Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, E-learning and Management Technology

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Research on Collation between English Learning Anxiety Degree of Level B Students and Oral Performance

Yongyan Song
The purpose of this research is to provide a basis for improving foreign language oral teaching methods. The research method is questionnaire. The data of the investigation and oral performances are analyzed by using SPSS software package to solve the problems: (1) How are the anxiety degrees of each...
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The Reconstruction of Cash Management System of Yunhai Group under the Network Environment

Wenhao Tan, Wenxuan Tan
The emergence of network environment puts forward a new subject for the cash management of conglomerate. To keep pace with the environment reforming, conglomerate should reform the traditional cash management by deeply analyzing the new features of network environment and the new requirements of cash...
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Reform and Practice of the Trinity Teaching Mode for the Course Mechanical Control Engineering Base

Liping Xu, Haoyi Ma, Jian Li, Fengli Li
Traditional training program, assessment requirements and evaluation criteria can already not meet the requirements of college students in the new era because of the characteristics of the Course Mechanical Engineering Control Base, the course is abstract, and subject is highly crossed. On the basis...
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Waqf in Education Sector of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Wan Kamal Mujani, Mohamad Khairul Izwan Rifin, Mohd Syakir Mohd Taib
Waqf has been practiced among Muslims in Malaysia since long ago. Management of waqf property in Malaysia is placed under an appointed al-mutawalli and the respective state Islamic administration. Many studies have been conducted on waqf in various sectors which multifariously benefit and contribute...
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Probe into the Differences between EAP, ESP and EOP Teaching in College English Teaching

Xiangfeng Guan
This paper is to probe into the differences between EAP, ESP and EOP teaching in college English teaching. First, the author introduces EAP, ESP, EOP and their definitions. Then he analyzes the feasibilities and necessities to offer EAP, ESP and EOP courses at college on the basis of the improvement...
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The Influence of Technological Innovation on Urbanization Quality: A Case Study of Chinese Innovative Cities

Biying Li, Ning Wang
Technological innovation, as the primary productive forces, plays an important role in the urbanization process .We attempted to explore the relation between technological innovation and urbanization quality so as to find how to expedite urbanization process through technological innovation. In this...
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Practice and Exploration of Mechanical Design Fundamental Experimental Teaching based on SPOC

Qianqian Lu, Yangfang Wu, Shuli Sun
A new model of current internet teaching -SPOC (Small Private Online Course) is introduced by analyzing characteristics and problems of traditional mechanical design fundamental teaching system. This new model combines teaching through network, testing, homework and evaluation. The four parts work as...
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Network Finance-Financial Management Information in E Times

Huiping Huang, Huimin Huang
Our purpose in this report is to study the network finance. As a new way of financial management of e era, network finance has the following characteristics: financial management space to expand, financial management efficiency can be improved and synergy development of network finance between the various...
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Research of the Third Party Logistics Service Platform Design of Railway Oil Supply Chain

Zhiyuan Wang, Shouwen Ji, Yun Lan, Xianbo Cui
The management of railway oil supply chain has significant effort on ensuring railway transportation, reducing oil inventory and decline the costs of railway transportation. The paper introduces the target, business mode, service function and IT architecture of the third party logistics service platform...
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Research on the Real-time Inventory Data Acquisition Management System and Technology of Railway Fuel

Yanxia Wang, Wenxiu Zhao, Haitao Zhang, Longhai Xu
As the power source of locomotive, railway fuel is the main power of railway transportation. The real-time inventory data collection of railway fuel is of great significance for the main body of the railway fuel supply chain to control the inventory dynamics and manage the fuel stock. On the basis of...
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Research of the Information Security Management Technology of Third Party Logistics Service Platform of Railway Oil Supply Chain

Tingyu Luan, Li Lei, Liying Ding, Xiaodong Yin
Information exchange security is the basis of railway oil supply chain management, which is of great significance to ensure the reliability of railway transportation and reduce the cost of railway operation. This paper analyzed the safety technical requirements of railway oil supply chain information...
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The Hidden Moral Education in Teaching of "Automobile Application Engineering"

Yufeng Lu
We carry out the "hidden moral education in class" to promote the students' overall development. The implicit moral education curriculum can expand the content of moral education to the maximum extent. College students' values, attitudes, beliefs and feelings are affected and promoted in a hidden, potential...
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Study on Service Pricing of Third Party Logistics Service Platform of Railway Oil Supply Chain

