Proceedings of the 2017 4th International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology (ICEMCT 2017)

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Analysis of the Restricted Factors in the Function of College student Village Official in Yunnan Minority Areas

Yunhong Gong, Mengling Zhang, Jincheng Zhou
The selection of outstanding college students to the rural grassroots work, that is, "college student village program", is the 2005 Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council issued "on the guidance and encourage college graduates for grassroots employment implementation of...
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Exploring the New Situation of Ideological and Political Work for College Students with the Spirit of "Seeking Truth from Facts"

Changping Ke
As a teacher engaged in the teaching of ideological and political education, he has formed a clear idea in his long-term thinking and theoretical teaching, that is, the macro politics that he seems to teach from the ones that seem to be only the future and the fate of the country Theory, guide themselves...
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Application Analysis of Mixed Learning in the Daily Teaching of Colleges and Universities

Yong Xie
At present, in the process of rapid social development in our country, the development of colleges and universities and the way of education have become a hot topic in the society at present. In the stage of rapid development of foreign language education, the reform of foreign language education has...
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Research on the Establishment of Miao Nationality Embroidery Database in Western Hunan from the Perspective of Digitizing

Longyu Gong
As an important intangible cultural heritage of our country, Xiangxi Miao embroidery has unique aesthetic, cultural, economic and social value, and from the perspective of digital protection and inheritance, it is necessary to create a database to explore the effective protection, orderly transmission...
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Anti-poverty Path Analysis of Closely Grouped Extremely Poor Areas

Zhenzhen Peng, Ji Ma
With the gradual development of Chinese economy, poverty areas show the contiguous characteristics. According to previous studies, the new developmentist view can better guide the development of the current closely grouped extremely poor areas. In order to better manage the current regional peace problem,...
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Research on Non-Grainization of Cultivated Land in Grain-producing County in Henan Province under New Situation

Manghuan Li
Non-food refers to the arable land from the cultivation of food farming to cultivation of non-food farming in the circulation, moderate non-grain can improve the economic conditions and living standards of farmers, but non-grain must be controlled within a specific range, otherwise it will has a negative...
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Study of Financial Investment Risk Assessment and Its Revenue

Bo Sun, Haotian Liu
With Chinese accession to the WTO, the links between countries closer, making international financial investment, coupled with a variety of financial investment companies mushroomed, as well as a variety of financial investment tools, which greatly promoted the Financial investment market, but because...
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Synergetic Research on Cross-border E-commerce and Cross-border Logistics based on Ecosystem

Jing Hao
With the development of the economy, the annual increase in cross - border e-commerce business transactions increased year by year. But the objective environment of the impact of cross - border e-commerce business enterprises or a lot of factors, such as the effectiveness of the logistics industry chain,...
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A Probe into the Teaching Management Method of Higher Vocational Education under the Idea of "Put People First"

Na Cao
Teaching work is the central work of the school, teaching management in school management plays an important role in the normal operation of teaching activities is the basis. Teaching management has the function of orientation teaching, evaluation teaching and service teaching. The level and quality...
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Research on the Professionalization of Administrative Personnel in Colleges and Universities

Fengyun Wei
Management is a phenomenon unique to human life, is to ensure the effective operation of the organization is an indispensable condition is to coordinate the various parts of the organization to become a whole system, through the organization and coordination of other people's activities to receive individual...
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Exploration of the Thinking Model of APP Interactive Experience Design Based on "Internet +"

Yi Yang
On the basis of analyzing the idea of "Internet +", this paper combines the thinking mode of "Internet +" with APP interactive experience design, and puts forward the design model of APP interactive experience based on "Internet +". Then the overall model structure of the model is analyzed, and the core...
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Characteristics and Countermeasures of China's College English Teaching during the Transitional Period

Jing Lin, Zhongyu Duan
The transitional development has become a topic with great concern in universities, especially the local undergraduate ones, which is a significant reform of China's higher education in the 21st century. The unanimous concern in college English field has been attached to issues regarding how college...
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A Study on Some Problems and Countermeasures in College English Teaching

