Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Intercultural Communication (ICELAIC 2017)

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Study on Influences of Chinese Folk Art Forms on Ceramic Art

Changzong Shao
Folk art, originated from the economic pattern of self sufficiency, may get involved in all aspects of the people such as emotion, thought, living habits and so on. It is closed to the daily life of the people, and the fork art rooted in the daily life of the people has thick living root and land features....
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Study on Cultural Connotation of Ceramic Art in Public Environment

Changzong Shao
Going with the time, the people have had higher requirements for public environment in cities, and the needs of cultural and art are increasing as well. Guided by current reality awareness, ceramic art has changed and broken through secularization in aesthetics, stressing the expression of contemporary...
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Reflection on Eco-civilization Design and Governance of Urban Landscape Based on floods and Inundations of Wuhan in 2016

Zhenyu Li
The increase of inundations in Wuhan is mainly caused by lake filling and reclamation for buildings, it reflects the lack of overall layout and protection on rivers and lakes during the urban layout by authorities, besides, a string of lake filling results turn out that authorities have no adequate governance...
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Viewpoints, Thoughts and Solutions to the Urban Landscape Design from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization Framework A Case Study of Urban Landscape of Wuhan

Zhenyu Li
The arrangement and sum-up of thoughts, viewpoints and theories on ecological civilization provides reference for thoughts, methods and strategies in urban ecological civilization construction. In consideration of the domestic and foreign achievements on landscape ecology, and in combination with the...
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Study on Aesthetics of the New Style of Chinese Tea Ware Culture

Chunyan Wu
The rise of the new style of Chinese tea ware is the rise of the Chinese national spirit. The new Chinese style tea ware combines elements of modern and traditional cultural, with a national way to show the historical inheritance and accumulation of Chinese traditional culture. The new style of Chinese...
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The Application of Flat Animation in the Field of Communication

Luzhu Zhang
With the widely used and generally improve the speed of the Internet, micro animation combined with the client terminal device spontaneously reproduced, flat design has injected new vitality into the animation market, it does not need the big screen, no lengthy and complicated plot, through simple shape...
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Demands in "Existence" and Carnival from "Trash Talking" Analysis on the Audience's Psychology of Bullet-screen Movie

Xiaoping Liu, Linlang Lu
From an online communicating mode of video website to a new mode of filmwatching, "Bullet-screen" has realized its transformation from the context of "Otaku Culture" to public communication space. The emergence of the "Bullet screen" projecting mode embodied the audience's appeal of identity, existence...
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A Study on the Design of Hot Spring Health Landscape in Panzhihua

Jian Cao
With the proposal of the name card of health city of Panzhihua, the continuous development, construction and landscape design of hot spring health are attracting more and more attention. Hongge Hot Springs as a name card of Panzhihua to create a health city, its status is becoming increasingly important....
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Bondages of the Protagonist Philip Carey in Maugham's of Human Bondage and His Long Pilgrimage towards Freedom

Xiaohong Ji
The strength of W. Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage mainly lies in its themes pursued with thoroughness and intensity, in its honesty and sincerity of feeling. The protagonist Philip's experiences is a typical representation of one who suffers from human bondages and struggles for freedom, and eventually...
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Rhetorical Construction of Visual Thinking Aesthetic Study on the Generation Mechanism of Visual Metaphor

Wei Guo
As a kind of spiritual product formed in the process of rhetorical construction of visual thinking, the premise of generation of visual metaphor is not only the inherent similarity or creating similarity of the various relationships between human and nature, i.e. formal attributes of visible things,...
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Research on the Influence of Chinese Traditional Art on the Development of Russian Oil Painting Art

Xiaojuan Wang
This paper demonstrates the great influence of Chinese painting art on Russian paintings according to the researches on the painting styles of the missionary painter, Rajashev and contemporary Russian famous painter, Yuri Kaleita. With the continuous enhancement of national strength, the relations between...
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Objective "Truth" and Subjective "Reality" The Evolution of the Picture Modeling Language of Historical Humanities Documentary

