Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2016)

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"Natural" Music of Ivan G. Sokolov: Sonata for Cello and Piano

Natalia Ruchkina
The article is devoted to the study and understanding of a set of ideas typical for works of Ivan G. Sokolov (1960) at the turn of the centuries. After an experimental conceptual period in the late 1980s and mid-1990s – the composer tends to "natural" music, as he calls it. The study of the Sonata for...
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Huoer of Tibetan Culture and Its Application in Landscape Architecture

Miao Tan, Qing Wu, Ai Cheng, Xiao-Min Chen, Yi-Mei Feng, Xiao-Fang Yu
Huoer culture, which is located in "Huoer Zhang valley" of Western Sichuan Plateau that is the ancient Tibetan and Yi corridor, has a history of thousands of years. But it has disappeared in the vast history since ancient time nearest to the present, no one to ask. The author had the opportunity to participate...
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A Brief Discussion on Formation of Zangmi Tancheng Art

Jianxun Yuan
In this paper, the author analyzed the formation of Tantric history of Tibetan Buddhism and other cultural elements in Zangmitancheng art. It points out that Zangmitancheng art is one kind of brand-new art which it on basis of Yinmitancheng and it incorporating BonPo culture and Han culture.
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The World in the Pot for Pottery Fun Analysis on Japanese Tea Garden

Ai Cheng, Yimei Feng, Xiaomin Chen, Miao Tan, Xinyue Liu, Xiaofang Yu
This paper makes a study on the history of Japanese tea garden, the influence of teaism and Zen on Japanese tea garden, and the characteristics of the landscape elements of the tea garden, and the results show that the tea garden begins from the Kamakura period, and after followed by Buddha temple style...
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Hakka Traditional Daily Utensils under the Perspective of Eco-design

Jiali Yuan, Yuzhou Wu
This paper aims to explore the ecological design thought contained in Hakka traditional daily utensils, taking systematic theory as the basis to conduct system analysis of utensils' "material selection - production – use cycle" and design theories. It comes to the following conclusion: first, the Hakka...
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The Gaze of Icon The Eye Worship in Primitive Belief and Its Expressions in Plastic Arts

Weiduo Wang
Eyes are important sensory organs of human body. The primitive belief believes that the opening and closing of eyes divide light and darkness, and further connect with life and death, so in ancient mythology system it is regarded as the eyes of sun and gods, it is seen as the channel of soul, and even...
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How to Use Artistic Strategies to Attenuate Cultural Conflicts and Communication Barriers Taking "A cup of stories" Project as an Example

Bo Mu, Andrea Navarrete, Jana Alaraj
The concept of culture is very complex and composed of many different elements, parts and layers. To create a platform of understanding among different cultures, it is important to be aware of the complexity of the term "culture". The project "A Cup of Stories" set out a series of interventions in public...
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Exploration on the Individuality of Visual Perception Art Aesthetic Value Interpreted by Prize-winning Works of China Hand Drawing Art Design Competition

Ziqi Yang
Individuality is the soul of hand drawing art, as well as the core of the aesthetic value of hand drawing art. Hand drawing works do not describe the structure and framework of the object in isolation with one single tool. Instead, they reflect the plots and the artistic characters formed by them with...
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The Cultural Connotation and Symbolic Meaning of Chinese Opera Mask Color

Hanbing Tu
Color is an important part of Chinese opera mask. It not only conveys Chinese unique custom of color and cultural connotation through color line and color block, but also endows the opera mask art with rich symbolic meaning and aesthetic significance. Taking the colors of Chinese opera mask as research...
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Study on the Design and Development of Tourist Commodities in Guangxi Minority Areas Represented by Zhuang

Biyue Long
Guangxi is characterized with special natural landscape and rich sightseeing resources, where many minorities gather and especially Zhuang has the most representative ethnical features, and it has accumulated abundant ethnical traditional culture over thousands of years. The application of local ethnical...
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Artistic Conception of Blank Art in Chinese Painting