Jing Lin, Zhongyu Duan
There are still some problems in the content, method and evaluation of college English teaching. Based on the author's teaching experience and research results, this paper first analyzed problems in college English teaching, which are the lack of practicability in teaching content, the lack of diversity...
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A Research on the Accounting Skills Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lei Zhao
Strengthening the accounting major teaching of basic skills and professional skills in higher vocational colleges is not only the need of the development of Vocational Education, but also the need of the talent market and the positioning requirements of Higher Vocational Education. Based on the author's...
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The Methods to Strengthen the Internal Accounting Control in the New Era

Huan Cai, Qing Song
Internal control is not only an important part of modern enterprise management, but also the basis of enterprise production and management activity to be carried out smoothly. With the development of the times and social progress, the enterprise internal accounting control functions must be strengthened....
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A Study on the Flipped Classroom and Its Application in College English Teaching

Yanhua Chen
With the rapid progress of information technology, the education circle experiences a historical diversified change by following the footstep of informatization. Since the flipped classroom appeared, it has aroused the growing concern of the domestic and international education sector. Some countries...
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Analysis on the Innovation of Teaching Methods and Its Implementation in Colleges and Universities

Li Li, Dongqing Bai, Xiuting Qiao, Hailong Xu
Colleges and universities are not only the important base for the cultivation of innovative talents, but also the important parts of the national innovation system, besides, they play an irreplaceable important role in building an innovative country. Based on the experience of study and practice from...
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Study on the Control Factors of Improving the Accuracy of Food Inspection

Yuan Zhang
The food inspection is an experimental process consisting of multi-step multi-steps. Due to the multi-step multi-step nature, there are many factors influencing the influencing factors in the food inspection operation, and the control of the influencing factors directly determines the accuracy of the...
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An Analysis of the Development and Present Situation of Children's Psychological Counseling and Treatment

Xiaozhen Liu, Yanchun Qi
Compared with the development of psychological counseling and treatment in adults, children's psychological counseling and treatment history is relatively short, in addition to the diagnosis of children with mental retardation, other children's psychological counseling and treatment literature can only...
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Research on Service Innovation of Library in Big Data Age

Zhaoyan Deng
With the rapid development of cloud computing, networking and information acquisition and storage technology, data is growing and accumulating at a geometric progression rate. At present, the world has entered the "big data" era. Through the analysis of the concept and characteristics of large data,...
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Study on the Differences Effect between Accounting Audit and Quality Audit

Xiaohong Lu
Accounting audit is already a mature discipline, which has more experience and rules, but the quality of the audit is the development of quality management to the recent product, not much experience and rules. The content of accounting audit is economic activity, no human factor, and quality management...
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Study on the Influence of Accounting Computerization on Accounting Development

Ping Lv
In the process of business management, accounting for financial management issues, accounting work can play a key role. In recent years, China's scientific and technological level of continuous improvement and the extensive application of computer technology, have promoted the development of accounting...
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Discussion on Task - based Teaching Mode of Computer Aided College English Listening and Speaking

Hongxia Li
This paper studies how to implement the audiovisual teaching mode in the network environment as an example to build the college English audio-visual class. Based on the analysis of the theory of task - based teaching method, this paper puts forward the task - based language teaching model of college...
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Research on the Security Protection Mechanism of Computer File Management Information System

Bowei Li
Computer-aided archives management has been widely popularized and applied in the modernization of archives management in China, and has gradually played its management advantage. However, due to the file management system itself is often affected by interference and computer virus infection, and even...
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Study on the Digital Design and Practical Application of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Anhui Province – The Case Study of Wuhu Iron Picture

Limin Duan, Hong Zhao
With the rapid development of modern information technology, more and more digital technology is applied to the preservation and display of intangible cultural heritage resources. The digitization of the so-called intangible cultural heritage is "the use of digital technology such as digital collection,...
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Analysis of Training Methods of Table Tennis Players' Linking Technology