Maohua Li, Shu Li
With the transition of the creation concept of documentary, the historical humanities documentary has also made great progress in the picture modeling language. It is mainly in the several concepts. For example, the PIP composition (picture in picture) is changed from single to rich. The picture symbols...
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Analysis on the Art Therapy Function of Animated Documentary Films

Shu Li, Maohua Li
In recent years, the popularity of animated documentary film has shown us a new possibility of moving image redemption in exploring the internal world, healing the pain and caring for the mind. This paper aims to analyze the art therapy function of animated documentary film, in order to call for interdisciplinary...
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The Value of Antique Music Score in Li Bai Poem

Yanshuang Hou, Xiaona Zhao, Xinglong Guo
Researching on Li Bai poem and music is mainly focused on aesthetics, history and literature. Tang dynasty poem and music are inter-dependent and mutually promoting. Many studies concern on the legendary personality charm of Li Bai and some other respects, such as cultural characteristics, thought connotation...
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Practice and Research of "Traditional Photography Techniques" Teaching in the Digital Age

Min Peng
With the rapid development of digital technology, traditional photographic printing process faces a great challenge in its development because of its cumbersome process and expensive material, but its image still has very high creativity, so students can study a variety of traditional crafts to set up...
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The Narrative Construction of Chinese Animation from the Perspective of Adolescent Audience

Hongya Zhou
Since the new century, the new generation of "post 2000" audience cultivated by the Chinese animation are gradually entering adolescence, so continuing to grasp the viewing preferences of this group and adapting to the market demand of a higher level is an important means for Chinese animation to achieve...
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Visual Communication Design of "Going as Wanted"

Lina Zhu
Design is defined to be a dynamic course where plans, imaginations and solutions are shown through visual communication, especially the development of design and visual communication has brought infinite convenience to the society and human being, promoting information communication between people and...
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Art and Creativity The Concept of Spiritual Creativity

Sergei Nizhnikov
Creativity is one of the main manifestations of spirituality. We may certainly say that there's no spirituality outside of creativity, and only because of it, philosophy, religion, and art attain their spiritual meaning and development. The highest form of creativity is self-cognition, self-making of...
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The Music Complex of Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty

Shuyue Ding
The poems written by the emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty show different characteristics in different periods, which are closely related to the special background of his life. The elaboration on the relations between the Emperor yang and the music in this paper clearly embodies his outstanding talent in music....
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Research on Heritage Information Establishment of Cultural Relics Based on the Three-dimensional Photography

Bin Guan
Three-dimensional photographic technique is used to establish the three-dimensional database system of cultural relics. Information management and application of the cultural relics can be realized. Multiple functions such as collection, analysis and communication of resources of cultural relics can...
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The Combination of Environmental Art Design and Regional Square Design under the Mass Media of Communication

Zhou Xiao
In the contemporary society, the ceaseless development of scientific and technological level and the emergence of new media technology make the cultural diffusion convenient. Works of environmental art design that use new media technology emerge continuously, bringing development and innovation for the...
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Influence of Dante on the Iconographic Concept of the Last Judgement

Simeon Tomachinsky
The article is investigating the history of appearance of purgatory in the iconographic model of the Last Judgment. Until the 18th century, representations of the after-life exclusively included hell and heaven, and there was no purgatory. Starting from the second half of the 14th century, once the Divine...
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Introduction to WeChat Interface Design Localization

Xun Yuan, Chen Qiu
With the development of The Times, people use social software not only for their purpose and convenience, but also to pay more attention to the visual experience. WeChat is a social software that has been developing rapidly in the past two years, and its visual design directly affects user's satisfaction....
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The "Craftsman Spirit" of Jingdezhen Ceramic Handicraft in the New Normal