Ruiping Gao, Shouwen Ji, Liying Ding, Haitao Zhang
The paper analysis the influence factors of the third party logistics service platform of railway oil supply chain, finds oil usage amount is the most important pricing factor. Cost and benefit of the third service platform are analyzed, and feasible service price range of the platform is given. The...
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An Investigation on Part-time Foreign Language Teachers

Yongyan Song
Foreign language teachers are investigated by means of questionnaire, to investigate the situations of doing part-time job. The result is that it is a universal phenomenon for foreign language teachers to take part-time job. This paper analyzes the reasons why the phenomenon appears and the problems...
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ARIMA Analysis of the volatility of the Soybean Futures Index of Dalian Commodity Exchange

Jincheng Huang, Yan Li
The futures market is an important part of the economy. It has the functions of price discovery, risk aversion and asset allocation. This article is a summary of related studies of soybean futures index using No. 1 Soybean Index as the subject of research. 2813 pieces of raw data of Nanhua Soybean Index...
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Challenges Confronted by Editors of Sci-tech Journal of University and Measures in New Media Age

Lihua Zhao
With the advent of the new media age, the channel that people obtain scientific and technical information has undergone major changes. The traditional concept of editors of sci-tech journals can not meet the developing needs of the new era under the new situation. In order to improve the comprehensive...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Academic Influence for Sci-Tech Books in China by Multiple Dimensions

Junpeng Yuan, Yu Zhang, Mingyan Dong, Yaoyue Liu, Ganqi Lu, Zhao Shi, Guohua Jiang
On the basis of the present development of the book evaluation research, the article develop an informative and comprehensive evaluation system by combining with the feature of real data, such as the traditional paper books, e-books and network book reviews, so as to evaluate the academic influence of...
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Adjusting Students' Attitude toward English Accent in China's EFL Education from the Perspective of World Englishes

Gengyan Li
Faced with the social phenomenon that EFL school education in China is currently blamed for its inefficiency and it is proposed that some urgent measures should be taken to cope with this issue, the present study advocates a shift of Chinese students' attitude toward English accent. Actually Chinese...
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The Situation and Experience of Teacher Training for Clinical Teaching in Rizhao Region, China

Hong Zhang, Jing Leng, Hui Yang, Shujuan Xu, Gangping Wang, Peng Wang
To understand the state of clinical teaching and improve the level, we choose the case of Rizhao City People's Hospital to investigate the clinical teaching quality, and analysis the problems existed in clinical teaching. This article explains and demonstrates how to cultivate high quality of clinical...
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The Investigation and Analysis of Nurses Professionalism Using BIPN

Hui Yang, Na Li, Haoyue Li
Healthcare practice today is changing and advancing rapidly and demands highly professional nurses rather than just those with experience. Professionals are generally defined in terms of a particular body of knowledge obtained through formal education, an expanded level of skills, some type of certification...
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Analysis of Literature Statistics on Chinese College Students' English Learning Motivation

Shuyan Xu, Xianhua Yang
Using the method of literature statistics, 195 documents about college students' English learning motivation are analyzed. 10 papers published in core journals of foreign languages are reviewed in multi-perspectives from several aspects: research contents, authors, document originals, published time,...
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Development and Research of School-Based Curriculum of Primary Mathematics Focusing on Mathematics Activities

Huanhuan Xiong, Youhong Xu, Weixing Cao, Hongying Huang
With the enactment of three-level curriculum management policy in our country, the development of school-based curriculum has become the task that schools and teachers must face. How to develop school-based curriculum of primary school mathematics has put forward higher requirements for schools and teachers,...
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An Observation of Cultural and Ideological Impact on Language Behavior

De-wen Song
It is generally accepted that culture and thought have influences on language. Culture and language, the two concepts, are closely related. Whenever people want to communicate, they have to take the advantage of language to exchange their ideas, in either written or oral forms. Taking the whole world...
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Issues and Challenges of Education for Disabilities (Blind) in Muslim Community in Malaysia by using Braille

Ahmad Yunus Mohd Noor, Wan Kamal Mujani
The production of Braille code is important to people with learning disabilities especially those who have sight problem. This article attempts to find out the issues and challenges of learning disabilities experienced by members of the association PERTIS using Braille approach. The study also aims to...
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Business Model Innovation of China's Third Party Shopping Guide Platform

Fang Gao, Xin Zhao
In the constantly changing Internet era, China's e-commerce industry is booming, online shopping channels are also constantly amplified. In the face of fierce competition, the third party shopping guide platform business model innovation is imperative. This paper focuses on the third party shopping guide...