Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Computer Science (ICEMC 2017)

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Discussion on the Value of University Library in Campus Culture Construction

Ma Xiuhua, Li Gemin
The campus is a cradle of dreams, and it is beautiful and full of hope for every student. The good campus cultural atmosphere can cultivate students' correct values, noble moral sentiments and rich ideological connotations. Campus culture is an important embodiment of university civilization and an important...
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A Study on the Synergistic Development of Instrumental and Humanistic Strategies in College English Curriculum

Li Guangcai
Based on the teaching philosophy of foreign language, this paper aims to establish the way of college English school-based teaching goal of instrumental and humanistic characteristic in local colleges and universities according to the rules of language teaching, social needs and students' individual...
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An Empirical Study on the Mechanism of Five-Entry Education to College Students' Innovation-Entrepreneurship Intention

Kuang Banghong, Yi Luxia, You Yucong
This paper explains and demonstrates how five-entry education philosophy functions as a mechanism to cultivate the innovation-entrepreneurship intention of college students. From the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship, this paper, based on the theory of planned behavior, examines the impact...
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Study on the Realization Approach to Introduce Outstanding Traditional Culture to College Ideological and Political Education

Wang Lihua
Outstanding traditional culture is the essence of Chinese nation, and college ideological and political education is the main channel to strengthen the education of national successors. In addition, the combination of traditional culture and college ideological and political education is developed as...
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Research and Application of Safety Supervision Information Platform for Dangerous Chemicals in Port

Ma Weiwei, Dong Xiaoyan, Lu Dong, Li Li
The safety supervision of hazardous chemicals in port is the most important task of China port safety supervision at present. Through analyzing the inadequacies and problems of port hazardous chemicals safety regulation in actual work, put forward the basic ideas of comprehensively improving the ability...
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Principles and Applications of Quantum Communication

Jiang Jialei, Ma Hao, Liu Hao
In this paper, the definition and connotation of quantum communication technology are briefly analyzed, and the ideal model of quantum communication is briefly summarized. Secondly, the characteristics and advantages of quantum communication technology are briefly analyzed based on the progress process...
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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Innovative Talents in Clothing and Apparel Design Specialty

Gao Mingjun
Many colleges in China are setting up clothing and apparel design specialty, but viewing this specialty talent training mode we can find that there are some very obvious problems in the cultivation of innovative talents. This article focuses on the analysis of the existing problems, and puts forward...
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Study on Modeling of Local Intelligent Traffic Scheduling

Zhang Chao, Wang Shoujin, Xu Zhaoyang
In order to alleviate the congestion of urban traffic roads, reduce the tension of congestion and reduce travel time, through traffic simulation, we can predict and evaluate the actual traffic situation, so as to layout the traffic control facilities preferably. Through the dynamic transformation and...
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A Brief Analysis of How Metaphor Awareness Benefits College English Vocabulary Teaching

Gao Ke
This essay aims to explore how metaphor awareness in discipline of cognitive linguistics will benefit vocabulary teaching and learning in College English Class. The notion 'metaphor awareness' mentioned here is mainly for teachers in their teaching, which implies recommendations such as teacher training,...
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Perfection Measures of the Teaching Mode for Colleges Visual Communication Design Major

Yang Zhen
With the continuous development of China's economy and the rising life standards of people, many emerging industries have been established. In order to better promote the development of these industries,the colleges in our country have designed many corresponding majors to them. Aimed at providing a...
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Equilibrium Analysis on Total Supply and Demand for Urban Commercial Housing in China

Zhang Mengke
This paper analyzes the current situation of supply and demand imbalance of urban commercial housing market between 1998 and 2016 in China from the perspective of sold area and floor area completed. Then it constructs VAR model and predicts the supply and demand for urban commercial housing from 2017...
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Research on Share Repurchase of Chinese Listed Company

