Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education Science and Economic Management (ICESEM 2018)

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Unexpected and Understandable Victory: Analysis and Evaluation of Trump’s Campaign Strategy

Fangqiu Zhou
The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is one of the biggest shocks of 2016. As one of the most controversial presidential candidates, he has been the subject of numerous analyses and comments since he announced his candidacy. Despite being the least favored candidate, the final...
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A Study on the Changes in Reading Styles of College Students from the Borrowing Volume of Paper Books

Xiaoqing Wang
Fundamental changes have taken place in the reading habits of college students in the digital media age. This paper, through the statistical analysis of the borrowing volume of paper books in Shandong Institute of Business and Technology for the last five years, finds out the changes and status of reading...
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Research on Poverty Alleviation Work in Rural Areas from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Reduction-Taking L County of S Province as an Example

Liang Li
Targeted poverty alleviation has been implemented for nearly five years, but in the process of implementing the policy, different problems have also appeared in various places. In the process of implementing targeted poverty alleviation, the L County of S Province exposed problems such as incomplete...
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Political Philosophy in the Biography of Han Poetry

Dongxue Qiao
At the beginning of the Han Dynasty, the parallel political ideology of Confucianism and Law also occupied the mainstream. The rule of rites and the rule of law complement each other and do not independent of each other. In the Western Han Dynasty, Han Ying, as a great scholar, advocated the rituals...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Development of Logistics Clusters in Ningbo

Lili Ma
Under the background of global economic downside risks and Ningbo's “six struggles for three years to climb” action plan, logistics clusters show their unique competitive advantages and significant social and economic benefits. Through investigating the current situation of Ningbo logistics clusters,...
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Research on E-commerce Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational College

Xie Rong
Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, with the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more college students choose e-commerce entrepreneurship. Therefore, combining e-commerce with entrepreneurship education, making full use of the advantages of e-commerce, cultivating students'...
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The Impact of RMB Exchange Rate Changes on China's Export Trade to Countries and Regions along the Belt and Road

Peizhi Wang, Zhening Yu, Yuhan Zheng
Based on the panel data of 45 countries along the Belt and Road from 2010 to 2016, this paper analyzes the impact of RMB exchange rate changes on China's export trade by means of the OLS hybrid regression, panel fixed effect model and dynamic panel GMM model. And the findings show that the dynamic panel...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Middle School Students’ Academic Achievement in China: Based on the Following Survey Data of CEPS (2014-2015)

Tengfang Huang, Yan Yang
Based on the following survey data of CEPS (2014-2015), we analyzed the influence factors of middle school students’ academic achievement from three aspects (family, school and individual) by using multiple linear regression. The results indicated that the middle school students’ academic achievement...
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Patent Information Service Issues and Countermeasures for College Libraries — Taking Huazhong University of Science and Technology as an Example

Chi Zhang, Lingling Peng
Against the background of the development of patent information service in college libraries, this paper is aimed to discuss the effective measures for libraries to carry out patent information service. Taking Huazhong University of Science and Technology as an example, this paper introduces the current...
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Reform and Practice of Application-oriented Talents Cultivation Mode against the Background of New Engineering

Junwei Shi, Zhangliang Chen
Socio-economic development and the demand of talents’ unceasing changes have raised higher expectations for the quality of professional training in higher education institutions. The talents training mode has also proposed the further innovation and reform. Based on the Safety Engineering’s high level...
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An Empirical Study of Effective Teaching in Kindergarten Health Field

Xizhen Zhang
As the first curriculum of the five major areas of kindergarten, health field plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of children, whose important role mainly depends on the implementation of courses and the effective teaching in health field. On the basis of sampling survey, this...
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Campus Network User Demand Forecasting Model Based on Multiple Linear Regression

Xuefeng Li
By analyzing the relationship between campus network users and online processes, a campus network user demand forecasting model based on multiple linear regression is proposed. Firstly, influencing factors are analyzed through scatter plots and trend lines, and the main factors affecting the Internet...
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Research on Consumers' Delayed Purchase

