Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Economics, Management Engineering and Education Technology (ICEMEET 2016)

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Research on the characteristics and teaching strategies of international students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zebang Tao
International students in Higher Vocational Colleges are different from those in ordinary Higher Vocational Colleges and undergraduates. They have their own characteristics. For their teaching, in response to their characteristics on the basis of groups to take appropriate measures to promote the group's...
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Research on Investor Sentiment in the IPO Stock Market

Ziyu Liu, Han Yang, Weidi Zhang, Xiaoli Hu
The paper developed a sentiment factor to classify the window period into three sentiment levels (low, medium and high), discussing how the IPO stock performance was significantly affected by investor sentiment through analysis of variance, where the sentiment factor was proposed by means of cluster...
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Reform and Innovation of "Multimedia Technology and Application" Course

Yanlin Tao, Kunliang Xu
Based on the teaching practice of "Multimedia Technology and Application" in Qujing Normal University, this paper puts forward a new idea of teaching reform on multimedia technology and application based on the analysis of the traditional teaching methods. In view of the problems raised, combined with...
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Airport Monopoly and Regulation: Practice and Reform in China

Jianwei Huang
Airport industry is believed to be a regional natural monopoly. As a result, price regulation is used to deal with the monopoly of airports. By comparing the different measures of price regulation in developed countries and analyzing on the practice of the price regulation in China's airport in detail,...
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Deep Analysis on the Concept of "Economic Equipment Management"

Zhongxin Qi, Siyuan Wei, Zhehuan Yu
In the new period, economic equipment management for national defense construction is more and more important, different people's understanding of the concept of economic equipment management is different, also led to economic equipment management has many conceptual definitions, and gradually revealed...
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Research on the application of Case-teaching method--------take the curriculum Management for example

Liben Song
Case-teaching method is one of the most important teaching methods.It is helpful for improving teachers professional qualification and good for creating a lively teaching atmosphere and cultivating students' ability to analyze and solve practical management problems,etc. According to the problems existed...
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Research on the Influence Factors of Chinese Local Government Debt Scale

Kun Li
Recent years, the problems of local government debt have been widely discussed by many researchers, moderate scale of local government debt is very essential to economic growth. Based on the analysis of local government debt scale research, this paper analyzes the influence factors of Chinese local government...
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Flipped Classroom Teaching Research on the Excellent Resource-sharing Course of Computer Aided Clothing Drawing

Ru-Nan Jiang
The flipped classroom teaching model is applied in excellent resource-sharing course of computer aided clothing drawing. The well-designed teaching videos and skillful settings of post situation not only can improve quality of online learning, but also can promote effects of knowledge internalization...
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Postponing Retirement and Its Influence on Growth in a Dynastic Model with Differences in Vocation

Xi Peng, Jiajia Yu, Zhongchang Chen
Considering the different occupations and different groups of people willing to delay retirement, this article designed to delay the retirement age of differences in vocational. Model analysis show that: First, it will increase the total consumption; the second is when the growth rate of per capita assets...
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Study of cigarette sales in the United States

Cheng Ge
Nowadays more and more teenagers and adults are addicted to smoking, which makes an increasing number of people focus on this topic. Therefore, to analysis the factors that influence cigarette sales, we can try to find a strong approach to better control the smoking in the United States. Here we use...
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Study on the Transmission of Japanese Animation Culture

Yurun Huang
With the rapid development of the global economy and society, animation has been more and more attention as the significant branch of the culture industry throughout the world. Based on the analysis of the development trend of Japanese animation market, this study mainly discussed the attributes expressed...
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Some reflections on the teaching of color sketch in art design

Cui Xu
After years of teaching practice, aiming at the existing problems in the teaching of color sketch reviews and finishing, color painting course is one of the compulsory basic course of art design specialty in universities, plays a bridge role in teaching and learning this course will directly affect students'...
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Analysis of the role of symbolic language in oil painting creation

