Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2022)

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A Case Study of Talent Training: Based on the Cooperation Between University and Enterprise

Xuan Tang, Yan Liu, Xinxiong Lian, Weidong Li, Junqi Yao
Talent training is considered one of the most important in this scenario that is beneficial for enhancing the competitive advantage of students and teaching staff. Good cooperation between universities and enterprises can increase learning and thinking ability to face increasingly severe employment pressure...
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Research on the Development Status and Countermeasures of China’s Rural Tourism in the Post-epidemic Era

Hua Chen, Yuanning Fu, Yuxi Fu
Rural tourism is a significant part of tourism and essential in promoting rural revitalization. But now, rural tourism has become one of the industries most affected by the epidemic. So the paper chooses to study the factors affecting rural tourism development under the epidemic. This paper established...
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The Current Situation and Improvement Path of Family Education Support for Preschool Migrant Children

Cuiping Shan
With the continuous advancement of urbanization and industrialization, the proportion of the floating population in China has increased year by year, and the trend of “familyization” has become increasingly apparent. This phenomenon forced those migrating pre-schoolers to accompany their parents to live...
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From Infancy to Maturity, the Rapid Growth of E-commerce Live Streaming Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures

Shiyi Li
In China, the e-commerce live streaming market has increased in recent years. More people hope to get involved in this industry and share some of the earnings. This paper explains the peculiarity of live e-commerce by contrasting traditional e-commerce with live e-commerce from many angles, outlines...
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Scent Marketing: Research on the Applicability of Sensuality in Offline Fashion Retail Stores

Wenjun Gu
In recent years, marketers are becoming more aware of the potential impact that smell may play a significant role in distinguishing brands in the marketplace. An increasing number of fashion retailers are engaging with scent marketing in their fashion retail stores. The purpose of this study is to present...
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Supply Chain Economics and Its Transformation and Innovation brought by Artificial Intelligence under the Influence of COVID-19

Yongjiang Chen, Sophia Ruiqi Cao
The year 2020 is destined to leave a colorful mark in the history of China’s development with all eyes on it. However, a sudden new epidemic has slowed down our progress. In the face of the new epidemic, all industries have been working together, and our logistics and transportation industry has made...
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Research on ZARA’s Business Environment and Marketing Strategies in China

Tao Ruan, Dongliang Sang, Qingchun Zeng
Zara, as the leader among fast fashion brands, is deeply loved by Chinese consumers for its different styles, fashionable design, and rapid renewal speed. Therefore, the objective of this article is to understand the current situation of such a favorite brand in today’s fast fashion industry. The paper...
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Business Analysis of YH Entertainment

The Development Prospect of Virtual Idol

Yu Cai, Yongxing He, Zijian Xu
YH Entertainment is a leading company in China’s entertainment industry. Looking back on its development in the idol business, YH Entertainment has achieved a wide range of achievements and has its own exclusive way of cultivating idols. It also launched a virtual idol group in December 2020., which...
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Human Rights Violations by Multinational Corporations and the Outlet to Judical Difficulties

Zhuoheng Du
The establishment and improvement of judicial remedies for transnational corporations’ human rights violations is not only a fundamental part of the UN’s business and human rights agenda, but also a major challenge to the establishment as well as the improvement of mechanisms for proper corporate accountability....
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Comparison of Several New Energy Vehicles and Gasoline Vehicles During the Same Price Range

Mingyu Si, Shijie Li
Consumers frequently consider the advantages between traditional gasoline vehicles and new energy vehicles. This experiment compared NEVs and traditional gasoline vehicles in aspects of carbon emissions, daily consumption, and value preservation rate. Traditional gasoline vehicles have a higher value...
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RSR Method based Evaluation of City Digital Business Environment

Xi Zhao, Qiuting Lu, Lei Wang
Using RSR method and SPSS software, this paper constructs a comprehensive evaluation system of digital business environment from six dimensions: public service, human resources, market environment, financial service, innovation environment and basic digital economy, and comprehensively evaluates the...
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The Impact of the New Crown Epidemic on Traditional Tourism

