Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

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Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from China

Gehui Cheng, Lingyu Wang, Bingyuan Xiang
As gender diversity is increasingly valued in corporate governance, we investigate the impact of board gender diversity on corporate cash holdings. We infer a positive correlation between board gender diversity and corporate cash holdings. Combining single factor analysis and baseline regression analysis,...
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OLS Model Based Research on Influential Factors of Financial Performance for Chinese Technology Companies

Fangfei Jiang, Zhao Xi
Based on 459 Chinese listed technology companies from the RESSET Finance Database, this paper explores the influential factors of the financial performance of Chinese technology companies. With the application of statistics software, the data are processed through Person correlation and OLS regression...
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International Trade Liberalization and Protectionism: A Review

Jingyao Fu
Trade liberalization and protectionism have different characteristics and functions. Under the background of the epidemic outbreak and economic crisis, the global economy is affected detrimentally. How to effectively speed up economic recovery and promote future economic development through international...
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Analysis of Development of Birth Control Policy in China Under Economic Perspective

Xinyi Wang
The fertility restraint policy in China was officially announced in 1979 and still has continuous updates in recent years, intending to maintain continuity and stability of the demographic structure in China. This paper studies the economic effects of the birth control policy in China on the whole country...
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The Impact of Covid 19 on the American Airlines Industry

Junrong Li
As one of the most impacted industries by COVID-19, the airline industry has experienced significant changes in the past one and a half years due to the outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus. The top 3 airline companies in America, which are Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines,...
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The Impact of the Pandemic on Chinese Economy

Yuning Li, Yingru Wang, Mingyang Chen
The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented and unexpected event in Wuhan, China, in Jan 2020. This fast-spreading influenza disease has great influence on the Chinese economy. This paper explores the impact of the COVID-19, distinguishing these as impacts on the economy’s demand and supply sides. For...
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Instagrammable Store in the New Media Environment

Taking HEYTEA as an Example

Ziyan Zhu, Xuyun Zhou
With the development of the Internet in China, the milk tea industry is thriving, and diversified marketing methods have been adopted and obtained good results. Under the influencer economy, the new media such as Weibo and Tiktok have been rising. This paper is concerned about the marketing strategy...
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Analysis of Tencent’s Successful Development Strategy

Junxiong Huang
Tencent has changed from a small company to an international company with billions of dollars in assets. This article further discusses Tencent’s overall development and Tencent’s business decisions by analyzing Tencent’s marketing strategy. This paper will further analyze Tencent’s strategies by referring...
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Analysis of China’s REITs Factors and Development Suggestions

Kai Wang
Recently, China has launched an infrastructure sector of real estate investment trusts (REITs) pilot related work in developed areas of China. China has great potential in REITs in terms of future market size. This paper aims to explore the limited factors for China to develop REITs by focusing on internal...
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Why Luckin Coffee Survived After Its Scandal?

A SWOT Analysis with Starbucks as a Comparison

Zhaoyuan Gu, Boyang Qi, Yirui Zhao
Because the per capita consumption of coffee in China is far lower than that in western countries. The market potential is very large, and there is a market vacancy between high-end coffee brands and low-end coffee brands. Luckin Coffee decided to build a cost-effective intermediate coffee brand in China....
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The Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Industries

Qingzhi Li, Siqi Jia, Yitong Chen, Feier Yang
Since the first U.S. case was reported on January 21, 2020, many American industries have been heavily affected from an economic perspective. This paper primarily gives a literature review on the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on US industries with the help of historical data. To be more specific,...
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Research on Pricing Strategies of Chinese E-Business Platforms Based on Game Theory

Tianyi Chang, Ying Guo
E-Business platforms have developed rapidly in recent years, providing consumers and enterprises with a virtual trading environment, greatly facilitating people’s consumption behavior and reducing transaction costs. And this flexible trading method also provides a variety of possibilities for commodity...
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Asset Allocation Strategy Based on Inflation Expectation Economic Cycle

Yifu Chen
Economy is periodically. In different period of economic, different kinds of asset (stock, bonds, commodities, gold) met different situation. How to divide and identify economic cycle [1,2] accurately that is very important to make an investment strategy and asset allocation [3]. The traditional way...
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Live Streaming Commerce: A Review and Prospects