Cui Xu, Qiulin Qu
Oil painting is a western painting type, since it was introduced into China, because China's specific "shape write god", "me like and don't like" the influence of aesthetic thought, to make it more and more Chinese, localization, in the development process, appeared a batch of the pursuit of image and...
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Construction of urban community care service in our country-- Based on survey of empty nesters in Beijing Beixinqiao Street

Huizi Sun
The April 2011 sixth census data showed that 0-14 years old accounted for 16.60% of the total population, down 6.29 percentage points than in 2000; 60 years and above accounted for 13.26% of the total population, up 2.93 percentage points than in 2000; 8.87% of the population aged 65 and above of the...
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Financing mix of residential retirement community development model and risk analysis

Xiaozhuang Yang, Yan Teng, Yongjun Chen
China has also ushered in the climax of aging. China's elderly population is big and rapid growth, how to solve the pension and housing the elderly has become a hot issue. High risk, how to design financing combined to achieve the purpose of reducing the risk is an issue faced by most of the pension...
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The Influence of Deep Approach to Learning on Undergraduate Students' Vocational Interest Type

Cheng Cheng
With the survey from 1310 undergraduates in seven "211 project" universities, this paper exams Chinese undergraduate students' vocational interest (VI) and their characteristics of deep approach to learning (DAL), and analyzes the relationship between VI type and characteristics of DAL. The research...
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Exploitation and Utilization of Folk Sports in Physical Education's teaching in colleges and universities

Ying Li, Wusi Yan
The history of folk sports in China has a long history, and it has rich national traditional characteristics. It has strong inheritance value and educational significance. It is great significance to inherit folk sports culture and to promote college sports reform in college physical education teaching....
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On the injury of finger joints in Volleyball

Fanghui Li, Ying Li
This research through the questionnaire survey method, interview method, questionnaire survey was conducted in Pingxiang Institute of public sports 600 students, to understand students cause joint damage mainly lies in that learning in volleyball, volleyball extracurricular activities: lack of preparation,...
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Research on the development and inheritance of local folk sports in the construction of New Countryside

Wen Wu, Ying Li
the broad masses of peasants to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the important content of new rural construction, the local folk sports as rooted in the Chinese culture sports, rich in content, low cost, easy to accept, it become to solve the problem of rural cultural construction is...
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Study on the cultivation of College Students' employment consciousness in Major of Physical Education

Wusi Yan, Jun Xiao
with the development of society, the employment situation of sports professional graduates is more and more severe, in addition to improving teaching quality, more important is to cultivate students' awareness of employment, from the students started to carry on the education and training of the sports...
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Study on the development strategy of rural sports in the construction of New Countryside

Shumei Yi, Ying Li
Sports has significant position and role in the new rural construction, play an important role to enrich farmers' spiritual and cultural life and realize harmonious society. Therefore, to correctly understand and play the advantages of rural sports in the new rural construction, further proposes the...
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Study on the management strategy of Chinese swimming pool based on the security perspective

Xiao Ju, Wen Wu
with the improvement of people's living standard, the swimming venue is more and more popular of people, has become an important place for daily leisure. Of course, because the swimming sports itself has a certain risk, must be rational planning of swimming venues and equipment, optimize the management,...
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Business group internal capital market excess value measure research

An Xu, Zhi-wen Gong
the article firstly combed the enterprise group's internal capital market value creation related research literature, then, summarizes the internal capital market excess value measure, on this basis, build a suitable for China's national conditions of internal capital market excess value measurement...
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The ultimate holding company, corporate governance mechanism, and information transparency of listed companies

Zhi-wen Gong, An Xu
this article from the perspective of ultimate controlling shareholder characteristics and corporate governance mechanism, the building two-period dynamic behavior financial theory model and empirical study on the method of combining with time window of shenzhen in 2009-2013 data of listed companies as...
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Jingdezhen Plate on Technology

Zhihua Xu
Jingdezhen dish of longgang ancient site architecture is a set design and practical, the nature and the humanities to show the unity of nature and landscape in the world. Ancient site construction mainly concentrated in its practical function, scientific JieGouMei, and the beauty of its unique material,...
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Ceramic education transformation and drive porcelain art design innovation and development