Zhong Yelin, Wen Yunying, Zhong Jiaming
On basis of elaborating on methods types, motivation classification and main target of share repurchase, it sorts through development status of Chinese share repurchase and makes in-depth analysis of problems existing in share repurchase of Chinese listed company and the causes as well as proposes countermeasures...
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Corn Drying Process Variables Screening and Its Moisture Content Forecast

Wang Kefei, Lu Ming, Ke Hongdi
This study is based on BP neural network technology, through the MATLAB programmed processing, analyzed the factors which influenced the corn moisture content.Finally,through the MATLAB ,designed a method of online moisture content of corn. Through the comparison of predictive value and the true value...
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Extraction Character of Small Molecular Compounds from Peanut Shell

Gong Guizhen, Han NaiBo, Feng Di
The extraction characteristics of small molecules from peanut shell with ethanol, acetone and petroleum ether were investigated. The extracts were detected and analyzed with infrared spectrum analysis (FTIR). The results show that the effect of ethanol extraction was better than acetone and petroleum...
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A Study on the Construction of English Curriculum System for ELE and ESP Universities in Provincial Universities

Ouyang Weina, Li Dan
Domestic ELE and ESP research and application has always been affected by foreign research, to the application of personnel training-oriented ELE and ESP curriculum system construction of Chinese studies, especially the provincial colleges and universities is not sufficient, the provincial college English...
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Research on the Performance of Industrial Innovation of Small and Medium-sized Listed Companies in China

Zhang Tingfa
Innovation is the real source of economic growth, and industrial innovation is systems integration of the technological innovation, product innovation and market innovation, which is the basic determinant of national competitiveness. This paper constructs an analytical framework that includes variables...
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Study on Optimum Usage of Power System upon Conventional Power Underwater Vehicle

Yang Kun, Zhou Lei
For a conventional powered underwater vehicle, different use modes of power system have great influence on important technical performance indexes such as underwater range and underwater endurance time. First of all, this paper attempted to study the modeling method of the core energy module for the...
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Research on the University Library Information Resources in the Background of Big Data

Guo Yiping, Li Gemin
The university library with the development of the times, the planning of literature information resource organization and development mode, showing the use and development of digital management and network information resources in university library, this project has become the subject of urgent need...
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Exploration and Analysis of the Problem of Colleges Teaching Management Information

Liu Lili, Chang Xuehong
Along with the development of information technology and the rapid development of the Internet, the educational information has become an important symbol of the educational modernization. In recent years, the relevant policies of the state have made it clear that the construction of educational information...
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Predicament of Construction of Service-Oriented Government of Township--Based on the Perspective of Township Finance

Li Qianyu, Cheng Hongdan
The government reform objective of constructing service-oriented government clearly set by the CPC Central Committee is the inevitable result to meet the development of social economy in the case of according to the international background and the current domestic social environment. Since the tax sharing...
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Computer to Achieve High Efficiency of Office Automation

Zhang Jin
The rapid updating of the level of modern science and technology, in the promotion of office automation under the premise of the computer into the office operation process throughout the work. This paper mainly introduces the characteristics and functions of office automation, as well as the development...
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Case for Algae Biofuel

Wang Kailin
In recent years, the third generation biofuel, such as algae, has become a promising alternative source of energy. This paper deals with a specific case for algae biofuel, which weaved a relatively practical envision about algae industry. In this envision I firstly chose the type of technologies to cultivate...
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System Structure and System Architecture of Digital Campus

Zhou Jie
With the continuous development of information technology and its wide application in the field of education, the implementation of higher education informatization is imperative. Digital campus is regarded as the highlight of educational information, especially attention. This article starts with the...
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Review Study on the Supply Mechanism of Public Services under the Livelihood Finance

Hu Huanhuan
The people's livelihood is the basic problem in China's economic and social development, and the people's livelihood finance is the main means to solve the problems of people's livelihood. In recent years, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the provision of public services, to allow...
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The Development of Higher Education in Northeast Three Provinces of China

