Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

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Business Model Innovation of Yungang Cultural Industry Based on the “Internet +” Format Perspective

Ruixiong Qi, Ronghua Chang, Danping Xu, Haiyan Wu
Affected by Covid-19, traditional offline cultural industry has been impacted, while online consumption and “Internet + cultural industry” is bucking the trend. “Internet+” is not only a new form of economic development, but also a new format of cultural industry. The development of Yungang cultural...
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Analysis of McDonald’s Marketing Strategy in China

Shuran Wu, Jingjing Ma
The development of McDonald’s in the Chinese market is getting better and better, which is inseparable from McDonald’s marketing strategy in the Chinese market. The purpose of this article is to explore the factors of how McDonald’s has achieved its current achievements in decades. The author will further...
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Application of Game Theory in a Social Experiment Based on Hawk-Dove Model

Ruchu Yang
Based on the Hawk-dove model, the game was designed to examine people’s decision-making strategy factors. By analyzing vast scale of data from 8 games, which were conducted among high school students and college students, our assumptions were disproved that people with additional information and a chance...
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How do Chinese Industry Climb up in the Global Value Chain?

Haiyan ZHOU
Under the new trend of the global competition focusing on value and efficiency, the key to maintain the comparative advantage is to gain competitiveness in the higher value chain. In front of the “re-industrialization” wave of the developed countries such as the US, and many challenges such as the loss...
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Trend of Fiscal Expenditure’s Economic Effect

Experience from China

Qing Yang, Chunhui Yuan
Based on the panel data of Chinese mainland’s 31 province from 1978 to 2020, this paper studies the economic effects of government fiscal expenditure. The results show that: first, fiscal expenditure crowds out consumption, promotes investment and growth. Second, with the continuous increase of fiscal...
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Analysis of Bitcoin Development and Investment Value

Tianyu Li, Wanying Li, Siyi Li
Bitcoin started out as a cryptology group, and gradually gained the attention of an elite group of economists, programmers, and math enthusiasts outside of cryptography, eventually rising and falling as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, after the fermentation of the media has received widespread attention...
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Obstacles and Countermeasures for the Development of Agricultural Electronic Commerce Under the Construction of New Countryside

Wanshan Han
The development of agricultural E-commerce is an essential task in the construction of a new countryside. It is not only conducive to improving the degree of agricultural industrialization and reducing the transaction costs of agricultural products, but also increasing farmers’ income and narrowing the...
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The Method of the Money Making Mechanism of TikTok

Tianchen Liang
This paper investigated how TikTok, a short-video platform, can make money based on the perspective of economy and marketing. It has developed rapidly since 2016, and still impacts the market trend by its unique characters. The 4P strategy is used to analyze each product in the video application, and...
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The Competitions of China’s Internet Giants in Southeast Asia

Heran Yang
Under the background of the “spillover” of China’s comprehensive national strength, the Sino-US trade war, and the global economic recession caused by COVID-19, this study aims to analyze the e-commerce ecology in Southeast Asia by investigating the competitions between domestic, cross-border Internet...
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Influence of Communication and Motivation to Team Innovation

Lei Qian
Teamwork become a trend of an effective method to deal with one project because it could gather people from different fields and consolidate their power to solve one problem. But some teams are not effective and cannot generate innovative solutions and great outcome, which waste resources on minimizing...
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Comparison of Different Asset Pricing Models Based on Alibaba and Tencent Stocks

Simin Lu, Xiaoyu Li, Yue Qi, Zhen Zheng
Determining the reasonable price for financial assets has always been hot topic in the field. In the search for the factors in the asset pricing, the prevailing methods are Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Fama-French factor (FF3F) method. In addition, Dividend Discount Model (DDM) method is also...
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Analysis on the Market Strategies of the Game Glory of Kings

Zongyu Huang
With the rapid development of electronic technology in China, the number of mobile phone users and the likeability of mobile games continue to increase. In the mobile game industry, in order to be among the best, the game producer will use some marketing strategy that helps them to attract more users...
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Marketing Strategies of Chinese Cosmetic Brands in Local Market

A Case Study of Florasis

Lan Yang, Wendi Meng, Yating Li
The beauty market in China has a broad prospect with a growing market share. Among new brands rooted in China, Florasis witnessed a rapid increase in sales relying on the Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, it is of great importance to look into the ways Florasis has made this success through marketing...
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Analysis of U.S. Consumption-related Industry Based on Fama-French Model Under COVID-19

Yang Cao, Baozhen Ouyang, Mingji Xi, Runze Yu
Many researchers have contributed much to asset pricing theory and continuously try to find the best model to capture stock average return. The CAPM model and Fama-French 3-factor model, Fama-French 5-factor model is another way to capture the return rates and their changes. At the beginning of 2020,...
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How to Shape the Brand Magnetic Field? The Generative Logic of Consumption Resonance

