Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2018)

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Interior Path Planning Method Based On Main Road

Bin Feng, Qian Xia, Carlos A. Acosta
With the rapid development of social economies, the complexity of buildings and their equally elaborate inner environments are on the rise—causing indoor navigation problems to be gradually placed on the agenda. In this paper, integrating a method of interior path planning based on the “main road” concept...
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Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Urban Expansion in Oasis Cities: A Case Study of Ganzhou District in Zhangye City

Xuebin Zhang, Jun Luo
Urban land use expansion is the main characteristic of traditional urbanization, and which is one of the most significant features of urbanization in China. Taking the typical oasis town of Ganzhou District in Zhangye City as the research case, the paper quantitatively analyzed the process and characteristics...
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Research on 2.45GHz active RFID card motion direction judgement algorithm based on RSSI distribution

Zhanbin Wang, Tong Zhu, Haibo Zhang
In order to solve the problem that a large number tags motion direction judgement in campus long distance attendance system based on 2.45GHz active RFID technology, a technical test system was designed and constructed in this paper, the RSSI of the student tags through the technical test system obtained...
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Effects of Different Fertilization Patterns on Soil Microbial Biomass C, N in Wax gourd - Pepper Crop Rotation System

Xiao Deng, Chun-Yuan Wu, Yi Li, Dong-Ming Wu, Hua-Dong Tan, Qin-Fen Li, Miao Chen
In order to obtain the efficient fertilization patterns for maintaining soil fertility, this research adopted the field experiments to investigate the effects of eight different fertilization patterns on the soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen (SMBC, SMBN) in the wax gourd- pepper crop rotation...
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Abscisic Acid Affects Strawberry Fruit Antioxidant Capacity

Cong Ge, Fan Mo, Yan’ling Li, Hao’ru Tang, Qing Chen, Bo Sun, Yong Zhang, Ya Luo
Abscisic acid (ABA) is a plant growth regulator with roles in strawberry fruit ripening. The objective of this work was to investigate the effects of (S)-cis-abscisic acid (S-ABA) application timing and concentration on bioactive compound content and antioxidant capacities in the field. Results showed...
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Development and application of thermoelectric power generation for waste heat recovery

Min He, Enhua Wang, Tong Liu, Fujun Zhang, Changlu Zhao
Since energy and environmental problems have become severe and urgent which cannot be ignored in the development of modern society, and based on the current situation of energy distribution, this paper gives a review of thermo-electric power generation technology to recover energy. First, a brief introduction...
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Analysis and Application of Sensor Alarm Threshold Adaptive Technology Based on Big Data Analysis

Tong Zhu, Zhanbin Wang, Ke Shao
In China, a multi-sensor intelligent alarm system based on the sensor identification technology has been widely used across the country and produces a wealth of information data. In the process of actual application, however, the alarm threshold of a traditional gas sensor is set at a fixed value, which...
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Retrospect and Prospect of Ecological Civilization Construction in China

Jie He
Since the party’s 18th National Congress, ecological civilization construction has become a governing idea, it has risen to the national strategic level. The system framework of ecological civilization has been basically established, and the environmental protection system is being continuously improved....
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Study on Fluorescent Powder Using in Packaging of LED COB for Marine Fishing

Zhengye Xiong, Pinwang Lin, Yongqiang Li, Yongqi Liang, Qingxiang Chen, Wenqing Shi
In recent decades, developing new energy saving light source is an important research in light-fishing industry. With the development of semiconductor technology, people want to replace traditional metal halide lamp with more energy-saving LED lamp. In this paper, Two phosphors, LuAG (Lu2.945Al5O12:0.055Ce)...
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The Role of BIM Technology in Energy-saving Reconstruction of Existing Residential Buildings in Rural Areas

Mingqiang Huang, Jinheng Li, Chunlin Liao
The energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings in rural areas is a complex system project. The role of BIM technology in existing residential buildings in rural areas is conducive to the collection of information on the building of existing residential buildings in rural areas. It also...
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Impact Characteristic Analysis of Hydraulically Actuated Quadruped Robots During Running

Yuan Yuan GE, Hong Ji Zhang
When the quadruped robot run high-speed movement, Frequent or large impact force from the ground on the robot system cause significant damage to stability and reliability of the hydraulic system and robot itself. Through decomposition the high-speed running process, the touchdown, slippage, and stationary...
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Modeling and simulation of propulsion system for electronically con-trolled marine diesel engine

Yuanqing Wang, Qi Wang, Hongyu Qiao, Juan Su, Liang An
In order to analyze electronically controlled marine diesel engine performance and design reliable control algorithm, According to SULZER 7RT-flex60C type electronic control diesel engine, estab-lished marine electronically control diesel propulsion system simulation model by mean value model. Because...
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Investigation on Insulating Properties of the Oil-Paper Transformer at its Different Position by Partial Discharging System