Zhou Long, Lingxia Zhang
Craftsman spirit has been missing increasingly in the development of ceramic handicraft in contemporary Jingdezhen along with various problems. "Craftsman spirit" of Jingdezhen ceramic handicraft has a rich connotation, which ushered in an important opportunity of development after our country entered...
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Discussion on the Artistic Conception of Once More to the Lake

Guiying Kong
Artistic conception is the product of thinking, it is blended of the scenes and feelings, nihility and reality, which has the aesthetic characteristics of boundless recall. In Once More to the Lake, White combined content conception and passion conception for the readers and with the help of delicate...
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Girl of Dreams Comes to Life

Zhengshun Han
Ruby Sparks is an American blockbuster that really sparks the imaginations of students and scholars alike worldwide. Since its release on July 25, 2012, it has garnered splendid praises, particularly, in terms of the archetypal/mythological criticism. As Maria Jernigan observes, "A mythological/ archetypal...
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The Multi-dimensional Glamour Expressive of The Butterfly

Zhengshun Han
If you happen to watch these movies, like Italian opera movie Madame Butterfly, then French movies: Mr. Butterfly, after that, The Lover, and lastly, The Butterfly, it will surely set you brooding. The writer of this piece is no exception. In his opinion, Madame Butterfly reflects the occidentally-centered...
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National Schools of the 20th Century: Cultural Identity or Conceptual Choice

Elizaveta Malinovskaya
The idea of contemporary art of the east as a creative periphery and the product of purely foreign influences is unsubstantiated and false. The formation of original schools can be of a programmatic nature in connection with the specificity of professional activity - the presence of creative consciousness,...
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Ray Caesar's Digital Illustrations

Zhicheng Wei
Ray Caesar is an important contemporary artist of digital illustrations, who uses digital illustrations to describe Rococo dreamland in his heart. In his works, the picture is pretty colorful with vivid details, which has a quality of classical oil paintings. He contributes to digging people's inner...
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A Cognitive Inquiry of the Choreographic Philosophy of Process Day

Xiao Liu, Zhong Deng
This paper intends to look at Process Day, a highly appraised contemporary dance performed during the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe from a cognitive perspective with an accentuated focus on its choreographic philosophy and the means how it is represented and communicated. This paper argues that the...
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Spatial Narrative in Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You

Yuan Shen, Mengna Xie
Celeste Ng employs spatial narrative to make Everything I Never Told You a multi-dimensional novel. This paper analyzes its spatial narrative in terms of the physical space, social space, spiritual space and textual space. Through the body and some other spatial images, the novelist constructs a suffocative...
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An Exploration of the Artistic Forms and Cultural Connotations of Russian Folk Embroidery

Yuyun Wang, Yuxia Lu
This paper expounds the profound cultural connotation contained in the appearances of Russian folk embroidery through the aspects of artistic form, implication, dyeing method and craftsmanship.
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Design and Marketing of Inns in Scenic Areas

Yinxiang Kong
The design and marketing of the inns in scenic areas is of great significance and effect to the inn's operators, which not just provides visitors with accommodation, but also contains more information, art, ideas, environment, and service and so on. Today, with increasingly intense competition of tourist...
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Exploration of Humanistic Design of Hospital Architecture Humanistic Design of Hospital

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The hospital is an important place for people to seek medical treatment. The rationality of space design directly affects the psychological comfort of people who seek medical treatment. Modern hospital architecture presents the characteristics of more comprehensive service functions, more various space...
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Research and Analysis on the Experience Reference of Domestic Magical Fantasy Films The Comparative Study on Legend of Ravaging Dynasties and Lord of the Rings

Yao Deng
The first domestic reality CG (Computer Graphics, also called Computer Animation) magical fantasy film Legend of Ravaging Dynasties was released with an investment of 150 million yuan in 2016 during the National Day holidays in China. The film directed by Guo Jingming, gathered 11 stars who had big influences...
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Brief Analysis on the Decomposition and Reconstruction of Planar Geometry Elements and the Originality of Garment in Stereo Type

