Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, E-learning and Management Technology

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Exploring Teaching Methods of Reliability Engineering

Xinli Sun, Xinghui Cai, Jiangren Lu, Guoliang Wang
In this paper, the current teaching situation of "Reliability engineering" course for graduates of Xi'an Research Inst. of Hi-Tech are introduced. Some frequently-used data processing methods and their specific applications of graduate teaching process are presented. The relevant suggestions for concrete...
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Research on Multidimensional Cultivation of College English Learning Strategies under the Condition of Information Technology in Application Oriented Universities

Jie Xiao, Weimin Qi
Currently the college English learning is time-consuming and inefficient, which has caused extensive concern. A considerable number of the students thirst for improving English learning skills, but suffer from a lack of appropriate English learning strategies, which leads to high input and low output...
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Establishment of an Electronic Curriculum Group to Enhance the Effectiveness of Electrical Teaching Reform

Yanfei Liu, Qi Tian, Le Wang, Dacheng Luo
This paper discusses the teaching reform of electrical courses based on the experimental classes in the school. Reform has broken the limit of theory, practice and experiments and established the system of electrical courses. Especially, on the basis of "iboard pocket experiment box", it had the remarkable...
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The Teaching Reform of Electronic Technology Course Based on the Concept of CKDI Engineering Education

Yanfei Liu, Daoping Wang, Qiuyan Wang, Hao Zhen
The objective of our present study, the teaching reform of electronic technology course, is to cultivate students' innovation consciousness, promote their practical ability and encourage their team-work spirit. The CKDI engineering education concept we introduced, reconstructed the curriculum system...
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The Establishment and Practice of Electrical and Electronic course Group

Qi Li, Jingjing Yang, Yanfei Liu, Yuan Zhao
On the basis of the analysis of the present situation of school teaching, under the guidance of the basic ideas of CDIO Engineering Education Reform , and in line with the principle of outstanding the students' practical application ability, this paper proposed the establishment of electrical and electronic...
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Research on Practice and Theoretical Teaching's Harmonization of "Electrician and Electronic Technology"

Xiaojing Li, Rongli Wang, Hongyue Liu
Strong practicality is one of the main characteristics of "electrician and electronic technology" and other engineering courses. But many colleges and universities also present completely separate theoretical teaching and practice teaching, which is unscientific and irrational. In order to solve this...
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Research on the Application of Simulation Bench in Experimentation Teaching of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Rongli Wang, Xiaojing Li, Hongyue Liu
To adapt the urgent demand of modern society, the graduates of higher education must not only know the theories deeply, but also have the high abilities in practice and innovation. There are some shortages in the traditional experimentation of Electrical Engineering and Electronics with the limit of...
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Research on the Teaching of Integrating EDA Technology into Digital Electronic Technique

Xiaojing Li, Xiaofei Li, Rongli Wang
EDA Technology is in the ascendant which performs more and more important functions of the higher education of electricity. A comparatively integrated teaching system connecting the theory about practice has been established though introducing EDA into the course of Digital Electronic Technique. The...
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Research on Bilingual Teaching Mode of Communication Engineering Specialty in Nationalities Universities Based on Cultivation of Engineering Ability

Ting Li, Hong Tang
In this paper, on the basis of actual situation of communication engineering specialty in the nationalities university, the reform of bilingual teaching method based on cultivation of engineering ability is carried out. The contents of English courses are enriched by engineering ability training. Bilingual...
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A Study of the Two-way Assessment System of Advertising Design Based on Occupational Demands

Weiwei Yi, Baijing Zou, Yamei Wang
In order to ensure the optimization of teaching quality and enhance students' professional quality, this paper puts forward a new way of assessment system in the course of advertising design. The innovation of this system is to break the traditional single assessment method, combining TOPCARES-CDIO talent...
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Three-dimensional Simulation Function of MATLAB in the Teaching Practice of Higher Mathematics

Jielin Shang, Hongmei Pei, Simin Wang
As a public basic required course of college, status of Higher Mathematics is of vital significance. However, the theory is too difficult to understand, most students think that math is useless so that they are not interested in higher mathematics. Today, MATLAB is one of the most developed software...
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Reform of EDA Course Design of Electronic and Information Using Model Based Designing Method