Xiaoyu Tian
Table tennis convergence technology is to train athletes to master the "line changes" laws and active defense tactics to predict each other's return line, and move ahead to the best batting hit the ball to achieve. Interactive multi - point and multi - ball training is an effective way to cultivate amateur...
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Research on the Strategic Transformation of Vertical B2C E-commerce Industry

Xiaolan Feng
With the continuous development of social economy, e-commerce model, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market environment has gradually been developed and innovative, from the past, the traditional business model evolved into the current vertical e-commerce model. In the vertical e-commerce,...
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Analysis of influencing factors of College Students' Entrepreneurship

Yingzhen Xue
College students entrepreneurship has become a trend, the government and the community are actively promoting, but also the emergence of a number of successful cases. The factors which influence on College Students' Entrepreneurship in China's present situation analysis, is not difficult to see the external...
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Study and Practice of "MOOC+" Online and Offline Mixed Accommodation-type Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities

Jianjun Gao, Tongguang Zhang
"MOOC+" online and offline mixed accommodation-type teaching mode in colleges and universities is a new teaching form integrating online MOOC learning and offline diversified and interactive learning which aims at giving full play to advantages of online and offline teaching and realizing complement...
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First Exploration on Interactive Teaching of Artistic Design Course – Take Font Design Course for Example

Chen Chen
This paper discusses the necessity of interactive teaching mode in modern artistic design course teaching based on the micro-course and MOOC phenomenon popular in recent years, takes Font Design, the course taught by the author in recent years, for example, puts forward four new ways and methods of interactive...
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Discussion on Application of Dance Anatomy in Basic Training Classroom of Chinese Classical Dance

Hui Dong
The application of dance anatomy in basic training classroom teaching of Chinese classical dance provides pertinent basic training guidance for dance learners by studying the function of each tissue and part of the body of dancers, guarantees the scientificalness and effectiveness of basic training classroom...
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Application of Humanistic Conception in Ideological and Political Work of Enterprises

Xiaoge Duan
People-oriented thought is a concentrated embodiment of the fundamental purpose and governing idea of Chinese Communist Party. Ideological and political work of enterprises must implement people-oriented concept, deepen the understanding of people-oriented concept, realize, maintain and develop fundamental...
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Application of "flipped classroom" in financial management teaching

Guilan Hang
with the thorough reform on new curriculum standard, China's financial teaching pattern and system keeps upgrading. As an emerging modern teaching mode, "flipped classroom" has broad application space in financial management teaching which can effectively stimulate classroom activity and give learning...
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On Current Situation and Perfecting Measures of Administrative Supervision System in China

Mengyao Li
China's administrative supervision system plays an important role in the quality management of civil servants and the transformation of government functions, and also affects the overall development of the country. However, at present, administrative supervision system in China still has many defects,...
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The Application of Digital Prepress Technology in Advertising Project

Xingguo Xu
This article aims to explore the application of digital prepress technology in the production of advertising projects. The research method is a brief introduction and an example of the basic principles in prepress process. It discusses the design, input, output and printing process involved in the design...
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Study on the Development of the Criminal Procedure Law in the New Media

Xingcun Liao
Based on gradually mature legal system in our country, in the process of the establishment of Law research project, it is appropriated to control the positive integration of Internet knowledge and related content in combination with the actual requirements, so as to ensure the application of Internet...
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Study on Training Mode for Skill-oriented and Application-oriented Translation Talents under University-Enterprise Cooperation

Xue Lv
In national internationalization development, the demand for translation talents increases gradually. Hence, colleges need to formulate sound translation talent training scheme to improve the work quality. However, some colleges cannot well train skill-oriented and application-oriented talents under...
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Tone Application Principles and Use Skills in Computer Music Production