Jun Liang, Jiachen Zhu
Nowadays, with the deepening and strengthening of political, economic and cultural exchanges, personalized demand has also been taken seriously. Planar geometry elements have a wide space to play their roles in garment design because of their concise, bright and rich ornamental characteristics, and they...
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The Influence of Ancient Chinese Literati on the Artistic Development of Guqin

Guozhi Chen
As the most typical musical instrument of Chinese traditional music, the development of Guqin is deeply influenced by ancient Chinese literati. The participation of literati has endowed Guqin with rich cultural and humanistic significance, formed a unique set of Guqin music aesthetics, and left a rich...
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The Spiritual Crisis of Modernity and Tu Wei-Ming'S Concept of Self-Cultivation

Valery Kiselev, Varvara Chernykh
This article dwells upon the spiritual problems in modern Chinese society. The term 'spirituality' covers not only the value of ethical categories on the traditional China, but also the humanism as the tandem of both religious and ethical components towards human beings. The basic categories of Confucian...
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A study on the Artistic Characteristics and Practices of Chinese Contemprory Opera Taking Concert Opera "Ejiamei"as an Example

Caizhen Li
In the history of China's nearly 100 years of opera development, through the tireless efforts of Chinese artists, a number of outstanding repertoir have come into the public horizon. The concert opera "Ejiamei", by Sichuan Art Vocational College, with its unique national characteristics, rich cultural...
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Overshadowed Role of the First "History of Chinese Philosophy" by Xie Wuliang

Valery Kiselev
In contemporary Chinese language term for philosophy – zhexue – appeared only at the beginning of 20th century, but during the first decade of the century became well known and widely used. First special writing in China dedicated to the history of Chinese philosophy was "The History of Chinese Philosophy"...
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An Analysis of the BBC Documentary "the Earth" from the Perspective of Audio-visual Language

Qingxue Gao
As the famous BBC ecological documentary throughout history, "the Earth" performs a scene of wonderful visual feast of the earth by using natural ecological elements to state the story. This paper chooses several pieces of the documentary to analyze, and interprets from the aspects of its film structure,...
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Analysis on the Inheritance Path of Henan Handicraft in the Construction of New Rural Culture

Huanan Shang
The construction of a new socialist countryside is a systematic project, while "the construction of new rural culture" is the spirit of new rural construction and it is also the key and difficult point of new rural construction. There are rich folk handicraft resources in the countryside of Henan and...
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Study on the Dissemination of Gannan Hakka Folk Songs from the Perspective of Inter-subjectivity

Miao Huang
This paper focuses on the relationships between "field and stage", "disseminator and recipient" and "single and multiple" in the dissemination process of Gannan Hakka folk songs from the perspective of "inter-subjectivity", and proposes to break the relationships between subject and object in the three...
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Cultural Interpretation of Virtual Animation Singer

Chun Zhao
Rising up in Japan, the virtual animation singer is emerging as a shining star with China's two dimensional economy. This paper interprets the unique cultural attributes of the virtual animation singer from science and technology, idol and music culture to find out the underlying reasons of its standing...
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Appreciation of Literary Language of Pride and Prejudice

Juan Wang
As the most wildly read novel written by Jane Austen, the language of Pride and Prejudice is profuse and varied. The style of this fiction sometimes can be euphemistic and profound, on the other hand, sometimes are humorous and ironic. For more than five score, there are abundant researches about Jane...
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A Study on the Construction of Family Ethic Culture Epic of Buluotuo in Zhuang Nationality

Qianwei Jin, Qing Cai
In the Epic of Buluotuo in Zhuang Nationality, The family ethic culture was formed by the religious belief in the sacred faith, hoping to cultivate the mortals in family, making the young adults carry out the social needs of the main role trough the positive influence of ancestral gods; giving women...
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The Influence of the Philosophical Concept of Yin and Yang on the Modeling of Folk Patterns

