Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education, Economics and Management Research (ICEEMR 2018)

Session: Literature, Language and Law

7 articles

Fictional Turn in Translation Studies

Dong-mei Ma
Fictional turn is a very important trend in translation studies in 1990s. It refers to the move in the discipline that signaled the incorporation of fictional-theoretical parameters as a source of theorization on translation. This paper gives a brief introduction to the trend and outlines relevant literatures...

Supervision of Peer-to-Peer Lending in China

Lin Wang
The development of Internet lending information intermediaries requires the guidance of the legal system. It is necessary to pass laws to define the legal status of online lending information intermediaries. Based on the analysis of the domestic P2P lending operation model and development trend, the...

A Study on the International Legislation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Progress and Trend

Herong Mao, Diangang Liu, Chi Gu, Ming’an Huang, Na Song
In recent decades, more and more countries have commenced to highly value the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in their societies. Great progress of legislation work has been made during the rapid spread of TCM overseas. Based on the progress of TCM legislation in different countries...

On the Application of Dongui Bogam for the Memory of the World Register: Influences and Reflections

Diangang Liu, Chi Gu, Herong Mao, Yunhui Wu
Dongui Bogam, the Korean medical classic, has been deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture, especially traditional Chinese medical culture. Its application for the Memory of the World Register has triggered heated discussion internationally on cultural consciousness and cultural protection etc....

Overseas Legislation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Problems and Countermeasures

Diangang Liu, Herong Mao, Chi Gu, Na Song
As TCM further goes globally in the recent decades; the overseas legislation of TCM has become a hot spot in the TCM-related research. Through a systemic study, we have found a sequence of problems during the course of TCM legislation overseas, including high standard of language for TCM practitioners,...

On Localization Strategies of E-C Trademark Translation

Qian Li
Trademark, as the identity of products, plays a very significant role in international trade. This thesis probes into problems and their roots in the process of E-C trademark translation, and tries to put forward some practical solutions to these problems based on the localization strategy of Skopostheory,...

Analysis on Change of Formulation of Standards in the New Standardization Law

Hui Liu
The significant modifications are made for the Formulation of Standards Section in the newly amended Standardization Law. Under the premise that the development trend of standardization in the new period is considered, and also mainly based on the basic requirements of standardization reform, this amendment...