Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

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Evaluating the Efficiency Between Discounted Cashflow Valuation and Residual Income Valuation

Using Australia and New Zealand Banking Group as an Example

Yingjun Lan
In this paper, we have investigated the efficiency of two valuation models, discounted cashflow method and residual income method respectively. To prove the reliability and accuracy of the result shown in this essay, we will take Australia and New Zealand Banking Group as an example. Through these two...
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The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication in the Corporate Rebranding Process

Qixin Zhang
Faced with the constant adjustment of the internal ownership and structure of the organization and the frequent changes of the external market environment, the rebranding strategy has been paid more attention by enterprises, and then derived a variety of new marketing strategies, but few people pay attention...
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Research on Beyond Meat’s Profitability Problems and Strategies

Man Chen, Yingyue Wang
With the rapid growth of the global population, there must be suggestions on the world’s food security. Artificial meat may become a potential substitute for conventional meat. Despite the increasing demand in the worldwide range and the mass injection of venture capital, the industry faces a shortage...
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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy of Apparel Luxury Goods on Chinese E-commerce Platform

Yuyang Li
Since 2008, e-commerce marketing has become an important way to market luxury goods with the increase of online luxury consumption in China. E-commerce platform not only promotes economic development but also gradually becomes a way of life and consumption. The methods of this paper are literature analysis...
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Entry Point for China’s Climate Policy

Yunchen Li, Zhongyue Li, Jianing Zhou
China is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and one of the countries confronting global warming problems, such as air pollution and water shortage. Carbon taxing is a fee levied on companies that burn coal, oil or gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The purpose of this study is to figure...
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The Progress of Cryptocurrency Assets Investment from Financial Perspectives: Risks, Comparisons and Impacts

Yiheng Bian, Xi Lin, Yinhao Xiong
Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in recent years. As cryptocurrency prices have soared a lot since 2008, plenty of investors choose to invest in cryptocurrencies driven by speculative motives. With the development of cryptocurrencies, the feasibility to act as a medium of exchange them...
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Evolution of Sanitary Pads: From the Traditional Product to a Tethered Digital Platform

Ni Zeng, Yuhao Liu, Yuzhe Huang, Huiru Luo
Digital platforms have made a dramatic impact on the modern economy. Firms with business models anchored on digital platforms are generating unprecedented value. Much of this value comes through unlocking the power of data. Exemplars are companies such as Didi, WeChat and Alipay. Previous research has...
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Transit Ridesharing System Using Tradable Credit Under Asymmetric Transaction Costs

Lingling Xiao, YuJie Liu
Tradable credit as a new type of toll has the advantages of optimizing the transportation system, changing travel time and relieving congestion pressure, and has received much attention in recent years for research. The economic cost is defined as a fixed percentage of the transaction ratio, and under...
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The Impact of China’s Fertility Decline on China’s Economy

Bingyi Liao
The one-child policy in China is one of the strictest population control policies in contemporary society. The policy aims to curb excessive population growth that contributed to poverty and economic mismanagement in the 1970s. However, decades later, the policy seems to bring more problems rather than...
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Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of MXBC MilkTea

Ziwen Chen
This paper studies the reasons for the success of MXBC marketing strategy. With the early background information of the MXBC and Industry, this article adopted the secondary research method to collect essential data and information. The purpose of conducting this research is to reveal the marketing strategy...
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Qualitative Analysis of DoorDash

Yiwen Zhang
For the reason that phones and internet have become pervasive recently, online ordering and food delivery service have become more popular. In 1994, the online ordering service for pizzas showed up, and in the 2000s, major pizza chains have mature online ordering service. This study aims to explore...
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The Impact of Oil Prices on the U.S. Stock Market

Congqi Bai, Chenglin Gong, Ziyang Qiu, Yingjie Sheng, Tong Wu
Oil is closely related to the world economy and is one of the most important materials in the commodity market. Its price fluctuation can directly affect the supply of the oil market, thus affecting world inflation. The US stock market can more reflect the world profit level and economic indicators....
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Does Institutional Investor Ownership Influence Corporate Cash Holding?