Conghui Jin
Delayed purchase refers to consumers who have desire to purchase a product and ability to purchase it, but they tend to delay the purchase when making consumption decisions. Delaying purchases gives consumers more time to make decisions, but it doesn't necessarily lead to better results than instant...
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Education as a Means for Social Work with a New Generation of International Migrants

Alexander Kuteynikov, Lyudmila Kuznetsova, Théogène-Octave Gakuba
The paper analyses some results of the pilot survey of experts on social work with international migrants conducted by a Russian and Swiss research team in 2017 in the framework of a joint project. The focus of the survey is the present situation and prospects of education for international migrants....
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UN and the Protection of Environment: the Past, the Present and the Future

Alexandr Solntsev
In order to consistently implement the global environmental agenda and to serve as an authoritative advocate for the global environment, it is necessary to continue to implement the United Nations system-wide environmental strategy and work on reform. It should be noted that any measures aimed at ensuring...
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Is the United Nations Organization an Obstruction in the Changing World?

Aslan Abashidze
The question posed in the title of the article is not contrived. We can often hear it from politicians, journalists, humanitarian experts. Indeed, you can pick and name a lot of arguments, facts and circumstances that would justify such concern. A universal intergovernmental organization of general and...
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The Paradigm of Global Governance in the Sphere of Peaceful Use of Outer Space

Denis Gugunskiy
Undoubtedly, formation of the international space law branch became possible thanks to the United Nations, an intergovernmental organization for development of cooperation between states. International intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations now play an important role in the international...
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Exploration about the Reading Promotion Strategies in College Libraries-Taking the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Library as an Example

Lingling Peng, Chi Zhang
Currently, various college libraries have made lots of attempts concerning the reading promotion, Which is known as one of the important tasks for libraries. This paper introduces the practice that the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Library has made with regard to reading promotion from...
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Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Cross-border E-commerce in Fujian Free Trade Area

Siwei Dai
The establishment of Free Trade Area has brought new opportunities and challenges for the development of cross-border e-commerce. This paper first analyzes the current situation of cross-border e-commerce in Free Trade Area, and then analyzes several exiting problems such as unbalanced development in...
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Research on the Development Strategies of Cross-border E-business Intelligent Logistics in Fujian

Zhongwei Huang
Logistics is closely related to e-business. Based on the current development status of cross-border e-business, from the perspective of market scale and political environment, this paper analyzes the influence of intelligent logistics on cross-border e-business through taking intelligent logistics as...
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The Development Trend and Countermeasures of Tourism in Fujian Province under the Belt and Road Initiative

Yaling Fu
The Belt and Road Initiative has positive influence on the development of many provinces and cities in China, for example, the Belt and Road Initiative promotes the development of tourism in Fujian Province, which is an important ecotourism province. This paper explores the development trend of tourism...
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Research on the Cultivation Model of Applied Talents in Private University against the Background of Transformation

Ping Ju
With the improvement of colleges and universities’ ability to serve local economic development, the needs of applied talents is increasing gradually. Therefore, the colleges and universities actively respond to focus on the construction of application-oriented colleges and universities. As a new private...
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Study on Construction of Performance Appraisal System for Railway Grass-roots Units Based on TQM

Yifan Liu, Yingxia Yu, Zhihuan Zeng, Yun Zhang
This paper introduces methods of total quality management (TQM) to analyze and improve existing system of performance appraisal in railway grass-roots units. The improved system adopts process method to design overall structure and divides the performance assessment process into four stages with PDCA:...
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Empirical Study on the Relationship between R&D Expenditure and GDP in Guangdong Province

Jinghua Hu, Yue Lan
R&D activities are highly valued by countries around the world for their creativity and novelty. After the introduction of the concept of R&D in the 1980s to China, Chinese scholars have never stopped the research on the effect of R&D expenditure on economic growth. This paper selects the R&D expenditures...
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The Analysis of the Factors Affecting China's Export of Cultural Products to Countries along the Belt and Road

Peizhi Wang, Shuyue Zhang, Liping Sun
With the continuous development of China's cultural industry, the export of cultural products will become the focus of China's foreign trade in the future, and the deepening of economic and trade cooperation between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road” will make these countries gradually...
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Research on Patriotism Education Based on New Military Films-Taking the Popular Movie "Red Sea Action" in 2018 as an Example