Wenxiu Li
Regardless of whether the ancient Chinese painting is the ink freehand brushwork or is the painting with fine brushworks and detail, it is not painted fully on the paper in the picture, and there are a lot of blank left. We generally call it the blank. In the traditional Chinese painting, the blank is...
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Discussion on the Influence of Postmodern Artistic Ideological Trend on Contemporary Ceramic Art

Changzong Shao
Postmodern artistic ideological trend focuses on the main form of art and the technique innovation in the process of creation. The spring up of this ideological trend brings great conflict to the development of contemporary ceramic art. Postmodern artistic ideological trend, as a kind of multiple values-oriented...
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Study on the Design of Panzhihua Vanadium-Titanium Souvenirs

Long Jiang, Tingting Dai
Panzhihua is rich in vanadium-titanium magnetite. Panzhihua - Xichang is the main vanadium-titanium magnetite belt with the largest storage volume. As a result, vanadium-titanium has become the mainstay industry of Panzhihua. Nowadays, Panzhihua is building itself into a tourism-oriented city. In order...
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Enlightenment of Applying Central Plains Traditional Culture to Animation Industry Development

Hui Li
This article summarizes and sorts out diversified elements of Chinese traditional culture from multiple outstanding Chinese animation works, and following the clue of the practical application of Central Plains traditional cultural elements in animation making, explores the approach of realizing nationalization...
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A Brief Analysis of the Characteristics of Modern Urban Love Subject TV Series Taking "Daughter-in-Law's Good Times", "Let's Get Married", "Let's Fall in Love" as Examples

Qian Hu
The modern urban love subject TV series that are represented by Liu Jiang's "Daughter-in-Law's Good Times", "Let's Get Married" and "Let's Fall In Love", all revolve around the modern urban career, love, marriage and gender relations. The complex character relationships, ups and downs of the story and...
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Artistic Imagery of "Form, Spirit and Meaning" in Advertising Design

Minglei Jiang
This article summarizes and sorts out diversified elements of Chinese traditional culture from multiple outstanding Chinese animation works, and following the clue of the practical application of Central Plains traditional cultural elements in animation making, explores the approach of realizing nationalization...
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Chinese TV Advertising Creation in Cross-cultural Communication in the Big Data Era

Zhuo Jin, Chunggun Jang
With the continuous development of China's economy and technology, the development of the internet industry has made great progress. All people began to come into contact with the network. The development of the internet impacts on various industries, and our living habits and consumption habits are...
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Application of Visual Science Achievement in Artistic Creation

Xin Tao
Eyes are the wind of the mind, that's why people have always believed what they see with eyes are real and the most beautiful. Working like a hidden law regulation, it constrains the development of the art to a large extend, because visual science always has different forms during artistic creation,...
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Protection and Inheritance of the Original Ecological Oroqen Music Heritage

Zuping Xu, Xiaofei Sun
The original ecological music is an important treasure of our country. This paper first analyzes the original ecological music, discusses the original ecological Oroqen music and its situation as well as the artistic characteristics of the original ecological Oroqen music from the structure function...
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The Application and Training of Mask Resonance in Singing

Shanshan Jiang
Mask resonance is known as the essence and the key of bel canto. Get a good mask resonance, sound with high harmonics, penetrating power, vibration, endurance and other characteristics. In order to obtain a good mask resonance, it needs to have good breathing and diaphragm support state, throat pharyngeal...
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The Characteristics of the Hollywood Musical Cinema during the Golden Age in The Lion King

Di Liu
Taking the film The Lion King 1994 as an example, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the Hollywood musical cinema during the Golden age embodied in the film, through the aspects of the narrative structure, the character image and the soundtrack, and so forth. Through the analysis of the characteristics...
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Analysis on Creative Structure Design of Women's Dress Based on Dart Transfer

