Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education Science and Economic Management (ICESEM 2018)

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The Innovation Lessons from Double-Fluid Electrospinning Processes for College Students

Yaoyao Yang, Haohan Chen, Zhubei Cheng, Yongchang Xu, Yangluo Qu, Dengguang Yu
In science and engineering field of higher education, it is very important for undergraduate students to grasp some types of the modern advanced technologies. However, the even more important is that the students should have a comprehensive understanding about the meaning of innovation in the advanced...
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An Interesting Angle for Explaining Innovations of Biomaterial to College students–Drug Controlled Release Profiles

Ke Wang, Jiayi Huang, Xiaoyu Liu, Mingjie Zhu, Yangcao Deng, Dengguang Yu
Innovation capability is one of the most important abilities that the college students should foster during their education period. Explaining the innovation to students clearly is the primary task and also a very important step in their study courses. Based on the medicated applications of drug-loaded...
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Research on Inspection, Quarantine and Supervision System of Horses Participating in Wuhan International Horse Race

Quanan Gui, Zhong Wu
Combining the horse flu and horse herpes incidents in recent years and aiming at the current situation and problems of the inspection and quarantine work of the participating horses in Wuhan International Horse Race Festival, this paper mainly adopts the method of literature, logic analysis and other...
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Formative Assessment of Multimedia Assisted Instruction in College English Listening and Speaking

Wei Wei
The purpose of the study is to discuss the operation processes and the effect of application of formative assessment with multimedia assisted instruction in College English listening and speaking. The operation processes of formative assessment with multimedia assisted instruction are discussed qualitatively...
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The Impact of Monetary Policy Changes on the Performance of Real Estate Firms-Based on the Research of Real Estate Enterprises Listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share Market

Xiang Cheng
The real estate industry plays a significant role in promoting the national economy, and significantly impacts the market economy of China. This paper takes Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed real estate enterprises from 2014 to 2017 as samples to study the influence that monetary policy’s effect on...
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Research on Policy of Delayed Retirement, Old-age Labor Supply and Urban-rural Income Gap-An Empirical Analysis based on Inter-provincial Data of China

Zhi Huang
Based on the panel data of 28 provinces from 2003 to 2015, this paper uses the fixed effect model to empirically study the relationship between the delayed retirement policy and the urban-rural income gap. The study proves a significant positive correlation between the population of employed elderly...
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Research on Business Model Innovation of Automobile Dealers from the Perspective of Value Creation

Yuanze Yang, Xiuli Wang
The aim of this article is to study how the current era marketing environment affects the purchase behavior of car consumers and how to change the business model innovation of car Dealerships. In this paper, we first study the content of the business model of the automobile dealers through a literature...
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SWOT Analysis on the Construction of Characteristic Specialty-oriented Courses in Local Universities under the New Engineering

Qiubin Luo, Xueyan Zhou, Lan Zheng, Yan Mao, Xiaolu Ren
With the development of new engineering, local universities have new opportunities for characteristic specialty development. Taking the example of building electricity and intelligent specialties, this paper analyzes the construction of special courses in local universities against the background of...
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Study on the Path of Increasing Farmers' Income from the Perspective of Income Structure

Zhen Yang
The strategy of rural revitalization has been put forward scientifically and reasonably. The increase of farmers' income is the basis of their affluence. From the perspective of income structure, which includes the business income, salary income, property income and transfer income, this paper studies...
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Analysis of Motives and Stimulation on Enlistment of Undergraduate Soldiers

Yun Bai
In order to improve the scientific and technological level and reserve the military talents, some researches were conducted to study the motives for the enlistment of undergraduates. Through in-depth study of factors affecting college enlistment, the impact of stimulating on college enlistment is studied...
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Study on the Optimization of Nursing Education-Analysis of Professional Advantages and Training Difficulties of Male Nursing Students

Mingming Wang
The main purpose of this study is to analyze the advantages of male nurses and practitioners in nursing education, the paper puts forward some effective measures to improve nursing education. This research uses the method of literature and interview to analyze the advantages of the male nurses to meet...
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Research on the Evolution and Influence of Employee Compensation Standards