Bin Hong, Kang Peng, Shunya Lv, Qing Liu, Jing Hou, Ya Ji, Zhendong Gao, Jianye Gao, Ju Hu
The oil-paper transformer is widely used as the common insulating device in the electrical industry. The transformer with the reserved primary coil and the secondary coils was filled with the transformer oil by the vacuum pouring process. Its insulating property was tested by the partial discharging...
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Study on the Vacuum-Degassing Technology of the Oil-Paper Insulated Transformer

Bin Hong, Shunya Lv, Qing Liu, Jing Hou, Ya Ji, Zhendong Gao, Jianye Gao, Ju Hu
The 3D model of the oil-paper insulated transformer was constructed by SOLIDWORKS and simulated by Moldflow to optimize its vacuum-degassing technology. The number of the inside oil papers, the space of the adjacent two oil papers, the number and its distribution of the setting oil inlets are discussed...
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Application of "the optimization method" (golden section law) in blasting engineering

Shu-bao Yu, Xu-guang Wang, Bo-yin Wang, Zhan-hua Fu, Yong-hai Yu
The "golden section" is an ancient mathematical method, it is ubiquitous, and created all things beauty of harmony, over the years has frequently been applied to art, painting, design and other fields, and often play the beat all effect. According to many years of engineering practice, the" golden section...
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Study on coal blending scheme of formed coke made from anthracite blending with coal

Yonghua Ji, Bingke Qin
Gas coal, 1/3 coking coal, anthracite and lean coal are used to blend coal, asphalt is used as binder, coal blending scheme is formulated according to the requirements for each index of coal blending. The best scheme of coal blending is: 35% of the lean coal is combined with 30% 1/3 coking coal, 20%...
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The Principle of Minimal Potential Energy of Mixed Variables to Solve the Bending of Cantilever Rectangular Plate under Uniform Load

Xin-min Liu, Jia-heng Jiang, Jing-bo Dong, Dun Guo
The problem of the balance of the cantilever rectangular thin plate under the uniform load is solved by using the minimum potential energy of mixed variables. The solution process is clear, and the deflection surface equation is given. Through the numerical calculation, the calculation results of the...
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Coupling effect analysis of a conductive bar-shell in a magnetic field

Yuhong Bian, Qun You, Chen Zhang
The nonlinear magnetoelastic problems for a bar-shell in a magnetic field subjected to mechanical loadings are studied. Based on the electrodynamics equations, magnetoelastic kinetic equations, geometric equations, and physical equations of a bar-shell, normal Cauchy form nonlinear differential equations,...
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Study on the performance of resistance to freeze-thaw of concrete coated with organosilicon hydrophobic agents

Hongyao Sun, Xuechuan Wang, Xingduo Zhang, Gaoxia Sun
It is one of the anticorrosion measures of reinforced concrete that the concrete surface coated with organosilicon hydrophobic agents such as silane. In this paper two kinds of water cement ratio (W/C) 0.4 and 0.6 of concrete were selected, silane (isooctyl triethoxysilane) and epoxy resin coating were...
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Experimental Research on Optimization for Performance of Pervious Concrete

Liangying Xu, Tongyuan Ni, Yang Yang, Jingru Yu, Jintao Liu, Chunping Gu
The strength of pervious concrete is relatively lower compared with ordinary concrete because of its porosity. In this paper, three reinforcing agents were used to optimize the performance of interface area between aggregate and cemented material. Specifically, the contents of FA were weight of cement...
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Design and Experimental Study on Dust Collection System of Ceramic Dry Edge Grinding Machine

Junpeng Li, Qingchun Qu
In the process of the dry grinding machine replacing the traditional water grinding machine, the whole solution of the dust collection and recovery system of the ceramic dry edge grinding machine is put forward through the experimental research on the dust property, the wind cooling technology, the dust...
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Influence of culture substrate on the phytochemical contents of fruiting bodies and spores of 3 varieties of Ganoderma lucidum

Zuofa Zhang, Weiming Cai, Guoying Lv, Chaoqian Li, Ying Wang
The aim of this research was to evaluate the influence of culture substrate on the phytochemical contents of fruiting bodies and spores of 3 different varieties of Ganoderma lucidum. Three varieties (Longzhi No.1, Hunong No.1 and Xianzhi No.1) of G. lucidum were cultivated in two culture substrates (wood...
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Analysis of engineering characteristics and foundation treatment methods of soft soil in Guyana Georgetown regine

Fanglong Yuan, Yuntao Chen, Yaoting Zhu, Dongjun Li
The clarification of the distributing disciplinarian and engineering properties of soft soil in Guyana Georgetown regions has important guiding significance for the design and construction of local projects. Based on Capital Airport Expansion Project, the physical and mechanical properties of the local...
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Study on Biased Multi Arch Tunnel Biasing Angle Effect on Mechanical Behavior of Surrounding Rock Bias

Cheng-liang Zhang, Jiang-xu Shi, Wen-qian Lv, Zi-long Wang
The exits and entrances of the multi arch tunnel are often located in unfavorable geological sections, such as shallow buried, bias, high weathering degree, rock breaking and so on. In addition, the existence of the side slope makes the force more complicated after the tunnel excavation. When exits and...
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Study on the Countermeasures for Disposing of the Water-rich Section of Junmachang Tunnel

