Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Education Science and Economic Management (ICESEM 2017)

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Multidimensional Reflections on the Reform of Teaching Methods in Universities

Yumin Pan, Chengyu Huang
The teaching method is the emphasis point for the teaching reform and the improvement of education quality. This article explores the new type of teaching method from many dimensions, and then explains the teaching method and its significance from the perspective of philosophy. It is held that all the...
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Research on Talent Training Mode of School Enterprise Cooperation in Application Oriented Independent College-Case Study on Major of E-commerce

Jing Li, Yu He, Yili Zheng
As a comprehensive interdisciplinary subject, Major of E-Commerce rolls management, economics, and computer technology into one. Practicality, applicability and the fast knowledge updating must be emphasized in the process of cultivating application-oriented E-commerce talents. School-enterprise cooperation...
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Research on the Standardized Development Path of Physical Education Teachers' Professional Ethics

Bo Zhou, Fan Zhang
The normalization should be adopted as the route, basis, method and standard for the development of physical education teachers' professional ethics. The documentary analysis and other methods are adopted to study the professional ethics of physical education teachers. Through the innovative practice...
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Professional Ethics and Promotion Strategy of Technical and Tactical Police Teachers in Chinese Police Colleges

Bo Zhou, Fan Zhang, Changzhi Jia, Weifang Zhou, Yuxin Liu
The teachers of police skills and tactics are both people's teachers and people's police, which requires that the teachers of police skills and tactics should have high quality and good professional ethics. This paper mainly adopts the methods of literature, interview and on-the-spot investigation method,...
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The Causes and Solutions of "Low Level Trap" in Food Manufacturing Industry: Based on the Perspective of Industrial Commons

Lihua Li, Yiqing Su
This paper takes "the Wave Phenomenon" as the breakthrough point, based on the perspective of industry Commons, using analysis method of Microeconomics, discussing "Low Level Trap" formation mechanism of food manufacturing industry in our country, obtains the following three conclusions: first, in the...
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Research on Bilingual Teaching in Engineering Based on Problem-oriented Teaching Method

Yang Liu, Jie Lyu, Dan Lyu, Shijun Guo, Anmin Peng
With the continuous improvement of China's opening to the outside world, the demand for compound talents who are both good at professional knowledge and proficient in foreign languages is becoming more and more prominent. Higher requirements are put forward against the innovative higher education and...
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Models of the Innovative Education of Industry-University-Research Symbiosis

Zhijin Xu, Yankui Song
To optimize the model of cooperative education of industry-university-research, to better cultivate creative talent and to realize people's all-round development, this paper definites the model of innovative education of industry-university-research symbiosis, analyzes and sorts out its current problems...
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Research on Undergraduate Students' Entrepreneurship Support System in Private Universities

Na Li
Self-employment of college students is an important measure to ease employment pressure and reduce social burden. University training is an important guarantee to improve the success rate of students' entrepreneurship. Especially private undergraduate colleges, a distinctive entrepreneurial support system,...
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Research on the Application of Continuing Care Mode in the Home-Based Care of the Elderly with Chronic Renal Failure

Xueyan Chen, Wei Huang
In this study, effects of continuing care mode in elderly patients with chronic renal failure were studied. 84 elderly patients with chronic renal failure were randomly divided in an experimental group (41 cases) and a control group (43 cases). Patients in both the experimental group and the control...
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Research and Discussion on Practical Teaching Reform of Control Surveying

Yan Wang, Jinbo Qu, Yingchun You
In order to meet the needs of the application-oriented transformation of surveying and mapping, a series of reforms were made to the experiment and practice of "control survey" from three aspects: teaching content, teaching methods and assessment methods. In terms of teaching content, triangulation and...
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Project Financial Post Evaluation Model Design Based on Cash Value Added Theory

Shengyu Wang, Tao Li
The number of projects invested by Chinese enterprises is rising rapidly, enterprises are facing overcapacity, resource redundancy and other issues. Project post evaluation method can fix deviations from the feasibility assessment, thus, the value of the project can be maintained. In accordance with...
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Study on the Establishment of Professional Quality Evaluation System of Undergraduates-Surveying and Mapping Engineering Major was Taken as an Example