Fangfang Lang, Ping Zhang
China began to implement new employee compensation standards in 2014, and the changes had certain impact on the management of enterprises. This paper describes the evolution process of employee compensation standards, and studies the progress and actual influence of employee compensation based on actual...
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Research on the Development Mode of “Three New” Led Building Electricity and Intelligence Specialty

Xueyan Zhou, Jixiang Liao, Boling Sun, Qiubin Luo, Zehong Lin
New engineering has brought a development opportunity for the specialty development of local applied universities. Since building Electricity and Intelligence Specialty is an emerging inter-discipline, the paper analyzes the present development of applied universities at home and abroad and the professional...
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Cultural Confidence and China’s International Discourse Power

Ming Guo
The international discourse power of emerging countries is at a disadvantage state. To build cultural confidence is to find a discourse symbol that can overcome the shortcomings of modern society and the conflict between world and civilization from the renewal and transformation of traditional Chinese...
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Research on Career Development Strategy of Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Yan Dai
As a group that undertakes the task of talent training, the comprehensive quality and professional knowledge level of teachers in Colleges and Universities determine the quality of talent training. In view of the problems faced by young teachers in Chinese colleges and universities in their career development,...
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A Study of the Relationship between Customer Expectations and Feelings of Quality and Satisfaction Gap–Take the Four Logistics Companies in China for Example

Chu Fang
The purpose of this study is to enable a business engaged in a flow industry fully feel the quality and key factors of customers they serve in the competitive logistics industry and to enable that service quality is the quality that the customer pays attention to and the quality of the customers who...
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Development Patterns and Policy Suggestions for Cultural and Creative Industry Clusters

Yuguang Wu
This paper reviews the classical theory of industrial clusters, including Smith's division of labor, the Marshallian industrial district industrial district, Alfred Weber’s industrial location theory, the theory of new industrial zone, François Perroux 's theory of growth pole, Schumpeter's theory of...
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Investigation and Research on Interpersonal Problem-solving Strategies for Children Aged 4 to 6 Years

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Longhui Wu
4-6 years old is an important period of children’s social development, and interpersonal communication is an inevitable way of socialization of children. It is very important for children to use problem-solving strategies properly in interpersonal communication. This paper carried out an investigation...
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Research on the Web Application System Development Course Group for the Training of Innovation Talents

Yanling Zhou, Sicheng Zhang
The paper analyzes the problems existing in the current university curriculum arrangement process, and focuses on cultivating innovative talents. The web application system development course takes the dominant position and other courses knowledge are the foundation for building the knowledge system....
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Research on Network Engineering Professional Practice Teaching Reform and Innovation in Application-oriented Undergraduate Universities

Changjian Guo, Zhengmao Li
This article explores the network engineering specialty practice teaching mode and puts forward a reasonable modular practice teaching mode, so as to build a more perfect applied undergraduate network engineering practice teaching system, which can provide theoretical basis and operational platform for...
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Analysis of Xi Jinping's Peasant Education Thought

Wen Zheng, Yuanlin Hu, Zhiqiang Mao
The aim of this study is to systematically analyze and introduce Xi Jinping's thoughts on peasant education. By means of systematic study of Xi Jinping's speech series, the paper summarizes the peasant education thoughts contained in them. And the results show that Xi's thoughts on peasant education...
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Teaching Evaluation of MOOCs Course

Xiaofei Xiao, Tinalin Chen, Lan Luo, Guang Chen
In order to explore the teaching evaluation of MOOCS courses, this paper analyzes the content of MOOCs, including the origin and classification of MOOCs, and the characteristics and definitions of MOOCs, and also deeply analyzes the present situation and trend of MOOCs. Finally, the paper comprehensively...
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The Theoretical Basis and Importance of Maker Education

Ying Pei
Maker education originating from maker movement is a deep combination of maker culture and education. Based on the innovative education, project learning, the whole person education of maker education has attracted close attention from the academic circle. The development of maker education has become...
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A Rustic Opinion on the Adaption of Internet Literature to Film and TV Works

Shikun Liu
The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of Internet literature, and to analyze the current situation of the adaptation of the film and television works from the Internet literature. By guiding the creator to make a benign creation and adaptation, the above will help create more and more...
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Research on Chinese Electronic Book Retrieval in University Libraries