Cheng-liang Zhang, Wen-qian Lv, Jiang-xu Shi, Zi-long Wang
During tunnel construction, the stability of tunnel surrounding rock caused by excavation of water-rich section has always been a major problem in the project. In this paper, the influx of water in the face of the excavation of the water-rich section of the Junmachang tunnel caused a large amount of...
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The Analysis of Dust Emission in the Life Cycle of Residential Buildings with Different Structures

Yadong Bian, Yanru Dai, Li Li, Cheng Hong
Based on the life cycle assessment method and Simapro software, this paper respectively evaluates the life cycle of the frame structure and frame-shear structure of residential buildings in Zhengzhou. The characteristics and differences of architectural dust emission in residential buildings with different...
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Field large-scale relative density tests of gravel soil of Yulongkashi high earth-rock fill dam

Zhengquan Yang, Yijie Xue, Long Wang, Xiaosheng Liu, Qiwang Liu, Jianming Zhao
The compaction rate of gravel soil is usually characterized by the “relative density”. In order to calculate the relative density of gravel soil, the relative density property index of soil should be determined firstly, such as the maximum dry density and the minimum dry density. Because of the size...
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Discussion and Analysis of Water Resources Demonstration in Dashahe Reservoir

Xiaojiao Zhang, Wanglin Li, Xinyi Li
The water resources demonstration of Dashahe reservoir in GuanXian of China was analyzed and discussed through this paper. The Dashahe Reservoir project meets the requirements of various national policies and related plans, and the water meets the water consumption control indicator. Therefore, the water...
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Numerical Simulation of Riverbank Failure in Lower Reaches of Yangtze River

Kaihua Chen, Yunfeng Xia, Yuncheng Wen, Hua Xu, Xingtong Liu
In this paper, in order to solve the problem of riverbank failure in Yangtze River estuary, the reason of the formation of riverbank failure and mechanism at the estuary of the Yangtze River was first analyzed. Then base on the newly derived formula recently by Chen et al, a two-dimensional riverbank...
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Control of artificial strain energy in ABAQUS

Xiaoming Chen, Jin Duan, Yungui Li, Jianyun Sun
Reduced integral is used widely to improve the efficiency of solver especially for nonlinear analysis at the cost of additional artificial strain energy, therefore, proper approach should be used to control the hourglass effect induced by reduced integral. Numerical results show that for Abaqus/Standard...
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Damping effect on structural energy dissipation in ABAQUS

Xiaoming Chen, Jin Duan, Yungui Li, Jianyun Sun
Rayleigh damping was used widely for dynamic analysis based on direct integration, especially for nonlinear analysis. Compared with Rayleigh damping, modal damping is considered more reasonable as it can simulate the damping of each mode accurately in a large range of frequency. Though those two parameters...
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Analysis of seismic behavior for transform structures

Xiaoming Chen, Jin Duan, Yungui Li, Jianyun Sun
Frame-supported shear wall structures are designed with more limitations than shear wall structures and frame-tube structures because of the abrupt change of vertical stiffness. The transform members are proposed to be designed with enough stiffness to ensure those stories below the transform floor being...
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Empty adaptive trial study on airport prestressed concrete road surface

Qingjuan Liu, Jialin Cao
At the stage, the airport prestressed concrete pavement of our country is still in the research stage. In this paper, an experimental analysis on mechanical effects about the void prestressed concrete pavement has been done. Deflection has been compared under plain concrete pavement and prestressed concrete...
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Characteristics and Risk Assessment of Fluid Properties in Daqing Debris Flow

Cheng-liang Zhang, Zi-long Wang
In the history of the Daqing debris flow development zone on the right bank of Dadan River in Lijiang, the debris flow disaster occurred many times, resulting in the destruction of the farmlands near the valley and the destruction of the road and bridge, which seriously threatened the safety of the lives...
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Regional water resources carrying capacity index system evaluation model and its application

Yingqin Chen
Water carrying capacity assessment is to reveal the relationship between water resources, population, and economy, fully use water resources, and make economic development go hand in hand with protection of water resources, which simultaneously promote sustainable social and economic development. Based...
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Construction of concrete supplier evaluation criteria in building industry

Wei Wei, Chun-Ming Yang
Concrete supplier evaluation and selection in the building industry is one of the most critical processes for achieving a successful supply chain. In the past, technique for order-preference by similarity-to-ideal solution (TOPSIS) method has been extensively applied to the supplier evaluation and selection...
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Multi-objective programming problems with equilibrium constraints

Xue Zhao, Yueting Yang
In this paper, we solve multi-objective programming problems with equilibrium constr- aints by means of homotopy interior point algorithm. We also prove the global convergence of this homotopy interior point algorithm under assumptions. Moreover, the results of the numeric example shows that this method...
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Simulation of Substructure Shaking Table Test Based on Multi-Parameter Controlling AMD Device

