Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Computer Science (ICEMC 2017)

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Explore the Innovation of Denim Garment Technology

Hu Yanli
Cowboy culture has a long history because of its inclusive features make the heritage of 150 years, so it is loved by more and more people. Today, with the continuous progress of the times, the traditional cowboy printing has been unable to meet the modern clothing aesthetic requirements. Jeans need...
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Transportation Fuel from Algae

Wang Kailin
Algae biofuel has been recently seen as a very promising renewable energy sources to replace the gasoline as the transportation fuel. Federal government has planned to replace 30% of fossil fuels consumption in transportation sector with algae biofuel by 2020, and completely taking over conventional...
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Research on Communication Management in Organizational Change

Yang Lin
With the continuous change of internal and external environment, if still keep a kind of inertia and rigid to cope with the market and the challenges of its own, it is difficult to adapt to the fierce competition environment, therefore, according to changes in the environment, choose the suitable transformation...
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Research on the Development of Number of Postgraduate Students on Campus in China

Wang Xiaoshu, Wang Le, Dai Wanliang
Graduate education is an important part of higher education; it plays an important role in promoting national innovation capability and economic development. This paper uses the data from China Statistical Yearbook to analyze the development of number of postgraduate students on campus in China, analyze...
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Research and Discussion on Bilingual Teaching of software project management

Wang Zhongjian, Wang Ling
According to the characteristics of software project management course, combined with the specific situation of students, analyzes the existing problems of the teaching mode, the main purpose of software project management course of bilingual teaching, and then from the bilingual textbooks, class distribution...
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Application of "Cooperative Learning" in Postgraduate English Teaching

Sun Jingyi, Wang Lun
Postgraduates have been equipped with large vocabulary and good grammar, but they are inadequate in practical English usage. The English teacher ought to take advantage of before-class, in-class, after-class periods to carry out cooperative learning, which is helpful not only for postgraduates' practical...
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Current Status Analysis and Suggestions Regarding Pollution Prevention and Control of Medical Wastes in Chongqing

Yang Shuiwen, Zhang Manli, Liu Qiang, Liu Jialie
Objective: The purpose of this study is to point out existing problems of pollution prevention and control of medical wastes in Chongqing. Methods: The current status pollution prevention and control of medical wastes for 5 consecutive years (2011-2015) in Chongqing were analysized. Results: Furthermore,...
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Enhancing Teacher Autonomy Support within Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode

Ren Huanhuan, Ma Chi
Teacher autonomy support makes autonomous learning possible and efficient. It's argued that the issue of teacher autonomy support is crucial to flipped classroom efforts. In this article, we offer a way of thinking about autonomy-supportive practices that suggests that such practices will work for flipped...
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A Study on the Application of the Flipped Classroom Model in English Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Zhang Dongxia
The flipped classroom is a new teaching model proposed recently, and has achieved satisfactory results in teaching. The present paper introduces the concept and teaching characteristics of the flipped classroom model in detail, and points out the existing problems of English teaching in colleges and...
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Introduction to Tourism Management Professional Teaching Method Reform

Huang Lihua
The reform of teaching method is an important content of higher education reform, because of the difference of subject characteristics determine the object of teaching. Should possess the quality of the differences in features, objects, and the use of characteristics of single teaching methods, to some...
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Study on the Interactive Learning of Business English Based on Network Information Technology

Sun Lu
Business English interactive learning is an important development direction of business English teaching. This paper analyzes the theoretical basis of the network information technology environment and its interactive learning, and focuses on the application of several interactive learning methods in...
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Nursery Garden Cultivation in Dunhuang Area During the Period of Tang and Five Dynasties

Feng Ya
For a long time, Dunhuang garden planting research than the Dunhuang studies in other fields, the scholars involved in the few, very few people use a combination of the literature handed down from ancient times and unearthed documents as a system research, many readers the basic situation of Dunhuang...
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Finite Element Analysis of Enhanced RAC Beam with Hybrid Fibers under Shearing

Peng Xiaohui, Zhang Shimin, Zhou Mengzhen
This paper had studied the basic properties of an ordinary concrete beam and a RAC beam with 50% replacement ratio and a EC-RAC beam which contains 0.3% hybrid fiber respectively by 3 groups of 15 standard specimens, and three simply supported beams under shearing without web reinforcement was stimulated...
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Research on Enterprise Operating Strategy for Digital Library

