Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering (ICESAME 2018)

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Research Status of "Internet + Education" at Home and Abroad

Xiaobo Liu, Dekun Zhou
The current society has entered the era of "Internet +", and "Internet + Education" has become a development strategy for the education front. In this paper, the current research status of "Internet + Education" both in foreign countries and in China were introduced, including the categories and characteristics...
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A Study of Classifying Style of Teachers & State of Students' Learning based on K12 Online Education

Tuanji Gong, Xuefeng Zheng
In recent years, online education has been advancing significantly. However there is a major challenge how to evaluate style of teachers and state of student learning. In this paper, we propose a novel method that combines speaker diarization, speaker recognition, feature selection to classify style...
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Research on Multi-Model of Computer Organization for System Capability

Li Huang, Wei Hu, Kai Zhang, Jianhua LU
This paper studies the lack of systematic, teaching content and the obsolete teaching mode of the principle of computer composition in most colleges and universities in China. Proposed system-oriented teaching methods and modes. This paper expounds the teaching goal of cultivating system competence based...
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Evaluations of Immersion Teaching Strategies in TEFL

Zheng Wang
Immersion teaching strategies has gained increasing popularity in foreign language education in China. There is evidence that teachers and students find that immersion teaching strategies provides opportunities for comprehensible output and integrated language teaching. This article discusses the implementation...
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Exploration and Research on the Training Mode of Mechanical Talents in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Lijun Zhong
Application-oriented colleges and universities refer to schools that meet the needs of social applications. This paper mainly aims at the demand of the society for mechanical talents, the goal and result of mechanical talents training in applied undergraduate colleges, and analyzes and explores the main...
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Exploration of Organic Chemistry Experimental Course Assessment

Chunhui Xia, Hongguang Zhang, Feng Xu, Ge Sun, Shuang Fu
In view of the problems existing in the chemical experiments in universities and colleges in China, this paper has made reforms in the assessment of experimental courses, and summed up a theoretical and operational assessment method, established a set of just, fair and transparent scoring criteria. The...
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To Solve the Game Study of Financing Difficulty in the Development of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Xiaohong Dong  
Through the game analysis of the behavior between rural financial institutions and local governments, the mixed strategy Nash equilibrium formed by rural financial institutions and government was obtained. In the development of rural revitalization strategy, the rural credit evaluation system should...
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The Dialectical Relationship between Marx's Sinicization and Traditional Chinese Culture

Guoping Liu, Xianzhi Yang
After the Marx doctrine into Chinese, the collision of traditional culture and its first Chinese deep foundation, and then it Chinese combination of conditions, mutual promotion and common development, it is the Chinese people on the process of Marx's acceptance and transformation and the Marx doctrine...
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Study on Training Mode of Promoting Undergraduates' Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ability with Subject Competition

Longbin Liu, Fan Hu, Zhenyu Jiang, Haiyang Xu
Subject competition is an important way to cultivate college students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability, which has a very positive effect on improving college students' innovative ability and comprehensive quality. However, with the increasing of subject competition subjects and the scale expansion,...
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Discussion on Teaching Mode of “Micro” Course for Military Undergraduates' Graduation Internship Facing Actual Combat

Longbin Liu, Fan Hu, Zhenyu Jiang, Mingshu Gong
For the importance of graduating internships for military undergraduates in cultivating high-quality personnel and the urgent need for practical training in military personnel training, based on the practical problems existing in the incessant new types of weapons equipment and undergraduate internships...
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Forest Biomass Estimation Based on Remote Sensing Method

Fuxiang Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang
Using the Landsat 5 TM images in 2002 as source data, the paper constructed individual tree biomass models of seven principal species based on the data from field surveying and fixed Plots in Tahe and Amur forest Region in Daxiangan Mountains. The remote sensing biomass model between TM images and data...
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Research on Training Model of Sports Majors for Application-oriented Universities