Yide Peng
The development history of computer music production technology is still short in China. However, since computer music entered China, it has been widely applied in multiple fields. Nowadays, how to better utilize computer music production technology to optimize leisure and recreation service has become...
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Research on How to Optimize Marxism Modernization under the View of Green Development

Hui Wang
With the development of Chinese society, China's economy is also growing fast. Industrialization development has reached an unprecedented level. With the rapid economic growth, numerous ecological problems also occur. The industry makes progress, but the living environment suffers destruction. This does...
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Accelerating Internationalization of Financial Management to Boost Implementation of "the Belt and Road" Initiative

Shaohua Wang, Huafeng Zhang
The implementation of "the Belt and Road" Initiative creates good conditions and god-given historic opportunity for Chinese enterprises to go global. In the face of brand-new development form, large and medium enterprises in China should become the backbone force to promote the development of this initiative....
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On Solid Promotion of Network Construction for College Ideological and Political Education

Sijie Wang
College ideological and political education has important significance for the development of college students and teachers, so relevant management department must pay attention to the application of information technology, promote network construction for ideological and political education, sum up...
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Discussion on Basic Course of Modeling of Digital Media Application Technology Major in Higher Vocational Colleges—Case Study of Design

Yunke Wei
Basic course of modeling refers to a required basic course covering "design sketch" and "three components". The research field of digital media application technology major is software interface design, requiring students to have certain fine arts foundation. The students of digital media application...
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A Study on the Construction of A Diversified Environmental Audit Work Pattern

Xianhua Wu, Lianxi Wang, Hong Chen
In the process of execution, various problems will be encountered in audit work as well, and in order to solve these problems, the multi-pattern development of audit work must be realized. The construction of a diversified environmental audit work pattern can not only improve the ideological consciousness...
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Advantages and Countermeasures of the Development of China's Food Tourism Industry

Xiangyun Li
At present, China's tourism activities in the form of colorful, not only includes the traditional shopping tourism, sightseeing, but also developed a knowledge, full of good fortune and other effects of leisure travel. In the current tourism market, the characteristics of food can make visitors have...
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The Ways of Cultivating College Students' Independent Entrepreneurship

Xilan Wu
With the continuous improvement of our socialist economic system and the gradual improvement of people's living standard, the government and the education department pay great attention to education, and the number of college students is increasing. At present, the employment of college students has...
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On Construction of Double - qualified English Teachers Teaching Team in Private Colleges

Lian Xue
The double teacher team is an important guarantee for the higher education and teaching work in colleges and universities to promote the overall teaching level. Therefore, in order to improve the effectiveness of English teaching in the process of organizing English teaching activities, We should actively...
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Study on the Countermeasures of Forest Protection and Utilization Based on Sustainable Development

Jianwei Zheng
The concept of sustainable development has certain scientific characteristics, in the social and economic level gradually increased, the concept can penetrate into various fields. Especially in China's forest protection work, its protection and utilization period, to promote sustainable construction,...
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Reflections on the Cultivation of Translation Ability in English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges and Practices Study

Yingxiang Zhong
English is a general course of colleges and universities in our country. Under the current background of economic globalization, the cultivation of students' English quality has a great influence on the future development of students. Therefore, in the process of education reform in higher vocational...
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The Effect of Group Cooperative Learning on Improving English Language Output Ability

Li Zhu
In recent years, the current situation of each subject and subject teaching in our country has played a positive role in improving students' cooperation and mutual assistance, cultivating independent innovation and improving comprehensive literacy. Group cooperative learning is an indispensable form...
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On the Key Points of College English Teaching from the Perspective of Humanistic Education in the New Situation

Xuemei Zhu
College English teaching has humanistic characteristics, humanistic means to carry forward and highlight the value of people, so that people-oriented, respect for people, the transfer of positive energy. When reforming English teaching, humanistic education should be taken as the starting point, and...
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On the Integration of Socialist Core Values into Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Yuxia Ding
The socialist core values and the ideological and political courses in colleges and universities have a high degree of consistency in value orientation. It is of great practical significance to promote the integration of socialist core values into the whole process of ideological and political education...
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Study on English Teaching Mode Innovation of Colleges from the Perspective of Big Data