Wang Xiaoshu, Wang Le
Northeast China is a geographical region of China, the development of higher education is crucial to the economic and social development of Northeast China. This paper use the data from China Statistical Yearbook to analyze the development of higher education in Northeast China in recent years, analyzed...
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Analysis of Japanese Intransitive Verb and Transitive Verb Expressions Based on Different Perspectives

Wang Zongjie, Wang Jinghui
In Japanese, except for some grammars being able to express "can", possible expression of a verb can refer some abilities or conditions with possibility. This kind of possible expression is relative to a subject's will and wish. Therefore, the verb in its possible expression is full of will. Intransitive...
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An Overview of the Speech Act of Complaining

Zhang Dan
Complaint is the sort of the speech act which threatens the hearer's face. Therefore, different people will adopt the different realization patterns of complaints. Therefore, this paper will present an overview of the speech act of complaining from at home and abroad.
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Research on the Present Situation and Prospect of Chinese Animation and Movie Art Image Design

Li Feng
Animation is a form of artistic expression with strong specificity. In the creativity industry, animation and the animation industry play a leading role and can create huge social value and economic value for social development. Art image is an important element in animation, and the image design quality...
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Analysis of and Suggestions Regarding the Current Status of Utilization and Disposal for General Industrial Solid Wastes in Chongqing

Liu Qiang, Liu Jialie, Zhang Manli, Yang Shuiwen
Objective: The object of this study is to point out some problems existing in the utilization and disposal of general solid wastes and environment management in Chongqing. Methods: The present status of the utilization and disposal of general industrial solid wastes there for five consecutive years (2011-2015)...
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Analysis of Teachers' Role as Emotional Guide under Flipped Classroom Teaching Context

Ren Huanhuan, Ma Chi
Emotions affect students' developments from many aspects, and emotional education is an indivisible part of whole education. This research looks at teachers' role as emotional guide under flipped classroom teaching context. Grounded in holistic review of emotional education and significance analysis...
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Thoughts about the Cultivation of Students' Innovative Consciousness and Innovative Ability During the Professional Course Teaching

Li Fei
Carrying out innovative education is the duty and mission of higher education, given by the era. Carrying out the thinking and exploring to the cultivation of students' innovative consciousness and innovative ability during the professional course teaching has great significance to improve the quality...
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An Overview of Politeness

Zhang Dan
Politeness is such an important phenomenon that it is indispensable to human interaction. As a universal phenomenon, politeness can be observed in all languages and cultures. In this essay, the author will give you the detailed analysis of the politeness principle between East and West. From the analysis,...
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The Construction of Teaching System of Intercultural Communication Course for Japanese Major

Qing Yan
In the context of global economic integration, the exchanges between countries are becoming increasingly close, and good communication needs to be based on well fundamentals of language. China and Japan have had a long history of communication, but there are still many problems in cross-cultural communication...
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Problems Analysis and Countermeasures Research on the Introduction of Overseas Chinese Talents to Colleges and Universities ----Taking Several Universities in Henan Province as Examples

Zhang Weidi
Talent is an important guarantee for the development of colleges and universities. The introduction of returned talents from overseas studies plays an extremely important role in enhancing the strength of universities and expanding the international influence of universities. This thesis is going to...
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Research on Financial Support of New Countryside Construction in China

Ji Nisi
The cpc's 13th Five-Year comprehensive plan put forward a major historic task of building a new socialist countryside. This is the comprehensive implementation of urban and rural development to increase industrial agriculture, move the city to support the countryside, accelerate urbanization and narrow...
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The SWOT Analysis of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Changle Story

Tu Wei, Zheng Jie
Changle story, which has been listed as a state-level intangible cultural heritage, is a priceless cultural treasure to the whole world. It is quite necessary and worthwhile for us to research and explore how to make the fullest use of its cultural and economic values. The current paper will carry out...
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The Research and Development of Sanya Big Tourism Performing Arts Culture Brand Based on the Romantic Show of Sanya

