Proceedings of the International Conference on Education Innovation and Social Science (ICEISS 2017)

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Teaching Application of Computer Multimedia Cloud Sharing Technology in Hand - painted Performance Course in Colleges and Universities

Shuai Yang, Yue Huang
With the further use of modern technology such as computer, the collection of teaching materials, the emergence of teaching process and students' understanding ability have changed dramatically. People are paying more and more attention to lifelong learning, the demand for digital resources is also improving,...
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Research on Government Public Employment Service Based on New Employment Form

Rongli Guo
With the development of the Internet, there is a new situation in the field of employment, called the new employment form. It is increasingly important to change the public employment service under the new employment form to better help the development of the new form. This paper expounds the concept,...
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The Exploration of the Teaching Reform of Garden Nursery Course

Xiangfeng He, Hewen Zhao, Yuehua Li, Yazhou Zhao
Garden Nursery course is the science of studying and discussing the cultivation theory of landscape nursery stocks and their production and application technology, and it is the important basic course of landscape architecture specialty. This article discusses some problems emerging in the course of...
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Research on the Competency Model Construction of the College Counselor with Excellent Performance

Guang Li
It is an important demand of the ideological and political education in colleges to strengthen the development of college counselor's professional ability and cultivate excellent counselor cadre team. Through using questionnaire, interview, content analysis, factor analysis and structural equation modeling,...
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Design of Blended Learning Mode Based on WeChat Public Platform

Lijuan Yan, Qiong Li
At present, there are some disadvantages in the traditional classroom teaching. The purpose of this study was to explore new technologies and integrate the WeChat public platform into the traditional classrooms, so that it could be a powerful measure to optimize the learning effect. Under the guidance...
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Analysis on Regulation Effect of Rural Breeding Industry Association on Livestock Pollution-Based on the Investigation of Breeding Behavior in Hubei YW Village for Poultry Industry

Jiayang Ren
The flourishing social economy makes the intensive and industrialized livestock breeding likely from the individual and limited one. At the end of the twentieth Century, a large number of pioneers embarked on becoming rich by guiding the breeding of the entire village, which mostly triggered the serious...
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Learners' Autonomy Cultivation in Writing by Strategy Training

Xiaofang Wang
Writing is an essential skill in language learning which currently features learners- centeredness and self-learning competence. Cultivation of learners' autonomy in writing is supposed to help learners to become a self-developing life-long learners with sustainable writing ability. Based on the critical...
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Building the People-to-people Bond in the Belt and Road Initiative: A Case Study of Digital Visual Communication

Ming Guo
People-to-people bonds are placed as a crucial part in the core of "One-Belt & One-Road". Featuring big data and mobile internet, New Media will play a role affecting international opinion, as well as interaction between China and the world. Efficiently availing creative international propagation with...
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Necessity Analysis of School Enterprise Cooperative Held Application-oriented Undergraduate under the Guidance of "The Belt and Road" Strategy-The Case of Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering

Tong Liu, Yu Liu, Zhiyong Yang
As the China first advocated national strategy, "The Belt and Road" strategy has profound strategic significance for China's continuous modernization drive. Conforms to the development of the times, China's communication industry invest lots of manpower to participate in the construction of "The Belt...
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Research on Evolution Model and Crisis Prevention and Control of New Media Public Opinion

Kongyu Yang, Ruijie Miao
This paper simulates the multi-layer defense mechanism of biological immune system and proposes a new media public opinion evolution model applicable to the evolution of public opinions of emergencies and crisis prevention and control, including acquisition layer, analysis layer, response layer, disposal...
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Teaching Reform of Mechanic Vibration Based on Flipped Classroom and Constructivism

Xiaobo Liu, Zhen Xiong
In order to solve the problems in the traditional teaching activities of mechanic vibration, a teaching reform is performed for mechanical engineering major students on the basis of in-depth understanding of constructivism and flipped classroom. The course content is integrated effectively by using flipped...
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A Study on Shortage of Nursing Staffs and Employment Security-An Empirical Study of Hangzhou City

Kaili Che, Yandong Yang
The construction of hardware facilities for pension institutions in China has developed rapidly in recent years. However, the number and quality of personnel engaged in nursing care work failed to keep up with the actual demand, and the stability of employees was low. Through the empirical study of 30...
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Research on the Construction of Innovative Practice Base for Graduate Students

Shixin Li, Kaixin Li, Yang Cao
Enterprise graduate innovative practice base is a reform of postgraduate training mode, but also an important platform for industry university research cooperation, which plays an important role in improving the independent innovation ability and innovative talents training. Enterprises should make full...
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Reform of E-commerce Website Construction Course in the Era of Sharing Economy-Take E-commerce of Beijing Union University for example

