Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

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The Study of Virtual Fitting Room in China

Mingyu Lu, Suyin Chen, Haotian Lin, Yueyi Li
With the increasing maturity of virtual fitting technology, this paper analyzes its marketing environment from three aspects: online apparel consumers, e-commerce trends and relevant national preferential policies, and combines the internal and external factors of the country to elaborate the current...
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Influence and Prospect of Chinese Hog Futures- Live Hog Industry Perspective

Yi Guo, Jiajun Luo, Ruining Zhu, Chengzong Li
The Dalian Commodity Exchange opened the hog futures market on 8th Jan, 2021 to smooth out price swings in Chinese pork markets. This paper aims to discuss the influence and prospect of such futures in China. The work introduces technical contract details and analyzes hog futures’ potential benefits...
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Influencing Factors of Stock Price Crash Risk

Zhendong Chen, Lu Liu, Qianfei Sun, Zhengyu Wang
The research on preventing the stock price crash risk is of great significance. Previous literature has examined many influencing factors of crash risk. This paper surveys the burgeoning literature on stock price crash risk. It makes a detailed and comprehensive review of the relevant literature from...
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Low Carbon Economy and Environmental Finance

Yue Zhang
In today’s world development, as environmental problems become more and more prominent, the traditional economic model with development as the only goal can no longer meet the development needs. Sustainable and green low-carbon development became the demand of development in all countries. It is a must...
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Analysis of Current Situation of CNY

Zhen Wang
From 2018 to 2021, the CNY fluctuates constantly under the combined effect of a series of internal and external factors, but there is no entry-level summary paper in the literature market that makes the change process and results more concise and clear. This article provides a statistical description...
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What Marketing Strategies Did Mercedes-Benz Use to Succeed in the US Market?

Yonghao Li, Youqi Wang
Mercedes-Benz is a well-known company from Germany because of their automobile and their marketing strategies. Because of their marketing strategies, they have the ability to take a large piece of a country’s automobile market. In this paper, taking the US market as an example and mainly discuss what...
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The Impact of $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill on the Return by Different Moving Average Strategy

Haoyu Cheng, Wanqi Zheng
Since the epidemic outbreak and spread of COVID-19 had worsened the public’s expectation of the global economy, President Joe Biden tried to stimulate economic development with his $1.9 trillion relief bill. This research studied the performance and following effects of momentum strategies in the mid-...
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Analysis of Size and Momentum Anomalies in CAPM

Ziqi Wan
By assuming a linear relationship between expected returns and Beta (Beta is always positive), CAPM provides a powerful and direct prediction on how to measure the relationship between expected returns and risk [1]. However, CAPM still has drawbacks. On average, smaller companies have higher risk-adjusted...
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Overview on the Growth and Development of TikTok’s Globalization

Xin He, Keyu Hua, Chen Ji, Haichuan Lin, Zhengqi Ren, Wenyu Zhang
After years of development, watching short videos have become a component of the general public. The objective of this study was to analyze TikTok business model, engage in its product internationalization and valuation, and investigate the potential risk TikTok may face. In terms of market share in...
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Rationality of China’s Policies Response to COVID-19

Shiyu Zhou
COVID-19 continues to spread all over the world, and governments of various countries have also adopted different epidemic prevention measures. Among them, the Chinese government’s anti-epidemic policy is worthy of attention.This article mainly studies the rationality of The Policies of the Chinese government...
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U.S. Medical-related Industry Under Covid-19: Impacts and Reflections Based on Fama-French Model

Yuqi He, Qijing Ma, Ziying Xiao
As a once-in-a-century black swan event, the global spread of the COVID-19 caused severe economic and social impacts. It made the market recognize the significant value of medical-related companies. During this epidemic, the medical-related industries demonstrated their ability to cope with such large-scale...
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Internet Finance Faces Risks and Countermeasures

Xinyi Wu
Internet finance is a new financial business model. It is a model where the conventional business organizations perform financing, payment, investment by using the internet and information technology. The internet finance models include payments, online lending, equity crowdfunding, fund sales, insurance,...
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Chinese E-commerce Competition