Zhou Wen, Huang Xuebin, Zhang Kun
This paper is going to carried out based on the policies of an international tourism island, Hainan to study on The Romantic Show of Sanya based on its real tourism situation. In addition, it will also study on the big brand in terms of Sanya tourism performance from the perspectives of development history...
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On the Symbolism of Drama Stage Character Modeling Design

Zhang Hui
With the social progress and the development of new consumption culture, people's aesthetic concept has also changed. At this time, the design advocated in the design circle is urging accordingly, and designers pay more attention to people's emotional needs. For example, the word "symbolism" has gradually...
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Economic Evaluation and Research of Day-ahead Optimal Dispatch of the Microgrid

Zhang Yuman
Aiming at the day-ahead optimal problem of microgrid, according to the accurate wind and light output data within 24 hours, this paper establishes the optimization model. In the case of adding storage battery regulation, the regulation and distribution model of the storage battery in one day is established,...
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Design of OLED Driver Based on STM32

Huang Jian
This paper describes the working principle of the STM32 drive OLED screen, design of the hardware circuit, program the software. English characters and numbers can be displayed on the OLED display. Graphics can display by font generation software at the same time. The design is especially suitable for...
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Exploration on Teaching Reform of Sculpture Course in Art Design Major in Colleges and Universities

Cai Sha
With the development of China's social and economic construction, sculpture course teaching has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. However, at present, many of our colleges and universities have the problems of teaching and practical use of sculpture teaching in art design major, which...
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The Inevitable Trend and Challenges Faced by Bilingual Teaching in Management Science

Zhang Yifan
Along with the progress of China`s internationalization and outward-oriented development, new research topics of the Management Science, which is an academic discipline of the study permeating all levels of a commercial society, have been put forward among national educational institutions and colleges...
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Research on Application of Embedded System Based on Neural Network in Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis

Wang Tao
With the rapid development of modern electronic technology, the circuit is highly integrated and large-scale, which leads to the complexity of circuit fault diagnosis. Based on this, a method put forward in this paper is to use BP neural network to diagnose the fault of analog circuits. According to...
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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Business Applied Talents in Business English Teaching in Harbin University of Commerce

Sun Lu
This paper puts forward how to further deepen the reform of the business English teaching mode, improve the quality of business English teaching, establish a more perfect curriculum construction system and the concrete course of the study of the business situation, curriculum and teacher situation of...
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The Path Research of International Education in Universities

Cheng Yi, Li Han
Economic globalization is the objective trend and the most notable features of economic development in the world undoubtedly, and brings profound influence for the world's economic and social development. The economic globalization promotes the cross-border flows of goods, services, technology, knowledge,...
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Simulating and Scoring the Traffic Efficiency of Airport Security

Gong Jinxin
In this paper, we solve the problem of airport security passing efficiency. First, we processed the raw data to calculate the service efficiency of each region. Next, based on Markov network queuing theory, we established the basic model which can show the passenger traffic situation of airport security....
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The Bridging Problem Study of College English Teaching and Bilingual Teaching

Wang Weiwei, Wu Lan
The bilingual teaching in colleges and universities in our country have been pushing for years, but in college English teaching and bilingual teaching exists between the certain problem, although say now after a period of improvement, our country university of college English teaching and bilingual teaching...
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Optimizing the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint

Xu Ying, Hua Jingwen
At present, there exists a common phenomenon that the waiting time for passengers at the security checkpoint is too long and the cost is too high in solving the sudden peak flow of people in the majority of airports in the world. To optimize the passenger throughput, we have set up a model which considered...
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The Relationship between Economy and the Development of New Energy

Qu Tianyi, Cao Xiaofang
In order to change the situation of the worse circumstance and energy shortage, how to develop new energy comes to be an issue related not only to China but also the whole world. Development of energy contributes closely to the economy growth. From the perspective of environmental protection, developing...
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Evaluation And Customization of TV Drama

Li Yi
Which TV program can catch your attention when you are channel surfing? In this paper, several models are proposed to solve the problem. Our efforts in building these models followed the path below. We establish a judgment matrix to obtain the weight of index using Analytic Hierarchy process (AHP). Then,...
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Research on Risk Management and Response in the Process of Labor Dispatching Management