Yi Jiang, Hengrui Li, Yan Li
Based on a sample of Shenzhen and Shanghai Exchange in 2007-2017, this paper examines the effect of institutional investor ownership on corporate cash holding. We establish the fixed effects model to study the relationship between them, and we use robustness checks and derive our results also have the...
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Investigate the Capital Structure of Facebook Based on Financial Model

Xiangcheng He, Hanyu Li, Xiaoxuan Peng, Jingyi Yang
Capital structure decisions are important to the company. The capital structure is a combination of debt and equity used by a company to finance its overall operation and growth. Nowadays a company with a simple capital structure can hardly survive with the development of the market and society. As a...
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Analysis of Fast Fashion Brand Marketing Strategy Based on The Four Ps of Marketing

Taking Brandy Melville as an Example

Zeng Zhiyi
Nowadays, China’s clothing market has tended to be saturated, but as a new blue ocean field, “fast fashion” clothing brands have quickly opened up new markets in China. And The Marketing Theory of 4Ps guides the practice of most companies. This article takes Brandy Melville as a representative and uses...
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Analysis on the Stock Value of United Rentals, Inc. During COVID-19 -- Based on the Theory of Value Investment

Yuejia Li, Haoxing Deng, Mingjing Xie
With the development of the world economy, investors and the stock market are growing. How to judge whether a stock has invest value becomes the main problem for investors to consider. In this paper, we focus on the leasing market due to its great development potential. This study discusses how to choose...
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A Review of Economic Policy Uncertainty

Zeyu Chen, Yunqi Ma, Yuansen Xia
This paper reviews the research on the economic policy uncertainty (EPU). Measurement of EPU is first brought up by Nick Bloom and his co-authors and then has been widely generalized and applied in the empirical studies. We survey the literature on both the construction of the EPU proxies and the impacts...
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Investment Advice for CNOOC Based on External Risks and Analysis of the Company’s Financial Situation

Denggyao Luo, Genben Xiang, Chengming Zhu
Trade frictions between China and the U.S. are still escalating in 2020, and the oil industry’s capacity is in a deep recession. China National Offshore Oil Corporation was influenced by both backgrounds. Therefore, we want to analyze the company’s prospects and advise investors. We analyze the company’s...
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The Rule of Law and Foreign Direct Investment

Xiujie ZHANG, Weihua LIU
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays an import role in economic growth. Using international panel data, this paper investigates the effects of Rule of Law on FDI inflows. The research shows that the Rule of Law has positive effects on inward FDI, and Absence of Corruption, Effective Regulation Enforcement,...
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Capacity of Global Cross-border E-commerce: New Opportunities and Threats in 2021

Yiwen Hou
Despite heightened interest, the business models, operations and geographical distribution of e-retailers remains changing. This essay presents the current positions of cross-border e-commerce involving the enterprises participated and the global e-retail markets. It illustrates the detailed operations...
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Heightened Herd Behavior in Financial Market Under Covid-19

Battle and Cooperation Among Individual Investors and Institutional Investors

Sijin Lyu, Yafan Wang, Mengru Zhang
In recent years, the phenomenon of trouping investors, both individual and institutional, has become more frequent and common in China and the U.S., especially under the circumstance of COVID 19, which has wreaked havoc in all sectors including the financial market. The market has witnessed increased...
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Research on Promoting the Employment Level of University Students Under the Background of COVID-19

Yuxing Cao, Ziyuan Guo, Yutong Han
The new crown epidemic has an impact on the job market of college students in China. Solving the employment problem of college students and energizing various industries are crucial for college student, enterprises and the country. From the perspective of promoting the employment of college students,...
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Analysis of Firms’ Share Repurchases ‘Causation: A Case Study of Starbucks

Kangxin Chen, Meiying Li, Zifeng Tang
This article explores the internal and external motivations of company’s repurchase decision. In terms of methods, the author uses a combination of theory and empirical research methods and logically uses an analysis process from general rules to special cases to make the conclusions more accurate and...
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Analysis on the Functions of Financial Intermediary

Yanyu Li
With the continuous development of the times, the development of financial intermediary makes human society step into a state of efficient integration and matching between real economy and virtual economy. In order to improve the understanding of the function and performance of financial intermediary...
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Analysis of China’s Income Inequality from the Perspective of Opportunity Inequality