Wenhua Wang
Big data is an important reform in the field of information technology. As big data is applied in people's production and life more and more widely, a great impact is exerted on the college English teaching in China. Under the new time background, traditional college English teaching mode has become...
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Research on the Application of Geometric Graphics Creative Elements in Graphic Advertisement Design

Yiyi Yang
With the development of culture, China's advertising industry has shown a trend of high-speed operation, whether it is the number or type are increasing, in the graphic advertising design application of different geometric graphics creativity, has a very important artistic value, Element handling and...
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Study on the Construction of Evaluation System for Urban and Rural Logistics Integration Development Level

Yanmei Zhang
In view of the continuous improvement of China's economic development, the trade market in rural areas has produced great development potential. However, the construction of logistics facilities in rural areas is still relatively weak. So, in the country to speed up the development process of urban and...
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Analysis on Role of New Public Management Concept in China's Administrative Reform

Mengyao Li
In the new period, as the process of China's administrative reform is deepened, the importance of new public management concept is also gradually highlighted. This concept is introduced from the West; therefore, its application in China's administrative reform must be properly examined and deeply deconstructed....
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Regional Cultural Identity and Visual Element Refinement --Taking Guangxi University Chongzuo Bridge mural design project as example

Xingguo Xu
This paper divides Guangxi regional culture into five regional cultural zones, studies the regional cultural characteristics of Guangxi, and expounds the three levels of regional cultural identity in Guangxi. Taking the design of "Chongzuoqiao Mural Painting Project of Guangxi University" as an example,...
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Studies On the reform of College English teaching based on the combination of Micro course and Flipped classroom

Qinghua Ai
With the rapid development of information technology and the Internet, the emergence of a number of new things. "Micro Courses" and "flip the classroom as a new teaching mode, and achieved good teaching effect in the process of foreign applications, the" micro curriculum "and" flip the classroom together,...
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The influence of network environment on College Students' spoken English

Hong Hong
In College English teaching, oral English is always a weak link. With the development and the widespread use of the Internet, the Internet provides a new opportunity for college students' oral English teaching, it can improve realistic oral English environment for students, can increase the expression...
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Reflections on the innovation of College English teaching methods in the new media environment

Ru Wen
With the progress and development of society, the traditional teaching model has been unable to adapt to the needs of the new period, the birth and development of new media has provided a new opportunity for the College English teaching method innovation, which make the classroom teaching full of new...
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Research on the Application of Action - oriented Teaching Method in Business Oral English Teaching

Junjia Kou
Cultivating the key ability is as the core of the business oral English teaching, and the action-oriented teaching method with the student-center has very important practical significance in the development of higher vocational education. In addition, the new and practical concept of the vocational education...
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The Construction of English Teaching Model Combining Teacher's Leadership with Student's Subject

Yixian Lv
The main objectives of English teaching reform is to change the traditional teacher-centered teaching model and construct a new teaching model that can play the leading role of teachers as well as fully reflect the role of students' cognitive subject. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of...
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The Application of Task-based Approach to Oral Business English Teaching

Yixian Lv, Jing Yang
This paper explores and analyzes the characteristics of the information processing of the teaching method and the effect of improving business English students' oral English ability. Based on the classroom teaching experiment, this paper analyzes the teaching method to improve the oral English ability...
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Teaching Pattern Research of Advanced Mathematics in the perspective of Micro Lecture

Yugui Tang
The teaching effect of advanced mathematics i in colleges and universities has not been very expectable because of its complex and difficult characteristics and the influence of the exam-oriented education idea, students can't understand teachers' teaching. And with the application of information technology,...
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Computer-based Language Test: Characteristics and Processes