Yaoyuan Fu
2016 has been called “the first year of live streaming” in China, and since then the live streaming industry has seen a blowout growth. The mode of “webcast + e-commerce” is a breakthrough to the traditional e-commerce model, and it is also an important monetization path for webcast. Live streaming commerce...
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Fast Growth of Keep (An Online Fitness APP) During COVID-19 Pandemic

Xupeng Lu
A global pandemic broke out in 2020. While the traditional business model has suffered a severe blow, some new business models have begun to appear on the stage of history, for example, Keep (An online fitness app) completed a rapid accumulation and conversion of user, and standed out among home-fitness...
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Why Does Tea’ Stone Have the Potential to Succeed? —— Based on the POCD Analysis Framework

Haoqi Xiao
This paper analyses a new emerging pure tea brand, compared with many tea-related beverage stores that appear in the market. According to the research, people’s acceptance of such products is higher and higher, and the market competition is also intensified. The main purpose is to explain to readers...
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Blockchain for the Future Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Renfei Gao, Xiao Yu, Zhirui Zhang
Blockchain is an emerging industry, and its applications are well established in product traceability, data circulation, supply chain management, judicial depository, government data sharing, and livelihood services. In China, blockchain technology has great value in the medical industry and influences...
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The Morality Impact of Price War and Low Salary on the Chinese Delivery Industry’s Workers

Shenhong Li, Ziyi Wang, Linkun Han, Junyu Shi, Junyu Yang, Runqi Zhang
As is known to all, the delivery industry is one of the world’s largest industries nowadays. Moreover, China’s delivery is thriving these days, and it has already developed over 30 years with the total number of delivery works achieved more than seven million. Sadly, there are several moral problems...
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Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism Industry

Zihan Zhu, Xing Gao, Rujia Chen
The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to many businesses around the world, leading to a devastating economic disruption. It has specifically brought a huge destructive impact on the travel and tourism industry and caused significant effects. Following the lockdown, many countries...
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Transformation of Enterprise Innovation Achievements and Enterprise Growth Under Environmental Protection Regulation

Evidence from China

Yuan Wang, Binxue Han, Jinxin Huang, Chenyu Fan, Huiqi Zhou
Using the panel data of Chinese listed enterprises from 2007 to 2020, this paper analyzes the impact of enterprise innovation achievement transformation cycle on enterprise growth. It further analyzes the impact of policy pressure and enterprise internal governance on the above process. The results are...
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Comparisons of the Different Views of Face Negotiation Theory

Tianyu Gu, Zhiyuan Guan, Jiacong Tang, Dongye Wu
People from different countries are influenced by economic globalization. This situation leads to a large number of negotiation difficulties due to different cultural backgrounds and various views of the “face” problem. Face Negotiation Theory (FNT) is an original theory to explain how people manage...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic on the Technology-related Industry by Fama-French Five-factors Model

Guoxu Zhou
Before and during the epidemic, all major industries were hit and affected to a certain extent. In this paper, the Fama-French five-factor model is used as the basic model. The data from the French database and the method of linear regression are adopted to analyze the impact on the technology industry....
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Digital Expansion Path from the Perspective of Diversification Strategies

Multiple-case Study on Chinese Digital Firms

Fan Lemiao, Ma Zhengkai, Sun Heyang, Zhu Danyuan
In the digital economy environment, with the rapid development of new generation communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data, enterprise innovation can no longer be promoted by pre-determined participants in the traditional sense of the linear...
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Is China’s Investment A Debt Trap? -A Comparative Research Based on the Investment in the United States, Europe and China

Yichen Hao
The essay is to prove that Chinese investments in developing countries are not a debt trap by comparing US, European and Chinese investments. This phenomenon has been observed in recent years and it was usually questioning China’s motive of foreign investments from the perspectives of Western countries....
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Analysis of the Richness of Functions of Mobile Banking Services and Users’ Satisfaction

Chao Chen, Wenhao Huang, Yihang Ma, Yiran Tang, Yang Zang
The purpose of writing this article is to use appropriate data analysis tool to do research on 2 important factors about the mobile banking services, which are the richness of functions and the users’ satisfactions. To study that, we first looked up several related academic papers and most of them are...
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Research on Disney’s Possible Expansion Strategy in Asian Market