Mingyuan Ning, Shiying Xia
The article studies the film "Red Sea Action" in the spring of 2018. Why can it still maintain the highest record of box office this year? Can a new type of military film based on national rejuvenation maintain its rapid development and become an important carrier of patriotic education? Through studying...
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A Study on the Awareness of Primary and Secondary School Teachers' Professional Development Evaluation in Macao

Sung-Yi Lee, Ziyu Zhou, Xinrui Xing
In order to promote the professional development of primary and secondary school teachers, Macao has carried out the Framework of Non-higher Education Private School Staff System, and has implemented the teachers’ professional development evaluation system. Aiming to explore the current situation of...
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Research on the Construction and Development of Smart Hotel from the Perspective of Serving Customers

Xia Xu
Under the background of the strong development of smart tourism, electronic information technology has been validly integrated with hotel service industry. With the upgrading of hotel management system and the intelligence of individual service, smart hotel has become one of service development directions...
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The Lack of Internal Control and the Solutions in the Execution of Small Enterprise Accounting Criterion in Jilin Province

Lili Wang
When executing Small Enterprise Accounting Criterion, there are problems such as insufficient internal control and low accounting information quality, which have brought negative influence on tax equitableness, risk prevention, and sustainable development. On the basis of discussing the relationship...
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On Mobile Learning of College English Based on Smart Phone

Wenjing Sun
With the rapid development of mobile communication technology and the significant improvement of the functions of smart phone, the rich and diverse learning resources provide convenience for college students to realize mobile learning, which is particularly evident among college students who using smart...
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Retrospection of Errors and Feedback on Output of ESL/EFL Learners

Guilin Ma
This paper reviews the history and development of errors made by EFL/ESL learners; and it also examines the effects of error feedback from teachers and researchers. Specifically, this paper focuses on the studies concerning the different types of corrective feedback which give rise to more or less quality...
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Research on the Behavior and Strategies of Individual Investors in China

Pinjie Li
This essay was written to observe how investors make decisions. We design the questionnaire on the Internet and collect the answers. The results suggest that investors in the stock market always be overconfident and have bias. In consequence, they usually trade frequently and make irrational decisions....
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Analysis of the Negative Emotion Sources of Employees and Management Countermeasures

Xiangwang Zheng, Lijin Shao
In the process of enterprise management, some employees will show a negative attitude in work, and such attitude will generally cause tension, suppression, boredom and other negative emotions, and will largely reduce work efficiency. This paper attempts to analyze the influencing factors and sources...
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Anti-monopoly Law Challenge of Internet Enterprise Competition in the Era of Big Data

Guilin Gao, Ziqi Wang
In the era of big data, data, as a resource, plays a strategic role in the competition among Internet enterprises. In this era, Internet-based competition is the core of data. It takes platform as media and presents oligarchy as the pattern, which become the new characteristics. Internet enterprises...
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Reform of Business English Talents Development Mode from the Perspective of Language Service

Shan Liu
The rapid development of language service industry demands a large number of interdisciplinary business English service talents. Based on the analysis of the features of language service and present talent development mode, this paper proposes specific scheme for the reform of business English talents...
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Exploration on Bilingual Modified PBL Teaching Mode in Virtual Medical Instrumentation Design

Dan Lv, Yang Liu, Jie Lv, Boyu Si
This paper mainly introduces the effective application of modified small case PBL (Problem-based learning) teaching mode in the bilingual teaching of Virtual Medical Instrumentation Design for clinic engineering technology specialty, and expounds the specific implementation scheme of course teaching...
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Research on the Education of Online Consumption Concept for College Students in the New Era of China

Xiaoyan Wang
In the new era, consumption will further play its fundamental role in promoting national economic development and creating a better life. At present, network consumption has become a major consumption pattern. College students, as a part of China's national consumer groups, whose consumption habits and...
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The Significance of Marx’s Workday System from “Changing the World” to “Changing Oneself”

Li Xu
Though philosophical ideas of Marxism advocates “interpreting the world” on the basis of practice, it attaches more importance to “changing the world” through practice. The practical materialism developed by Marx provides a great tool for humans, particularly the working class, to learn and change the...
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The Application of Blockchain in Auditing