Jin-Bao JI, Peng-Li Cong, Chen-Guang Wang
To overcome the loading and control difficulty in the traditional substructure shaking table tests, an experimental technology loading the experimental substructure with active mass driver device (Abbreviated as AMD) under multi-parameter control (Abbreviated as MPC) was presented and analyzed in this...
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Experimental study on 18000 kN•m ultra high energy level dynamic consolidation on large thickness gravel foundation

Jianbao Fu, Ruiqi Zhang, Jian Yu
A new airport is building at somewhere in northern China. The airport is located on an artificial island which is filled with gravel. Because the foundation is filled at one time and the thickness exceeds 22m, it should be consolidated. The designer supposed to use dynamic compaction method. The dynamic...
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Study on Properties of SBS Modified Asphalt Mortar Blended with Nickel Iron Slag Fiber

Yanhai Yang, Chen Chen, Ye Yang
The properties of asphalt mortar with fiber added directly affect the road performance of SMA. Based on the raw material performance test, the paper carried out the dynamic shear rheological test (DSR) and the bending beam rheological test (BBR) on the SBS modified asphalt mortar with nickel iron slag...
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Influence Of Rubber Bearing Isolation Technology On Buildings With Different Periods

Ye Wang, Xiaosheng Song
At present, rubber bearing isolation technology has been widely used in the design of isolation structure at home and abroad. Its core idea is to increase the vibration cycle of the building by increasing rubber isolation bearing, so as to reduce the damage to the superstructure by the seismic action....
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The Research on Wind Resistance Performance Of Traditional Houses in Southern Fujian

Zhuangwei Huang
The traditional houses in southern Fujian Province is an important part of Chinese dwellings.They are located on both sides of the Taiwan Strait where the wind disasters happened frequently. In the long history, many considerations on wind resistance performance of traditional houses in southern Fujian...
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The Research on Spatial Forms of Hathpace Folk Houses

Jing Liu
The hathpace folk houses in Kashgar are the only one that are preserved well in China today and are also the essence of modern Islamic culture.The unique spatial structure of hathpace folk houses are not seen in other provinces and cities of China. This construction community has strong growth and vitality...
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Effect of gibberellin on fruit preservation and quality of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Yuyang Zhang, Huifen Zhang, Yan Zhou, Jie Zhou
The effects of different concentrations of gibberellin (GA3) on fruit preservation and quality and the physiological mechanism of action were studied. The results showed that the soluble sugar content of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ was on the rise from young fruit stage to mature stage and fluctuated...
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The study of KNO3 on breaking forced dormancy of Ziziphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ and the effects on fruit quality

Peng Ma, Zhibing Zhang, Yan Zhou, Jie Zhou, Qunxian Deng
The trial Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ as test materials, test its dormant stage breaking dormancy select different concentrations of potassium nitrate (3%, 6%, 9%), the control of water treatment, study the changes of water, organic substances (starch, soluble sugar, soluble protein, free amino acid)....
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The Study of KNO3 Breaks the Dormancy of Ziziphus jujube ‘Mizao’ and Its Influence on Antioxidant Substances

Zhibing Zhang, Peng Ma, Yan Zhou, Jie Zhou, Qunxian Deng
In this experiment, Ziziphus jujube ‘Mizao’ was used as the test material, and potassium nitrate which is of different concentrations (3%, 6%, 9%) was used to conduct the breaking dormancy test in the dormancy phase. The treatment with clear water was used as a control to explore the effect of potassium...
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Effect of "Zaofengling" on Fruit Retention and Quality of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Qi Feng, Houyong Zeng, Tao Tao, Huifen Zhang
To study the effects of "Zaofengling" on the fruit retention and quality of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’, the experiment measured the fruit drop rate and quality of Z. Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ by using different concentrations of "Zaofengling". The results showed that "Zaofengling" could reduce the...
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Changes of Ascorbic Acid Content in Leaves and Fruits of Ziziphus jujube‘Zhanshanmizao 1’at Different Developmental Stages

Shuyue Huang, Nengli Fu, Guoying Song, Huifen Zhang
In order to find out the accumulation of ascorbic acid in different tissues of Ziziphus jujube‘Zhanshanmizao 1’, this experiment used Ziziphus jujube‘Zhanshanmizao 1’as the test material to determine the ascorbic acid content in different developmental stages and flowers of Ziziphus jujube‘Zhanshanmizao...
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Study on Vibration Characteristics of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades Based on ANSYS

Lei Lu, Lida Zhang
For rotor blades of the 1.5MW wind turbine, combined with ANSYS software, finite element analysis had been made. Vibration frequency on the wind turbine blades at different bands has been calculated. The result provided theoretical basis for the operation of wind turbine.
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The Effect of Seaweed Fertilizer 'SUNRED' on the Coloring of 'Red Globe' Grape

Lu Yuan, Jun Ou, Xiulan Lv, Jin Wang, Lijin Lin, Qunxian Deng
The experimental material is ‘Red Globe’ grape that is taking shelter from rain. Use different concentrations of SUNRED on the grapes, when the color of grape is turning. Then study the effect of color and quality of fruit. The results show that, SUNRED1000 times could promote the grape coloring. The...
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Research on existing problems and improvement measures of bidding for construction projects