Yiteng Ma
In China today in 2021, the online shopping industry is already a very mature industry chain, and online shopping plays a very important role in the lives of people living in China. Such a phenomenon cannot help but make more companies and platforms want to participate in this industry, because the huge...
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Transformations in Real Estate Investments During Pandemic

Lam An Yin Andrew
COVID-19 drowns the real estate industry severely as the border restrictions hindered business and consumption activities like traveling. Thus, this report aims to investigate how the industry transformations could resist the industry recession and whether there are investment opportunities in the real...
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Gaming on the Go: Examining the Resurgence and Growth of the Mobile and VR Games Markets During the Pandemic

Chengfeng Jiang
Due to the global financial crisis in 2020, businesses in various industries, including video gaming, had to make adjustment to adapt the sudden stop in their operations. This caused the gaming industry to capitalize on the opportunity. Due to the rise of the pandemic and the increasing demand for gaming...
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DuPont Analysis on the Financial Capacity of Midea and Gree Company

Xuliang Li
On 4 July 2015, GMCC Meizhi, the world’s largest air conditioning compressor company, and Welling Motors were integrated into Midea. It ranked as the 481st place on the Fortune Global 500 list for the first time and 307th place in 2020. After 33 years of development, GREE Group was established in March...
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategies of Fashion Brands in the Economic Environment of Social Media

Taking Zara and Gucci as Examples

Yuqi Liu
Fast fashion is getting more and more popular during these years because the fast changing and fashionable designs, such as Zara. Also, luxury brands, like Gucci, add more and more young and new elements in their commodities and distribution methods instead of keeping using classic and original ones....
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How Consumer Behaviors Shape Digital Marketing

Jiarui Zhou
With the rapid development of technology and Internet, the whole world is turning into a new era-digital age. Meanwhile, one of the most critical changes is that digital development creates a great evolution between consumers and enterprises. Consumers are updating their consumption behaviors or habits...
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Analysis of Financial Statements During COVID-19 from the Perspective of Managers——Case Study Based on TME

Qianyue Chen
With the development of network technology, China’s mobile music market has also grown at an amazing speed in recent years. More and more users begin to pay for music works and music services. From the perspective of managers, taking TME group as an example, this paper analyzes the information in its...
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Investment Analysis on the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Company Under Covid-19 Pandemic

A Case Study on Company

Kaicheng Jiang, Wanying Huang, Yunran Liu, Xinyi Wei
This paper studies the investment prospect of the autonomous vehicle technology company using the case of company. We apply the Political-Economic-Social-Technological (PEST) analysis to analyze the macroenvironment and the People-Context-Deal-Opportunity (PCDO) framework to evaluate the investment...
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Involvement and Perceived Argument Quality in Central and Peripheral Persuasion and Effectiveness of Advertisement

Yuchen Huang
The past decades have witnessed a booming economy and expanding market all over the world. Under such currents, advertisements have achieved unprecedented success in promoting products and helping companies earn profits. Elaborately designed advertisements appeal to people’s emotions and raise their...
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Research on Creative Transformation and Innovative Development of Red Culture Taking Wuhan Revolutionary Museum as an Example

Shijing Xiao
Red culture needs creative transformation and innovative development to adapt to the growing social needs. Wuhan Revolutionary Museum has been constantly exploring new development directions in the innovation of red culture communication path, the innovation of red culture exhibition planning content...
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Corporate Research and Development Strategy and Stock Price Crash Risk

Xinzhu Zhang, Yu Zhang, Yuxin Mao
This paper investigates the effect of research and development activity on stock price crash risk. Using a large sample of 3568 Chinese listed companies for the period 2007-2019, it is found that R&D expenditure in China is negatively associated with stock price crash risk, which suggests that the...
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Research on Marketing Mix Strategy of PDD E-commerce Platform

Yuewen Liang, Yuxiao Pan, Ziting Zhao
PDD’s (hereinafter referred to as PDD) marketing strategies made the brand grow in a short amount of time. We used secondary sources investigation methods with our understanding of PDD’s marketing. This paper is discovered through investigations and shows that the manifestation of PDD’s marketing strategies...
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Disney Marketing Strategy Review

Role of Marketing in a Global Strategy

Junzhe Shen, Mei Xu, SangShi Yang
This research is mainly our research on Disney’s global marketing strategy. To have a deeper understanding of Disney’s global development planning and marketing strategies and draw a regular summary to help more people learn from successful experiences, we did the following research. We have conducted...
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Multiculture Development on New Media Platform