Qi Liu
The outbreak of Covid-19 has been reported in Wuhan and gradually spread to the whole Hubei Province and even the whole country. This epidemic has caused great impact and pressure on economic and social development and people’s production and life. It has had a systematic impact on some industries. The...
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Review on Luxury Products

Yaoxuan Fu
With the development of society, people’s living standards has been improved gradually. Luxury products are also common to see in the ordinary people’s life. In these circumstances, researchers are focusing their attention on luxury products and other phenomena caused by the consumption of luxury goods....
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Implications of Foreign Corporate Criminal Compliance Non-Prosecution Systems for the Establishment of an Effective Corporate Compliance Conditional Non-Prosecution System in China

Xiaofan Meng
Corporate compliance literally means being in compliance with the law, and it is essentially a corporate governance issue. The meaning of corporate compliance is to use an effective compliance program to avoid corporate criminal liability, which is a set of compliance risk prevention and control-oriented...
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Analysis and Enlightenment of Outstanding Enterprise Achievement Transformation Practice at Home and Abroad

Wei Yang, Dichao Ying
This article summarizes and refines the practices of GE, Siemens, IBM, Cisco and other companies, and puts forward suggestions and measures for central enterprises to improve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so as to provide reference for domestic scientific and technological...
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Risk Management and Uncertainty

Zekai Chen, Nan He, Chengbo Zhang
This article examines the relationship regarding risk and uncertainty. While it is well known that investments in the future are predicted based on future economic trends, the acceleration of globalization and the transformation of the world into a larger whole has led to the fact that what happens in...
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An Analysis of New Energy Automobile: From the Perspective of R&D Expenditure

Jingtian Lu, Shunhao Xia, Jinson You
In the market of new energy vehicles, Research and Development (R&D) intensity is an important indicator to measure whether an enterprise can develop rapidly and occupy market share. This paper will analyze the relationship between enterprise R&D intensity and enterprises’ risk to measure the...
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Research on Marketing Strategies Used in Japanese Anime Industry Taking the Demon Slayer as an Example

Haijing Zhao
As one of Japan’s cultural and entertainment industries, anime industry is the uniqueness of the culture and the product of social development trends. After decades of development, Japan’s animation industry has gradually formed a more mature industry chain and industrialized scale. The development of...
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Analysis of Profitability Models of Chinese Internet Enterprises—Tencent and Alibaba Group as the Examples

Szeying Chan, Yaqi Chen, Xiaomeng Li
In recent years, Tencent and Alibaba have grow rapidly along with numerous Chinese internet companies, and their profit models are the ones which could suitably reflect and represent for the general image of successful profit models of the internet industry. As so, this article aims to analyse elements...
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How the Five Dimensions of Experiential Marketing Affect Customer Satisfaction: Focused on Starbucks

Yixin Tian
With the continuous changes in various social factors, consumer habits have also changed accordingly, opening up the era of experience economy. Industry leaders have adopted different strategies in setting up their experience marketing strategies for differentiation. Focused on Starbucks, this paper...
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Principles of Corporate Governance and Financial and Non-Financial Risk Forecast

Jiayu Feng, Minhao Qiu
This study investigates corporate governance principles and the accuracy of financial and non-financial risk prediction. Therefore, based on the analysis data of previous people, this study analysed and draw conclusion on how to improve the accuracy of risk prediction of CG varieties. In the short term,...
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Research Expenditure and Enterprise Development: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Data of A-Share Listed Companies

GuanLin Wang
This paper studies the impact of scientific research expenditures on corporate profits. Based on the data of A-share listed companies in the Guotaian database (CSMAR), an empirical analysis is carried out using multiple linear regression models. The results show that in the short term, there is a negative...
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Analysis of Key Factors for Tesla’s Success

Fengqianyao Chen
Tesla has occupied a strong position in the new round of electric vehicle technology revolution all over the world. As a high-tech company without any automobile industry background, it has become the leading enterprise of new energy vehicles in the world in only 10 years. This paper expounds the development...
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Analysis of New Media Marketing Methods

Taking Bing Dwen Dwen as an Example

Meitong Zhou
The intensification of new media competition makes marketing strategies crucial. This paper mainly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of hunger marketing and the progressive relationship between gain marketing, “persona” marketing, and improving the sense of presence in traffic marketing. Furthermore,...
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Analysis of the Internet Sharing Accommodation Industry--Taking Airbnb as an Example