Ruifu Cui, Huihui Yang, Mingzhen Wang, Lin Gao
In this paper, the problems existing in different bidding stages of each bid participant are first sorted out through the list,Then put forward the corresponding improvement measures to the problems in the bidding And put forward suggestions for the bidding activities in our country,ensure that the transaction...
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The Decision Analysis To Key Elements Of Marine Engineering Floating Pier Structure

Wenbai Liu, Zhouxiang Wu, Lin Yang, Qifei Fang
Some components are not important when examining the structural integrity, but their destruction can lead to the continuous collapse of the overall structure. Such components are called key Elements. In this chapter, the determination of the key elements of a marine engineering floating .pier structure...
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Effects of Sheds on Antioxidative Substances of Ziziphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Xi Wang, Meihong Guo, Yan Zhou, Qunxian Deng
In this experiment, the 7-year-old Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ tree with the same tree potential was used as the test material, and different time (December 5 th, 2016 and January 16 th, 2017) was selected to be treated with their sheds and exposed to uncovered open fields for comparison. The contents...
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The study of SA on breaking forced dormancy of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ and the effects on fruit quality

Guojing Cai, Jie Zhou, Yan Zhou, Qunxian Deng
7-year-old trees of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ were used to study physiological indexes. Using SA spray the trees with different concentrations in January 30 th, 2017. Study the changes of water, Organic nutrients (starch, soluble sugar, soluble protein, and free amino acid) and antioxidant system...
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Adsorption Performance of Roxithromycin on Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes in Water

Zhen-zhong Liu
The adsorption of roxithromycin from aqueous solution onto multied-walled carbon nanotubes was studied. The gravimetric method can be adopted for calculating the adsorption isotherm and kinetic curves of roxithromycin onto the carbon nanotubes. The influential factors including the pH and humic acid...
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Effect of GA3 on breaking dormancy of Zizyphus jujuba 'Zhanshanmizao' and its effect on antioxidants

Xingyu Long, Mengwei Chen, Yan Zhou, Jie Zhou, Qunxian Deng
We used the 7-year-old Zizyphus jujuba 'Zhanshanmizao' as a test material, and sprayed three different concentrations of GA3(50 mg/L, 100 mg/L and 200 mg/L) to it on January 30, 2017. The dynamic changes of antioxidant substances (SOD, POD, O2- and MDA) were measured after the management in order to...
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Study on Effect of Rainfall on Earth Pressure of Shield Tunnel in Expansive Soil Stratum

Feng Chao, Zaifeng Yao, Xiaohong Guo
Strength reduction and expansion deformation of expansive soil would happen due to change of moisture content. Effect of rainfall on earth pressure of shield tunnel in expansive soil stratum is studied by taken reduction of expansive soil strength and additional expansive stress field into consideration....
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Research on Work Zone Traffic Organization of Reconstruction and Extension of Arterial Highway

Keman Wu, Nale Zhao
Arterial Highway is usually the only highway of its region. Once reconstructed and extended, it will has significant impact on regional traffic. So, research on traffic organization during reconstruction and extension of arterial highway appears particularly important. Aiming at the special situation...
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Experiment study on the remediation effects of Copper Polluted Groundwater by PRB with the volcanic as reactive medium

Zhi-yong Han, Xiao-bin Lv, Lu Di
in this study, the influence s of the particle size, adsorption time, dosage, pH value and initial concentration of the solution on the removal effect of Cu (II) in groundwater were studied by batch experiments and got the static optimal reaction conditions to determine the Static influence factors firstly.
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Research on Improving the Strength of the Cement Stabilized Gravel Soil Basing on Compactness

Yazhen Sun, Linjiang Li, Bincheng Gu, Rui Guo
The pavement subbase is an important part of the pavement structure, and it is also the structural layer which is prone to appear quality problems in the pavement. As the main bearing layer, the pavement subbase plays a connecting role between the subgrade and the pavement. The practical engineering...
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Model test of long-term drainage consolidation of floating mud

Jianbao Fu, Jinfang Hou
Model test of long-term drainage consolidation model of floating mud was carried out in this paper. The test was carried out in a large consolidation model test tank developed by the laboratory itself. The test reinforcement period is 691 days. After the reinforcement by a preloading load of 80kpa, the...
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Interface behavior between carbon nanotubes and asphalt

Dong Sheng LI
The objective aims to study the bonding, deformation and failure behavior of carbon nanotubes-asphalt interface using molecular simulations. The electronic structure and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes modified asphalt (CNMA) were investigated by first-principle molecular dynamic including...
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Free Vibrations of Timoshenko Beams on Viscoelastic Foundation

Li Peng, Ying Wang
The transverse free vibration of Timoshenko beams resting on viscoelastic foundation are studied. Complex frequency equations are obtained for pinned-pinned ends. The effects of beam and foundation parameters on natural frequencies are analyzed in numerical examples, and the characteristics of Timoshenko...
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Fatigue Damage of Concrete under Uniaxial Compression