Yuntao Ma, Jingli Wang, Yingchun You
In the process of popularization of higher education, there is no fundamental change in the way of assessing and judging the undergraduates' ability in colleges and universities. It is an urgent need to establish a professional quality assessment system which can really reflect the undergraduates' professional...
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A Brief Analysis of the Reform of Selection Methods for Postgraduates

Lishuang Sun, Jiali Zeng
For the past few years, with the rapid development of the comprehensive reform of postgraduate education, the aim of this study was to make the enrollment mechanism of postgraduates are more meet the demand of new situation. This paper has put forward some new advice, for example put Emotional Quotient...
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The Research on the Cultivation Mode of Applied Talents in Surveying and Mapping Engineering based on the Market Orientation

Yingchun You, Yuntao Ma
By using the professional geomatics engineering application type transformation pilot as the background, To solve the problem of imperfect knowledge system at present. This focus on cultivating students' practical ability, improve the level of theory and practice skills of students, cultivate students'...
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Analysis on UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Research Development

Xiaodi Wang, Xue Xiao, Xiaojing Zhang, Jie Meng
The development of robot technology change rapidly, computer systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence system, automation technology, automatic car, health and technology resources, networking will quickly change the human social and economic life. Robotics is not only the key support equipment...
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Teaching Reform of Engineering Geology for Foreign Students

Dayong Yang, Zhiwei Xie, Yingchun You
To further improve the teaching effect of engineering geology course for overseas students of Shenyang Jianzhu University, the teachers carried out various and pertinent reforms. The reform measures include the selection of practical teaching concepts, selection of foundation and suitable teaching content,...
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Discussion on Teaching about Heat-treatment of Steel Based on "Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan"

Yuan Wang, Wei Li, Yingbiao Wang, Daigen Zhu
In order to cultivate engineering consciousness, engineering quality and capacity of engineering practice for students, this paper designed a teaching method that involves the steel heat treatment teaching introduction, teaching thoughts, teaching contents and students confused knowledge based on " Excellent...
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An Investigation on the Online Life of Urban High School Students-Take a High School in Shenyang as an Example

Lei Yu, Yutong Qi, Zhenguo Qi
The popularization and application of Internet make network life an important part in the process of high school students 'growth. Network life has a profound impact on high school students' learning, life, cognition and outlook. This paper takes a high school in Shenyang as an example to investigate...
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Peer Learning as a Supplement to the Classroom Teaching-Using Peer Learning to Teach Interpreting

Yan Cao
Using peer learning as a supplement to the classroom teaching offers the opportunity to solve problems in traditional interpreting courses and enhance students' understanding and engagement in the interpreting practice. This study analyses the perceptions and attitudes of 35 students in an introductory...
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A Study on the Marketization of Funeral Industry in China

Lili Zhang
The purpose of this study is to find the method and the nuclear condition of the funeral market in China by analyzing the factors that restrict the marketization of Chinese funeral market. Through the analysis of the current status of the funeral industry, the paper summarizes the current ways of funeral...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Surveying in Architectural Colleges

Zhiwei Xie, Lishuang Sun, Xiaosong Qin, Dayong Yang
Aimed at the problem that teaching reform pace is far behind the actual engineering existing in surveying teaching in architectural colleges, this paper puts forward a new leading surveying teaching method to cultivate application-oriented talents by using new surveying technology and case application....
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Research on Location of Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Center Based on "Internet +"

Junkai Luan, Kailing Pan
The purpose of this paper is to through the " Internet +" environment, reasonable cold-chain logistics distribution center location selection, ensure the efficient operation of logistics system, to reduce the comprehensive cost of the logistics enterprise and guarantee fresh fast, with good quality product...
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University Quality-oriented Education Research: Present Situation and Prospect

Mingming Wang
The main purpose of this paper is to explore the current situation and development trend of university Quality-oriented education. Adopts the method of literature and comprehensive analysis. Through the academic library and the relevant literature collected by the provincial library, this paper discusses...
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A Study of Li Zehou's "Mathematical Equation of the Aesthetic Psychological Construction"

Ahong Zhou
This paper studies the rationality of Li zehou's conjecture called "Mathematical Equation of the Aesthetic Psychological Construction". On the basis of "duality of aesthetic feeling", Li zehou proposed this conjecture, which consists of four elements: perception, understanding, imagination, emotion....
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Exploration and Practice of Inquiry Teaching in Communication Theory Curriculum

