Proceedings of the 2017 4th International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology (ICEMCT 2017)

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The Role of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture on the Ideological Work of Colleges and Universities

Qiongying Li
Chinese excellent traditional culture contains the Chinese nation's fine cultural gene, condensing the deep-rooted spiritual pursuit of the Chinese people. This article starts from exploring the function of excellent Chinese traditional culture, based on the new problems in the ideological work of colleges...
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A Research on the Innovative Cooperation Model of New Silk Road Economic Belt

Fengxiang Jiang
Silk Road Economic Belt is an economic cooperation zone between China and the West Asian countries, which roughly overlaps the ancient Silk Road. It includes five provinces in the northwest, which are Shaxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang. In the southwest, it contains four provinces and municipalities,...
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A Study on the Political Education Innovation in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Internet

Yongzhen Shen
The advent of the Internet era has brought opportunities and challenges to the ideological and political education, so the concept and content, as well as the methods and means of ideological and political education under the traditional environment have been difficult to meet the requirements of the...
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Analysis on the Publicity and Education Effect of Urban Community Middle-Aged and Elderly People Nutrition and Dietary

Xiaoyuan Xing, Wei Tian, Shuhong Zhang, Yanxia Zhang, Hongxia Cai, Shuxin Liu
Objective: After surveying the nutrition situation of over 45-year-old middle-aged and elderly residents in 4 residential quarters of Langfang City, our experimental group formulates a scientific plan for health education, publicity and education on the dietary nutrition of the residents of the community...
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Study on the Impact of Monetary Policy on Corporate Investment Behavior

Jun Duan, Xiaolin Pan
This paper explores how the enterprise level affects the enterprise investment behavior from the research perspective of the monetary policy in the government macroeconomic policy. Based on the empirical study of the quarterly data from 2007 to 2015 in listed companies of A-share, this paper has found:...
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Analysis of the Impact of International Transfer of Service Industry on the Development of Service Industry in Chongqing

Jun Duan, Xiaolin Pan
This paper uses the regression model to have an empirical analysis, both in the short term and in the long run, the impact of international transfer of service industry on the development in the modern and traditional service industry in Chongqing. The finding is that the international transfer of service...
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A Study on the Integration of College English Teaching and the Humanities Education

Zhihong Fan
The loss of the humanities education has become one of the serious defects of modern higher education, and this phenomenon has caused widespread concern in academic circles all over the world. Based on the author's study and practice, this paper first explained the basic concept of humanistic education,...
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Research on the Information Platform Establishment of Logistics Services Supply Chain from the Perspective of Tripartite Coordination

Fan Qu, Zhenxi Liu
At present, there is a contradiction between the development of logistics industry and the growth of logistics demand in China. This paper intends to build a logistics services supply chain information platform dominated by logistics service integrator. This paper analyzes the feasibility of constructing...
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The Strategy Research of Presale and the Refounding of Real Estate Market

Min Xu
This article will divide the commercial residential building into two phrase: advance sele and normal sale. At the same time, this paper analyses the relationship between the marketing demand and supply, in order to make the optimum price strategy. Considering the behavior that the consumers decide to...
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Research on the Planning and Design of Green Residential Districts in the Process of New Urbanization

Di Wang
In recent years, the new urbanization has become a national strategy in China. The connotation of new urbanization lies in improving the quality of urban construction, which is compatible with the concept of green residential districts construction. This paper analyzes the impact of the new urbanization...
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Research on the Strategies of Urban Organic Renewal under the Background of Rail Transit

Di Wang
At present, as an important way to solve the problem of urban crowded traffic, rail transit has set off a large-scale construction boom in China. On the one hand, the original city spatial pattern cannot adapt to the new city traffic demand, which will inevitably bring a new round of city renewal; on...
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Research on the Development Status and Strategies of the Cruise Industry of Shanghai

