Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Economics, Management Engineering and Education Technology (ICEMEET 2016)

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Practice Research on "Rotation Classroom" Teaching Mode of Aerobics Course in "Internet Plus" Era

Ying Zhang, Jiahui Wang
This study in Bohai university aerobics course as an example, detailed introduction Internet plus age rotation classroom the connotation, emphasis on the development of aerobics lesson for MOOC online learning platform to implement the significance of "rotation classroom". At the same time, from the...
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Design on Urban Water Supply Pipe Network Accident Reasoning System based on FCR

Yongchang Ren, Jiao Zhang, Ying Zhao, Chunqiang Li
In order to do a good job in water supply network accident emergency need to build a perfect emergency decision system, improve the disposal of the response capacity of pipe network accident, when the pipeline accidents timely and effectively organize manpower and material resources. According to the...
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Application on Task-based Language Teaching in Japanese Conversation Teaching

Jinling Qi
Aiming at the problems that teaching material applicability is not strong, the lack of Japanese context, single teaching methods, students passively accept, knowledge as the center and the lack of evaluation mechanism and others exist in the Japanese conversation teaching, this paper makes research based...
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Application of Cloud Computing in IDC System

Xiaoyun Fan
The rapid development of information technology to cloud computing era with the information of the total amount of rapid growth, cloud storage arises at the historic moment, it as a new storage model has gradually be known. In essence, the operation mode of IDC system is a comprehensive management system...
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Bidirectional Cultural Infiltration in College English Writing Teaching

Wenlan Zhao
It is an effective way to improve English writing teaching that making bidirectional cultural infiltration in English writing teaching to cultivate the students' bidirectional culture awareness and cross-cultural communication ability, which lets the contents that students write more in line with English...
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Mathematics Teaching Design for "Rotation Classroom" Mode

Ying Dai
Turn the classroom as a kind of new teaching mode, brought new development opportunities for education reform. Traditional methods of teaching students lack of thinking and practice opportunities can't make full play to initiative. In this paper, based on the relative theory and method of turning classroom...
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Marketing Personnel Training Reform on "Theory + Case + Simulation + Practice" Four-in-One Teaching Mode

Shijie Zhang
With the intensifying of market competition, the enterprise demand for marketing personnel is more and more strong, be badly in need of knowledge of enterprise management and marketing technology applied talents. Traditional personnel training mode there are a lot of disadvantages, this paper put forward...
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The "Open Door" Policy of the United States and the Political Structure of the Northeast Asia

Xin Wen, Chao Lu
The American "open door" policy is in the case of a crisis to dismember China, the crisis by Russia provoke, so "open door" directed against the invasion of China, Russia and curb the invasion of Russia, China to avoid the fate of the mapped. Then, the Japanese aggression began to swell, control of Manchuria...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Rotation Classroom on "C Language Program Design" based on Interesting and Practice

Jingxian Wang, Shijie Zhang, Chunqiang Li
"C language program design" is a public foundation course in non-computer professional of science technology, through the study of this course, makes the students master the general methods of structured programming. Aiming at the existing problem of C language course teaching, this paper aims to explore...
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Design of High Order Equation of One Element System with Parallel Computation

Zhanlin Yu, Liying Wang, Chunqiang Li
Parallel computing has obvious advantages in improving the computing speed, and it is widely used in large scale computing. In order to solve the problem that the speed of the traditional algorithm is affected by the initial value, this article designs a parallel computing system for solving the equation...
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Teaching Interaction Design on Micro Video Teaching Resources

Peng Zhang, Xiuli Gou
Interaction is an important principle of instructional design, Interaction design is the basis of the application of micro video resources, scientific and rational teaching interaction design can allow students to actively invest in learning, optimize the learning experience, better complete the meaning...
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Cultural Introduction in English Teaching

Shuang Lu
Culture is a complicated synthesis, in view of English teaching is concerned, involved in the history of the English-speaking countries, geography, local conditions and customs, traditions, way of life, literature and art, behavior norms and values, etc., each aspect has very rich contents. Language...
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Enlightenment of Cognitive Approach to Japanese Teaching

Liming Wang
The extensive communication between China and Japan has promoted the development of Japanese language teaching. Many achievements have been made, and many problems have arisen, such as the backward teaching mode. Cognitive according to the cognitive law of students teaching, adapt to the cognitive process...
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Personality Development Theory and Its Enlightenments to the Children's Education

Dan Li
Children are the future of our motherland, is the hope of the Chinese nation. Children's education is the important foundation of the education career, plays an important task for the future. Personality development theory as the theoretical basis is provided for children's education and guidance method,...
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Data Logical Structure Design on Teaching Material Management System based on Oracle

Zhe Li, Hui Ma
Teaching material is the knowledge carrier of teaching content and teaching method, and it is the basic tool to carry out teaching work and the important guarantee to improve teaching quality. The construction of scientific and practical teaching materials management system, improve the educational management...
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Requirement Analysis on Cement Enterprise Comprehensive Information System