Xiaozhen Jiang
As one of the most cutting-edge technologies in Fintech, the application of blockchain has been prevailing across a series of industries. By adopting literature research, this paper analyzes the origin, characteristics and working principle of blockchain. According to the features and requirements of...
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Thoughts on Teacher Management Abilities from the Perspective of Enterprise-Style Classroom Management

Wentao Yin
In the enterprise-style classroom management mode, both teachers and students participate in classroom management, which helps to establish harmonious relationships between teachers and students. Through students’ self-management, students' subjectivity is emphasized and students' sense of ownership...
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Credit Risk Evaluation and Management of Commercial Banks for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Yuanhong Zhao, Xiaosong Zheng
The credit risk management of commercial banks, as the most important outside financing channel, has significant impacts on the future development of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Although there are many academic studies about the credit risk management from qualitative analysis to quantitative...
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The Innovation of Mental Health Education Mode from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Liangmin Li
How to innovate the working mode of mental health education and improve the practical work effect of education in mental health remains an important issue nowadays. This paper discusses the status of mental health education, explores countermeasures for the psychological problems combined with the theory...
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Development Strategies for Guangxi Sports Tourism Route from the Perspective of “Healthy China”

Dongle Wang, Feng Liang
In order to improve the physical fitness of the entire people and enhance physical health, “Healthy China 2030” Plan has been promoted to the major national development strategy. This research uses SWOT model method, effectively combines “Healthy China” outline policy. By analyzing the advantages and...
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Research on the Integration of Legal Education of Entrepreneurship and Professional Education for Science and Engineering Students

Hongzhen Lin, Rui Ma, Jie Lv
With the purpose of probing into the integration path between entrepreneurial legal education and professional education, this paper deeply understands and analyzes the problem of the integration of legal education of entrepreneurship and professional education for science and engineering students with...
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The Exploration on Cooperative Educational Teaching of Electronic Information Engineering Major

Faquan Yang, Yonghao Xiao, Yuexia Zhao, Jianwen Chen, Lijun Feng, Qingfeng Cai
According to the 2017 human resource training plan, this paper reflects the cooperation with the cooperative education teaching company in exploring the theoretical course of collaborative education for electronic information engineering major, the design of professional integrated curriculum, and the...
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A Study on Corpus and Translator Training in Power Sector

Linyun Wang
In the ever-expanding power market, the demand of technical translators in power sector enlarges. However, the imbalance between supply and demand in the power market causes problems. To solve these problems, this paper proposes to establish a power corpus used for cultivating translators majoring in...
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Study on Countermeasures of Promoting the Development of Cross-border E-commerce in Fujian Free Trade Zone

Huajuan Li
The cross-border e-commerce in Fujian Free Trade Zone has developed rapidly in line with the trend of the times. However, there are still some problems in the development of cross-border e-commerce in Fujian Free Trade Zone, such as not obvious agglomeration effect, imperfect payment and trading system,...
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Research on Higher Education Teaching Model Based on OBE

Xinhao Wang, Luqiao Ning
This paper aims to solve the difficult problem of how to convert the “student-centered” teaching model in the current reform of higher education in China. In this paper, the OBE concept, which is very popular in higher education both at home and abroad currently, is applied to practice. On the basis...
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Status Survey and Research on Parent-Child Picture Book Reading—Taking Kindergarten A as an Example

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Xiaohan Zheng
The parent-child picture book reading in the family is an important aspect of children's reading activities. Scientific and reasonable reading methods can promote the development and improvement of all aspects of children's abilities. On the basis of reading a lot of literature, this paper takes the...
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The Evolution Logic of Globalization, Construction of the New-type Globalization and Chinese Wisdom

Peizhi Wang, Liping Sun, Shuyue Zhang
The persistence of globalization comes from its endogenous impartiality. Globalization 1.0 and Globalization 2.0 are aiming at maintaining and expanding the interests of central states, however, no matter whether the central states participate in globalization or not, the Old-type globalization has been...
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Studies of the National Subjectivity of Chinese Films: History, Status quo and Multi-dimensional Construction

