Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management Science and Economics

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On the Application of Seminar in International Students' Teaching Practice-An Example from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Shurong Zhao, Weiye Xu
At present, China has become the third largest study abroad destination around the world, the number of international students in China has increased year by year. Chinese traditional large-scale class teaching model and cramming teaching method have been unable to achieve the goal of cultivating internationalized...
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The Modeling and Implementation of the Asset Management System of the Automobile Maintenance Shop Based on RFID

Qi Yan
The system can realize the information management, and help enterprises statistically analyze the information through the modern information technology, to guide the work of enterprises. The use of UML can do object-oriented analysis and modeling, creating a static mode for the systeml. RFID technology...
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Security Evaluation of Land Ecology in Dong Sheng District during 2005-2014

Ruiyan Wu, Ming Zhao, Ruiping Zhou
On the basis of Press-State-Response framework model to build land ecological security assessment index system, this paper takes Dong Sheng district as the case, applied the difference value method, by the use of entropy weight to determine the weight, the land ecological security index were calculated,...
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Research on the Training Mode of Innovation Talents for Key National Science & Technology Specific Projects under the Matching of Supply and Demand

Yingjin Lu, Jing Wang, Yuqin Deng
The innovation talent training model for Key National Science & Technology Specific Projects is studied from the point of view of supply and demand matching in this paper. Based on the analysis of the basic quality characteristics of the national key scientific and technical special talents, it puts...
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The Research and Design of the Curriculum Sharing Platform in the Local Application-Oriented Universities

Peiping Zhu
This paper expounds the connotation of the professional group curriculum sharing platform and the necessity of building the platform. The platform provides an effective way to achieve resource sharing, and provides a good condition for students to learn and develop. The paper puts forward the model of...
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Empirical Research on the Barrier of Rural Migrant Worker Entrepreneurship Digital Training

Bin Li, Su Huo
The purpose of the empirical research is to take advantage of network ethnography method to acquire the statistics of the entrepreneurship training need of rural migrant workers, which are based on online communication record from their We Chat and QQ records. In addition, with a panel interview about...
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Analysis of Social Media Influence on New Generation Rural Migrant Workers' Continuing Vocational Learning

Bin Li, Su Huo
The purpose of this study is to take sample survey of rural migrant workers in Northeast China, and analyze the influence factors of continuing vocational learning through self-designed questionnaire scales. Because social media has become the most important media in new generation migrant workers' daily...
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Quality Decline Analysis and Countermeasures of Undergraduate Thesis

Diqing Wan, Zhumin Zhi
Graduation thesis plays an irreplaceable role in the cultivation of undergraduates. It can cultivate college students' practical ability, innovation ability and entrepreneurial spirit, which is an important link in improving undergraduate teaching level. Based on the modern educational thought, the theory...
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Study on the Design of Incentive Mechanism for Tourism Professional Executive

Yuanhao Wang, Shaoying Li
Currently, in the increasingly fierce market competition environment, the shortage of excellent professional executive seriously restricted the development of tourism. Therefore, how to establish a scientific and reasonable professional executive incentive and restraint mechanisms, and how to maximize...
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Reform and Research of the Teaching of Power System Analysis

Zheng Huang
The curriculum of power system analysis is an important basic course of electrical engineering, which has action of connecting link between the preceding and the following. In order to adapt to the rapid development of power industry, deepening the reform of education teaching, the paper presents teaching...
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Research on 5S Site Management of Electric Power Infrastructure Projects Based on Game Theory

Jianna Zhao, Xuan Du
Activities of electric infrastructure projects are regarded as a system included production, plan, logistics and information flow. And the reasonable running of the system is very important to complete an engineering project. In all activities, site management is the most basic process, and there hide...
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Exploring and Practice of Cooperative Learning in Teaching Microbiology

Ruimin Fu
In order to promote mutual assistance and complete learning tasks of students in a heterogeneous group, the cooperative learning was used in this study. In this paper, the teaching model of cooperative learning was explored and practiced by combining it with teaching microbiology. As was shown in the...
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The Teaching Reform of Engineering Survey for Culturing Excellent Engineers