Yan Yin, Yiyang Liu
With a view to global cruise industry development, this paper combines the development advantages of the cruise industry of Shanghai, and proposes the following centering the main issues faced by the development of the cruise economy of Shanghai: The cruise industry of Shanghai shall make use of its...
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Study on the Purpose, Significance and Pattern of Chinese Traditional Sports Culture Teaching for Foreign Students

Fangyan Yang
Chinese traditional sports culture has a high influence in the international community, such as martial arts, tai chi, etc., most students also expressed a strong interest in it (therefore, we rational use of physical education or sports competitions and other ways to It is of great significance for...
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The Infiltration of Mathematical Modeling Thought in Advanced Mathematics Teaching

HuiFang Meng, Fangjian Fu
Infiltrating the thought of mathematical modeling into the course of higher mathematics teaching is the most important idea at present. It plays a leading role in improving the teaching environment and teaching efficiency of mathematics classroom. Since the reform of higher mathematics in China after...
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The Application of Autonomous Learning in English Phonetics Teaching

Xin Wang
Since the 1980s, the education sector has studied autonomy learning from different perspectives. Autonomous learning is not only the goal of the course, but also learning methods and learning ability, not only can effectively improve academic performance, but also lay the foundation for lifelong learning....
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The progressing research of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia

Jing Liu
With the rapid development of society and the increase of the pressure of competition. Insomnia patients increased year by year. Recently, traditional Chinese medicine has made obvious progress in treating insomnia and plays more and more important role in treating insomnia. Traditional Chinese medicine...
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Path Analysis On the Cultivation of Humanistic Spirit in Medicine

Wei Zhao, Hongwei Cao, Fengxian Sun
People-oriented, is actually a concrete manifestation of modern human spirit, humanistic spirit in modern medicine can be embodied in the concept of "patient-oriented", the humanistic spirit of "people - oriented" in medicine is an important means to prevent the "alienation of medicine". Modern medical...
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Effect of parametric design on landscape

Geng Huang, Xinqun Feng, Feng Lin
The nature, technology, human being determine the landscape morphology in the landscape design and construction process. Parametric is an emerging technical tool and thought. As a medium, it could build an overall relationship among natural site factors, functions and artificial construction, to control...
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College Students of Art Design Innovative Entrepreneurship Analysis

Shuo Zheng
To promote the development of domestic economy as well as the independent profession choosing and entrepreneurship, Prime Minister Li Keqiang put forward the call of popular entrepreneurship and innovation during the World Economic Forum in 2014. To respond to the call of the State Council, a new situation...
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Undergraduates' Self-employed Status Quo and Countermeasures in New Countryside Vision

Fenglin Li
The employment of undergraduates has always been a hot social issue. In recent years, our nation has been advocating independent profession choosing and providing policy assistance to the self-employed undergraduates. What's more, for those who are employed, post support has been provided, too. To guarantee...
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The Internet of things era information security challenges and coping strategies

Cai Su, Xueqiang Li, Jing Li, Hong Wang
Internet of Things (IoT) security research mainly concentrated on the Internet security system, Internet of individual privacy protection mode, the Internet of things security related legislation, etc. This paper analyzed the challenges of IoT based on the present situation, and then some corresponding...
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Research on the influencing factors of consumer food safety risk perception

Huihui Sun
Based on the risk perception theory and trust theory as the research basis, constructs the consumer perception of food safety risks, industry level and enterprise level, the consumer trust endowment features four aspects of relationship model etc.. Through the questionnaire survey results show that industry...
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The value and principle of economic law in modern society

Xue Ni
from the national point of view, the degree of economic development is related to the country's comprehensive national strength, China has entered the legal social track, economic operation needs the support of law. Economic law, as a product of economic development under the legal environment, has become...
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A Study of Routine Work of Counselors in Vocational Colleges in the New Era