Wang Jinghui, Zang Yanyu, Cui Hao, Qin Runmeng, Cao Wei, Huang Zhiyao
Based on the modern market economy, and according to the characteristics of digital libraries, this paper discusses the enterprise operating strategy for digital library from four aspects which are the operating environment, company management mode, business model and marketing strategy in order to ensure...
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Analysis of Contemporary College Students' Sense of Social Responsibility and Its Cultivation

Yu Yanmin
With the continuous development of knowledge economy, knowledge as the primary productive force has received extensive attention from all walks of life. The contemporary college students, as the carrier of professional theoretical knowledge, are the mainstay of the future development of society, affecting...
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The Research on Key Technologies and Working Process of Modern Industrial Robot Vision

Zhou Chuansong, Hu Zhengyi
As the way of non-contact mode of sensing, the application of industrial robots in production line is more easy to adapt to the change of product and put work piece. Robot vision provides the real-time target state information of the object, so it has been considered to be one of the most important awareness.Vision-guided...
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Resources Construction and Teaching Application with Tsinghua University Network Course Platform

Cao Jingren, Xin Ping
This article introduces how our Electrical-drive course group makes Resources Construction on the network-teaching platform of Tsinghua University, and how we use the platform to make the curriculum construction and the curriculum reform. Firstly, we introduce the main features and usage methods of the...
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Design of MicroBlaze-based Reconfigurable Filter

Zhang Wenjie, Li Jinfeng, Zou Shuilong
This paper implements the reconstruction of two filters based on MicroBlaze,he top-level design defines two reconfiguration regions, each of which has four reconfiguration modules, and two reconfiguration regions:All pass, band stop, low pass and high pass,Various configurations of filters are finally...
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The Reform of Value Logic of Minority Areas' Public Hospitals at the County Level: Taking Ethnic Minority in Gansu Province as an Example

Wang Yilong, Ma Haiying
Reform of public hospitals at the county level in national regions is different from the actual situation of other administrative regions, taking minority areas in Gansu province as an example, combing the current content logic on the basis of the reform of public hospitals at the county level in China,...
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The Strategy of Football Normalization and Institutionalization in Colleges

Xu Quan, Zhou Xuanjie
Football with its passion, teamwork and other characteristics as a long history of sports, since its introduction to China, has been the majority of people's favorite, especially in football sports development and football training practice, the formation of football experience and the specific practice...
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Research and Practice on Bilingual Teaching of Data Mining Course for Statistics Postgraduates

Xu Xing, Liu Bingxiang, Hu Na
The data mining course is an important course of postgraduates of statistics and computer science and technology majors in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. In order to improve the postgraduates' ability of learning the latest expertise in the field of data mining and tracking the frontiers of discipline,...
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The Principle and Significance of Ideological and Political Work in Colleges under the New Situation

Guan Shuang
The General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the importance of ideological and political work in colleges to the development of colleges in China under the new situation. He expounded the meaning and the fundamental direction of ideological and political work in colleges, and emphasized the principle...
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Analysis on the Impact of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education on the Employment Ability of Fashion Design Professionals

Lan Tian, Zhang Xiufang
Our country has begun to vigorously develop the creative industry since the GDP leaped to the second in the world in 2010. The clothing industry is important in the creative industry. We shoulder heavy responsibilities in the development of clothing specialty. Under this background, it is necessary to...
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Study on the Current Situation and Development of English Interpretation Teaching in College

Ni Bo
With the comprehensive and all-round development of economy in China, foreign economic and cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent. Nowadays, countries all over the world are getting closer when globalization and integration become dominant main stream. English as an international language...
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Study on the Curriculum System Framework of UI Design in Colleges and Universities Based on the Present Teaching Status of Social Training Institutions

Kang Kai
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products have become an indispensable tool in our lives. At the same time, the interface design of electronic product-related software has gradually been important, and drawn more and more attention. UI design usually refers to the design...
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On the Reform and Practice of College English Translation Teaching from the Perspective of Translation Workshop