Taibin Huang
Based on the employment dilemma of sports graduates, according to the overall requirements of the state for the transformation and development of colleges and universities, and taking the social demand for sports talents as the target orientation, this paper probes into the training mode of sports professionals...
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Research on Several Problems in the Implementation of College Physical Education Curriculum

Limin Peng
As an integral part of school sports in China, college sports is one of the important ways to realize the overall goal of school sports in China. However, in practice, although various forms of trials and studies have been conducted in this field in recent years, the effectiveness is not obvious. This...
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The discussion on the progressive education of children and adolescents

Yao Li
The methods of education for children and adolescents have been discussed in this paper, which ought to be the essential knowledge for parents and teachers to carry out children’s education of setbacks, gradual influence, inspiration and the sense of shame. It is believed that children’s education should...
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Research on the Teaching of Comparative Literature

Ying Hou
College students generally welcome the comparative literature course, because it gives them an eye-opening experience and widens their scope of knowledge. After studying Chinese literature and foreign literature, they naturally wanted to learn from a new perspective and a new level of scrutiny. Learning...
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The Application of Thematic Teaching Method on the Course “Outline of Modern Chinese History”

Zhisong Li
“Outline of Modern Chinese History” course has a lot of teaching contents in a relatively limited teaching loads. The thematic teaching method can effectively solve this issue. In order to successfully apply the thematic teaching methods, professors should perfect their teaching contents as well as their...
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Discussion on Life Connotations of Domestic and Overseas Music Education

Boqiang Luan
As the form of artistic aesthetic education, the core of music education aims to cultivate students’ aesthetic perception and experience, to observe life state of the mankind and to become the life demands of the real look. This is also the life connotation of music education. By sorting out the historical...
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Improve the Effectiveness of Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Theories Course Based on Science and Technology Competition for College Students

Yongzhen Shen
This paper focuses on the science and technology competition for college students, regards the practical teaching as the fusion point of theory and practice, knowledge and ability, creates an open platform for practical teaching, widens the cooperation range of colleges and enterprises, actively advances...
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Study on the Application and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode in Introduction to Maoism and Chinese-featured Socialism Ideology Applied Technology of Database based on Activity-oriented Approach

Ai Jian
Connotation and characteristics of blended teaching mode based on activity-oriented approach have been analyzed in this paper. With the example of “Introduction to Maoism and Chinese-featured Socialism Ideology Applied Technology of Database”, this paper also discusses how to realize the cooperation...
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New Exploration of Deep Integration of Information Technology and Education Teaching??"Based on the Practice of MOOC Teaching Mode

Wenying Lu
The integration of Internet information technology into education teaching is the solution of the insufficient and unbalanced development in education teaching of higher education in China. Therefore, we try to obtain learning data of students and analyze in interview, questionnaire and platform based...
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The Development of Metaphoric Competence of English Majors in China Based on the Multiliteracies Pedagogy

Yanqin Cao, Zhaohong Yao
It is of vital significance to develop English majors’ metaphoric competence in China for their conceptual fluency. Through authentic classroom pedagogical design and analysis in terms of situated practice, overt instruction , critical framing and transformed practice in multiliteracies pedagogy, this...
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Research on Mixed Mode Teaching of C Language Programming

Zenghui Zhao
C language programming is an indispensable basic professional core curriculum in engineering education. It can cultivate students' programming ability in thinking, designing, writing and debugging. This paper takes the C language programming as an example, analyzes it from the teaching methods such as...
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A Study on the Reform of College English Teaching in China's Private Colleges and Universities.