Yusha Zhu
The main research context of this paper is the analysis of the shared accommodation industry in the context of the sharing economy. Using Airbnb as a representative, this paper focuses on the current state of Airbnb in the context of the sharing economy and the analysis of industry chain issues, as well...
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Research on Tesla’s Market—Based on Porter’s Five Forces and Ratio Analysis Model

Xiao Yang
New energy vehicles are one of the most popular types of vehicles today, and Tesla is one of the leading companies. However, since new energy vehicles are still in their early stages, Tesla still has many strong competitors known and to come. This paper analyzes the financial aspects of Tesla’s leading-edge...
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The Application of Digital Transformation in Smart TV

Jiachen Li, Zewen Lin, Tianyu Peng, Tianyu Shui
Legacy industries, legacy businesses, and conventional products have lost their competitive edge in the digital transition era. The new digital ecosystems have benefitted people’s daily lives in various ways due to several digital technology breakthroughs. Despite the fact that the digital transformation...
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Research on Financing Strategies of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Context of Blockchain

Zeyuan Wang
The application potential of blockchain is huge. First of all, the paper introduces blockchain technology from the meaning and characteristics of blockchain. Secondly, it discusses the development status of blockchain and points out that it is difficult to use blockchain technology to solve the financing...
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Financial Management of Supply Chain Based on Strategy Management

Xin Dong
Modern enterprise supply chain management is primarily influenced by the five market, company, manager, financial system, and financial management factors. Therefore, the paper will focus on the aspect of financial management to reveal the importance of financial management to the enterprise supply chain...
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Exploring the Future Value of Starbucks

Xiaoyu Liu
Starbucks is an international coffee company, and this article mainly evaluates the market value of Starbucks and gives investors some reasonable advice. In this article, Starbucks is mainly introduced to the company, SWOT analysis and value analysis, and in the value analysis, Starbucks fundamental...
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Research on the Ecological Organizational Model of Energy Internet Enterprises

Jian Zhao, Yunfei Xu, Jiaxu Cheng
Energy Internet companies need to establish an ecological organizational model How to establish an ecological organizational model is a problem for enterprises. The purpose of this research is to analyze the problems faced by the enterprise organization model, and to propose the organizational structure...
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Development and Future Forecast of China’s Mobile Phone Industry

Tingwei Cai
This paper studies the development of China’s smartphone industry through data collation and chart analysis. In the context of tense Sino-US relations, all Chinese mobile phones are affected by the Sino-US trade war. Among Chinese local mobile phone brands, Huawei, the only company that can design its...
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How to Use the Sunk Cost Effect Wisely to Increase Revenue

Take Live Sports Software as an Example

Chang Chen
The sunk cost effect is the choice to act in an irrational way by dwelling on past payoffs to avoid the negative emotions associated with losses. Today, the theory of sunk costs effect itself is well researched, and in some studies, sunk costs effect has been specifically applied. For example, the banking...
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Evaluation Method Based on NPV and IRR

Yuna Liu
In the modern market, many companies need to choose the most profitable project among different projects. Even in different industries such as catering, service, employment and so on also need to make the right choice. So developing an effective business strategy, analyzing and forecasting financial...
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The Influence of Inflation on the Real Economy

Shen Xie
Various studies on inflation’s relationship with the real economy show that inflation harms economic development. Also, various economic theories confirm that inflation affects a country’s economic performance even though monetary policies had difficulties expressing this. This study shows that inflation...
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A Literature Review on the Net Present Value (NPV) Valuation Method

Tianle Shou
Evaluating different projects is an essential part of capital investment for the firm’s future success. Among several evaluation methods, the net present value (NPV) methodology enjoys the highest prevalence. NPV method allows investors to objectively evaluate the efficacy and appeal, as well as compare...
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An Empirical Study of a Direct Inter-relationship between Thanksgiving Day and Luxury Related Industry’s Corresponding Stock Market

Tong Mai, Xiaopeng Wang, Mingyang Li, Zixuan Yun, Dewei Huang
This paper is dominantly studying about the size of effects on the luxury related stock markets when there is a special occasion, Thanksgiving days, taken place. An index call BK4202 related to apparel, accessories and luxury goods is used as the representation of accessories stock market. Mathematical...
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Turnover in Accounting Firm