Taking IKEA as an Example

Yiyun Gu, Shaopeng Jin, Keying Wang
The competition in the home furnishing market is becoming increasingly fierce. Excessive production leads to the necessity for enterprises to shift their focus from furniture manufacturing to consumers, and appropriate marketing strategies are needed to occupy the consumer market. People’s income has...
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The Study of the “Size Effect” on the Market Efficiency and the Market Anomalies in NASDAQ

Siling Pan, Congrui Yin, Yu Ai, Zhiheng Li
Since the Efficient Market Hypothesis was proposed by Eugene Fama in 1970, it has been continuously challenged by various market anomalies and financial empirical evidence in the U.S. stock market. Inspired by the reserve effect, the momentum effect and the effect size discovered by De Bondt and Thaler,...
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The Impact of Internet Finance on the Systemic Risk of China’s Listed Commercial Banks

Hanyang Liu
To explore the impact of Internet Finance on the systemic risk of listed commercial banks and maintain the stable development of the macro-financial market, this paper analysis the theoretical mechanism of Internet Finance and systemic risk of commercial banks and selects 16 listed commercial banks in...
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Institutional Investor and Firm Financialization: Evidence from China

Chen Li, Shuai Tang, Xiaoxiao Zhang
This paper explores the role of institutional investors from a perspective of firm financialization by selecting listed companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as a sample for the study. We find that institutional investor ownership can reduce firm financialization. This...
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Analysis from The Bank of China on The Crude Oil Treasure Incident

Bohan Sun, Cindy Ma, Wenzhi Sun, Yi zhai
On April 20, U.S. time, the price of the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil May 2020 futures contract fell to a negative approximately $38, which caused the Bank of China (BOC) and the buyers of the Crude Oil Treasure a considerable loss. To avoid the incident in the future, this paper will focus...
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Brand Community Strategy of Lululemon

The Relation Between Brand Ambassador’s Trust and Customer Engagement

Zichen Qian, Jamin Zou
In lululemon’s success of customer engagement of their brand community, ambassador’s trust is assumed to be a significant factor. This research aims to discuss how would brand ambassador’s trust reflects on the customer engagement level of its offline brand community, taking customers who engage in lululemon’s...
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The Feasibility of Starting Up Business Mobilife: A Medical Company with Mobile Technology

Yulin Shan, Yi Chen
In this paper, two computer engineering students from Span decided to start up a business into the medical treatment industry and enter the global market. The company they would run is called Mobilife Technologies, which is willing to make Alzheimer patients live more easily by launching a software for...
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Factors Underlying Cooperation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Analysis on Game Theory

Xinxiong Zhao
Starting in 2020, one of the most serious epidemics occurs in human history. The sudden arrival of the covid-19 takes many lives away. There is no doubt that the most critical issue is how to get more people to cooperate on epidemic prevention. The study topic is about the factors underlying cooperation...
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The Different Perception and Reaction of Customers Towards Traditional Marketing and Influencer Marketing in Food Industry

Qingyang Ren, Lin Zhou, Fengyang Liu
This research paper is aimed at investigating the consumer preference for traditional marketing and influencer marketing in food industry. To accomplish this, the researchers set two questionnaire surveys to collect data. These two questionnaires investigated consumers’ different attitudes and reaction...
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The Relationship Research Between Brand Association, Brand Awareness, Brand Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty in Three Squirrels’ Virtual Image

Yang Chen, Haoran Qin
In order to explore and verification the existing theory about brand loyalty, this study takes Three Squirrels as an example, further verifies it in the form of online survey, and puts forward a new influencing factor is brand virtual image. For the aim of this study, this study uses the relevant theories...
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Modelling Time Series Customer Preference Based on E-commerce Website

Huimin Jiang, Chunsheng Li, Farzad Sabetzadeh
In the research of customer preference for products, we need to collect enough customer data first, and then we can analyze it to realize the effective establishment of customer preference model. Although a reasonable model can be obtained, the customer’s own preference presents a dynamic state, which...
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Study on the Surgical Scheduling Problem Considering the Uncertainty of Operation Time

Tang Rui, Lv Jie
Surgery is the top priority in medical work. According to incomplete statistics, surgery will involve 70% of the hospital’s entire resources. Although China’s surgical construction has achieved certain successes, due to differences in the initial time and end time of surgery Certainly, the patient’s...
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Analysis on How Social Media Influencers Affect Purchasing Tendency

Qiying Ma
In the current society, companies often invite social media influencers to popularize their products. And social media influencers’ incomes depend on advertising products. Also, with the development of technology, most people have electronic devices, like laptops, mobile phones are so on. Everyone can...
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Word-of-Mouth and Visit Intention in Cultural Tourism