Zhengyan Li
While the economy is developing rapidly, the income inequality that exists in China has reached a level worthy of vigilance. In recent years, some studies have found that inequality of opportunity plays an important role in the formation of income inequality. Therefore, this article first conducts a...
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Corporate Income Tax Planning Methods and Research of High-Tech Enterprises

Haozhen Yang, Zhengjia Ning
As the world continues to develop, so too do laws, rules, regulations, and customs. With the improvement of taxation laws, companies, especially multinational ones, started to look towards new means with which they would be able to reduce their tax burden. This answer was found in tax planning, and this...
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The Current Situation and Future Trend of the Platform Economy

Jiayi Wu, Jiayi Xu, Yuhan Zhou, Xiahui Zhu
Platform economy has become a new economic model in the 21st century, which has changed the traditional industrial structure of digital platforms. In this paper, the profit and sales models of the global platform economy are sorted out, and the potential risks and risk control mechanisms of internal...
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The Development Process and Future Prospects of Auctions

Yibing Jiang
The article focuses on the development process of the different types of auctions. Later the paper further discussed two types of auction: Dutch auction and English auction, and then compared the differences between Dutch auction and English auction to help people better apply these two types in reality....
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Feasibility of Setting Up a Personal Credit Institution in Somalia

Xiyao Kang
The common perceive about Somalia is usually that the poorest country around the world, and no economic activity can take place here. However, its situation provides a nice prerequisite for personal credit institution. This paper analyzes the potentials and underlying challenges of this idea, like high...
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Research on Fan Operation in the Entertainment Industry

Wenyi Shi
With the development of new technologies such as the Internet and the gradual diversification of fan needs, fan operations in the entertainment industry are facing higher requirements for professionalism, and some operational strategies urgently need to be more detailed. Therefore, this paper researches...
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Financial Performance Analysis on the Innovation of Xiaomi’s Profit Model

Xingyi Wang
At present, in the era of globalization and the rapid development of Internet services, enterprises are facing the transformation and development of the overall strategic model. For the industry that is closely related to the mobile phone which is closely related to the Internet, it is difficult to find...
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Defense Stock Portfolios in a Mean-variance Framework

Yabo Deng
China aerospace and defense sector performed well in recent years, attracting many investors’ attention. This is the first paper that conducts defense stocks portfolio design under Markowitz mean-variance framework. This paper uses the daily return during three years around the 2017 China-Indian border...
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The Effects of Covid-19 on the Online Food Delivery Industry

Rui Lin
The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the major worldwide crises in the 21st century. The pandemic has caused a significant impact on different parts of the world. This paper will focus on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the online food delivery industry. The effects are divided into several parts:...
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Research on the Cross-cultural Communication Strategy of Chinese Internet Celebrities Based on SWOT Analysis in Video Forms

Taking Li Ziqi’s Video as an Example

Ruiyang Lu
With the widespread use of social media platforms such as YouTube throughout the globe, it is much simpler to obtain foreign cultural goods, facilitating cross-cultural media consumption. In these social networks, especially YouTube, some Chinese web celebrities, such as Li Ziqi, stand out in many video...
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Analysis on Factors Affecting Life Insurance Demand in China

Yufei Li
Since the reform and opening-up, China’s economy has enjoyed a good momentum of development and comprehensive national strength has been increased day by day. With the economic development and the improvement of people’s consumption level, the demand market for life insurance products has also developed...
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Research on Marketing Strategies of Different Movies and Film Market

Ye Chen
With economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards, the service industry, especially the film industry, develops and expands. In recent years, with the progress of the Chinese film market, film marketing strategies become an important factor in the success of films. This article...
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The Impact of Live Commerce on Consumers’ Purchase Behavior Under the Background of COVID-19 in China

Mingyu Fu
E-commerce has existed for a long time, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 ushered in a new opportunity for its development. Live commerce is a significant branch of e-commerce, which mainly realizes businesses through livestreaming marketing. After COVID-19, more and more people watch the livestreaming,...
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The Impacts of Government Grants on Firm Behaviors

Rui Chen
Government grants play a key role in the firm’s innovation. It helps the firm to innovate products, improves the firm’s development, and promotes the firm’s growth. Based on a competition-based government grant program called Innovate UK, I find a significant relationship between government grants and...
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Research on the Choice of Enterprise Value Investing Under the New Environment