Rong Li
Inquiry teaching can help understand and master knowledge and improve students' comprehensive ability to analyze and solve the problems. With "communication theory" as an example, the application of the inquiry teaching is explored. The practice results indicate that this method can give full play to...
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Research on the Dynamic Element Management Model of Experiment Project

Xin Yang, Chuanwu Zhang
In order to overcome the weakness of manual management in the dynamic experiment project management, this paper presented the dynamic element management model of experiment project. The dynamic element management model of experiment project consists two parts. Analysis shows that the core elements are...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Educational Gap on Income Gap

Yu Wang, Hongmei Li
Both in theory and in experience, education is considered as an effective means of promoting economic growth, increasing household income and reducing income inequality. It is not clear whether the reform of education system in recent years has redefined the relationship between education gap and income...
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Opinion on the Main Contradictory Relationship and Features in the Modernization Development of Wushu

Yu Xue, Xu Zhang
This paper carried out the thorough and detailed analysis for the main contradictory relationship and characteristics in the modernization development of Wushu to elaborate its important significance in the scientific development of Wushu. Meanwhile, this paper pointed out that the primary contradictory...
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Effects on Welfare Brought by Changes in Taxation - Focusing on Low-income Population in America

Zheng Yang
Taxations policies have been a controversial topic debated by the government of the US for many years. This article will focus on Obamacare, using analysis of variance, to study trends in the college enrollement rates, employment rates, and marriage stability in the US. Trends in averages demonstrate...
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Construction of Practical Teaching System of Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument Major based on CDIO Engineering Education Mode

Haiyun Wu, Yong Wei, Yanhong Du, Yuan Liu, Xiaoying Guo
In order to educate engineers with strong ability in engineering practices, the practice teaching reform of Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument specialty was introduced under the guidance of CDIO engineering education idea. The practical teaching system was reconstructed in many aspects....
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Cross Border E-commerce Logistics

Jingxian Xu, Yingfeng Xu
At present, the development of cross-border e-commerce is very fast, but the cross-border e-commerce logistics development is very slow, which seriously affected the development of cross-border e-commerce, so it is necessary to study the factors restricting the development of cross-border e-commerce...
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Empirical Research on Gender Differences and the Optimization for the Training of College Students' Employability-Taking Nanjing University of Finances and Economics as an example

Xiaorong Zhang
Significant gender difference is a prominent problem in the realization of employment equity. In this paper, SPSS18.0 software is used to conduct statistical analysis of data of 532 valid questionnaires, and it is concluded that: 9 abilities, such as problem solving ability and internship experience,...
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The Literature Review of Financial Development and Enterprise Financing Constraints on R&D

Jie Hu, Yukun Kou
This paper systematically reviews and combs the existing research results of related scholars both at home and aboard, finding out that there are notable financing constraints on enterprise R&D, and the development of financial market can alleviate the financing constraints of R & D. However, most literatures...
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Research on the Run-through Cultivating Modes for Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Doctoral Students in the Course of Cultivating Elite Talents

Yingxi Zheng
In this paper, the author not only discusses the run-through training modes for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students in the course of cultivating elite talents, but also studies the current situations of cultivating talents in universities and colleges at home and abroad, and further analyzes...
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Research on Master of Engineering Management in China

Erli Dan, Xingxing Tan, Yiwei Guo
This paper analysed the current situation of the degree of full-time study and part-time study, and compares the number of institutions that establish the master's degree of engineering management, duration, curriculums, duration of practice, the process and the quality of the entire thesis writing....
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The Cultivation of Applied Undergraduate Talents against the Backdrop of "Made in China 2025"

Yihua Li, Anhang Zhu, Xin Zhang, Feifei Fan, Jian Yuan
"Made in China 2025"strategic plan has proposed several principles such as innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening base and green development and so on. It is an inevitable choice to promote our country from a big manufacturing towards a manufacturing power. Colleges and universities...
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Research on Real Estate Trust Model in China-Real Estate Trust and Investment Fund (REITs)

