Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Education Science and Economic Development (ICESED 2019)

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Research on the Acceleration of Supply-side Structural Reform

J. L. Su
This paper focuses on the Government's Help to the Acceleration of Supply-side Structural Reform in FuJian Province. The research team conducted an in-depth investigation and analysis the main problems and difficulties faced by private enterprises in upgrading and upgrading in our province and explores...
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Study on Cohesion Application to Passage Reading of CET-4

Jing Li
The paper, based on the theory of discourse cohesion from Halliday and Hasan, is to analyze the reference, substitution, ellipsis and conjunction of passage reading in CET-4. The analysis indicates that the tests of passage reading in CET-4 is characterized by semantic categories and syntactical functions,...
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The Driving Strategy of Animation Courses under the College-Enterprise Cooperation Mode

Cun Zhou
This paper first analyzes the status quo and problems of animation professional teaching; then elaborates the strategy of analyzing animation support under the mode of college-enterprise cooperation, including re-establishing teaching standards, changing teaching modes, strengthening exchanges between...
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Research on the Construction of College Students' Psychological Education Network Course under the Background of "Internet plus Education"

Hua Wang
Mental health education of college students is an important part of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, and it is an inevitable trend for mental health education to be integrated into the network education environment under the background of distance education development...
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Research on the Interactive Evolution of Financial Innovation and Financial Law in Xixian New area

Jing Ren, Lei Yang
Based on the present situation of financial innovation and financial legal supervision in Xixian New area, this paper studies the interactive relationship between financial innovation and financial legal innovation. On the basis of discussing the dialectical relationship between the two, this paper analyzes...
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The practical research on the guidance of Xi Jinping S Youth Education thought to the personality education of college students

Jianyun Yang
Xi Jinping's thought on youth education systematically answers such important questions as who to train, for whom to train, how to train and who to train people, and guides the practice of personality education for College Students Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought on Youth Education To ensure...
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A study on the infiltration of Life Education in ideological and political education of college students -- from the perspective of psychological resilience theory

Lei Yang
Our country is in the rapid transition period of social and economic development, college students generally face the problem that the psychological acceptance ability can not be balanced with the social pressure, which reflects the urgency and importance of life education in colleges and universities....
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Research on Effectiveness of Improving Japanese Listening Proficiency

Hui Sun, Chao Song
Cultivating listening ability is one of the most important parts in foreign language teaching which is also the basis of improving students' application ability in Japanese. This paper first expounds the existing problems in Japanese listening teaching, designs effective training methods to improve the...
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Research and Practice of OBE Teaching Mode in Teaching of Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave

Chao Song, Hui Sun
The article first analyzes and discusses the OBE theory and the problems existing in the course of Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave. Based on the results-oriented education (OBE), the article has carried out curriculum optimization reforms from three aspects: teaching objectives, teaching...
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Research on the Mathematics Problem-Oriented Teaching Strategy Based on Information Technology

Juan Liu
In this paper, based on the information technology, the teaching strategy of the mathematical problem is investigated. Taking higher mathematics for example, by the method of literature analysis and research, mathematical problem-oriented teaching under the support of information technology is proposed....
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The impact of the lower limit interaction in the social influence on the doctors' operational skills efficiency

Xiankun Wang, Xiaoyan Cao, Yan Kang
Purpose To explore the impact of the lower limit interaction in the social influence on the doctors' operational skill efficiency. Methods Thirty-two standardized-trained-graduates were assigned randomly to two groups: one with operating debridement and the other with dressing care of wood after hip...
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Analysis on the Construction of Disciplinary specialty in Regional Open Universities

Zhiqin Yin
The construction of disciplinary specialty in open universities should not only follow the general rules of disciplinary specialty construction in higher education institutions, but also highlight the characteristics of open education. Taking Yunnan Open University as an example, this paper makes a preliminary...
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Research and Practice on the Operation Mode of Business Professional Associations in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Cultivation of Artisan Spirit and Entrepreneurship

Jie Wei, Qingdong Liu
Higher vocational business class professional associations is an amalgam of student associations and business majors, the fusion of spirit and the concept of double and professional associations is career education into professional spirit cultivation and innovation of education extension and supplement,...
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A study on the Social Satisfaction of Hunan Province’s Quality work in 2018

Ranran Zhao, Juxiu Huang, Lei Feng
From the perspective of the public, this paper collects data on product quality, engineering quality, service quality, environmental quality and quality awareness of Hunan Province through online surveys, computer-assisted telephone interviews and interviews, and from geography. Data analysis was carried...
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The enlightenment of exploring the thought of learning from things("Ge Wu Zhi Zhi" )to modern education in China

Wen Jiang
The thought of learning from things("Ge Wu Zhi Zhi" ) is a way for intellectuals to cultivate their body and mind, to realize their life integrity and to harvest their successful life, which has three meanings: to explore the things, to obtain knowledge;to correct knowledge, to obtain conscience;to sense...