Jing An
As a bridge connecting style design and production process, the garment structural design itself also contains many creative elements and thinking methods. This paper discusses garment creative structure design from the perspective of dart transfer, to analyze the idea and method of structural creativity...
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Application of Color and Graph in Packaging Design for Children's Products

Bianling Zhang
Purpose Analyze the effects of color and graphic design on children's consumption behavior. Method Divide the children's growing development into 3 periods – infancy, preschool period, children's period, summarize the perceived responses to the color and graphics of commodity packaging at all ages and...
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Study on the Strategies for the Industrialization Development of Henan Traditional Craft Arts

Xiaofei Zhang
The craft art industry plays an important role in the cultural industries of Henan Province and is one of the five major cultural industries prioritized in Henan Province. We should investigate the development status of Henan traditional craft art industry, put the existing problems in order, study its...
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Study on the Building Structure and Architectural Decoration Art of the Cave Dwellings in West Henan

Fuyan Yu
This paper investigates, analyses and summarizes the formation background, basic type, architectural layout, courtyard arrangement and decorative art of the cave dwellings in west Henan by means of literature summarization and field investigation, and explores the artistic characteristics and existing...
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Discussion on Service Marketing for Gallery Management in Free Opening Age

Wei Tu, Cuicui Liu
With the rapid development of gallery business in our country, it provides convenient diversified cultural service. In free opening age, the gallery managers and servers shall connect the gallery operation and market operation, and on the base of virtuous circle with public relations, expand service...
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Analysis on Brushwork of Chinese Watercolor Painting

Qiaoqiao Wang
In the process of Chinese watercolor painting development, Chinese watercolor artists follow western painting methods and use traditional Chinese painting's brushwork for reference at the same time, emphasizing brushwork's sense of potency and freehand character. They naturally blend aesthetic consciousness...
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Transboundary and Redeem: the Internal Mechanism of Contemporary Art Practice and Its Logic

Jing Qian
With the improvement of productivity, human's life attitudes and aesthetic modes have been penetrated and fused in multiple fields, their concepts and trends also have been greatly changed. Transboundary makes the irrelevant, even conflict, opposite elements penetrated and integrated together, and the...
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Aesthetic Elements of Ceramic Art Design

Mingyu Liu
Aesthetic value, apart from practical value, needs to be taken into account in ceramic art design. Being a combination of rationality and sensibility, the principles of aesthetic activity in ceramic art design include both emotional and rational elements. The emotional elements of aesthetics in ceramic...
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Interpretation of the Practical Significance of the Peasant Theme in Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting

Yuanming Zhang
At present, when the country is influenced by the city, the farmers, who are the majority of Chinese society, are in a position of being ignored. The large amount of the key function in the society development have certified their importance, who is an important part but ignored by us, which can be found...
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Discussion on Pictorial Photography and Pure Photography in the Development of Photographic Art

Xue Niu
During the developing process of photography, technology and art have mutual collision and fusion, so that photography has produced many different genres, among which pictorial photography and pure photography are of early emergence. They have their own aesthetic rules and laws. The collision and connection...
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Research on Active State of Human in Productive Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Yong Liao
Human is the carrier of intangible cultural heritage and the most important factor in the whole intangible cultural heritage system. As to research on concept of active state in productive protection of intangible cultural heritage, we can start with the crowd that is closely linked with the ecological...
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Protection and Inheritance of the Korean Nationality Music

Hao Li, Zuping Xu
It not only promotes the in-depth research on the Chinese Korean nationality music but also has a distinctly important practical significance on the development of music culture of Heilongjiang and the construction of overall framework through systematically analyzing the problems in inheriting the music...
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"Shine! Shine! O New Jerusalem!" ? The Theme of Holy City in the Work of Old-Russian Composer Fyodor Krestjanin