Xiao Han
Nowadays, with the development of the public transport system, the population movement becomes much more quickly. When immigrants start to live in a new place who need to adapt to the new cultural environment and bring a new culture to the local community, even in recent years, due to the spread of Covid...
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Survey Data Analysis Using Information Theory – A New Method for Business Research

Pak Hou Che, Caleb Huanyong Chen, Chunsheng Li
As a traditional method to test relationships between variables, regression has been used widely but there are also limitations. Based on information theory, this study proposed an entropy method for researchers to use as an alternative option. Firstly, the mathematical foundation basing on entropy theory...
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The Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Stock Market Performance: Evidence from Multiple Countries

Xiqing Chen
Through the comprehension of secondary data and analysis from different sources, this paper explores the impacts of monetary and fiscal policy on the stock market with evidence from Australia, China, 11 member countries of the Eurozone (combined) and the United States. In the theoretical aspect, monetary...
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Impacts of Covid-19 on Consumption-Related Industries Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Yizi Jiang, Yuanyu Li, Jiaqi Ruan
Covid-19 has brought a significant impact on people’s daily life by influencing various industries. To discuss the impact of Covid-19 on consumption-related industries, this paper chose four industries of Agriculture, Food, Soda and Beer industries of the U.S. market. Based on Fama-French Five Factor...
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A Summary of the Marketing Strategies of Luxury Cosmetics Brands

Yangyu Liu, Jiayue Lu, Guanyi Qi
With the advent of “appearance level economy”, cosmetics, as a consumer product that can quickly improve the overall image, are in an era of large-scale promotion and use. In the context of the new media era and major turning points in society as a whole, how can luxury cosmetics brands use specific...
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Application Research Based on GSP Auction Mechanism

Qin Cao, Yucheng Jiang, Yingfei Zhou
In order to better choose a suitable auction method and achieve the best overall return, this paper compares and analyses Generalized-Second position (GSP) from the three aspects of experimental simulation results, actual profitability and real market distribution based on the advantages and disadvantages...
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Effect of Rural Social Pension Insurance on Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods

Xiaoyan Huang, Zhiyi Ren, Yilin Gao
Based on data of 31 provinces of China in 2019 collected from the National Bureau of Statistics, this paper explores the impact of the number of urban employees’ endowment insurance on the total retail sales of social consumer goods in different provinces in China. Taking the population, per capita disposable...
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Analysis on Employment Status of College Graduates during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Xuran Liu
Under the influence of COVID-19, college graduates face severe employment problems, mainly reflected in the internal environment and external situation. At the same time, the Internet has led to the emergence of new employment models. This paper mainly analyzes problems graduates are faced with and employment...
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Research on Lemon Industry Competitiveness Based on Porter Diamond Model

Minxiang Yue, Zhengyong Cao
Improving the agricultural industry competitiveness is the leading direction of high-quality agricultural development in the future. Therefor it is of great significance to research to how to improve the industrial competitiveness and promote the high-quality development of lemon industry in Chengdu-Chongqing...
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The Development Mode of Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center Based on the Experience of China and the United States

Weihan Feng, Jin Yan, Hongbo Zhang
It is necessary to explore the new development mode of regional science and technology innovation center in order to boost the high-quality development. In this paper, data analysis method is used to describe the development mode and existing issues in detail based on the development experience of three...
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Analysis of the Future Development Potential of Tripalink Using POCD Framework

Zheyu Deng
In recent years, with the increasing prevalence of seeking higher education out of hometown, the number of students on campus greatly exceeds the accommodation available on campus, so there is a huge market for off-campus housing. However, the evaluation of student rental companies still remains an important...
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A Listed Company Evaluation Based on DCF Model-the Case of Medical Apparatus and Instruments Industry

Luyao Cheng
This study pays attention to Johnson&Johnson, which is one of the companies in the medical devices industry that a highly specialized industry with deep growth prospects to examines its enterprise value through the discount the free cash flow for the firm model. The Author conducts comprehensive...
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Research on Specific Methods of Using Sports Marketing Technology to Increase Basketball Viewership in Canada