Ziying Hua, Hao Song, Kunzhi Zou
Disney’s financial statement shows that from 2011 to 2020, Walt Disney mainly gains its revenue through Canadian and American market, but fail to effectively gain profit in Asia, especially in China--Shanghai Disneyland fails to provide respectable income for Disney. This phenomenon, known as inorganic...
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The Influence of Coronavirus on the Profitability of Educational Enterprises

Qiancheng Xu, Linjia Zhang, Liuweier Zhang
We use quarterly data, covering 4 years from 12/31/2016 to 12/31/2020, freely available from the CSMAR database. Data analysis is conducted by R and STATA statistical software. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Kruskal (rank-sum) test is used to determine whether the mean values of three or...
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Research on the Operating Mechanism and Supervision of Platform Economy

Ranyi Wei
With the continuous development of the Internet, China is paying more and more attention to digital development and the construction of “Internet +”. As the Internet and the industry keep integrating with each other, there have appeared various platforms which can connect to more industries. The platforms...
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Brand New Milk Tea Market: Chinese Milk Tea Development and Brand Analysis

Wingnam Shi, Chongxin Yang, Pengjun Yu
Since the beginning of the 20th century, the milk tea industry grew rapidly in China and has become a popular leisure activity for young people. According to the study of three chain stores in China, low-end milk tea stores are inexpensive and affordable, while mid-range milk tea stores have a wide variety...
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Research on GDP Forecast of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Based on ARIMA Model

Zihan Zhao
This study focuses on the GDP development and forecast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from 1993 to 2020. ARIMA model and time series forecasting are built to analyze the population development and forecast the GDP index in the next five years. The results show that the GDP of Inner Mongolia Autonomous...
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The Effectiveness of Brand Culture on Customer Engagement

A Case Study of Spotify in the U.S.

Shukun Yin, Lintong Fu
Spotify is a Swedish digital music streaming service and technology company founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. In the US market, Spotify is the most predominant audio streaming service among its competitors. The primary purpose of this research was to explore how Spotify took advantage of its branding culture...
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Personality Characteristics and Anchoring Effect in the Newsvendor Problem: A Laboratory Study

Wenmin Han, Min Huang, Wenhui Niu
The Ordering decisions made by decision-makers are affected by their personality characteristics and uncertain market environment, and have always been focused on by scholars. This study used MBTI to classify the personality characteristics of decision-makers, and the E-prime software combined with the...
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Identification of Optimal Risky Portfolios for Hedge Fund

Runsheng Rong, Yongwei Yang, Mengru He, Dingyin Hu, Zhenting Gu
The hedge fund market, stock market and bond market all have high risks. The purpose of our project is to build the optimal risky portfolio consisting of ten different strategies (which includes Arbitrage, CTA/Managed Futures etc.) to diversify risk and gain a high return, and we also conducted a 5-fold...
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From Brand Identity to Brand Loyalty

Illustrated by the case of Bandai

Lin Zhuoyun, Zhang Yankun
With the development of society, people’s material standard of living is improving continually. In this case, compared with the necessities of life, more and more people have started pursuing some mental issue. When this trend comes to the product market, it is embodied in that customers put more focus...
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Indexes

Economic Effects in the U.S. and China

Jialong Chen, Qiqi Li, Xiajie Yu
This article analyses the industry indexes in the U.S and Chinese stock market during COVID-19 to research the impact of COVID-19 on different industries in the U.S. and China. The data was collected based on the industry indexes during four selected periods of COVID-19. We analyzed the difference in...
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Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic: A Study of Chinese Live Streaming E-commerce Based on Taobao Live

Youjing Liu, Zhewen Xu, Haiyan Wang, Jingying Xu
With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, many companies were forced to change their traditional marketing strategies to survive, while the live streaming E-commerce strategy stood out owing to its numerous advantages. On the premise of the success of the live streaming E-commerce strategy, this paper established...
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Research on the Development of Pension Real Estate in China