Lihui Yin
This paper presents the results of a study on the fatigue damage of concrete under uniaxial compression. Based on the experiment results, the change law of fatigue modulus is put forward. Then the paper presents a fatigue damage model. By reference to the concept about the damage variable defined by...
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Application of SCM in Automatic Tracking Motion System of Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine

Zunxiang Li, Xiaohong Huang, Jing Jiao, Jihua Du, Changjin Guo
The turning link inevitably exists in organic fertilizer production process. To solve numerous problems caused by low degree of automation in the turning process such as high labor intensity and low efficiency, a SCM-based automatic tracking motion system of organic fertilizer turning machine was developed...
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Study on Vulnerability Evaluation Method of Lightning Disaster based on Projection Pursuit Dynamic Clustering Model

Xinli Zhang, Min Huang
Vulnerability evaluation of lightning disaster is an important part of lightning disaster research and it is a typical multi-factor comprehensive evaluation problem based on index system. Multi-factor evaluation methods such as hierarchical zoning method, cluster analysis, analytic hierarchy process,...
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Waterproof design for underground engineering of building

Jianfei Sun
In recent years, with the accelerating process of urbanization in China, China's construction industry has gradually entered a period of rapid development. The continuous updating of science and technology has also enabled modern construction technology to be continuously improved, and the quality of...
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Explosive spalling behavior of reactive powder concrete exposed to high temperature

Juan Yang, Gai Fei Peng, Guo Shuang Shui
Explosive spalling behavior of reactive powder concrete (RPC) exposed to high temperature up to 800 ºC and the influence of steel fiber and polypropylene (PP) fiber on it were investigated in this experiment. Results show that RPC specimens encountered severe explosive spalling. However, adding PP fiber...
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Development and Application of Construction technology of Offshore Booster Station

Shengqiang Zhang, Xuanyi Zhang, Chao Fang, Huichi Zhang
This paper is based on the construction, installation and commissioning of the first offshore booster station - a 220KV booster station in the Asia Pacific region, and mainly expounds the technology of integrity analysis of offshore booster station model and integrated construction. This paper explains...
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Linkage function of monitoring and alarm system for Urban utility tunnel engineering

Yan Wei, Jianxun Ma, Bo Dang, Dong Luo, Ningjun Dang, Junnan Li, Yuanyuan Li
The perfect monitoring and alarming system in the urban utility tunnel is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the integrated pipe gallery. This paper first introduces the general situation of the monitoring and alarm systems in the monitoring and alarm system of the urban utility tunnel,...
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Research on the monitoring and adjusting system of power line towers

FuXiang Zhao, YiYong Yao, AuJun Guo, JianXun Ma, XiangLi Liu, Dong Luo, Xing Liu, Peng Li, Xu Dong Wang, Peng Dong Wang, W W Zhen
This paper design a set of remote monitoring and testing equipment aimed at the inclination of the transmission tower, and proposed a methodology of evaluating risk degree to evaluate the risk level of the current state of the tower according to the test data. This paper gives a set of adjustment equipment...
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Construction Control Technology of Cast-in-place Foot Section on Arch Aqueduct Using Cantilever Erection Method

Wenping Peng, Zhongchu Tian
Longchang Aqueduct is a reinforced concrete box deck type arch with clear span 200m,located in Guizhou Province of China, inclined cable-stayed buckle and cantilever erection is adopted for rib assemble. This paper introduces the arch ring of arch foot section of the construction of a unique process,...
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Research on the Dynamic Characteristics of the Rod Fastening Rotor

Yiping Li
Modern large-scale gas turbine’s rotor is mainly rod fastening rotor. The contact friction force between wheels, the pre-tightening force of the rod and bearing system have an effect on the rotor dynamics. According to the structure characteristics of the rod fastening rotor, contact model is established....
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An experimental study on the effect of marine corrosion on frictional properties of sliding pairs of offshore isolated bridges

Guifeng Zhao, Yuhong Ma, Yanmin Li, Jian Liang, Kangkang Wang, Fulin Zhou
In this study, a series of corrosion tests are performed on 12 sliding pairs under complex marine environment and earthquake. Periodic-salt-spray accelerated corrosion test and wet-and-dry-cycle accelerated corrosion test are used to simulate the splash zone and atmospheric zone for an sliding pair....
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A phenomenological model for shape memory alloy spring based on differential hysteresis theory

Yang Yu, R. A. Abubakar, Ting Wu
As a kind of smart material, Shape memory alloy spring has multiple uses, especially as a good potential for solving vibration isolation problem. In this paper, a phenomenological model for describing pseudo-elasticity of shape memory alloy (SMA) spring has been developed. The differential hysteresis...
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The study on the quasi-single crystalline silicon ingot produced with plate seed block layer