Yiding Zhang
Sports marketing communication is a branch of marketing communication, which takes sports as the basic point and core elements, transmit and exchange not only simple Canadian sports basketball information, but more importantly, a potential thinking consciousness and internal spiritual power. The unique...
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An Analysis of Branding Practices of Airbnb: Implication for Future Strategic Planning

Yang Ji, Hanwen Li, Zihan Yang
The purpose of this study is to analyze Airbnb’s branding strategies and compare them with its competitors to discover Airbnb’s areas of improvement and to come up with ensuing strategic plans. The results will help Airbnb have a better understanding of its position in the market, its force of competition,...
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The Ethical Dilemma for Ele.Me

Balance Between Working Safety and Profit

Yuhan Dong, Fuyun Li, Yuanhui Li, Yongqin Xie, Diyue Zhu
O2O businesses have undergone great advancements in the past few years in China. As one of the most renowned food ordering and delivery service applications, Ele.Me is commonly deemed as a successful case. However, despite its great financial achievement, Ele.Me has also been critiqued for its unethical...
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View of Consumerism of High School Students and Factors That Shaped Their Concept

Tao Rongde (Raymond)
Money management has always been an issue for teenagers these days. With the advancement of internet technology and pop culture, new ideas and activities such as popular brands, video games, and idol groups gained attraction from teenagers. While these events are entertaining and sociable, they are also...
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Research on the Role of Chinese Board of Directors in Anti-hostile Takeover

A Case Study of Vanke Acquisition

Siyi Li, Yixuan Song, Yuechen Wang
This paper discusses the board of directors’ position in preventing malicious takeover from the perspective of internal right distribution and institutional structure of Listed Companies in China and compares China’s company law with British and American company law. The first part of the article describes...
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Study on Pricing and Service Strategy of We-media Platform Based on Two-sided Market Theory

Huakun Yan
This paper analyzes market characteristics and the advertising pricing and service investment strategies for we-media platforms. The results show that, the market size of the content providers and the cross-side externality influence the optimal price, which is difference in tradition media platform....
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Evaluation of JianKang Health Club’s Business Model Research

Xinyi Li
Under the current fitness industry, customers pay a high price to hire personal trainers, while personal trainers receive limited and unsatisfactory salaries. This article proposes and analyses a new business model to replace the current unreasonable business model in the fitness industry. Customers...
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Analysis of the Shortcomings of the Investment Decision Method and its Improvement

Chongpeng You
Investment decisions are an important part of the pre-investment process. The correct method of decision making for investment projects directly affects the investment benefit of the project. However, various investment decision methods and theoretical analyses have deficiencies. These deficiencies will...
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The Relationship Between RMB Internationalization and the International Monetary System

Yiyu Chen
This article summarizes the current research situation in the internationalization of the RMB and the International Monetary System. The article will face significant events since the start of the RMB internationalization process, including the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, the “One Belt, One Road” initiative,...
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Investment in the Belt and Road to Promote the Expansion of International Financial Markets

Huang Xingrui
The global financial impact of Chinese overseas investment, market constraints and hostile risk management. Understanding China ‘ s important role in the international community. Belt and Road investment promotes the expansion of financial market scale, but also brings some disadvantages. The Belt and...
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The Application of Marketing Mix to Healthy Drinks

Zijian Zhang
Health drinks are emerging products. The rise in demand for healthy beverages is global. The purpose of this paper is to explore how the Marketing Mix, especially the 4Ps, can impact healthy drink sales. Based on the review of the theory of Marketing Mix, especially summarized the impact of 4Ps. The...
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Retail Investor Attention and Firm Investment Efficiency

Li Jianhong, Sun Zhuoran, Zhou Qi
In this paper, we investigate the impact of retail investor attention on a firm’s investment efficiency. We found that retail investor attention is positively associated with a firm’s investment efficiency by means of baseline regression. Further analyses show that the impact of retail investor attention...
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Online Impulse Buying: Impact of Internet Celebrity Endorsement and Peer Pressure

Chunsheng Li, Huimin Jiang, Anwei Huang, Huanyong Chen, Jiangruixue Yu
During the epidemic of COVID-19, online purchases have been rising and e-commerce live broadcasts have become more popular. As impulse buying happens a lot, the factors influencing impulse buying in e-commerce live broadcast rooms are of interest. Basing on the expectation confirmation model (ECM), we...
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Applications of the Decision Tree in Business Field