Deng Hongchun
The traditional translation teaching mode has many limitations such as more emphases on theory than on practice, the lack of students' initiatives and creativity, the simplistic evaluation system. Translation workshop, which redefines the roles of teacher and students and pays attention to the combination...
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The Application and Development Trend of Micro-course in College English Teaching

Zhang Xiaohua
In recent years, China has strengthened exchanges with other countries in the aspects of politics, economy and culture, and higher demands were put forward on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Therefore, how to improve the quality and level of college English teaching has become a serious problem...
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The Development of Small-micro Technology Enterprises in the Platform of National University Science Park - Take Sanya Yunxin Technology Development Co., Ltd for Example

Wang Yufei, Li Mingyu, Zhang Kun
This paper analyzes the development factors and existing problems of small micro-tech enterprises. Taking the growth experience of Sanya Yunxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Qiongzhou University National University Science Park as an example, this paper analyzes and studies the direction of development...
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The Relationship between Business Knowledge and English Knowledge in Business English Teaching

Sun Lu
This paper analyzes the relationship between English knowledge and business knowledge in business English teaching, and discusses the view that English knowledge is higher than business knowledge in Dichotomy. According to the basic purpose of business English and the general lack of work experience...
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A Report of Dealing with Sadness Using Hypnosis Technology

Wu Jing
Objective: Through the consultation of a female college student, psychological counselor effectively help the bereaved girl out of the shadows, and improve the quality of life and learning efficiency. Methods: According to the generalized analysis, the problem of the client was post-traumatic stress...
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Postgraduate Teaching Research under the Platform of CEEUSRO

Wang Sheliang, Zhang Shimin
The science technology and society are becoming more and more integrated at present and the rapid development of knowledge economy has put forward higher requirements for innovation, so innovation has become the main driving force for the development of science and technology and society. The development...
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Research on Automatic Temperature Adjusting and Controlling System of Ginseng Drying

Li Ji, Li Jian, Gu Hongjun, Gong He, Li Shijun
Drying is an important part in the process of producing ginseng, and it is an important means of processing and storage. At present, the drying system based on the dryer can not control the drying environment intelligently, and it has a great influence on the intrinsic quality, smell and water content...
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Reliability Analysis of MIPS Reconfigurable Embedded System

Li Jinfeng, Zhang Wenjie, Xu Renbo
Dynamic reconstruction technology has been widely used in the field of embedded systems. Because of the limited chip resources, multiple processors are embedded at the same time, which takes up too much chip space. So, In order to save limited chip space, developers often use dynamic refactoring techniques...
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Study on the Training Mode of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Regarding Business Administration Management in the Context of Internet plus Era

Chen Yanfa
With the approaching of internet plus era, it is urgent for Business Management to explore a new mode of innovation and entrepreneurship. By analyzing the current condition of business administration, we can find out that there is a glittering array of problems, including shortage of innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Problems Existing in the Current Educational Theory Research in China

Zhang Huimin
At present, China's educational theory has made great progress, but there are also existing many problems. The main performance in the theory of education is weak and random, the inaccurate connotation of education, the deviation of understanding, lack of creativity and other issues. Understanding the...
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Discussion on Innovation of English Translation Teaching Methods in Colleges

Wu Yonghong
Globalization and integration are developmental trends of the world nowadays. As an international vehicular language, English plays a non-replaceable role among the people in different regions and nations and with different cultural background. Along with social development and progress, the demand for...
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The Trend of College English Teaching Reform Based on Employment Orientation

Yang Yuanyuan
With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous expansion of institutions of higher learning, college graduates face both the opportunities and the challenges. In view of this, colleges and universities should start from the subject education and increase the connection between English...
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On the Necessity of the Development of Jingdezhen Film and Television Tourism from the Famous Japanese Tourist program "Impression of Tokyo"

Wu Yu, Wu Danyu
As one of the outstanding symbols of Chinese history and culture, Jingdezhen ceramic art has played an indispensable role in the dissemination of traditional culture since ancient times. With the rapid development of the times, more and more traditional culture is getting far away from people's daily...
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The Dialect and Cultural Implications of Jia Pingwa's Shaanxi Opera and the Ruined City

Li Tie
The value of literary works is largely related to the language of literature. Language is the foundation of literature. Jia Pingwa's Shaanxi Opera and Ruined City are excellent literary works where it is easy to find that a large number of Shaanxi dialect language is interspersed, which has an important...
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Study on Application of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys to Vibration Control of Structures