Jing Tang
Political counselors in vocational colleges are directly responsible for students' ideological and political education and management. To enhance their professional ability and help them adapt to various changes in the new era, this thesis analyzes responsibilities of counselors and conducts a summary...
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Research on Training Mode and Paths for Autonomous Professional development of Foreign Language Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Jingjing Hao
Autonomous professional development is the inevitable trend requirements of complying with the current colleges and universities to improve the development mechanism of disciplines of foreign language major in colleges and universities. This kind of autonomous professional development mode is the training...
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Study of the Application Mechanism and Implementation Strategy of needs Hierarchy Theory in Ideological and Political education management in Colleges and Universities

Hua Dai
For the teaching in colleges and universities, how to carry out ideological and political education and guide the undergraduates to form the correct life values is the key point of colleges and universities education. needss hierarchy theory, as a kind of advanced theoretical method, has important guiding...
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Analysis of the Integration and Application Mechanism of Folk Art Resources in Art Teaching of Colleges and Universities

Weixin Gao
Folk art resources, as an important part of China's extensive and profound culture, it has rich content and variety of forms, which has far-reaching significance for the art teaching and creation of college and university. This study, in the perspective of folk art resources, takes deep analysis of the...
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Application of Films and TV Programs in English Literary Works

Ming Lei
With the deepening of China's reform and opening-up, learning English has become more and more important in our life. With the development and improvement of science and technology, college English teaching also becomes more and more diversified. So with the wide application of multi-media, the combination...
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Correlations of Intercultural Sensitivity and Intercultural Effectiveness in Micro-interaction Contexts

Hui Li
Intercultural communication has attracted many researchers with globalization. According to Chen and Starosta who are best known in intercultural communication studies in the U.S.A. intercultural communication can be explored from three perspectives: cognitive, emotion and behaviors. The studies of intercultural...
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Study on the English Literature Education in the Respective of International Understanding Education

Wei Li
Thanks to the International Understanding Education, multilateral knowledge and understandings of different countries have been enhanced dramatically worldwide, which in a sense guaranteed peaceful coexistence and friendly collaboration among people from various backgrounds. That means we should remain...
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The Evolution of the Management Thoughts of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism in Zhongnan Area

Hongqiao Song
Mountain Zhongnan, located in the middle of Qinling mountains, is a natural boundary between the southern and northern China. Characterized by magnificent landscape and strategic meaning, it is a place adored by rulers. As early as the very beginning of Zhou dynasty, in the east of Zhongnan mountainous...
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Analysis of Culture Education in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Cunbao Wang
Advanced Placement Program (AP) is a symbol of Chinese education in America. It reflects the concept of teaching Chinese in America, which means it puts emphasis on the importance of culture education. Culture education is closely related with language teaching, and so is the Chinese and Chinese culture...
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Environmental Performance Evaluation and Quota Allocation of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction for China's Listed Enterprises--Taking Jilin Province As the Example

Yanli Wang
Energy conservation and environmental protection industry, as an important part of the green industry, is the major fostered project for China in recent years, meanwhile, it is also one of the most potential industry in the 21st century. Energy conservation and environmental protection project mainly...
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Mathematics concept teaching strategy under the background of new curriculum and the practice

Qingquan Wei
"The high school mathematics curriculum standard" pointed out: in the high school mathematics teaching, we should pay attention to strengthen the understanding of basic concept and basic thought method and master. Of some core concept and basic thought methods throughout the course of the high school...
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Study on Strategies for the Sustainable Development of Northern Part of Shaanxi Province Based on "Resource Curse"

Jing Yang
According to traditional economic theory, natural resource is one of the vital driving force for economic growth, while there still exists a phenomenon of "resource curse" in most parts of China with abundant resources. This paper aims to analyze the phenomenon of "resource curse" and its existing problems...
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Analysis of the Clinical Effect of Bad Cold Resistance Mixture on Exogenous High Fever Animal Model

Hua-ming Xu, Jun-ying Song, Lin Li, Han-wei Li
Objective: Analyzing the function of bad cold resistance mixture on exogenous high fever of young mice febrile medium and discussing the characteristics and security of bad cold resistance mixture abatement of fever to provide clinical basis for comprehensive exploitation and utilization of bad cold...
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Police physical education in police academy: student health fitness impact analysis