Organization Justice, Career Growth, Market Demand

Qiannan Lu
This study reviews and synthesizes the literature investigating employee turnover in accounting firms. Prior studies in turnover contain several perspectives, and there are three main factors, including organization justice, career growth, market demand for employees. Salary and gender may affect employees’...
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Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Chinese SMEs and Countermeasures

Weijia Meng
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China have contributed a lot to China’s economic growth. Yet they are more vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic. This paper analyses the impacts of Covid-19 on SMEs and offers countermeasures. Based on the author’s observations of 182 SMEs in the surrounding...
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The Development of Digital Economy of Rural China in Post COVID-19 Era; A Literature Review

Ruiqi Shao
Digital economy is a forceful drive to economic growth in the digital era. It has been prosperously developing in rural areas of China. The digital economy significantly stimulates the rural economy and also helps to revive the economy from the epidemic. In this essay, development of rural digital economy...
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Application of the Legal Personality Denial System in Chinese Law in Parent-Subsidiary Companies

Xingyang Yu
The system of denying the personality of the juridical person, also known as “piercing the corporate veil”, refers to a legal measure that is set up to prevent the abuse of the independent personality of the company and protect the company’s creditors and social public interests. The independent personality...
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Value Evaluation of PDD Based on DCF Model

Zihan Tang
Pinduoduo(PDD) is one of the representatives of Internet e-commerce companies that have developed in recent years, and PDD created a successful and innovative business model of social e-commerce. Compared with the traditional e-commerce model, social e-commercehas certain competitive advantages in the...
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Research on the Airline Industry Airfare Pricing Factors under Difficult Circumstances

Dechang Lin
Current academic research on airline ticket pricing mechanisms has largely determined that passenger numbers are impacted by a range of variables since various airlines have varied operational expenses. Many concerns have led to substantial changes in airline price for aircraft tickets in the context...
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Financial Analysis in CATL Based on Harvard Analysis Framework

Haoyu Fan
In the information age, with the rapid development of science and technology, the development of new energy technology has provided a new round of development dividends to more and more enterprises, but the rapid development of new energy technology is also accompanied by various hidden risks. The stable...
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The Impact of Promoting Agricultural Products in Rural areas Through Live Streaming on the Economic Growth and Rural Revitalization

Yao Yao
Because of the single sales channel, information asymmetry, and other reasons, the sale of agricultural products is facing a huge dilemma. As a novel marketing approach, live-streaming agricultural products in rural areas is critical for rural revitalization and economic development. Live-streaming to...
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Analysis of Hong Kong’s Tourism Market in 2022 From the Perspective of Supply and Demand

Changping Chen
Tourism is one of the four pillars of Hong Kong’s economy and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, while Hong Kong’s tourism industry is booming, it has been affected by local social events and the epidemic, which has dealt a heavy blow to the tourism industry. In addition,...
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A Literature Review on Investment Decisions and Case Analyses

Xiaomeng Du, Yiwen Zhou
Existing studies on investment decisions have found that for rational investors no matter how many decision-making methods or economic markets there are, the decisions they make when investing will maximize their interests. To analyze how stakeholders make investing decisions, in this paper, we firstly...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Foreign Exchange Interest Rate

Taking the Canadian Dollar and British Pound as Examples

Lingfeng Fan
As an essential part of international trade, exchange rates profoundly impact economies that are highly dependent on trade. This paper analyses Canada and the United Kingdom’s economic data based on their financial conditions. When discussing the factors influencing the exchange rate, it is found that...
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An Analysis of the Prospects of New-type E-commerce Enterprises

Yuhan Dong, Cong Huang, Zelin Zhou
In the era of information and technology, e-commerce economy is developing rapidly. In the meantime, the emergence of COVID-19, which makes online shopping more and more popular. Many people want a piece of this trend in their own way: Some people want to start a pure e-commerce business for a start....
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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Financial Performance of Coco-Cola

