Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2018)

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Semantic Feature Analysis of “Chinese Verbs and ‘Zai Plus Locative’ Structure” and the Constraints on Constructional Transformation

Lin Chun, Xiao Yunnan
There is an urgent need into the study on how to help correct and explain ill-formed sentences related to “Chinese verb and ‘zai plus locative’ structure”. The theoretical foundation of this paper is based on semantic feature analysis proposed by Qi (1994). With reference to the two different situational...
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A Reanalysis of Adverbs in A-not-A Questions

Xie Lili
The paper proposes a pragmatic analysis of the distribution of adverbs in A-not-A questions. It argues that “most adverbs” will cause pragmatic anomaly when appearing before the A-not-A form, while temporal and locative adverbs will not. According to the ontological properties of adverbs, “most adverbs”...
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Research on the Inverse Morphemes Word Pairs in Huang Kan’s Interpretations of the Collected Notes on the Analects of Confucius

Xu Ling, Sun Zunzhang
In Huang Kan’s The Interpretations of the Collected Notes on the Analects of Confucius, the inverse morphemes word pairs can generally be grouped into two categories: one being in the strict sense AB/BA both occurring at once, the other in the non-strict sense only BA found in Huang’s the interpretations...
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The Religious Effects of Metaphors of Songs and Lyrics in Dunhuang Buddhism

Wang Yanghe
The religion is closely related to art. Among the Buddhist books, the metaphorical technique, one of the language arts, is more prominent. There are 823 Buddhist songs including 228 metaphorical words (not counting repeated metaphorical words) in Summary of Dunhuang Songs and Lyrics of REN Zhongmin....
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Analysis of Some Research Works on Uyghur Language

Yushayini Aisikaer, Jumai Wusiman
Scholars at home and abroad have published many research works and papers in the field of Uyghur language research since the beginning of the 20th century. Among them, the representative works are A Grammar of Old Turkic written by Marcel Erdal, Turkic Grammar in Ancient Times written by A von Gabain,...
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Analysis on the Semantic Change of “Ayag” in the Uygur Language

Sitiwake Sadati, Jumai Wusiman
The word "ayag” owns four basic meanings in modern Uygur language, while in the old Uyghur language, it owned as many as twenty meanings. In this paper, mainly from the perspective of the historical evolution of the semantic change of “ayag”, the author researches into the in the development and changes...
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A Corpus-based Study and Proposals of CAB Abstracts Taking the Journal of Sichuan Agricultural University as a Case

Zhu Kui, Wu Junzan
With 100 CAB abstracts and their originals in Journal of Sichuan Agricultural University, we try to make a detailed study of their differences in tense, voice, patterns to indicate research results and the readability in Chinese graduates. For these Chinese graduates, it was easier to understand the...
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Study on Semantic Change of the Word "Kent" in Uyghur Language

Halike Buhailiqiemu, Jumai Wusiman
The semantic change of the word "kent" took place in the long history from the Old Uyghur Language period to the Modern Uyghur Language period. In this paper, the author discusses and analyzes the historical evolution and use of the word "kent" from the perspective of historical linguistics.
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The Cultivation of Critical Thinking in the Teaching of College English Reading

Wu Yuanzhen, Liu Shijun
Since twenty years ago, scholars in foreign language teaching have pointed out that lack of critical thinking has hindered the cultivation of comprehensive abilities of English majors. Yet few previous researches focus on the application of critical thinking in actual teaching. The paper tries to explore...
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A Contrastive Study of Metaphorical Expressions of Up Sense Spatial Words in English and Chinese

Pan He
The present study makes an attempt to explore the metaphorical extensions of Up sense spatial words from four aspects: quantity, state, time and social status, drawing on the theoretical framework of cognitive linguistics, concentrating on the conceptual metaphor theory by Lakoff and Johnson. From the...
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A Review of the Current Research on the Translation of Emperor Internal Chinese Medicine

Wang Juan
Among the four classics of traditional Chinese medicine, domestic scholars have made the most abundant achievements in the translation of Emperor Internal Chinese Medicine. The research mainly focuses on the four aspects of diachronic review and sorting out of the translation of the masterpiece, the...
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Study on Sound Changes in the Qaratal Dialect of in Modern Uyghur

Imamuniyazi Baihetiyaer, Aihemaiti Aimaiti, Wusuyin Mayisiguli
Aksu Qaratal dialect occupies a unique position in the central dialect of Uyghur language. It differs from Uyghur written language in pronunciation and vocabulary. This paper mainly introduces the phonetic and lexical characteristics of Aksu Qaratal dialect, and compares it with Uyghur written language.
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An Analysis on Risale-I Aruz of Babur