Xiu-mei Wu
the revival of the arts and crafts as a cultural ideological trend, cannot fundamentally change the trend of high-tech manufacturing, but as a culture we have to protect and to use, and make full use of modern science and technology will develop the traditional process of transformation, otherwise, will...
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Influence of knee osteoarthritis and aging on isokinetic muscle strength of the lower limbs in women

Yuliang Sun
Aging is a multifactorial process that results in changes in the skeletal muscle then leads to decreased levels of muscle strength. Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most predominant causes of pain, functional decline and disability in the elderly population worldwide. In China the prevalence of...
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The relationship between physical activity levels and cardiovascular disease risk factors in middle-aged women

Yuliang Sun
High levels of physical activity (PA) and cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) are each associated with a favorable cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk profile. The study included 231 urban-dwelling asymptomatic 40-49 year old women. Body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage (BF%), blood glucose, blood lipids,...
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New Pattern and Approach to Improve Quality of College English Classroom Teaching from Perspective of Micro Classroom

Xuyan Yuan
College English education is the focus of the University's basic course teaching, it has practical characteristics, currently, the classroom teaching approach has problems such as unreasonable teaching contents and monotonous teaching methods and classroom teaching interaction is not good, cause the...
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Exploring Confucius's Teaching Mode and the View of Teachers and Students

Shuyan Yi, Na Liu, Yao Xu
As the first educator in ancient China, Confucius's theory of related education has important research value. Through combing the contents of the Analects, it can be found that Confucius's teaching mode of harmonious relationship between teachers and students is of great significance to the present....
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Research on the Reference and Acceptance of Yangshen to Guopo's Shanhai Jing Note

Shuyan Yi, Hao Wang, Yao Xu
Guopu is a famous scholar in the Jin Dynasty; his Shanhai Jing Note is the earliest and the most authoritative note of Shanhai Jing, which has the effects of Yang Shen's note on the following aspects. first, Nature identification: In his learned perspective, Guo Pujian believed that what the Shanhai...
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Quantitative Analysis of Papers on Chinese Citation Analysis Research in Recent Years

Ping Zhang, Xindi Wang
In this paper, the author uses EXCEL to make classification statistic and quantitative analysis of the distributed situation of the years, periodicals, funds and subjects and author situation of 1,629 relevant papers in Chinese citation analysis research from 2005 to 2014 included in CNKI's Chinese Academic...
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On the Mobile English Teaching in College

Jin Wu
It is an era of technology and information nowadays. As a kind of new teaching method based on new technology, Mobile teaching begins to gain more and more attention. And it has been widely used in English teaching practices. In this paper, the author discusses the characteristic of English mobile teaching...
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A Study on Paratexts in Ian McEwan's Atonement

Weilong Huang
Ian McEwan, Atonement, paratext, narrative theme, narrative structure Abstract: The theory of paratext proposed by G,rard Genette integrates internal and external research and provides a valuable theoretical perspective and research paradigm for the study of novels. Ian McEwan's novel Atonement is interspersed...
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An Analysis of Sherwood Anderson's Expressionist Art in Winesburg, Ohio

Jiaying Meng, Zhifan Wang
Sherwood Anderson is a well-known writer in the history of American literature who has exerted great influence on writers of the flowing generations. As his masterpiece, Winesburg, Ohio reflects many expressionist characteristics. This thesis aims to discuss the expressionist features in the book. Firstly...
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A Literature Review on the Study of the Gender Differences in Language

Zhixin Ma
Language and gender is an important topic in sociolinguistic studies based on the relative theories and studies about language and gender. This paper is a literature review of the research discoveries both at home and abroad. The western research methods of gender difference in linguistics experience...
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Designing Practical Training System for EFL Learner Autonomy in View of Local Economic Development

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
The knowledge of a language is not only of academic value, but language in the wider sense also combines economic meanings. In designing practical training system for EFL learner autonomy, the principles of the issue of local economic development, and the synergy of language and economy should be considered...
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On Enhancing EFL Learner Autonomy in Chinese College English Classroom System