Qing Zhang
objective: to analyze the police sports affect police academy student health fitness. Methods: a retrospective analysis of the way to a police academy class of 2013, 100 students (male 67, female 33) of height, weight, chest circumference, hip circumference, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio, lung...
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Research on the Development of Ecological Teaching Model of Peer Coaching for College English Teachers Based on "Internet+"

Yutong Zhang
Peer coaching mode, as a brand-new one, enjoys a rather great popularity this year, and it is mainly applied into the field of English teaching; its influential factors are the sensitivity, supportiveness, flexibility and so on. Due to its effectiveness and utility, this mode has been communized in many...
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The Application of Classroom Simulation Exercises Teaching Method in English Pre - service Skill Training for English Teachers

Zhiming Feng
With the development of economic globalization, the importance of English professionals is becoming more and more prominent. English teachers, as trainers of English talents, bear important responsibilities. At present, there are many problems in the training of English teachers' pre-service skills....
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Study on Operational Risk Assessment of Transmission Lines Based on Fuzzy Evaluation and Qualitative Analysis

Huayanran Zhou
Transmission lines, an important part of power grid, are designed for carrying electricity from power source to electrical loads. Transmission lines are vulnerable to damagesdue to natural environmental forces and malfunction, which will ultimately hinder the grid's power transmission function. This...
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Research and Discussion on the Development of Theory and Practice in Environment Accounting

Li Zhao
Environment accounting is an emerging product of China's enterprise economy in recent years. It is accompanied by global environmental problems, resource problems and the increasing environmental problems of enterprises. In such an environment, the enterprise must enhance the demand for environmental...
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The Exploration and Construction of Project-based Semester Curriculum Ability Training System

Xiuli Huang
This paper is to discuss the "1C 3A+6P"skill-training system which is correspondingto the project-based semester curriculum, it is studied and designedtogether by the colleges and enterprises based on the practice of "double-track system, innovative development" talent training mode and the constructionof...
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Research on the Effects of Different Listening Process Models in Listening Comprehension and Memory Based on Cognitive Psychology

Qiuxia Guo
In order to explore the effects of the three main listening process models in English majors' listening comprehension and memory, and find out the problems and the solving strategies they uesd, the present study conducted a 12-week research on 120 sohpomore English majors. By means of pre-test, questionnaire,...
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A Study on Learners' Needs Analysis in Curriculum Setting Based on College English Curriculum of Non-English Major Students

Sisi Hu
Curriculum setting is a dynamic system, which is composed of curriculum objectives, content, implementation and evaluation. Learners' needs is one of its key sources. By means of a questionnaire survey among non-English major students, this study finds students of different genders, language proficiencies...
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How to Improve Students' Physical Quality

Jianzhen Huang, Qing Li
In the current education stage, students' physical quality can not keep up with the development of society. The body is the capital of revolution. Especially for the contemporary students, they are the future pillars, Need a physical fitness to match their development.. The students' physical quality...
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The Research on Competition Strategy of Traditional Retailers and Omni-channel Retailers In Internet Plus Era

Wen Jiang, Zhen Li
The development of retailers has brought unprecedented impact and challenges in the Internet plus era, this paper used Hotelling model as the theoretical basis, established the utility model and the demand model of consumers, compared utility and profit between the traditional retailer and Omni-channel...
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The Education Strategy Research on The Inheriting Traditional Sports Culture of Ethnic Minorities

Junlong Tian, Hui Li
Education is the main way to realize the inheritance of traditional sports culture of ethnic minorities. From two aspects of school physical education system and folk sports education system to discuss the education strategy of national traditional sports culture inheritance, this paper is in order to...
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Study on the Faith education of College Students based on Jinggangshan spirit