Case Study

Liyao, Jiaxin Wang, Wanyue He
In order to provide reference indexes for investors when they use value investing to make investment decisions and assist companies to recognize the aspects, they should pay attention to in operation. We use the method of quantitative analysis in profitability, risk and market respectively to make value...
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Analysis of Business Model, Logistics Operation and Live Broadcast of Amazon and Taobao under Epidemic

Xinjing Guo
Under the pandemic, Amazon’s stock not only does not have strong fluctuations, but also global sales are soaring. Comparing two popular online shopping platforms, Amazon and Taobao, this paper analyzes their differences in business model, the logistics operation, and the live broadcast. It can be concluded...
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The True Effects of Winning Wars

Zhuorong Tang
This paper aim to explore whether winning wars brings the country and its people better lives or not. This work analyzes the condition of Austerity Britain after World War 2, and generated the conclusion of winning the war actually couldn’t bring definite or comprehensive benefits to a country and its...
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The Pricing Strategy with the Effect of Reference Dependence Under Monopolistic Competition

Hongzhou Zhu, Meihang Huang, Fengqin Zhu
As the consumers searching for the goods, it is very likely for them to use the strategy that choosing the product of the large firm as the reference point and compare it with the other products in order to purchase the most satisfied one. In the real world the market competition is most likely to be...
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Big Data in Customer Acquisition and Retention for eCommerce – Taking Walmart as an Example

Panfeng Cao
Since 2012, Big Data has been attached more and more importance by companies in this data exploding era. Companies utilize Big Data Analytics to make data driven decisions in many aspects of the business to gain competitive advantages. This paper mainly focuses on analyzing how e-commerce companies use...
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Leadership Style, Organizational Culture and Performance: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Industry

Shiqi Li
This proposed study aims to measure leadership style (transformational or transactional) on organizational culture and job satisfaction and how these eventually affect organizational effectiveness and performance. The multi-level analysis will be performed for the collecting and processing. This study...
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Merger Arbitrage’s Performance in Different Regions After Covid-19

Yuran Liang, Chenbin Zhang, Lulei Zhang
Due to different degrees of involvement by governments, Eastern countries have developed distinct financial markets compared to Western financial markets. This article presents the performances of the merger arbitrage strategy in different regional markets, including the United States, Hong Kong, China,...
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Research on the Impact of the COVID-19 on the Consumer Goods Industry Group in the U.S. Stock Market

Rui Wang
The COVID-19 epidemic has severely affected the world economy, and the consumer goods industry in the United States has been influenced. Based on the Fama-French five-factor model, this study uses data from Ken.French/Data_Library website to perform multiple linear regression analysis. The research results...
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Analysis of Digital Marketing of China’s Automobile Manufacturing Industry During Pandemic Time

Yixuan Lin
The COVID-19 outbreak has had a great impact on many companies, and the economic losses caused by the inability to resume work in the short term are also immeasurable. Some companies have used some online communication software such as DingTalk to solve their communication problems. Enterprises not only...
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Research on Venture Capital and Technological Innovation: Based on the ChiNext and Science and Technology Innovation Board

Yanxi He, Xukun Wang, Wenya Yang, Qiyue Zhang
The impact of venture capital on the technological innovation of listed companies on the ChiNext and Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2019-2020 has been examined in this manuscript. This manuscript uses cross-sectional data of “Initial public offering” of listed companies on ChiNext and the...
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Study of Value Investment Under Consumer Cyclical Industry

Jinjing He, Haixin He
This research aims to look for each stocks’ feature and whether the stock worth to invest, which makes the stock clear, comprehensible, and find out the fit stocks of investors. This paper takes three enterprises in the Consumer cyclical industry as the research object, takes financial data and stock...
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The Relationship Between Women Household Activity Hours and the Wage Gap Between Men and Women

Shengtong Wan, Yujie Li, Yi Ren
This research paper is aimed to find the correlation between women’s household activities hours and the gender wage gap. We gathered data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) and the World Bank. In this paper, we considered serval independent variables to control the data, in order to get the most...
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Analyzing the Popularity of Zoom Video Communications Using Marketing Mix Theory