Zhaohui Jin
In the big data environment, the proportion of electronic book (e-book) collections in universities’ libraries is getting higher and higher, and the number of readers of e-books in universities is rising. However, in the new situation, the retrieval of e-books, especially Chinese e-books, is challenged...
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Research on the Principles of Family Education in “Little Women”

Shaojun Duan
Louisa May Alcott was an American famous female writer who wrote “Little Women” at the age of 35 under the request of the publisher to write "a book for girls ". The novel is actually an autobiography based on Louisa and her sisters’ adulthood in the context of the American Civil War. This article explores...
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Exploring Anne’s Dual Personality in “The Diary of Anne Frank” under the Guidance of Freud’s Theory of Personality Structure

Shaojun Duan
“The Diary of Anne Frank” is a private diary written by a Jewish girl Anne Frank during World War II, recording the events in the two years when Franks and two other families hiding in "secret attachments" to avoid Nazi persecution. Anne Frank is the main character in the diary, so we can know more about...
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Research on New Teaching Model of College English Integrated with Mobile Learning

Songbin Bao
College English in China usually adopts the form of large-scale class teaching, and its effect is not satisfying as expected. In order to improve the effectiveness of College English teaching, this paper proposes a new teaching model that integrates mobile learning (M-learning). It first analyzes the...
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Study on Urbanization Level of Shanxi Province

Rui Shi
As a fundamental way to coordinate the integration of urban and rural areas, Urbanization symbolizes a country's modernization and social and economic development level. The urbanization of Shanxi Province is below the average level of China and has low quality. Therefore the method of measuring the...
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The Evolution of the Overall Income Gap in the Process of Urbanization in China

Yaole Du
The academic circles have different opinions on the trend of the overall income gap in the process of urbanization. This paper adopts the Eviews empirical test method and draws the following conclusion: with the acceleration of urbanization process, the overall income gap of the residents in China appears...
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Discussion on the Deficiencies and Perfection of Subparagraph 1(6) of Article 35 of Tax Administration Law

Guilin Gao, Yuyu Han
This paper carries out a summary and an analysis by studying ten cases that suitable to subparagraph 1 (6) of article 35 in Tax Administration Law with the empirical analysis method, and finds that tax authorities have different basis of identifying the price to be obviously lower in term of different...
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Research on the Preference of Consumers for Black Fungus Based on Conjoint Analysis Approach

Chunying Wang, Chunliang Zhang
Taking the consumers in Jilin City as the investigation objects, and then by means of in-depth interview, this paper confirms the main factors local consumers took into account when purchasing black fungus, and then uses conjoint analysis approach to confirm the main factors consumers took into account...
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Discussion on the Problem of Income Recognition in B2C E-commerce Enterprises

Min Ren, Kairui Liu
B2C e - commerce has received much attention for its high innovation and growing transaction scale. Different from the business model of offline transaction, the variety of sale promotion mode of B2C e - commerce makes the revenue of the electronic commerce business enterprise raises many disputes. It...
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Interpretation of the Paradoxical Relations in Teaching of Business English Writing

Guobin Le
As an ESP, Business English is strongly characterized by practicality and professionalism. English output abilities, that is, oral and written expression abilities, are key indicators of the success of business English teaching. The outcome of business English writing lessons is closely related to the...
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An Analysis of the Reverse Confusion of Trademark Rights

Guilin Gao, Tianyi Wang
At present, the reverse confusion cases of trademark right often appear in the justice practice in China, most of which are judged in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China"; however it is difficult to avoid some problems. This paper aims to illuminate...
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Research on Inspection Scheduling Optimization Model Based on Different Inspection Periods

Linjing Yan, Nan Wang
Scheduling problem serves as a common problem both for production and daily life, and the scheduling system has been increasingly emphasized and widely applied with the help of information technology. In this paper, the inspection network of a chemical plant is abstracted as an undirected graph, and...
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On the Implementation and Impacts of the “Burden Reduction” Mode for the Growth of Primary and Middle School Students

Linjing Yan
Through the investigation of the current learning situation of primary and middle school students from multiple dimensions and the statistical analysis based on the survey data, this paper illustrates the beneficial effects of the rich after-school life and full development of individual abilities brought...
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The Non-linear Impact of the Diversification of Life Insurance Companies on Solvency Risk-An Empirical Research Based on Panel Threshold Model