Dawei Wang
Jinggangshan spirit was founded by the older generation of revolutionaries, through continuous exploration and great practice of the formation ofJinggangshan spirit, for countless Communists to look forward to the victory of the revolution, and the relentless pursuit of revolutionary ideals. The new...
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The Application of Class Games in English Teaching

Weiwei Zou
This paper mainly discusses the application of this special classroom teaching in vocational English teaching. This paper puts forward several common teaching games, and gives the corresponding examples, from which summed up in the design of class games should master the strategy.
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The Exploration and Construction of Project-based Semester Curriculum Ability Training System

Xiuli Huang
This paper is to discuss the "1C 3A+6P"skill-training system which is correspondingto the project-based semester curriculum, it is studied and designed together by the colleges and enterprises based on the practice of "double-track system, innovative development" talent training mode and the construction...
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Discussion About the development of Power Transmission Line in China with advice

Dian Lai
With the vigorous advance of power transmission lines,the development and construction ofpower transmission lines directly affects the development of Chinese power grid and the construction of electricity economy.Therefore,as is shown in this paper,it has an depth discuss and research in the development...
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Development of Commercial Bank Information System Based on Risk Management Research

Xiaofei Tang
In the society, the commercial banks are the enterprises that operate the risks. They are faced with different risks, namely, liquidity, credit, operation, market, reputation, interest rate, law and so on. With the continuous development of science and technology and technology in our country, the business...
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A Model of Measuring the Evolution and Influence in Society

Jixing Liu
With the rapid development of communication technology, flow of information has been accelerated time after time. Accompanied by the change, more attention is also paid to evolution and influence in society's information networks. Aiming to evaluate the speed and direction of information flow, the thesis...
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The Equal Educational Paradigm of Public Welfare Entrepreneurship and Voluntary Service Value Education in Colleges and Universities

Dongfeng Tong
Public welfare entrepreneurship and voluntary services belong to the category of social public welfare undertakings with a share a common starting point and objective target. But both in content, ways and methods of implementationare not the same. Also because of the existence of such differences, social...
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Exploring of Education Equity Mechanism Based on the Concept of Coordinated Development

Hui Wang
Educational Equity is the foundation of Chinese dream realization. This paper analyzes practical difficulties and reasons of equity of our countries' educational opportunities, procedures and effectiveness, trying to promote education equity from mechanism construction of coordination with economic,...
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The Thoughts on Cooperative Development of Vocational Education Service Trade between Shaanxi Province and Central Asian Countries

Junxia Liu
The construction of Silk Road economic belt is in need of a large number of international professional talents, vocational education services trade is an important way to solve this problem. The internationalization of specific areas and vocational education development are kind of compatibility. It...
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Present Situation Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Endowment Insurance System in China

Yuansong Xie
Since the 80s of last century, the rural old-age insurance has experienced a tortuous development process. During the exploration period, the rural old-age insurance system is obviously characterized by low level non uniform and regional characteristics. China's current rural endowment insurance system,...
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China's present situation and developing trend of biological pharmaceutical industry research

Wei Long, Jiping Wei, Haisong Yin, Zhiheng Pan
the biological pharmaceutical industry is a sun-rising industry, broad prospects for many countries are planning as its key domestic development, biological pharmaceutical industry will become the future of world science and technology and economic competition strategic high ground. This article more...
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Analysis of Garden Plant Morphology on Human's Physiology and Psychology

Tingting Tong, Lili Shao
To visual stimulation, form is a very important visual characteristic. Multiple and abundant garden plant morphology would bring different unique visual senses to people, which would further cause different physiologies on the above basis and corresponding relative psychological reaction in the meantime....
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Influencing Factors and Optimization Approach of the Industrialization of New Materials

Yanping Miao, Lianggen Yang
The new material industry is an important part of the high-tech industry, the realization of new material industrialization is an important way to promote the rapid development of new material industry. Composite material gets energy saving and environmental protection performance, which is applied in...
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The Explorations of PAD Class Education Model of the Course "Economic Math" in High Vocational Colleges