Xueqian Cao
Due to the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations are now turning to remote video conferencing to conduct their daily work. Zoom Video Communications is one of the video conferencing companies that rise to prominence during Covid-19. This paper uses the ‘product’ and ‘price’ from...
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What Business Leaders Can Learn About Intercultural Negotiations from the Kosovo Conflict

Chang Liu, Xingyu Zhang
This paper talks about what business leader can learn about intercultural negotiation from the Kosovo conflict. In this work, authots introduce the current case of Kosovo, then based on the case define Business Negotiation and Cultural Differneces. In the end, authors analysis Kosovo case in business...
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A Comprehensive Survey on Applications of Big Data in the Financial Industry

Jiuyi Xu
Big data (BD) is a general term for data with large volume, multiple sources, fast processing speed, and huge application value. Nowadays, BD has become one of the priority businesses in most industries. However, research documents and reference materials about applications of BD in the financial industry...
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Research on Consumer Behavior Based on the Perspective of Behavioral Economics

Litao Xu, Xinzhou Shen
Consumers’ rational behaviors usually only exist in the premises and assumptions of various traditional economics. On the contrary, consumer behaviors that are regulated as abnormal or irrational by traditional theories often appear in actual consumption activities. At present, in order to better study...
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A Review of Domestic and International Research on New Media Marketing

Keran Wang, Ke Yang, Yushan Zheng
With the development of science and technology and the popularity of the Internet and various smart devices, new media is growing rapidly worldwide, which has led to the development of new media marketing as a new international trend. Since there are numerous and wide range of studies in this field in...
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Do Hedge Funds Hedge in Recent 20 Years?

Boya Di, Shuming Zhao, Yuting Lei, ZhiHao Ke, Gaohao Zhu, Ziyuan Kang
This work does a follow-up study on Do Hedge Funds Hedge? focuses on the returns of hedge fund industry, and finds how its reported returns are resistant to market fluctuations. In this work, monthly data for different hedge funds and S&P 500 are compared, to generate correlation between them over...
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Forecast on Oil Futures Volatility Based on HAR-RV Model and HAR-RV-SW Model

Nuo Chen, Xinyi Chen
Crude oil is an important chemical raw material and energy source, and its price is very crucial to the cost of industrial development. Therefore, the forecast of crude oil prices is also very meaningful. This paper studies the correlation between the actual daily, weekly, and monthly volatility and...
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Difference Between Virtual Idols and Traditional Entertainment from Technical Perspectives

Ruolin Kong, Ziheng Qi, Sicheng Zhao
The concept of “virtual idols” has a history of over 30 years, and it has become a popular word in many fields in recent years. Virtual idols are productions of technology and society. They meet people’s needs and dreams through technology, such as singing, dancing, and creating more daily life possibilities....
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Theoretical Framework, Case Study and Policy Implication of Cultural Capital Prompting Regional Innovation

Yu Jun, Zhou Jingkun
Under the background of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, the role of innovation in promoting economic and social development is becoming more and more prominent, which is the key to building regional competitive advantages. Cultural capital can have a sustained...
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The Business Competitiveness and Future Proposing of Alibaba Group

Yihao Lu, Qihang Zhang, Lifu Wang, Yi Zhang
This paper focused on analysing the core business structure, the status quo, and try to give out several proposals of the future of both the Alibaba group and the ant group, twins which occupied an indispensable position in the internet market of China. The twins have changed the lives of people in China...
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How to Build Brand Equity for the SMEs in the Chinese Catering Industry

Ying Peng, Miao Yu, Jinjing He, Xiyuan Wang, Haixin He
In recent years, the Chinese catering industry develops rapidly and enter a new level with increasing pressure. It is more and more difficult for the small brand to survive in this intensive market. This research aims to give some suggestions and examples about the strategy on building up brand equity...
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The Changes of Apple’s Stock Price During the Pandemic

Wanting Sun
During the epidemic, the economies of various countries, including many large companies, were subject to very large fluctuations and impacts. Therefore, this article will explore the ups and downs of Apple’s stock price during the epidemic. At different points in time and severity, Apple’s stock price...
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The Sudden Effects of Crude Oil Futures

Yiyang Piao, Muzhen Ai, Yirun Mao
The sudden effect of crude futures oil refers to specific events that lead to significant fluctuation in the price of the futures. Event analysis on major occurrences paves us a path to avoid these failures. This article aims to investigate the causality of event-related price vacillations on crude oil....
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Optimizing Business Environment by Developing E-government Services