Dandan Li, Wanxin Xue, Yilei Pei, Jinping Chang
With the development of sharing economy, building a good website is becoming more and more important to a student who is majoring in E-commerce. But as the website construction technology replacement soon, website, new technology should be taught timely, such as mobile web technology. In this paper,...
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Research on the Phenomenon of Obtaining Certificates among College Students

Dan Lu, Qiu Wang, Jingyan Duan
With sharply increasing of competition in labour market, many college students taken certificate tests at universities with the concept "the more certificates you have, the more opportunities you will gain in the future". Therefore, the more college students take part in certificate tests, the more attentions...
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A Study on the Market Needs and MTI Course Design

Biyun Zhang
This research, in the light of the current situation of translation education and its research in China, attempts to conduct a study on the market needs and MTI course design. To provide an objective insight into requirements of translation companies for prospective translators, a survey of translation...
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Research on Style of Urban Rail Transit Vehicles from the Cultural Cognition

Xuanhui Xie
Under the background of cultural globalization, from the perspective of design cognition, it is studies the relationship between the cultural characteristics of the urban rail transit vehicle styling design. Based on the analysis of the engineering and aesthetic factors of the design of urban rail transit...
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Significance and Practice of Creative Drama Education-Take Preschool Children Literature Teaching as an Example

Ping Xu
Creative drama education plays an important role in the physical and mental development and ability cultivation of pre-primary students, which is conducive to cultivating students' practical ability, team awareness and collaboration ability, developing creativity, promoting mental health and enhancing...
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Research on the Optimization of Emergency Reserve System for Natural Disasters in China

Shaoqing Geng, Hanping Hou, Na Xu, Yue Wang, Mingli Yu, Chenyang Zhao, Lu Huang
China is one of the countries in the world which are most affected by natural disasters. In the face of natural disasters, emergency rescue after disasters must be scientific, fast and accurate. In order to fully improve the efficiency of emergency rescue, it is essential to optimize the emergency materials...
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Cultivating Innovative & Entrepreneurial Ability of Computer Majors Students in Local Colleges and Universities - Three-Stages Incentive Iteration Method

Xiangnian Huang, Lizhang Zhou
Aiming at the construction of innovation and entrepreneurial team of college students, this paper proposes to train the innovation and entrepreneurial ability of college students based on the project-driven "Three-Stages Incentive Iteration Method". It divides college students' in-school time into three...
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The Causes Analysis of Public Policy Implementation Deviation: Based on a Framework of Paul A. Sabatier and Daniel A. Mazmanian

Qing Xu, Lili Gao
Based on the framework of Paul A. Sabatier and Daniel A. Mazmanian, we analyse the causes of public policy implementation deviation in China. By theoretical analysis and system analysis, we begin with the manifestations of policy implementation deviation. They include: (1) perfunctory policy implementation,...
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On Image Schemas of Comparatives in English and Chinese

Yan Li
Comparative is one of the basic semantic categories and its representation varies. Previous researches mainly focus on certain syntactic constructions, but systematic studies on comparative category are scarce. English and Chinese schematic representations are observed in this paper. We find that: 1)...
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On the Duality of Civilization-Deep Implication Reflected in Lord of the Flies

Xiaofang Li
Lord of the Flies, written by the famous contemporary novelists, was published in 1954. Golding won the Nobel Prize for it. Since its publication, it has become the focus by the literary critics. In order to catch its deep implication of the novel, the study, combining the background information of its...
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Research on the Development of Sports Industry in China under the Belt-Road Initiative

Shangwu Tao
The Belt and Road initiative is a top-level national strategy of our country. The sports industry is becoming more and more important in China's economy. It is regarded as a new growth point for our economy. Under the stimulus and promotion of a number of industrial policies, the sports industry in China...
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Construction of Micro Mobile Course Based on WeChat Platform

Zhuang Miao, Yang Li, Weiguang Xu, Jiabao Wang, Ge Li, Zhijie Zhao
At present, WeChat's effect has gone beyond the original instant messaging services. WeChat platform combines micro courses with mobile terminals perfectly. It enables students to learn anytime and anywhere and is a new teaching mode. In this paper, the feasibility of establishing the course of micro...
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Discussion on the Reform of Teaching Methods for Specialized Courses under the Background of Big Data-Taking Animal Food Technology as an Example

Yun Li, Xiaoqing Ren, Lizhen Ma
In order to further improve the teaching effect of specialized courses in the era of big data, this paper introduces the limitations of traditional teaching methods under the background of big data era, and summarizes the new situation brought by the application of new teaching methods such as Mooc to...
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"5 + 1" Modular Curriculum System Construction of the Logistics Management Specialty Group-A Case Study of Xinhua College