Zhu Jianding, Yang Xueying, Yang Jiwei
Labor dispatching is a kind of special recruitment mode along with the reformation of government institutions and development of organizational capacity. Labor dispatching has these features such as flexibility, short, and low cost, etc. compared with formal employment. The risk of management also will...
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Experimental Study on The Performance of Fiber Reinforced RAC

Zhang Mingming, Zhang Shimin, Peng Xiaohui, Liu Kangning
In order to study the fiber of fiber recycled concrete (F-RAC) on the mechanical properties and deformation performance, through the 72 groups of 216 pieces of concrete specimens of different substitution rate of RAC were studied, the results showed that the addition of a single fiber, the flexural strength...
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The Product Collaborative Design System Architecture Based on Cloud Manufacturing Services

Hu Dongfang, Lei Ruonan
In order to further improve the efficiency of product collaborative design method. Through deep research on product collaborative design and cloud manufacturing services, the method of applying cloud manufacturing service technology in the field of product collaborative design is put forward. Based on...
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The Change Research of Soil Moisture and Temperature in Farm Field

Zhao Yueling, Li Junze, Liang Fanyu, Ruan Weiqiang
Soil temperature and humidity is a dynamic part of the soil properties, it is an important factor of affect the soil fertility. Soil temperature and humidity in different periods of change trend is very different. During each period, according to the comparative analysis of forecast values and measure...
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Exploration and Design of Computer Aided-Translation Teaching Course

Du Bei
With the development of globalization, the translation market has ushered in a great development opportunity. China's demand for translation talents has showed a geometric growth. Computer-aided translation teaching, which is a new means of translation under the information conditions, is closely related...
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Research on the Construction of the "Double Qualified" Teaching Staff Majoring in Information Technology in the Agricultural Universities

Gu Hongjun, Wang Jinghui, Hou Lixin, Li Shijun
Constructing the "double qualified" teaching staff is much important to agricultural universities. This paper constructs the "double qualified" teaching staff from the major of information technology, analyzes the problems in the traditional teaching objective orientation and teaching method of colleges...
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Design of Automatic Vehicle Tracking Based On STM32

Huang Jian
In the electronic design competition and practical applications, there are often a variety of smart cars. Its performance and requirements are constantly improving. Automatic tracking is one of the basic problems to be solved. The black and white line tracking is a commonly used way. In the black and...
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Comparative Research on the Characteristic of Aerodynamic Drag Reducing Between the Projectile with Column and Truncated-Cone Base Cavity Shape

Ye Zhihong, Lu Haibo
In order to discuss the effect of the base cavity shape on the projectile aerodynamic force, projectile with different base cavity shape, column and truncated-cone (dilation and shrinkage one, with different incline angle " ", 15ø, 10ø, 5ø, 2ø), was investigated numerically. The distribution of the flow...
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Research on Industry Data Analysis Model Based on Hadoop Big Data Platform

Xu Hongsheng, Fan Ganglong, Li Ke
Big data analysis refers to the huge size of data analysis, from a large amount of data to extract potential valuable information. Hadoop, the core of the Hadoop distributed file system and MapReduce, provides users with the underlying, detailed, transparent distributed infrastructure. In this paper,...
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The Investigation about How to Protect the Internet Insurance Consumers' Rights and Interests

Huang Ying
The protection of insurance consumers' rights and interests has always been a subject of concern to the supervision departments and experts. In recent years, some progress has been made in the protection of the insurance consumers' rights and interests in China. However, with the vigorous development...
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Analysis of Optimized Dispatching of Micro-Grid

Xia Jiahang
Faced with the growing demand for electricity and the shortage of fossil fuels, the development of new sustainable renewable energy has become an urgent need. Some environment-friendly energy source, such as wind power and solar power, becomes increasingly mature.
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Educational Informationizational Governance in Private University