Wenmiao Song, Hanbai Fan
With the development of the modern electronics technology, the limitation of traditional method which only used VHDL language is more and more clear. To keep up with the newest development, we introduced method of model based design into the curriculum designing of the EDA course. In this paper we first...
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Element Research of Modern Education Theory in Martial Arts

Xiong Zhu
The contemporary martial arts education ideological means that in the process of modern martial arts, to use the ideas which is contained in the martial arts with people (especially the thought of martial arts player) to make a interact in a purposeful and planned way, to make its cogitation developed...
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Exploration of the Connection of GEI and Power Generation Companies

Wei Meng, Feng Kong, Wei Wei, Hong Zheng, Chengcheng Rao, Xichao Lu
GEI (Global Energy Internet) has entered the construction phase of the strategy, which will gradually affect human life in the next 50 years. Power plants are the source of power; power industry is one of the important support industries of economic development. What are their links In this paper, a...
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Practice and Thinking on Undergraduate Training Model Based on the Group Guidance

Liangfei Dong
In order to strengthen the overall guidance of all aspects of undergraduate study, to promote the exchange of teachers and students, train students with good study habits and improve students' comprehensive ability, the School of Environmental and Safety Engineering, Changzhou University proposed and...
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Reform and Practice of the Training Mode of Large Category Enrollment Based on Introduction Course

Shufeng Jiang, Shigang Wang, Youjie Cai, Rui Fan, Da Wang
On the basis of study of teaching reform of introduction to mechanics in the process of machinery categories enrollment training, this paper first gathered the questionnaires and disposed the data of teaching course, then researched in the way of data mining, finally the basic course teaching behavior...
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Research on the Reform of Professional Practice Course Evaluation Model for Comprehensive Ability

Shouhua Chen, Weiwei Liu, Bo Zhang
For the problems of insufficient of professional practice courses traditional examination mode in capability evaluation and weak directivity, according with the actual typical curriculum design courses in our unit, the present situation of the curriculum assessment model is expounded, the existing problems...
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The Governmental Environmental Investment Project Performance Audit Index System Research

Jinyu Tian, Ziyuan Zhang
The governmental environmental investment project performance audit as a new topic in the field of auditing is shouldering the environmental performance audit supervision function under the new situation. But the lack of performance index system becomes a main reason of the obstacle to the department...
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Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Environmental Performance Audit Method

Jinyu Tian, Yuan Jiang
Along with the rapid development of China's economic and social, haze, soil pollution and water pollution become the center of the current topic. From a certain extent, the heat of the environmental topics reflects the strong desire for a better environment of us. The protection and governance of environment,...
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Construction and Thinking of the Ocean Hydrological Instruments Course Facing for Graduate Students

Song Ye, Shang-shu Ren, Long Zhang, Shu-dao Zhou
For the course of ocean hydrological instrument, the basic idea of course construction is generalized by summarizing the experience of teaching reform. According to the characteristics of the graduate teaching, a detailed teaching plan is designed. And the teaching form is briefly introduced. The pertinence...
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Factor Decomposition of Carbon Emissions from Energy Consumption of Shanxi Province Based on LMDI

Ya-jie Li, Feng Kong, Wei Wei
This paper based on the "2006 IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories" to measure a variety of energy carbon emission coefficient and calculate the carbon emission from energy consumption of Shanxi Province in 2004-2013. Using the application of logarithmic mean weight decomposition method...
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A Study on the TRIZ Theory-based Innovative Talent Cultivation Mode

Fu-xing Li, Jian Sun, Yuan-yue Zhan, Qin-hua Sun
On the basis of the status quo of college students' innovation education and the society's urgent demand for innovative talents, this paper started by introducing the meaning of innovation education, analyzed the status of college students' innovation ability, and pointed out the co-related influencing...
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Empirical Study on the Correlation between Stock Incentive and Corporate Performance of Energy Listed Companies

Yongchen Li, Fang Li
To explore the effects and improvement approaches of executive incentive in Chinese listed company, data from 2009 to 2013 of A-share listed companies in energy industry has been chosen to analyze correlation between executive ownership and corporate performance and correlation between executive compensation...
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Research on English Teaching Based on Non-verbal Cross-cultural Communication

Lei Yu, Zhenguo Qi
The purpose of integrating non-verbal cross-cultural communication into the English teaching is to understand the behaviors and methods of non-verbal communication in the multi-cultural environment so as to resolve the differences and conflicts between the English culture and the mother tongue, overcome...
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Class Management under the Environment of New Media