Yinping Tong
As an important part of higher education in China, private colleges and universities undertake heavy responsibilities. College English is a compulsory course for non-English undergraduates, involving the largest number of students and most majors in each college or university. However, it is undeniable...
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The Similarities and Differences between the Spring Festival in China and Christmas in America

Lina Zhao
Festivals granted with special meanings of the social culture not only are the embodiment of people’s colourful life, but also the generalization and the extension of each country’s economy, polities, culture as well as religion. Traditional festivals are the complicated phenomenon of social culture,...
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Study on Environmental Protection Design of Traditional Dwellings in Northeast Shandong Province??"Taking Binzhou Residential Environment Design as an Example

Xuan Zhang, Qianqian Sheng
Building a new socialist countryside is an important historic task in China’s modernization process, Shandong is located in the developed area of China's coastal areas and has a unique residential environment. This study was analysed the importance of environmental construction in the northeast of Shandong...
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On Teaching Mode of Essentials of Chinese Modern History in Internet Informationization--Based on Moso Teach in Xi’an Peihua University

Zhimei Yang
Under the background of Internet informationization, the course, Essentials of Chinese Modern History in Xi’an Peihua University actively implements the space teaching based on Moso Teach, has obtained a series of effects in theory teaching, changing teaching mode, improving teaching effects and breaking...
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The Empirical Study on Cross-cultural Education of College English Teaching under the View of “One Belt and One Road”

Xiaoni Li
with the implementation of the “One Belt And One Road” national strategy, the special function of language becomes more and more prominent as the most important communicative tool and information carrier of mankind. Common language is the bridge of communication of hearts and minds in the era of globalization...
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Integrate Medical Humanities in Medical Education: Take the Example of Histology and Embryology Teaching

Min Shi, Min Wang, Sha Zhao, Simin Ma
Medical science is the science that studies life. The essence of medical science is the combination of medicine and humanities. The medical humanistic education focuses on the people-oriented education concept, emphasizing the integration of medical science and humanities, and guiding the medical behavior...
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A Study on the Mode of Peer Revision in English Writing Based on WeChat Platform

Rongqin Ma
Peer revision plays an important role in College English writing teaching. It is the combination of educational function of WeChat platform and the peer revision mode in English writing that forms a new teaching mode in college English writing teaching, to some extent, improve the students’ English writing...
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A Study on the Restrictive Factors in Cultivating Cross-Culture Communication Ability - A Reflection Based on College English Teaching Guide

Yan Xie
The insufficient phenomenon among Chinese cultural knowledge, the education of information as well as the training in English expression are majors factors that hinder the formation and development of intercultural communicative competence, the College English Teaching Guide "learning and understanding...
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On Film and Television Education for Film and Television Industry

Jing Sun
The rapid development of film and television industry puts forward an urgent demand to the film and television education. However, based on employment of students and feedback of employers, there are still many problems in the talent cultivation. According to the problem, we should think and discuss...
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The Principle Contradictions in the New Era and the Mission and Responsibility of the Contemporary Youth

Qinxia Zhang, Rong Zheng
With the entry of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era, the main contradiction of our society has been transformed into the contradiction between the growing demand for better life of the people and the unbalanced and insufficient development. The most fundamental way to solve the...
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Prospect and Thinking on Film and Television Creation in the New Media

Xin Gao
The emergence of new media is based on information technology with rapid development. With the continuous development and progress of information technology and information products and the popularity of Internet technology, so-called new media emerge, different from traditional media. In the new media...
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Study on Pathways of Improving the Affinity of Ideological and Political Education

Hongzhi Liu
The principal method of improving the ideological and political education is to enhance the affinity, which is also the direction of the construction of ideological and political course. Such factors as the nature of ideological and political education, process and method of education, educator, educate,...
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On Path and Measures of Ideal and Belief Education for College Students

Rui Wang
Contemporary college students are the new force and reserve force of socialist modernization construction of our country, shoulder great historical mission of the socialist cause of our country, and are the future and hope of China. Their ideal and belief are related to the building of a moderately prosperous...
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On the Current Situation and Prospect of New Media Art Curriculum in China’s Colleges and Universities

Xinquan Wang
With the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, the times have put forward new requirements for education in China. It is necessary for education organizers in Chinese colleges and universities to think about how to adapt to the development of the information and digital era,...
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On the Improvement in the Quality of Teaching Affair Administration in Colleges and Universities