Cao Yanyan, Liu Jingchao
To observe the different perspectives and effects of participants, in order to help the leadership to define the key issues need to be resolved in the private university's information strategy. This paper analyzes the perspectives of staff, leaders, students, cooperative enterprises and the government,...
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Evaluating the Bilateral Government Guarantee Value in PPP Highway Projects

Qin Min, Wu Xiaodong
Governments around the world are increasingly focusing on private investment in the infrastructure sector through PPP framework, and are no exception in the area of transport infrastructure. To reduce the risk to the investors, governments used to provide guarantees and other forms of support. These...
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Discussion on the Medical English Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom

Liu Lei
From the view of the essence and characteristics of flipped classroom, this paper discussed the prospect and possible problems of applying the flipped classroom to medical English teaching and put forward a feasible solution from the actual situation in order to provide the reference for the application...
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Vibration Analysis of Turbine Rotor System

Li Xiaoyun, Chiu Yijui, Sun Keke, Li Shengbo, Lin Dongsheng
The design and the modal analysis of a small turbocharger rotor system are carried out in this paper. The design process and method of rotor system are summarized. Some useful conclusions are obtained in the modal analysis. These results will provide engineers with valuable information about the vibration...
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The Research on China Export Trade in Cultural Goods

Xiao Yueling
China cultural goods trade is attracting wide attention from all walks of life. But there are still plenty of problems behind the rapid development. Therefore, this article studies China cultural goods trade from two perspectives, analysis of situation and the empirical analysis. In the empirical analysis,...
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Research on the Cultivation Problems of the Ability of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students

Yu Yanmin, Wang Xu
With the development of the economic society, the employment environment, employment structure and other aspects of our country have changed. College students' self employment is no longer strange, but the entrepreneurship road is very hard. Colleges and universities should adhere to the people-oriented...
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Research on Occupational Present Investigation of New Generation Migrant Workers

Luo Qinglan, Kuang Yifen, Wang Chunyan
With the accelerating of urbanization process, the new generation migrant workers have become an important part of the labor market. The problem of their employment has been paid more and more attention. In order to better grasp the occupational development current situation of the new generation migrant...
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The Research on Accounting Information Based on Computerized Accounting in the Financial Management

Wang Yan
In recent years, due to the rapid development and widespread use of computer technology, computerized accounting has become the development trend of accounting work. Accounting computerization has the advantages of fast operation, large storage capacity, fast retrieval speed and accurate data analysis,...
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A Study on the Strategies of Japanese Literature Teaching Assisted by the Network Optimization in the Information Age

Li Zhang
Nowadays, the information technology develops rapidly, and the network is used by people more and more frequently. As the previous teaching model and method are too single, a variety of explorations on the teaching model have been done. And now, due to the rapid development of information technology,...
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Teaching Reform and Practice Based on "Automatic Control"

Xue Jian, Xin Ping, Zhu He
According to the characteristics of the course of electrical control professional control theory, the concept of engineering education is used to design, implement and run the system throughout the teaching process. All the thinking and design of teaching design, teaching method, teaching method and...
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The Systematic Features and Self-organizing Attribute of University Industry Collaborative Innovation

Yuan Fang, Jiang Wei
This paper analyzed the systematic features and self-organizing attribute of the cooperative innovation system of university industry. It introduced self-organization attribute of university industry cooperative innovation. It proposed some problem in industry university research institution cooperative...
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Study on the Cultivation of Translators in the Development of Localization Industry

Yang Xiaoru
With the rapid development of the global economy, multinational companies began to invest abroad, thus causing the rise of the localization industry. In the process of international trade, different countries need to overcome the language barriers to make deal, which make translators become a key link...
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Building of Intelligent City Traffic Signal System

Qin Xu
One of the tasks of smart city construction is intelligent traffic management. The building of intelligent traffic signal system is the infrastructure project. It has the functions of the real-time perception of traffic flow in the urban road, and taking the traffic signals connect to the Internet for...
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Application of Corpus in Translation Teaching