Guanwen He, Pak Hou Che, Caleb Huanyong Chen, Allan KK Chan
Online reviews and word-of-mouth influence tourists’ decisions when they search information online before visiting a destination. This study investigates the impacts of different types of online reviews on visit intention. We conduct a case study on a cultural park in southern China and examine the impacts...
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Impacts of Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) on China’s Banking System

Tong Zhang
With the progress of the Internet and big data technology, the format of the currency is transmitting from physical money to digital money. Countries in the world commence to research on the function of the digital currency and Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) is People Bank of China’s practice...
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Policy Analysis of China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry Policy

Jiahang He, Wanting Yin
In order to achieve carbon neutralization, energy conservation and carbon emission reduction have come into focus. In the process of striving to achieve carbon emissions, new energy vehicles have gradually become the key development industry for many countries around the world to achieve energy conservation...
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US vs. China Which Country Did a Better Job in Containing COVID-19?

Zhangsiwen Yue
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the deaths of hundreds and thousands, casting an unprecedented public health crisis that impacted government regulations, national economy, and the research and development of new technologies. As leading powers of the world, the United States and China put forth various...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Development of Tencent WeChat

Jing Lin
This study mainly analyzed how WeChat monopolies the social media market in China. Tencent used many marketing strategies to develop WeChat, for example, the Red Pocket function was cooperating with Chinese New Year to promote; and this also helped WeChat Pay to spread because the Red Pocket is Foot-in-the-door...
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E-commerce Price War Based on Game Theory

Yi Liu
In the increasingly complex competition among firms, price war often takes place between E-commerce firms. The reasons for a price war in the E-commerce industry are various. This paper uses the game theory method to discuss the formation of competition mode and further study the possibility of price...
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Analysis on the Relation Between Stake Size Effect and Fehr-Schmidt’s Parameters

Jiaming Fan
Stake Size Effect demonstrates the phenomenon that in Ultimatum Game, individuals have much lower rejection rates when facing the same proportion of offers but with higher stake sizes. This article relates the Stake Size Effect with the Fehr-Schmidt model, which is one of the most important models in...
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Financial Derivatives and Their Application in Enterprises

Wanying Huang, Xinrun Yao
With the opening of the financial market, the financial derivatives market has also encountered greater development opportunities. However, opportunities and challenges always coexist, so enterprises must use financial derivatives reasonably and correctly. This paper adopts the method of combining theoretical...
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For Web Software Company– A Micro Company But a Global Business

Ruiyi Li, Sun Yi
This paper mainly discusses the potential basis and feasible development direction of new Internet companies in the globalization age. For dealing with this, we first apply some business assessment statement to conduct various evaluations of the company and proposed a plan to compete directly in the...
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The Analysis of Capital Structure

Based on Two Hypothetical Firms

Ziwei Wang, Yifei Huang
A corporate’s financing of its real investments has recently attracted considerable attention from academics who have proposed various theories. This paper firstly studies the Gordon growth model and the weighted average cost of capital formula with the empirical tests and the sensitivity analysis. Then,...
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Research on the Chinese Aviation Industry Financial Problems and Suggestions During COVID-19 Pandemic—Take China Southern as an Example

Shaofeng Zhang
Due to the extensive blockade caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial situation of Chinese airlines has deteriorated. This paper mainly adopts the methods of literature research and case study. Through literature reading, this paper studies the development of the COVID-19 and the impact of the...
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The Impact of the Epidemic on Employment

Nan Nan (Nancy)
From 2019, COVID-19 has been sweeping the world at an extremely rapid pace. The disease is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2, which is highly contagious and transmitted in a variety of ways, such as saliva, sweat, and droplets. And the number of deaths and infections...
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Covid-19’S Effects on Inequality in The American Labor Market from Three Perspectives: Skill, Race, and Gender

Zichang Wang, Ethan Wong, Botao Liu, Zihan Liu
COVID-19 put the labor market in an unforeseen position because current technologies allow a portion of workers to work from home. In this paper, we will examine and speculate the changes of inequality in the labor market from the perspectives of skill, race, and gender before, during, and after the...
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Investment Sentiment in Finance Market

Han Chen, Liang Shan, Chenhui Wang
Investment emotions are a huge topic in investment finance. Investment emotions influence the entire investment process, from choices to decisions to returns. However, not everyone has a deep understanding of investment sentiment. This article provides detailed information on how to measure investment...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Leverage Ratio: Evidence in China

Yuxin Huang
In the context of the current unstable macroeconomic environment, we explored the impact of economic policy uncertainty on the corporate leverage ratio. The study found that economic policy uncertainty significantly reduces firm leverage ratios. This relationship holds significantly after a series of...
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Actuarial Research Based on Pension Insurance for Urban Residents in China