Ying Zhao
In the development of higher education, the system of teaching affair administration is one of basic guarantee factors, and the planning, objective and scientificity of teaching affair management shall be emphasized. This paper conducts detailed research on characteristics of teaching affair administration...
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Research on the reform of Web front-end courses based on Internet + Mode

Yingan Shao, Guichun Li, Gang Liu
This paper analyzes and researches deeply the main problems existing in the teaching process of Web front-end courses based on the Internet mode.It also puts forward the theory knowledge system of Web 3.0 front-end course and the core idea of creating progressive online project case, thus changing the...
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Safety and Management of Building Survey Training Room in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zonggui Huang
Based on the advancement of the reform of higher education and the development of the new normal economy, cultivating high-quality talents with social and practical applications has become the main task of higher vocational education reform. The key to training students’ practical ability lies in constructing...
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Employment Status and Countermeasures of Normal Universities’ Students Majoring in Mathematics

JI Cheng
With the popularization of higher education and the continuous deepening of higher education reform, the employment situation of normal universities’ students majoring in mathematics has become extremely severe. This paper objectively analyzes the current status of employment, such as the gradual adjustment...
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Research on Influence Factors of the Elderly’s Intention to Use Mobile APPs

Kaixuan Wang
This paper researches into the elderly’s intention to use mobile APPs and adds the theory of perceived playfulness and theory of perceived risk to UTAUT to create a theoretical model. Through questionnaire survey and using SPSS and AMOS for statistical analysis and structural equation model analysis,...
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Computer-aided contrast in Chinese L1 learners of English existential structures using Wordsmith Tools

Wenxiao Zhao, Mingmei Du
The present study has employed WordSmith Tools v3.9 as the retrieval program for the analysis and comparison of the complexity in English existential structures. CLEC and Brown are the corpus involved in the study with more than million words respectively, representing Chinese and native speakers' use...
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Growth Mindset Contributes to Breaking Through the Dilemma of Bilingual Teaching

Xiaoli Meng, Junjie Guo
The inadequacies in ability and quantity of bilingual teachers and bilingual students’ lack of foreign language proficiency have been a development bottleneck of bilingual teaching. Researchers put forward some solutions from the point of view of university management. However, these solutions neglect...
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Bifurcation analysis of a modified cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response model with two delays

Qingshui Liao
In this paper, a modified cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response model with two delays is considered. By regarding the delays as the bifurcation parameter, the local asymptotic stability of the positive equilibrium is studied. We found that the system undergoes a Hopf bifurcation of a nonconstant periodic solution...
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Research on the Training Mode of Application-oriented Undergraduate Talents??"??"Take the Nanchang Institute of Science and Technology as an Example

Jiajia Fu
This paper expounds the problems existing in the training mode of traditional application-oriented undergraduate talents, and puts forward relevant training measures and methods according to the actual situation. This paper expounds the importance of training application-oriented talents from two aspects...
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The Construction and Application of Micro Learning Environment Under the Background of New Media

Yan Zhou
This paper takes a new model of learning realization --- micro learning as the research background under the background of new media, and thoroughly studies the construction and application of micro learning environment under the background of new media. First, the concepts and related technologies of...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of China's Regional Economic Development in the New Era

Jincao Qin
The new era requires new development concepts,and the implementation of coordinated regional development strategy is one of them. In recent years, the west development, the rejuvenation of the old industrial base in northeast China, the promotion of the rise of the central region, and the development...
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Construction on Vocational Competency Model for Tourism Talents in Intelligent Tourism Era

Ji Luo
The era of intelligent tourism has aroused changes in tourism consumption patterns, changes in tourism service methods, changes in tourism management methods, and changes in tourism marketing methods. The training of professional talents for tourism professionals in the era of intelligent tourism is...
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Westward Ecological Feminist Literary Criticism and Its Enlightenment

Haiou Pan
Western ecological feminist literary criticism is a product of the organic combination of feminist criticism and ecology criticism. It uses a unique dual perspective of nature and women to explore the interrelationships between literature and gender, class, race, and nature. Based on the theory of westward...
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Countermeasures Research on "Double-qualified Teachers" Team Construction for Higher Vocational Colleges