Zixuan Zhang
With the advent of the information age and the development of the Internet, the data show explosive growth, machine learning is becoming a more and more popular field. This paper lists some different applications of decision trees in the business fields which are related to personal credit and the stock...
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Cash Holdings

Kaixing Wang, Qi’an Sun
In this paper, we focus on discussing the relationship between corporate social responsibility and cash holdings in China stock market. We can draw conclusions based on corporate social responsibility in China’s domestic enterprises, the value of corporate cash holdings and corporate cash holdings for...
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Investigating the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Millennial’s Purchase Intention of Sports Brands in China

A Case of LI NING

Zhen Niu, Rongbo Zhang
This study mainly analyzes the importance of social media for sportswear companies, including marketing and influence, and how social media affects millennials’ purchase intention of sportswear brands. This paper explores some cases of marketing activities of some sportswear companies (Nike, Hongxing...
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Post-Olypmic Economic Risk Analysis and Avoidance measures -- Taking Tokyo Olympic Games as an Example

Enhan Shuang, Leicheng zhang
With the preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the rapid development of economic modernization in Tokyo and Japan has been greatly accelerated. The hosting of the Olympic Games will bring large-scale investment to the host country, stimulate the rapid growth of consumer demand, improve the employment...
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Marketing Strategies and New Focus for Luxury Companies under COVID-19 Pandemic

Yilin Peng
This research paper investigates the transformation of marketing strategies for luxury companies due to the impact of economic crisis resulted from COVID-19 pandemic. Taking International Brands as examples, this paper analyses from psychology of consumers to global economic performance in order to best...
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategies of Luxury Cars in China—Porsche as an Example

Jingchun Guo
The paper firstly introduces the current development status and possible development trend of Chinese luxury car market. In the following of the paper, the marketing strategy of Porsche car in China is researched, and the reasonable suggestions are proposed to improve the marketing ability after making...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Rural Accounting Informatization in the Data Age

Chunxia Chen
The big data era has provided the precondition for the development of accounting informationization, especially with the country’s attention to rural economic development, more and more rural enterprises begin to become the main force of rural revitalization, and the awareness and ability of accounting...
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Study on the Coordination Mechanism of Creative Intellectual Resource Allocation Behavior in the Internet Copyright Industry from the Perspective of Evolutionary Game

Hui Cai
The copyright value of cultural industry is developing rapidly through the Internet. The starting point of the value chain of the Internet copyright industry is the literary works with storyline on the Internet platform, the network literature works as meta-IP, with the support of Internet copyright...
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Cultural Industry System Based on Interest Rate Risk Analysis of Commercial Banks

Jiawei Li
In order to study the cultural industry system, the cultural industry index is established based on the interest rate risk of commercial banks: 1) Realise and calculate the generalised autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (GARCH) model through the value-at-risk (VaR) risk analysis method. 2)...
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A Study of the Co-movement and Spillover Effects of Stock Markets Among China and ASEAN-5 Countries

Yi-Ming Li, Li-Ru Bai
China and southeast Asian countries are geographically close and have strong economic ties for a long time. In recent years, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries have gradually opened their markets and strengthened their economic and trade links, reflected in their capital...
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Research on the Choice of Enterprise Value Investment under the COVID-19 Epidemic: A Case Study of Chinese Liquor Industry

Zhendong Huang, Han Xiao, Saiqian Xu
The liquor-making industry has special social status and economic value in China, which is an essential part of the national economy. The COVID-19 epidemic spread around the world in 2020, resulting in a decrease in the consumption demand for baijiu and a subsequent decline in baijiu stock prices.This...
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Research on the Development of Supply-Chain Finance in the Context of Digital Transformation

Yufan Wei
Digital transformation has become a must for the vast majority of companies around the world. The development of information technology also means that enterprises avoid atomistic competition and become active participants in the supply-chain network containing multiple businesses and relationships....
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The Analysis of the Innovation Factor Can Affect the Success of the Startup Company