Juguo Su, Zhen Li
In recent years, the education sector has made innovations and improvements to the education model. A scholar from Fudan University has put forward a new teaching model, called PAD class education model, this model combines the teaching model with the discussion mode, he advocated that the time of teachers...
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Analysis of corps urbanization based on internal and external source dynamics

Baolong Tian, Hongmei Chen, Yangyang Di
with the rapid development of the Corps of economic society, how to realize urbanization and solve the problems in the development of urbanization, affect the city garrison Corps Tun and the mission of the task. This paper carries on the ponder to the urbanization development of internal and external...
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Teaching reform and practice of brand management based on entrepreneurial orientation and PBL model

Li Wang
with the rapid development of China's social market economy, the brand is gradually showing its strong power, but also more and more reflected in all aspects of life, it is the soul of the enterprise, brand concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As one of the most important courses in the...
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Empirical Research on Systematic Evaluation of XX Precise Machining Company's Production Capacity

Hong Tang
By use of system engineering methods such as structural modeling, level analysis, fuzzy evaluation, this paper conducts analysis of main factors contributing to XX Precise Machining Company's production capacity to create a production capacity evaluation factor structural model and perform evaluation....
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New Perspective of Art Education Reform in Normal University under Elementary Art Education Reform

Chenying Li
Art education in normal university must pay attention to elementary art education reform to improve education and teaching quality and cultivate art teachers with international horizon, strong competitiveness, creativity, critical thinking abilities and individualized development. Through elementary...
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The Study on Ecological Status of College Physical Education

Pengyi Yan
In recent years, China's comprehensive national strength is increasing and at the same time, government is increasing the focus on education, especially in previously marginalized Physical Education. Although the physical education curriculum from primary school to university has been set up, but because...
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Exploration on enterprise management strategy under the guidance of lean concept

Kunke Liao
Lean management ideas originally generated in lean production. Lean production concept has gradually form lean management ideas through continuous application and development. This has gradually become an enterprise management strategy in modern society, and has a certain positive impact on the realization...
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Research on the Construction of Emergency Management Mechanism of Chinese Tourism Emergency

Lin Yang
The emergency management mechanism of tourism emergencies is a favorable basis for providing effective solutions after the sudden travel emergency. It is an effective weapon to protect passengers' safety. With the advance of tourism boom and the frequent occurrence of emergencies in recent years, this...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Tourism Burst News in the Self-Media Environment

Lin Yang
As our country's economy continues to progress and people's living standards continue to improve, people are increasingly concerned about the tourism industry. Because of the over-fast development of tourism industry, there has been more and more problem of tourism disputes in the development process....
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The International Development Research on Cultural Tourism Products of Hainan Overseas Chinese Hometown Culture in the Background of One Belt and One Road

Kundan Zheng
After the urban development strategy "One Belt and One Road", it is favorable by major cities and each city wants to get better development based on this strategy. Hainan hometown as a well-known tourist island, this strategy is put forward from the local advantage and launched a detailed analysis for...
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Research on the New Way to Promote the Development of Urban Modern Economy - The Development of New Service Industry

Yongyan Yang
With the development of economy and society, the shortcomings of traditional industries have become increasingly prominent and the world needs to change the traditional development model to find a more reasonable way, so the emerging service industry came into being. Emerging services have different...
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Research on the Path of Constructing the Students' Psychological Consultative Education Platform of Private College by Using WeChat

Mingxia Zhang, Jing Fan
Private college psychological counseling has become a certain scale after experienced the rise of reform and opening up and decades of development, it has made great achievements. Throughout its development, we see the results, but also see the shortcomings. With the progress of society and the ever-changing...
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Discussion on the Influence of Network Sports Information on College Students' Sports Life Style

Yan Gong
With the continuous development and widely using of the network, network information began to penetrate into various fields and each region to promote a good blend of world culture, and also makes our access to information resources continue to expand. The sports information in the network information...
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Research on the Influence of Network Public Opinion on Sports Management