Liu Kangning, Zhang Shimin, Peng Xiaohui
Magnetic shape memory alloy (MSMA) is a new intelligent material that can produce large stain in magnetic field, and mean while has the shape memory function. Using these characteristics of MSMA, one can fabricate intelligent actuators for vibration control of structures. At first, the mechanism of deformation...
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Study on the Enterprise Strategic Reform Driving Power and Methods

Chen Yanfa
Strategic transformation is the challenge that enterprise is facing today and enterprises should carry out deep reform in the turbulent environment both internally and externally. However, there is no monograph or books systematically talking about strategic transformation. This paper is going to analyze...
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Study on the Development Process and Trends of Comparative Education Research Methods

Guo Sidong
The comparative education has created its own unique research method during its development process and this paper attempts to review its three development stages: method reference period, factor analysis period and social scientific methods period so as to predict the research methods of comparative...
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Design of Physics Experiment Based on Uncertainty Theory

Liu HuiWen
This paper is based on the theory of uncertainty, will choose the smallest uncertainty as the ultimate goal, and based on that to choose the optimal experimental theory and experimental program. This study can be designed to experiment, in order to screen out the most appropriate program, which play...
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Application Research of Big Data Mining and Decision Analysis System in Colleges and Universities

Chen Ying
The subjects are the basic units to organize the teaching and the bonding point of cultivating talents and developing science, technology and culture in colleges and universities. It has become the developing tendency of the present world higher education to strengthen the subject construction. With...
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The Acceptance and Practice of Wisdom Teaching in College English Teaching under the Background of "Internet +"

Xu Hongxing
With the widespread application of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, information technology has produced a great impact on traditional education. In this context, China's higher foreign language teaching has entered the intelligent, sensible and ubiquitous wisdom teaching stage....
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Intelligent Transport Decision Analysis System Based on Big Data Mining

Chen Ying
With the accelerating increase of traffic flow data in the field of intelligent transport organization optimization and illegal road facility information, traditional database technology can no longer meet the demand for huge data in data storage and business processing performance, but big data processing...
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The Application of Computer Technology in Building Intelligentization

Hu Peng
Along with the development of computer technology, automation technology and network communication technology, building and district intelligentization has made a new leap and has been developed rapidly. Therefore, it is very urgent to carry out scientific management on the building and district intelligentization....
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Design and Implementation of Book Management and Sales System

Zhang Yan, Feng Xiaoping, Wei Fanqi
With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living level, shopping online has become a more and more popular way of shopping. In recent years part of book stores start to develop book online sales system in our country. The users can buy the book they wish over the internet. But Chinese...
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Design and Implementation of Digital Library

Wei Fanqi, Zhang Yan, Feng Xiaoping
With the continuous development of computer technology and wireless Internet, the number of mobile phone users is growing at an unprecedented rate. As the content of traditional culture, libraries have also undergone tremendous changes nowadays. In the wireless network technology, database technology...
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Design and Implementation of Graduation Thesis Management System

Feng Xiaoping, Wei Fanqi, Zhang Yan
With the rapid, extensive and in-depth development of IT technology, the application of IT technology has been rooted in all aspects of social life and work, especially for higher institutions leading science and technology, cultivating students, the use of IT technology in various work and projects...
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Brief Introduction on Innovative Education and Basic Physical Education Reform

Hao Jianying
The reform of PE teaching method focuses more and more on the combination of educational theory and practice, developing from a single trend to integration. Innovative education is the extension, expanding and deepening of quality education, and it is an important way to cultivate high quality creative...
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The Role of English Language and Literature in Cultivating Students' Language Skills

Liu Weixiang, Yang Peng
Literature is a kind of art that reflects the objective reality in the form of language and words. Literature is the carrier of the image of art, so it is different from music, sculpture, painting and other art forms. Literature can get rid of the binding of specific material materials, be free from...
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Research on the Effect of Basic P.E. Course on the Entire Teaching Effect of Physical Education

Peng Lijun
The basic theory knowledge of physical education is the basis of physical practice curriculum, and provides rich theoretical guidance for students' physical training. But in the current school physical education, excessive attention has been paid to the practice teaching of physical education curriculum....