Minglie HE
Computer-based Language Test (CBLT) has developed over fifty years and become an integrated part of language test. This paper, based on the analysis of the characteristics of CBLT, explores the three processes of CBLT: construction of the item bank, testing and assessing. It can be foreseen that the...
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Computer-aided Mandarin Test in Colleges: Problems and Solutions

Yuhan Song
Computer-aided Mandarin Test (CAMT) is a new window for Putonghua examination in China. As the use of modern information technology, CAMT brings a lot of advantages or merits for both testers and candidates. Meanwhile, it also brings some challenges to us. This paper will elaborates the main problems...
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Study on the 4P method based on the study of leading enterprise management practice in China

Yan Xiong
leading enterprise management practice Chinese based on context, Constructivism from interaction between knowledge and practical knowledge, On the basis of long-term leading enterprise management practice concerned results leading technology of China ,From the practice theory of scarcity, fatigue, local...
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Teaching and Innovation of Color Course in Colleges and Universities

Lili Luan
With the continuous development of education industry, the new era puts forward new requirements and tasks for higher education. The design color as the basic course of art and design professional direction plays an important role on the development of arts. Color teaching is a course to improve students'...
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Research on Industrial Waste Heat Utilization Technology

Huazhen Liu
With the increasingly tense energy situation, energy saving and emission reduction has become an important issue in the current industrial sector. China's industrial waste heat resources are abundant, but the utilization rate of waste heat is low. This paper summarizes the present situation of industrial...
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Exploration of Influencing Factors for Homestay Industry from the Perspective of Global Tourism -- With the Example of Dali

Meihua Wang
Global tourism is the important guiding principle for country tourism development in the new era. Homestay industry of Dali has been developed rapidly in recent years, however, some problems occurred. From the perspective of influencing factors, this paper probes into the development status and the existing...
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Distinguishing on Applicable Scope and Degree of Soft Law under Chinese Context

Yi Han
soft law governance has been considered as an important way to meet public governance demand and strengthen legal construction. But in current China, soft law is confronted with multiple problems on theory and system: when theoretical framework is constructed for soft law governance, elaborate design...
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Research and Applications of Course System Framework Based on Unit

Wei Liu, Qiangwei Yan
In this paper, we propose a framework of curriculum system based on configurable units, which is suitable for the undergraduate education and higher vocational education.The framework of the course can transform the existing curriculum system into a modular curriculum system, and ensure the flexible...
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The Influence of He Long Sports Thought on the Development of Characteristic Sports in Wuling Mountain Area

Lizhong Wen, Yanxia Tang
He Long as one of the older generation of revolutionists, military strategists, is one of the founders of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and is also a pioneer in Chinese sports. It is him that lays a solid foundation for the development of Chinese sports. His adherence to the combination of practice...
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Thoughts on Perfecting Labor Disputes Mediation System in China

Jiaqi Zhang
The establishment of China's labor dispute mediation system is aimed at diverting and filtering the majority of labor dispute cases and then relieving the opposition between labor and management. However, with the increasing number of labor dispute cases in China in recent years, labor dispute mediation...
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Discussion and Practice on Professional Feature Teaching of Engineering Drawing Course

Yu Liu, Ning Liu
The engineering drawing course is an impprtant course with strong applicability. The present problem for the course is that the teaching process has few connections with professions and students are not interested in the course. It is the main cause of the reduction of teaching quality. In order to improve...
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An Empirical Analysis of Loans Pricing of Commercial Banks for SMEs Bases on RAROC Model

Jiayu Kong, Jiming Li, Mengjue Ye
Recently more and more commercial banks are willing to provide loans to SMEs under the guidance of the government, however, how to provide reasonable loan pricing for SMEs becomes an urgent and core problem faced by these banks. Loan pricing will be affected by many factors, and is also a more complex...
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Evaluation and Research of Management Methods of Chinese Universities' Undergraduate Education Quality