Yan Gong
With the continuous development of the computer, the network has been widely used and widely used in the world and the network has become an indispensable part of the life and work of the masses. Network has become the place of ideological exchange and it creates a global network world in the real world,...
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Research on College Students' Physical Education Motivation in Computer Network Environment

Yan Gong
With the popularity of computer networks, more and more college students addicted to the Internet, while ignoring the physical education and exercise. According to this kind of situation, it is necessary to combine the functions and advantages of the computer network to stimulate the interest of college...
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Discussion on the Function of Computer Network Information Resources in Physical Education

Yan Gong
In this information age, the role of network information resources is huge and physical education at the new era is inseparable from the computer network information resources. The role of network information resources is not only applied in the company management, it can also be used in college education....
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The Application Analysis of Computer Network Teaching in College PE Appreciation Course

Min Li
With the development and popularization of computer technology, Chinese education field ushered in a new educational model, including computer network teaching is one of the most popular models. At present, the use of computer networks to show college appreciation sports is a very suitable form of teaching,...
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Speaking Practice Reform and the Teaching Model of Chinese Course for Xinjiang Minority Preparatory College Students in Mainland China

Yanyan Pi
In order to realize the goal of prosperous and prosperous democracy in our country, it is necessary to combine the culture of the fifty - six nationalities in our country and accelerate the construction of ethnic minority areas in the mainland. Preparatory education is the main component of higher education...
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The Construction of College English Ecological Teaching Model based on the Background of Computer Network

Tong Peng
With the development of modern society and the improvement of economic level, the computer network has been inseparable from people's daily life. The traditional college English teaching model in this new environment faces both opportunities and unknown challenges. Although the computer network introduced...
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Research on the Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Network Accounting

Yuejun Tu, Jianhua Du
With the advent of the information age, the computer as a medium of information processing and effective tools, applied to all walks of life in the daily work. Network accounting is the inevitable trend of the entire network environment, is the combination of traditional accounting and network products....
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The Theory and Practice Study of Classroom Quality Academic Evaluation of Chinese Classroom

Fangfang Xiong
The improvement of a course needs to be implemented through the teaching evaluation, teaching evaluation can be said that the process of teaching and teaching traction rope. The progress of the new curriculum reform is inseparable from the role of teaching evaluation, and only the problem in the teaching...
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Study on the Differences of Vocal Music Teaching and Vocal Music Singing Theory

Shiwu Du
Vocal music as a beautiful art, in our country has a long history of culture, experienced thousands of years of cultural baptism, the achievements of the vocal art now, to bring people a variety of colorful auditory enjoyment. In the process of vocal music development, gradually appeared vocal singing...
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Analysis on the Quality Assurance System of Doctoral Education

Pengjun Li
At present, China's doctoral education has entered a new stage of development, how to build a scientific and effective quality education system of postgraduate education has become an urgent problem to be solved. Based on the basic foothold and training objectives of postgraduate education in China,...
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Construction and Optimization of Logistics Supply Chain Model based on Fresh Agricultural Products

Junde Han
With the development of Chinese economy, the agricultural production structure has also been greatly adjusted. The continuous progress of agricultural technology has led to the steady and healthy growth of the consumption of fresh products in China. In order to better meet the needs of the people, A...
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Study on the Strengthening of Hospital Internal Control and Externalization Regulating of Hospital Financial Management

Pengcheng Xu, Wei Hou, Zewen Chen
With the continuous development of modern medical and health undertakings, the internal control of the hospital, the external standardization of financial management has gradually become the support of various medical and health institutions in the fierce competition in the market to obtain sustainable...
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Study on the Construction and Evaluation of College English Effective Classroom Environment

Youping Xu
College English is an important compulsory educational basic course for the college students . Its ultimate objective is to improve the students' English application ability and improve the students' comprehensive quality. In college English courses, constructing the effective classroom to improve the...
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Research on Intelligent Question Answering System of Network Course for Mu