Zelong Qin
The question of how to build a successful startup is always popular in the society. It is difficult to maintain startups for a long time, most startups are not able to last more than two years. Variety factor can lead to the failure of a startup such as investment or company size. The author analyzed...
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Research of Impact of COVID-19 on Clothing Industry Using Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Xinrong Ji, Keying Li, Zijie Yu
As COVID-19 negatively affected the U.S. stock market, the performances of stocks vary from different industries. This research focused on the specific impact of the pandemic on the clothing industry specifically. The study used the Fama-French 5 factor model, which includes two other variables – RMW...
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A Study on the Effect of Haidilao’s Brand Marketing Strategies on Brand Image and Loyalty

Xuanyi Guo, Ruotong Zhai
In this study, we are designated to investigate what specific brand marketing strategies have been adopted by Haidilao and its effects on its brand image and brand loyalty. Haidilao, as one of the most popular chain restaurants in such a competitive market, can be a great example of investigating what...
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The Study of Marketing Strategy of Live Streaming Studios

In the Case of Li Jiaqi’s Studio

Yinuo Cai, Shuyu Zhang, Yi Zhao
The live streaming industry has been developing rapidly in recent years worldwide with the technological support of more and more online platforms and applications. This paper takes special interest in the industry and focuses on its marketing strategies in Li Jiaqi’s live streaming studio. The paper...
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Development Overview and Valuation Analysis of Bilibili

JiaLing Deng, YingYu Han, GuoXu Zhou, Xuyang Zhou
Bilibili, as a novel type company different from the traditional video business, is a highly concentrated cultural community and video platform for the young generation in China, which attracts a large number of users and content creators. This paper investigates the development process and business...
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Risk Analysis of Enterprise Financial Derivatives: Evidence from MGRM Company

Yulin Liu, Jiayi Lu, Shihang Wu, Jiaqi Xu
The hedging of financial derivatives is crucial for enterprise risk management. However, enterprises often ignore the complexity and leverage of derivatives transactions as well as add speculation in hedging operations, which attributes to the failure of hedging. A bad hedge will bring huge losses to...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Worldwide Economics

Yude Wu
2019 Corona Virus (COVID-19) is a wide spread disease sweeping the world. It generates the impact on both the macroeconomics and microeconomics as well. From the macroeconomic and microeconomics perspective, the economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic has been devastating, on which a lot...
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Research on Capital Asset and Investment Portfolio

Zeyu Li, Jin Liu, Yixin Zhang, Yuqian Zou
Throughout history, using capital assets models, such as Markowitz and Index model, is important for investors to compare different portfolios, and decide the asset arrangement. Doing statistical analysis and comparisons of stock prices for different companies is necessary when we want to find the optimal...
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The Applications of NPV in Different Types of Markets

Simin Le
The net present value of your project is the present value of the cash flows at the required rate of return compared to your initial investment. In practice, it is a method of calculating the return on investment for a project or expenditure. This paper introduces some major methods to evaluate investment...
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Research on Health Communication Strategies of Short Video on Popular Medical Science

Take the “Clove Doctor” TikTok as an Example

Ping Zhou, Jiali You, Wenjing Wu
Combined with the concept of health communication and related content, this article specifically analyzes the theme type of “Clove Doctor” TikTok and existing problems of short video on popular medical science. On the basis, it discusses the strategies of this kind of short video in spreading health...
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Which Platform is Better for Business: Instagram VS Twitter

Guoqinxin Huang, Yuexuan Li
The use of online promotion has increased dramatically in recent years. Managers are beginning to search for the best forum for promotion. However, due to the huge amount of platforms, their quality has declined. Therefore, managers should identify the quality of the platforms individually. The purpose...
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Survey on Consumption Demand of Quick-frozen Steamed Dumplings in Hefei City——Research Based on Consumer Decision-making Perspective

Wenhui Zhu, Houqing Wang
The survey is based on the decision makers of the purchase of steamed dumplings in Hefei, the main content is the basic image of consumers, the cognition of steamed dumplings, purchase needs, consumption habits, and purchase considerations. Use descriptive statistics to analyze basic consumer information;...
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Analysis on Economic Situation and Marketing Strategies of New Oriental Education