Xianxi Zhang
Starting from the studies of nationalization of Chinese films, the studies of the national subjectivity of Chinese films have become the hotspot and frontier of the current academic research in China since the success of the International Symposium of Chinese Films and National Subjectivity in 2007....
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A Descriptive Study of Film Title Translation Based on a Small Self-built Parallel Corpus

Xuelong Jiang
This paper aims to observe, describe and explain the translation of film titles with the Chinese character “Xia”. In this paper, a small parallel corpus is firstly constructed and annotated to analyze the basic information, language features, translation principles, strategies, methods and techniques...
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The Enlightenment of E-commerce Platform Financing Mode to Shaanxi Rural E-Commerce

Jing Yang
At present, various policies have issued by the Chinese government to encourage the development of rural e-commerce. And under this opportunity, shaanxi e-commerce develops rapidly relying on abundant agricultural products resources, however, the financing problem has restricted the further development...
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Exploration and Understanding of the Management of College Associations

Keqin Ni
With the further deepening of China's social reform and higher education reform in recent years, the management of college students’ associations will also face new challenges. Under this circumstance, it is particularly important to analyze the problems existing in the construction of the associations,...
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The Interpretation of Communication Disorders in A Temporary Matter

Ziying Qian
The aim of this article is to analyze universal social issue-communication disorders in the maiden work of Jhumpa Lahiri, which is encountered when characters in the novel named Shukumar and Shoba immigrated to America. This paper applies descriptive methods, case study method and literature analysis...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of the Educational Function of University Museums

Shiying Xia, Mingyuan Ning
This paper studies how to make university museums give full play to the educational function of colleges and universities. This paper takes the Metrology Museum of China Jiliang University as an example, studies the current situation and development direction of a number of Chinese university museums,...
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Study on Kindergarten-Family Cooperation Mode in the Development of Preschool Education

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Suoni Zhang
Families and kindergartens are partners in the development of preschool education. Kindergarten-family cooperation mode has become an inevitable choice for preschool education. This article will analyze the significance of kindergarten-family cooperation, the problems of kindergarten-family cooperation,...
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A Closed Operating Mechanism for the Accountability System of Administrative Decision-making Errors

Yaokui Li
The accountability of administrative decision-making errors is mostly in the state of "lack of system" or "lack of dynamic" in reality. This results in more decision-making errors. Normalized decision-making management is an effective way to reduce the administrative decision-making errors. This article...
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Analysis of Improving Economic Benefits of Higher Education

Shikuo Lv
Improving the economic benefits of higher education can effectively promote social development and accelerate the transformation to a strong science and technology country. In order to measure the economic benefits of higher education, in addition to short-term material output, indirect benefits of talents...
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Empirical Research on the Source of Tourism Economic Growth in China-Based on the Perspective of Productivity

Linping Wu
In order to explore the driving factors of Chinese tourism economic growth, this paper measures the total factor productivity of Chinese tourism industry from 1995 to 2015 by means of the Solow residual method, and discusses the fluctuation relationship of total factor productivity and single factor...
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Research of Ubiquitous Learning Cloud Service Platform

Weixing Xu, Mingyue Fan, Dong Liu, Fei Tian
With the rapid development of modern science and information technology, the wide application of internet has offered a new carrier and channel for course teaching, while also brought many new challenges. The ubiquitous learning has become an important developing direction for future learning. Based...
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On the Education Quality Construction of Independent College from the Perspective of Engineering

Qinyi Li, Yiqing Chen, Wuhua Lv
The quality of education is the lifeline and embodiment of the core competitiveness of higher education institutions. As a new derivative of Chinese higher education, the education quality of independent college not only affects the survival and development of independent colleges, but also the evaluation...
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The Influence of Aesthetic Education on the Quality Education of Science and Technology University Students

Yao Shi
In the education of science and technology university students in China, the function of aesthetic education has been neglected to some extent. Based on the author's internship experience and survey in a School of Art of a science and technology university, the author proposes the following ways to improve...
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A Brief Analysis of the Mental Health Condition of Preschool Teachers-Take kindergarten A and B as the Example for Investigation and Research