Xianting Zhao
The purpose of this research is to analysis the financial performances of Coca-Cola before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The method of researching in this paper includes industry dynamic analysis, financial analysis and ratio analysis. The industry dynamic analysis demonstrates value chain, SWOT,...
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The Literature Review About Present Bias

Hanxiao Zhang
Although the existence of present bias and its impact on decision-making has been widely discussed, the researches are still fragmented. The fields of existing researches are not completed, and the results are sometimes controversial. This article will introduce the testing of present bias in various...
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Improvement Path of Express Delivery Service Capability under Covid-2019 Pneumonia Pandemic

Zhihong Tian, Liangliang Chen
The essence of improving express delivery service capability is to solve the contradiction between “demand” and “supply” in the express market. The specific impact of the epidemic on the express industry from two aspects of “demand” and “supply” is analyzed, and a three-tier path model is constructed...
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Analysis on the Marketing Strategies of Luckin Coffee

Yundi Liu
With the popularization of mobile Internet, people’s consumption concept, consumption behaviour and consumption scene begin to change. At the same time, the consumption demand of the Chinese coffee market is increasing year by year, and the development momentum is good. After that, Luckin coffee was...
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The Outlook of the Green Bond Market in China

Limitations in Development and Further Solutions

Jingxian Chen, Leyao Jia, Yaxuan Shi
Since we have already entered the rapidly developing era of the economy, the impact of environmental problems has attracted more and more global attention. In seeking sustainable economic development, the global trend has gradually leaned toward green finance. As a new financial tool in China, green...
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Chobani: The Falling First Mover

Jianan Liao
As the American Greek yogurt producer Chobani is about to go public and investors are interested in the performance of the company, this paper is going to analyze the company’s marketing plan and financial statements to evaluate its operating performance as well as financial position. The financial statement...
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Measurement and Analysis of Regional Financial Development Index Based on ANN-RBF Contribution Analysis

Haoxun Yang, Qian Zhao, Lihui Xu
At present, focusing on the development of the financial industry and contributing to high-quality economic development is a hot topic of current research. In this paper, a comprehensive index system consisting of a macro-financial environment index, financial scale index, financial efficiency index,...
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Marketing Competition Analysis of the Feasibility of Investment in McDonald’s

Yupu Sun
With the globalization of the world, the development of western fast-food industry in China is getting better and better. McDonald’s, as the leader of the western fast-food industry, has established a good market and has a group of loyal customers in China in recent years. In order to make a judgment...
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The Impact of Brexit on the Employment of EU Practitioners

Haoyuan Liu
Leaving the EU would free Britain from what they called German dominance and would bring considerable political and economic benefits. But Brexit opponents have warned that leaving the European Union is akin to an act of self-mutilation, making Britain smaller, poorer, and more isolated. To test this...
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Optimal Oil-based Exotic Options Strategies Under the Background of War: An Empirical Study in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Zhuocheng Shen
This paper discusses what kinds of oil-based exotic options will have the best performance under the background of wars, and suggests some exotic options combinations to improve overall performance. In order to draw a conclusion, this research takes the percentage return of each strategy as the key index...
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Analysis of Philippine Trade Pattern and Trade Structure

Yikang Hu
With a continuous rate of economic growth, the Philippine economy is still facing a trade deficit and is said to be trapped in the “Middle-Income Trap.” This issue occurs when countries struggle to cope with changes in their local market and, as a result, undermine their international competitiveness....
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A Study of Shopper Marketing Strategies in the Feminine Care Industry from the Perspective of Consumers’ Fundamental Motivations

Case of Always Sanitary Pads

Ye Ye
This study uses the method of an online questionnaire in quantitative research, and the questionnaire was based on Neels and her colleagues (2016). All the research processes were conducted by Qualtrics (an online questionnaire tool). As a result, the research showed that most consumers choose feminine...
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Analysis for Pork Market in China

Mengwei Liu
This article focuses on the Chinese pork market from May 2019 to December 2021. 2019 saw a significant decline in pork production as a result of African swine fever, with pork production of 42.55 million tonnes, down 21.3% from the previous year. 2020-2021 will see a continuation of the tight supply...
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Financial and Strategies Analysis of Coca-Cola Company in the Period of COVID-19 Epidemic