Zhengru Gan, Xiaosheng Liu
The teaching reform goes through the whole teaching process and it is involved all aspects of teaching and learning. This paper has taken a beneficial exploration to the teaching of engineering survey. The back of the course reform is Jiangxi University of Science and Technology. The reform included...
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Research on Social Factors and Customers' Selection behavior of Small and Medium-sized E-commerce Enterprises in the Online Shopping Environment

Guan-yitong Zhou
The small and medium-sized e-commerce have been presented with an increasingly complex and competitive market environment, so new marketing theories are in urgent need to guide their production and management. It has great theoretical and practical significance, to rationally use all kinds of social...
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Research on Target Enterprise Value Evaluation Based on EVA Model- SEB M & a SUPOR

Shuliang Liu, Jing Wu
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of the capital market, corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring and other activities have become active. In the face of China's current active M & a market, how to reasonably and accurately target...
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On Construction of Service-oriented Organs in Universities from the Perspective of Reform on Official Seal System

Kai Zhang, Yuxi Yuan
As the gateway to the outside and the model for other sectors inside, the university administrative organ is both an administration of various issues and a provider of many services. As a result, the quality of its services directly exerts influence on the external image as well as work and study of...
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Research on Performance Auditing Standards System Construction of Energy-saving Emission and Reduction Projects

Jinyu Tian, Sijia He
This paper takes system construction as a starting point and performance auditing of energy saving and emission reduction as the key point. By gathering relevant evaluation criteria and parameters of energy saving and emission reduction, redundant and duplicate parts are removed to construct a performance...
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The Financial Risks of Internet Merger and Acquisition under the Internet Ecology Circle and the Countermeasures

Jinyu Tian, Shiyao Wang
With the development of the Internet industry, more and more Internet companies realize that they cannot develop stably in the future market only by their own development. Only by cooperating with other enterprises can they have real strength in the long-term development. Especially in the development...
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Analysis on the Policy and Technology Application of Japan to Promote the Development of Intelligent Society

Xiaodi Wang, Jie Meng, Yuan Zhang
With rapid development of the Internet, big data, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and other intelligent technologies, the outline of the intelligent society has been more and more clearly presented in front of us. Firstly, this study reviewed current policy...
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On the Correlation between Enterprises' Value and Their Technological Property Right-Empirical evidences from China's high-tech industries

Yan Liu, Wenji Li, Qihui Su, Meiduo Chen
The paper aims to research technological property right's contribution to enterprise's value. Choosing three maturity high-tech industries in China, the paper selects two indexes as substitute variables of technological property right of enterprise: the value of technical intangible assets and the number...
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The Assessment and Influence Factors Analysis of Development Level of Node Cities on the Maritime Silk Route

Li Li, Yanlin Li, Kai Liu, Peng Wang
On the basis of the requirements of assessing cities' development level, a new assessment system is set up, and an empirical study is conducted on the development level of 16 node cities by means of quantitative analysis and so on. The result indicates that there is a positive correlation between cities'...
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Cultural Attribute in the Modern Transformation of Ideological and Political Education

Yi Zhang
The lower efficiency and effectiveness of ideological and political education are an extremely important problem of higher education. The current ideological and political education faces up with profound cultural dilemma. Cultural dominance of ideological and political education under diversified cultural...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Reading Education in China's Colleges and Universities

Li Han, Jun Liu
Based on the survey and analysis for reading behavior of Chinese students, this paper summarizes the current reading status for Chinese university students, proposes the corresponding countermeasures for existing problems, integrates reading education into university education system, establishes reading...
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Study on the Construction of E-Commerce Brand Integration of Agricultural Products under the Environment of "Internet+"

Xuewei Li, Chunying Cui
Agricultural e-commerce has been a short board of the Internet applications, consumers for agricultural products low brand awareness directly affect the brand could bring premium and value, how to scientifically and reasonably upgrade, will be agricultural industry chain each link of enterprise need...
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Research on the Hotspots of Ecological Sports

Xiangle Meng
By the means of literature review method, this study combed the hotspots and its shortcomings of the ecological sports research in our country for more than 20 years of the research. The results show that the ecological development of sports culture, the development and utilization of sports ecological...
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Research on the Development Trend of Higher Education Reform in China

Yu Bai
By using the method of literature, comparative analysis, etc., the paper mainly discussed the trends of Chinese higher education reform. The results show that the reform of higher education in China conforms to the need of social change, is the concrete embodiment of the social development and changes,...