Wusuyin Mayisguli, Tuersunniyazi Ayiguli
Between the beginnings of the 11th century to the beginning of the 20th century, poetic works occupied an important position in the history of Uygur literature. In order to better research classical Uygur literature, scholars must master the relevant theory and research method of poetics. In the history...
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A Perspective on the Language-game Rules and Complete Translation Strategy of EST: English for Textile Science and Technology

Xu Hua
Linguistic philosophy is the most important theory source in the study of linguistics. A language-game is a famous philosophical concept developed by Ludwig Wittgenstein and Friedrich Waismann. Wittgenstein’s late philosophy theories focus on the essence of language function—communication, i.e. the famous...
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The Reception of the Indo-European Concepts of King and Hero (Based on M.L. West) in Contemporary Art

Volkova Liudmila, Zhdanov Vladimir
Poetry, legends, myths are transmitters of traditions and language in the Indo-European world. They had determined the common values, images and categories that later formed the culture of these peoples. By examining the heritage of the Indo-Europeans we can identify the common structures in languages,...
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Analysis on the Awakening of Black Women in The Color Purple

Wu Runzhi
The Color Purple is a significant movie because it reflects both the social and historical problems of that time profoundly. Specifically, through telling the gradually awakening of a African American girl — Celie Harris who is originally a victim of racial and gender discrimination, but at last achieves...
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The Life Wisdom in "Liao Fan's Four Lessons"*

Zhu Hongli
Liao Fan’s Four Lessons, also called "the Book of Life Wisdom", has been widely spread and has far-reaching influence since its publication. The aggressive spirit of effort changing life fate, the life wisdom of doing the good based on distinguishing the good, and the life attitude of constant reflection...
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Research on the Innovative Design of Chinese Characters by Deconstruction

Hou Jing
This study takes the regular script as an example. The author breaks down the spatial structure of Chinese characters by deconstruction, and forms a new font style to explore the possibility of Chinese character font design in the current era. Chinese writing is a formal system consisting of five levels...
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Study on Perception of Maternity in Eastern Philosophy — Centered on Kim Jiha’s Poems

He Shuqing
Modern Western capitalism sets the material affluence and prosperity as the ultimate goal has affected people who are living today. They forget real human values and the meaning of life and thus live a life of alienation and loss in the blind accumulation of wealth and limitless competition. Since the...
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A Short Analysis of Kate Chopin’s A Respectable Women from a Feminist Perspective

Liu Xin
Kate Chopin was an American author of short stories and novels based in Louisiana, who was considered by some literary critics to have been a forerunner of American 20th-century feminist authors. In her famous work A Respectable Woman, she created a contradictory character and a brilliant and ambiguous...
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The Survival Theme of the Science Fiction “The Three Body Problem” Trilogy from Cixin Liu

Wang Chuwei, Li Ting
The science fictions of Cixin Liu are spoken highly of people for they make science fiction into reality, using grand imagination and narration to express the charm of the universe and unique humanistic concern. However, fewer scholars interpret works from the survival aspect and it leaves a certain...
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Discussion on the Symphonic Question of Twelve Muqam Uygur Art from Xinjiang, China

Yimamu Nuermaimaiti, Aimaiti Adila
The Muqam Uygur Art from Xinjiang China which carries ancient national culture, is the crystallization of people's wisdom, a precious heritage of national culture, as well as the real reflection of Uygur people from hundreds of thousands years. Its unique art value and cultural connotation is considered...
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General Analysis on the Negative Emotions over the Inherited Work of Twelve Muqam Uygur Xinjiang, China

Aimaiti Adila, Yimamu Nuermaimaiti
Under the attention over the work of folk culture’s inheritance and development by the communist party and government, we have already been entitled with the superior conditions to learn and inherit the "Twelve Muqam" Uygur China. However with the development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization...
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The Creative Value of Zhuhai Folk Art Illustration

Xu Ying
After years of baptism and accumulation, Zhuhai has formed a unique folk art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, folk art is getting more and more attention from academic circles and the society. Protecting, propagating and inheriting Zhuhai folk culture and art is a necessary...
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The Stylistic Features of Chopin’s Four Ballades

Li Lin
Chopin's narrative music, as an instrumental genre, shows more originality than other piano works created by him. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of the four ballades, it is clear that the themes of the four narratives are composed of singing melody, recitation, dance rhythm, and so on....
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Study on the Application of Traditional Patterns Elements of Oroqen in Amur River Basin in Modern Ceramic Design