Donger Fan, Zhongming Tan, Qingli Zheng
Nowadays, some companies around the world are experiencing difficulties due to the impact of COVID-19. The main point of the essay is to analyse business activities in financial aspects, including strategies, financial and ratio analysis of Coca-Cola company during the COVID-19 epidemic, in order to...
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The Impact of CEO Political Connections: A Study on Management Performance in China

Jianwei Du
This paper researching whether the management performance of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Chinese listed companies is associated with political connections uses the data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach with data from 389 companies in China and demonstrates that chief executive officers’ political...
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The Perception on Online Shopping Risks of Different Genders

Yuxin Yi
Based on the convenience and benefits brought by these online shopping sites, the number of people shopping online has also increased. But at the same time, online shopping also has certain risks. If people cannot perceive these risks in time, it will bring losses. There are gender differences in the...
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TikTok: A Must-Have App

Junfeng Li
Social networking has become the order of the day or the current generation. Developed in 2016, the impact Tiktok has had is a matter of concern. Thus, this research takes an interest to assess the marketing process of the company and the competition that the company has had to endure despite its current...
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Amazon’s Strategic Shift in the Face of the COVID-19

Jingyi Du, Junyu Xu, Xiangjun Zeng, Lei Zhu
From 2020 to 2022, the global economy has been severely affected by COVID-19, and many enterprises have been devastated in the face of this sudden disaster. This article will show amazon’s main response measures in the face of COVID-19, How to face employee disputes internally, how to adapt to market...
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The Risk Management in Belt and Road

Jing Qian
Due to the differences between the economic, political and cultural conditions of different countries, along with the Belt and Road (B&R), the risks encountered by enterprises in cross-border economic activities under the B&R framework may have a significant impact on enterprises. Therefore,...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on EU Income Convergence Patterns

Tianyu Yan, Weihe Yu, Ziyu Zhao
The convergence process has been a recurrent topic since the establishment of the European Union. Historically, there have been sizeable income disparities between West and East Europe. When coupled with a global crisis, this gap could have unforeseen implications on regional economies. When COVID-19...
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COVID–19’s Impact on the Chinese Stock Market

An Empirical Study Based on China’s ACG Industry

Chengcheng Wang
The COVID-19 has had an uncertain impact on the world’s stock markets, bringing challenges or opportunities to all industries. This article adopts the descriptive statistical analysis and an event study approach to evaluate whether and how the COVID-19 has affected the animation, comic, and game (ACG)...
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Research on Multinational Enterprises’ Foreign Investment Access and Investment Protection System

Jianqiao Jia
Foreign investment acts as a significant part in a country’s economic and trade development, which is mainly manifested in the form of multinational companies. Under the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, international trade has fluctuated greatly, which has had a great influence on foreign investment....
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An Analysis of Anta’s Key Success Factor

Zhennan Wang
This study mainly analyzes the reasons for Anta’s success from internal and external factors, and analyzes Anta’s financial situation. This paper comprehensively studies the reasons for Anta’s success, and points out the possible hidden dangers of Anta’s development. Dig out why Anta become the NO.3...
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Reviews of Financial Markets in the GFC and Covid-19

Evidence and Lessons for Financial Assets’ Allocation in Post Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Guangliang Chai
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and Covid showed quantities of similarities and differences in terms of financial market and financial assets, but these characteristics occurred under multi-factors. Current research mostly focuses on single profiles of both crises and interprets them in a siloed way,...
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The Impact of Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending

Bing Shan, Xin Wen, Yuanhong Xiang
This article aims to examine and compare the essential effects of quantitative easing policies in the United States on bank lending. First of all, the paper examines the overall credit scale from a macro perspective, but different results were presented before and after the quantitative easing policy...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of R&D on Enterprises Earnings Quality

Panel Data of Listed Companies in Computer Application Service Industry on Growth Enterprises Market (GEM)

Yuhang Zhao, Yuchen Tian, Zhong Ma
This paper builds a multiple linear regression model and Cobb-Douglas(C-D) production function model from the perspective of absolute value index and relative value index, and comprehensively discusses the relationship between R&D investment and enterprise profit quality by taking listed companies...
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Research on the Integration Development of Shaanxi Manufacturing Industry and Producer Services

Yong Kang Liang, Xiu Ping He
Industrial integration is the key to driving the high-quality development of manufacturing industry and producer services. Manufacturing industry is the pillar of Shaanxi industry, and producer services provide strong support for manufacturing industry. The study found that the integration degree of...
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The Valuation of Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Jianyun Xu
In recent years, the government has continuously issued policies to benefit the fabricated construction industry. Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China’s prefabricated construction industry. It is necessary to evaluate it and grasp investment opportunities....
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Applying DCF Model on Corporate Valuation: Influence of Leverage on Value - A Case Study of Netflix, Inc.