Zhengyu Bao
At present, China has a large demand for education industry, with all kinds of education institutions on the market emerging in endlessly. Training that focuses on English training industry ushered in the explosive growth over the past years. New Oriental Education has advantages in the competition with...
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The Impacts of Training on Turnover Intention of Chinese Millennials

Genping Ye
The purpose of this research is to look into the correlation between Chinese millennial training, job satisfaction, and intention to quit. Critical research has focused on defining the three main factors in order to investigate their complex interactions. Similarly, there has been little research on...
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Impact of COVID-19 on Service-related Industries of U.S. Market Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Siqing Chen, Zixin Chen, Zhengyuan He, Qi Sun
Asset pricing theory is essential in finance, and many scholars have contributed to establishing the best model to measure the price of assets. COVID-19, which is a worldwide health crisis, continuously destroys the global economy. This paper aims to apply the Fama-French Five-Factor Model to evaluate...
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Crude Oil Futures Hedging Strategies During COVID-19 Using VaR-Garch Models

Qitong Wang
In 2020, under the sweeping impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of chain reactions that followed, the crude oil industry was hit hard. The most influential event was the price collapse of WTI futures and the unprecedented huge loss of some investors holding crude oil related products in their...
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Investment Analysis of Airline Companies in Pandemic

A Comparative Study of CEA and UAL

Zeyu Gu, Xiaohan Liang, Yanman Yu
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the aviation industry was revealed highly vulnerable to such a crisis, and the stock prices of worldwide airline companies all faced significant declines. The airline companies would have to adapt themselves to a world with lasting impacts from the pandemic to recover...
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The Influences of Markowitz Model with Different Constraints for Optimal Portfolio

Zanqi Shi, Sihan Zhu
This paper aims to use the Markowitz model to find the optimal portfolios under different constraints and compare the differences. In this paper, we use ten stocks that correspond to the ten listed companies that need to be analyzed. The paper includes 20 years of historical daily return for ten stocks...
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The Legal Dilemma of Private Equity Fund Financing in China and Its Response

Jinwei Chao, Yaqin Xu
According to the survey, the human capital fund has not become the main fund source of China’s venture capital industry. The lack of RMB fund status will greatly affect the market share of domestic assets. But suppose there is a law regulating the financing of these funds and guiding them into the private...
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Analysis on the Reasons of Delta Bankruptcy

Panyue Chen
Any field could be severely impacted by occasional stern crises. Therefore, having appropriate strategies to not only survive from the predicaments but also achieve subsequent long-term prosperity will be crucial. In this paper, Delta will be exemplified to show its successful tactics for disentangling...
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The Hedging Policies of BP with the Systematical Analysis

Nan Huang, Shang Jiang, Yuting Sun, Ziting Yuwen
The article provides a general overview of BP’s hedging policy. We analyze how the company hedges risks and risks the company hard to hedge. BP is a multinational oil and gas company, the main risks in the area of swapping the economic exposure and managing its normal business exposures. Based on analyzing...
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The Influence of Big Data on Purchasing Behavior

Rui Tang
At present, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s consumption level also rises, and they buy more and more products. In the purchase behavior, consumers will have different purchase intentions under different circumstances, thus affecting the sales of products. This paper aims to...
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Research on Huawei’s Competitive Situation

Shuwei Zhang
In the rapid development of global economics, domestic large-scale enterprise companies represented by Huawei have accelerated the speed of product updates and technological progress. In the research of Huawei, this article uses Porter’s five forces model to analyze the current competitive situation...
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Research and Analysis on Markowitz Model and Index Model of Portfolio Selection

Mingzhou Jin, Zexin Li, Shengkai Yuan
With the development of stock portfolio theory, the research value of risk dispersion has become increasingly prominent. How investors construct portfolios has become an important research topic. In the article, we use recent 20 years of historical daily total return data for ten stocks, which belong...
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Analysis of Risk Diversification --Based on Bitcoin

Junchao Xia
Bitcoin is an essential component in the cryptocurrency system and plays a vital role in the economic system. This paper uses analytical methods to conduct in-depth research on Bitcoin. I will explain their opinions about its ability to invest and risk diversification, and then we try to verify some...
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Application of Game Theory in Carbon Trading Mechanism