Zizhao Jiang, Gexiang Zhang
In recent years, due to the increasing number of elderly people in China and the declining fertility rate, the retirement of these elderly people has become a major social as well as medical problem. Accordingly, the pension real estate industry has been growing over the years. However, it is a fresh...
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Research on the Influence of COVID-19 on Transportation Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Chenyang Peng
Over the years, the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) has been continuously improved with the efforts of many researchers. In this study, Fama-French five-factor model, which is excellent in estimating the average stock return, is used for regression analysis. Analyzing the performance of the three...
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Failure Analysis of Queensland Payroll System

Zhu Ziyan
Queensland government tried to innovate and improve the payroll system, but there were many loopholes in the operation of the project. In fact, from 2015 to 2020, about a quarter of the state’s public health workers have to bear outstanding debts due to the Queensland Government’s overpayment of about...
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The Progress on Real Options for Company Valuation

Yixuan Chen
Nowadays, real options derived from financial options are increasingly used in asset pricing. However, with different business models varied by companies, the existing real option pricing models are unable to be generally adopted. This paper addresses the problem of asset pricing under the impact of...
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The Effectiveness of Private Domain Traffic Strategy in Large Cooperation

Taking Lululemon as a Classic Example

Haotian Xiang, Qing Wang, Jie Cui, Jinyi Yang, Yiqin Zhang
Influencer marketing considered an emerging marketing tool has been used by most of the large corporations and developed a few branches such as public traffic pool strategy as well as influencer marketing strategy. Private traffic pool strategy is one of them. Normally, this method suits companies with...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce Development in the United States

Sizheng Qu
With the upgrading of residents’ consumption level and the popularization of overseas e-commerce platforms, the development of Chinese cross-border e-commerce has new opportunities. However, under the influence of the China-US trade frictions, Chinese cross-border e-commerce development in the United...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment - Cash Sensitivity

Jiezhang Huang, Jiasen Zeng, Xujuan Zhan
This paper explores the relationship between economic policy uncertainty (EPU) and corporate investment cash sensitivity. We find that economic policy uncertainty has a significant impact on the investment-cash flow sensitivity of firms. Moreover, these results were still robust after a series of robustness...
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Business Report: Is the Shared Fascia Gun Plausible in China?

Haopeng Bai
After exercise, people usually seek for a way for relaxing muscles. Otherwise, their muscles and joints will become stiff. If this situation continues for a long time, it will cause great damage to people’s body. And the fascia gun is a convenient and inexpensive way to effectively relieve muscle pressure....
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The Application of Mental Accounts of Behavioral Finance in Internet Economy

Weisong Nie
With the development of e-commerce platforms, online shopping has brought many conveniences and benefits to consumers, and more and more consumers have joined the ranks of online consumption. Large-scale e-commerce and frequent merchant promotions have stimulated consumption, causing transaction records...
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Evaluation on Start-up Companies Based on POCD Framework: Case of Brightinsight

Zirui Niu
In today’s environment, deciding whether to invest in a business usually requires evaluating the market value of the business. For start-up companies, it is difficult to find an effective way to analyze the market value of a company and decide whether to invest. In this research, we propose a method...
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The Influence of Platform Economy on Financial Function

Xiaoyan Zhang
Today, with the rapid development of Internet information technology, the platform economy (PE)model covers most areas of people’s economic life, and has caused subversion and innovation to the business model and pattern of the traditional financial industry. PE plays a significant role in the development...
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Strategic Direction for the Development of SMEs - Based on the Successful Experience of POP MART

Ruiyuan Qi
At present, the lifestyle toy industry has shown great development potential in both domestic and international markets. With the introduction of blind box products into China, the market of blind box products in China has rapidly grown to a ten million market. Since its establishment 11 years ago, POP...
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Research the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Entertainment and Publishing Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Boyang Wang
The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 has had a huge impact on the global economy. This paper aims to analyze the impact of the outbreak on the entertainment industry and publishing industry. Stock market data of selected industries is used for analysis, and Fama-French five-factor model is adopted...
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A Research on Disneyland at Home and Abroad

Renxian Fan, Zeyu Qu, Ran Wen
The popularity of Disneyland has been upswing day by day. Analysis and studies of Disneyland become more and more significant. This essay discusses the overviews of national and foreign Disneyland conditions by using the document study method. For national Disneyland, we focus on the sinicization, the...
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An Analysis of Determining the Most Valuable Company Based on Financial Analysis and Principal Component Analysis Methods