Shuaidi Song, Yang Cao, Tingxi Wu, Qiang Wang
The quasi-single crystalline silicon directional casting processes with ultrathin plate seed layers were studied. The experiments results showed that the directional casting with the plate seed layer could solve the cross pattern issue on the quasi-single crystalline silicon wafers produced with square...
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Mesh Generation Technique for Shock Proof Design of Flat Display Product

Joon-Seong Lee, Ji-Hoon Yoo
To develop smooth finite element analysis of flat panel display products, we develop an automatic mesh generation system suitable for complex and thin shape objects. In this paper, we propose a new mesh generation technique suitable for flat display products by analyzing existing mesh generation algorithm....
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Effect of Y and B content tailoring on the crystallization behavior and corrosion resistance of Fe76-2xY4+xB20+x(x=0 and 2) glassy alloys

Hanjian Ma, Weimin Wang
The effect of Y and B content tailoring on the crystallization behavior and corrosion resistance of Fe76-2xY4+xB20+x(x=0 and 2) glassy alloys have been investigated. The tailoring of yttrium and born content enhances the thermal stability of x=2 alloy, alters the crystalline mode from a two-stage of...
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Fatigue Crack Initiation Life Analysis of Butt-Welded joints Considering Welding Deformation

Yu Feng, He Feng, Qin Kai
In this paper, fatigue tests of butt-welded joints, under four-point bending cyclic load, were conducted to investigate the influence of welding deformation on fatigue crack initiation life. It is found that the distribution of residual stress around the weld toe is changed depending on the welding deformation....
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The Parameters Optimization of the Clamp Locking Mechanism

Xiayu Ai, Xiang Shi, Zhen Zhang
Leak repair clamp is the preferred method for permanently repairing pinhole and crack-type pipeline leaks underwater, and the locking mechanism is a key component of it. In this paper, through the analysis on the bite-in theory and the failure mode of the locking mechanism of clamp, three principles...
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Synthesis of MnO2 nanowires on cordierite honeycomb ceramics by in-situ deposition method

Zehua Xu, Fangfang Liu, Yongshen Dou, Sanmao Liu, Yongfeng Li
The thin layer of MnO2 nanowires with a three-dimensional (3D) porous network structure is uniformly supported on the surface of cordierite honeycomb ceramic (CHC) monolithic substrate by the in-situ deposition method. A series of characterizations of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray powder...
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In situ growth of MnO2 nanosheets on honeycomb ceramic via hydrothermal method and its application in catalytic combustion

Fangfang Liu, Zehua Xu, Yongshen Dou, Sanmao Liu, Yongfeng Li
The manganese oxide (MnO2) nanosheets supported on cordierite honeycomb ceramic (CHC) were synthesized via in-situ growing hydrothermal method. The effects of CH3COOH precursor concentrations on the morphology, crystal structure and toluene purification activity of MnO2/CHC catalyst were mainly investigated....
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Effect of reinforced particle shape on the failure behavior of TiC/AZ91 Composites

Letian Shao, Junping Yao, Qiyao Hu, Kaixin Huang, Zhong Sun
Using image processing, recognition technology and edge extraction technology, the real particle morphology and distribution of TiC/AZ91 composites are obtained, and the finite element numerical calculation model with different particle shapes is constructed. With the help of ANSYS finite element software,...
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Molecular dynamics simulation of temperature effect on void propagation in Magnesium single crystal

Kai-xin Huang, Jun-ping Yao, Qi-yao Hu, Le-tian Shao, Zhong Sun
The propagation and fracture process of void in magnesium single crystal at the nanoscale have been investigated using molecular dynamics simulation and embedded atom method at different temperature. The results show that the temperature has a significant effect on the potential energy and yield strength...
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Synthesis of copper oxide by reactive magnetron sputtering for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Tian Xie, Tao Zheng, Jin-Ping Ao
Copper oxide contains of bivalent copper and monovalent copper, which is widely distributed in earth resources. In this article, the copper oxide films were deposited on transparent conducting glasses (FTO) by magnetron reactive sputtering under different sputtering conditions of power and oxygen flow....
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Servo Turret Modal Analysis based on Finite Element Method

Zhe Li, Nan Chen, Ning Zhang
Firstly, using CAD software SolidWorks to establish a geometric model of the servo turret. Then, using HyperMesh to pretreat the model. In the established finite element model the equivalent contact area method was used to simulate the bolt connection. At the same time, the virtual material method was...
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Research and Experimental Verification of the 126kV Vacuum Interrupter Contact Structure

Congjun Xue, Xiaozhao Li, Chang Liu, Shibai Liu, Fangshuai Zhao, Liangjing Pu
in this paper, the magnetic field and arc of a contact structure of 126kV vacuum interrupter are studied and tested. The magnetic field values of the contact structure is measured and compared with the results of simulation. The results of simulation are verified by comparing the results of the two calculations....
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Preparation and Characterization of Fe-containing Mesoporous HZSM-5 Catalysts for Automotive Exhaust Cleaning