Lin Li, Yiwei Li
This essay takes independent colleges and private higher learning institutes as its main research subjects, evaluates and researches macroscopic and microcosmic management methods of education quality. Aimed at the reality of multi-types and multi-layered Chinese universities, the essay puts forward...
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"One Body Two Wings"-Innovation Research on Training Applied Talents

Xuan Zhang, Dan Lv, Zhengfeng Jiang
Training applied talents is the only way to achieve popularization of higher education. As the employment information asymmetry appears between social demands and higher school, the structure unemployment of graduators is growing, and the phenomenon of "graduation is unemployment" is increasingly serious....
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The Analysis of the Coexistence between Sport and the Media in the Modern Society

Lei Lu, Wenjun Wu
This paper is aimed to analysis briefly the coexistence between sport and the media in the modern society. I analyzed their inter-relationship from three perspectives: attraction and influence, increase benefit, and global T.V coverage. Data observation, literature review, reflective journals were used...
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Armament Research Foundation"Large complex equipment collaborative virtual maintenance training system basic technology research"

Yunrong Zhang, Zhili Zhang, Xiangyang Li
At present Large complex equipment maintenance training exists lack of physical equipment.In order to solve the problem, according to the situation of equipment and maintenance training, I built a large complex equipment multi person parallel virtual maintenance system. The system adopts the hierarchical...
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Several Hotspots Analysis and Development Trend of Chemical Engineering Technology

Zhengyang Yi
With the rapid development of society and the continuous progress of science and technology, China's chemical industry also develops rapidly. The development of chemical industry also cannot do without a more in-depth study of the chemical engineering technology. Research progress and hot spot in the...
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Study the Influence on the Value Loss of the Environment in Phyllite Areas Highway Construction

Yupin Song, Xue Song Mao, Ming Hu, Ying Zhao
In order to analyze the impact of highway construction project on the environment, the environmental impact assessment index of highway construction project was selected according to the principle of objectivity, science and integrity. In this paper, the evaluation index system was established based...
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Study on the Concepts of Residential Buildings under the Background of Green Building

Lei Chen
This paper proposes the concepts of residential buildings under the background of green building. Based on the green building, symbiotic construction, energy-saving and ground-saving buildings and ecological construction and other types of practice and exploration, summing up the definition of the green...
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The Impact of Community Opening on Road Access

Xingxuan Zhang
This paper mainly studies the impact of the opening of the district on the surrounding road traffic. According to the road impedance function model and the Braess paradox, combined with the analogy method, the control variable method and the function image method, the matlab software is used to analyze...
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The Feasibility Analysis of Green Cement's Economic Benefit in Baoding City

Jing-Yan Li
With the developing of China's economy and elevating of the consumption level of resident, trash in our city is increasing increase. The stress it brings to the environment is unmeasurable. In order to alleviate the problem of municipal solid waste efficiently, the green cement is emerging. This paper...
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Analysis on the Industrial Structure of China's SO2 Emission

Ying He, Cuishu Sun, Yijun Ji
With the use of environmental statistics, this paper studied the industrial structure of China's SO2 emission. Meanwhile, it analyzed the changes of waste gas emissions, SO2 emissions and SO2 emissions concentration of the six key industries, namely, the power, steel, building material, chemical, nonferrous...
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Application of three dimensional teaching method in histology and embryology course

Xudong Chen, Xinyu Hua
In order to improve the learning effect of histology and embryology course of higher vocational college students, the application of three-dimensional teaching method in histology and embryology teaching was explored. The results showed that the scores of the students in the group and the group were...
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Research on the factors and countermeasures of psychological poverty of poor students in colleges and universities

Xingshan Li, Xueping Xu
Different manifestations of the psychological poverty of poor students in universities were listed in the paper. The social and psychological factors that cause these manifestations are analyzed.based on summarizing the problems and puts forward how to resolve psychological poverty and poor college students...
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The Research of an Evaluation Indicator System Design for the Core Competitiveness of Aerospace Enterprises from a Dual Capacity Perspective