Zhe Ji, Andy Rui Chen Lu, Jingyi Wang, Yijin Sha
There are four profitable and valuable companies, Oshkosh Corporation, Intel Corporation, Arena Pharmaceutical Inc., and the Walt Disney Company, and we are choosing the most valuable one for investors to invest in. Among these four companies, the most valuable one should be determined carefully. This...
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The Development of Tik Tok’s Global Market

Yuchen Ren, Wanxin Qi, Mingyang Fan
Tik Tok creates a worldwide mania, becomes one of the most popular and successful social media platforms. The success of Tik Tok cannot take place without its strong algorithm. In combination with knowledge of Business Analytics and Economics, this essay measures how Tik Tok develops its global market...
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Using Search Index to Predict the Volatility of Exchange Rate Based on HAR Model

Zhao Wang
The exchange rate is crucial to global financial markets. However, the existing literature rarely considers the impacts of the search index effects on the volatility of the exchange rate. With the gradual improvement of the realized volatility theory, researchers have found that the realized volatility...
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Corporate Value Investing Research in Covid-19 -A Case of Starbucks

Genglan He, Sha Xiang, Jingyi Yin
Value investing research has been an important component of economic researches. Covid-19 has changed the general global economic environment and hindered normal social activities since the end of 2019, with dramatic effects on various industries. Particularly, it has brought severe challenges to the...
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Panic Buying and Its Causes: A Case Study of the US Toilet Paper Market

Jiaxuan Li
Panic buying refers to a sudden increase in the consumption of certain goods due to perception or expectation of adverse situations. The goal of this paper is to explore the psychological factors that drive panic buying during a pandemic, more specifically, the global-wise COVID-19 outbreak. Literature...
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Analysis of the Economics Behind Gree-style Survival

Fu LiYuan
Gree is one of the well-known household appliance companies in China, which has now entered the era of diversification. Under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, Gree Electric is ready to cover every aspect from home to travel. The development of the diversification of Gree Electric also means that it needs...
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Research on the Construction of Financial Technology Risk Prevention and Control System

Qi Mingchun
The development of financial technology has changed the financial format and reshaped the financial pattern, at the same time, it also brings a series of risks of traditional finance and technology finance, the importance and urgency of financial technology risk monitoring, early warning and prevention...
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The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Global Hedge Funds

Dan Qian
The paper examines whether the coronavirus pandemic has affected selected hedge fund markets (Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index, Eurekahedge North American Hedge Fund Index, Eurekahedge European Hedge Fund Index, Eurekahedge Asian Hedge Fund Index). The purpose of the paper is to assess the degree of the...
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Research on the Influential Factors for Hedge Fund Performance in Liquor Industry

Yiwen Hu
China has a very rich wine culture, and there is even a large amount of famous wine inherited for hundreds of years. Social intercourse at the dinner table is also inevitable in Chinese culture, which means that liquor is an essential consumer goods in daily life. And the general consumer goods will...
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Financial Statements and Analysis, Taking Tencent as an Example

Sijia Cai, Yuxuan Che, Dingyu Duan, Haoyang Liu, Yabei Yang
It is important to figure out a company’s financial situation in order to analysis investment, borrowing, mergers and acquisitions, fraud surveys, and competitive intelligence. This is also beneficial when assessing the corporation financial situation itself. This paper studies a typical enterprise in...
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Research on the Position of Both China and US to Deal with the Financial and Economic Problems Caused by COVID-19

Jing Li
Covid-19 began in 2020 in an unexpected way as the most serious global non-traditional security shock in a century. China is the first major economy to resume growth since the outbreak, and it is at the forefront of the world in terms of epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery. However,...
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Analysis of Four Technology Related Industries Before and After COVID-19 Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Jiaying Li, Xinyuan Wang, Junxing Zhou, Yuanhao Zhou
The COVID-19 devastated the U.S. economy dramatically, which broke the largest shrank record from 1947. The U.S. stock market faced a series of huge fluctuations during the pandemic. Due to more stimulated injection policies and online communication demands, the U.S. technology industry faced a structural...
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Bilibili and the Reasons for Its Success

