Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2016)

257 authors
Xu, Ying
The Generation of Curiosity and New Art Style
Xu, Zhaofang
Exploration of Bian Embroidery Art's New Trend in Today's Design Field
Xu, Zuping
Protection and Inheritance of the Original Ecological Oroqen Music Heritage
Xu, Zuping
Protection and Inheritance of the Korean Nationality Music
Xue, Shuqin
Analysis on the Perspective Transformation and Expansion of Contemporary Ink Figure Painting From "group" to "individual"
Yan, Junxia
Discussion on the Mode of Art Education Resources Sharing between Universities and Primary and Secondary Schools
Yan, Li
Study on Landscape Space Construction of Relics Park
Yang, Hansong
Research on Bachelor Degree Education and Application-oriented Innovative Talent Cultivation System
Yang, He
Analysis of Avedon's Photographic Works
Yang, He
Discussion about the Influence of Western Painting Teaching on the Fine Arts in the Qing Dynasty
Yang, Liansheng
Research on Problems in the Selection of University Student Societies Faculty Advisors
Yang, Liu
The Problems of and Solutions to Micro-teaching for English Pedagogical Students
Yang, Tao
An Application Research of CBL and PBL in the Neurosurgery Clinical Teaching
Yang, Ziqi
Exploration on the Individuality of Visual Perception Art Aesthetic Value Interpreted by Prize-winning Works of China Hand Drawing Art Design Competition
Ye, Chengxu
An Ass Struggling between Idealism and Naturalism A New Interpretation of "The Ass" by D. H. Lawrence
Yi, Lijun
Research on the Application of Mixed Media in Watercolor Painting
Yi, Lijun
Discussion on the Painting Language of Acrylic Material in Modern Painting
You, Yuandeng
Reflection on Development of Sports Humanistic Sociology Disciplines and the Strategies
Yu, Dehua
Cultivation of Creative Thinking in Modern Ceramic Art Teaching
Yu, Fuyan
Study on the Building Structure and Architectural Decoration Art of the Cave Dwellings in West Henan
Yu, Liang
Research on the Connotation and Mode of Computer Training Base Built by China and Russia Jointly
Yu, Lu
Construction of Witkey Practice Teaching Mode under the Era of Big Data A Case Study of Software Development in Higher Vocational Colleges
Yu, Xiao-Fang
Huoer of Tibetan Culture and Its Application in Landscape Architecture
Yu, Xiaofang
The World in the Pot for Pottery Fun Analysis on Japanese Tea Garden
Yu, Xiaofang
Comparative Study of Minimalist Art and Chinese Traditional Ink Painting
Yuan, Haiqing
Necessity of Getting Involved in Learning Special English of Civil Engineering
Yuan, Jiali
Hakka Traditional Daily Utensils under the Perspective of Eco-design
Yuan, Jianxun
A Brief Discussion on Formation of Zangmi Tancheng Art
Yue, Hua
Research on Bachelor Degree Education and Application-oriented Innovative Talent Cultivation System
Zhang, Bianling
Application of Color and Graph in Packaging Design for Children's Products
Zhang, Chunli
Study on the Improvement of English Writing Abilities through Online Interactive Activities From a Constructive Perspective
Zhang, Guoming
Research and Overview on Discipline Construction of Fitness-oriented Sport
Zhang, Guoquan
Research on College Students' Color Preference
Zhang, Lidong
Study on Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Motivation of College Students in the New Normal
Zhang, Lili
Study on Water Landscape Sculpture in City Square
Zhang, Luoming
Research on Bachelor Degree Education and Application-oriented Innovative Talent Cultivation System
Zhang, Wanyu
Self-guided Tour APP Interface Design Based on User Experience
Zhang, Xiaofei
Study on the Strategies for the Industrialization Development of Henan Traditional Craft Arts
Zhang, Xiaoli
College English Teaching Reform of China under the External Propaganda Policy
Zhang, Xiaoli
Discussion on Origin of Birch Bark Art of Oroqen Nationality in Heilongjiang Province and Its Production Inheritance
Zhang, Xiaoming
Study on the Policy Guarantee for "Double-qualified" Teacher's Cultivation of Local Undergraduate Colleges and Universities
Zhang, Xinyi
The Evolution of "Three-dimensional Culture" and Its Enlightenment
Zhang, Xueying
Research on the Intervention of Positive Group Psychology Counseling on the Resilience of College Students
Zhang, Yanmei
Pronouns Study in China Taking a Research on Pronouns in Excavated Materials of Pre-Qin Dynasty as an Example
Zhang, Yu
A Brief Analysis on the Changes of Princess Image in Disney Movies
Zhang, Yuanming
Interpretation of the Practical Significance of the Peasant Theme in Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting
Zhao, Lantao
The Characteristics of Islam—Based on the Blue-and-white Porcelain during the Period of Yongle and Xuande in the Ming Dynasty
Zhao, Liguang
Research on Ideological Education of College Students of Finance and Economics under the Perspective of Integrity and Love Culture
Zhao, Qian
The Elimination of Violence and Evil Analysis of the Film Adaptation of the Novel "Cracks"
Zhao, Ran
The Design of Cultural and Innovative Products and the Practice in Animation Teaching
Zhao, Yuyan
The Analysis of Strategy and Tactics by Washington during the American Independent War
Zhao, Zhenpeng
Research on Education and Cultivation of College Students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Zhao, Zhenpeng
Analysis and Research on Specialty Packaging Design under Central Plain Culture
Zheng, Yanqing
An Analysis of Essentialism and Anti-essentialism in Literature
Zhu, Shouzeng
Necessity of Getting Involved in Learning Special English of Civil Engineering
Zou, Changyong
Self-translation Not Answerable to Faithfulness in Translation
Zou, Qin
Exploration on College Students' Learning Behavior and Career Choice Behavior under Micro-culture Background