A Case Study of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Juan Wang
The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Party Central Committee put forward clear requirements for the construction of digital government and the business environment. Besides, relevant studies show that e-government services are conducive to improving the evaluation of the business environment of enterprises...
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Research on the Influence of Covid-19 on U.S. Business Service Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Xuecheng Dai, Huizhu Jin, Yuchen Tian, Xiaohan Zhu
The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the economy of various industries. The volatility of the stock market was exacerbated by the instability of economic activities, which led to the U.S. stock market experiencing four meltdowns in March 2020. Future economic trends are linked to the impact...
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Smart Pet Collars Possess Potential in the Chinese Market

Yantong Liu, Jiashuo Wang, Binrui Chen
Approximately 60% of people kept or have kept pets, and a significant problem is the loss of pets. Thus, our group decided to design a product with a localization function such as a smart pet collar to address the pet loss issue. In order to verify whether such a product is feasible in the Chinese market,...
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Analysis of BYD’s Business Model and Future Development Prospects

Yundi Gao
This paper uses PEST analysis and SWOT analysis to explore the macro environment and development prospects of BYD in the Chinese market. The study found that BYD has clear advantages in terms of price and business scope, but technological innovation and sales channels are areas that BYD needs to focus...
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Choice of Marketing Mix and Forecast on the Net Margin of K-Packs for SMARTFOOD

Yiwen Zhang, Lehan Zhang
Sales can be affected by many factors including both external and internal ones and the optimal marketing choice can maximum sales to a certain degree. In this paper, two business analysis models, PEST and SWOT, and a multiple linear regression model are applied. It is found that K-Pack has many advantages...
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Capital Structure and Arbitrage

Ke Shang
Capital structure is crucial to the income of corporations. And different arbitrage strategies can be set based on the different capital structures. However, the existing description of how capital structure can affect the financial state and how a company can take advantage of arbitrage is relatively...
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How Tax Reduction or Exemption Influence Prices --Empirical Evidence from Cases About Tampon Tax Reduction or Exemption

Siyu Pan, Xintian Zhou, Szeying Chan
In recent years, several countries have reduced or exempted tampon tax, which aims to reduce tampon prices and eventually increase affordability. However, tax reduction or exemption do not necessarily lead to a price reduction, and the rate of change in price fluctuates dramatically among countries....
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The Effectiveness of Fourth U.S. Quantitative Easing Policy on China

Xinyue Guo, Xinyi Liu, Ziqi Yang
As COVID-19 swept the world, the economies of many countries were mauled heavily. Consequently, the United States promoted the fourth Quantitative Easing policy (QE4) to stimulate economic growth, but this policy would also have some impacts on other economies. Therefore, the study chooses the U.S.QE4...
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Innovation of Film Industry Based on Blue Ocean Strategy

A Case Study of Enlight Media

Ruochen Zhang
The advent of the Internet era brings opportunities and challenges to the development of the film industry. This paper expounds on the feasibility and necessity of using the Blue Ocean Strategy to innovate in the film industry under the Internet era, and puts forward constructive suggestions. Through...
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Comparing Between Chinese College Entrance Examination and UCAS by Using Market Design Theory

Zhentu Liu
The diverse admission between China and the UK is increasingly being compared and disputed, which is worth for both sides to learn from each other. This paper compares the admission mechanism between the Chinese College Entrance Examination and the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) relying...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China

Yimin Mou, Linlin Han, Xupei Chen
This paper investigates the impact of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on stock price crash risk. Adopting two firm-specific crash risk measures: negative conditional skewness (NCSKEW) and downward volatility (DUVOL), we find that China’s EPU had a negative impact on stock price crash risk. This association...
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Bond Pricing and Immunization Strategy - Asset Allocation in Bond Investment

Yuyao Wang, Bixia Han
Asset allocation is a widely used financial term that fits most people. However, even in the most basic concept of asset allocation, there is still existing risk or uncertainty. This paper aims to discuss the impact of different influencing factors on bond pricing in the bond market and then further...
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The Importance of Effective Regulatory Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China