Shuang Wu, Chao Meng
Risk dispersion and risk hedging are important goals for the diversification of life insurance companies. Based on the panel data of Chinese life insurers from 2010 to 2015, we try to explore the non-linear impacts of the diversification of life insurance companies on solvency risk under different thresholds...
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On the Formation and Realization of the Value of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Resources

Yawen Liao, Qin Huang, Yang He, Peiqian Wang, Li Wang
Traditional Chinese medicine health tourism is a special way of tourism and its formation and realization of value has a unique mechanism. The paper analyzes the value system of traditional Chinese medicine tourism resources from the perspectives of Management, Marketing, and Economics, etc., and concludes...
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The Analysis of Relationship between Fourth Grade College Students’ Attendance Rate and Their Postgraduate Rate and Employment Rate

Hui Teng
In recent years, the employment pressure of university graduates has become more and more great, which has led a decline in the attendance rate of Grade 4 students. Consequently, many universities took a lot of measures for the Grade 4 students to apply for employment as well as prepare the postgraduate...
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Discussion on the Talent Cultivation Mode of “Excellent Engineer” Based on Cultivating the Capacity of Solving Complicated Engineering Problems

Xiangqin Li, Yongcheng Wu
According to the excellent engineering cultivation plan, this paper has discussed the capacity that should be equipped for students to solve complicated engineering problems. Through analyzing domestic and overseas “excellent engineer” cultivation mode and existing problems, this paper has put forward...
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On the Rationality of Li Zehou's Philosophical Viewpoint on “A Culture of Optimism”

Runmei Zhang
In the 20th century, in order to distinguish between “guilt culture” in the west and the “shame culture” in Japan, Chinese philosopher Li Zehou (1930) uses the “legan wenhua” to summarize Chinese culture, and translated the philosophical viewpoint into “A culture of optimism”. To prove the rationality...
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Research on Watson’ Theory of Human Nature Care and Its Application Status

Shuang Liu, Jihong Wang
This paper explored the research and application status of Watson's theory of human nature care at home and abroad. The paper analyzed and summarized the literature on Watson's theory of human nature care at home and abroad from June 2004 to June 2018. Watson's theory of human nature care has become...
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Analysis of Internal Trust and Measurement in Farmer Cooperatives

Huimin Shao, Tongxing Li
Farmer cooperatives, as a new agricultural management entity connecting rural households and markets, are an important force to promote structural reforms on the agricultural supply side, which greatly promotes the development of modern agriculture in China. This article points out trust problems in...
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A Study of the Fragility of Microfinance Institutions in China:Take Zhejiang Province As an Example

Dongfang Lan, Jiming Li, Linxue Zhu, Hongyan Gan, Jinling Du
As a way of financing the gaps in bank system, microfinance has been favored by many micro-enterprises and low-income people in China. However, neither the international nor the domestic has given a clear definition. On the theoretical level, the development of foreign microfinance industry is relatively...
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New Characteristics of China’s Outward FDI Since 40 Years of Reform and Openness

Zhiyuan Liu
After 40 years of opening up and development, China has become the second largest investor in the world. This article tries to summarise the new characteristics of China’s OFDI based on its recent performance to present an overview of Chinese OFDI and to predict the future development trend of Chinese...
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Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Economic Growth in the ASEAN Area

Andrey Nikolaev, Alisherjon Saidmukhtorov
In this article, authors review to what degree ASEAN’s integration agenda reflects ecological aspects of the economic growth of the member states. The authors, guided by the provisions of the concept of sustainable development, conduct an analysis of the implementation in the ASEAN treaty practice of...
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Specialized Construction of College Counselors in the Perspective of Ecosystem

Yang Li, Zhenxiang Tian
In recent years, the construction of the counselor specialization in Colleges and universities in China has become ecologically unbalanced. This paper expounds the connotation of the ecological system in colleges and universities, from the perspectives of management responsibility examination, and discusses...
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The Influence of Yoga Teaching Model reform on College Students' Physical Quality under the Objective of Application-Oriented Training

Zhenxiang Tian, Yang Li
As the goal of deepening the training of ordinary colleges and universities, the goal of physical education in colleges and universities is not only to improve the physical quality of students, but also to make students form a sense of "lifelong sports." In order to meet students' individual character...
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Research on the Restrictive Factors of Transformation and Upgrading in Yunnan Manufacturing Industry