Hong Nie, Sibo Yang
Throughout history, the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang has a long history and is deeply rooted. The philosophy of Yin and Yang includes the idea of Yin-Yang and eight diagrams, the concept of "Yin and Yang interact and generate all things" which centers on the reproduction worship, and the philosophical...
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The Application of Color in Interior Design

Yingfeng Kuang, Weihai Zhang
Color is an important constituent in interior design. With the progress of social culture and the improvement of human aesthetic consciousness, many people begin to master the law of color, and it is well versed in the expression that color can bring to the space. Color express in the room in according...
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Research on the Design for Hotel Room

Yingfeng Kuang, Weihai Zhang
Thanks to the rapid economic development, nowadays more and more people are willing go out for a journey. Therefore, hotel rooms have become a necessity for traveling, which has boosted the development of hotels. So as a result, now people are very careful about choosing hotels. The factors for their...
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The Semantic Analysis of Traditional Symbolic Graphics in the Design of Brand Visual Image

Chen Xu
It reflects people's basic necessities from the perspective of traditional graphics. It reflects the different historical background of customs. It makes analysis of its semantic value from the cultural roots of folk traditional graphics. It should open creative ideas, learn its ways of extraction and...
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Study on the Protection of Han Opera Master Mi Yingxian's Opera Culture On Its Historical Contribution to the Formation of Peking Opera

Yifeng Wei
Mi Yingxian, native of Hubei Chongyang, was the recognized founder of Peking opera. In the periods of Qianlong and Jiaqing, he brought his Hubei Han tune to Beijing. He became the leader role of Chuntai Troupe, one of the four Hui troupes. Later, the Han tune converged with Hui tune, which marked the...
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Discussion on the Influence of Public Psychology on Public Art

Wubin Xu, Yuanfei Zhan, Chao Gao
Nowadays, the public psychology plays a very important role in the value and development of art. To understand the psychological needs of the public is helpful to carry out the artistic creation. It also can grasp the public psychology of the masses. According to reading "the crowd—the study on the public...
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Urban Crisis Writing in Paul Auster's Novels

Long Shi
In Paul Auster's Novels, the writer pays special attention to the urban crisis writing: spiritual and ethical crisis, the racial prejudice and terrorist violence. In various crises in the city, compared to the mild spiritual and ethical crisis, the racial prejudice is more radical, even violent, while...
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Inquiry and Reflection of the Inheritance and Reference of National Vocal Music Art

Guangtan Qi
In the study of the inheritance of the Holin-Chor vocal music art in the west of Jilin province, it is found that in the new development period, the inheritance and reference of national vocal music have new opportunities. In the environment of pursuing the development of cultural and artistic diversity,...
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Study on Protection and Inheritance of Expressive Arts of the Oroqen Nationality A Case of Music School of Heihe University

Weibo Dang
The Oroqen nationality is one of 6 small national minorities of China and inhabits in Heilong River Valley of northeast China region. Although without a writing system except language, the Oroqen nationality has a long history and splendid culture. In the beginning, life of the Oroqen nationality was...
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Image Promotion of Lebu Sishu Tourist Supermarket on New Media

Li Ren, Baitong Li
In the information era, new media has a great impact on traditional media at a high speed. Now, new media has changed the way people use the media and makes people's life more convenient. The development of technology determines in what direction the media industry is developing. New media will become...
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Research on LC Design of Interior Public Space

Longlong Zhang, Ying Song
With the rapid development of the global economy nowadays, it is imperative for us to take actions to solve such environment problems as environmental deterioration, ecological imbalance and so on. Therefore, the concept of environmental protection is applied to the environmental design, including consumption...
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Polydiscursive Consensus in the Dialogue of Tradition and Modernity

Andrey Mishuchkov, Sergei Nizhnikov
This article is devoted to understanding the problems of interaction between the discourses of traditionalist and modernist societies, and the possibility of achieving a dialogical consensus in intercivilizational communication. A polydiscursive consensus in the dialogue of cultures creates a new cross-cultural...
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Russia's Historical Role in the Intercultural Dialogue between Nations and Civilizations