Yan Tianbao, Wang Yuyun
With the development of the times and social economy, the traditional ethnic culture of Oroqen has been gradually assimilated and its regional characteristics have gradually subsided. In the field of ceramic design in China, there has also been a phenomenon of uniformity and lack of national characteristics....
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A Comparison of Manchu Shaman Culture and Indian Shaman Culture

Li Yanhong
Shaman culture has played an important role in the Manchu and Indian races in the process of civilization. Both Manchu Shaman and Indian Shaman belong to the pan-monotheistic, nature worship, animal worship, plant worship, totem worship, and ancestor worship which coexist and are intertwined. However,...
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The Value of Dialect TV Programs for the Protection Awareness of Endangered Languages

Zhu Teng
The protection of endangered languages is a problem facing the whole world. In recent years, it has attracted the attention of the state and government. As a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual country, China takes language resources are valuable national resources. Influenced by the process of world integration,...
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Research on the Plastic Arts of Solon Tribe in Heilongjiang River Valley

Xie Hui, Fu Zhongfeng
Minority tribes and ethnic culture are the treasures of China's traditional culture, for they show the diversity and uniqueness of the culture in China, also they are an important part of the protection and inheritance of China's traditional culture. Solon tribe in Heilongjiang River Valley is a representative...
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A Contrastive Study of Street Furniture Design Between Paris and Chengdu City

Wang Tan, Tang Xuhui, Yu Xiaofang
Street furniture, which directly demonstrates the characteristics of a city, is also an important carrier of urban culture. However, under the impact of the globalization wave, the new-built streets often lose the local environmental humane characteristics. The disappearance of regional cultural characteristics...
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Application and Manifestation of Digital Printing in the Design of Casual Clothing

Luo Longlin
With the diversification of society, people are having more and more demands for the personalized clothing, and more and more people are fond of the clothing with unique and novel patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to create a wide variety of new patterns to provide innovative ideas to the development...
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Habitus, Field and Capital in Translation and Publication of Picture Books — a Case Study on Peng Yi

Song Wei
In light of Bourdieu’s Social Practice Theory, this paper aims to explore the intertwined factors of habitus, field and capital in translation and publication of picture books. The analysis of translation and publication related issues will be conducted with the case study on Peng Yi, who is the most...
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Hybridization in Economic Activities in Samuel Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners and Moses Ascending

Liu Tingxuan
Samuel Selvon (1923-1994) is a pioneer in Caribbean literature. His Moses trilogy is very representative because of his preoccupation with issues of culture and identity. This paper attempts to employ Homi Bhabha’s theory of hybridity to illustrate the Creoles’ struggle against colonization and the construction...
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Modern Aesthetics and Its Paradoxes A Study on Agnes Heller’s Theory of “Sensus Communis”

Li Huiwen
According to Agnes Heller, as an independent subject, aesthetics was a product of the epoch of bourgeoisie. Aesthetics became a universal philosophy to describe and comment aesthetic field, aesthetic, objectification of beauty, and the arts of its own framework, with its common ideology and universal...
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Analysis on the Embodiment of Sichuan Han Folk Songs in the New Sichuan Opera High-pitched Tune Music Taking “Bashan Xiucai”, “Jin Zi” and “Jiang Jie” as an Example

Fan Jing
In the long process of development of Sichuan opera, it absorbs the elements of local folk music and culture, and presents the vocal art with local characteristics in Sichuan. From traditional Sichuan opera music to newly compiled Sichuan opera music, no matter in music creation, band composition or...
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“Lugu Lake” and “Xiaoliangshan” Exploration of the Two Imageries in Xiaoliangshan's Poetry

Yang Shuping
Imagery is an important component of poetry, a carrier for poetry, and an important factor in distinguishing poetry from other literary genres. From the perspective of the poetry ontology research that has received much attention, imagery research is crucial to accurately and deeply enter the text and...
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Research on the Application of Tujia Brocade Pattern in Modern Cultural and Creative Design

Nie Hong, Zhang Shulin
Tujia brocade is the handmade handicraft handed down from generation to generation among Tujia women, with strong local characteristics and is an important manifestation of Tujia spiritual wealth. Taking the Tujia brocade pattern as the research object, this paper explores how to integrate the Tujia...
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An Analysis of the Image “Snow” in Liang Xiaosheng’s Educated Youth Novels