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Learner autonomy has been a major area of interest in EFL teaching in China for so many years. Evidence from this study shows there are various needs for EFL learning in Chinese college English classroom system and some insights into it have been revealed. It's suggested that strategies on enhancing...
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On the Construction of Self Identity in Invisible Man

Gaixia Wang
In Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, the construction of the narrator's identity is actually closely related to how the narrator resolve the conflict between black culture and white culture. The narrator's indulgence in white culture reduces him to the fate of invisibility while his return to black culture...
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An Analysis of the Deepening and Broadening of China 's Manufacturing Export

Yonghua Yang, Ying Chen
Based on the existing research, this paper classifies the related trade data of HS 6-digit codes into the 26 manufacturing industries selected in the paper, and selects 10 representative countries or regions with the largest export from China as China and the target countries of world export, the paper...
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The Development Status and Path Analysis of the New Agricultural Social Service Organization in China

Lei Li
At present, the development of new agricultural social service organizations in China can not only promote the comprehensive agricultural production capacity and improve the income level of farmers, but also facilitate the agricultural production and rural economic and social development. Based on this,...
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Mechanical Engineering Excellence Program Cultivation Model: Exploration and Practice

Yongbin Lai, Xiu Chen, Xin Zhang, Qinhua Chen, Yijun Zhou, Guang Wu, Xuebin Li, Long Wang
According to the excellence program requirements, the participating colleges and universities should be combined with their own objective reality, formulate policies and measures of talent training flexibly to guarantee the implementation and the expected effect of the excellence program. In this paper,...
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Reality and Prospect: How does China Judge Choose Constitutional Remedy

Kai Chen
When a judge finds that a statute violates the Constitution, the statute must be under investigated. According to the theory of Presumption of Constitutionality, the following question is how the judge will choose constitutional remedy. There are two types in relation to constitutional remedy: one is...
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Evaluation of goodwill under Supply Side Reform

Rongjin Li, Lin Li
In October 2015,General Secretary Jinping Xi proposed the term of "supply side reform" in his speech first. The most important thing of "supply side reform" is reforming the subject of supply ,so it need to reform enterprises. It aims at optimizing the allocation of resources, improving the efficiency...
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Cultivation of Innovation Consciousness of Teaching Management Personnel in Colleges and Universities

Chunfang Wang
The education principles of colleges and universities should be based on the education and take the teaching work as the center. The innovation consciousness of the teaching management personnel in colleges and universities is the necessary consciousness to train the qualified talents for the future...
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Research on Undergraduate Innovative Talents Cultivation in Higher Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Chunfang Wang
China's innovative talent training of agricultural colleges and universities started late, which has not yet formed a perfect training model, and teaching practice faces many difficulties. This paper, combined with foreign experience on cultivation of innovative talents, explores the evolution process...
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Study on College Students Extracurricular Physical Exercise and Mental Health

Xianfu Wang
College students faced the increasing pressure on learning, employment, economic, and emotional aspects, and inevitably had various psychological problems and abnormal behavior. How to alleviate psychological pressure and adjust mental status had become a problem to be solved in real life. Through experimental...
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The Conflicts Between Law School Education and Judicial Profession in China: Predicament and Outlet

Kai Chen
By exploring the the diversity information between data from China's National Bureau of Statistics, this Article finds that the scale and quantity of law school education in China are increasing at all times. This education focus on quantity, which makes someone shocking and raises our serious concerns....
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Research on the Intrinsic Value Orientation of Higher Education Under the Background of Market Economy

Kui Yan
Under the background of market economy, the marketization trend of colleges and universities guides the focus and concern of the society. Therefore, it is an important and difficult task to establish the intrinsic value of colleges and universities to play an important role in the cultivation of students...
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Research on Application of SWOT Analysis Model in Chinese Professional League

Yanjing Pan, Changhong Xu, Honghong Yang
In this paper, through the SWOT method of Chinese professional league operation analysis model. To Super League operating mode of this example for research. The paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of SWOT, analyzes the key contents and important conditions of SWOT analysis model, After summarizing...