Bingchen Liu
In the context of the rapid development of social economy and the accelerating process of urbanization, the state and relevant departments have also put forward new tasks and requirements for the development of urban residents’ pension insurance. It is emphasized that it is necessary to link with reality...
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Impacts on the Chinese Video Game Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yuping Dan
Due to the COVID-19, quarantine has been introduced as a policy to restrain the expansion of the pandemic in China. As the policy successfully controlled the pandemic, it also had adverse effects on the economy of China indicated by decreasing in the Chinese GDP by 6.8% in the first quarter Error! Reference...
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Research on the Performance Form and Breakthrough Path of Current Interest Solidification in China

Baogui Xue, Zhizhen Liu
The main obstacle of deepening reform in the new era is the solidification of interests, so breaking through the solidification of interests has become the key to the success of deepening reform. At present, the solidification of interests in China is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the solidification...
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The Labor Cost Management of Marine Engineering Project Based on Activity-Based Costing Method

Xiaoping Ma, Minyu Yan, Biao Yao
In view of the shortcomings in the labor cost management of marine projects, the feasibility of the integration of target cost method and activity-based cost method is analyzed. The target cost is decomposed step by step according to the product oriented job decomposition structure to form a top-down,...
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Research on Pricing Strategy of High-speed Railway Based on Modeling: Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway as an Example

Jiaqi Chen, Yu Zhao
With the development of market economy, the competition of high-speed railway passenger transportation is becoming so fierce that it is urgent to explore new competitive strategies. This paper takes Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway as the research object and presents the passenger transport product...
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The impact of corporate finance structure on firm value-Evidence from A-share listed companies in China’s manufacturing sector

Xianhui Deng, Taiyu Wang
Based on the data of A-share listed companies in China’s manufacturing industry from 2016-2020, this paper uses a panel data multiple regression models to conduct a study around the impact of different financing sources in the financing structure on corporate value and finds that the asset-liability...
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Study on Establishment of Enterprise Financial Risk Assessment Model Based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS

Taiyu Wang, Xianhui Deng
More and more enterprises have realized the importance of financial risk management. Financial risk can lead to operational losses and reputational damage, but it can also bring potential benefits. If companies focus on expected risks, combining risk management with corporate strategies can better achieve...
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Research on Consumption Psychology and Behavior of Online Shopping

Liu Yue, Zhang Zhenguo, Zhou Zichen
with the economic development and people’s higher material and spiritual needs for life, the popularity of the Internet makes online shopping an irreplaceable part of every family daily life.Compared with traditional shopping, online shopping has the advantages of being free from the constraints of time...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Policy on Stock Volatility of Construction Materials

Yuanqiao Long
In recent years, China’s traditional manufacturing industry has been facing a situation of transformation, resulting in frequent fluctuations in its stock prices. As a representative of the traditional manufacturing industry, the stock prices of the Construction Materials industry are often linked with...
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Evaluation on the Synergy Degree of Digital Finance and Regional Economic Development

Jiongcheng Lu, Xiangding Hou
To measure the level of coordinated development of digital finance and regional economy, understand the development trend of digital finance and regional economy. Based on the synergistic effect of digital finance and regional economic development, the study selects the 4 order parameters of the regional...
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The Impact of Financial Inclusion on Residents’ Investments in the Digital Economy

Niu Ziyao, Huang Nuoxin
In order to address the problems of low returns on residents’ savings, few investment channels and uneven distribution of financial resources, this paper constructs a Probit model to discuss the impact of digital financial inclusion on residents’ investment decisions; and a Tobit model to discuss the...
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The Innovative Development of News Dissemination in a Media Convergence Environment--Taking Kanghui VLOG as an Example

Liu Yudian, Li Chenhao, Guo Yixin
With the development of science and technology, the media industry is undergoing extensive and profound changes. In order to cater to the needs of the audience, traditional media are also exploring convergence along with its development, trying to present traditional news reports in a more lively and...
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Measurement of China’s Financial Stress Index Based on AHM-EWM-GM (1, N)

Ying Ge, Chunli Dou
In recent years, the increasing uncertainty of China’s financial system, the gradual accumulation and dominance of financial risks covered by the rapid economic growth, the measurement of financial pressure, and the prevention of financial risks focus on deepening financial supervision. Based on the...
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Simplification of Water Quality Classification in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Based on K-nearest Neighbor Algorithm

This paper repeated experiments for many times, and simplified the original five water quality categories into two categories, based on the samples of water quality monitoring in Beijing Tianjin Hebei Haihe River Basin. Based on water quality classification, the three most obvious variables of stratification:...