Hansong Tian
China’s video platforms show a good and rapid development momentum in 2019-2021, among which Bilibili is the most rapid. Its number of users has doubled in just two years and it has become one of the most popular video platforms in China. Founded in 2009, Bilibili focuses on ACG subculture. After more...
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Study on the Change of Sales and Influence of Tsingtao Beer during Epidemic

Haoyue Jiang
Tsingtao Beer was set in 1903 as one of the most famous and biggest beer brands in China. However, in 2020, Yang believes that the coronavirus and the quarantine policies limited tourism and also have an impact on the sale of the Tsingtao Beer [1]. This paper mainly illustrates the Sale volume changes...
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Analysis of U.S. Sector of Services with Fama-French 5-Factor Model During the Covid-19

Yusen Feng, Tingjun Li, Ruoyu Zhao, Chennan Zhou
Covid-19 is the most widespread and devastating pandemic since the 20th century, which profoundly impacted the industries and the stock market, especially the service-related industries and stocks in the U.S. This paper aims to study the epidemic’s impact on service-related industries in the U.S. and...
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Revealing the Wage Phillips Curve on the Relationship Between Wage Growth and Unemployment Rate

Mingyang Jiang, Mian Wang, Xinkai Zhuo, Junyi Zou
The Phillips Curve is a well-known concept in macroeconomics, where the relationship between the unemployment rate and wage growth is a dominant element. The purpose of this study was to explore the failure of revealing normal relationship between wage growth and unemployment in 2001based on the wage...
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Research on Competitive Strategy of Coca-Cola Company

Xueyao Guo, Manyu Wen
In recent years, there are more and more kinds of drinks, people’s demand for drinks is increasing, and the competitive pressure in the beverage market is also increasing year by year. Coca-Cola has been a leader in the beverage market for a long time, and the reasons for its success are worth our in-depth...
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A Literature Review on the Evidence and Limitation for the AMH Theory

Zhaoyu Li, Rui Li, Boning Xiao
It remains a challenge for the Adaptive Market Hypothesis (AMH) to reconcile Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) with behavioural finance. This paper reviews many previous papers and examines AMH whether it is consistent with real changes in markets. By examining previous studies on the relationship between...
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Simple Chooser Option Evaluation

Minghan Gao, Yifei Yu
Financial instruments traded in the markets and investors’ situations in such markets are becoming more complex. The paper examines the main aspects of options, emphasizing the variety of exotic options and their place in financial markets and the risk management process. As the exact valuation of exotic...
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Analysis of Success Factors and Developing Potential of Pop Mart

Feier Liu, Linfeng Lyu, Kaize Yang
This study discusses the rising reason of POP MART, respectively, on the marketing strategy and IP analysis. Otherwise, it also makes a potential analysis for POP-MART to discuss the competition between substitutes and the future development of the blind box economy. For the special marketing strategy...
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Self-Evaluations and Social Comparison

Zhuoyuan Song
This study will be focuse on the effect of social comparison on implicit self-esteem and self-evaluation. The study is about how unconscious process may be affected by social comparison. The study is based on hypothetical study data and Meta-analysis. By comparing the result from different groups of...
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Accuracy Analysis of Enterprise Internal Control - IT System Audit (Alibaba)

Xiyue Zhang
In the early 1960s, the concept of information systems was initially developed and introduced in the United States in the mid-1960s. With the progress of society, IT audit is also constantly developing and applied to major enterprises. This paper takes the company with problems in IT system audit as...
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Overseas-Study Industry

Analysis on Overseas Department in Senior High School and Overseas Education Agency

Binghao Li
As Chinese family economics is becoming better and better, more and more parents are willing to send their children abroad to study because of the diverse experience, while students are fascinated by the popular culture abroad. Their vision and action form the overseas-study industry. This paper will...
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Walmart China Face the Marketing Strategic Issues and What’s their Future Plan

Mingchen Yuan, Ningxin Zhang, Zu Guang Wong
The purpose of this SWOT analysis is to demonstrate that Walmart has the opportunities to achieve localized transformation and have competitive strength by using effective supply chain logistics and E-commerce locally; however, the company will need to act swiftly to overcome its weaknesses in its management...
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Market Change: How to Transform and Upgrade Luxury Goods in the New Era