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Zehui Liu
Taking the mental health problems of preschool teachers seriously is more conducive to the development of children’s physical and mental health. In order to further understand the mental health status of preschool teachers, this paper adopts the SCL-90 symptom checklist to test the teachers in Kindergartens...
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A Study of Micro-blog Marketing Based on Consumer Purchasing Intention

Qinwen Dong, Xiaosong Zheng
Network media is playing a more and more important role in people's daily life. Micro-blog breaks through the traditional media communication mode and becomes the real grassroots media with its diversification and populism of the main body, and liberates the people's right of speech greatly by its simple...
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Research on Improving Education Governance

Dong Li
Educational governance is a process in which multiple subjects jointly manage and educate public affairs. The direct goal of education governance is good governance, that is, "good governance", and the ultimate goal is "good education", which is to establish a new pattern of high efficiency, fair, free...
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Exploring the Economic Transformation in the Era of Big Data

Keqin Ni
Since the reform and opening up, China's GDP has achieved a steady growth, but this "steady growth" can no longer be supported by the traditional extensive development model. The problem of how to transform the economic model has become an important strategic challenge for the country's economic development....
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A Brief Study on the Mode of Cultivating Students’ Critical Thinking in Advanced English Teaching

Xun Bu
In view of the teaching featuring practicality, utilitarianism and absence of critical thinking of the English major in current colleges and universities, this paper summarizes the research results of the predecessors and the core literacy of critical thinking through literature review. Besides, based...
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Research on Inheritance of Traditional Handicrafts of Tin Embroidery Costume in Jianhe

Shan Ren
Tin embroidery belongs to Miao embroidery, which is quite dif-ferent from other types of embroidery not only in Miao areas but also in the whole world. Traditional handicraft is the essence of ethnic culture. With the development of economic globalization and the changes of people’s lifestyles, the survival...
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Study on Aesthetic Characteristics of Tin Embroidery Costume in Qiandongnan Prefecture

Shan Ren
Tin embroidery costume of Jianhe Miao in Qiandongnan prefec-ture has profound aesthetic implication and exploration value. Tin embroidery in jianhe is the one and only embroidery method in the whole world. This embroidery method only exists in a few number of Miao villages. Miao people in Jianhe all...
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The History of Fuel and Energy Complex Interests Lobbying in the Russian Federation in 1990-2000

Ruslan R Vildanov, Artur R Suleymanov, Svetlana V Shalagina, Dinar N Gabbasov, Elnur T Mekhdiev
The article describes the problem of lobbying in the most important sphere of the Russian economy – the oil industry. Features of the emergence of oil companies and lobby groups in Russia are examined in the article. The largest sectoral associations lobbying the interests of oil-industry companies are...
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The Development Strategy of Financial Management in Modern Enterprise in the Era of “Internet Plus”

Jingyu Wang
The application of the “Internet Plus” concept in the traditional enterprise field is essentially the integration of traditional industry and Internet industry, which inevitably changes the production mode, operation mode and business form of the traditional enterprise. The requirements for various functional...
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Pension Reforms in Universities: Dilemmas and Countermeasures

Jing Xin
At present, China's economy has shifted from high-speed growth to a new normal of medium-to-high-speed growth. Although labor mobility is accelerating, population aging is becoming more prominent. Accordingly economic and social structure is constantly adjusting, and social pension insurance system is...
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Research on the Integration and Development of WDC and WDSF

Daobao Qi
With literature review, expert interviews, logical induction and deduction, this research analyzes the development history of WDC and WDSF, dancer demands, evaluation rules and development ideas, and proposes that the integration and development of the two associations can be effectively unified in the...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors and Training Methods of Art Examinees’ Artistic Expression of Sports Dance

Fei Qin
The artistic expression of sports dance plays an important role in the examination of dance art examinees and is one of the vital factors affecting art examinees’ performance. By means of literature method and logic analysis, this paper probes into the factors influencing art examinees’ artistic expression...
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Analysis of Dimension Division, Influencing Factors and Governance Performance of Supply Chain Governance Mechanism