Qinghua Yu, Lin Tian
The construction of "Double-qualified teachers" is an important part of the reform of higher vocational education. The construction of "Double-qualified teachers" lags behind the development of higher vocational education and becomes a "bottleneck" that restricts the quality of vocational education....
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Chinese Teaching and Humanistic Quality Training in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shuhong Sun
The general lack of humanistic education in higher vocational colleges has caused widespread concern from all walks of life, and it has become an urgent task for higher vocational colleges to strengthen students’ humanistic quality. Humanism is the fundamental attribute of college Chinese, and humanistic...
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The Successful Mode of Tennis Development Strategy Reflects the Development of Sports in China.

Peng Wang
This paper makes a preliminary study on the development of sports in China through the successful mode of tennis development strategy, and analyzes the successful mode of tennis development strategy combined with the existing materials, as well as the development context and influence of sports development...
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Research on the Internet-based Teaching Mode of Business English Translation

Liaoliao Zhang
Driven by the Internet era, the reform and innovation of foreign language education is bound to combine with network information technology. Accordingly, the cultivation of foreign language talents, especially talents in business English translation, is promoted by network information technology. Thus,...
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Study on the Industrialization of Ecological Agriculture in China and the Construction of Its Development Model

Yingyuan Liu, Zhongchao Feng
Industrialization of ecological agriculture is an inevitable choice for the development of modern agriculture. It is a realistic requirement for the sustainable development of agriculture in China and also one of the hot topics in the academic community. Based on a deep analysis of the connotation and...
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The knowledge Theory Basis and Value Orientation of Education in Sports

Qiyang Zou
Sports education is the narrow sense of sports, commonly known as "small sports". It is an integral part of education and is a purposeful, planned and organized process of education through physical activity and other auxiliary means. Physical education is to promote students' physical and mental health...
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Study on Professional Development Path of ESP Teachers in the Transformation of College English Teaching

Zhanyi He
On the basis of analysis of literatures, this paper points out that the focus and mainstream of college English teaching is now in the transformation from traditional English for General Purpose to English for Specific Purpose, analyzes the new requirements of professional development of ESP teachers...
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Bottlenecks of the Chinese Power Reform Innovation

Yang Liu
Reforms inside the Chinese power grid sector are now the highlights in the Chinese law research. The main objective of the reform is to create a market, in which competition among different power generation companies will be available. The System Reform Plan in Electricity Industry is a milestone in...
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What Role Does the Authoritarian Leadership and Benevolent Leadership Play in the Relationship Between Voice Behavior and Innovative Behavior?

Ping Wang, Shaoqi Wang
When individuals can actively and proposing suggestions, they will also show a stronger desire for innovation. The generation of voice behavior can promote the creation of individual innovative behavior. In the background of Chinese culture, this process will be influenced by authoritarian leadership...
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What Role Does Organizational Justice Play in the Relationship between Trust and Knowledge Sharing?

Yunkuai Zhang, Ping Wang
The trust of members and members in the organization has a positive effect on the knowledge sharing within the organization. Employees’ knowledge sharing behaviours are also prone to occur when employees believe in supervisory leadership and decision-making, trust their colleagues’ ability to work, and...
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Research on the New Mode of "Internet+ Combination of Medical Treatment and Endowment" Aged Care Service Industry

Hong Bai, Libing Liu
With the increasing of the aging degree of our country, pension problem has gradually become the focus of national attention. The “Internet + combination of medical treatment and endowment” pension model is gradually being accepted by more and more elderly people, making it an inevitable choice for China's...
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Research on Personalized Hotel Marketing Strategy: Taking VR as an Example

Fang Gao
Personalized hotels are mainly faced with high-end markets. If there is a lack of innovation, they will not be able to adapt to the development of the times. The lack of application of new technologies in frontier areas will make the development of personalized hotels very limited. With the continuous...
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Systematic Thinking on University Service-learning