Fengxia Cong, Guijiao Wang, Chunqiang Li
Cement is one of the basic raw materials of the national economy, and it has become a very important and difficult to replace building materials in the construction field. The computer software system in most of the cement companies exist function of the management system relatively simple, data sharing...
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A Tortuous Path of Awakening, an Arduous Quest for Liberation

Weiwei Qu
In her The Awakening, the American feminist writer Kate Chopin characterizes such a woman heroine-Edna, who is not satisfied with the role of being a good mother and nice wife. She gradually feels her life's vitality, experiences the power of her sexuality, and craves for the enjoyment of freedom. However,...
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Research on Protection and Construction of Ethnic Language Resources in Northeast China

Zhantao He, Hongyu Li
To strengthen protection and inheritance of national language, language can effectively mining the cultural characteristics, analysis of national historical origin, rich ethnic culture, to maintain national unity, promote the development of national economy. This paper analyzes the national language...
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Problems and Countermeasures on Children's English Education

Ying Li
Through extensive research and empirical analysis, summed up the problems existing in the children's English education: education theory is not clear, training target fuzzy, adult children's English teaching, the lack of complete professional English teachers, parents rush mentality, the lack of a real...
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Establishing a Training Mode for English-Innovative Talents in the Context of Diversified Education

Lingchao Wang, Han Yan
Talent-training should be based on the needs of society. Training innovation-oriented talents is both the urgent need of constructing an innovative country in the new era, and the need of higher-education institutions to reform and develop themselves. Since the training mode is one of the key factors...
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A Survey on Portfolio Assessment in Junior School English Reading Class

Yun Jiang
Portfolio assessment plays an important role in junior English reading teaching, particularly, in evaluating students' non-cognitive factors in language learning. With the help of portfolio assessment, teachers can achieve English instructional goals and students can gain their overall development. This...
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The Risk of PPP Project and Demand for Lawyers from the Perspective of China

Lei Wei, Zhaohui Chen
PPP project is an innovative way of cooperation, which not only bring out internal economic development but also improve people's livelihood in the same time. Even though it seems to be a noble concept, it is inevitable to encounter some obstacles and difficulties. This essay generally split into several...
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Resources Construction on English Mobile Learning in Big data Era

Xiuli Qu
Big data is the informationization and Internet information revolution after another peak, education big data is the data in the service of education and guide the benign development of the education system of technology and application, large data combined with mobile learning to open new avenues of...
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Study on Legislation of Green Packaging in China

Zhaohui Chen, Lei Wei, Lina Ye
Green packaging legislation takes a great place in the protection of environment, it has attracted wide attention in the international community, and has become one of the green barriers of developed countries. Notably, WTO has showed great concern on it and meanwhile lots of developed countries have...
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Research on the Development of New Rural Sports in the Process of Well-off Society in China

Hao Deng
This paper taking the "new rural sports" under the context of building a well-off society in a full-around way as the research subject makes discussions on the functions, opportunities and existing problems etc of new rural sports by using the methods of documentation and logical analysis in order to...
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Sporting Goods----Research in Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures for AFTA

Jie Fu
By means of research methods, including documents, online inquiry and logical reasoning, the thesis analyzes the current situations of Chinese sporting goods IPO enterprises and the opportunities and challenges they encounter when marching into ASEAN Trade Area. Then it can be concluded that Chinese...
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The Strategic Thinking about Export Popularization of Chinese Martial Arts under the Field of View of Global Value Chain

YaJun Qiao
The scientific research of Chinese martial arts is the research of continuation and development in the final analysis. The article proposes the strategic thinking about export popularization of Chinese martial arts under the theory of the view of Global Value Chain; with the usage of research approaches...
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Evolution and Prospect of Chinese Martial Arts during the Rising Course of China

YaJun Qiao
With a strategic view of historical materialism and specialized way of thinking, the essay makes a dialectical demonstration of the origin and evolution of sports, traditional and school martial arts, martial arts school, social and movie martial arts and its ranking system and so on. The study shows...
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Study on the Reformation and Development of Rural Mass Sport in Our Country

Minwei Deng, YaJun Qiao
The speed up of industrialization, urbanization and marketization in rural economy changes the production method, life style, communication pattern, and mental attitude in rural areas. This kind of changing influences the rural mass sport development deeply. When we speed up the urbanization process,...
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Analysis on the discrimination of synonyms

Qing Luo
The research of synonyms in modern Chinese language has always been a seemingly simple problem, but actually quite difficult problem. This paper will combine with examples, to analyze the differences between synonyms, in order to better guide people to correctly understand and use the motherland language,...
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Teaching Method Innovation of Economic Management Course in the Internet Age

Qin Yang
With the development of Internet technology, the teaching of economic management course also has been greatly affected. Important changes have been made in teaching methods, teaching concepts and teaching modes, which have a certain effect on the teaching quality of economic management course, but also...
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Disputes and Reflections on Implementing Creative Entrepreneurial Education in Colleges and Universities

Haochuan Lu
In nowadays, creative entrepreneurial education becomes the main trend for the education reform in higher vocational colleges and development in the future. Higher vocational colleges need to update educational ideas, change teaching method, advance with the time and implement creative entrepreneurship...