Feng Wei, Guangcai Hao
As the main content of supply chain governance, supply chain governance mechanism is an important way to restrain potential opportunistic risks among supply chain nodes and to coordinate the relationship of supply chain nodes. The implementation of the supply chain governance mechanism is conducive to...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Customer's Purchase Intention in the Context of Content Marketing

Danli Gao
This paper discusses the internal mechanism of consumers' purchase intention in the context of content marketing. It is of great significance to carry out effective marketing for enterprises, improve the relationship between customers and enterprises, and achieve organizational goals. This paper proposed...
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Analysis of the Commercial Market Prospects of Wearable Products-Exploring the Development of Wearable Products from Marketing

Keqin Ni
In recent years, wearable technology has always appeared in the form of hot words in the public. Since the launch of googleglass, humans have invented different wearable devices through research and development, and this industry has presented good development trends in various fields, including but...
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Improved Turtle Trading Strategy and Empirical Analysis

Jingxian Xu, Junhao Zheng
With the advancement of China's financial reform, the futures market has developed rapidly. More and more investors are starting to invest in futures. In order to survive in the futures market, investors must build a perfect and feasible trading strategy. Therefore, investors must study how to build...
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Research of Smart Logistics System Based on “Internet+”

Gaoan Li, Zhongshun Wei, Dongyuan Ge
With the development of the logistics system, the experience of server and server are put forward the higher request, the role of logistics is the most basic is to save human wisdom. In addition, the logistics system of intelligent system enables express parcel arrived at the station, through the control...
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A Study on Translation from the Perspective of Memetics

Huannai Huang, Zhuoxing Zhao
Studying from the perspective of memetics and combining with Chesterman’s theory of translation strategies, the employment of translation strategies and techniques is regarded as a way of copying original meme (complexes) form three levels, including syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Then this paper...
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Research on Improving the Quality of Parents' Education in the Era of “Internet Plus”-The Introduction and the Enlightenment of ICDP from Norway

Peiping Zhu
The lack of "playmates" is a common phenomenon in the single-child family, which also brings great challenges to family education. In the "Internet plus" era, the information technology is applied to parenting education to improve children’s ability of independence, cooperation and create a variety of...
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Research on the Gender Difference in the Language Development of Children

Lina Zhang, Yanli Cao
The levels of human language development are different. According to the research, it is found that gender difference plays an important role in children's language development. This paper starts from the genders of children uniquely and uses literature method to analyze the factors that affect the development...
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Research on the Relationship between Customer Knowledge, Customer Participation Innovation and Customer Experience in Social Media Environment

Ying Zhu
In order to enhance customer experience and manage customer knowledge in social media environment, this paper establishes the mechanism of customer experience impact. After reviewing the literature related to customer experience, we found that customer knowledge and customer engagement innovation are...
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Analysis on the Influence of the Introduction of NetsUnion on the Third-party Payment and UnionPay in China

Qiudan Xing, Jia Hei, Liuye Pu
This paper deeply analyzes the impact of the network on the launch of the third party payment institutions, analyzes the balance of treasure of the bank card fast payment and Alipay respectively, and finally conducts an in-depth analysis of the network of UnionPay. By means of the literature research...
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Study on the Physical Education Curriculum Model of China's Newly-upgraded Universities

Haiting Li
With the development of higher education in China, the local education departments have carried out macro-integration of the universities under their jurisdiction. Some old or strong junior colleges have been upgraded to undergraduate universities, but the problems in physical education curriculum model...
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A Study on Financing Efficiency of Real Estate Companies and Innovative Financing Channels

Yijie Zhu, Xiaosong Zheng
The real estate industry plays an imperative role in Chinese economy. However, it becomes increasingly tough for real estate companies to finance in the current market. The challenge in financing indeed brings some constraints to these enterprises and has some negative influences on the whole industry....
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Constructing Trading Strategies According to Fibonacci Sequence in Shanghai Stock Market

Yi-Chang Chen, Chao-Chung Ho, Linna Deng, Yanzhang Qiu, Cong Huang
The goal of this paper is to investigate the performance of Fibonacci sequence investment strategies in Shanghai stock market. The Fibonacci numbers are the numbers following the integer sequence, which is referred to as the Fibonacci sequence, and characterized by the fact that every number is the sum...
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Does Herding Affect Volatility? Implications for China’s Stock Market