Zhiyu Cui
Business valuation is indispensable to investment, with various ways to be used in their preferable scenarios respectively. Under the latest circumstances, great fluctuations have been seen in the majority of industries, which has brought up the complication of computing one’s estimated value. In regard...
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Comparative Analysis of Chain Business Model in Catering Industry: Evidence from McDonald’s and Starbucks

Yue Ma, Xinyi Wang, Siqi Zhao
This paper aims to summarize the impact of company-operated model and franchise on enterprises which is important for chain operation companies to choose appropriate strategy. This paper chooses McDonald’s and Starbucks as samples and uses 4Ps model and data comparison from company’s financial statements...
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Analysis on the Business Transformation for Bulgari Hotel Beijing under COVID-19

Zhuohe Duan
At the end of 2019, the spread of Corona Virus around the world caused the shutdown and economic losses of many industries, especially for Hotel industry due the low mobility of population. This paper studies the COVID-19 epidemic development strategy of Bulgari Hotel Beijing based on SWOT, and it identifies...
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Factors and Trends Analysis of International Crude Oil Price in 2022

Junyi Zhang
Due to the reopening and remarkable recovery of the global economy from the epidemic, as well as the increased mobility of people under higher vaccination rates, 2021 has been a year of significant recovery for both supply and demand of crude oil Since the shortage of natural gas has fuelled a widespread...
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Household Sector Debt, the Real Estate Market and the Quality of Economic Development

Ning Sun
Based on the dynamic general equilibrium theory, this paper introduces the total factor productivity model to construct the correlation between household debt, real estate market and quality of economic development. It shows that when the quality of economic growth increases to a certain extent, it will...
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Analysis on the Influence of FED Interest Rate Adjustment on China’s Economy

Chen Jin, Zexiu Wu, Jiahe Yu
During the time between 1980 and 2020, there were a lot of significant changes in the U.S. interest rate, the federal funds rate. Since the changes of interest rates in one country, especially in the United States, can affect fluctuations in the global economy, this paper focuses on how the U.S interest...
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Topic: Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Financial-Related Industries in China

Tianhan Zhou
This paper aims to find out the impact of COVID-19 on various financial-related businesses, investigate the mechanism of its influence, and offer recommendations for regaining financial stability following the outbreak. It was found that the financial-related industries and commerce in China were immensely...
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Research and Analysis on Corporate Inventory Management Issues under the Epidemic - A Case Study of 3M Company

Xuankai Wu
From the beginning of 2020 to the present, Covid-19 has been spreading around the world, continuously destroying the global economy and people’s health. At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, the global mask market was in short supply, and 3M, the world’s leading mask manufacturer, expected to expand...
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Analysis of the Video Gaming Industry

Yijie Liang
Since its debut as a new medium for creativity and invention, video games have been a motivating element in creating several technologies. Since its inception forty years ago, the video game industry has gone from obscurity to a multi-billion dollar powerhouse. Games are being played at a quicker rate...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of Hengrui

Yifan Gao, Yuke Wang, Yixiang Zhang
China has one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. However, few studies have focused on domestic Chinese pharmaceutical companies. This paper evaluates the corporate operations of Hengrui by analyzing them at various levels. Hengrui has been in a good financial position and growing steadily...
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Inducing Choice Paralysis: How Retailers Bury Consumers in an Avalanche of Options

Liyuan Qian, Xiru Zhao, Zhengyang Chen, Yiming Qian, Sujin Lyu, Zihan Wang
The number of options might have an influence on the process of decision-making in our life. The previous research called the jam experiment showed that extensive choices may be negative for the consumers to make the final decisions. However, the previous research focused on consumers and they seldom...
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The Impact of Management Personnel Changes in State-Owned Enterprises on Performance