Chengxia Wu, Hui Li, Na Zeng
With the constant progress and development of society, we have already stepped into the Information Age, in which a variety of emerging new media has trickled into people's real life. All kinds of online study such as online teaching and online tutoring have become an important tool for students to study...
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Internal and External Environment Analysis on Financial Strategy in Chinese PV Enterprise

Yongchen Li, Fang Li
Development of Chinese PV industry meets great obstacles in current. Aiming to find out the indices prevent the development of Chinese PV enterprise and put forward constructive advices for that, this paper analyzed the internal and external environment on financial strategy of YINGLI GROUP bases on...
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Cost Control and Optimization of Thermal Power Generation Enterprises by Value Chain Analysis

Jinyu Tian, Shiyao Wang
The New Round of Electric Power System Reform has been identified by National Development and Reform Commission in 2014. Coal-fired power generation plays an important role in China's electric power industry. With the impact of the Reform propulsion and clean energy growing rapidly, the original developments...
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Past and Present: A Reflection of Professional Judgment of CPA ?A Case Study of "Southern Securities"

Yongchen Li, Jiahui Guo
The case of Southern Securities has been past for over ten years, Analysis of the case of the Southern Securities was always focused on the impairment provision and related issues. However, few people studied about how to deal with the auditing consequence of the case, because eight major shareholders...
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Research on the Teaching Methods of Physics Course

Zhiqiang Xu
The measures of improvement of physics course teaching will be deeply studied, such as excellent teaching methods, comprehensive teachers' training, scientific teaching guidance and efficient teaching evaluation. The study of these comprehensive, detailed, specific and practical measures can be of certain...
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Academic Landscape of Ideological Education of China's College Students in the 21st Century---An Analysis Based on Knowledge Map

Chun Li, Yanying Fei
Quantitative analysis is performed using "Cite Space" software on the 424 research essays on college student's ideological education from the year 2000 to 2014. The analytic results show that, the hotspot researches focus on education of college students' socialist core value system, utility and efficacy...
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Relying on "Integral Body Multi Wing" Personnel Training Mode to Improve the Quality of Undergraduate Education

Jing-feng He
Under the context of mass higher education, the research achievements of the undergraduate application-oriented talent cultivation mode reform have sprung up. These achievements clarify such concepts as the application- oriented talent and talent cultivation mode, and a practical research in the undergraduate...
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A Study on the Management for College Students from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Fangfang Wan, Bo Cui
From the perspective of psychology, this paper analyzes the existing disadvantages of contemporary university student management work, and put forward a kind of effective management methods for students. We explored the students' positive force, guided the students' positive qualities, stimulated the...
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A Communications Systems Laboratory Course

Zhiyong Liu
A new laboratory course in communications system has been developed and implemented for the graduate students. This course first teaches students how to verify the effectiveness and correctness of the designed communication system based on MATLAB by simulation, and then, on the basis of the previous...
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An Analysis on the Emotion in the Field of Translator's Subjectivity

Yuehong Wei
The translator's subjectivity has attracted more and more attention of scholars in the field of translation studies. The study of translator's subjectivity has appeared the trend of diversification since researchers have transferred their studies on translation from the perspective of the pure linguistic...
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Research on Diversified Evaluation Index System for Education Practice against Cloud Environment

Lanying Huang, Pan Zhang, Zhiwen Tang, Zhimin Li
Cloud computing is extending its application to more and more fields, also including education field. The research focuses on the problem present in the education field, e.g. scattered education practice site, non-resident practice, simplex evaluation theme, etc. Under cloud environment, a method which...
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College Students' Professional Ability Training Based on the Theory of Competency

Yingxia Yu, Jingfeng Sheng, Bolin He
The aim of this study was to promote college students' professional ability. The competency model of college students has been analysed and researched. Combined with the characteristics of college students and the professional training status, the relevant theoretical approaches of college students competency...
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Study on Basic Education of University Computer Based on Innovation Curriculum

Yangqing Zhu
The innovation of curriculum is the core to improve education quality in universities; innovative curriculum construction is an important starting point to promote higher education reform. The purpose is to cultivate students' computer knowledge, technology and application ability for servicing in the...
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Revenue Quality Analysis on Genetically Modified Listed Company Based on Factor Analysis

