiffeners in the Course of Submarine Strength

Weijun Xu, Huilong Ren, Chenfeng Li, Guoqing Feng, Xueqian Zhou, Ning Liu
The stability of submarine pressure cylindrical shell is the main factor that restricts the diving of submarine for a long time, and it is also one of the important contents for designing and checking of submarine pressure structure. It is well known that a way to improve the stability of submarine pressure...
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Study on Case Teaching Methods in Applied Statistic Course for the Ability of Application

Xiang Jia, Xiaoyue Wu
The applied statistic course is basic for statistic as well as management science and engineering specialties. With the development of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, together with the guidance of Golden Courses by Ministry of Education, there are new requirements for this course. We conduct the...
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Study of Quality Evaluation Guidance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities Based on Learning Effectiveness

Mengyu Huang, Ying Zhou
The innovation and entrepreneurship education reform of higher education is booming, and the quality of education needs to be tested. Starting from the origin of innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities, this paper traced its development, clarified its basic concepts, analyzed its connotation,...
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Academic Norms Education Based on MOOC: Learning and Assessment

Changyong Yang, Jing Zhou, Wei He, Kun Zheng
At present, there is a general lack of systematic education on academic norms for college teachers, especially young teachers. Based on this, this paper has analyzed and designed the knowledge system of academic normative education and the compilation of academic normative education. The system of academic...
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Deep Integration of Innovation-Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education

Jianhu Zheng, Hui Chen, Mingfang Huang
Reform of innovation-entrepreneurship education is an important way to improve the quality of higher education. Taking Logistics Engineering of Minjiang University as example, how to solve the integration of innovation-entrepreneurship education and professional education are discussed. Firstly, the...
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Teaching and Learning Exploration of Network Programming Technology Course Based on PBL

Wei Wang
In the teaching and learning of network programming technology, the theoretical knowledge of students is well mastered, but the programming ability is insufficient. Aiming at this problem, a course design scheme based on PBL model is proposed. Firstly, the teaching and learning outcomes are defined....
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The Value Exploration of EAP’s Psychological Counseling Work in Independent Colleges—Take Hetianmu Center of the School of Management as an Example

Tianwen Yang, Guangli Luo
Nowadays, EAP has been introduced into China, and it is widely used in enterprises with remarkable effects. But the use of EAP is by no means limited to this, nor should it be limited to this. Today’s college students are a bundle of pressures. In independent colleges, the combination of EAP and peer...
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Study on the Cultivation of Application-Oriented Talents in Logistics Management Under the Background of Industry-Education Integration

Xianwen Gong, Jingling Yu
Taking logistics management as an example, this paper analyzes the problems in the training of applied talents in China. Based on the practical background of industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation, this paper discusses the ways to cultivate application-oriented talents for undergraduate...
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Analysis of Factors in Influencing the Learning Effect for Higher Vocational Students

Meiying Fan
In the process of teaching in higher vocational education, there are many factors that can influence students’ learning effect. Through the observation, investigation and interview for several teaching cycles, it is found that in addition to some important subjective factors of teachers and students,...
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The Enlightenment of New Engineering Concept on the Cultivation of Tourism Information Talents

Yuan He, Lan Chen, Ping Huang
Since 2017, under the active promotion of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education and major universities, the new engineering has gradually become a hot topic in recent years. At the same time, with the deep development of tourism, the talents cultivated under the current tourism...
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A Study on the Relationship Between the Order of Answering and the Examination Results

Jianjun Cao, Tianshu Chen, Chen Wei
Examination results are not only affected by intelligence factors, but also affected by non-intelligence factors (such as the order of answering). In order to explore the relationship between the order of answering (including answer questions in order, answer questions in reverse order, from easy to...
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Research on Improving the Innovation Ability of College Students Based on Project Driven Method

Shujuan Li, Yanrong Tong, Yan Su
The cultivation of innovation ability is an important part of the quality of talent cultivation in Colleges and Universities at present. In this study, a series of reforms and attempts have been carried out in the course of “Principle and application of sensors” by using the project driven method and...
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Research on the Application of Graphic Strategy in Chinese Reviewing Class in Primary School

Ke Wu, Shupei Zhu, Jing Fang
A large number of studies have shown that typical visualization tools such as concept maps, mind maps, and thinking maps can help teachers and students to visualize their thinking through representational relationships, and also improve students’ learning achievement, interest, and motivation. Aiming...
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Research on the Construction and Sharing of High-Quality Resources by Cloud Teaching Materials

Fang Yang, Keyue Zhang
In the era of “Internet +” big data, the means of higher vocational education is also undergoing major changes. Hanzhong Vocational and Technical College cooperates with the times to promote the MOOT concept in Shaanxi, and independently develops a teaching management platform based on cloud teaching...
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Research on the Value of Chinese Traditional Culture to Local EAP Model Construction

Zihan Huang, Guangli Luo
EAP originated from the west, most of which is western thinking. The development in China has the necessity of localization, and the psychological philosophy contained in the traditional Chinese culture represented by Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism is extremely helpful to the localization...
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“Yingfeiyan Dance” the Beauty of Dunhuang Flying Apsaras

Lisi Xu
With the continuous development of modern economy, people’s living standards have undergone earth-shaking changes, the requirements for clothing are also different from the past. Clothing is not only a symbol of human civilization, but also a part of national culture and art. It not only reflects people’s...
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Study on the Influence of Financialization of Manufacturing Enterprises on Total Factor Productivity

Ruibo Liu, Xiao Wei
Based on the trend of enterprise financialization in China and the real economy dematerialization to virtual, this paper selected the data of listed manufacturing companies in China from 2009 to 2018 to empirically test the impact of financialization of real enterprises on total factor productivity....
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The Empirical Analysis of Financial Development and Economic Gain in Shandong Province Based on Pagano Model

Yue Yin
This article is based on the Pagano model,and tested the correlation between financial development and economic growth in Shandong Province at 1978-2017 by Multiple linear regression. My conclusion is, the Marginal productivity of capital and Savings-investment conversion rate are Positively correlated...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Decline of GDP Growth in Tianjin—from the Perspective of Industrial Structure

Jiajia Wang, Yuekun Ma, Yiqing Fang
Under the background of supply-side structural reform, the national GDP growth rate slowed down, while Tianjin’s GDP growth rate declined first. From the perspective of industrial structure, it is of great significance to analyze the influencing factors of the decline of GDP growth rate in Tianjin. This...
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Developing E-Commerce for Vietnamese Rural Based on “Foundation for Rural Experience” and “Electric Trade Model 020”—Research Design Model “Studying Rural Experience”

NhoQuyet Tran, NhoCuong Tran
This text use the software techniques Sketup pro 2018 and Lumion pro 9.0 combine with available resources such as flowers, water, and trees to design separate areas: cultivation area, breeding area, e-commerce center, grass slide area, swimming pool area, fishing area.. then bring it all into one, forming...
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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Wheelchair System Based on EEG Control

Hongsen Zhou, Guolong Zhang
In order to improve the self-care ability of disabled people, this paper designs and implements an intelligent wheelchair system based on EEG control. The human EEG signal collected by the sensor is sent to the core control board through Bluetooth device. And the wavelet packet transform is used for...