Yi Liang, Yongwan Gu, Changfu Zhuang, Zhengjun Shi, Ying Wang, Chunhua Wu
Mesoporous HZSM-5was prepared by alkali solution treating microporous HZSM-5, then Fe/ZSM-5 catalysts have been successfully fabricated by equal volume impregnation method. Their texture structure, crystal phase structure and acidity were characterized by N2 physisorption /desorption, XRD, SEM and NH3-TPD...
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A Design Method of Corrugated Steel Shear Wall under Earthquake Motion

Xiao-Tong Peng, Chen Lin, Ting-Ting Zhang, Xu Zhang
As a natural anti-buckling component, corrugated steel shear wall is adopted to increase the lateral stiffness of steel frames. Taking a 6-story office building as an example, a design method for corrugated steel shear wall was produced based on the shear strength design theory of steel members. In which,...
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Seismic Behaviors of the Composite Central Brace with Steel Ring Damper

Xiao-Tong Peng, Chen Lin, Yong-Ming Cao, Wen-Xu Duan
Using ring damper in the center brace could solve premature buckling and decrease residual deformation of the central brace. A design method for Composite Steel Ring Brace system was proposed based on current design codes. A nonlinear finite element model was established to study seismic behaviors of...
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Analysis of Interlayer Roof Structure and Breaking Model of Close-range Coal Seams

Zhanjin Lu, Fei Ji, Zunyu Xu
Based on the analysis of the breaking of the roof between the lower layers of the short distance thin coal seam group with different spacing, it is proposed that the roof of the short distance thin coal seam can be divided into three types according to its lithology and the development of joints and...
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Effect of Al deoxidizing for Spring steel during LF Process

Wei Lin
Effect of Al deoxidizing for Spring steel during LF Process is investigated in this paper. The deoxidation system includes aluminum precipitation deoxidation when tapping, then strengthening diffuse deoxidation with adding adequate aluminum to the surface of the LF slag. It is found that the inclusions...
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Preparation and Properties of SMT Environmental Protection and High Efficient Lead-free Solder Paste

Zhi-wei Wang, Xuan Li, Hong Chen
The components of the flux are optimized and the environmental friendly flux with excellent comprehensive performance is prepared. Then the composition of the solder paste is optimized to prepare the SMT environmental protection and high efficient lead-free solder paste, and its performance is studied....
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Reliability Analysis of ABB IRB 4600-40-255 Polishing Robot with Six Degree of Freedom

Jing-jing Zhao, You-qiang Wang
Fault tree analysis,as an effective method for reliability analysis and evaluation of engineering systems,provided an effective method for failure analysis of polishing robots with six degree of freedom.Through the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the fault tree,it is proposed that the damage...
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Development of prefabricated concrete structures

Weiling Wang
Prefabricated concrete structure is composed of prefabricated components assembled on site. Because there are a large number of joint joints between prefabricated components, the joint connection problem of prefabricated components becomes the key to the reliability of prefabricated concrete structure...
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Annealed microstructure and thermal fatigue properties of Ni60/WC composite layer on H13 steel surface by PTAW

Huajun Wang, Song Liu, Wen Chen, Bing Xie, Chundong Zhu, Qingyang Liu
Ni60 coating and Ni60/WC coating were prepared on the surface of H13 steel by PTAW, and some Ni60/WC coatings were annealed. The effect of annealing temperature on the microstructure of Ni60/WC coating was studied. The thermal fatigue test of the coating samples were carried out by a homemade thermal...
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Improved Design of Small Agricultural Machinery Transmission

Xi Wang, YanYu Gao, JianJun Li
The transmission has a great relationship with the success of acceleration or deceleration and shift in agricultural machinery operations. The operating environment of agricultural machinery is complex and it is easy to cause damage to parts. In this paper, a kind of transmission for small agricultural...
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Study on Corrosion of Zinc Metal in Acid Environment

Chang-shan Huang, Jin-ying Wu, Ming Ding, Hui-wu Xu, Min Zhang, Min Chen, Mian Xue, Xiao-guang Zhang, Ke-ping Tian
The experiment was carried out in the acidic conditions to test three kinds of organic compounds, the cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB), nicotinic acid and bromohexadecyl pyridine on the corrosion inhibition performance of metal Zinc by means of the experiment and testing methods of the static rotary...
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Deformation behavior of 7050 aluminum alloy panels with variable thickness by shot peen forming

Mingtao Wang, Yuansong Zeng, Xuepiao Bai
Shot peen forming is an effective plastic forming method for integral panels with variable thickness used in aeronautical industry. 7050 aluminum alloy flat plates and 3-stiffeners panel were peen formed. The deformation behavior of those workpieces was investigated. The results reveal that the contribution...
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Study on the Preparation of Si-Al Alloy by Carbon Reduction Coal Fly Ash

Zhiling Bai, Bingke Qin, Minglei Lian
In this paper, the effects of reduction temperature and carbon content on the preparation of silicon-aluminum alloy by carbothermal reduction coal fly ash were studied. The reduction products were characterized by XRD. The results showed that when carbon content was 1.15 or 1.3 times and reduction temperature...