Natalia Parfentieva, Nikolai Parfentiev
The ideologemes of Moscow as the New Jerusalem and New Rome, first emerged during the eminence of Moscow as seat of the unified Russian State. Such ideology primarily was gaining its foothold in the political consciousness of Russian ruling elite in the 16th and in the early 17th centuries. A variety...
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Study on Inheritance and Innovation of Henan Nanyang Pyrograph Craft in Costume Design

Na Li
Based on the background of economic zone construction in the Central Plains, this paper conducts a stable and orderly investigation under the guidance of the dominant idea of "the rise of Central Plains". This paper focuses on the analysis of the inheritance status of Henan Nanyang pyrograph craft, and...
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The Generation of Curiosity and New Art Style

Ying Xu
Curiosity is very valuable. It is the activator of creative thinking. Under the drive of curiosity, artists could fly their imaginary dreams, break the rules and create new art styles. The paper has expounded the concepts and importance of curiosity and new art styles, and stressed the importance of...
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Exploration of Bian Embroidery Art's New Trend in Today's Design Field

Zhaofang Xu
This paper mainly through the study of Bian embroidery history, finds out the innovative ideas and methods from the cultural particularity of subject matter, pattern and color. It integrates traditional materials and modern materials, and applies them to the modern design in multi-aspect and three-dimension....
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Study on Landscape Space Construction of Relics Park

Li Yan
As an important method of site protection, historic park is being paid more and more attention in protection and utilization of site. However, since the development of site protection is still in the early stage lack of theoretical guidance when there are many problems such as unobvious thematic feature,...
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Study on Architectural Characteristics of New Art Style in Harbin

Xin Ni
On June 9, 1898, the Middle East Railway was put into construction in Harbin, and Harbin became the northern largest city in China. Since her rise, the city has always enjoyed the reputations of "Oriental Moscow" and "Little Paris in the Orient". Her beauty owed to her beautiful architectures of "new...
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Analysis of Avedon's Photographic Works

He Yang
Richard Avedon is a famous photographer whose career was listed as "one of the professional photography models in the last century" . He has been regarded as a fashion photographer, but he is not a traditional fashion photographer. He innovatively brought models outside studio to shoot, and introduced...
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Advertisement Parody under CBR Model

Zhimin Xiang
As a linguistic device, parody usually takes advantage of some existing language forms to convey new information. The present study, based on two fundamental theories in cognitive linguistics relevance theory and conceptual blending theory plus three accompanying key concepts, namely "conceptual blending",...
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Interview Method and Thought on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors of Jiangxi Traditional Music

Jiaqi Mei
Interview is not only the most common form of interpersonal interaction in social life, but also the most basic way of data collection in inheritors' oral history research of intangible cultural heritage, which is also a process of knowledge construction in its social essence. It is communication and...
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Research on the Low Carbon Packaging of Food

Yanqi Liu
Now the food safety issue had become the subject relating people's livelihood, and in which the food packaging issue become more and more important, and had got much attentions. This paper was to research and analysis of the problems of food packaging at present stage, and investigated from the direction...
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Study on the Application of Artistic Forms of Yangwuling Ceramics in Contemporary Ceramic Art

Shengqi Chen
Yangwuling Kiln takes the strengths of kiln-eyes from various regions in terms of ornamentation, glazing color, modeling and so on. Its unique artistic form not only enriches the ancient ceramic art, but also can be applied to the contemporary ceramic art, to enrich the form, technique and connotation...
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Cultivation of Creative Thinking in Modern Ceramic Art Teaching

Dehua Yu
This paper describes the importance of creative thinking in the teaching of modern ceramic art and the necessity of reform, discusses the cultivation ideas of creative thinking in modern ceramic art teaching and provides a solution to the problem starting from modern ceramic art cultivation program and...
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Discussion about the Influence of Western Painting Teaching on the Fine Arts in the Qing Dynasty

He Yang
Since the introduction of western painting in China in the Ming Dynasty, Chinese painting has been influenced by western painting. In the Qing Dynasty, a group of Western missionary painters which are represented by the Italian missionary Castiglione came to China. They not only brought Western painting...
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Teaching Point Analysis on Advertisement Design of Shopping Mall