Meijuan Li, Duo Yan
With the rapid development of economy, Yunnan is facing great challenges in the economic status from the whole country, the transformation and upgrading of its manufacturing industry are imminent. This paper focuses on the analysis of the main restrictive factors of transformation and upgrading in Yunnan...
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Comparison of the Influencing Factors of International Competitiveness between China and India Manufacturing Industries

Meijuan Li, Yumei Zhang
This paper focuses on the international competitiveness of the manufacturing industries of China and India. Starting from the status quo of the development of the manufacturing industries in both countries, this paper compares and analyzes the influencing factors of international competitiveness. The...
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Empirical Research on Comparison of International Competitiveness between China and India Manufacturing Industries

Meijuan Li, Yumei Zhang
This paper empirically analyzes the comparison of the international competitiveness between China and India's manufacturing industries by constructing relevant indicators. The results show that the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry is higher than that of India in terms of...
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Exploring the Path of Medical Services of Family Doctors for the Elderly from Perspective of “Combination of Medical and Health Care”

Yumeng Zhang
With the improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and the continuous development of medical technology, the average life expectancy of human beings has prolonged, and the problem of population aging has followed. Due to the large number of diseases and the chronic diseases of aging population,...
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An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Class Enrollment in Chinese Universities

Yixiao Li, Tianchong Yao
Large class enrollment in Chinese Universities is a kind of talent cultivation mode for students. After 1 ~ 2 years of public basic course training, then the subjects are divided according to interests and scores. Large class enrollment in Chinese Universities is inevitable requirement of the times and...
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An Analysis of Liu Zongzhou's Thought of "Prudence and Independence" and "Zhonghe"

Xin Xu
Liu Zongzhou's thought of "Zhonghe" is based on the criticism and inheritance of his predecessors 'thoughts. A major feature of this thought is that it implements the method of "melting integration". For a long time, people have conducted a lot of research on the issue of neutralization, and have mainly...
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Analysis of the Needham Puzzle and Its Modern Value

Xin Xu
Needham problem’ is a question about Chinese modern science and technology put forward by British famous scientist and science historian Joseph Needham in 1964. There are various expressions about this problem, among which it is generally accepted that in the long history from the first century BC to...
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Situational Analysis of Belt and Road Initiative in Nepal

Amogh Ghimire, Peifen Zhuang, Anil Shrestha, Saima Ashraf Awan, Nokena Asanda Nicole, Doan Ba Toai
This paper aims to explore the situation of Nepal through political, social, economics, and technology by SWOT analysis. Due to Due to the current lack of literature reviews on Nepal, we used the secondary data, media coverage report for this paper to get a better overview about Nepal for the reader...
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Challenges in the Development of China's Cultural Trade and Countermeasures Analysis

Chunyan Chen
Cultural trade has gradually become one of the key areas of today's international trade competition and is the main direction of a country’s trade transformation and upgrading. With the expansion of the absolute scale of Chinese cultural trade, China has become a veritable large-scale cultural trade...
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Comparative Analysis of Kinematics of the Last Exertion Technique of Chinese Elite Female Discus Throwers

Jianhong Xu, Weiwei Zhang
The article uses the literature data method to review and collate relevant literature materials at home and abroad, and through on-the-spot shooting of the discus throwing skills of the women discus athletes Feng Bin, Su Xinyue and Chen Yang in the April 2018 national track and field throwing series....
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The Role of Processing Trade and FDI in China's Economic Growth

Xijun Wang
Based on VAR mode and using Granger causality test approach and variance decomposition, this article examines the role of processing trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) in China's economic growth, and gives an empirical analysis and test of the dynamic correlation between FDI and processing trade....
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An Empirical Study on M&A and Reorganization Performance of Listed Companies in Power Industry

Hongjing Zhang, Qiongyao Zheng, Zongze Li
Under the macro background of deepening supply side reform, the electric power industry takes promoting supply side reform as main line. The industry carries out structural optimization and industrial upgrading vigorously. However, the performance of M&A and restructuring of power companies remains to...
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Analysis on the Application Difficulties and Improvement Strategies of Professional Teaching Resource Database of Vocational Education in China