Run qiao Tang
The personnel flow of enterprise management has been given special attention by domestic and foreign academic circles for a long time and has become a hot spot in the study of enterprise operation structure. This paper empirically studies the relationship between the personnel changes of enterprise management...
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Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures for Chinese Enterprises Investing in Thailand in Post-Epidemic Era

Yao Yao
At the beginning of 2020, the fast-moving and wide-ranging COVID-19 hit the world economy hard, and also had a huge impact on the investment of Chinese enterprises in Thailand, posing a serious challenge. In the next few years, its negative impact on the investment of Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand...
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Whether Chinese New Energy Vehicle Can Beat Tesla in a Foreseeable Future

Jiajin An, Zhizhen Chen, Jichao Luo
In today’s world, the typical gasoline automobile is progressively being phased out in many nations due to their emission of carbon dioxide, which not only increases glacier melting but also has a multitude of other negative consequences such as the increased occurrence of extreme weather. In terms of...
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Covid-19: A Disaster While Also an Opportunity for the U.S. Airline Industry

Jinnan Lyu, Longzhou Zhang
The U.S. airline industry faces a significant recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is well-known that the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed many damages in the U.S. airline industry, both from the decline of passengers taking the flight and the decline of the U.S. flights. The Covid-19...
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SWOT Analysis of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s Development and Its Impact on Economic Development and Enlightenment

Zejia Bi, Sitong Chen, Ninglu Yang
Chip is a key device in electronic products. With the fast development of information industry, chip application is becoming more and more widespread. Taiwan’s chip industry gradually gained a firm foothold in the world after decades of development. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is...
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Research on Cultivation and Management of E-commerce Talents in the Context of Rural Revitalization

Shengcheng Yang, Guoye Feng, Xinyu Wang, Shibo An, Aijuan Leng, Aisi Leng, Gengchen He
2020 is the key year for poverty eradication in China, and thereafter President Xi Jinping proposed in the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Party Congress that China will achieve comprehensive rural revitalization by 2035. Based on this background, this paper, which combines the current situation of...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on The Automotive Industry

A Case Study of Ford Motor

Jiarui Liang, Xingchen Pan, Binger Wang, Siyuan Yang
Starting from the COVID-19 epidemic in recent years and combining the characteristics of the automobile industry, this paper will take Ford as a prominent case. Through the analysis of ford’s financial situation and strategic analysis. Discuss how the COVID-19 epidemic has affected the automotive industry...
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Time Series Forecasting Based on ARIMA and LSTM

Peiqi Liu
With the increasing demand for designing a future strategy to minimize risk and make a benefit. The time series analysis becomes an essential tool in social science, engineering, and finance. Therefore, investors and researchers endeavor to investigate kinds of models to improve the accuracy of the forecasting...
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Countermeasures of Educational Institutions and Consumers under the Double Reduction Policy and during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ziteng Li, Shuai Liu, Jiahan Ni, Fan Yang
Without a doubt, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and policies enforced in China for the purpose of ensuring high-quality development of the education industry have an unprecedented impact on training and educational institutions. However, this is also an important opportunity for educational institutions...
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Netflix: How to Keep a Continued Success

Yuehan Wang
Netflix, a subscribe-based online movie platform was launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings. The company began with a DVD rental store through the pay-per-rent model and monthly subscription approach. People could rent a movie in DVD format, and the DVD would deliver directly to their house. By 2006, Netflix...
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Risk Management Under Market Uncertainty: Literature Review and Case Study

Linna Zhao
Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization’s capital and earnings. This paper examines the connection between firms’ risk management and market uncertainty. Market uncertainty has a significant impact on businesses. Many of the papers offer different...
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The Comprehensive Comparison of Huya Live and Twitch

Tianyi Wang, Tianyue Chen, Ziyi Ye, Yunzhu Lu, Hao Yu
It is well known that many young people nowadays pursue some relaxed entertainment, such as sitting in front of the computer, watching some anchors play games. It is probably the most mindless form of entertainment. You do not have to do it yourself, just can take your hands off the keyboard, and you...