Irina Ponizovkina, Elena Agibalova, Elena Gromova
This article discusses the burning issue of Russia's special place in the intercultural space, which is presently subject to review on the global stage. It presents Russia's historical means of seeking a dialogue with other cultures and civilizations. The authors give special attention to the subject...
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The Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Humanitarian Sphere

Anatoly Tsvyk, Galina Tsvyk
The following article highlights the key aspects of the bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China in the humanitarian field. The authors argue that Russia and China are interested in developing and deepening the strategic partnership in this sphere and come...
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Influence of Machine Translation on the Online Cross-cultural Communication

Ming Lu, Sile Niu
The paper studies the relationship and interactions between machine translation (MT) and intercultural communication online. The analyses reveal the positive and negative influences of MT on the online cross-cultural communication and give the possible suggestion to the further development.
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The Deviation and Consistence of Locative Words in Chinese and English from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Yanhong Liu
This paper takes "east, west, south, and north" in Chinese as the reference, and makes comparison with the corresponding English words in their differences and commonness, so as to grasp the "deviation" (different cultural characteristics) and the "consistence" (commonness) of locative worlds in Chinese...
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Comparative Research on the Body Language of Chinese and English during Cross-cultural Communication

Wenjing Sun
Since people come from different cultural backgrounds, the non-verbal communication is very important. Body language is an important part of non-verbal communication in cross-cultural communication. This paper firstly introduces the definition of body language. And then, it concludes the function of...
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The Semantic Potential of Language and the Meaning of Intercultural Communication

Tatiana Leshkevich, Anna Motozhanets
The paper is devoted to the study of intercultural communication in the light of sematic potential of language. Being a semiotic form of reflecting the objective reality, language manifests itself as a means of expressing human subjectivity. The authors rely on interdisciplinary methodological strategy,...
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A Microcosm of Chinese and American Cultures Reflected in the Movie Guasha Treatment

Yanchun Zhang
Culture as the product of human social behavior is a unique phenomenon in which a wide range of culture elements are included. Standard of social moralities, life values and human customs can be transferred by means of film art. In this paper, it analyzes three typical culture differences reflected in...
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The Chinese Cultural Root of the Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind

Zhaohe Chen
The community of common destiny for all mankind is an important part of Xi Jinping's general manager's thought of governing the country, it has reproduced the essence of Chinese traditional culture of which is the "Unity between Heaven and Man, proceeding according to the right path", "the world is as...
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Receipt of Edward Said in Literary Study in China

Chunjuan Zhang
Edward Said and his Orientalism were first introduced to China as a literary theory at the beginning of the 1990s, a period of the awakening of Chinese cultural awareness. Said presented a new research perspective for the study of both literary theory and literary textual criticism in China. By this...
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Discussion on the Translation and Culture of Xi'an Horticultural Exposition Material from the Point of Broadcasting

Zhengfeng Chen, Rong Zhao, Pei Zheng
This paper explores that various translating strategies should be chosen flexibly under the guidance of purpose theory from the point of broadcasting and culture confidence. Besides, the effect of the international communication and the translation of Xi'an Horticultural Exposition material can be gained....
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An Interpretation of Taoism in Chinese Food Culture Taking a Bite of China for an Example

Ling Li
The documentary A Bite of China is not only a luxurious enjoyment for senses, it is also a peerless masterpiece to propagate Chinese food culture. It includes massive Taoist ideas, such as the food aesthetics of simplicity and elegance, food philosophy of heaven-man unity, dietary function of human harmony...
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Philosophy of Yamuna and Its Subcultural Roots

Ruzana Pskhu
The main themes of tantric doctrines are connected with different means of the inner and outer worship of some deities, recitation of mantras, forms of yogic meditation, description of supernatural abilities (siddhi), structure of an individual psychophysical organization, cakra, and etc. Here we consider...
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The Appearance and the Being On Pre-philosophical Terminology in Ancient Egyptian Cosmogonic Texts of the New Kingdom