Wenying Zhang
The professional teaching resource database of vocational education is an emerging thing in the field of higher vocational education, and is required for deepening the reform of higher vocational education teaching and improving the quality of talent training. In the construction and application of the...
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The Financial Support Mode of Cultural Industry Development in Shaanxi Province

Yushan Wang
As a province with plenty cultural resources, Shaanxi develops cultural industry in a sustainable and high-quality manner, and turns itself into a strong cultural province, which is inseparable from the support of the finance. This paper subdivides the cultural industry in Shannxi province into five...
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Analysis of Trade Complementarity and Competitiveness between China and Countries under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Peizhi Wang, Lingxi Chu, Binbin Guo
With the process of reform and opening up and global economic integration, foreign direct investment has gradually emerged and developed in China, and has gradually occupied a more and more important position in the economic development of our country. Overseas companies and outward direct investment...
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Research on the Application of Fiscal Big Data against the Background of Internet Plus

Fengrui Liu, Xiaohui Hu, Fuchang Li
With the introduction of the "Internet Plus" and wide application of big data, the demand for the technology by the fiscal sector is increasing. The 19th session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi...
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Analysis on the Emotional Design of Children's Medicine Packaging

Kang Hu, Ruike Zhang
In order to improve the design of children's medicine packaging and help children overcome the fear of medicine, this paper analyzes the psychological needs of consumers, and introduces the idea of "people-oriented” emotional design into the packaging design. From three levels of instinct, this paper...
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What Competences Make Opportunities for Migrants in Russia

Grigoryeva Irina, Sizova Irina
Modern technological changes (and digitalization in particular) radically change social relations, character of labor and population’s employment. A new model of labor and employment, so-called “Job 4.0”, brings higher requirements to workers’ professional qualifications being applied to all professional...
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The Particularity of Military Logistics System and Its Development Focus

Xinghua Lu, Zhixin Ma
Modern military logistics system is a new system brought about by information technology and new military reform, and is one of the important fields of military modernization. Based on the concept of military logistics system, this paper analyzes the particularity of military logistics system and points...
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An Open Experimental Platform for Cultivating Innovative Network Talents

Fang Fang, Xinge Luo
In the face of a new generation of Internet-evolving technologies and applications, universities need to cultivate innovative network talents. In order to promote the innovation of network technology, we established an open experimental teaching platform for cultivating innovative network talents. We...
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Teaching and Practice of Information Security Conspectus Based on Case Teaching

Xin Liu
Information Security Conspectus is a comprehensive course of information security technology. In view of the following reasons, it is often difficult for teachers to achieve the ideal teaching effect, i.e., existing teaching textbooks cannot provide a rich “entry level” case, and the teaching content...
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Research on Emotional Product Design based on Subconscious Behavior

Kang Hu, Jie Qiu
In order to study the application and role of subconscious behavior in emotional product design in psychology, this paper analyzes the subconscious behavior of product designers and users from the perspective of design psychology. With the combination of Norman‘s three-level design and Desmet's emotional...
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Analysis on the Particularity of Artistic Creation in the Design of Small-sized Furniture

Kang Hu, Jiren Zhang
This paper discusses the uniqueness of small-sized furniture from the perspective of the particularity of artistic creation, points out the concept of small-sized residential furniture, helps to understand the current situation of small-sized residential furniture, analyzes the similarities and differences...
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Research on Sharing Economy and E-Learning in the Era of “Internet Plus”

Peijin Chen
The article first briefly introduces the development and characteristics of the sharing economy in the era of Internet+. Its rise has promoted the rapid development of online education, and online education has become a representative of knowledge-sharing economy. The market has expanded and evolved...
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The Influence of Situational Clues against the Background of Crowdfunding Product Picture on the Investment Intention-The Mediating Effect of the Mental Imagery

Min Hou, Guoyu Song, Chunmei Gu
Based on the theory of mental imagery, this study aims to explore the impact of situational clues of the background of crowdfunding product picture on investment intention to purchase. The experiment uses 2 (product type: search product vs. experience product) × 2 (whether the product picture background...
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Analysis of the Alienation of Education from the Perspective of New Era

Jing Zhou, Qingwei Chao
With the rapid development of China's education industry, alienation phenomenon of paying too much attention to wealth value creation has appeared in the field of education since reform and opening up. From the perspective of the new era, this paper analyzes four aspects: the alienation of educational...
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Study on Cultural Industries Integration between Xiamen and Taiwan from the Perspective of Culture