Qianyin Liu, Haozhe Zhu
Given the continuous expansion and development of the drug market caused by the increasing demand for drugs, the socialized large scale production of the drug industry has changed from the leading industry monopoly to a fierce competition between large, medium and small-sized enterprises. Due to the...
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Research on the Methods of Maximizing the Profits of Enterprise Shareholders

Jie Li
In 1999, OECD published a document “OECD corporate governance principles”, which stressed that companies should first operate for the interests of shareholders. With the development of science and technology and economy, it has been widely recognized that maximizing shareholders’ profits is the primary...
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Research on the Integration Strategy of Cross-border E-commerce and Logistics Industry from the Perspective of Industry Convergence

Zhizhen Bu, Jianlin Zhang, Zhijun Zhou, Kai Xia
With the continuous improvement of economic globalization and the penetration rate of e-commerce, the overall cross-border e-commerce industry is developing more rapidly. Based on industrial convergence perspective, this paper studies the integration boundary of cross-border e-commerce and logistics...
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Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Urban Agglomeration Competitiveness in Pearl River Delta

Jieyu LIANG, Bo TANG, Tingting HUANG, Pingping JIANG, Xiaolin YOU
Through the construction of evaluation system, based on Entropy TOPSIS and obstacle degree model to measure competitiveness characteristics and influencing factors of Pearl River Delta. The results showed that: (1) The advantages in the competitiveness dimension were economic competitiveness, social...
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Leadership Style and Business Success: Case Studies of Chinese Business Leaders

Xingying Pan, Xuechen Qiu, Yifan Zhou
Business leadership plays an increasingly significant role in contributing to the success of a corporate. Nevertheless, leadership performance is problematic in the contemporary business management world. This study, in line with extant leadership style models, sets out to investigate what types of leadership...
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A Study of Brand Communication Strategies of Xiaomi

Shengpeng He, Shaoheng Sun
The study applied both quantitative and qualitative method, which is a questionnaire and focus group, in this study as they have advantages over panel data or time-series data. The questionnaires were collected from eight major provinces of China with 1038 participants. The research focused on the company...
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The Concealed Fact: Relationship of Healthcare Performance and Income Inequality in the United States Based on Factor Analysis

Xuchen Jiang, Jia Liu, Yupei Sun, Xiaoke Wang
Healthcare is a public program that combines the endeavour from aspects like the government and healthcare suppliers. To address the issue of healthcare’s unequal distribution caused by the income gap and improve the outcomes of policy design and public administration, the research is conducted in favour...
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Research on the Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Compensation Plan in U.S Airline Industry

Yanmin Dong, Jiahui Liang, Zimu Zhao, Danqi Ding
Preceding analyses of the effect of customer satisfaction, a specific aspect of nonfinancial measures, have suggested a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and financial performance of a company, while the effect of the investments of companies on customer satisfaction remain veiled....
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Does Institutional Investor Ownership Influence Corporate Inefficient Investment? Evidence from China

Yanyue Han, Yuxin Sun, CIN JIP YAU
In recent years, researchers focus on studying main factors that result in an inefficient corporate investment. We designed a regression model to show institutional investor ownership’s influence on a firm’s inefficient investment. We disclose that manager’s actions that violate the employment of institutional...
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Analysis of Recent Development of Spectrum Auction and Forecast of Future Development

Shuner Hu, Ruhua Shi
Based on the operating mechanism of the spectrum auction, this paper analyzes the bidder’s quotation mechanism in the spectrum auction process from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives from the perspective of the 5G basic spectrum. At the same time, they are taking the Canadian spectrum auction...
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China’s Rise to Changes in Southeast Asia’s Political Landscape

Yuanhan Tan
With the continuous advancement of economic reforms, China’s economy has developed by leaps and bounds, and its comprehensive national strength and international influence have rapidly increased, and it has become an important power in the world. As its neighbor, China’s rise has had far-reaching effects...
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Analysis on the Impacts of COVID-19 on Food Industry and the Countermeasures

Liang Wang
As the epidemic continues to spread around the world, food shortages, food safety, and other food problems have become more and more obvious. Motivated by the huge impact of COVID-19 in all works of life, the obvious negative impact of COVID-19 on the food industry is shown. This research studies the...
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The Influence of Fan Economic Marketing on Enterprises in the Current Market

