Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2018)

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Feminism in Susie Chao’s Sai Jinhua

Li Xin
Sai Jinhua is a controversial female for her impact on the history of late Qing and Early Republican China. From late Qing Dynasty till now, there are continuous research and literary creation on Sai Jinhua. Susie Chao, a Swiss of Chinese ancestry writer, creates the novel Sai Jinhua from the perspective...
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Study on the Protection and Inheritance of Grand Song of Dong Minority

Qi Guangtan
Since the economic development of China, the construction of spiritual civilization has been risen to higher level. The modern civilization construction progress is mainly based on the national traditional culture to improve the national cultural connotation on this basis. Thereinto, with the continuous...
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Primary Exploration of Sun Li’s View of Humanity in His Later Years

Zhou Mengyao
In his later years, Sun Li commented on modern Chinese in his creations, paying attention to their living conditions, exploring their destiny and future, and forming a modern view of humanity from three dimensions of humanistic methodology including “Ontology”, “the Theory of Being” and “Knowing the...
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Investigation and Research on Opera of Poyang Lake Area in Northern Jiangxi

Ouyang Shilai
This survey is based on the counties of Jiujiang City in the Poyang Lake area of northern Jiangxi. The survey objects are mainly the national intangible cultural heritage (Qingyang opera and Xihe opera) and the provincial intangible cultural heritage (Nanhe opera, Tea-picking opera, Ninghe opera, and...
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Chinese Literary Logic: Imaginary Thinking in Cognitive Structure

Jia Lei, Zhang Xiaomang
Chinese characters are ideographic writing, and there is a close relationship between their physical structures and meanings. The logic-cognitive process of this connection is determined by the normative role of traditional Chinese imagery thinking. In the logic-cognitive process of visual analogy, it...
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Real Situation and Inner Image Analysis on the Urban Cultural Image of the Drama “I Am Waiting for You in Chengdu”, the First Drama of Dream Seekers’ Life in Chengdu

Zhang Zhengbo, Wang Miao, Huang Hao
In July 2018, the first drama of dream seekers’ life in Chengdu “I am waiting for you in Chengdu” was performed in Wuhou Theater and Sanhe Classic Car Museum in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The continuous hot scene completely exceeded the team’s expectations. Major domestic news media such as “Toutiao”,...
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Afghanistan-Russia Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation

Naderi Asef, Naderi Mina
Any state strives to develop its political, economic, security legal and institutional framework that determines its foreign and domestic policy and shows its potential in the world arena. But the need for cultural development becomes an integral part of any state, national, personal education and development....
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Interrelation of Philosophical and Religious Values of Russia and the USA: Historical and Cultural Context

Chistyakova Olga V., Chistyakov Denis I.
The article is dedicated to the consideration of the most important philosophical and religious ideas of modern American theology and Russian philosophy of the late 19th-early 20th centuries. The author scrutinizes the values and concepts of the Pilgrim Fathers and Eastern Christian Patristics in the...
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Collective Memory and Cultural-mythological Space

Ponizovkina Irina, Agibalova Elena
The article considers the important problem of internal interrelation between collective memory and social myth-making in the cultural space. The ambivalent nature of the impact that a myth has on social values associated with the industry of memory is revealed. On the one hand, mythology helps society...
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The Transmission of the Orthodox Spiritual Tradition in Russian Culture and Beyond

Tokareva Svetlana, Dikarev Iliya
The authors of the article review the channels of transmitting the Orthodox tradition. The peculiarities of maintaining the Orthodox tradition in the Russian and Western cultures are being analyzed with special attention given to speech practices with church-religious genres and fiction being of key...
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Existential Experience of Absurd: Its Mental Background in Modern Culture

Rudanovskaya Svetlana
The paper gives an analytical review of various implications and premises of absurd as existential experience in the light of literary and philosophical texts that contribute to the cultural style of the XXth century. Experience of absurd is regarded as a result of hermeneutic incompatibility of different...
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Educational Outreach of A.A. Khovansky’s Collected Works “The Slavic Bulletin” (Slavyansky Vestnik)

Bondarenko Natalia
The article highlights the role of A.A. Khovansky, the Language arts teacher from the city of Voronezh, who, in the second half of the 19th century, continued the traditions of Czech and Slovak scholars to promote the Slavic languages and literatures. Over 30 articles on the history, the ethnography,...
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The Comparison of Chinese and Western Marriages with Analysis on the Relevant Causes

Li Jingguang
As we know, different countries have different cultures, and it is the different cultures that lead to the difference of the marriages in different nations. This thesis mainly talks about the differences of the marriage between China and the western countries from the following two aspects: marriage...
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Research on the Adaptation Strategies of Chinese Teachers’ Intercultural Communication in Chinese Culture Taking the Confucius Institute in Kyrgyzstan as an Example

Zhao Yongliang
The Confucius Institute is an effective form of Chinese culture to go out in an organized, large-scale and established system. Kyrgyzstan Confucius Institute Chinese teachers mainly engage in the study of the intercultural communication adaptability of Chinese culture, aiming to improve Chinese teaching...
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Hmong Video: Collective Video Production of Transnational Ethnic Groups

Chen Lin
This paper discusses how the transnational ethnic groups build their cultural identity through collective media production through describing the communication phenomena that Hmong people spontaneously produce Hmong video across border to reflect the pursuit of minority groups of seeking more cultural...
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A Discussion and Analysis on the Customs of Polytheism in the “June Gods Fair” in Guide County, Qinghai Province, China

Wang Gaokun, Ms. Renzenglaqingwangmu
The “June Gods Fair” in Guide County, Qinghai Province is a large folk religious activity carried out based on the beliefs of Gods Wenchang and Erlang in Amdo area. The content includes not only religious sacrifices, dancing with gods and so on but also contains a large number of folk activities with...
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Ancient Tea-Horse Road and Caravan Culture From the Perspective of the Caravan Courier Route from Gongshan of Nujiang to Chavalon of Tibet

Yang Jinyu
Located in the Grand Canyon of Nu Jiang in the southwestern border of China, the mountain is high the river is rapid. One of the world's highest Tea-Horse Road has been walking for thousands of years. It starts from Gongshan in Nujiang Prefecture, passes through Bingzhongluo or N'Mai River, and goes...
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A Comparative Analysis of Chinese Cultural Values and Western Cultural Values from the Perspective of “Power Distance”

Zhu Sha
Value can determine people's different behaviors and thoughts to a great extent. The contrasting cultural values in different countries can also explain the different ways people follow in their life. However, value is abstract and difficult to illustrate, so, power distance dimension, put forward by...
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Media Self-regulation in Bulgaria

Chen Yu
This paper explores the milieu of the establishment of media self-regulatory system in Bulgaria. As one of the former Soviet satellite states, Bulgaria has been in the transformational period since 1989, with its political system from centralized one-party one to a democratic electoral one. So did the...
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Study on the Role of Dragon Dance in Campus Culture

Lin Yaohui
Dragon dance is an ancient movement. In the process of development, it has gradually become a ritual in people's sacrifices and festivals. With the influx of Western culture in modern times, the frequency of dragon dance in life is relatively reduced. To certain extent, this has posed a negative impact...