Bai Jingang
Corpus plays an important role in translation teaching. In this paper, the author takes English-Chinese translation teaching as an example, explores the value of corpus in translation teaching and discusses the feasible method of combining corpus with translation teaching.
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Research on the Innovation of Teaching Method and the Cultivation of Innovative Undertaking Talents in Colleges

Xu Renbo, Li Jinfeng, Zou Youhui
Innovation of teaching method is the inevitable requirement for cultivating innovative undertaking talents. It is the inevitable choice to innovate the teaching method of colleges on the basis of perfect lecture teaching, focusing on open practice education, taking independent research - based learning...
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A brief Analysis of Maker and Entrepreneurship

Qian Min, Zhao Xiaoxue
Innovation has always been a driving force for the development of the times. With a steady stream of innovation, it can bring lasting development and vitality for a country and a nation. This paper set off to start business, from what is off the record, set off to the analysis of entrepreneurial background,...
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Analysis on the reform trend of public hospital in Lanzhou: from the perspective of patients and its influence at the country level in Gansu

Wang Yilong, Ma Haiying
This article empirically analyzes the trend of hospital reform in Lanzhou based on the perspective of patients and take the political system theory as the analytical framework. It is considered that exists an interactive relationship between provincial capital city and country administrative region in...
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Research on Evaluation System of Smart City Construction Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

He Feng
Smart City is a higher city development level after the appearance of industrial city, information city and digital city. Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, this paper constructs an evaluation index system in terms of Smart City development which is suitable to the national conditions...
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The Achievement Evaluation Based on Collaborative Filtering

Dai Yubiao, Ren Xueli
Curriculum is a main way to acquire knowledge, and achievement is only a test of learning the curriculum, so in the teaching activities, the teaching process is vital important, and which determines the result. Collaborative filtering is a general recommendation technology, which has been applied to...
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The Survey of Foreign Information Resource and Applied Study of Optimization Strategy in College

Sheng Dongmei, Liu Jianfeng
The aim of this study is to search for the best teaching method to improve the college students' ability utilizing the information resource . This paper presents an analysis of the survey on utilization of foreign language information resources in universities. The result shows that the rate of utilizing...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Countermeasure of Football in Colleges

Luo Shuaicheng, Xu Quan
Colleges is one of the training bases for football talents. The development of football in colleges plays a guiding role in the development of Chinese football. To a certain extent, the good and bad effectiveness of the college football development indirectly reflects the overall situation of China's...
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Nuclear Fission in Fast Breeder Reactors and Its Sustainability

Wang Zhanbo
This study analyzes the feasibility and sustainability of nuclear fission fast breeder reactors from the perspective of energy utilization. Through the analysis of the principle of nuclear fission, and the analysis of nuclear material reserves and energy efficiency. And compared with ordinary thermal...
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Research on Visual Design Based on Mobile Internet - Taking E-book APP as an Example

Liu Wei
With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile Internet plays an increasingly important role in people's daily life. The scale of Mobile Internet users are growing greatly, mobile Internet has become the focus of the current global information industry competition, its development...
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Research and Thinking on Digitalization Construction of University Archives

Zhang Ying
Through the research of this subject, we can further clarify the significance of the digital construction of archives in colleges and universities, provide a practical and feasible operation plan for the digitization of university archives, find out and solve the problems existing in the digital construction....
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Research on Application of Manuscript Management System of Journals

Zhao Lihua
Abstract: The traditional editing and publishing model has become a serious problem restricting the development of journals. Manuscript management system based on the Internet platform has become a necessary software application system in the course of journal development. More and more editorial departments...
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Research on the Construction of Literature Information Resources in University Libraries under the Background of Big Data

Ma XiuHua, Li GeMin
With the development and popularization of information technology, big data has become a hot topic among scholars. In the past dozens of years, big data had penetrated into every aspect of the society and had been widely applied. In order to adapt to the trend of information technology, the construction...
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Analyses of Physical Archives Management