Jingyi Zhang
With the progress of the times, the Internet is becoming more and more developed. All kinds of media emerge in endlessly. Gradually, fans also begin to appear as a group with great commercial value“Words such as “carrying goods”, “endorsement ambassador” and “XXX recommendation” began to become the key...
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A Systematical Analysis Framework on Lululemon---- High-end Professional Brand Image and Close to life Promotion

Yuzhuo Diao
As the sportswear market continues to be sluggish and the global retail industry is in a weak state, lululemon, which started with yoga clothes, has developed rapidly and has become a sports brand comparable to Adidas and Nike. In recent years, with the development of China’s economy, the yoga market...
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Business Analytics for Used Car Price Prediction with Statistical Models

Yufei Chen, Chenle Li, Minglu Xu
With the development of the used car market, the demand for a more accurate and scientific price prediction model of used cars becomes urgent. This paper uses multiple linear regression, decision tree and random forest to build up the automobile price forecasting model. We use means to cluster cars and...
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Research on the Impact of China’s “Double Reduction” Policy on Out-of-School Remedial Classes

Banglun Wu
Recently, the Chinese government issued a “double reduction” policy aimed at reducing the academic burden of students in the compulsory education stage. At the same time, this policy also suppressed the education industry. This paper will take a deep look into the after-school tutoring industry which...
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Exploring the Difference of Chain Brand’s Operation from the Perspective of Economics: Taking Disneyland as an Example

Ziqiao Wang
Based on the situation before the Covid-19, which ruled out the impact of policies of different countries, focusing on why Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (hereinafter referred to as HKDL) lose money, but Shanghai Disney Resort (hereinafter referred to as SHDL) can make a profit from the perspective of Economics...
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Value Investment Theory and Investment Suggestion in Foreign Healthcare Industry--Taking Pfizer, Novartis, and Merck as examples

Shengxi Bai
Value investment is a mainstream investment method in the stock market. Through the value investment theory, this paper selects three listed companies in the Healthcare industry in the United States, namely Pfizer, Novartis, and Merck. Then, the companies’ stocks are compared from three aspects, including...
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The Differences Between Constructing a Portfolio and Single Stock and How to Compare Their Performance

Hanpeng Dai
This article aims at the China stock market. It will focus on the difference between the single stock and stock portfolio. This paper expounds and discusses the relevant problems of calculating portfolio income from the aspects of theory and practice. The research will choose two assets from both the...
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Examination of the Impact of Guidance Price Policy on the Secondary Market in China

Mengyu Xie, Yiqi Xu
This research examines the effect of the latest regulation policy for the second-handed housing market in Shenzhen, China, which announces a series of references for the prices of secondary houses. These price references serves as important guidance for housing transaction prices and mortgages. The research...
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Management Economics in the Development of Bilibili

Minjie Liu
Management economics is to take the subject of participating in market economy activities as the research goal, and guide the discipline of enterprise management with the help of relevant theories of economics. Management economics shows the prominent characteristics of practical and theoretical close...
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Reflection on the Contradiction Between Online and Physical Book Retailers in China

Conceptions about Future Bookstore Design

Dongyang Chen
The bookstore industry in China is facing a tremendous change today due to online retailers’ participation which has encroached a significant portion of physical retailers’ market shares. Hence, based on the increasingly severe competition, the paper aims at opportunities that may change the industry...
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Analysis on Long-term Investment in Stocks

Yicheng Xu
China has a large number of financial practitioners, the number of stock investors far exceeds the number of financial practitioners. This will shows that there are a large group of people who know nothing about finance in the current Chinese stock market. They may not have a lot of financial knowledge....
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Research on Tesla’s Price Strategy in China

Shuwen Qin, Guangzheng Wu
In 2021, Tesla, as the leader of electric vehicles, is very common in China. Traditional automobile price research shows that automobiles as a commodity have sufficient price elasticity of demand. However, early research also shows that electric vehicles do not have sufficient price elasticity of demand...
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Changes in Imports and Exports During the COVID-19 Pandemic in China

Yiming Fu
At a time when the whole world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the change in the global economic situation has become a more important issue for the whole country and its people. Trade between countries may also be different. Changes in imports and exports, and the subsequent rise and fall of the...