Dan Lu, Jingyan Duan
Service-learning is a kind of educational experience and a teaching method, which combine community service with academic course to gain rich practical experience and understanding of academic content by the way of experiential learning. Service-learning set students as the main body of education, which...
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An Analysis of Synergies under Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions

Yihui Wang
With the continuous transformation from the planned economy to the market economy, the number of reorganizations and acquisitions between enterprises in China has increased, and the mergers and acquisition are dominant. As the market economy continues to deepen, the mergers and acquisitions of enterprises...
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Research on Influences of Margin Trading on Liquidity and Volatility of Market

Di Gu
In essence, since the securities market joined the margin trading mechanism, it has achieved optimization and expansion for nearly five times. To a certain extent, the number of underlying stocks shows an unprecedented rise. Short selling is also on the right track in the current market and the transaction...
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Research on the Return of Public Interests from the Perspective of Power Game between Government and Market

Xiaotao Guo
With the development of society, our government and market are playing games and promoting each other in the process of perfection. The game between the government and the market has never stopped. The change of the times makes it difficult to identify the affiliation relationship between the government...
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On the Heritage of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in Children's Picture Book

Zhuchun Shao
Children's picture books are an important carrier for the heritage and development of excellent traditional culture, and an important path for inheriting and protecting local unique cultural memories. The traditional culture represented by children from the point of view of spreading and disseminating...
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Research on the Countermeasures to Promote Yimeng Spirit Influence under Diversified Communication Mode

Chenchen Hu
The Yimeng region has a splendid red culture and a glorious revolutionary tradition. The Yimeng spirit was born in the Yimeng culture. In the new era, diversified modes of communication have become an important vehicle for enhancing the spiritual influence of Yimeng. The dissemination of the Yimeng spirit...
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The Construction and Research on the Course "Programming Technology"

Yehong Han
The purpose of the course "Programming Technology" is to enable students to master the basic methods of program design, gradually form the correct programming ideas and skillfully use the language for program design and debug programs. Based on the analysis of the insufficiency of curriculum construction,...
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Research on Development of Integrated Digital Teaching Platform in Civil Engineering in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaolin Zhang, Wei Liu, Yongping Ding, Fenghua Xia, Zhandong Wu
In the teaching practice of civil engineering, the Binzhou Polytechnic adheres to the principle of “deriving from school, and serving for the school”. It has exploited teaching resources by using BIM technology all at once, built a “3+3” teaching system consisted of “three-stage teaching” and “three-level...
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Research and Practice on improving the teaching ability of civil engineering teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaowen Bian, Chengjie Luan, Fenghua Xia, Yang Li, Zhaojun Ren
This article study the problems existing in teaching of Civil Engineering Specialty such as poor docking between the students’ position ability and enterprise demand, the teachers' weak ability of information teaching and so on. Then lifting scheme of teaching ability is proposed from determining the...
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Research on Teaching Methods and Means of Civil Engineering in Vocational Colleges

Na Li, Xiaowen Bian, Chengjie Luan, Wei Pan, Liyan Gao
This paper takes the civil engineering in vocational colleges as the research object. It analyzes the social responsibility of vocational education under the new situation of economic development. The paper summarizes the two major problems facing the civil engineering majors in vocational colleges,...
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Study on the Influence of Social Security on Household Consumption in Urban and Rural Areas

Yuzhuo Qian
With the development of social economy, all kinds of industries are reforming and innovating, strengthening management, expanding scale and improving economic benefits. In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to social security work and increased its investment in the social security...
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Research on the Construction of Double-certificated Teachers in Professional and Applied Universities

Chunguang Yong
To build a "double- certificated" teaching team, which can be adapted to the employment-oriented and emphasize the demands of skill and practical teaching, is the core of cultivating professional applied talents. At the same time, it is also the main development direction of the construction of applied...
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Research on Colleges' Internet Ideology and Politics Education Under the New Time