Kai Wei
With the rapid development of commercial advertisement industry, the application of advertisement design is more and more widely, and in course teaching, relative to the advertisement design whose main requirement is posters of print advertisings, the advertisement design of shopping malls undoubtedly...
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Research on the Application of Mixed Media in Watercolor Painting

Lijun Yi
From the watercolor painting exhibitions in recent years, it can be found that the application of mixed media in watercolor painting is wider and wider. Modern watercolor is not limited in the pure using of the single medium of pen and pigment in painting. The application of multi mixed media has enriched...
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Discussion on the Painting Language of Acrylic Material in Modern Painting

Lijun Yi
Acrylic material is the crystallization of the development of modern science and technique, and its emergence has promoted the development of modern painting art to a certain extent, enriched the expression language of painting. This paper discusses the painting language of acrylic material in modern...
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Research on and Application of the Pattern of Brick Tea in Yangloudong of Xianning City as China National Product of Geographical Indication

Lingli Cai
The national product of geographical indication, Yangloudong brick tea, is a traditional local specialty of Xianning city, Hubei, where is also one of the birthplace of China "ancient tea-horse road". As tea, its status is little-known in China inland, but it is the "tea of life" in the eyes and hearts...
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Analysis on the Perspective Transformation and Expansion of Contemporary Ink Figure Painting From "group" to "individual"

Shuqin Xue
Because the" hidden rules of consciousness" and "emotional formatting" are caused by all kinds of reasons, "painting perspective" is almost an untouched gap for traditional ink figure painting. The "realistic landing" and "the opening of individual thought cover and taboo" make the painting perspective...
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Research on College Students' Color Preference

Guoquan Zhang
Color preference of college students were investigated in this paper. 10 basic colors of Munsell color wheel were taken as the objects. 500 college students in Xiamen city were set as subjects. Preference value towards fashion colors were defined orderly from 10 to 1. Minitab15 software was applied as...
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The "Other" Culture Formation in Russia The View through the Informational Society Theory and Actual Process of External Migration

Olga Chistyakova
The article describes the peculiar characteristics of an "information" society and analyzes theoretical approaches to its study. Media dominance, media products' manipulative effects of human mind are presented as fundamental factors of the information society. The powerful influence of media on public...
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The New Form of Televised Information in the Postmodern Age The Role of Ritual Communication

Denis Chistyakov
The article is dedicated to the analysis of the actual problems of the postmodern society connected to the communicative and informational mass-media space. The author provides brief overview of the current state of media and reviews the ritual view of communication.
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Tradition of European Personalism Russian Philosophy in the Light of I. Kant's Ideas Perception

Igor Grebeshev, Sergey Nizhnikov
The article is dedicated to the analysis of the perception of I. Kant's philosophy, particularly in the Russian metaphysical thought. The authors focus on the understanding and attitude of the Russian philosophers expressed towards the works of Kant from the personalistic and metaphysics of faith points...
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Modern Intercultural Space and Problems of Eco-philosophy

Irina Ponizovkina
The article is dedicated to the problem of formation of a wide eco-philosophical view of the modern multicultural world. The author stresses the importance and urgency of this problem in theoretical and practical terms. Special attention is paid to the characteristics of modern-day intercultural information...
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Translation Effects of the Appreciation of Ugliness in Red Sorghum

Leyang Wang
Mo Yan's appreciation of ugliness is embodied in many aspects. This essay takes the detailed description of terrifying things in Red Sorghum as an example to analyze the translation effects from the perspective of Chesterman's professional norms. Research indicates that Goldblatt abide by the three sub-norms...
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Social Myth in Modern Society