Taking the LV Brand for Example

Jingyu Gu, Yi Liang, Ruoshui Wang, Pinghao Zhang
As millennials who are highly educated, possess adequate economic resources, and have a completely different consumption outlook from previous generations start to occupy the main luxury market, luxury brands must make certain changes to cater to the new generation of consumers so as not to be abandoned...
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The Application of POCD Framework to Current Online Platform Venture Capital Investment

Taking Hopin as an Example

Zhenning Gao, Jiahui Sheng, Zilin Wang, Yao Yao
The article mainly evaluates Hopin company’s investment and company prospects by using POCD (people, opportunity, context, deal). By analyzing Hopin’s strengths in terms of people, opportunities, and content, combined with founders and employees who have undergone higher education, the company’s improvement...
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Inheritance Tax for the Improvement of Chinese Property Tax System

Xiaoyan Hou
The current property tax system in China leaves much to be desired, so its role of revenue and taxation regulation is limited. Since inheritance tax is an important guarantee for an improved property tax system, its collection can expand the scope of taxation and enhance its function of regulation. Now...
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The Analysis of Competitive Business Strategy Among Platform Enterprises Like Taobao, Jingdong and Pinduoduo

Ruyi Wang
With the advances of the Internet and information technology, the digital era provides the development of enterprises with a new space: a digital economy platform. The increasing number of enterprises enter the platform market, which makes the competition among platform companies extremely fierce. Therefore,...
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Research on the Growth Development of Xiaomi Company

Di Zhou, Zhehan Feng, Jinhua Jiang
Since its establishment in 2010, Xiaomi has been booming in the smartphone industry. While focusing on the mobile phone business, it is not short to explore new areas. In this article, we investigate Xiaomi’s fan economy and hunger marketing policies. At the same time, it analyzes how Xiaomi uses AIot...
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Raffineria d’oro Milano Inc. Business Analysis

Xiaochao Hong, Changze Zhang
The main core of this thesis is our presentation of how to run a company that sells gold and silver in purified form and some of the cores needed for our operating company. Our work focuses on modelling the strengths and weaknesses of how this company can continue to operate and how to overcome the weaknesses....
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Prediction of Bitcoin Price Based on the Hidden Markov Model

Muxi Li
The prediction of the financial market has gradually attracted attention from investors. As an emerging market, digital currency has become an indispensable and essential part. The common analysis methods are mainly machine learning and its derivatives. The daily frequency data of Bitcoin prices are...
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Research on Monopoly’s Variable Effect on Digital Market in China—Take Xiaomi as an Example

Tianyang Zhang
This article demonstrates how monopolies affect the digital market in China. Every country in the world may experience various monopolies and make regulations since they may ultimately result in adverse effects. However, competition and monopoly between different markets may vary and have completely...
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NBA Social Media Marketing Strategy: From Globe to China

Zanchao Wang
Over the past decade, the emergence of social media has changed the speed and scope of communication and interaction between individuals and organizations across the globe [9]. The significant growth of social media has also spurred changes in the market. Businesses are paying more and more attention...
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Regulation on China Internet Finance

An Analysis of Ant Group’s IPO Failure

Xintong Feng, Xiaoyi Wang, Ziming Yang
Internet Finance is a new financial business model and gets applied more and more in China with the development of the internet. Although it provides is more convenient and faster service, internet finance also brings more system risks to China’s financial market. Especially after the IPO failure of...
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Research on Development and Future Potential of Africa Economy

Chengyishen Yang
The development potential and the abundant resources in Africa have attracted a lot of foreign attention and gained a lot of FDI. However, that because of the Covid-19, that many countries have been affected and fallen into a recession. Africa was also influenced so that some people have doubted that...
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Live Streaming – the New Era of Online Shopping

Qiaowen Chen
Livestream shopping was first introduced in 2016 and become a novel industry worth more than billions of dollars in just 5 years. This rapid development is contributed by the rising number of live hosts joining the industry and the active customers who would be spending more on stock up and leisure goods....
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The Report of School Violence Platform