Shi Jinhuan
Snow is one of the common images of Liang Xiaosheng's educated youth works. The "snow" as a natural phenomenon in his works not only becomes a characteristic display of the Great Northern Wilderness area, but also the main medium for the inner activity and the theme of the work to be exposed and sublimated....
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Narrative Integration of “Culture” and “Human” in Chinese Cultural TV Programs Taking National Treasure as an Example

Wu Duanli, Chen Weihua
As a breakthrough in Chinese cultural TV programs in the new era, National Treasure highlights the narrative integration of “human” and “culture” in the aspects of “human-oriented” narrative strategy and the consistency between the “star effect” of narrative subject and cultural core. It changes the...
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Primary Exploration on the Differentiation of the Animation Industry Models of China, Japan and America in the Context of the Two-dimensional Culture

Sun Peng
In recent years, the term "two-dimensional culture" has been mentioned by more and more people around the world. The two-dimensional culture has gradually penetrated into our daily lives. People often confuse the two-dimension with ACGN, but the two-dimensional culture is essentially different from the...
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A Typical Example of the Survival Pathway of Sichuan Opera Based on the Field Investigation of Chengdu Yuelai Tea Garden

Liu Jingshu
The history of Chengdu Yuelai Tea Garden can be dated back to the Laolang Temple during the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. Because of the adherence to the Sichuan Opera performance for a long time, it is regarded as a holy land by the theatre fans. At present, Yuelai Tea Garden still regularly performs...
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Landscape Design of Business Circle Transformation in Old Town Taking Hanzheng Street of Wuhan as an Example

Song Muyang
As China’s economy and society develop rapidly and urbanization process speeds up further, the transformation of old towns is inevitable in urban development. One of the core factors in old town transformation is accurate planning of landscape design, aiming to avoid “sameness” in urban landscape design,...
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Protection and Cultural Heritage of Yunnan Traditional Handmade Carving Techniques Taking Lijiang “Jinsmith” Handmade Leather Goods as an Example

Yu Qiao
In the beautiful Shuhe Ancient Town of Lijiang, Yunnan, one of the world's three major heritage sites, there is a leather goods store that completely inherits the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship — "Jinsmith" handmade leather goods store. Every piece of leather in the store is a painstaking work of...
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Analysis on the Relationship Between Landscape Ecology and Urban Ecological Landscaping

Li Yifei, Li Mingying
With the development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, more and more people pay more attention to the urban greening in the city. In the planning and design of urban gardens, it is especially necessary to take into account the necessity of keeping the continuity and completeness of landscape...
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Research and Practice on the Dynamic Design of Visualized Image Identity for Art Exhibition

Zhou Dapeng
This paper has elaborated the dynamic tendency of visual images on art exhibition with new media as the technical support under the historical background of “Internet Plus” and proposed the systematic design methods and strategies, in order to build the identification system of visual images that conforms...
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Investigation and Research on Chinese Jianhe Tin Embroidery Technology

Geng Xiaochen, Ren Jinna
This paper briefly describes the area and distribution of tin embroidery, and interprets the weaving, dyeing, picking, embroidering and other processes of tin embroidery through field investigation and research. Based on the detailed discussion of the craft features of tin embroidery, the paper also...
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A Review of Paul Auster Studies

Shi Long, Zhu Qingwei
Paul Benjamin Auster is a famous contemporary American writer. His works have won recognition from all over the world. So far, the Critical Community contributes different criticism to his works from varied perspectives in the West and China. This paper tries to make a review of Paul Auster studies,...
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Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty and the Jiao Di Opera

Bai Xiaotian
The Jiao Di Opera originated from the Warring States and developed rapidly during the period of Emperor Wu of Han. And the rapid development of Jiao Di Opera in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was closely related to the thought of the Emperor. Jiao Di opera can be loved and strongly advocated...
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Design Ethics of Eastern Hubei’s Rice Farming Implements in the Cultural Heritage and Its Expression of Folk Culture

Sun Jun, Xu Chunni
In this paper, the typical rice farming implements in Eastern Hubei are placed into the system of implements design as the point. Through the analysis on the cases of traditional farming implements in Eastern Hubei, the design and aesthetics of traditional farming implements in Eastern Hubei are discussed,...
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Analysis on the Impact of the Ritual of the Western Zhou Dynasty on the Bronze Ornamentation

Pei Shuyan
The bronze ornamentation in the Shang Dynasty were mainly of imaginary animal pattern, changed into realistic animal pattern in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and simplified into geometric pattern until the middle and late Western Zhou Dynasty, which proved that the bronze ornamentation in the Western Zhou...