Irina Ponizovkina
The article is dedicated to the social myth-making problem which became relevant again in the 21st century due to the processes of globalization and informatization, the new geopolytical balance of power and the mixed political situation. This article considers the myth as a specific way of the surrounding...
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The Czech-Moravian Slavic Union "Slavic Cultural Diplomacy" as the Keeper of Slavic Identity New Social and Cultural Developments in Czechia and Russia

Natalia Bondarenko
The article considers recent social and cultural developments in Czechia and Russia, and, particularly, the project called "Slavic Cultural Diplomacy", which project aims to preserve and develop the Slavic languages and culture, as well as the national identity in the era of globalization.
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Interculturality: In Search of a New Global World Project

Olga Bondar
The author provides a critical analysis of the neoliberal globalization model in the context of its contrast to the intercultural model of a global world.
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Relationship of Self and Other in Cultural and Religious Communications

Olga Chistyakova
The problem of Self and Other is being discussed in the context of cultural and religious peculiarities of contemporary time. The anthropological consequences of communications are considered from the postmodern features and, in particular, the strangification process. The author discusses religion and...
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Comparative Study of Minimalist Art and Chinese Traditional Ink Painting

Ai Cheng, Qing Wu, Xiaomin Chen, Xinyue Liu, Yimei Feng, Miao Tan, Xiaofang Yu
The Minimalism, as the most important and most characteristic school of art, comes of painting, and later developed to the fields of sculpture, design, music, literature etc. All kinds of Western art genres are still dominant in the modern arts of China. We blindly learn from the West, and adore the...
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Eroticism as a Cultural Phenomenon in Archaic and Early Traditional World: Posttraditional View

Philipp Tagirov
In his article the author presents the analyses of cultural phenomenon of eroticism as it is found in societies of archaic and early traditional type. The study rests on author's distinction between love, sexuality and eros (in a narrow sense) that constitute the integrity of erotic subjectness. Main...
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Effect of Colour Symbolism of Native Culture on Image Display in Association Experiment

Elena Mikitchenko
The influence of colour symbolism and colour archetypes of the native culture on beginnings of individual conceptualization and representations. Comparison of the related surveys conducted among Chinese and Russian student audiences.
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The Christian Universalism, Globalization and Tolerance in the Thought of Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI

Pavol Dancak
The principle of tolerance confers a right to one's own opinion, own faith and own system of values, but also the right to their manifestation. Tolerance, however, includes an appeal towards constant verification of our own opinions and towards looking for limits of tolerance. The problem of intolerance...
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Considering Human Vulnerability and Transhumanism: Some Theological Perspectives

Luis Miguel Torro Ferrero
The article proposes a reading on human vulnerability in today's technological context offering some theological perspectives. From a broad perspective on Transhumanism and Human Enhancement, it is suggested that the so called new technologies are proposing also a new understanding of the human being.
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Categories of Modality and Their Use in Modern Biological Conceptions

Vitaly Ivlev, Marina Ivleva, Vladimir Inozemtsev, Mikhail Oseledchik
The paper discusses the validity of the use of the categories of modality (necessity, randomness and possibility) and clarifies the content of these categories in biology. For this purpose, the article, firstly, explores the first in the history of philosophy understanding of the categories of modality...
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The Crisis of European Culture in the Works of Russian Philosophers of the Twentieth Century Around the Ideas of Spengler

Vladimir Belov, Julia Karagod
The article presents a philosophical and cultural analysis of the situation of European culture crisis with Russian thinkers of the early twentieth century. The basis is a collection of native authors which was released almost immediately after the appearance of O. Spengler's book "Decline of the West"....
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Representology in the System of Modern Epistemology

Vladimir Inozemtsev, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev, Mikhail Oseledchik
The article is dedicated to the development of representology as a conceptual formalization of the problem of representation of knowledge in modern science. The work defines the subject, main sections and problems of suggested by the author's concepts of philosophical, cognitive and computer representology,...
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Existential Experience of the Other: Essay on "Solaris"