Haijuan Yang, Zhenhua He
The curriculum system construction is an important part of logistics management specialty group. Combined with talents training goal of logistics management specialty group construction project and the current situation of Xinhua college of Ningxia university, "5 + 1" modular curriculum system is put...
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Discussion on Strengthening Humanistic Quality Education of Students in Military Academies

Yanming Yang, Yanmin Li
Humanistic quality is a man's intrinsic quality. Different humanities have different personality qualities. Enhancing humanistic quality is a necessary way to improve the comprehensive quality of the students, and is the objective requirement of military educational transformation. Based on the actual...
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Research on College English Teaching Reform under the Mode of Work-integrated Learning

Hongxia Wang, Dongdong Tang
With the development of economic globalization, the college English teaching need to be reformed under the mode of work-integrated learning. The vocational colleges should continue to carry out appropriate exploration of the teaching mode in the theory teaching and practice teaching, which are communicated...
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The Application of Information Technology in English Education and Reform

Yan Xiao, Xiaoge Wang
Under the guidance of constructivism theory, information technology provides a good learning environment for College English teaching, so that students can establish truly dominant position, make the independent learning and collaborative learning. The purpose for the application of information is to...
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Exploration and Practice of Talents Training Mode for Higher Education under Belt and Road Policy

Yiqun Liu, Xue Li, Wenwen Zhang, Xiaojing Zhou, Zhuo Wang
With the implementation of the Belt and Road, the demand for the internationalization of higher education is getting higher and higher. The need of it for internationalized talents is reflected in language skills and professional knowledge, more importantly, it is reflected in its comprehensive and complex...
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Research on the Informatization Construction of University Archives Management

Mei Zhang, Peijiang Chen
Along with the popularization and development of information technology, university archives management has been changing to informatization management. Although the university archives informatization construction has made a lot of progress, but there are still some problems. The basic concept and content...
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Reform and Construction of Curriculum System of Automobile Service Engineering Major

Peijiang Chen
The curriculum system is to serve the specific personnel training. The engineering majors should face the production line, make the cultivating high-quality applied talents as the goal, and construct the curriculum system. The automobile service engineering is a new engineering major. On the basis of...
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Research on Classroom Teaching Mode Reform of Automobile Service Engineering Program

Xiao Mi
To improve the talent training quality of automobile service engineering program and meet the requirements of the engineering education accreditation, this research carried out a thorough classroom teaching mode reform. We analyzed the drawbacks and limitations of the traditional teaching mode and designed...
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The Problem Analysis of the Education Connection about "3 + 4" Electrical Engineering and Automation Profession of Secondary Vocational-Undergraduate

Xuehua Jiang
The connected training model of the secondary vocational-undergraduate "3+4" between seven year, is a breakthrough connection training mode aiming at middle and higher vocational education in the new situation, which can achieve complementary education and related education between secondary vocational...
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A Survey Research of College Students' Learning Engagement

Yufeng Lu
According to the characteristics of the study, referring to the American NSSE questionnaire, the college students' learning engagement was transformed into the following five dimensions: learning harvest, active learning, attitude investment, time investment, learning methods. Taking a professional student...
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Perfection of Legal System of Social Relief Right of Chinese Citizens-Determination of Legislative Principle of Social Relief Right

Longfei Jiang, Zheyi Peng
Considering that the relevant studies on civil right for social assistance are nearly blank at current stage, this paper aims to formulate and perfect the laws and regulations on civil right for social assistance, in order to help more citizens obtain the social assistance and balance the social resources;...
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The Application of Metaphor in College English Vocabulary Teaching

Xiaoge Wang, Ling Lv
English is a language which is quite different from Chinese. It has many characteristics of its own, and has its regional, historical and cultural differences. For Chinese students who lack English learning environment, memorizing English words is a difficult problem in English learning. Learning English...
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Practice of Graduate Students Assisting Teachers to Teach Pharmacy Major Courses in Local Normal University

Pengwu Zheng, Zhen Xiao, Linxiao Wang, Shan Xu, Wufu Zhu
Graduate student assisting teaching is an important position for graduated student who major in Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. In order to improve their ability of majors, and enhance their professional competitiveness, reformation methods of the graduated student assistant teaching...
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Research and Practice on Cultivating Innovative Ability of Pharmaceutical Graduate Students

Wufu Zhu, Caolin Wang, Shan Xu, Pengwu Zheng
Innovation has traditionally been the focus of China and has the most potential for development. Similarly, master's graduate training must also consider the issue of innovation. However, the reform of our country's education and training model for graduate students has yet to be deepened. In our research,...