Junke Zhuang, Zhipian Lu
School bullying is a growing concern in Chinese society. However, measures to protect and support school bullying victims are inadequate. Therefore, a market opportunity of the application, that focus on victim’s online interaction and provision of psychological counselling services was recognised by...
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The Role of Customer Behavior and Relationship Management in Modern Enterprise Marketing

Jiali Lu
With the rapid development of economy, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. Customer relationship management plays an important role in marketing. Customer behavior management is a new business model which takes customer as the center, information sharing and communication...
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The Rebranding Path of LI-NING

Ziyan Duan, Xuhan Lu, Luchen Wang
LI-NING is a Chinese local sports brand obtaining increasing popularity in the past decade. However, the customers have also been critiqued due to its outdated product design and insufficiency of core technology, impeding further expansion in domestic and international markets. In this context, this...
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Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Transportation in Post-epidemic Era

Siqi He
As a new type of information technology, the Internet of Things is receiving extensive attention and research. In recent years, the Internet of Things technology has also been widely used in public transportation systems. The IoT is a good non-contact carrier during the epidemic period in 2021, which...
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A Preliminary Study on Anti-monopoly Problems of Chinese Internet Enterprises

Take the Alibaba Case as an Example

Ran Bi
With the high-speed development of China and the arrival of the digital era, the development of the Internet economy, big data and AI not only completely changed the way we production and living, also contributed to the rise of a group of Internet companies. But in the process of economic development...
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Research on Impacts of Bribery on Different Business Sectors

Yixian Wang
The prevalence of corruption such as bribery today has disrupted the normal economic order, caused waste of resources, loss of tax revenue, and serious problems such as government corruption and inefficiency. This dissertation will study the effects or impacts of bribery on various business sectors in...
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RMB Internationalization and Banks’ Transnational Operation Strategies

Hao Wang
Since our country successfully launched the pilot program of RMB settlement for cross-border trade in 2009, the internationalization of RMB has made rapid progress and achieved world-renowned achievements. Seizing the strategic opportunity of RMB internationalization to conduct transnational operations...
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Taobao Anchors Strategically Promote Impulsive Buying of Consumer

Yunying Zhang
Live- stream shopping is the next big thing to enter the world of e-commerce, not only in China, but also in the whole world. Platforms in Europe and America, such as Facebook and Amazon have already implemented livestream shooting into their branding. In the future, the growth of live streaming e-commerce...
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Research on E-commerce Platform of Online Shopping Consumers

Yidan Wang
In recent years, e-commerce platforms have emerged in an endless stream, including Amazon and eBay in the high-end international market, Tmall and in the high-end Chinese market, Pinduoduo and Taobao in the low-end market. It is not so difficult for many companies to share a piece of the online...
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Study on the Mechanism and Path of Integrating Craftsmanship Spirit Into Vocational Quality-oriented Education for Vocational Students

Xinyi Liu, Jianchun Li
The paper summarizes the characteristics and connotation of the craftsmanship spirit, explore the factors influencing the cultivation and promotion of craftsmanship spirit in Higher vocational colleges ofChina. This paper will take craftsmanship spirit as the research object, take the cultivation of...
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Review of the Portfolio Theory Application

Yanyu Xiao
Portfolio investment is the core of all kinds of investment activities in the financial market, is an investment decision under uncertain conditions, is an important branch of the economic field. The portfolio is a common way to avoid risk. A portfolio is generally considered to be a combination of bank...
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Analysis of Current Situation of Food Industry in China’s Urban Area

Youcheng Xi
Covid-19 epidemic has a server impact to the whole world. Each country’s industries have been affected in different degrees. At the same time, this paper mainly focuses on the impact of the pandemic to the food industry of China including the effect of the pandemic, the reaction of China government towards...
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Apple Inc. Strategic Marketing Analysis and Evaluation

Xuanyi Chen, Yiran Liu, Hanzhen Gong
Apple Inc is an innovative multinational company in the world, which has revolutionized and facilitated the development of the personal electronics devices and the media industries. This case study essentially generated a comprehensive analysis on the current marketing situation of the multinational...
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Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on the Economy

Zheyu Cui
The article is an analysis of the impact of social media on the economy, and mostly how it helps the economy to grow. This article uses theory and data to demonstrate and analyze, and uses TikTok as an example to conduct research. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate how social media can affect...