Svetlana Rudanovskaya
Understanding of Other depends on understanding of oneself and one's own culture and is often obscured and blocked by ready-made definitions, assessments and standards of description. "Solaris" by S. Lem represents an extraordinary Other that cannot be caught or conquered with final words and conclusions....
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Philosophers and Saints Summoned by the Same Truth 500 Years of Orthodox Iconographic Program

Rodica Pop
The research takes to account a series of murals found on the walls of some monasterys in Bucovina in the north of Romania: Humor (1530), Vorone (1546) and Sucevi a (1595). Their pictures depict some Greek heathen writers and philosophers, and also Sibyls—Sages of Antiquity (Socrates, Plato, Aristotel,...
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Study of Education and Training Mechanism of China-ASEAN Cross-cultural Communication and Media Professionals

Naikao Wang
Whereas the higher education is an organic system composed of teaching, managing, learning processes and mutual promotion. Thereof, the education and training of professionals will subject to the direct limitation from the internal conditions of a college or university, and will be also indirectly affected...
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Translation Studies as an Interdiscipline: Plurality of Research Approaches

Lei Dai
This study aims at examining the plurality of research approaches to Translation Studies given its interdisciplinarity. By comparing the four principal research approaches categorized by Chesterman textual, cognitive, sociological and cultural this paper critically reflects upon the properties of each...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Practical Strategies of Safety Education for Contemporary College Students

Chengcheng Wang
The safety education of college students not only protects the healthy growth of individuals and perfects the ideological education system, but also maintains the harmony and stability of the campus and the society.This paper, through the analysis of the current situation of safety education for college...
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The Analysis of Strategy and Tactics by Washington during the American Independent War

Yuyan Zhao
American Independent War is a classic example in world history for a weak force overcoming a superior opponent. The newborn American nation won independence from the British slavery after eight years of staggering battle in North America. General Washington, as the commander in chief of American army,...
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Activation and Regeneration of Chinese Elements under the Cross-cultural Background Reflected by the Design of EXCEPTION de MIXMIND

Xuemei Gao
"Chinese elements" is a concept raised under the cross-cultural background. It is trusted with our expectation to regain cultural identity and dignity. In the field of fashion design, Chinese elements have developed as a global trend. However, there still exist great differences between China and foreign...
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A Study of Wolf Culture from Multi-perspectives

Furui Jia
In human culture, the wolf is often regarded as a symbol of "cruelty" and "barbarism", but with the development of the times, the wolf' image is also changing quietly. In the past twenty years, more and more diversified expression forms of wolf culture have been found. This paper studies the change of...
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The Characteristics of Islam—Based on the Blue-and-white Porcelain during the Period of Yongle and Xuande in the Ming Dynasty

Lantao Zhao
Islamic culture is popular in the Arab region, it has a style of its own and plays an important influence on the process of human culture. Islamic culture started to be spread and developed in China rapidly in the Ming Dynasty. During this period, impacted by the Maritime Road and Land Silk Road, Chinese...
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Research on the Problems of Higher Education Foundation in China Based on Triangle Coordinated Mode

Ling Xie
The higher education of our country has stepped into the later period of popularization followed by increasingly large amount of expenses required for education development. In addition, confronted with the gradually severer background of international competition, the amount of expense input of education...
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Study on Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Motivation of College Students in the New Normal

Wenzhi Peng, Lei Huang, Lidong Zhang
Under the background of the increasingly serious situation in employment for college students, the entrepreneurship of college students has become an important education and social problem to which both the state and college students pay more attentions. As the prerequisite for college students to start...
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Historical Cultural Depiction of Overseas Chinese Female Writer Taking May-Lee Chai as an Example

Shiyuan Han
The subject takes May-Lee Chai, a Chinese American female writer who made new voice after the 90s as the research example, and makes text explanation on her two masterpieces "My Lucky Face" and "The Girl from Purple Mountain" through the post-classical narratology analysis on the feminism theme carried...