Yi-Chang Chen, Yixuan Fu, Yuwen Yang, Yitian Chen
Behavior biases affect investors’ financial decisions in many ways such as herding behavior, which is the tendency for individuals to mimic the actions of a larger group. The purpose of the paper is to examine whether the herding causes volatility using daily data in Shanghai composite index. The results...
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Non-Economic Events in China and Herding Behavior

Yi-Chang Chen, Kai-Sheng Chen, Housen Wang, Chunxiu Qiu, Xinyi Ma
The existence of herding behavior leads to stock price volatility and makes a great influence on the stability of stock market during volatile periods. Many studies have shown that economic events affect herding behavior, while a few studies focus on non-economic events with greater uncertainty especially...
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Research on Constructing the "People-Oriented" View of Modern Physical Education

Haiting Li
With the improvement of the national economy, people's quality of life is getting better and better. While pursuing material enjoyment, people have begun to pay attention to the construction of spiritual civilization. Physical education is an important part of spiritual civilization construction. Physical...
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Design and Optimization of Internet + Home Care Service Model

Qiudan Xing, Liuye Pu, Jia Hei
China's aging problem is getting more and more serious, but China's old-age resources are seriously inadequate, and the problem of imbalance between supply and demand is very serious. The traditional way of providing for the elderly has been difficult to meet the needs of the elderly for the efficiency...
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Exploration of Key Technologies of Smart Logistics Based on Big Data

Dongyuan Ge, Gaoan Li, Zhongshun Wei, Xuejun Wen
Modern smart logistics is an important infrastructure for the new business and new economy, which is a socialized logistics collaborative platform driven by big data. Through the introduction of the system feedback information, intellectualization of logistics management and logistics operation is realized...
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Research on Translation Strategies in the Process of Translation

In this paper, 30 college students majoring in English from Chifeng University are selected as research objects. By means of the think-aloud protocols, this paper makes an empirical study on the translation strategies used by students in the process of translation, and analyzes the number, frequency...
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Research on the Construction of College Students’ Apartment Culture

Jingang Bai
Apartment culture is an important part of school culture. A positive, healthy, and optimistic apartment culture can help college students form a correct world view, outlook on life and values and a development view. However, there are still some problems concerning the ideas on the construction of the...
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SWOT Analysis of the Cooperation between Enterprise and Vocational University for Aviation Electromechanical Equipment Maintenance Major-Evidence from Liming Vocational University

Liping Xu
The aviation electromechanical equipment maintenance major is one of the major initiatives of the "made in China 2025" campaign. The cooperation between enterprises and vocational university is a key step in promoting the development of aviation electromechanical equipment maintenance major. We used...
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Application and Practice of Experiential English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Hongwei Liu, Hui Wang, Xin Zhang
Experiential teaching model, which is widely used in English teaching of higher vocational colleges, conforms to the cognitive rules of students and fully reflects the student-oriented and teacher-guided teaching concept. By analyzing the application and practice of this teaching method in higher vocational...
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Design and Practice of Integrated Business English Course Based on POA and SPOC Mode

Shanshan Wang, Yi Zhang
The importance of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) teaching has attracted the attention of more and more scholars since the globalization asks an increasing need for inter-disciplinary talents who can make international communication in working environment. Due to condensed contents and limited teaching...
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Entrepreneurship Teaching Design Based On Case Study

Fang Fang, Xinge Luo
This paper proposes an entrepreneurial teaching design based on case study. Entrepreneurship helps students develop entrepreneurial thinking by teaching business and financial skills, behaviors and attitudes to complement the IT skills acquired in network engineering courses. By simulating the opening...
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Analysis on the Outflow Conditions about the Foreign Trade Commodity Supply in Fujian Province

Yu Lin, Zhong Chen
In the recent years, the outflow phenomenon of export commodity supply in Fujian Province is relatively prominent, and presents the trend of expansion year by year. The paper analyzes the overall outflow conditions about the export commodity supply in the province from several aspects, including the...