Dong Li, Chu-gui Zheng, Yun-tang Zhang
Through comprehensive analysis of Chinese and foreign literature on the core competitiveness of aerospace enterprises, the factors influencing the core competitiveness of aerospace enterprises in China are summarized, followed by the analysis made based on such elements as the resource capacity, technical...
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The Application of Digital Media Technology in Animation Design and Production

An Wang, Hao Lu
As the digital information era comes,the continuous development of science and technology and information technology stimulates digital media technology to be widely used in various fields of social life, including film and television, media, games, advertising, animation and other fields, which is inseparable...
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Research on the Application of M-learning in Higher Education

Lehui Huang, Xinxin Wang
With the development of communication technology and network technology, M-learning has become a new learning mode following the digital learning and a new hot spot in the field of educational technology. Colleges still have many factors affecting M-learning while having a lot of advantages in the use...
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Research on the Application of WeChat Public Platform in Mobile Learning

Ying Luo, Hao Lu
With the rapid development of information and mobile internet technology and the popularity of mobile devices, mobile learning has received unprecedented attention. At the same time, the number of WeChat users break 200 million in six mouths, providing new inspiration for our education. Mobile learning...
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The Work on Party Building of College Students under the New Media Environment

Hao Lu, Lifeng Liu
The work on party building of college students is an important starting point of ideological and political education in colleges, and is also the important part of the party's education. With the rapid development of new media supported by information technology, the work on party building of college...
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The Study on Determinants of Consumer Continued Usage Intention of Web TV

Yu Liu
This paper analyzes Web TV market condition. Based on this, it identifies the factors which influence the continued usage intention of Web TV. Finally, Provide recommendations for media companies and point out further research directions.
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Analysis on the Image of Bath Woman in Canterbury Tales

Yongping Chen
Canterbury Tales is a collection of poetical style short stories by Jeffrey Chaucer, which has a very important influence on British society at that time. The image of Bath woman in Canterbury Tales is discussed in this paper to lay a deep foundation for later generations to understand this work.
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Developing Direction Exploration of Modern Rural Tourism Industry

Ying Zhao
The development of modern rural tourism industry is not independent. To realize the development, we should pay attention to the relationship between tourism and agriculture. It can promote the internal and external construction symbiosis model through the application of resources. Through strengthening...
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Analysis of Relationship Among Production, Supply-marketing and Mutual Fund Cooperatives: A Case Study of China

Hua Guo, Yu Zhang, Houjian Li
Since the unbalance of the supply and demand of the rural finance in China's rural areas , the pilot cooperative of mutual fund were put forward. Sichuan Province which located in the southwest China, is now the frontier of the rural revolution, and keep on exploring in practice, and gradually worked...
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The Evolution of Urban Living Concept in Internet Age

Chengeng Cui
The internet age is a new mankind's way of communicating. The changed way of people communicate with each other is integrated into the concept of people's living. This will greatly change the concept of people. At the same time, the internet is also a technical platform, which keeps the literature and...
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The Impact of Coastal Urban Logistics Economic Development on International Trade Development

XiaoYu Dong
With the continuous development of economic globalization, international economic and trade activities are becoming more and more frequent, and the scope of Chinese economic activities is also expanding. China's coastal urban economic development continues to deepen under the impetus of reform and opening...
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Krashen's Second Language Acquisition Theory in Business English Teaching

Yan Sun
One of the theories of far-reaching influence in modern language teaching theory is Krashen's second language acquisition theory. With the gradual deepening of English education, some teaching defects were gradually exposed. It is necessary for domestic universities to borrow Krashen's second language...
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Connotation of Historical Consciousness

Yueai Xue
The connotation of historical consciousness is profound, and there is no consensus about it. Combined with the study of historical philosophy, historical consciousness contains consciousness of time and space change, causal consciousness and reflection on critical consciousness. Consciousness of time...