Vladimir Zhdanov
The problem of the Genesis in philosophy is one of the fundamental themes of modern historical-philosophical science. The article deals with the problem of reflection of ontological categories in the cosmogonic sources of the New Kingdom. Based on the analysis of the use of nouns xprw (forms of development,...
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On the Possibility of a Synthesis of Secular and Religious Values in the Context of Modern Humanitarian Knowledge

Olga Chistyakova
In the sphere of Russian humanitarian knowledge, there is a tradition of separating the secular and religious education. The author substantiates that the spiritual and cultural basis of the modern Russian society should be based on universal human values, as well as on centuries-old heritage of the...
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Schopenhauer's Thoughts on Holiness and the Projects of Moral Religion in the Age of Enlightenment in Germany

Ludmila Kryshtop
Schopenhauer was interested in the philosophical tradition of Indians. He admitted himself that the thoughts of Vedas (among philosophy of Kant) was the important issue of his own philosophical views. It actually expressed in very many aspects of his philosophical doctrine, among all in his understanding...
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Sexual Revolution and Contemporary Culture Liberated Eros or New Symbolic Control

Philipp Tagirov
Sexual revolution leads to numerous cultural shifts and transformations that were believed to deliver the subject of eros from the authoritarian oppression of patriarchal traditionalism and bourgeois puritanism. The article questions whether an affected individual becomes freer or finds him or herself...
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Discussion and Analysis on Xi Jinping's Theory of Ideology

Chuyi Gao
The thoughts and theories of General Secretary Xi Jinping are important parts of Marx's thought as well as the guiding thought of the construction of ideological safety. This paper has researched the theoretical basis of Xi Jinping's theory of ideology and has concluded the main opinions and methods...
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The Characteristics of the Chinese People Surnamed Huang

Chunping Zhang
The Chinese nation has common characters and each nation has its own characteristics. What's more, each ethnic group also has its own characteristics. The main characteristics of the people surnamed Huang are: the reality of a large population and wide distribution, the traditional virtues of etiquette...
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A New Paradigm for Analysing Knowledge Transfer Processes

Mikhail Oseledchik, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev
The paper considers knowledge as one of the most important and explored concepts in the history of philosophy, and in particular the logic, epistemology and methodology of science. The proposed paper focuses on new approaches to the analysis of knowledge and knowledge-transfer processes, which, in the...
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A Multi-perspective Analysis of Robinson's Pioneering Spirit

Jie Li
Robinson is a literary image with a pioneering spirit and has a far-reaching influence in the world literacy. This paper investigates both the cultural connotation and the roots and points out that cultural connotation include three perspectives: breaking with tradition; standing up to the earth and...
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Influence of "Online Celebrities" Consumption on Chinese Traditional Consumer Culture

Yunhua Lin, Zhengpeng Qiao
In recent years, with the rise of all kinds of live-broadcasting platforms, "online celebrity" as a new thing springs up and develops rapidly and new consumption stimulated by such online celebrities appears accordingly, such as online-famous milk tea shops, cloth stores and nail salons. Such a new consumption...
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Shaiva-Siddhanta (Philosophy of Shaivism) and Its Social Aspect

Elena Anikeeva
Shaiva-siddhanta – a profound and elaborated Religious and Philosophical Hindus system that emerged in South India (Tamil Nadu). Shaiva-siddhanta got the ambiguous status in orthodox Hinduism because of socio-caste structure rooted in medieval India and ethno-cultural dispositions between Indian South...
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Philosophical-anthropological Grounds of Self and God (as Other) Relationship in Christian and Islam Discourses. In the Context of Interreligious Communications

Olga Chistyakova
The article introduces a philosophical examination of the dichotomy of Self and Other in the contemporary analysis of Christianity and Islam. Reviewing the phenomenon of the Other, the author refers to God as an object and subject of the relationship Human — Absolution at the same time. The relationship...