Yu Huaiming
The physical archives of colleges and universities are the most intuitive and straightforward way to reflect the development history and historical traces of colleges and universities. They have the irreplaceable status and functions compared with paper archives, but the current physical archives have...
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On the Cultivation of Humanities Quality at Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Structural Reform of Supply Side

Ren Xiaoping
With the social and economic development and the advent of the new era of industry, people's needs have risen from the basic food and clothing stage to a well-off stage with certain spiritual pursuit. In order to adapt to the pace of social development and promote further development of the economy,...
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The ideal of Design College--An Analysis and Its Historical Review of the Modern Design Education with Cultural Criticism

Zhu Hua, Lan Tian
Cultural criticism makes the modern design concept produce, its social value defines the modern design education the idea and the practice. The beginning of Bauhaus cultural criticism had a strong color "ideal reality" color. It will be the ideal design institute implementation process to develop from...
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Chinese Topicalized Structures: Functions and Translation

Wang Jie
The thesis takes an empirical approach to the functions and translation methods for Chinese topicalized sentences. The present study attempts to probe into the functions and appropriate translation methods of the Chinese topicalized sentences. Finally, the study boils down to the following conclusions:...
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New Ideas on Teaching Reform of Visual Communication Design in Colleges and Universities

Gou Guangping
With the rapid development of social economy in China, education is also evolving. At present, many colleges and universities have been a decent teaching results in the visual communication design. At the same time, with the development of education, visual communication design is also progressing and...
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Research on the Path and Policy of "Five Water Cohabitation" in Zhejiang Province in China

Chi Wanting
In the context of the increasingly serious water pollution, frequent floods and low utilization of water resources, Zhejiang Province put forward the "Five water cohabitation": "sewage treatment", "flood prevention", "drainage water", "water supply treatment" and "water conservation" systems water control...
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Research on Structure and Application Strategy of Ecological Practice Teaching System for Teacher Education Major in Local Colleges and Universities

He JiSheng, Zhong JiaMing
The segment of practice teaching in teacher education major has been weakened by most local colleges and universities. To cultivate application-oriented primary and secondary school teacher, it is quite urgent for local colleges and universities to enhance practice teaching for their teacher education...
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Personal Positioning Method of Digital Community Monitoring System

Ke Hongdi, Lu Ming
Wireless network can be used to digital community monitoring system, personal positioning method is the important component of the digital community monitoring system. On the basis of studying the traditional personal positioning algorithms, we proposed a trilateral-weighted centroid localization algorithm....
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Separation and Analysis of Soluble Organic Compounds from Corncob

Gong Guizhen, Sun Rui, Xu Wen
The stepwise extractions of corn cob were carried out with petroleum ether and acetone, respectively. The extracts were detected by FTIR. The results show that The dissolution law of organic matter in two solvents is similar. In the fourth extract, the content of the substance was relatively weak and...
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Research and Survey on College English Teaching and humanistic Education

Li Dan, Ouyang Weina
According to College English Teaching Guide's saying that College English Teaching should be instrumental as well as humanistic equally, this paper is about to carry out the theoretical analysis and experiment teaching on the basis of survey on college students about the current situation of humanistic...
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Analysis of Low-Carbon Independent Innovation Model

Zhang Tingfa
The development of China 's low-carbon economy must be based on independent innovation. The choice of innovation model has a significant impact on the success or failure of independent innovation. The original innovation, the introduction of innovation and innovation is the mainstream of the three innovative...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Status of the Digital Resources Utilization and Reader Services of Local University Libraries

Guo Yiping, Li Gemin
With the rapid development of computer, communication, multimedia and network technology, the construction of digital resource system has become an important content of the construction of literature information resources of colleges' libraries in the digital environment. In this paper, through the questionnaire...
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Study on the Development and Incentive Mechanism for College Teaching Management Staff under New Situation

Liu Lili, Chang Xuehong
Over the past decade, the colleges in China have undergone tremendous changes, and the scale is also constantly expanding. Colleges are the base to cultivate talents for the future, which play a pivotal role in making our country stronger. The development of colleges does not only require the coordination...