Yingyue Hu, Min Wang
The real estate trust as a new tool of financing, with its flexibility, has attracted a large amount of private capital, solving the financial problem effectively for the real estate developers. With the continuing updated macro-control measures and great changes of economy environment, how to explore...
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Analysis of PEST and SWOT in Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Poverty Alleviation Region

Jiahui Zhang, Wei Zeng, Min Sun, Cunbin Li
Poverty alleviation projects are the focus of the country in recent years, in order to ensure that the PV poverty alleviation project can achieve satisfactory results, the project needs in the internal and external environment in-depth analysis. In this paper, the SWOT-PEST method was used to analyze...
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Research on System and Developing Path of Talents Collaborative Cultivation in Horse Racing Industry between Hubei and Xinjiang

Zhichao Ma
Based on the methods of logistical analysis, investigations and expert interview, the paper takes the innovative collaboration of Hubei- Xinjiang horse racing industry as the starting point, and discusses the necessity and developing path of talents co-cultivation system in horse racing industry between...
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Research on the Mode of Tea Marketing Channel Alliance with Professional Cooperatives as the Core

Song Chen, Jiangfan Yang
In order to clarify the operation mode of tea cooperatives, this paper constructs the overall operation framework of tea marketing channel alliance model with cooperatives as the core through literature review and field investigation. Among them, the horizontal alliance includes the cooperative alliance...
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An Analysis of the Current Situation of Single Window in International Trade in Mainland China

Zhong Chen, Qinping Chen
Since the establishment of a single window of international trade, the study of single window has gradually become the hotspot of scientific research. This paper focuses on the study of many references, which are classified and sorted by the main contents of the previous academic journals and graduate...
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Study on the Key Factors affecting Tea Farmers' Marketing Performance of Platform-type E-commerce: Based on the View of Resources and Capability

Zuwu Chen, Jiangfan Yang
In order to identify the effect of resource endowment and E-commerce entrepreneurship capability on tea growers' marketing performance of e-commerce, this paper uses the structural equation model to test the results based on the survey data of 229 tea farmers. The results show that the platform based...
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Primary Exploration on the Construction of University Laboratory Culture under the Background of "Double First-rate"

Yaojia Dang, Hongchun Zhu
The aim of the study is to explore the construction of laboratory culture in order to achieve the goal of "Double First-rate" construction. This paper illustrated the great importance of constructing laboratory culture under the background of "Double First-rate". It analyzed the problems in the current...
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Application of Confucious'Educational Thought in College English Teaching

Kaiwei Yan
Confucius is a great thinker, politician, educator, and founder of Confucianism. His educational thought and educational practice have positive and far-reaching impact on the education of his time and later generations, which also provide a treasure house for English teaching and learning. This paper...
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Embezzlement of Principal Shareholders Based on a Case Study of Xiancheng Mining Company

Ran Liu, Jihui Sun, Lantian Jiang
The consequences and possible reasons for embezzlement of principal shareholders based on Xiancheng mining group were analyzed. According to data from Xiancheng mining group, existing problems of external governance and internal governance causing embezzlement of principal shareholders were pointed out....
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The Design of the Management Platform on Sharing Specialty Teaching Resource Database

Guohua Wu
The existing education resource base has bad sharing property, and cannot dock with specialty classification, so it can be hard to meet the education demand, thus in order to solve the aforementioned problems, this paper puts forward that the construction of teaching database shall follow the principle...
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Extend the Teaching Breadth and Depth of the Concept of Derivative with the Aid of Informatization Idea

Linjing Yan
This paper analyses the characteristics of mathematics and the present situation of the informatization instructional design, according to the concept of derivatives, with the help of information technology and informationization, the teaching design is carried out. From the overall design of one body...
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Research on the Theory and Practice of Higher Mathematics Concept Map

Nan Wang
Higher mathematics is one of the most important required courses in Colleges and Universities, the content of the teaching logic is very strong and the mathematical concept is abstract. The traditional teaching methods are monotonous, and there is a gap between senior high school mathematics and higher...
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Training Scientific Research Thinking and Innovation Consciousness in Series of Professional Courses

Xiuzhen Hu, Hasihua -, Jun Lv, Changjiang Ding
The graduates are confronted with insufficiency of sensitive scientific research thinking and innovation consciousness when they step into stage of doing researches and writing papers. This is also a primary constraint of scientific research innovation. In this article, we will introduce our revolutions...