WenChao Du
In the process of cross-strait exchanges and trade development, how to promote cultural integration between Xiamen and Taiwan through cultural factors has become an urgent issue to be resolved. The paper starts with cultural integration of two places, analyzes challenges and hidden reasons of cultural...
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An Analysis of the Internationalization of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture

Wenmiao Gao
Chinese excellent traditional culture, as the spiritual wealth and wisdom of the Chinese nation, is an important guarantee for national rejuvenation and country’s prosperity, and it's the essence of human civilization and world culture. Carrying forward and inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture...
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Institutional QA System Based on Large Scale System Cybernetics

Dai Ren, Xuewu Dong, Kai Mu
Teaching quality is extremely critical to university. It is also the criterion to measure core competence. It is an eternal topic to improve teaching quality. Based on large scale system cybernetics and the influence factors of institutional teaching quality, the scientific teaching quality assurance...
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An Approach to College-Enterprise Cooperative Education Mode of Local Undergraduate Colleges

Guobin Le
As English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Business English attaches great importance to students’ hands-on abilities. Located in economically under-developed cities, many local undergraduate colleges have limited opportunities of developing hands-on knowledge of business English for students. Therefore,...
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Research on the Genealogy Construction of Heroic Characters in Shandong Red Film and TV Series

Zhiguo Zhang
As the most distinctive film type of Chinese film genre, Chinese red film has left a deep impression on the Chinese audience with its distinctive national characteristics. These impressions include both Chinese red story and more red heroes. There are also many kinds of heroes in Shandong's red film...
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Research on the Development Strategies of Open Universities under the Environment of Jiangyin County

Wei Cao
On the basis of making clear the positioning, function and system of open universities under the county economy and industrial environment of Jiangyin county, this article uses SWOT model to analyze the external opportunities and threats faced by Jiangyin Open University, the internal strengths and weaknesses,...
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Urban Heating System Reform and Environmental Kuznets Curve: Based on the Analysis of Provincial Panel Data from 2000 to 2013

Haiqing Wang
Based on the econometric test of environmental kuznets EKC effect, a discrete model is proposed to describe the relationship between economic growth and pollutant emission. This model is used to analyze the policy of "guiding opinions on the reform of urban heating system" implemented by China in 2003,...
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Study on Impact of Big Data in User Experience Practices

Chunhui Chen, Kejing Li
Users are heart of all enterprise activities and data is the core of all enterprises’ decision-making. The development trend of big data has subverted the research mode, extended the scope, and improved the overall quality of user experience research. Based on the needs of the Internet industry to study...
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The Enlightenment of Tao Xingzhi's Thought of "Integration of teaching, learning and doing" to Higher Education Teaching in China - From the Perspective of Body

Mingge Zhai
The combination of teaching, learning and doing proposed by Mr. Tao Xingzhi emphasizes the improvement of teaching methods from the perspective of making full use of body, which is of great significance for improving the teaching level of higher education in our country at present. In the teaching process...
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A Study of Material Design Methodology of Environmental Art Design

Juan Hu, Yali Zhu
There are many related papers in the material design of environmental art design, which emphasizes ecological, stylized, cultural self-confident, regional, economic, matching skills, etc. These papers cover the scientific knowledge of the material itself, the epochal spirit of structure, national cultural...
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The Research on GIS Substation and Teaching Reform of High Voltage Technology

Yumei Li, Chenghui Yang
The relationship between scientific research and teaching is one of the topics worthy of discussion in the reform of college curriculum teaching. Scientific research can be carried out around teaching to serve teaching better. In the teaching and learning of high voltage technology, the promotion achieved...
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Reform and Practice of “Wastewater Engineering” Based on Engineering Specialized Accreditation

Shuwu Zhang, Jun Wan, Lingling Li
Specialized Accreditation improves the quality of engineering education by building monitoring system for higher engineering education. The existing problems and deficiencies of professional education are reviewed through the engineering education accreditation. Wastewater Engineering (volume I) is a...
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A Study of Relationship between Symbols and Cultures from the Perspective of Linguistics