Feiyue Wang, Silun Wang
This paper organized the literature about the allocation of game theory in carbon emission trading by consulting relevant research of peer scholars. As a result, we found that the total amount of newly published papers about carbon trading has declined in recent years while the number of new papers about...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on National Economic Development: Evidence from China and Japan

Xinyang Wang
The outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 has significantly devastated the global economy from country to country. Different countries utilize distinct methods to prevent tragic economic loss. This essay evaluates two countries that share a similar trading strategy of importing raw material, China...
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Factor Investing Strategy Investigation and Optimization for Chinese Stock Market with Backtesting and Implementation

Xiangru Cui, Qizhen Tang, Yiyun Yang
Quantitative investment has a 50-year-history in the world and a much shorter history in China, which is about 10 years. In 1991, the securities market was established in China. Compared with traditional investment strategy, which is based on investors’ active decisions, quantitative investment is passive....
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Board Gender Diversity and Earnings Management: Evidence from China

Yihao Li
A large number of foreign studies have confirmed that the existence of female members in the board of directors will reduce the company’s earnings management. This paper focuses on the Chinese market to study the impact of the female managers on the company’s earnings management in this market. From...
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Examination of U.S. Finance-Related Industry Under COVID-19 Based on Fama-French model

Yuhan Cai, Yue Shen, Ting Wang, Tianning Xie
COVID-19 has had a tremendous influence on economic activity throughout the world. As the largest economy globally, the United States’ finance-related industry changes have an essential impact on the world economy. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the relative changes of each factor in the Fama-French...
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Strategic Planning and Branding Management of Chinese E-commerce Business: A Case Study of Three Squirrels

Xiyao Wang
The e-commerce business in China continues to thrive. Three Squirrels (TS), one of the leaders of online food retailers, has been selected as the research object of this study. Specifically, an array of strategies adopted by TS have been reviewed and delineated, including its vision construction, technology-driven...
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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance and Corporate Idiosyncratic Risk

Shan Huang, Muhan Shi, Chengyi Shi, Zecheng Xu, Haoran Xu
We examine the effect of directors’ and officers’ insurance (D&O insurance) on corporate idiosyncratic risk in the Chinese market. We find that D&O insurance in China is negatively associated with corporate idiosyncratic risk. This association is robust to a series of robustness checks, including...
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The Impacts of Trade Protectionism on the Indian Economy

Xi Cheng, Xinyue Fu, Yuntian Tang, Zuqian Wang
Since the 1970s, many countries have brought many benefits to their own countries due to the development of globalization. But some typical countries, such as India, began to show some anti-globalization phenomena. So, they put in place relevant policies to protect their national interests. Because of...
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The Evolution and Diversification of Blockchain Technology

Lingfei Zhu
The term around the blockchain technology is publicly confusing at present. At present, all terms related to blockchain technology make the public confused. However, the blockchain technology is the perfect example of using public shared information to enhance data security. It is essentially distributed...
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Analysis of U.S. Transportation Industry Based on Fama-French 5-Factor Model under COVID-19

Jiayi Hu
The outbreak of the COVID-19 has had a great impact on the U.S. economy and society. A lot of researchers have applied Capital Asset Pricing to the analysis of stock markets. This paper aims to utilize Fama-French 5-Factor Model to reveal the changes of stocks and markets in the transportation industry...
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A Rising Marketing Star – A Study into Douyin Marketing

Kedi Ling
Short video platforms available in the current market are no longer only a tool for entertainment, but also for the purpose of marketing. The study specifically focuses on first analyzing the status of Douyin in the industry. Based on knowledge acquired from academic readings and news articles about...
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Cultural Distance and the Export of Film and TV Works: Verification Based on China and B&R Countries

Yanfeng Lei, Jianyu Chi, Mingkai Huang
With the opportunity of “the Belt and Road” (B&R) Initiative in recent years, Chinese film and television works have made phased progress in “going global”. But there are still trade barriers caused by cultural differences such as “cultural discount” in the process of film and television industry...
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Impact on the Volatility of the Bitcoin Price with the Implementation of Macro-Regulation

Siyao Ma
After year two thousand, with the booming of internet networks, virtual currency has appeared into the public’s view. In the midst of all (including 8861 numbers of virtual currency, calculate by Coinmarketcap), bitcoin has become the most represented currency for us to discuss. This paper returns the...