Huifang Xue
With the development of technology, people is in the form of access to knowledge is constantly changing. The network course intelligent question answering system has become the hotspot and difficulty in the field of natural language processing. It not only integrates the present advanced technology,...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Segmentation Tai Chi of Colleges and Universities

Feng Yang
At present, the Segmentation Tai Chi has become an important part of the physical education teaching system of many colleges and universities in our country. It has made important contributions to improving the physical fitness of college students and promoting the reform of physical education in vocational...
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Research on Parametric Regional Architecture Design Based on Ecological Perspective

Bo Zhang
Parametric design represents a new emerging design trend and opens up more room for today's design and development. As a result, a wide range of parametric buildings began to board the stage of history. In addition, in the design of the building, we also need to consider its specific context and environmental...
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Study on Confucianism's Educational Ideology under the Language Competitive Program

Qiaoling Chen, Quanxiang Zhao
It is an important part of the traditional Confucian thought and it is an important part of ideological and political education. The current society is complicated and changeable, and Confucianism's example education has suffered a series of challenges, and it is imperative to think about the development...
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Discussion on the Influence of Network Sports Information on College Students' Sports Consciousness and Behavior

Chao Ye
With the rapid development of network information technology, the dissemination of network information is no longer time and space constraints, network sports information is also rapidly into the people's attention. The application of network information technology not only promoted the reform process...
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The Modification and Perfection of Advertisement Law under the Background of Network Implicit Advertisement Regulation

Wei Huang
With the development of economic globalization and the continuous progress of science and technology, the Internet has become an indispensable and important element in people's lives. Because more and more Internet users, many businesses found one of the opportunities, the implantation of advertising...
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Study on the Reform of English and American Literature Teaching under the Background of Internet

Kuang Li
An important traditional course in English is English and American literature. But now the rapid development of the network makes the English literature is facing all kinds of difficulties and shortcomings, people of today's era are the pursuit of pragmatism, leading to the current liberal arts class...
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Research on the Teaching of Copying Translation in Network Environment

Xiaoyan Ni
With the development of network technology tends to mature, directly to the imitation of translation teaching to bring endless opportunities. But people tend to question the imitation of the network environment imitation, whether the network environment imitation translation teaching evidence to follow...
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Discussion on the Application of Zero Translation Theory in Translation of Network Popular Words

Wei Liang
With the rapid development of network information technology, the network platform provide a virtual space for people to communicate and communicate, and the network buzzwords will rise. The continuous development of economic globalization has promoted the development of cross-cultural communication,...
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Research of Organic Integration of College English and British & American Literature based on Network Environment

Xiao Yue
In today's society, the continuous development of network technology, for college English and British & American Literature, organic integration brings some advantages. However, there are still some schools do not make full use of the advantages of network development to improve the level of college...
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Research on the Application of Network Video Streaming Media in Colleges Badminton Teaching

Changgui He
With the rapid development of network technology, the application of network video streaming media to college physical education has become a trend. As a new type of network video streaming media, it has no time and space constraints. The network video streaming media is a traditional teaching mode of...
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Analysis of the Impact of Local Government Competition on Regional Economic Growth

Zifan Yang
Based on the economic data of 31 provinces, this paper analyzes the impact mechanism of local government competition on the quality of economic growth in Chinese high-speed economic growth for more than 30 years from the perspective of economic growth, and selects the panel data model for empirical analysis....
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Exploring Rationality of University: Newman's "The Idea of A University" and Its Reflection on Practice

Zhengquan Chen
Newman is a famous education ideologist of England, his "Ideal of a University" is the first work to expound the ideal of university systematically and completely in the western history. His university philosophy is the last fight and defends during the period of the medieval universities face the subversion...
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Policing English PBL teaching mode under the information technology environment

Zhe Sun
In this paper, based on the English teaching reform of police public security universities and colleges, with the support of information technology, the traditional advantage of PBL teaching mode at the same time, effectively makes up the defect of the PBL teaching mode, enrich the students' learning...