Lujun Lv
Colleges and universities is the important base of training builders and successors for the socialist modernization. And university students are the main use of the Internet community. With the development of electronic technology and mobile communication technology in our country, the vast majority...
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Research and Practice on Professional Construction of New Energy Automobile Technology-Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce as an Example

Wenzi Gong
Regarding the personnel training of vocational colleges as a starting point, through to the analysis on talent demand characteristics of new energy automobile aftermarket, according to the personnel training ideas of modern apprenticeship, a professional training program and curriculum system of new...
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Preliminary Probe into the Teaching Reform of Statistics Specialty in The Age of Big Data

Hui Xu, He Xu
This paper gives a brief introduction to big data and its significance, expounds the influence brought about by big data, and makes a deep research and analysis on the teaching reform of statistics major in the era of big data. It is hoped that it can provide some reference and help to the teaching reform...
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Reflection on the Talent Training Mode Transformation of Statistics Specialty against the Background of Big Data

Xin Mu, Zhigang Li
In the information explosion society, big data has entered all aspects of the social economy. Statistics, as a supporting discipline of big data, has received more and more attention. This paper expounds the basic concepts of big data and statistics specialty, analyzes on the demand of statistics major...
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Research on Teaching Reform of College Statistics Course in the Age of Big Data

Di Wu
With the rise of the Internet, people's way of life has changed dramatically. We can read news or interesting things thousands of miles away on our mobile phones without leaving home, and we can browse the information we want on our computers by moving our fingers. For enterprises, the use of data to...
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Research on Innovation Teaching Model of National Instrumental Music in Colleges and Universities

Yangyang Guo
Traditional music is an important part of China's national instrumental music. It has a large number of traditional music. However, the traditional music is not as rich in performance techniques as the modern composition music, and its spin characteristics are different from the western music theory...
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Research on the Innovation of Western Music History Teaching System

Yangyang Guo
Constructing an innovative teaching system of western music history is conducive to optimizing the teaching process of music teachers, and can help students to invest in music teaching activities with more active and full enthusiasm. This paper explores the construction of an innovative teaching system...
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Research on the Value of Classical Italian Art Songs for Vocal Music Learning

Huizhong Wang
The content of classic Italian works of art is rich and varied. The songs are short, the melody lines are smooth, full of lyrical, the sound range is not wide, the contrast between strong and weak is obvious, and the rhythm is rhythmic. These characteristics are all for improving singing skills and effective...
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A Brief Analysis of Database Security Policy

Li-jun Ma
in the network time, the database security problems become issues that people can't ignore, people need to take a series of measures in the security of the database, to ensure the security of data information. This paper expounds the importance and strategy of database security from three aspects: security...
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Research on the Reform and Innovation of Physical Education Practical Teaching Model Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Jia Cao
Innovation is the source of national development, and talent is the executor of digging source. With the rapid development of China economy, the country needs a continuous stream of innovative ideas or products to inject vitality into the market economy, and also needs talented people from all aspects...
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Teaching Research and Practice of University Mathematics Courses Adapted to Applied Talent Training Model

Hui Xu, Na Xu
The acceleration of the development of higher education in China under the current situation has had a positive impact on the development of mathematics teaching in universities. In practice, in order to ensure the effectiveness of university mathematics curriculum and maintain its good teaching effect,...
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Reform Trend and Countermeasures of Martial arts Teaching Content in Colleges and Universities

Xun Zhao
Martial arts has lifelong value for Martial arts practitioners, and it is also one of the important contents of physical education in modern colleges and universities. With the deepening of the reform of education and teaching system, some achievements have been made in the course teaching of martial...
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Research on the Reform of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges against the Background of Diversification

Yanhui Zhang
With the arrival of economic globalization, cultural pluralism is the product derived from it. Cultural diversity is reflected in the cultural exchange and cultural collision. At the same time, cultural diversity also affects all aspects of society.The author analyzes and compares the ideological and...