Dongxiang Li
There is a close relationship between symbols and cultures, but the relationship between them and the derived relationship between cultural symbols and symbolic cultures still need to be reviewed. By analyzing from a new perspective of linguistic semiotics, this paper finds that cultural symbols refer...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Human Resources Management in Public Sector

Yifang Wei
Performance evaluation is one of the most important works in human resources management in public sector. In addition, performance appraisal system is a crucial evaluation criterion for organizations and employee contributions. In this paper, we analyzed the problems of human resources management performance...
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Research on the Influence of Population Agglomeration on Regional Economic Development in Beijing-Tianjin-Yi Region

Yani Che, Jun Xu, Kai Sun
As an important capital of economic development, population agglomeration affects economic development mode and industrial structure in a specific region. China is rich in land and resources, while different in economic development between east and west, and also different in cultural and geographical...
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A Discussion on the Innovative Teaching System of Business English in Higher Vocational Education

Hongxia Zhao
Taking the cultivation of Business English major as the research object, this paper mainly discusses the effective ways and channels to train students to gain the service capabilities concerning foreign business affairs and professional qualities. On the principle of systematic construction, highlighting...
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Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Academic Success: A Case Study

Huijuan Xue
This paper analyses how Ray, a Bangladeshi student, goes through cultural adaption and achieves academic success in terms of completing the Chinese higher education and continuing to pursue his postgraduate study. It shows how Ray experiences “culture shock” and overcomes the language barrier. This longitudinal...
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A Study on the Present Situation of Disaster Education in Western Yunnan

Kaimin Li, Guang Li
Based on the present situation of carrying out disaster education in Western Yunnan, this paper adopts the form of questionnaire and takes the students and teachers in Western Yunnan as research objects to probe into the current situation of implementing disaster education from the perspectives of disaster...
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Exploration of the School-running Characteristic Route of Prefecture-level and Autonomous Prefecture Colleges from the Perspective of Transformation Development—Taking Baoshan College as an Example

Anbo Liu
As for how to survive and develop in the increasingly fierce competition, the necessary choice for prefecture-level and autonomous prefecture colleges is to take the characteristic school-running road. The key is to select a characteristic development route that can meet its own actual development conditions....
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Research on the Influence of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises on European Direct Investment and Corporate Export—Based on Propensity Score Matching Method

Peizhi Wang, Yuhan Zheng, Zhening Yu
The proposal and development of the "Belt and Road" Initiative have brought China-EU capital and goods trade exchanges to a new height. On the basis of the company's micro-data in the “China Industrial Enterprise Database” and the “China Foreign Investment Enterprise (Organization) List”, this paper...
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A Study on the Interpreting Self-Efficacy (ISE) Scale Drawing of Business English Majors at the Universities of Applied Sciences-A Case Study of a Certain University of Applied Sciences in Dalian

Chen Liu
The aim of this study is to draw and test the Interpreting Self- Efficacy (ISE) scale of Business English majors at the Universities of Applied Sciences to improve the academic achievement of the Interpreting course of Business English majors and to better promote the cultivation of Business English...
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Research on the Integration of Environmental Auditing and Economic Responsibility Auditing

Yamei Guan, Ziyi Yu
The integration of environmental audit and economic responsibility audit is an environmental responsibility audit. Although there is a demand for environmental responsibility audit inside and outside the enterprise, the importance of environmental auditing is becoming increasingly prominent. However,...
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Leading Cadres' Resources and Environmental Responsibility Audit: Key Analysis and Accountability Path

Yamei Guan, Yuan Rong
There is a great relationship between eco-environmental problems and the unclear environmental responsibilities of leading cadres during their tenure, the inaction of environmental governance, and insufficient accountability for environmental responsibilities. Under the background of ecological civilization,...
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Action Research on Teaching Assistant Program for Business English Major Courses-Taking Integrated Business English as an Example

Yangzi Sun
As one of the basic core courses for Business English majors, Integrated Business English enjoys several characteristics such as a large number of class hours, intensive class arrangements and heavy construction tasks, which are all big challenges for both lecturers and students. For courses with such...
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Reality or Lie: Discussing Whether New Media Really Empower Citizens

Tiancong Hu
With the change of communication modes, new media give every citizen the right to express himself and further change the political and ecological environment of the whole world. But do the new media give citizens real power? It may be too early to judge. Based on the above ideas, this paper mainly sorted...