Chaoxin Ji
On the basis of the domestic and foreign research results on the quality of earnings, the comprehensive analysis of various kinds of earnings quality evaluation method, on the basis of proposed on earnings quality analysis of factor analysis, and from quantitative to gm unilaterally the earnings quality...
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The Analysis and Consideration to Talents Training In Higher Vocational Colleges of Professional Skills Competition

Yan Zhu, Jiao Feng, Shuang Gao, Jie Zhang, Lihua Sun, Chun Tang
The important indicator of higher vocational education personnel training is the level of professional skills and practical ability. However, the phenomenon that takes theory seriously and despises the practice of Chinese higher vocational talent training is still widespread. In this paper, with the...
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Learning the Sequences Quality Control of Bioinformatics Analysis Method

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu
The quality control of the original segment obtained by sequencing has a direct impact on the subsequent data analysis. With the application of next-generation sequencing technology, bioinformatics analysis method for sequences have developed rapidly. The sequence quality control has become an important...
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Reform and Practice of the Teaching and Assessment Methods for the Metal Cutting Machine Tool Design Course Based on Project Teaching Method

Jianjun Yang, Changhe Li, Hong Zhan, Zilong Peng
Assessment is the basic way to evaluate and improve the teaching. The traditional assessment method usually is single classroom examination, and is not conducive to the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. In order to realize the cultivation of various abilities of students, we have reformed...
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Application of Lexical-Chunk-Oriented Cooperative Learning Approach to English Language Sense Cultivation

Shan Liu
Acquisition of language sense plays a fundamental role in college English education, whose effective cultivation has also become a primary concern of research. Cooperative learning is a major learning mode in college English pedagogy. Lexical chunks are community shared language constructions formulated...
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Integration of Chinese Culture into College English Teaching

Jie Du, Runhua Liao
The ultimate purpose of learning a foreign language is to acquaint the learners with the culture of the target language and enhance the learners' cross-cultural communication competence. On the basis of analysis of the wide practice of inputting only Western cultures and severe absence of Chinese culture...
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Student Performance Prediction Method Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Model

Zhenbing Zhao, Lei Zhang, Dashuai Hu
With the continuous development of education informationization, the data mining technology has been increasingly interlinked with education teaching; analysis of teaching results based on data mining is playing an increasingly important role in the teaching reform. In order to help students understand...
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Research on the Method of Evaluating the Value of Data Assets

Zhihong Lin, Yueqing Wu
With the rapid development of the market economy and the fierce competition in the market, a market value for the modern company is not just its tangible assets; the value of intangible assets also becomes a more and more important part in its total assets. With the arrival of the era of big data, data...
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Reform and Exploration of the Training Mode of Postgraduate with Full-time Professional Degree

Tao Chen, Fang-an Deng, Shengzhang Ren
Postgraduate with full-time professional degree is an important component of China's postgraduate education. Whereas, its training mode is still in the stage of exploration and construction and the process of deepening postgraduate education still faces numerous problems. This thesis takes the existing...
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Social Media in Teaching and Learning--an Example of the Tourism Management Faculty in Haikou

Hongjun Fan, Dan Cai
The tourism management Faculty personal use of social media has shown an ever increasing trend the professional use of social media has lagged somewhat behind. A majority of tourism management faculty now use social media in a professional context (including all aspects of their profession outside of...
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Study on High Load Can Enhance the Capacity of the Consumptive Way

Jing-jing Zheng, Yong Yang, Pei-dong Du, Jing Peng
With the continuous expansion of the scale of new energy, new energy to the grid are also increasingly prominent, mainly reflected in: on the one hand, due to the new energy base in Jiuquan province from the load center, and the Hexi area load is small, large-scale new energy to local consumption; on...
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Research on the Cost of the Whole Life Cycle of the Transformer

Yong Yang, Jing-jing Zheng, Pei-dong Du, Jing Peng
To solve the current energy supply and demand tension grid must intelligent control to the operation of the equipment, at the same time, to look for a new management model, to maximize energy efficiency, to achieve energy-saving power grid. Transformer is the most important power equipment, domestic...
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Waqf Higher Education in Malaysia

Wan Kamal Mujani, Mohd Syakir Mohd Taib, Mohamad Khairul Izwan Rifin
The cost of higher education has been increased, despite intervention from the government in the form of grants and soft-loans. In general, parents and students alike face the burden of ever increasing fees to enroll in higher education learning institutions while the education institutions themselves...